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* Goldeneye Agent Mode Guide *
Author: Jdude84
E-mail Address:
Version: 1.0

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Version History

August 20, 1999 - Started 1.0

September 5, 1999 - Finished 1.0ůMore will be added to this FAQ When I 
return from my much-needed vacation!
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1) Introduction
2) Walkthrough
3) Cheats\Codes
4) Tips And Tricks
5) Credits
6) Legal Junk
7) Farewell

1) Introduction

Welcome to my FAQ for Goldeneye 007. Please note that this FAQ is only 
applicable to agent mode, and none of the strategies outlined in this 
FAQ will work for any other difficulty level. I realize that there are 
some people who need help beating agent mode and\or getting the cheats 
for agent mode, so here it is.

2) Walkthrough

Mission One: Arkangelsk
Level One: Dam
Primary Objectives
 A) Bungee Jump Off Platform
Weapons Availible
 PP7 (Silenced)
 KF7 Soviet
 Sniper Rifle

First level, not that hard at all. Go around the first corner, and fire 
a few PP7 shots to the gaurd's chest\head. Reload your PP7, Grab his 
KF7 and walk accross the bridge, go forward a bit and peg the guard in 
front of you with a few shots to his chest. Go up the stairs in the 
tower to your right, and take out the guard to your right, make sure 
you grab his ammo, then get the sniper rifle inside of the glass. 
Switch to the sniper rifle, and look down to the next area, you will 
see two guards a bit away from each other. Carefully kill one of the 
guards with a single shot to the head, then switch to the PP7 and wait 
for the other guard to come, now get his ammo as well as the ammo from 
the other 2 guards. Now you should have 150 rounds for your KF7, switch 
to it. Walk down where the two guards were, and follow the path around 
the corner. Don't go too far, use the KF7's scope and you should see 2 
guards in a alcove. There is also a guard in a tower on the right, and 
a couple of guards hiding  next to boxes on the left. Blast your KF7 at 
the 2 guards in front of you, this should kill them both. Reload, and 
strafe next to the wall on the left. Shoot bullets all around you to 
make 2 or 3 guards come. Kill them all, grab their ammo, then kill the 
guard ahead of you hiding in some boxes. Grab his ammo, and don't 
forget to get the ammo from the first 2 guards, just to make sure you 
have enough, though you probably won't need it. Now open up the gate 
where the truck is, with the keypad on the right, now hit the next 
keypad, and run to the left part of the gate which is where it will 
open. When it opens, run full speed along the left side with your KF7 
firing to take out the guard, take him out quickly as he will hit the 
alarm if you aren't quick! You can take out the alarm if you want, but 
it is not neccesary. Enter through the gate, reload your gun, and enter 
the door on your right, there will be a couple of guards in there, one 
has a DD44 and the other a KF7, just rip loose with your KF7 to easily 
take care of these guards. Reload your KF7, and keep using it, 2 more 
guards and this level is over...there will now be a gate in front of 
you that you can go through, but it's locked. Solution: Blow the crap 
out of the lock with your KF7, reload, and go through the gate. Now use 
your scope, and take care of the guard in the tower, just to be safe. 
Now run to the tower, and use your scope again to see another dopey 
guard waiting to get shot down, you know what to do. When you get to 
that tower, take a left to the small stairs, and run off. You will now 
see a cutscene of Bond bungee jumping off the dam. (Objective A: 

Dam Complete


Mission One: Arkangelsk
Level Two: Facility
Primary Objectives
 A) Gain Entry To Laboratory
 B) Rendezvous With 006
 C) Destroy Tanks In Bottling Room
 D) Minimize Scientist Casualities
Weapons Availible
 PP7 (Silenced)
 KF7 Soviet
 Remote Mine

This level is one of the most fun in the game, and fortunatly for you, 
one of the easiest - on agent mode that is. You will start off in a 
vent, go forward, left, then right, you will see a hole to go down, 
don't go down though. Instead take aim with your PP7 and you will see a 
guard in the stall to the right, take him out with a single PP7 shot to 
the head, then drop down to the vent. Exit the stall you were in, and 
hit the guard to the right near the urinals. Get his KF7, now go ahead 
of you, open up the stall and shoot the guard in there, grabbing his 
KF7 ammo as well, now go to the stall to the left of the one you were 
just in, and shoot the guard in there as well. Make sure you get his 
ammo, as well as the ammo from the first guard you shot. You should now 
have 120 rounds for your KF7, don't switch to it yet though, you'll 
need a bit more ammo. Exit the bathroom, and wait for a guard, once you 
see him, kill him with the least amount of shots possible. Wait to make 
sure guards don't come, then run down, grab his ammo, and run back up 
the stairs. Enter the bathroom once again, with the 2 doors open, take 
out your KF7 and fire off all 30 bullets, reload, and quickly move to 
the doorrway opening. You will now have 120 rounds, and a bunch of 
dopey guards running at you, just blast away at anything that moves, 
reloading when possible. After about 6-7 guards come, there won't be 
any left, except 4 in the first half of the facility. Grab ALL the ammo 
the guards 'gave' you, then make your way down the stairs, and to the 
left, there will be a door, enter it to find a guard. Kill him with 
your KF7, and he will drop a keycard and some ammo. Now go back through 
the door, and enter the mettalic door ahead of you that you can now 
enter using your keycard, there will be 3 guards in here which should 
be no problem since you have full auto-aim, and about 3 'free' seconds 
before the guards fire. Grab all their ammo, walk up to the computer, 
press B, and run out the door, to your, left, then left again through 
the door, then the other door. Switch to your PP7, to your left is a 
bunch of lockers, a pillar, and 2 guards - one to the left of the 
pillar, and one to the right. Take out the one to the left first with 3 
shots or less, and the other stupid guard won't even hear you. Now 
shoot that stupid guard in the butt, then hit him in the head to kill 
him. Grab all the ammo, switch to your KF7, and wait. 2 or 3 guards 
will come from nowhere from the door that leads back to the first part 
of the facility, just use your scope to shoot them from a distance, 
grab their ammo, reload, and walk up to the door to your left. There 
will be 3 guards in this hallway, and you have full auto-aim, so just 
run STRAIGHT at them! You should kill at least 2 of them before getting 
shot at, maybe you'll kill all 3. Anyway you should only have been shot 
once, twice Max. Reload your KF7, you should still have at least 200 
rounds. Open up the doors in front of you and blast your KF7 all over 
the place, although there will be no guards...yet! Quickly reload, move 
back a bit, and when you see anything green, shoot it to pieces! This 
shouldn't be too hard, seeing as it is agent mode, if you get hit, no 
big deal. There's 7-8 guards here, once they are all gone, grab the 
ammo and enter the door directly in front of you, there will be some 
body armor in this room, which should all but guarantee you completing 
this level. Now hit the computer to the left, then run out of this 
room, to the right, and through the door. (Objective A: Completed) 
Ahead of you are some boxes, behind it are 2 guys, you could shoot 
them, but have some fun since this level is almost over. Back far away 
abck to the door, still using your KF7 and fire a full clip into the 
boxes so they explode, this will not only kill those 2 guys, but 
attract some more guards which are rather easy to kill. Grab all the 
ammo, and make your way up the stairway, now fire off tons of bullets, 
at least leave 100 though. Kill any guards that come IF there are any 
left, now, make your way through the labratory, and go through the 
metal door. You will now be in a room with 10 tanks, run down to the 
tanks and you will find a guy there, DO NOT SHOOT HIM, it's 006! Walk 
up to him and let him yak away(Mission B: Complete) You can shoot him 
now if you want, but he will take care of guards once the alarm goes 
off so don't kill him. Now get out your remote mines, and place them on 
the containers so the explosion will destory all the tanks. Here's some 
nice ASCII art to help:

X = Tank With Mine
O = Tank Without Mine

X X X X X      or....    O X O X O
O O O O O                  X O X O X

It doesn't really matter, just place them on the tanks, and move away 
from them. Do this all fairly quickly because an alarm will sound 
eventually. Run far away(to the conveyer belt to be exact), and 
detonate the mines with your watch. (Objective C: Completed). Now exit 
the facility via the conveyer belt. If you didn't kill more than 2 
scientists(Mission D: Completed), then your ready for level 3!

Facility Complete


Mission One: Arkangelsk
Level Three: Runway
Primary Objectives
 A) Find Plane Ignition Key
 B) Escape In Plane
Weapons Availible
 PP7 (Silenced)
 KF7 Soviet
 Hand Grenades
 Timed Mines

What? You need a walkthrough for the easiest level on Agent difficulty? 
Well ok here it is.
Turn left to collect some grenades, then go to your right, kill the 
guard with 1-7 PP7 shots, reload, grab the timed mines. Exit through 
the chute, and kill the guard outside with your PP7, you should now 
have a KF7 with 60 rounds, switch to the handgrenades however. Enter 
the door on your left, and throw 2 grenades off the wall, they will 
bounce, and kill the 2 guards inside, now grab the key(Objective A: 
Completed). Now all you have to do is run to the plane, and press B to 
complete this easy level(Objective B: Completed) Yes you'll get shot, 
yes you will end the level with almost no life, but you will have 
beaten it, simple as that! There's always a tank on the right of this 
level if you want to have some fun before you leave..

Runway Complete
Mission One: Complete!


3) Cheats\Codes

There are 7 cheats that you can access while playing agent mode, here i 
will list them all and show you how to get them.

* Easy
** Below Average
*** Average Difficulty
**** Very Hard
***** Nearly Impossible

Cheat #1
Level 3: Runway                
Cheat: DK Mode
Coolness: *** (out of 5)
Difficulty: * (out of 5)
Time: 5:00
My Fastest Time: 0:46

This is extremly easy, even for players who aren't so good at this 
game...You have 5 minutes, so you can take your time if you think you 
aren't good enough to get this cheat, or you can run through the level 
if you know you can get it. Anyway, if your good, get the key in the 
shed on the left, hop in the tank if you like, and speed to the plane, 
to complete this level in about a minute and a half. If you think you 
might have problems with this cheat, here's the walkthrough for you. 
Ok, from the start, turn right, peg the guard, grab all the mines and 
grenades, then exit the area, kill the guard outside, and enter the 
shed on your left. Take out your grenades and bounce 3 or 4 off the 
wall, now take cover. The explosion will kill the 2 guards, as well as 
blow the table the key was on to bits, so run to where the table WAS, 
pick up the key, and run to the tank which is wayyy far ahead of you, 
hop in and drive down the runway, park the tank in front of the plane, 
so it doesn't blow up, run up to the plane, and enter it!

What The Cheat Does: Donkey Kong Mode - everyone's head is huge, their 
bodies are small, and i haven't a clue what happened to their arms, 
really cool for the first time you see it, after that, not that good.


Cheat #2
Level 6: Silo
Cheat: Turbo Mode
Coolness: ***
Difficulty: **
Time: 3:00
My Fastest Time: 2:47

This isn't all that hard with the time factor, because it is Agent 
difficulty. All you have to do is kill the first 2 guards in the level 
with your PP7, then run down every hallway full speeed shooting guards 
with your KF7, you will pick up their ammo as well! Whenever there is a 
fork in the road, take a right. To save some time in the final part 
blow up the computers to kill the guards at the end. Also you must know 
where every keycard is, knowing where the body armor is helps alot too. 
If you know this level well it should take you 2 tries tops to get this 

What The Cheat Does: Makes you go really fast, DUH!


Cheat #3
Level 9: Bunker #2
Cheat: 2X Throwing Knives
Coolness: *
Difficulty: * 
Time: 1:30
My Fastest Time: 1:06

Unlike many other people's opinion of this being a difficult cheat to 
get, it turns out to be the 2nd easiest cheat in the game! This MAY 
even be easier than getting DK mode. Anyway, to get this cheat use the 
watch magnet attract, open the door, kill the guard, get the gun, load 
the gun, open the other cell, open the door, then go left, right, 
straight, and right to the CCTV tape area, get the tape, and then when 
you get into the video screen room blast your 30 rounds, all of them at 
any guards you see, go through the glass door and to the exit, also, 
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR NATALYA! Just open her cell, and RUN! 
period, this cheat should take you 1:17 seconds to get, and only one 

What The Cheat Does: Now you can hold not one, but TWO throwing knives 
in your hand! Cool? Heck no....what a waste...


Cheat #4
Level 12: Streets
Cheat: Enemy Rockets
Coolness: *****
Difficulty: **
Time: 1:45
My Best Time: 1:38

For some reason i had problems getting this cheat, it took me a whole 2 
tries! Just get in the tank and drive to the finish, the only problem 
getting this cheat is the time. You only have about 12 seconds to spare 
so get moving! Other than that, this cheat is easy!

What The Cheat Does: With this cheat, all the soldiers carry ROCKET 
LAUNCHERS!!!!!! Talk about some explosions! With this cheat on even 
Agent difficulty is hard! Good cheat to use after you've beaten the 
game. Basically a second quest!


Cheat #5
Level 15: Jungle
Cheat: 2X Hunting Knives
Coolness: ****
Difficulty: ****
Time: 3:45
My Best Time: N\A

Coming Soon!


Cheat #6
Level 18: Cradle
Cheat: Gold PP7
Coolness: *****
Difficulty: ***
Time: 2:15
My Best Time: 2:13

Get the vest at the start, and sidestep all the way to where alec is, 
killing guards and collecting ammo along the way, eliminate the 2 drone 
guns, destroy the console, then chase down alec AFAYK! Tricks you can 
use are:

When alec runs to the top of the cradle, don't run him down, use your 
scope to nail him.
Sidestep the WHOLE time!
Don't bother killing guards, if they are in your way, run full speed at 
them and fire.
If you need armor, there is one in the 2nd shed that doesn't take any 
extra time.

What The Cheat Does: You can now use a gold PP7, just like a normal 
one, only it has the same effect as a golden gun! Very cool, and 
better! THE BEST gun in the game!


Cheat #7
Level 18: Cradle
Cheat: Cougar Magnum
Coolness: ****
Difficulty: *
Time: N\A
My Best Time: N\A

All you need to do to get this cheat is beat the cradle in any amount 
of time on the Agent Difficulty level, simple, yes?

What The Cheat Does: You can now use the cougar magnum, one of the most 
powerful guns in the game, simple as that!

5) Credits

Rare - They Made This Awesome Game!

Me - I Wrote This FAQ!

GameFAQs - They Posted This FAQ!

Marshmallow - His 00 Agent Guide gave me the idea to write this simpler 
guide. I also liked the layout of his FAQ, and wrote mine in similar 
fashion. Check his FAQs out for goldeneye and other games at!
6)Legal Junk

This FAQ was written exclusively for, therefore I am not 
letting anyone post this FAQ on their site. If you e-mail me asking to 
place this FAQ on your site then my answer will be no, sorry, but 
that's the way it is. This FAQ is copyright 1999 and may not be 
reproduced or copied without consent from the author.

7. Farewell

All Comments, Suggestions, Complaints, Explosives, And Threats may be 
mailed to me at