GoldenEye 007 (e)

Andere Lösungen
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            G O L D E N E Y E   F A Q  /  W A L K T H R O U G H
            g o l d e n e y e   f a q  /  w a l k t h r o u g h

                         Version 1.0  (8/11/99)
                        Goldeneye FAQ/Walkthrough
		                Nintendo 64 Only 
                        Written By: The Crippler 

Copyright Information

This FAQ is for private use only. You may distribute it freely as long as
these requirements are met:

- You do not change it nor alter it in anyway.
- You do not sell it nor use it in anyway to earn a profit.
- You credit me.
- You mail me your URL and tell me you are using it.
- You always have the latest version taken from GameFAQs (
  I will not under any circumstances mail you this FAQ!

Goldeneye is Copyright (C) 1997-1999 Nintendo and Rareware. I have no
association nor affiliation with either of them. This FAQ is copyright
(C) 1999 by The Crippler.

Table of Contents
1) Intro
2) Update History
3) Goldeneye Basics
  a) Story
  b) Controls
  c) Gameplay Tips
  d) Camera Angles
4) Walkthrough
  a) Intro  
  b) Agent
5) FAQ
6) Multiplayer
7) Weapons FAQ
8) Secrets
9) Game Cheats
10) Credits
11) Author's Note
Table of Contents

1) Intro

Why so late with this FAQ? Because there is nothing else for me to do these
days. I can't wait for Perfect Dark to come out, so for now, I'll work on
my current favorite first person shooter.

                  URL Resources

Do not mail me your URLs! These are the three sites that are most associated
with Goldeneye or this FAQ.

What's in this FAQ?
A complete walkthrough for the Agent Mode Only (Secret Agent and 00 Agent
will arrive in the future), as well as a FAQ, a weapons overview, a secrets
section, an un-locking the cheats walkthrough-type thing, the basic Goldeneye
gaming stuff, and a multiplayer guide. I'll say it again, the Secret Agent
and 00 Agent will be here in the future.... Probably not for a while, though.

2) Update History

Version 1.0 (8/11/99)
Obviously, the release of this FAQ. It's complete in a sense.... All the
sections are done and the Agent walkthrough is complete. The next update
will be a Secret Agent walkthrough, then a 00 Agent walkthrough, then
I'll come back, fix mistakes, and do the normal updating.

3) Goldeneye Basics

a) Story

The short little story from the Goldeneye instruction manual:

All right, 007, it's time to get down to business. Some
time ago, Pirate, a top-secret combat helicopter, was
hijacked from a French war vessel in Monte Carlo.
Pirate was stolen by Xenia Onatopp. She was assisted
by several mysterious comrades.

Xenia, a former Soviet pilot, is a known accomplice of
the Janus Syndicate, an international organization that
is world renowned for its dealings in top-flight illegal
arms. They are currently based in St. Petersburg,

Pirate reappeared two days ago in Russia near the site
of an unusual disturbance believed to be the result of
the discharge of the GoldenEye weapon satellite. 

The situation is serious, 007. If Pirate or GoldenEye 
has fallen into the wrong hands, I don't have to tell
you that the security of the free world could be in
jeopardy. We want you to recover the Pirate helicopter
and get to the bottom of this. You are licensed to kill.


b) Controls

Analog Stick - This will move your player forward and backward, left and

A Button - Changes your weapon or device, as well as allows you to 
go through your weapons backwards by holding it and tapping Z.

B Button - This reloads your weapon and opens doors.

Start - Pauses the game and brings you to your options screen.

L/R Buttons - Aims your weapon with the scope.

Z Button - Fires your weapon or allows you to use your device.

Control pad - Allows you to look up and down, as well as side step to the
left and to the right while corresponding with the correct C Button (below).

C Buttons:
C-Up - Look down.
C-Down - Look up.
C-Left - Side step left.
C-Right - Side step right.

c) Gameplay Tips

Cycle Through Weapons In Reverse
Hold down the A button and tap Z to go through your weapons in the reversed
order. This could sometimes be helpful because you may need to pull out
a certain weapon quickly.

Killing Opponents
The easiest way to take out your opponents is to fire right at their head
or face. If you hit their leg or arm, it will take multiple shots, but
the head will take occasionally two. Beware, however, for you might hit the
opponent's helmet which will have no effect on him no matter what gun you
are using (including the Golden Gun).

Avoid Opponents' Fire
I didn't believe this at first, either... When your opponent goes to shoot
you, go as close to him as possible. When he fires, you will not lose any

Destroying Cameras
Those cameras can be a real pain, especially when everything is fine, then
you're spotted by one that you were trying to blow up. Simply fire a shot
directly at the camera's lense, and it will be destroyed in one shot.

d) Camera Angles

A lot of people have trouble with the game because of the camera and what
you see when playing. Goldeneye is called a First Person Shooter, meaning
it allows you to feel like you are James Bond firing at everyone. It will
take time to get used to, and I'll admit that a button switching to third
person view would be nice (like Mario 64), but when you completely get used
to is, you'll enjoy the feeling of actually being James Bond.... Er, 
something like that.

4) Walkthrough

a) Intro

I'll admit, Goldeneye is a pretty challenging game. Ok, Goldeneye is a very
challenging game. Some people that are first time players will need help
with the Agent Mode Difficulty, others with the Secret Agent Difficulty, and
the advanced gamers with the 00 Agent (trust me, no matter how advanced of
a gamer you are, you won't be able to admit that 00 Agent Mode is easy). So
being that I have beaten the game long ago on all three difficulty levels,
I feel it is necessary to present a walkthrough for each of the three
difficulties. However, it will take a looong time, to say the least, so for
now, I only have a walkthrough for the Agent mode (Secret and 00 Agent
coming in the next updates)!

Any questions or mistakes / stuff I forgot to add can be mailed to me at
 (Remove the < >'s). Thanks, and I hope this helps.

b) Agent

Level 1: Arkangelsk Dam

Primary Objectives:
a. Bungee jump from platform 

As you can see from the objectives, this is very simple and is only a taste
of what you'll be seeing in the future. Move straight a little bit and kill
the guard there, then pick up his KF7 Soviet. This is Agent Mode, so go
ahead and whoop the Soviet gun out. Run forward across the bridge-like thing
there, and shoot the guard up against the wall. Then you'll notice a guard
shooting at you from the top of the tower, or the bottom (depending on where
he was when he saw you). Shoot him as well. Go pick up their KF7 Soviet's
for some well-needed ammo. In the tower is a sniper rifle, but you don't
really need it, so continue into the tunnel. Shoot the two guys in there, and
continue on. Another guy in front of a tower will be shooting at you; kill
him and run to the right wall near the boxes. Kill that guy, grab his ammo,
and get away from the boxes but still againt the wall. Shoot the two guys
in that little fort they have, using the scope on your KF7. Then take out
the final guy in this area, who is hiding under boxes in front of the gate.

Open the gate, and the truck should move up. Open the next gate, and kill
the guard in front of the tower. Then you'll see another guard, but he won't
be shooting at you. Instead, he'll be running to hit the alarm so that all 
his friends come and get you! So quickly, aim the Soviet at him and take
him out. Open the gate, and kill the two guys that were in the building to
the right. Move up to the next gate, and shoot the lock off it with one of
your guns. Run forward, and you'll notice some more towers. There are
guards on them, but they won't see you, so don't make any noise. Run past
the first tower, and then to the second one. Across from the second tower
is a set of steps. Go up them, and to the ledge. Then you'll see a cinema
of James bungee jumping off the ledge, and the mission is complete.


Level 2: The Facility

Primary Objectives:
a. Gain entry to laboratory
b. Rendezvous with 006
c. Destroy tanks in bottling room
d. Minimize Scientist Casualities

You'll start off in the ceiling hovering over the bathroom of a Russian
soldier headquarters. If you've seen the movie, you'll know what to do. Go
down, then left, then right. Aim your Silenced PP7 at the Russian guard
who is taking a crap in the second stall. One shot to the head should do it,
but if you miss, always shoot another. Drop down, and exit the stall you
are in. Look at the urinals at the right, and interrupt the Russian who is
peeing by shooting him a few times before he fires his KF7. Grab it, and 
open up the stall straight ahead, to reveal another guard taking care of his
business. Grab his KF7, and head over to the stall directly to the left
of the one you just exited, to find the final Russian guard in this bathroom.
Grab his KF7, then go to the opposite side of the bathroom and open up the
stall in which you shot the first guard in. Grab his ammo and you'll have
plenty to last for awhile.

Exit the bathroom as well as the next door, and kill the guard you see
walking at the bottom of the stairs. Make sure you kill him with the KF7!
A bunch of Russian soldiers will hear, and come after you. After you kill
all of them (which is an easy job with the KF7), grab their ammo, head
back up the stairs, and through the door on the right. Aim your weapon at
the bottom of the stairs and you'll see a Russian guard who has no clue you
are up there. Greet him with a few bullets, grab some more ammo, and go 
through the door he was guarding. Quitely sneak up on the guard there and 
shoot him. He'll drop his gun, but more importantly, a key card. Go 
through the door he was facing, and you're back in the main hall near the

Directly across from the end of the stairs is a door. Using the keycard
you just picked up, open it, and go to the computer on the right. Press A
when near it, to open up another door. Head out and go to the left if you
are facing the stairs. Grab the body armor on the box, and take the first
left you can. Enter the door, and you'll find another door that is open 
(this is the door you opened with the computer). Kill the two guards near
the lockers to your left, and open the door straight ahead.

If you see a scientist (white uniform) coming out, don't shoot him! Let him
run by, and then blow away all three guards with your KF7 and grab their
ammo. Go in the door to your right, and you'll find a scientist. Aim your
weapon at the ground right next to him, and fire. Then let him run away.
Leave this room and enter the other door in the hallway, and scare all the
scientists away. You'll find a bearded scientist that will come up and talk
to you. Don't shoot! This is Dr. Doak, your friend, and he gives you an
encoder-type thing to later on open up a door.

Exit this room and go back into the hallway, and run straight to the only
door you haven't yet opened. You'll have to open another one, and then kill
7 or 8 guards that come after you. When they're all dead, open up the door
straight ahead, walk up to the computer on the left, and press A. Now
exit, and head to the side in which the computer was on that you just used.
Enter the now open door you see to complete the first objective.

Immediately turn right and kill the guy, then head over to the boxes in the
corner and take care of those two guards. A few more soldiers will run down
the stairs (3 or 4 of them), kill those, and head up the stairs. Kill any 
guards you see, and enter each laboratory room, and shoot every bottle....
Simply destroy everything! But whatever you do, don't kill any scientists,
unless you plan on failing the mission.

Now head down the hall that you haven't yet gone down (actually you may
have to kill a few guards), and open the door there. Head down near the big
tanks you see, and do not kill the man there in black! It's 006! Start
talking to him, and throw a remote mine on each of the five sets of tanks.
When the alarm goes off, pull out your watch, and go over to the conveyer
belt in the left corner. Hit Z to set off the remote mines, and exit through
the escape to complete the level.


Level 3: The Runway

Primary Objectives:
a. Steal plane ignition key
b. Escape in plane

This is the easiest level in the game, so I can say, "Go get the key and fly
away in the plane," but there's a much cooler way of completing this level,
so here goes.

Take a right and find the guard in the little room there. Kill him and take 
his KF7. Exit through the garage-like door there, and kill the soldier who
is guarding the walkway you are on. Go down the ramp, and head straight 
until you are around the corner. You'll see a big, huge, green thing with
wheels..... A TANK! Hop into it by climbing up and pressing B. Now go back
to where you where, and find the little house near the walkway you started

Get out of the tank, pull out the KF7, enter the house, and blow away the two
guys in there. Take the plane ignition key off the table and you've completed
objective a successfully. Now hop back in the tank, and ride it down the
runway! A bunch of guys will shoot at you, including a bunch of drone guns,
but it won't be enough to kill you. When you reach the plane, be sure not to
run it over! Exit the tank, walk up to the door of the plane, and press B to
complete this easy yet fun level.


Level 4: Surface 1

Primary Objectives:
a. Power down communications dish
b. Enter base via ventilation tower

Don't be worried by the look of this snowy level.... It's really not that
hard. Ok, walk forward on the path until you see a guard walking the opposite
way, and sneak him with a few PP7 bullets. Grab his KF7, and take it out.
Go to the hill on the right, and you'll see a house. See those barrels in
front of the house? Pump them full of bullets with the KF7 so they blow up.
This will taek out both guards that were protecting the house. If you want,
you can enter the house for some goodies (I believe they are grenades or
exposives of some type), then head to the huge building with the satellite
on top.

You may have to kill a few guards on the way, and you'll pick up a Sniper
Rifle.... However, I still recommend the Klobb or KF7 in this level because
they're better for rapid shooting. Go around the satellite building until
you find the doors, and enter the building. Head up the stairs, and to the
end until you reach a green door. Open up, and you'll find a computer. Walk
up to it and press B to turn it off. Objective A is now complete. Go down the
stairs and exit this building.

Walk straight out of the exit, killing any guards you have to. Get on the
path, and take a left. When you reach a fork in the path, go left, and you'll
see the ventilation tower. Go up the ladder, and onto the top. Shoot all the
locks off the cage, and drop down the hole to complete this level.


Level 5: The Bunker

Primary Objectives:
a. Photograph main video screen
b. Copy Goldeneye key and leave original

Turn around and go through the door that your back was facing. Take out the
camera in this room immediately, and open the doors. Quitely kill the three
guards with your silenced PP7, and take their KF7's. Head straight, then
take a right into the main computer room which is packed with guys. You'll
have to clear them all out, but here's a good strategy. Go to the other side
of the room near the glass, kill the two guards in there, and take out the
camera. Then duck (R + C-Down) and hide behind the crate, while shooting all
the guards that come over.

Then go back into the actual room, and pull out your camera. Take a picture
of the screen in the middle of the room, and keep doing it until it says on
the screen that objective a is complete. A few more guys will come from the
glass door; but you'll have a KF& or double klobb's by now so they shouldn't
be a problem. Oh, and if Boris is still there, you can kill him if you want;
it doesn't matter because you're in agent mode. Go over to the desk in the 
back of the room and pick up the goldeneye key. Copy it using your key 
analyzer, then throw it away to complete the other objective (to throw it
away, simply hold it and press z). Kill anymore guards that come, which
shooudln't be more than 5, and head out the glass doors that all those guys
were coming from. Kill the two guards at the top and exit this level.


Level 6: Silo

Primary Objectives:
a. Photograph satellite 
b. Minimize scientist casualties

Here is yet another one of the easy levels. Exit the door and enter the
hallway. Blow away the guard and take his KF7. Then run down the next 
hallway killing all the guards, and open the door. In here, try not to 
kill any scientists (if you kill 3 or 4 you fail the mission). One of the
scientists will drop a keycard. Take it, go up the stairs, and open the
door. From now on in this level, if you have to choose to go left or right,
go right until I say.

Now you'll have to repeat this procedure two times. It is the same thing
that you just did. You will go down the hallways and take out all the guards
which is simple, then pick up a keycard and exit through the door. Then
on the third time around, after obtaining the key, pull out your camera and
photograph the satellite in the middle of the room. Then go on as normal;
opening the door.

Now you're challenged by Ouromov who is shooting at you with a DD44. Take
out his guards first with your KF7, then fire at him. After you hit him
enough time, he'll drop a briefcase and run away. Go grab the briefcase,
and this time, exit to the left door. Kill the guards here, and open the 
next door. Walk straight to the room where you see a large set of computers
and fire at them. They'll all blow up and kill the 3 guards in there. Then
walk to the right, and exit at the next right into the elevator to complete
this level.


Level 7: Frigate

Primary Objectives:
a. Rescue Hostages 
b. Plant tracking bug on helicopter

On Agent mode, if 3 hostages are released and escape, objective A will
be completed (sometimes you'll get lucky if you release two). So I'll
explain this the easy way and give you the locations of the three hostages
to release.

Turn around off your boat and up the ramp. Go to the other side of the
frigate and onto the ladder that you were facing. Take out the two guys
in there, and anyone else who comes. If you get the phantom, use that gun,
because it kicks ass! Turn left in to the room, and quickly take out the
guard that had a hostage. If you wait too long, the hostage will be
executed. Let the hostage run away, and enter the next room there with
lots of computers in it. Do the same thing; quickly take out the guard and
any more people that run in, and let this hostage escape. Wait around for
a minute or so, and if it reads "Hostage Escaped!" 2 times, that means
that the two hostages are free. If it tells you that objective a is 
complete, skip the next paragraph and read the third one.

Now you'll have to release one more hostage. Go back to where you first
entered the inside of the ship, and go down the stairs. Kill the guard if
he's still there, and keep walking down this path. Kill any guards that
get in your way. Soon, you'll start hearing a loud noise. When the noise
gets very loud, enter the door to the right. This is the machine room.
Take out the guards at the top and head down the stairs toward the left
corner to find your final hostage. Execute the guard and wait a minute for
the hostage to exit the ship, and objective a will be complete. Of course,
there are more hostages on this ship, but why continue if you don't have 

Now head back to where you first entered the inside of the ship, and exit
to the outside. Walk forward and find the plane. Take out the tracker bug,
target the plane, and throw it on there. Pbjective b will be complete. Now
just go to the right, find your dingey, and hop in and you have completed
this level.


Level 8: Surface (2)

Primary Objectives:
a. Break communications link to bunker
b. Gain entry to bunker

This may look intimidating considering that it's night time and hard
to see, but on Agent Mode, this turns into one of the easiest levels
in the game. Walk forward a but on the path, and eventually you'll have
to kill a few guys. After collecting their guns, pull out the strongest
one you have (a KF7 or a Klobb), and use it for the rest of this mission.
Head for the satellite dish building and kill anyone you have to on the 

When you get there, enter it, and walk up the stairs. Immediately take out
the camera (shoot it in the lens) to avoid tons of guards from swamping
you. Head into the room where you shut the computer down the last time you
were here, and blow it up to complete objective a. Some guards will run in
but taking them out should not be a problem. Now exit the building and head
to the right onto the path.

Keep walking forward on the path, but this time, take a right when you
reach the fork in the road. You'll see the Pirate on the landing space
there, and you'll also see a door facing the plane. Enter the door to
complete objective b and also to see a cinema of you being captured in the


Level 9: Bunker (2)

Primary Objectives:
a. Recover CCTV Tape
b. Escape with Natalya

You'll find yourself in a jail cell next to Natalya. Go talk to her for
a little, then pull out your watch magnet attract. When the guard comes
walking by your cell, use it, and you'll pull the key off of him. Exit 
your cell, and go and chop the guard. Take his KF7 and the other ket, and
let Natalya out of the cell. As slow as she is, she'll be following you
for the rest of the level unless she is shot and killed.

Being that this is Agent, I'm not going to supply you with some kind of 
slick strategy. You'll get hit a lot in this level, but if you do it right,
you'll be fine. Exit this jail room and take a right. Take out the guard
there and anyone else who comes after you. Take the next right down the
hall and kill the guards here. Take the final right at the end of this
hallway, and enter the door which will be on your right side. Kill the
three guards in here, and grab the tape on the table; it's the CCTV tape
and objective a is complete.

Now if Natalya is not with you, don't worry. As long as she's alive, you
can complete the level just fine. Go into the main room and fire a few
shots of guys in your way. Don't worry about anyone else; you have nothing
to do in here that's on your objectives list except for escape. So head
for the glass doors, open them, and run out. If Natalya stayed alive,
you'll see a cinema of the two of you running out and you'll successfully
complete this level.


Level 10: Statues

Primary Objectives:
a. Contact Valentine
b. Unmask and confront Janus
c. Locate helicopter
d. Rescue Natalya
e. Find flight recorder

Wow, so much stuff to do..... You're probably thinking it's tough, but
it's actually not that bad. And you're reading a walkthrough for it, of
course.... Walk down the hill with your PP7 and fire at anyone that dare
get in your way. Grab a KF7 and hug the left wall and keep moving forward.
You'll soon reach a bridge-like structure with a red pole holding it up.
This is an indication that you're close to completing objective a. When
you get past the red pole, look for a little red box in a rectangular
shape. Enter it and talk to Valentin to complete objective a. He also tells
you where to find Janus, which starts your quest for objective b.

Exit the red box and walk forward into this maze-like section of statues.
Walk forward to the back of the maze (you'll reach a fence), and kill 
anyone you have to along the way. Walk forward to the hand statue, walk in,
and grab the body armor. Exit this and walk to the right, which is past
the hand, and you'll find a big black statue of a man holding something.
Go to the back, then move up, and put your gun away. When you learn that
Alec is Janus, pull out your KF7 (go backwards through weapons) and use
the statue for protection on his men who are carrying shotguns (you'll
know it's ok to shoot when it says "Objective b: complete"). Take their
shotguns, and you'll see a 3-minute times go off. This is the time you
have to find the plane and save Natalya before it blows. The plane is 
located where you started the level, so all you have to do is get back
there which is quite simple, except for one thing.... Oh no, all the guards
now carry shotguns!

Well, you'll have a good supply of ammo, and just remember to shoot at the
head and hide nehind the statues for protection. Head to the back fence
of the maze, and hug the fence until you reach the back of a small building
like structure. Now walk forward and you'll find the red box in which you
met Valentin in. Now all you have to do is stay to the right, move forward,
go quickly, and blow away the guards with your shotgun. When you're getting
close, you'll hear the chopper on the plane. Go wake up Natalya, and the
clock will go from wherever it was to ten seconds! Hurry up and get away
from it, and let it blow. Objective c is now complete, as is objective d
assuming that you got Natalya far away enough from the plane.

You'll tell Natalya to wait at the gate while you go find the flight
recorder, so you now have one thing less to worry about. Finding the 
flight recorder is very simple; it's a yellow box that will be somewhere
down the hill and in the statues. It will not be far from the plane. When
you find it, head back up to the gate, to find Natalya captured and Mishkin
sticking a gun in your face, thinking that you are a criminal. Just go
open the gate; if you open fire you'll fail the mission.


Level 11: Archives

Primary Objectives:
a. Escape from the interrogation room
b. Find Natalya
c. Escape with Natalya

You'll be sitting in a room with two soldiers armed watching you and making
sure you don't make a move. Also, your PP7 and some ammo are on the table.
Do not pick up the PP7! If you do, they will fire at you, make noise, and
tons of guards will come and kill you. If you wait and let them talk,
Bond will say that Ouromov is a traitor, the guards will disagree, then 
another guard will come in and say the new orders are to kill you! So, 
walk up to the guard on the left, and one chop on Agent will kill him. But
quickly go over and do the same to the other guard before he fires and 
makes noise. Take their KF7's and the key, and escape from the room to
complete objective a.

Take a right, and two guards will fire at you. Don't shoot! You are
seriously going to complete this level with only shooting as many as 15
shots! Head up the stairs, down the hall, and into the library. There
will be lots of guys firing at you, but not enough to kill you.
Run across the library, and enter the double doors. Go across this room and
take out the lone guard there. Open the single door, but don't go in the
room! Natalya will come out and say "James!" meaning she will be following
you, and objective b will be complete. If you enter the room, she'll
be scared and run up the stairs. Follow her, and get her attention, then
she'll be following you.

Exit back into the library that you were in before and go to the right
side. If you are low on health, it's ok to fire a few shots off at some
guards, but otherwise, it's a waste of time. Go up to one of the library
windows, shoot it with your KF7, and literally jump out the window to
complete objective c and this level.


Level 12: Streets

Primary Objectives:
a. Pursue Ouromov and Natalya
b. Minimize civilian casualities

If you are playing secret agent or 00 agent, this level is somewhat a
challenge, but on agent, it's a piec of cake. Move forward and take
out the three soldiers with your PP7, then grab their KF7's. In the
deeo dark corner, there's a tank! Kill the soldiers that are guarding it
and take a ride!

There's not much to say because there's no actual direction to take when
in the tank. Just remember to run people over, be careful when you run
over cars because the explosion can be harmful, watch out for the guards
with rocket launchers, and drive around and have a blast. Eventually,
the level will come to an end, being one of the easiest in the entire


Level 13: Depot

Primary Objectives:
a. Locate Trevelyan's train

Once again, you have a huge handicap being that the difficulty is set at
Agent.... This is a challenging level in 00 agent, but it's simple in
Agent, to say the least. Well you start off with a D5K, which is good,
but that's what all the other guards are armed with, too.

Take a right into the maze-like thing with all the boxes and such. Go to
the back and equip some body armor, and continue to fire at enemies. Find
the building that has an actual door; not a garage type one that flips
up or one covered with wood all over it. You're actually getting close
to completing this level already.

Head up the stairs and through the door to find a safe. Since your on 
agent, this means absolutely nothing, so you can keep moving on down the
stairs. Open either one of the doors that are on the right side when you
come down the stairs, and there you have it, Trevelyan's train. Open
the doors, kill the two guards, and hop in to complete objective a and this
simple level (I'm referring to Agent when I say simple, of course).


Level 14: Train

Primary Objectives:
a. Destroy brake units
b. Rescue Natalya
c. Escape to safety

Like I've said a billion times before already in this walkthrough, this
is simple due to the lack of objectives in Agent mode. Turn to the
left and kill all 5 guys with your PP7. They'll carry D5K's, so right when
you think you're gonna have a great weapon for the rest of this level,
you shoot the last two boxes in this car and get an RCP-90! Take 
advantage of this; use it for the rest of this level. Destroy the brake
unit at the end of the car and enter the next. 

With the RCP-90, just hold down that Z-Button and fire away on these guys.
The job should be done within seconds, and their D5K's can server as ammo
for your RCP. Go past the set of crates and you'll find another 5 guys
firing at you, which is yet another eeasy job to take care of with the
RCP-90. Be sure to collect their ammo, destroy the brake at the end of the
car, and enter the next.

This is a narrow hallway; just run up and down it firing that RCP-90 off.
You'll kill everyone instantly, except for the guy that was hanging out in
a room in the beginning of the car. So run back and kill anyone you missed,
and destroy the brake unit, then enter the next car.

It's something a little different this time; the brake unit is in the
beginning of the car, so worry about that later. For now, run up the
hall and kill all the guards. Then go back, destroy the brake unit, and
begin to move on in the train.

You'll notice that the train is getting more luxorious; and the guys
now carry ZMG's (no match for your RCP). There are no brake units in
these green room cars. Soon, you'll come to a room with blue padding.
Kill the guy there, but don't destroy the brake pad! Instead, go back a
few cars and kill anyone that may have been stalking you. The destroy the
brake in the blue room and kill the two guys that Alec sends. Enter the
room at the end of the train.

You'll see Ouromov with a gun to Natalya. Move to the right, kill him, and
try to fire a shot at Xenia. Alec will then give you a minute to escape,
but it will serve as longer time if Xenia is hurt. Find the tile with the
tape on it on the floor and burn them off with the watch laser. Natalya
will follow; don't worry about her. Get out of the train and run away, as
far away from it as you can. The level is complete.


Level 15: Jungle

Primary Objectives:
a. Destroy drone guns
b. Eliminate Xenia
c. Escort Natalya to Janus base

Start by moving up until you run into the first tree, then forward more,
and kill those 4 or 5 guys with your PP7. Grab their Assault rifle and
ammo, and move up to the tree on the right. Use the great scope on this
gun to your advantage by aiming at the drone gun and taking it out.
Walk up to it, kill anymore guards that are there, then move on following
the path.

This time it's the same situation only with more guards. There will be
8 or 9 of them to eliminate with your assault rifle. A good tip is to 
use Natalya to your advantage; she has a powerful Magnum and can take
a lot of guys out with one shot. When the drone gun starts firing at you,
get behind a tree, aim at it, and take it out. Then walk up to it, and 
again, continue down the path.

Now it's the same situation only it's cut back to 4 or 5 guys to kill,
and the drone gun sits in front of a big, huge tower. Take it out, walk
up to it, and again follow the path. You'll come up to a bridge. Walk up
to it and plant a few remote mines on it, then keep moving forward until
new music starts. This is Xenia and she's coming after you with an RCP-90,
grenade launcher, and other devices. When she gets close enough, set off
those mines to kill her. Otherwise, killing her with a gun will take quite
a while.

Go grab her RCP, and cross the bridge, but take only a few steps forward.
Look to the left and you'll find a drone gun.... You know what to do.
After it's gone, walk forward, and keep your RCP-90 equipped. Keep going
forward until you find 4 or 5 guards. Take them out, and enter the passage
they were guarding. You'll find a big open area with a ladder and two
guards. Take them out immediately, and start climbing up the ladder.
Natalya will be down there alone but she'll be fine with her Cougar 

When you reach the top of the ladder, don't walk onto the ground. Instead,
stay on the ladder, and aim your RCP at the drone gun that is located at 
the top. Take it out, and walk forward. There will be a bunch of guys there
firing at you, but killing them is pointless. Run through, and take the
first right. Enter the elevator with Natalya to finish the level.


Level 16: Control

Primary Objectives:
a. Protect Natalya
b. Disable Goldeneye satellite
c. Destroy armored mainframes

Exit the elevator and clear this area out; there are about six guys with
D5K's. Go get Natalya out of the elevator and she'll go work on one of
the computers. She'll open a door for you and tell you to go. Go ahead
through that door and let her work on the computer; you'll see her a 
little later.

Fire straight ahead at the guards, but don't worry about their ammo until
later.... Instead, clear out the area with all the guys on the right firing
and throwng grenades at you. Then go get that ammo, and pick up the remote
mines that were there. Head back into the section of the room where you
just took out all those guys. Grab their ammo and go to the back of the
room. Go through the crack in the wall, kill the guy, and enter this next
room. Kill the 4 men in here, and head up the stairs to the next door.

There's another 5 guys in here; they shouldn't be a problem, just take
them out, get their ammo, and head down the stairs into the computer
room. You'll see Boris here, and whatever you do, don't shoot him! He'll
pull out a PP7 on you, but drop it. Then he'll run away. If you shoot
him, Natalya will be mad at you and will refuse to continue the mission.

Put a remote mine on the floor in front of the two mainframes, get away,
and blow them up. Hopefully, the glass didn't break which will be a huge
help a little later. Go up the stairs and kill the guards if they're
still there, then go to the corner of each side of the room and blow up the
two mainframes. Go up the higher set of stairs, to the left, and get the
body armor in the little cell-like space. Head back down to the very
first level. Go in the door to the left, and first take out all the guys
from a distance. There are gun turrets on both sides; carefully take them
out and enter this room. There's a main frame in here; blow it up. Then
go back into the room where you found Boris.

Go up the stairs, to the side, and down into the big computer room. Shoot
every desk until it can't be cut down in size any lower, except for the
one in the middle. Head up the stairs on the right side, and open the door,
then go get Natalya. She'll start working on the computer you didn't
take out, and then all hell breaks loose. An alarm will go off and lots
of soldiers will come down the stairs and such. You'll have to take them
out and protect Natalya from them at the same time. When Natalya is
finished, both objective a and b will be complete, and she'll run away
to safety. 

Now run back to the room where you met Boris, and open the door that was 
once locked. Kill the two guards, and destroy the final mainframe to
complete objective c. Enter the door, and kill the guards in here, and
Trevelyan will shoot at you from an elevator and tell you that you're too
late. No sweat, go to the opposite side of the room and enter the other 
elevator to complete this long and difficult level.


Level 17: Water Caverns

Primary Objectives:
a. Minimize scientist casualities

This level is so pathetically easy on Agent and so pathetically hard on
00 Agent that it makes me sick. Open the elevator and take out the guards
here. Your reward is a ZMG and tons of ammo. Head down the path killing
all the guards along the way, until you reach the door. Open it, and walk
up the path, killing the two or three guards on the way. Open this door,
and kill everyone in this room. Fire into the room-like thing in the back
of this room, to make some heavy explosions occur. It will tell you
that the radio is destroyed and you can no longer contact Jack Wade. Being
that this is Agene, that means absolutely nothing. Open the door and
take out the gun turret. Alec will get away. Take out the other two guards
and get in the elevator to finish off this level.


Level 18: Cradle

Primary Objectives:
a. Destroy control console
b. Settle the score with Trevelyan

Go backward behind the structure in the beginning and grab the body armor
that will help you quite a bit. Run forward and take out the first guard
and take his ZMG's. Run forward and take out the next guy and collect his
ammo. Run down the ramp, down the stairs, and go right up to the shed that
is located on the right.

First take out the guy that's in there, then the two drone guns (there's
one on each side). Go around this machine and fire at the computer until
it blows up and is destroyed. Objective a is now complete. Kill any guards
that come in and fire at you.

Exit and run down the ramp, and fire at Alec. Chase him down and follow
him while constantly firing at him. When you get to the other shed, grab
the body armor that's behind the machine, and continue to chase and fire
at Alec. He'll soon take you back to the shed; keep firing at him, and
he'll go back to the lower level. If he says "Finish the job James, if
you can," then he's going down to fight you. Otherwise, you'll have to
keep chasing him until he says that line. When he goes, follow him
down, and drop down the hole. Turn around and fire like mad at him. He
should die and fall off, and this level is complete.


Congratulations, you have just successfully defeated the game on it's
Agent mode.


5) FAQ

Q: Can I play as anyone besides Bond?

A: In multiplayer, hell yeah. But in the 1-player mode, you have to be
007 the entire way (sorry 006 fans).
Q: Were there any changes made to the game?

A: In the Dam level, there's a tower at the end with no one there. This was
originally supposed to be used as something, but they couldn't make use of
it before the game was released. Also, Ouromov's briefcase that you obtain
in the Silo was for something that couldn't be fit in on time.
Q: How do I obtain the teo bonus levels?

A: Defeat the entire game on 00 Agent (not an easy feat).
Q: If I fail an objective, what should I do?

A: You may as well let a guard kill you, because otherwise you'll complete
the level and they'll make you do it all over again.
Q: How many cheats are there to unlock?

A: 23

Send me anymore questions you have, and if they're intelligent and make
sense, I'll post them here.

6) Multiplayer

Sweet, I have added a multiplayer guide into this FAQ! Yeah! Here's the list
of stuff I have listed here, to make this easier to navigate:

a. Multiplayer Modes
b. Tips/Hints
c. Level Overviews
d. Characters

a. Multiplayer Modes

This is the regular old stuff...... Select 1-4 players, a level, and run 
around trying to kill each other. You will have to pick previously if you
want to be timed, or play until a certain amount of kills.

You Only Live Twice
Same as normal play only the first to be killed twice loses.

The Man With The Golden Gun
Somewhere in the level, the golden gun is hidden. You must find it, and kill
your opponent(s) with it. If you die with it, it will be obtainable from the
place you died.

The Living Daylights (Flag Tag)
Damn this is fun. In the level somewhere, there is a white flag. You must
find it, pick it up, and run with it. You can't use your weapons, and if
someone kills you, that flag is there's! The person that was holding the 
flag for the longest amount of time when the game ends wins.

License To Kill
One hit and you're dead no matter what the weapon/object.

2 vs. 1
2 players teaming up on 1.

2 vs. 2
2 teams of 2 players fighting another team of two.

3 vs. 1
3 players ganging up on one.

b. Tips/Hints

Press C-Down and R simultaneously to duck. You will move a lot slower but 
you will be an incredibly tough target to hit for long distance shots by
your opponent's.

Small Players
if you defeat the game and unlock the secret players, the last two people
called "Moonraker Elites" are tiny. They are hard targets alone, then when
you duck with them, they are super hard to hit.

Cycle Through Weapons In Reverse
Hold down the A button and tap Z to go through your weapons in the reversed
order. This could sometimes be helpful because you may need to pull out
a certain weapon quickly.

Killing Opponents
The easiest way to take out your opponents is to fire right at their head
or face. If you hit their leg or arm, it will take multiple shots, but
the head will take occasionally two. Beware, however, for you might hit the
opponent's helmet which will have no effect on him no matter what gun you
are using (including the Golden Gun).

Blow 'Em Up
If you are playing remote mines, get some, and find some body armor or a 
really good weapon (ie: The US Assault Rifle). Put all 10 mines there, and
get away. Then when you see someone go for that item, cycle backward through
your weapons and set off the mines. if you pay attention and do it quick 
enough, the mines will blow on your opponent and kill them instantly.

c. Level Overviews

This is more for beginners, although it's still fun no matter how advanced
you are. It's not a level in the game and is cool because it has a variety
of stories in the building structure. You can even go to the very top, and
look down the big hole in the middle and try to kill your opponent if they
are on the bottom.

This is probably the hardest multiplayer level. It's very dark and hard to
learn. Playing in it often and getting a lot of experience in it is all I
can recommend.

One of the more fun that I recommend for mediocre players. A color change
in the wall represents a secret door; get to know them which will help quite
a bit during a multiplayer. There is also an upper level which holds you
high above everything, as well as a lower level called "The Basement," that
you should get familiar with to help you with escapes.

This is the same thing as the Library only the basement is closed off. It's
to make the level a little easier.

This is the same as the lower level in the library only going up is not an
option. It's really narrow and offers a lot of poles, pillars, and other
stuff to hide behind.

One of the harder multiplayer levels that is not a level in the actual 1
player game. You'll have to know all about the secrets in here which include
vents to hide in, hidden body armor, and passages to crawl through.

Same as the 1 player level with less doors. A good advantage you have is the
number of tanks to blow up. If you are in a room by yourself with some
explosive tanks, shoot one bullet into it. Then when you're opponent walks
in, stick that tank with another bullet and go for the kill. Another good
thing to know is that there's an elevator to hide in; but it actually
doesn't help that much if your opponent(s) are watching your screen.

Once again, it's the same thing as in the game except the library is closed
off and is a seperate multiplayer level. Hang out in the room you start out
in the beginning of the actual game, and when you're opponent comes in, pump
the file cabinet with a few bullets. Or, stay in the room across from there,
and duck behind the boxes.

The same exact thing; a carbon copy of what you see in the game, except for
the doors looking different that keep you in the cells. You can even go
outside and run around in the snow for a limited distance. There is a really
dark hallway in the middle that is really good to stay in.

Again, the same as in the game, only you're limited in how far you can go.
Whatever you do, if you're put above the toilets in the facility, quickly
get out, because there's no weapons up there and it's easy to get trapped.

d. Character

Here are the characters you have when you start the game. You get more when
you beat the game on any difficulty level, but these are the important/main

James Bond
Alec Trevelyan
General Ouromov

7) Weapons FAQ

NOTE: This is also my seperate Weapons FAQ on GameFAQs.... That's why it's
in FAQ form.

GoldenEye Weapons FAQ
Nintendo 64
Version 1.2

Written By:
The Crippler


Intro / Comments
Update History 
Weapons List
Weapon Overview
Weapon Tricks
Legal Info

Intro / Comments

Welcome to this GoldenEye weapons FAQ. I know that this is
extremely late, but I've owned GoldenEye for over 20 months
now (roughly) and I noticed its my only N64 game I haven't
written a FAQ for. I didn't feel like making a big walkthrough,
so I came up with this Weapons Guide.

Now my comments on the game...... 

This game scores a 10/10 with ease. Not only is it a challenge 
with three different difficulty levels, but it is great for 
multiplayer action as well. The graphics and sound all went well, 
and the storyline which is modified a few times from the movie is 
still great.

Update History

Version 1.2
Someone mailed me and notified me of extra places to find the RCP-90.
Please see the RCP-90 commentary as well as the credits for that. Also,
in the weapon tricks section, I added the loactions of the RCP-90's
in the game because all 3 of them are hidden or hard to get.

Version 1.1
Added section #5, the weapons tricks section.

Version 1.0
I have added everything...... You can find anything you want to
know on the weapons found in GoldenEye.

Weapons List

Throwing Knives
Silenced PP7
DD4 Destroyer
Cougar Magnum
Gold PP7
KF7 Soviet
DK5 Deutsche
Assault Rifle
Sniper Rifle
Automatic Shotgun
Timed Mines
Proximity Mines
Remote Mines
Rocket Launcher
Grenade Launcher

Weapon Overview

Found: Anywhere
Slappers means punching. Basically all it is in Goldeneye is
karate chopping your opponent. It takes a long time and a
lot of hits, and I only recommend it if you have no ammo, no
weapon, or just feel like getting killed.

Throwing Knives
Found: Bunker (1)
To get this, after getting out of the cell in the beginning
and killing the guard, go to the left when facing Nataly (while
she is in the cell) and use the watch magnet attract. The
good things about these weapons are that they kill instantly
and after throwing them you can pick them up again. The bad
thing is that they're hard to be accurate and take a long time
to throw. They're fun to play with, but in the Bunker with all
of the guards, it's better to use a gun of some sort.

Found: Statue, Archives, Cradle
In almost every level you start out with a PP7 although it
is usually silenced (see next weapon). It's a small gun that
allows 7 shots per round, and though it's not powerful and
only allows 7 shots/round, it's easy to be accurate with because
it makes a loud noise which in a way, helps your accuracy in
the game.

Silenced PP7
Found: Almost every level
You start out with this weapon in almost every level. It is
the same as a PP7 (see above) only it is longer because a
silencer is added to the end of it. The silencer allows it
to make less noise when shooting so guards don't hear it. 
Other than the silencer, there is no difference between the
PP7 and the Silenced PP7.

DD4 Destroyer
Found: Silo, Frigate, Archives
This gun is sort of like the PP7, only it is silver, allows
8 shots per round, and makes a louder noise. It is as powerful
as the PP7 and holds a slight advantage over the PP7 because
it allows more shots and in some levels you can use two at a

Cougar Magnum
Found: All levels with cheat
In order to use this weapon in the game, you'll need to
access the cheat. It's very powerful, and is much like a
"Cowboy" gun. Two shots are usually enough to put a guard
out with this weapon.

Gold PP7
Found: All levels with cheat
You'll need to beat the Cradle in under 2:15 for this one.
It is the same as a PP7, only it is gold and kills everyone
in one shot..... Even Trevylan in the Cradle.

Moonraker Laser
Found: Multiplayer
The lasers are just what you thought would be.... They're big
powerful silver guns that release green laser beams. They are
awesome because you don't need to reload them (obviously)
and they kill opponents quickly.

KF7 Soviet
Found: Dam, Facility, Runway, to name a few
To beat the game you'll have to be good with this weapon 
because you pick it up in almost every level. It is a
long black maching gun that offers 30 shots a round, and
each time you hit the Z Button it automatically fires
off 3 shots. Many of the russian guards carry them.

Found: Surface, Archives
This is a weird looking gray machine gun that isn't all that
great..... Don't be surprised by its look. It allows 20 shots
per round and it takes a while to kill an opponent with. I
recommend only using it when you have to.

DK5 Deutsche
Found: Train, Facility
This is an awesome maching gun that you will get very
attached to. You can fire quite a bit with it, and unlike
the klobb it is very affective and kills extremely

Found: Train, Cradle
Like the DK5 Deutsche (see above) this is yet another
fun machine gun. It's pretty much the same thing as the
Deutsche only it looks different.

Assault Rifle
Found: Jungle, Cradle
In my opinion, this is the second best machine gun you will
find in the game (behind the RC-P90). When you fire it, you'll
see an asterik (*) shaped fire come out of the gun as it
allows 30 shots per round. It is very powerful and it comes
with a great scope which will be useful in the Jungle.

Sniper Rifle
Found: Dam, Surface
This is the most overrated gun you will find in the entire
game. The good thing about is that the scope is amazing on 
it (views the farthest in the game), and you can use it as
a weapon if you run out of ammo (you can swing it at guards
and kill them in a few swings). However, it is incredibly
slow, isn't all that powerful, and only gives you 8 shots
per round.

Found: Train, Jungle (kill Xenia), Water Caverns (kill guard).
This is without a doubt the best machine gun in the entire
game. The only bad part is that it has no scope. However, 
it is amazingly powerful, fast, and allows 80 shots per
round. When you get this, you can basically run around
holding down the Z Button and you'll be fine. Another disadvantage
is that it's hard to find; it's hidden in the train, you
have to kill Xenia for it, and you have to kill a guard for it.

Automatic Shotgun
Found: Statue
This is another great gun. The only bad thing is that you
only get it in one level, and it only allows 5 shots per
round. However, it shoots huge bullets and usually only
takes 1 shot to kill a guy (two if they're lucky).

Timed Mines
Found: Multiplayer
They are little bombs that you stick on a wall, or door, etc.,
and then get away from and watch them blow.

Proximity Mines
Found: Multiplayer
Same as times mines (see above) only they explode on impact 
(like the firing of a gun).

Remote Mines
Found: Facility, Multiplayer
Little bombs (like the other two makes of bombs) only you decide
when they go off. You throw them on something, then when you
want them to explode, you pull out your watch and hit the Z

Found: Control
You should, by now, know what a grenade is. It's the type
of explosive where you pull the pin, throw it, and watch it
blow. In Goldeneye, you just throw it and get away from it.
You don't have to pull a pin or anything.

Rocket Launcher
Found: Multiplayer
This is exactly what the name says it is... It fires
rockets. It is extremely powerful and explosive. After
shooting it, you should get away. You can usually take
out a multitude of guys with it.

Grenade Launcher
Found: Multiplayer
Instead of throwing grenades, this thing launches them for
you. It's the same thing as the rocket launcher (see above)
only it launches grenades and is less powerful.

Weapon Tricks

Bonus Weapons:
Complete each of the following levels to obtain the corresponding

Weapon           Level
Magnum           Antenna Cradle, Janus Base
Laser            Aztec Complex (as 00 Agent)
Golden Gun       Egyptian Temple

Cougar Magnum gun: 
Beat the game on the "Agent" difficulty setting.

Bonus Egyptian level: 
Beat the game on the "00 Agent" difficulty level.

Bonus Aztec level: 
Beat the Antenna Cradle level on the "00 Agent" difficulty setting.

Double mixed weapons 
Obtain two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other in
your weapon list and some ammunition for each gun. (For example, in
the Military Archives level, obtain two Dostoveis and two Klobbs).
Then, cycle through the weapons until two of the second set of weapons
are ready. Now, quickly press the following set of buttons: Hold A
button, then before the weapons cycle forward, press Z(2). Release A,
then press A once Press Z to fire two or three times while the weapons
are cycling. If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the
weapons during the cycle, allowing a mixed set.

Paintbrush weapon 
Begin a game in multi-player mode on a level that contains sniper rifles.
Then, collect a sniper rifle before getting any ammunition or touching
another character. Now press A(2) after getting the sniper rifle to use a

Floating weapons 
Locate the control room in the Bunker 2 level with the big screen.
Place a remote mine on each of the eight televisions that are
attached to the ceiling and destroy them. Throw mines, grenades,
knives or fire the rocket launcher in the room and the weapons will
float. If this trick is done during a single player game, the enemies
will die with their weapons in their hands.

Invisible mines 
Begin game play in multi-player mode. Place a mine on
ammunition, then take the ammunition. Although the mine will still
be at that location, it will not appear on your opponent's screen.

Falling mines 
Complete all the objectives on the Runway level except "Escape in
plane". Place a few timed mines on your plane, then enter and take
off. You will see the mines fall out and explode when you are in
the air.

RCP-90 Locations

#1 Set the game to its easiest level and blow up the last box in the
first cart of the Train level. If you have it on the two harder
levels, it will be a DD4 Destroyer instead.

#2 Kill Xenia in the Jungle. She has a whole load of goodies, 
including the powerful machine gun.

#3 Some of the guards carry them in the Water Caverns.


Cheat Code Central
For some of the Weapon Tricks.
For some of the RCP-90 locations.

The rest of this weapons guide was compiled by myself.

Legal Info

This FAQ was written for private use only, and may not 
be sold or used in anyway to make a profit. It may not
be placed on any websites without my written permission.
The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at:

8) Secrets

Please see the credits, as most of this was contributed/submitted.

Hidden characters 
Enter the multi-player mode character selection screen and display the
last available character (Mishkin or Moonraker Elite). Then, press the
following controller combinations: Hold L + R and press C-Left. Hold L
and press C-Up. Hold L + R and press Left. Hold L and press Right.
Hold R and press Down. Hold L + R and press C-Left. Hold L and
press C-Up. Hold L + R and press Right. Hold L + R and press
C-Down. Hold L and press Down. Now an additional thirty-one
characters will be selectable.

007 mode 
Beat every level, including the Egyptian and Aztec, on the "00 Agent"
difficulty setting. Then, the 007 bonus game setting will become available.
Options such as enemy health, enemy damage, enemy accuracy, and
enemy intelligence will be adjusteable in this game setting.

Double mixed weapons 
Obtain two sets of paired weapons that appear next to each other in
your weapon list and some ammunition for each gun. (For example, in
the Military Archives level, obtain two Dostoveis and two Klobbs).
Then, cycle through the weapons until two of the second set of weapons
are ready. Now, quickly press the following set of buttons: Hold A
button, then before the weapons cycle forward, press Z(2). Release A,
then press A once Press Z to fire two or three times while the weapons
are cycling. If done correctly, firing the weapon will lock one of the
weapons during the cycle, allowing a mixed set.

Copy cheats to another folder 
Highlight a cheat from a folder, then hold A and keep that button pressed
until instructed otherwise. Then, press B(2) to return to the folder
selection screen, and press Z to select another folder. Now enter the
cheat menu, highlight any code, and press Z. Then, press B and release
A. Now select any level to begin the game with the cheat from the first

Same character in multiplayer mode 
Set the number of players to "4" and select the desired character for
player four. Then, change the number of players to "3" and select any
character (including the same character that was chosen in the previous
step) for player three. Now, set the number of players to "2" and select
the desired character for players one and two. Note: Players one and
two can never be the same character. Set the number of players to "4"
and begin a game.

Bonus multiplayer areas 
Beat the second Severyna bunker, the Military Archives, and Water
Caverns levels on the Agent difficulty setting. Then, these areas will
become available for multiplayer mode.

Bonus multiplayer characters 
Beat the game on the "Agent" difficulty setting and Bond villains Mayday,
Oddjob, Jaws, and Baron Samedi will become selectable in deathmatch
mode. Note: They are not available in single player mode.

Armed scientists 
Shoot a scientist in the foot or hand twice with a silenced PP7 in any
level that they appear on any difficulty level. Then, the scientist will fire
back with Dostovel and may even throw a grenade.

Paintbrush weapon 
Begin a game in multi-player mode on a level that contains sniper rifles.
Then, collect a sniper rifle before getting any ammunition or touching
another character. Now press A(2) after getting the sniper rifle to use a

Game Shark Codes
I don't really feel like listing them or anything, so for Game Shark Codes,
go here:

Dex Drive Saves
Go here for a few saves:

Again, I do not have the time nor patience to sit down and write all the
glitches, so for tons of them, go here:

9) Game Cheats

Here is the table that shows the cheats and times:

Level          |        Cheat          |    Difficulty          |      Time
Dam            |     Paintball Mode    |    Secret Agent        |      2:40
Facility       |     Invincibility     |      00 Agent          |      2:05
Runway         |      DK Mode          |       Agent            |      5:00
Surface        |   2 Grenade Launcher  |    Secret Agent        |      3:30
Bunker         |   2 Rocket Launcher   |      00 Agent          |      4:00
Silo           |      Turbo Mode       |       Agent            |      3:00
Frigate        |       No Radar        |    Secret Agent        |      4:30
Surface 2      |      Tiny Bond        |      00 Agent          |      4:15
Bunker 2       |   2 Throwing Knives   |       Agent            |      1:30
Statue         |    Fast Animation     |    Secret Agent        |      1:15
Archives       |     Invisibility      |      00 Agent          |      1:20
Streets        |     Enemy Rockets     |       Agent            |      1:45
Depot          |    Slow Animation     |    Secret Agent        |      1:30
Train          |      Silver PP7       |      00 Agent          |      5:25
Jungle         |   2 Hunting Knives    |       Agent            |      3:45
Control        |    Infinite Ammo      |    Secret Agent        |     10:00
Caverns        |      2 RPC-90s        |      00 Agent          |      9:30
Cradle         |       Gold PP7        |       Agent            |      2:15
Aztec          |       2 Lasers        |    Secret Agent        |      9:30
Egyptian       |       All Guns        |      00 Agent          |      6:00
Level          |        Cheat          |    Difficulty          |      Time

How long did it take me to get all the cheats, you ask? Let me just put it
this way: Goldeneye was well worth my $65.

Special thanks to marshmallow for inspiring me to put this thing together.
Check out his 00 Agent guide as well as his secrets FAQ as GameFAQs.


Paintball Mode        
Secret Agent              

Kill the first guy with the Silenced PP7. Grab his KF7 but 
don't use it yet, instead, keep running through the tunnel and into the
area with the 5 or 6 guys. Don't stop to kill anyone; just run, and pull out
the KF7. When you open the first gate, there might be a guard there. Kill 
him quickly with the KF7, while using as little ammo as possible on him!
Shut the other gate, open the next, and kill the guy running to the alarm. 
Then, blow the alarm up. Shoot the lock off the gate and run through, 
destroying each of the 3 alarms in the 3 towers. The run back, and bungee 
jump off the dam.


00 Agent              

Kill everyone in the bathroom and collect their KF7's/ammo. Run out, and
kill all of those damn soldiers that try to get you on the stairs. After
they're all gone, kill the guard with the key and open up the locked door.
Run to it, killing any soldiers you have to along the way.

Kill the three guards and run into the room where Doak always is. Grab 
the encoder he gives you and kill the soldiers that come after you. Run
into the bottling room killing the billions of soldiers that flood in after
you, and blow them up with your mines. Immediately escape off the conveyor


DK Mode

This is the easiest one to get..... Kill the guy hanging out in the 
beginning, and head over to the house. Kill the two guys for the key, and
run to the plane. Fly away in it, and if you did it as quick as you could,
you should have had about 4:00 to spare.


2 Grenade Launcher     
Secret Agent             

Here's another simple one..... You'll of course have to obtain the two keys
from the cabins, then head over to the satellite dish. Turn down the power
dish, and go to the back of the level. One of the two cabins will have the
plans; grab them, and run to the ventillation tower to complete it. Don't
stop to kill anyone or eliminate any cameras.


2 Rocket Launcher
00 Agent

Go straight through the door and kill the soldiers here and get their ammo,
which will be extremely helpful in the coming seconds. Take out the camera,
and go down the main hall killing anyone in your way. Take out all the other
cameras in the side rooms/halls, then head into the main room which is 
filled guys. Be sure not to kill Boris; otherwise, kill everyone else. Knock
off the camera behind the glass in this main room and have Boris take you
to the room where he does his thing. Then leave, killing anymore guys you
have to, and exit into the snow.


Turbo Mode

This is one of the easier cheats to obtain especially considering it is
on agent mode. All you have to do is grab a KF7 and some ammo, and run
down the halls and in the rooms killing guys. Be sure to use the tanks
as an advantage; shoot them so that they explode at guys. The hard parts are
trying not to kill scientists, and Ouromov can really slow you down with 
his DD4. You also have to know which ways to go when there's a fork in the
road. If you do it good, you should get the cheat with a whole 30 seconds
to spare.


No Radar
Secret Agent

One thing you will have to take advantage of in this level is how quick
you complete objective A. If you release the first two hostages, you have
a small chance that objective A will be complete after they escape... This
helps soooo much because now you can forget about the others. Also use the
cool weapons to your advantage (double phantoms), and don't miss any body


Surface 2
Tiny Bond
00 Agent

In my opinion, I'll say that this is one of the hardest cheats to get.
Of course, being on 00 Agent is never an easy task no matter the level....
You'll have to take out the cameras quick; not only because tons of guys
will come after you if you don't, but it's on the objectives. Just do it
as you regularly would, only as fast as possible. Try not to spend too
much time killing one guy; just run past him and let him hit you if he will
take a chunk of your time.


Bunker 2
2 Throwing Knives

This is tough because you may have health problems with all the guards, 
especially since you're trying to beat it so quickly. Use the watch attract
to get the key and beat the guard with your hands. Grab his KF7, let Natalya
out, and run down the halls with your hand on the Z Button (pick up all
the ammo left behind). Grab the tape, go into the main room, and kill 
everyone just like you did the last time you were here. Wait for Natalya to
tell you to leave, and go. 1:30 is tough; good luck.


Fast Animation
Secret Agent

Go a little to the left and down the hill, shooting any guards that dare
with your PP7. Hug the left wall for as long as you can, and stay to the
left at all times. Eventually you will go under a little bridge and find
a red rectangular box. Talk to Valentin, and leave, exiting to the left. Now
you're in a park-like section of the statues; head to the back and go right
until you find a black statue of a guy with his hand up. Trevelyan will 
appear with his thugs, and as soon as you see: Objective B: Completed, fire
at his guys and grab their shotguns. Now go back the way you came, and save
Natalya from the plane that is going to blow. Then go find the flight
recorder which will not be well hidden; it's a yellow box that doesn't go
far. Then run quickly to the gate, talk to Mishkin, and lead the way out of
the gate.


00 Agent

Here it is; the hardest cheat to obtain in the game. It took me a month, 
and I did it in 1:17...... If you say you've done it in under 1:10, you're
a dirty liar.

Slap the two guards in the beginning, grab their weapons, and run out. Take
a right down the hall, up the stairs, and into the library without shooting
anybody! Enter the room across from the shelves, and then the one across
from where you entered, and open the single door. Don't go in simply get in
Natalya's line of sight, and she'll be following you now. Run straight
ahead through the double doors and down the stairs, then through the two
doors. Enter the next door to find Mishkin, and he'll tell you to take the
flight recorder from the safe; do it! Run out the other door, take rights
through the next two, and fire at the glass at one of the windows in this
room. Hop out with Natalya and you're done.


Enemy Rockets

Here's the second easiest cheat in the game (behind DK Mode, of course).
Kill the first five guards, and hop in the tank. Then just drive around in
it while running over soldiers and firing rockets all over the place.
There's not a whole lot more you can say about this..... Do it as quick as


Slow Animation
Secret Agent

Kill the first few guys to pick up a D5K and some ammo, then immediately
go to the computer room. Take out the turret immediately, then the guys.
Make sure the drone gun goes first! Otherwise, you're a goner. Get the key
that is sitting on the table, then get rid of the mainframes and computer.
Now you'll have to know the way to the train. Get there, open up the safe,
and enter the train. Don't forget to take out the two soldiers when you open
up the door to the train!


Silver PP7
00 Agent

You're probably thinking that the difficulty of this cheat is medium, 
because although it's 00 Agent, you have over 5 minutes, so it's easy, 
right? WRONG! Kill everyone in the first car with the PP7. It will take a 
while, but just running through it into the next car results in death. Take
out the brake, and enter the next car. Kill everyone here quickly, and
continue on in the next section of this car. You will be getting hit here;
just keep firing away. Take out this break, and enter the next car.

Run down this hall with your hand on the Z Button. Then go back, and do it
all over again to assure that everyone's dead. Take out the brake at the
end, and continue on. In this one, do the same as what you just did, only
take out the brake immediately (it's in the front). After clearing out
everyone in this car, enter the next.

Now the train gets more luxorious; and the guys carry ZMG's! You'll get 
double ZMG's eventually, which will make this job a lot easier. Continue
moving up destroying any brakes there are. When you get to the blue walls,
kill the guard, then go back 2 cars, and kill anyone that was following
you. Go back into the blue, and destroy the brake. Now two guys come out;
kill them. Grab the key, and go to the back, and enter the car with Natalya,
Ouromov, Trevelyan, and Xenia.

Go to the right a little and shoot and kill Ouromov, and quickly fire at
Xenia, which will add another 15 seconds or so to your escape. Use your 
watch laser to melt through the floor, and let Natalya finish her job. Exit,
and get away from the train until it blows; then the level is complete.

Damn, it's like a mini walkthrough.


2 Hunting Knives

Run forward and take out all the guards. There's not much to say... Let
Natalya help you! She has a cougar magnum and can take care of herself,
which is one less thing to worry about. You'll need ammo in those US Assault
Rifles; it will help a lot when you need to take out the drone guns from a
distance. After killing Xenia, the job becomes a breeze because you get an
RCP-90! Just remember that Natalya doesn't have to be behind you when you
hop into the elevator and complete the level!


Infinite Ammo
Secret Agent

Don't worry.... This cheat is easy! The only thing I can imagine you having
difficulty with, is protecting Natalya, but lo and behold, I have a few 
tips..... Be sure to take out all the other desks to get a clear line of 
fire at the guards. Also, when blowing up the first two mainframes, don't
throw them on the mainframes; throw them on the floor in front of them. This
will keep the glass from breaking and keeps soldiers out. Also watch the
guards that break the glass and start firing because they get a great angle
at Natalya espcecially when you're facing the opposite way. After the 
Natalya part, this cheat should be a breeze.


2 RPC-90s
00 Agent

This is not that hard..... Just remember to use the explosives to your 
advantage, meaning, if there's tons of guys firing at you, blow up a tank
with your gun to take them all out. Also take advantage of the weapons you
obtain in here; ZMG's and US Assault Rifles are all you could really ask
for in a combo, right?


Gold PP7

This is also not that hard... Run forward and immediately shoot at the first
guard. Pick up his ZMG's, and pick up all the other guards' ammo. Take out
the drone gun first in the shed, then the guy, then the computer. Then, 
follow Trevelyan and fire at him! You need to get him to talk in order to
get him at the end quick enough, and you have to shoot him to make him talk!
Also, be sure to grab the body armor in the second shed; you can get it
without wasting any time.


2 Lasers
Secret Agent

There is absoultely nothing I can say here.... All you can do is get really
familiar with the level and know how to take out Jaws as quick as possible.
If you can do the 2 things I just listed above, you'll be fine in this
level...... 9:30 on secret agent is not that bad, in fact, Rare should have
made the time shorter to make this harder to get.


All Guns
00 Agent

Here's the third easiest cheat in the game; you don't even need a 
walkthrough to complete the level, or tips to earn the cheat. It's weird 
that the final obtainable cheat in the game comes on 00 Agent and is a whiz,
isn't it?


Damn, getting them cheats was tough, no?

10) Credits

Cheat Code Central
For most of the secrets in the secrets section (used with permission).
Nothing used from here; just a 007 glitch heaven.

InterAct Accessories
Again, nothing used from here, but they provide the Dex Drive Saves.

For the cheat section inspiration. Go to the URL above and check out his 007

Though it's tough to read, he has a good Goldeney guide at GameFAQs.

For publishing my work.

11) Author's Note

Well, as you can imagine, this walkthrough took a ton of my time, in fact,
my parents are probably thinking I'm looking at porn I'm on my computer so
much from it. I hope it's a help (that's why I spent hours writing it), and
any questions, comments, or concerns can be sent to me at:

Please see the copyright information at the top of this FAQ to know what you
can and can't do with this FAQ.

Copyright (C) 1999, The Crippler.