GoldenEye 007 (e)

Andere Lösungen
This Strategy Guide is made available courtesy of  N64.COM.
Copyright Imagine Publishing, 1997 

Quick Tips

Here are some basic tips that will keep you alive while playing. These
techniques and quick hints will make your game infinitely better and more

Strafe: Use the left and right C buttons to keep from getting shot.

Lean: Press R and then press the right or left C buttons to lean around
corners. This is even better than strafing in certain situations.

Crouch: Press R and then the bottom C button to crouch. Occasionally you can
blow the shins off people and it's pure pleasure.

Use stealth (i.e. be careful, run fast, and be sneaky): Sometimes you simply
need to be fast, oftentimes strafing and running simultaneously is better
than straight running. Stealth includes being sneaky and smart, without
getting noticed. Try to be subtle. This isn't Doom. Example: Shoot one single
round of the KF7 Soviet instead of four to keep the whole army from arriving
at your door step.

Reload often: Reload every time you're about a new encounter. This way you're
always prepared.

Check your gadgets and weapons often: Sometimes you'll pick stuff up without
noticing, or even worse, you never checked the beginning. In almost every
level you're given a different stuff. Check it out!

Be quiet when required: Sometimes, you simply need to shut up. Learn how to
be sneaky.

Shoot through windows: You can shoot anything through a window with one shot.
It's fun, they break, and you get to kill. Hey!

Be careful of cameras: Cameras send in the troops. Cameras are bad. Don't let
them see you. Ever hear the saying, "Kill you Television"? Well, here, the
same applies to cameras.

Watch out for grenades, explosive boxes: Listen for the clink of a grenade.
They will hurt you, bad. Also don't stand next to boxes with skulls and cross
bones on them! They will hurt you bad, too.

Play smart not sweaty: Use your brain. Sometimes it's smart to use a silenced
gun instead of a Klobb, sometimes, it's smart to put your gun away altogether
(like in the Statue level).

MISSION 1: Arkangelsk

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Neutralize all alarms: hard 2.Install covert modem: medium, hard
3.Intercept data backup: hard 4.Bungee jump from platform: easy, medium, hard

Weapons and gadgets:
pp7, KF7 Soviet, Sniper Rifle, magnum, covert modem. 

Around the first corner, you'll see a soldier on your left. Your default
weapon here is the silencer, aka the pp7 (silenced); use it to shoot him in
the head. Grab his weapon, the KF7 Soviet, an loud automatic rifle. Now
directly in front of you is a guard tower with a few men around it and in it.
Tag them all.

Head to the tower, but go around the left side (not the right side), or you
will notify soldiers in the tunnel on the right. At the top is the Sniper
Rifle. Look through it, press R, and adjust the zoom lens with the top C
button. In the tunnel are two guards. Pick them off.

Head into the tunnel. After taking the tunnel just past the bend you'll want
to move to the right to protect yourself. In the distance you'll see about
two close soldiers, peg them and then zoom in to nail the two guys in the
bunker. You'll notice a tower on your right (sometimes there's a guard in it)
and a large stack of crates on your left (behind it hides a guard). In the
easy level there is body armor in the tower. Grab it. To collect more
ammunition, blow up the wooden crates near the bunker. Shoot only the wooden
boxes. Watch for barrels with skulls and cross bones, which will blow up and
hurt you.

The green truck is waiting at the far end. To its right is a red switch, so
you need to press B to it. After it is another switch, press it. A tower is
on your right with at least two guards near it. Make sure to hit them, but be
sure to quickly zoom in the soldiers in the far distance, the ones nearest
the alarm.

Now dispose of the red alarm on the barrack wall (it looks like a button),
and then back up to the red garage door. Open it and be careful of hiding
guards as you move inside (there should be at most three). Exit the compound
and move onto the next bunker. A set of crates appear just behind the bunker.
Blow up the one closest to it, and you'll see a monitor. Attach your covert
modem to it (in medium and hard). Head to the fence, shoot at the lock, and
press B to push the gates open.

In the distance you'll see three guard towers. Zoom in and pick off these
tower guards with the lovely sniper rifle. There's one guard in each tower. I
think it's best to eliminate each guard at each tower, then destroy each
alarm, systematically. There is one alarm located in each tower, so just walk
through the door and you'll see each one on the wall.

You can access this downstairs region by going down a ladder near each guard
tower door. But the best way is to go to the farthest tower (farthest from
your starting point). Enter the tower, walk down the stairs, open the gate,
and head left. The upcoming corridor is loaded with guys, so use the leaning
technique and your Sniper Rifle. When you've reached the end of the tunnel,
open the door and prepare for serious battle, i.e. take a few steps back. Use
the KF7 Soviet for massive attack, making sure not blow up the mainframe in
the back at the left. Approach the mainframe and press B to intercept data
backup, and you're almost done.

Go back the way you came, and head toward the second guard tower, where,
across from it, there is a set of stairs. Walk up and jump off the dam.
Mission complete.


MISSION 1: Arkangelsk
PART II: Facility

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Gain entry to laboratory area: easy 2.Contact double agent: easy,medium,
hard 3.Rendezvous with 006: easy, medium, hard 4.Destroy all tanks in
bottling room: easy, medium, hard 5.Minimize scientist casualties: easy,
medium, hard 

weapons and gadgets:
pp7, KF7 Soviet, door decoder, keys, mines, mine activators, grenades.

Head down the air shaft to the bathrooms, where you'll see the head of a
sergeant. There are three other soldiers in this room. Kill them with your
PP7, other soldiers will hear and swarm the bathroom.

Leave the bathroom, but don't go downstairs. On that floor open up the door
and at the bottom of the stairs is one guy. Kill him, and then open the door
near to where he was standing. Open it, take a few steps, turn left and
you'll be behind a guard with Keycard B, which will permit you into an
important security room. Across from the stairs is a security door, open it
and press B to activate the computer in front of you. There should be three
guards in there, and now you should switch to your KF7. Make sure not to blow
up the computer. This keycard will open up a timed security door down the
hall and to the left. Be quick because there's yet a third door to run
through and it closes fast.

Leave that room, turn left, run down the hall, pick up the armor to your
left, keep running, take your first left, and open the door on your left.
Then turn right, and pass through that door and stop. To your left in a
locker room are two guards, it's not necessary to kill them, but it's fun.
Now open the next door, behind which at least three soldiers are waiting with
rifles in hand. Open it, step back a few feet and wait for them to enter.
They line up so the killing is easy. Go in and check the left and right
rooms, where Dr. Doak, the double agent scientist, will hand you a door
decoder for later use. He may not be there (he's got a light brown hair and a
beard and he walks slow, without putting his hands up) -- if he's not there,
you'll see him near the bottling facilities upstairs.

Leave those two bottling rooms and continue on through the next door. In
front of you is the room with the two security switches, and hallways on
either side. Pull out your PP7; pick off the security guard to your left and
right. Now, enter and go toward the room in front of you. The room is filled
with four guards, so switch to your KF7, but don't throw a mine in there. Go
to the left and right and pick off the guards. Almost guaranteed, you'll
invite others. After dusting those stray guards, and facing the door, hit the
console on the right with the flashing button, press B , and now run because
the doors are timed. Of course, you'll have to bust out through about five
guys, so reload your KF7 and then blow the guards away.

If you make it through the security door, go up the stairs, dust the three to
four guards and enter the bottling rooms, one by one, to find Dr. Doak, if
you haven't already found him. He walks around, and may actually walk toward
you if he's near. Talk to him, wait until you get the decoder key, and then
get ready to run. Have your KF7 loaded and ready. Now run down the only other
hallway. Killing about three guys should set you free for a few seconds.

Now, you can use the door decoder. You'll see two doors, the one on the right
is your door. In easy mode, you simply approach it, but in medium and hard
you must switch to the key and wait. Once you're through it, switch to the
mines. Go down the stairs, approach 006 so that a conversation begins and as
soon as it starts lay one mine on each of the five giant vats. Across the
room from the staircase you descended, there is a door -- it's your escape
route. Now there are only two things that need be done. One, make sure that
006 is about 5-10 feet away from the tanks (so that when you blow them up he
doesn't die). Two, blow up the ALL of the vats. As soon they're toast, just
walk out that door. If you stick around to see what happens, guards will come
by the bucketload hooting and a'hollering and gas will flood the room. Make
it out alive, and your mission is accomplished.


MISSION 1: Arkangelsk
PART III: Runway

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Find plane ignition key: easy, medium, hard 2.Destroy missile battery:
medium, hard 3.Escape in plane: easy, medium, hard 4.Destroy heavy gun
emplacements: hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
pp7, KF7 Soviet, timed mines, detonator, grenades, Klobb, ignition key. 

Immediately behind you is a large crate of grenades. Grab the box. A guard is
in a nearby room. Kill him and pick up the crate of mines. Head out into the
snow by sliding through the snow chute at the far left end of the hallway.
One guard is watching the area. Kill him and grab his KF7 Soviet. To acquire
the plane key, walk left and enter the shed. Grab another crate of grenades
just outside the door. After entering, turn right and two guards guard the
plane key. Kill them, walk behind the table and pick it up.

This level is unusual because all of the enemies is far away from you and yet
there isn't a Sniper Rifle to be found (as far as we know). Stick to the left
side of the runway, which is the side you're already on once you walk out of
the shed. A soldier is guarding something obscure, and a pair of barrels are
near him. Aim at a barrel just for fun, he'll die in the explosion. Run past
him, shooting the next few guards, who are practically lining up, until you
reach a nook in the wall. Hide here for a few seconds and switch your ammo to
land minds. Across from you, in the distance, is a soldier or three, but your
focus here is the missile battery nearest you. Throw a few mines at the
machine gun battery, and run back to the crevice. They'll take out the gun
and a guard.

Now run back to the nook in the wall. Across the field is a single guard.
Zoom in and dust him. By this time, about three to four soldiers are just
about to greet you. Kill the closest soldiers first, then back up and wait.
More will arrive. Use the leaning technique if you want. They come in waves.
Dust the first and second waves and grab their guns. You'll pick up a Klobb,
and you should switch to it.

If you simply stay in that nook, the guards will never stop coming. You're
next target is the missile battery across the runway, nearest the plane, so
to get there you'll eventually have to stop killing them. It's hard to stop,
isn't it? Eliminate a wave of them and then run. The best way to run is to
strafe and run at the same time. It works. Head to the battery where you'll
dispose of two guards. Switch to your mines. Throw a mine or two onto the
battery itself, not the structure on which it rests. From far in the distance
another machine gun battery is nicking you, and it's annoying, so in the
medium level, run to the plane and touch it. In the hard difficulty, you need
to blow them up. Use your mines, but be fast and stay out of its reach. Even
better, use the mines. By the time you reach the plane, the second battery
should blow. Check to see mission B completed. That should be the mission, in
a nutshell.


MISSION 2: Severnaya
PART I: Surface

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives 

1.Power down communications dish: easy, medium, hard 2.Obtain safe key:
medium, hard 3.Steal building plans: medium, hard 4.Enter base via
ventilation tower: easy, medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
Silenced PP7, KF7 Soviet, Sniper Rifle, Klobb, grenade launcher, safe key,
hut key, grenades. 

Unlike the easy mission, fewer soldiers chase you, but they're better at
aiming their weapons. Follow the road to a crossing that splits to a small
house on the left and right. Two guards shoot at you on the right. Kill them
and grab the booty inside. Skip the left house for now.

Continue on down the road, keeping the big satellite dish in sight. You have
to power it down anyway, so use it to guide you when disoriented. Along your
path is an observation tower, which has nothing in it. Skip it. When you're
at the satellite dish, take a right. Along the way, you should pick up the
Klobb, a fast-shooting, automatic machine gun. It's excellent, albeit loud. A
small guard construct and two houses appear. Ignore the metal girded
construct and the first house and head to the other slightly farther house,
the one at the end of the road. You'll find the hut door key, grenade
launcher, and more grenade ammo. A beige-suite military official has the key.
Kill him off.

Now, remember that hut at the beginning of your journey we told you to skip?
The military officer you just killed gave you the key to it. Run back to that
first hut, ignoring soldiers. Just run and occasionally strafe to avoid
gunfire. Unlock the hut door, grab the safe key. Objective B completed. Now
head back to the main road, and be sure to reload because they will be some a
few out-of-breathe guys wanting to kill you.

Head straight to the main satellite, ignoring any distractions. Enter the
facility and run up the stairs. In easy mode, you simply walk in and open the
door, ascend the stairs to the door, and press B to power down the satellite.
In medium and hard you have to unlock it with the key, and power it down.
Just don't shoot the computer, which will sound the alarm. Run down the

Two more objectives to go (in medium and hard). You must obtain the map, in
the very dangerous bunker compound, and find the ventilation shaft. Turn left
once you leave the satellite area. Follow the path to the compound. There are
many houses; enter the first house on the left to unlock the safe, grab the
map, and head out. If you want to get rid of some guys, use your grenade
launcher, aiming at the barrels. That'll get them for sure. Still, the best
idea is to run, because there are too many guys around.

Where was that ventilation shaft again? If you're at the enemy bunker where
you found the map, with the gate to your back, look to your right. There is a
narrow road to the left of the satellite dish (off the main road) that leads
to the shaft. Pass the satellite, follow the path, and then stay to your
left. You'll see in about four seconds. Climb up to the top of the shaft,
pull out your silenced PP7, and then blow off the four locks with two shots
per lock. The grate will drop out of sight, and then you're home free.


MISSION 2: Severnaya
PART II: Bunker

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Disrupt all surveillance equipment: medium, hard 2.Copy Goldeneye key and
leave original: easy, medium, hard 3.Photograph main video screen: easy,
medium, hard 4.Get personnel to activate computer: hard 5.Download data from
computer: hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
Silenced PP7, DD44 (.44 magnum), Klobb, KF7 Soviet, grenade, camera, key
analyzer, data thief, security card, computer room keycard, Phantom, and

Open the door in front of you and quickly kill both guards. If you're slow,
they'll hit sound the alarm. Pick up their stuff, KF7 Soviets, and use the
PP7 again to knock out the red alarm on the wall.

Turn around and head to the room from where you started. There's another door
there, and behind it is a generator and a surveillance camera, quickly open
the door and blast it to pieces (you can nail it with one shot if you're
good). No alarm means you've succeeded.

Go back to the second room you were in. You'll see a guard passing. Reload
the PP7 and take him out with one shot to the head. He's got a security
keycard. If he doesn't, another guard in the near vicinity will. Knock out
the camera outside and to the right.

With the room you just departed behind you, turn right. You'll reach a room
that's also part cave. Three men will guard it. Kill them and eliminate up
the camera. Use your PP7 for quite death and few enemies, or your KF7 for
more enemies, plus better enemies as well, like the Klobb and DD44s.

your left is a hallway that leads to a staircase. That staircase leads to the
main room with Boris, the key you need to copy, and a map of the world, of
which you'll need to take a photograph. But you can't go in yet, there are
simply too many armed men in it.

Leave that cave when the coast is clear. You'll find very close to you a gray
door that leads to another gray door inside it. Go inside the first door, but
not the second. Look through the window. There are three men, and a
mainframe. Don't use any grenades, and make sure not to blow up the
mainframe. In the difficult level you'll have to bring Boris up here and turn
on the computer. Two men are to your right and one to your left. Open the
door and spray them with bullets. Collect their weapons and head to the main
room. At this point, you should have eliminated everyone in the hallways and
other rooms, except for the main one.

Round the corner to your left and slowly use your silenced PP7. A few guards
should be in various places around the room. One's directly to your left,
another straight across from you -- now's a good time to switch to the
Phantom. To your right is a staircase, so run up it and kill off the three
enemies in it. The room you're in is a split floor and across from it is a
similar one across the large main floor. Two men are in it. Run over there
and blow out the camera. That should complete objective A. This should all be
done quickly, so that Boris doesn't run away. Initiate conversation with him
for the hard level of difficulty. He'll lead you to the mainframe room. Now,
while you're in the main room, you'll see a giant world map. While you're
following the ever-so-slow Boris, switch to your camera and take a shot of
the map, completing objective C. Let him type in "knockers," and then switch
to your data thief. Press Z to enact it, and wait until it's completed. Boris
will have turned on the alarm, so prepare to face dudes with DD44s.

Now run back to the computer in the main room where you found Boris. Pick up
the key and switch to your key analyzer. Copy the key by pressing the Z
button and your primary objectives are now complete. There is one door to the
right of the world map. Enter this door which leads to a staircase where at
least two guards are standing at the top. Use your C button to aim high.
That's it, spy guy.

MISSION 3: Kirghizstan
PART I: Launch silo #4

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Photograph satellite: easy, medium, hard 2.Obtain telemetric data: medium,
hard 3.Retrieve satellite circuitry: medium, hard 4.Minimize scientist
casualties: easy, medium, hard 5.Plant bombs in fuel rooms: hard 

Weapons and gadgets
PP7 silenced, plastique, camera, KF7 Soviet. 

In the easy section, there is no time limit, but in the medium and hard
difficulty levels, the whole mission is timed and a clock at the bottom of
your screen delivers the time. You have 7:30 minutes (in medium, and 8:30 in
hard) to meet all of your required objectives. That means a lot running and
killing, baby. Also, in every room there is a green card, i.e. the satellite
circuitry, and important telemetric data which you'll need to recover. The
satellite circuitry lies around on tables, and is pretty easy to spot, while
the telemetric card is harder to find. Security cards are in the hands of the
scientists. If you run and scare them, they'll drop the cards, otherwise the
cards are in their hands. Usually the guy in the deepest corner has it.

Again, in the easy level, you just need to make it out, keeping a few
scientists (and yours truly) alive. But in the hard level, you'll have beat
the time limit, collect all the circuitry, take a picture of the satellite,
and blow up the fuel rooms. Like the instructions say, concentrate on rooms
H4, C3, K2, and A1. In the middle rooms there are two body armor vests, so
keep an eye out for them.

Go to the first room and kill off about three soldiers guarding it. They will
be in range and if you're kill them fast enough, and no scientists should get
in the way. Pick up the required cards (two green data ones resting sitting
on a table on the left) and the security card on the floor.

After the first room you'll come to a split in the hallway, take a right, and
pass along a side bridge, by the rocket. At least two men stand behind the
door that leads from the bridge to the hallway, so when you open the door,
shoot fast, strafe right. Then strafe left in front of the doorway and finish
the other guys off.

At the end of the hallway that turns left, there are a few barrels. A few
soldiers may also appear. Instead of shooting them, shoot at the two
explosive barrels in the corner, if done right, all of the nearest barrels
will blow. Give yourself a lot of room, like stay at the bottom of the
stairs. Approach the corner of the wall without revealing yourself. Lean out
and shoot about three or four guys in the distance. Be wary of grenades. Take
out one soldier at a time. There are more barrels just around that corner, so
if the barrel explosion you caused didn't set them off, make sure the enemy
fire doesn't either.

You're now ready for room two, containing at least three soldiers who hide
behind the door on the right. Another will be in your sight as soon as the
door is open. One green data card lies on a computer card just on the other
side of the door, so grab it. Grab the security card on the floor as well. As
many as three more guards may enter the room, so watch out. Go up the stairs
and out.

Another split in the hall appears before you, and you should strafe to the
left side of the hallway and kill the guy on the right without exposing
yourself to the intersection. Now turn left, press R and Right C, and lean to
see a soldier ducking behind a crate. Now turn and go to the right where
you'll open a door to a bridge with a load of soldiers on it. More appear on
the other side of the door. Strafe and shoot, strafe and shoot. After that,
enter the room, follow the corridor that leads up a short set of stairs and
then lead to the third room where more soldiers will meet you at the top of
the stairs. Don't forget to wave.

The third room. No soldiers will appear initially. Enter and head right to
the bald scientist in the corner. He will have a DAT card, which will
complete objective B. Great, now turn around. Go to the far side of the tall
computer just next to the door. Another bald scientist is there, so you'll
need to grab the security card from him. Objective C has now been completed.
You should have no less than 1:40 on your clock if you're half way decent.
Three guards will stand in your way as you pass through a T shaped split in
the corridor. Turn right, and get ready.

After the third room, turn right and kill the few soldiers on the bridge.
After that, a clan of gunmen are ducking, hiding, and shooting. Follow suit.
Crouch down and wait until there is no gunfire, and then stand up and shoot.
Kill the first guy on the left and hide behind that crate. Then duck and
shoot a few times quickly, before they start tossing grenades.

Room four has the satellite. It's easy to spot because of the blue side
paneling; switch to your camera and take a picture. All objectives are met
for easy and medium. Walk up the stairs and prepare for another battle. There
are no less than a dozen men, plus Ourumov, who has a brief case behind them
all. While it's relatively easy to kill off the soldiers, Ourumov will shoot
and not miss until you run toward him. And you're gonna take a few hits, so
hopefully you've acquired those vests. Half way through the tunnel he'll run.
You're on a time limit, so rush at him as soon as you kill all of the

Chase carefully after him, but slow down before you turn the corner left in
the final T-shaped hallway. At least three guardsmen are there. Strafe right
and left to avoid their shots. Turn left, go out the door that leads to a
bridge, and then to another door. Enter it and pass through a hallway with an
oval shaped room. A guard will stand at each side. Shoot one, then the other.
More should appear. Go right into the next room and kill the few guards that
are in the middle of a giant computer circle. Plant the plastique, ascend the
three stairs, and turn left past the room you entered. Don't forget to run
like a crazy fiend. Take a right to an elevator, and that's the ball game,
spy guy.


MISSION 4: Monte Carlo
PART I: Frigate

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Rescue hostages:easy, medium, hard 2.Disarm bridge bomb: medium hard
3.Disarm engine room bomb: medium, hard 4.Plant tracking bug on helicopter:
easy, medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets
bomb defuser, tracking bug, D5K (silenced), Phantom, PP7, KF7 Soviet. 

You begin the level by quietly docking at the frigate via a small motorboat.
Walk up to the man deck using a lone stair case. Turn left once you're at the
main deck, and make your way to the second staircase you see. Walk up the
stairs, open the door. Go the hallway's end, where there's a door in front of
you and one to the right. Enter the door on the right and take out the guard
holding a hostage. Kill the guard closest to the hostage first, because he's
most likely to kill the hostage. There should only be two guards in that
room; after you kill them, go to the only other door in that room. A second
hostage is there, so aim and drop his captors, being careful not to blow up
the amazingly sensitive equipment.

Leave that room, walking right along the hallway. Walk down the set of
stairs, then take a right. The first room on the right holds a gunman on the
far right side. Take him out (duh). Retrace your steps out of that room.
Continue through the hallway to a set of stairS next to another turn in the
hallway. This is kind of cool: shoot the guard at the bottom of the stairs
first; the other guard won't even notice all the racket, and then kill the
deaf guy at the top of the stairs, collect his gun, and descend the stairs.

Now do a 180 degree turn, walk a few short steps, and enter the room on the
right: It's the engine room. There are a handful of guards in it, about four
to five. Shoot the ones all on top of the walk, descend the stairs and at the
bottom and at the far side of the room, you can see a hostage standing,
looking as if he were being held at gunpoint. Funny that, he is. Walk
carefully toward him and, after clearing ventilation shaft on the left,
you'll see the assassin. Make sure to add extra lead, when you kill him. Be
stealthy, or the assassin will kill the hostage (this goes for any of the
hostage situations). If you turn 45 degrees to your right another guard is
standing there waiting to kill you. Turn around, and... (that's right) kill
him. One more should be floating around down there, so remember to kill him
dead too.

Now, you're on your way to disarming the computer. Ascend the stairs and look
across the room. If there is another guard there (and there may be),
well...kill him! You should see a computer monitor against the wall. Before
approaching it, check to make sure no once will shoot you, and then switch to
the bomb defuser located via your handy watch. Diffuse the bomb by pressing
B. There's only one hotwired computer left. It's upstairs. Leave the engine
room via the door you're closest to. Follow the hallway, passing a staircase,
to a door leading to a control room with a hostage in it. Kill the aggressor.
Beyond this room is a hallway with yet another hostage. Dispatch of this bad
man and take his nice gun. Retrace your steps, and ascend the stairs you
found outside the machine room.

Retrace your steps all the way back to the very beginning, where you first
entered into the ship. The hallway is the first one entered. When you enter
into the hallway, a door across the ship will catch your eye. Go toward it
and prepare to save one last hostage. Before you enter, you may be carrying a
gun in each hand. Switch to one, whichever you feel comfortable with, but
remember there are at least three guards in that room, and more who will
enter when they hear your shots. Load you gun if it hasn't been reloaded.
Make a special note to yourself that the assassin and the hostage will be in
the center of the room. To the right, just out of site are at least three
others. Shift to the left side of the door before you open it to get a much
better angle on the assassin. Enter, shoot the guy nearest the assassin, then
kill the other three or four. Remember not to kill the hostage who may get in
your way once he's freed. Once everyone is dead, reload. Look for the control
console with a little bomb on top of it. Diffuse the bomb. This will complete
an objective in the medium and hard levels.

You now need to find and place the tracker on the helicopter. Back up against
the computer consoles. Look across the room: from left to right on the
opposite wall, there are four doors. Take the door second from the left. Go
straight through two doors, take a left, a right, and then continue on
through the hallway, passing though two more sets of hallways. You should be
able to hear the helicopter. The last door in that hallway leads to the
copter. Go down the stairs, approach the copter, switch to the Tracker bug,
and press Z. Now you just have to find a way out.

Walk around the copter to other side of the ship where you'll see a long
staircase, walk up it, through two doorways, and then descend a staircase.
You'll be outside on the deck again, but on the correct side. Stroll forward
to the giant missile, look across the deck, and eye a the narrow staircase
descending to your motorboat.


MISSION 5: Severnaya
PART I: Surface

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Break communications link to bunker: medium 2.Disable Spetznaz support
aircraft: easy, medium 3.Gain entry to bunker: easy, medium 4.disrupt all
surveillance equipment: hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
Silenced PP7, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, Remote mine, Comms room key 

You were planted here in mission 4 (surface), so this environment should be
more familiar. Bond needs to go to only three areas to beat this mission in
the medium mode. Start by killing three soldiers who are all carrying Klobbs.
Take the bounty. Switch to the Klobb, it'll make you feel good. Now follow
these basic steps. Stay on the main road until you reach the third road on
the right. Take it past the empty bunker on your right, to the dead-end with
a single bunker on it. Kill the surveillance camera and enter, and then kill
the military commando just inside the door. Pick up the comms room key and
his gun. You'll need the key later.

Head back to the main road, but make sure to shoot the borsch out of the
Russian dudes who've heard all the racket. When you reach the main road, take
a right, at the fork just before the satellite, take a right and follow this
road to the satellite building. Run and you'll miss all the guys who want to
join in the killing. Run straight up the stairs, locate and shoot the
surveillance camera (at the second tier), open the door at the end of the
stairs and you'll see the communications computer console. Smash it. Text
will tell you when it's completely destroyed. Now leave (and you'll have
already been joined at this time by about five Russian dudes (just kill

Two objectives left (in the medium mode), and to meet them you need to take
this path. In the hard mode, you must go to the enemy bunker (yucchh). There
are at least two camera in that area, and you should be fully loaded and in
good health. You will take damage here. Now go back to the main road, and
take a left at the fork and head toward the ventilation shaft. Now if you
take the next left, you'll go to the ventilation shaft, which is perfect if
you're in mission 4. But here, before you reach the ventilation shaft, take
the right at the fork, avoiding the ventilation shaft. By taking a right,
you'll run straight to the helicopter and the bunker. Switch to the timed
bomb, plant on the helicopter, walk far away and make sure the helicopter is
blown up. A few stray Russian guys will show up to drink vodka with you.
Usually you can just stray left to avoid them, but we usually kill them. Kill
them (hey, why not?). Enter the bunker. You're done.


MISSION 5: Severnaya
PART II: Bunker

Difficulty levels: easy, medium

Primary Objectives: 

1.Compare staff/casualty lists: medium 2.Recover CCTV tape: easy, medium
3.Disable all security cameras: medium 4.Escape with Natalya: easy, medium 

Weapons and gadgets:
Magnet watch attract, KF7 Soviet, throwing knives, Klobb and double Klobb,
videotape, memos, notepads 

This level is hard, but it's one of the best designed levels in the game.

You're stuck in a cell and next to you is Natalya, who you meet for the first
time. (Approach her cell and you'll initiate a conversation, but you don't
have to talk with her if you don't want to). Check your gadgets. Switch to
the magnet watch attract. Approach the side of the cell with the door on it.
Across from you is a key, so press Z and the key will fly to you. Wait until
the guard is really close to you and press B to unlock the jail cell door.
The guard will bend down on one knee to shoot at you, when he stands up give
him three judo chops (judo chop!). Take his KF7 Soviet. Switch to the watch
attract magnet again, walk to the circular caged platform at the end of the
hallway, press Z, and you'll pick up a set of throwing knives.

You can let Natalya out by pressing B at the cell door, but don't. Go to the
double door, look through the windows. Use you site and in the next minute
you should see as many as three soldiers walk by. Knock each off with a blow
to the head. Try to use only one bullet per soldier, otherwise you make a
racket and the whole building will know you're there. If you're not that good
yet, try to control your fire to a single shot, pause, and then another
single shot, etc. Open the door, peak around the left corner, it should be
clear, but don't go down the long hallway on your left yet. Go to the double
doors ahead (which you'll need a security key for) and turn left. Another set
of doors (which you can get through). Peak through the window. Three guards.
Aim for one, peg him in the head, and stand back. The two others should come
out. Try to be quiet while you end their boring lives.

The basic aim here in this first part is to avoid the many annoying security
cameras (which are everywhere) and find security keys. Go back to the long
hallway and stop at the end. Soldiers will pass by. Wait until there's just
one and then peg him quietly (one shot). At least three others will follow.
Kill them as quietly as you can, too. Go up the short flight of stairs head
straight. You're now entering an automatic gun area that wasn't in the easy
level. At your first turn look up and ahead, the back of a big gun. Blast it.
Run through the maze until you see a red light. It'll come after the blue
light. Stop when you see it and the big automatic gun. Blast it. Walk ahead
into that slightly open area and stop. To your right is another big automatic
gun. Blast it. Stray soldiers will come from behind you every so often, so
keep an eye out for them.

There's a split in the hallways. Turn right and kill two gunmen and hide in
the corner while you reload. Lean out and kill the guy on the other end of
the hallway. At least a half dozen more soldiers in little batches will
arrive from both ends of the little maze you're in, but if you're somewhat
subtle, their march will end. Kill them all off and then peak out into the
long hallway, but don't step out. There's a guard at the end of it. Pick him
off with slow single shots. The coast should be clear. Run down the hallway
and take your first right. Peep through the window, kill off one guy. The
door will open, kill the next guy. You should pick up Keycard A also the
Severnaya staff list. Cool.

Step out of the room, take a left, go down the flight of stairs (you should
recognize the area you're now in), go down the hallway, and take a left. The
keycard will now open those double doors. If no guards are around then run
like the dickens to the next set of doors. If you stop and look down the
hallway, you're sunk. There are two guards there, plus a security camera.
That's why you run. Turn around and wait for the dumb guards. Kill them. Now
enter the double doors. Then look through the window, kill one guy through
the window, and the door will open, followed by at least three guys. Kill
them quickly and hide in the storage slot on your left. If no one comes, then
one by one kill each single or set of guys who hide in those storage slots.
If all goes well, then the room will be empty. Look around. There are two
important items here. One is a red clipboard, and the other is a body vest.
The clipboard will allow you to meet objective A. Grab them both and head
toward the opposite door.

Look through the next double doors. Knock out the camera. Go through the
hallway, and instead of ascending the stairs on your right, pass them.
There's another camera waiting for you there, so don't do it. Instead, circle
all the way around to where you picked up the keycard A and the staff list,
pass that room, and enter the long hallway. Walk down the hallway. You have
several choices. First take out the most obvious camera in that hallway. Take
one slow shot at a time. We've actually knocked one of these cameras out in
one shot, but it usually takes three. Back up a few steps now. Take the first
door on your left. Peak through the second set of doorways, and look left.
Blow out the camera on your left, and then wait for the guard inside to move
on you. Kill him and take his keycard B. More guards will arrive from
outside. Keep their deaths somewhat quiet, and stay away from the mainframes
so stray bullets don't blow them up.

Leave the room, take a right, and don't move. Inside that room is a camera.
Open the door and strafe right out of its site. Time your approach so that
when you strafe back in its site, you blast it right off. If you blow this
chance, you're history. Lots of guards will kill you. OK, once that's done,
enter the room. Head toward the other door and look straight up. The nastiest
camera in the game is way up on the wall. Blast it. Only two left. Enter that
room and grab the CCTV tape. Yes! Now back out, and head toward the main
control room.

You're almost done, and there's only one camera left (thank God!). Peak
around the corner. Two guards hover inside the glass encased room across the
way. Two more guard the exit. Start picking them off one by one, but still
remaining in hiding. After killing them off, get to the stairway closest to
you, and switch to your Klobb (actually you should have double Klobbs by
now). Kill off as many as two to four guys in that room. Descend the stairs.
Head toward glass room across the main room. Make sure to stay against the
wall. There's a camera up on the wall in there. Use your site and blast it.
Almost done.

Go get Natalya from out of her cell. She will follow you back to the main
room, although slowly and sometimes awkwardly. Nonetheless, she will follow
you. She'll check a computer, set off a timer, and then both of your should
run the heck out of there. Use the glass door exit, run up the stairs, and
depart. You're done.


MISSION 6: St. Petersburg
PART I: Statue Park

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Contact Valentine: easy, medium, hard 2.Confront and unmask Janus: easy,
medium, hard 3.Locate helicopter: easy, medium, hard 4.Rescue Natalya: easy,
medium, hard 5.Find flight recorder: easy, medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
pp7, KF7 Soviet, automatic shotgun, flight recorder. 

This is a straightforward mission, obstructed by bizarre, Russian constructs,
3D shapes, and the remnant shards of the collapsing communist union. Mission
objectives in three the difficulty levels don't differ, except that your life
meter runs down faster and bullets that hit you do more damage.

Turn around and check out the gate. This is where you'll end up at the end of
the mission. Turn around and walk into the park, eliminating about four
military personnel along the way and picking up a trusty KF7 Soviet. Stay
left, pass by a gold star (which you need to remember to get back safely),
and under two constructs that appear to be arches. You'll approach a set of
pillars and a group of red, blocky letters on your right that read PCCC. Keep
going to the left.

Soldiers will leap out from nowhere throughout the level, but relatively few
of them are necessary to kill -- that is, once you become familiar with the
markers and shape of the park.

Within about a minute or so, you'll see a red box-shaped thing on your right;
it looks like a shed or an 18 wheeler cargo freight. Enter it to meet
Valentin. Now enemies will attempt to kill you while you speak with him.
He'll tell you about Janus, and how you need to meet him at Lenin's statue,
how Janus is a Leintz traitor, and then he'll walk away.

The real trick is to get to Lenin's statue. From the shed, it's extremely
easy to get lost, so watch for sign posts. Looking out of the shed, turn
about 10 degrees right. The first sign is a bright white post directly ahead
of you. Go to it, and then proceed along the red fence on your right side.
Along this venture you'll be greeted by soldiers, and even on the medium
level, they're pretty bad shots.

The next sign post appears to your left. It's a shiny hammer and sickle, that
great Communist symbol. Stay to your right or you'll end up in a cul de sac
with a tool shed. Remember, keep along the red fence. To get a handy vest of
body armor, look just past the hammer and sickle at an odd-ball group of
shapes in front of you. On the left is the back side of a giant hand, and
just beyond is another golden hammer and sickle. Walk between the hand and
the wall to its right (where you'll find the narrow entrance) to retrieve it.

Come out, make a 180 turn, and continue the same way you were walking before
picking up the armor. You'll reach Lenin's statue in about 10-20 seconds,
switching back and forth through the obstacles (the best strategy is to stay
nearest the middle, avoiding the side paths). Walk around the statue once and
face the path you just traversed. Make sure to go through the weapon
selection so that no weapons appears. That's right, you want to meet Janus
empty handed. In addition, don't walk to close you Janus, or he'll flee
(wuss). Janus turns out to be Trevelyan, your old secret agent associate whom
you believed dead in the dam incident. The game follows the movie to a T

Trevelyan will talk about how everyone else is a Leintz traitor, and deliver
a message about Natalya: she's at the helicopter, and you only have three
minutes to get there. Doh! You may get a little damaged here, but it's
possible not to with a bucket load of strafing and running. But first, don't
fret, the four henchmen with automatic shotguns aimed at you are not that big
of a deal. Really. Pick them off however you want, left to right, right to
left. What really matters is that you pick up their guns, five-cartridge
shotguns that pack a mean punch. The KF7 is just as effective to get out,
possibly more effective, but the shotgun is more fun. These henchmen are
pretty much the only opposition between you and the copter now, and instead
of just military guys rolling out of the woodwork to kill you, these dudes
will, too. Kill them off fast.

Now to get back. Weave through the constructs until you see the gold hammer
and sickle, and then aim a fraction to the left. Once you see the white
pillar again (the red fence now should be on your left), aim down the slope
so that you can see the red shed where you spoke with Valentin. Make sure
it's to your right as pass it. Now you must retrace your steps. Keep running
until you see a block structure, which you'll go under. The next set of
landmarks are a tall, white pillar on the left and a short, squat pillar on
the right. Hey, and remember those crazy red, 3D letters? They'll show up
just after those pillars. A white hammer and sickle will appear on your left,
so turn slightly to the right and you'll see a red star and a white shed, the
next land marks: run between them, then under several constructs. Now you'll
see a path beginning -- it'll lead you back to where you started, and just
beyond that is the helicopter and Natalya.

Natalya is lying on the ground to the right of the helicopter. Run up to her
and as soon as she begins talking, check the bomb detonation time, and walk
toward the gates. She'll follow you. Now there's just one last step.

You must retrieve the flight recorder, which blew out of the helicopter
somewhere in the park. You can leave Natalya at the gates. The recorder is
bright yellow (and sometimes red) and appears in different spots on the path
depending on what level you're on. The easier the level, the closer it is. In
the easy mission, the recorder is resting at the bottom of the hill from the
helicopter; in medium, it's farther along, and hiding just beneath a high red
construct on the path, in hard, there are more soldiers and it's slightly
harder to find. If you go too far, a message will appear indicating that the
tape couldn't have been thrown that far. If so, walk back up the hill to find

After you retrieve it, hike back to get Natalya, who's been taken hostage
again. Stow your gun (like when you met Trevelyan) and walk through the gate
when they ask you to. Mission accomplished. 

MISSION 6: St. Petersburg
PART II: Military archives

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Escape from the interrogation room: easy, medium, hard 2.Find Natalya:
easy, medium, hard 3.Recover helicopter black box: medium, hard 4.Escape with
Natalya: easy, medium, hard 

weapons and gadgets:
pp7, DD44, Klobb, KF7 Soviet, grenade, watch magnet attract, interrogation
room key, flight recorder 

Once again, you're screwed. It seems that Natalya has gotten you in trouble
again. Is she really worth it?

A gun and a single round of ammo rest on a table in front of you. Pick up the
weapon and the ammo quickly so that you're armed, and press A to switch over.
If you're super quick, you can fire on the two Russian thugs before they even
get a shot off. Pick up the guards's guns and a door key. Switch to the
newfound DD44. Now, a thousand and one soldiers, thugs, KGB and other
personnel, and anyone else you can imagine will flood to your doorway. This
isn't easy past the easy level. Shoot the first two or three guys who show up
at the door, and then run straight out. This takes some practice, and after
several tries you should get it. You'll take a little damage, too. Whatever
you do, don't stand around. The longer you stay in there, the less chance you
have to escape. After about three or four guys appear, charge the door, head
straight to the very next door, about four feet away. Open it and plug
whomever is in your way. Run and keep going.

You're now in a warehouse room full of crates and ammo. In the center is body
armor. Run straight, grab it, and go the far side of the room, and then exit.
Now stand at the bottom of the stairs our of harm's way. The guys who were
chasing you will eventually come. You should have added to your arsenal a
Klobb and a KF7 Soviet. We like the Soviet since it's quieter in short
bursts, and a little more accurate. When they arrive, dust them and then
wait. They come in waves. A few guys might come down the stairs as well. Keep
an eye on the staircase, too. You can do this whole operation from the top of
the stairs as well, but it doesn't work as well.

Now (assuming you haven't already done so), ascend the stairs, open a door.
There are three ways to go. To your right is one to two soldiers. Take an
immediate left down another hallway, kill one soldier and duck behind come
crates. Stand up, kill the second guy in front of you and then run in to the
main chamber (or you can turn around and kill the guys behind you). But
again, the trick is to be fast, not to wait until winter comes. After passing
through the door at the hallway's end, you'll see you're in the main library.
Turn left and enter a door (there is a staircase to your left but don't take
it). More guards will arrive. Instead of taking those stairs (which lead to
the attic), hug the wall to your right, and run to the middle of that room
where a set of double doors is. To the right is a smaller single door. Open
it. Natalya will be in there with two to three armed KGB members. Two to your
right, one with Natalya on the left. Don't shoot her or the guy near her. If
there are three guards, one has a grenade and he may set it off. Shoot the
KGBs as fast as possible to the right but stay away from them. Natalya may
try to escape. If she does, she may get caught, and she'll end up in a room
near the beginning of the level as a hostage again. If not, she'll hide in
the attic. The way to calm her is to instantly kill the guards in that room.
Quickly shoot the guy who held Natalya and then quickly move into the corner
of the room where the two guys were and reload. There you'll fend off as many
as 12 soldiers. The battle will eventually end.

Escape through the door you came through, careful to eliminate anyone else
around, and quietly. Before you get Natalya (or is she's with you), make a B
line across the big room and to the left. A set of double doors opens
directly to the stairs that descend to the main room floor. Descend the
stairs, and walk across the length of the floor to a doorway (to the left).
Open it, take an immediate left again and open the second door. There may be
guards to your right. If so, shoot them, quiet like. You'll be in the corner
of another library type room. To your immediate right is another door; open
it. You'll appear in a hallway with shining light. Run to its end, take a
right, and enter the door. There's a guy in black who looks like a bad guy,
but isn't. Don't shoot him! You'll meet Mishkin, who will have a discussion
with you and then hand over the safe key. The safe is right behind him. Open
it with the key and remove the black box inside. If Natalya isn't with you,
retrace your steps to the attic. If she's not there, she was captured again,
and you need to find her.

Go to the observation deck above the main floor by ascending the steps you
originally took. On the wall opposing you are two doors. Take this left door
into a hallway. At the far end is where she is being held captive. Empty
rooms should appear on your left (and occasionally one or two of them have
soldiers in them). If you see a soldier, kill him quietly with one shot. When
you get to the room, there are three men in thick dark coats and Natalya.
Kill them all to escape that room. (That room also has a secret door.
Directly opposite the door is a wall. Press B to open it. Cool!)

Once you've found her, head back to the library observation deck. Once you've
made it into that big area on the second floor, shoot out any one of the
windows and jump through. That's it. 

MISSION 6: St. Petersburg
PART III: Streets

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Contact Valentin: medium, hard 2.Pursue Ourmurov and Natalya: easy, medium,
hard 3.Minimize civilian casualties: easy, medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
Specialized pp7, KF7 Soviet, tank. 

In the easy level, you simply have to reach the end in your tank. In the
medium and hard levels, there is a cool, but weird extra objective, to meet
with Valentin.

To meet with Valentine, run forward and lean left around the corner. Kill the
three soldiers coming your way. Don't get hit, these guys aren't that good
and strafing will keep them from missing. Or simply kill one and let the rest
come to you. Pick up their KF7 Soviets. Head toward the tank and to the left
of the jeep is a guard who's taking shots at you. Kill him and then turn
around and in the corner is another one. Kill him, too. A third and final
soldier will attack from behind a gate. It's pretty easy to figure out what
to do with him.

What next? In the medium level, you must make contact with Valentin first,
and then jump in the tank. In the easy level, there's no need to speak with
Valentin, so jump in. For the medium and hard players, walk out of the gate
and take a left down a narrow alley. Follow the alley, killing about a half
dozen stray soldiers along the way. Don't get hit, you need all the health
you can get. Follow the road and a wide, long street with about four soldiers
will appear. Kill them and take notice of the shots coming from the far
building. If you walk all the way to the end, look up close. You can see
soldiers in the rooms and you can jump through a few of the windows and kill
these guys if you want. Don't bother with these guys. There's a door that
clearly means for you to enter into it on the building to your left (if you
didn't enter the far building). Go in, take a left, and you'll see Valentin
in a small room there. Talk with him.

Valentin will extend the time you have to rescue Natalya, but only if you
listen to him. Walk around Valentin so that you're facing the door. After
Valentin talks to you, he'll run back to the tank. Follow the streets back to
the tank and get in the tank as soon as possible. A message will flash on the
screen telling you that Valentin has contacted his friends, and you will
receive double the time you started off with, 5 minutes.

In the tank, the fastest path out is as follows. Drive out the gates, turn
right at the fork, and follow the street for a few blocks, turning when it
does, until you reach the next intersection. Go straight and you'll hopefully
run over several enemies (and hear their yelps of crushing pain). A mixture
of civilians and military roam around the streets, so be careful. Civilians
wear red and the enemies wears green. Switch to the Soviet occasionally
because it's more effective than shooting tanks shots at everything. Troops
are faster and can make better turns than you, and your cannon just can't hit
them at close range. You can also turn the head of the tank as well.

At the next intersection, take a left and blow up a few cars from a distance.
Entering an explosion will cause serious loss of health. (In at least two
instances, you'll need to blow them up to clear the road.) Beware of the path
of blue land mines that a civilian is running around. Shoot one cannon shot
into the patch and they'll all set each other off. When the explosions
finish, drive through. At the next intersection, go left, then the next
right. Next you'll see several troops shooting at you, so shoot them or crush
them, whatever seems most cruel. You'll know when you've reached the end:
There are two cars parked in front of an opening of the street. Make it there
alive, and you've completed the level. 


MISSION 6: St. Petersburg
PART IV: Depot

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives 

1.Destroy illegal arms cache: hard 2.Destroy computer network: medium, hard
3.Obtain safe key: medium, hard 4.Recover helicopter blue prints: medium,
hard 5.Locate Trevelyan's train: easy, medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
PP7, D5K Duetsche, Safe key, blueprints. 

The first goal is to get bigger weapons quick. In the easy mode, go to the
far all, and behind a crate on the right is armor. Three crates past that on
the left is your first Russian victim. Take his gun, a D5K Duetsche. In the
medium level, you need to obtain a safe key and blow up some computers. In
the easy level, you simply have to find the train. Now back up a few steps
after the first kill, and at the opening take a left and start running. Skim
the left hand wall until you reach a double gate fence. Open it and go
through. Skim the left wall, to keep out of site. At the end of the path is a
garage with a door, reading BXOII. Go to the far left side of the garage
door, and angle your gun inside, then press B to open the garage. There are
two guards. You'll have perfect aim at one. Kill him and step back to the
wall. The other will step into view. Kill him.

A large crate on your right will protect you from soldiers who'll run over
fro the right when they hear the racket. Three to four other soldiers from
inside the garage will appear. Kill them, and your right for more soldiers. A
good place to couch yourself is in the crevice between the wall at your back
and the crate on your right, which gives you a perfect angle of any
newcomers. You can strafe left and right to see anyone who's coming from
here. Try entering the room again as soon as the coast is clear (which won't
be for long).

Wait for the garage door to close, keeping the bad guys outside. Shoot the
remaining soldiers by peaking and leaning around the giant gray wall of
crates between you and a large, mean automatic machine gun. This auto gun
shoots non-stop and will kill you within seconds. Once the soldiers all seem
dead, play a little trick on the machine gun. Strafe to the right and let it
see you and then quickly strafe to the left. It'll still be a second or so
behind you. You'll have time to aim, and unload a flurry of shots. Destroying
this auto machine gun is hard, and you may die a few times in the process.
Aim upward to kill it. After it's dead, walk left and there may be one
soldier remaining. Just be wary. You should be able to pick up a double D5K
Deutsche now. The far table on the left should have a safe key, so grab it,
and then blow all of the computer equipment away. Shoot the big screen, too.
Objective A and B should have been met for the medium and hard level.

Now, before you leave there are a bunch of soldiers waiting for you. So be
smart. Open the door and lean out to kill the trio of guys waiting for you.
When the coast seems clear, run straight down the path, past that earlier
gate on the right and keep going until you reach a big clearing. The clearing
is noticeable because of the orange-ish pipe that runs form building to
building overhead. At that point, turn left there and head straight.

There will be a few stray soldiers shooting at you so stay lean, mean, and
run! Veer a bit to your left. You'll go about 100 feet or so, until you pass
under another orange pipe. You'll see a white gate on your right and several
graffiti-laden crates on your left. Pass through that area until a white
building appears on your right. (in this area are at least two body vests and
more soldiers hidden in between crates, but you may not really need the
vests). Enter through the door on that building. Ascend the staircase and
find the safe upstairs. Toggle to your safe key, choose it, press R, bottom C
to duck, then press B and back up so that the door can open. Grab the train
blueprints, having met objective C, and go out the nearest door.

This door leads to the train. Open it, descend the stairs, and run toward the
far left garage door. Open it. There may be one or two guards on your right
to meet you. Kill them. The train is right in front of you. Walk toward to
the yellow vertical stripes and press B. At least two guards will be there.
Kill them. You're in and the mission is done. 


MISSION 6: St. Petersburg
PART V: Train

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Destroy brake units: easy, medium 2.Rescue Natalya: easy, medium 3.Locate
Janus secret base: medium, hard 4.Escape to safety: easy, medium 

Weapons and gadgets:
PP7, D5K Duetsche, 9 mm ZMG, watch laser. 

In the first train, there are two parts. You start off with a PP7. Use your
site to knock off the guy on the far right, and the guy on the far left,
using a crate to employ the leaning technique. After that reload, and stand
straight out there and fire away. This first train is easy. Collect all of
the ammo, and you're now loaded with the D5K Duetsch. Before you leave the
train, knock out the brake system to the right of the door. It's yellow and
red and made of pipes, and has a gray box on top of it. They all look like

There are more crates in the second train, so try to hide behind the gray,
metal ones, because they won't blow up in your face. A man in a beret will be
on your immediate right once you get to the gray box. Another enemy in a
beret will be on your left just behind a crate or two. Strafe, shoot, strafe,
shoot. Stay away from the crates that begin to get dark in color because they
are about to blow. Kill the brake system at the end of the car.

The third car is a passenger car. As soon as you open the door enemies are
waiting for you. Stay near the entrance, picking them off as they come toward
you. A few will hang back, so lean to the right and use your site to kill
them. On your left is a bathroom. Each car has one like this. As soon as you
pass this room a soldier will step out of it. Step in front of it and then
quickly back up and shoot him. You don't need to check the passenger areas in
this car. Run to the front and blow up the brake box.

The fourth car is lots of fun. Oh, yeah. Soldiers will enter the third car
just after you blow the brake box, so just line them up for a bullet fest.
Now that a few are gone, step up through the door and position yourself so
that you can aim at them with the site and pick them off as they bottleneck.
The brake on the fourth car is just to the left of the entry point. Open the
bathroom, step inside for a good, safe shot at the brake box, and then step
out again. Check all the passenger rooms. The second room contains two
soldiers, and so does the fifth. Two guards are lined up at the very end, and
they can hit when they hear you half way through the car. There are some
timed, locked doors, and guards will emerge from them. Be smart, always check
your rear.

In the next four, shorter, green rooms, there are more troops, but with
better guns. Some of them are in the bathrooms as well. In the last of the
green rooms, two servicemen provide you with a 9 mm ZMG, a super cool rapid
fire gun. As soon as you kill the last man in the four room, turn around
because one of those earlier locked doors opens, and out comes sneaky Russian
dudes. Be ready for them after the doors of the fourth green car open.

You're in the second to last car now, a gray girded car. To your right is the
brake control. Don't shoot it just yet. One or two servicemen are in the
hallway. Dust them. Now shoot the control box. At least two more highly armed
servicemen will appear. The best tip for this car is to simply stay just
inside the entree door near the brake control and wait for them to come to
you. Once you blow the box, objective A is met.

Now walk into the next room full of crates (there's nothing there in medium
and hard, but in easy there's a body vest in the back) and switch to a single
gun with a site. Enter the next car slowly. Natalya is captive and has a gun
pointed at her head. Two soldiers are behind this pair. Just like in the park
in St. Petersburg, walk slowly. Trevelyan will tell when you're too close.
This is a cake walk, if truth be told. Turn on your site, aim for his head,
and take one shot. If you kill him, automatic doors will shut you and Natalya
in. Behind you and to the right is a white hatch. It's bolted to the floor.
Toggle to your heaviest weapon first. A timer goes off, leaving you with
about one minute to get out. Blast the hell out of the bolts until you can
barely see them any more. now switch to your laser watch and melt each gray
strip off one by one. You need to beat the clock by at least five seconds,
otherwise you're toast (because Natalya has to get out too). Soldiers will be
shooting at you from the right. Just run left, strafing left and right to
avoid their shots. Natalya will follow you. Occasionally, she'll get shot.
Try not to run too far ahead of her to avoid this. You'll have to find the
secret base which is just ahead. You've completed all of your objectives. 

PART I: Jungle

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Destroy drone guns: easy, medium, hard 2.Eliminate Xenia: easy, medium,
hard 3.Blow up ammo dump: medium, hard 4.Escort Natalya to Janus base: easy,
medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets
US AR33 Assault rifle, RC-P90, Grenade launcher. 

Start by moving just into the jungle landscape, about six steps. A handful of
military men come at you with US AR33 Assault rifles in hand. Kill the first
one and pick up his rifle, then kill the others. Use trees as hiding spots,
and progress through the mission constantly looking for new trees to hide
behind. In less than a minute you'll find the first automatic turret. or it
may find you first. Hide behind a tree, and use the leaning approach. Take a
few seconds after it finishes firing. Then lean out and shoot it. After the
first automatic weapon is destroyed, go to the far left jungle wall and pick
up body armor near a fern and a few trees.

Progress through the jungle hiding and searching, and you'll find two more
turrets surrounded by soldiers. There is body armor on the right of the
second one and to the left of the third one. Each vest is very close to the
jungle 'wall.' Stay as healthy as possible, you'll need it for later.

After the three turrets, you'll come to a hanging bridge. Run across it until
you hear a change in the music. Xenia will say something cliche like, "This
time the pleasure will be all mine," and will shoot and roll a lot in the
easy mode. She's easy to kill here. Just keep shooting. In medium and hard,
she will throw grenades and shoot you with deadly accuracy. Shoot her and
strafe, shoot and hide, and Natalya come in to help. Don't let Natalya get
killed, or it's back to the drawing board. Finally Xenia will die, and you an
pick up the a nifty RC-P90, the best gun of the game (at least at this

Cross the bridge and take out the automatic machine gun to your immediate
left. It won't activate until you pass it. Kill it first. Go to the mouth of
the cave, located forward and to the right.

In the cave, fog will hide an automatic machine gun on the left and about
three to five soldiers on both sides. Find yourself a good place from which
to shoot, and use the sight on your rifle to pick them off, aiming for the
auto gun first. Remember to keep your shots to a minimum. Now head up a
slope, taking out two to three gunmen. On the left part of the cave is a
ladder. Ascend it slowly. If done right, you'll see an automatic machine gun
that hasn't been activated pointed right at you. Take three shots to kill it.
A bunch of crates are up there and you'll need to blow them up to meet an
objective. Do it from a distance. But look to the right first because there
is another automatic turret. Kill it. If you don't take the ladder route, the
right path is laden with army men hiding behind steel crates. That path also
leads to the same area via a different route. Either way is good, but you can
eliminate the turrets that could kill you from behind by taking the left

Go right and prepare for battle. There is a major stash of ammo and gunmen
sitting waiting for you. Switch to the grenade launcher. Shoot one grenade
into the area, one to the left, middle, and right areas. This will cause
major damage, but won't kill everyone. If you wait to long, the soldiers
simply replenish themselves. Seconds after the explosion, switch to the US
AR33 Assault rifle or the RC-P90, and kill, kill, kill! Do it right, and
there's nothing left. Again, there's not much to hide behind here, so strafe,
shoot, and duck. Do it fast, too. After you've cleaned them out, you will see
a cave path that leads around the right corner leading to your exit. A few
soldiers will block your path, so pick them off. Enter the next room, and
you're done. 


PART II: Control Center

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Protect Natalya: easy, medium, hard 2.Disable Goldeneye satellite: easy,
medium, hard 3.Destroy armored mainframes: easy, medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets
PP7, timed mines, Duetsche, detonator. 

You start off in an elevator with Natalya, and in the easy mission, you
simply stroll out and shoot everyone in the cave. But it changes in the
medium and hard levels. There are three vicious guard guns placed high on the
walls, and the first time in medium mode, you won't know what hit you.

Run out of the elevator to the wall in front of you. Kill the three soldiers
who run at you. The first automatic machine gun is tough, but there is a spot
where you can shoot it without it seeing you. The second one is in the middle
of the room, so stay covered in your first hiding place across from the
elevator. The third one is the nastiest because it's high and right around
the corner. Once you've taken it out, there are two soldiers just behind it
and one behind you in the area where the computer controls are. Kill them.
Get Natalya and she'll open a door for you. A few guards will appear in the
distance. Kill them from a distance. Farther on is a room full of soldiers
with big guns and grenades. Oooooh. Pick them off one by one, careful of
grenades. back up if you hear that awful clinking sound. In the medium and
hard levels, there are many more grenades.

When they're all gone, instead of taking their stuff, go down the stairs to
the room where you knocked of those two guys from a distance. There are
weapons, and timed mines. Ahhhhhh. Now enter into that crate-filled area and
pick up all of that lovely ammo. At the far side is a path, and four guards
will bottleneck there for you to kill. If not, two will, and two will wait
just outside to the right.

You're in a pump room. Go up the stairs. Ascend the stairs, open the door,
and back up a few steps. Soldiers will line up to get shot. There should be
four, maybe five. Once that area is cleared, go down the stairs, open the
door and check around the area for soldiers. Boris is in front of you at a
computer console. Let him go, and make sure NOT to kill him. If you do,
Natalya will quit the mission. He'll pull a gun on you, and then drop it like
a goof, and then run away. Don't bother with him. Just for fun, follow Boris
to a caged area upstairs that contains body armor. He'll disappear into the

Stick mines on the two mainframes and blow them up. This should kill the two
soldiers upstairs. Go upstairs and to the end of each hallway and stick mines
on the mainframes. Blow them up. There are two more.

Go back down to the main floor and head toward the only door you haven't
opened. One of two giant turrets will shoot from the distance and three to
four soldiers, guarding a mainframe, will run toward you. Pass in front of
the door to let the soldiers know you're there, and then wait for them to
come to you. After, angle yourself so that you can just see a piece of the
turret on the right, but so that the gun can't actually shoot you. Take out
the second one.

Don't enter yet. In medium, on each side of the door are two more turrets
aimed at you. Open the door and run straight ahead fast. You can avoid
getting hit. In the easy level the staircases above the turrets didn't make
any sense, but in the medium level, they do. Ascend the stairs and duck down
so that you see a piece of the gun. It can't shoot you, but you can blow it
up. Perform this same task for both sides. You can also shoot down the
turrets from the rooms nearest them, using boxes to protect you.

Walk out and before ascending the staircase. Go to the main part of the room
with the computers in it. Take out the side computers, leaving the two center
ones alone. Now, facing the big screen, ascend the spiral stairs on the right
and walk to a small door in a rocky area. Walk down and get Natalya. If
you're really fast, you'll have to wait for her. Lead her to the main
computer area, to the central monitor.

Natalya will start working on the computer but she'll sound the alarm. Reload
your guns and position yourself in the middle of the monitor section, facing
Natalya. What you're doing is getting the best possible angle on the soldiers
who will come flooding down the stairs. From your spot you can hit all of
them and completely miss Natalya, who's in the center. We haven't found a
better way than this. Be democratic with all the soldiers. They'll flood down
two to three at a time. Kill each one off, and don't let anyone get too close
to Natalya. Your objective is to protect her, and if she dies, you'll have to
start the mission over. A door to your right (the double door that didn't
open up before), will leak a few soldiers and they'll bust through the big
glass screens. This is the hardest part of the game, almost.

When she finally overrides the computer (and it takes forever), Natalya will
flee. Don't follow her. With your back to the main screen, take a right, then
another right at the previously locked double doors. Make sure your guns are
loaded. You'll now be way outnumbered. Enter and like before, be democratic
with your lead (i.e. kill everyone). Run and gun. Pass through the first room
(a locker room with a body vest in it). Take a right and another right behind
a stack of crates. behind them is a small room containing the last mainframe.
Reload and blow away the two guards there. Prepare for another onslaught from
the door you just entered. Switch to your last mine or two, throw it on the
glass encasing the mainframe, strafe to the farthest corner, and then switch
back to the Duetsche. You should have completed the last mission, except
escape. Be wary of each door opening and guards coming in. Head out the way
you entered. Go straight out and take a right in medium and hard. For easy,
take a left and head out the far exit. A double door should lead to an
elevator that will take you out. 


PART III: Water Caverns

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Destroy inlet pump controls: medium 2.Destroy outlet pump controls: medium
3.Destroy master control console: medium 4.Use radio to contact Jack Wade:
hard 5.Minimize scientist casualties: easy, medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
ZMG (9 mm), PP7, AR33, timed mine), shotgun. 

Four to five guards will be in your immediate presence, kill them, and try
not to get touched. It's possible. Then just follow the path the only way you
can. You'll pass through two doors before being able to veer off the beaten
path. Go downstairs to an area with two computers, a scientist or two, and
some ammo boxes. Blow these up the computers, and then the boxes, for ammo.
There is a pathway to another similar area; you can take it or the stairs,
both lead to the same place. There are two main computer set-ups down there
as well. Blow them up, and objective A will be met. Make sure not to hit any

You'll come to an opening. It leads to what seems like the bottom of the
entire cavern. There should be a guard or two, so kill them off. A winding
path leads in a spiral fashion along the right side. Take this path (there
aren't any other choices anyway). Knock out about three military personnel
along the way. At the top is a guard and a door. From this door, a handful of
soldiers will emerge. Stand back, wait until they show up, and then blow them
the pieces. Make sure to stand back and off to the side to stay unhit.

A circular cave with a central pillar and about three to four guards and lots
of ammo boxes are next. Nail all of these guys and grab some ammo. Follow the
path until you have a choice of going down some stairs to your right or
continue upstairs. Go down the stairs and run straight down the hallway
killing everyone until you reach the end. Guards will shoot at you, so turn
back and go back up the stars you descended. Now run along the top of the
bridgeway blowing everyone away.

You'll reach an entrance, but don't go inside yet. Retrace your steps to the
very door that led you into this area in the first place, and then walk down
the stairs and do a 180 degree turn. Follow this new path around until you
get to a cavern with lockers in it. The lockers will be on your right side.
Blow up the lockers. Behind them is a secret path to another cavern. Lockers
on the other side will block your path, and you'll have to blast them, and
unfortunately draw attention to your arrival. You should have two ZMGs by
now. Use them to blast through the second set of lockers. Guards on the other
side will take note of all this racket, so be prepared when you arrive to
shoot at anything that moves. There are initially about three. Two to three
more join in from a stone staircase on the left.

Once the area is generally clear (note: if you stay in one place too long,
more soldiers will come), you'll see a big pump on the left, surrounded by
two computer consoles. Blow these consoles up and the one to the left of the
secret entrance, and objective B will be met.

Walk up the stairs carefully. No one should be in sight. That should worry
you. To your right is an automatic machine gun and two guards. Move out about
a foot quickly to get the guards' attention and then quickly move back down
the stairs. If done skillfully, the machine gun won't react. The guards will
come to you, and you'll kill them. When the coast is clear, angle slightly to
the right so that you can hit the big gun. Make note of the locked door to
the right for which you'll need a key for it). Take the door to the left,
instead. Now you have to carefully clear the guards from the paths. Wipe them
out and you should pick up a few security cards along the way.

You will next approach an opening guarded by two soldiers with sunglasses and
berets. These guys have RC-P90s and carry code cards B and C. You're near the
heart now. Kill them but don't enter the doors behind them.

You're about to enter the radio room. You must not make any big explosions
that could destroy the radio. Take a look around real quickly and then pull
out. There are a few guards inside, one with a RC-P90 to your right, as well
as a piece of body armor on the crate. Go through the first door, open the
second and peek around. Kill any stray guards and back out. Do this until
you're sure no one is left but the RC-P90 guy on your right. In the distance
are the radio, scientists, and three soldiers who stand right in front of
explosive barrels. They can easily shoot at you from the right, so shimmy to
the far left wall and turn around from where you came. The RC-P90 guy will
start shooting, and to need to take him down from where you stand. Now, use
the leaning technique to peg each of those three soldiers near the radio. Use
the site on the rifle, too. Once the area is clear, go to the control room
and radio intelligence. After you've send your signal, put a timed bomb on
the explosive barrels, and another objective is met (Objective C).

Now get out. Go back to the room with the strange blue door you couldn't
open. You should have picked up a key to open it by now. Two guards will be
waiting for you on the other side. Kill them. Go through the next door on
your left, the exit. Janus will appear and say something like, "Too slow, eh,
James?" Then an automatic machine gun on the ceiling will start blasting you.
Kill it as fast as possible and enter that area because visitors will appear
behind you. Run through that tunnel, find the elevator, and you're out. 

PART IV: Antenna Cradle

Difficulty levels: easy, medium

Primary Objectives: 

1.Destroy control console: easy, medium, hard 2.Settle the score with
Trevelyan: easy, medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets:
ZMG (9 mm), PP7 

The main principles of beating this level are rather simple, ol' chap. 1.
Find the computer console that controls the satellite dish and destroy it. 2.
Follow closely behind Trevelyan once you find him. He will run from you the
entire level, occasionally stopping to shoot or double back. By staying as
close to him, you'll reach your goal faster, which to settle the score (i.e.
kill him, difficult to guess that one, wasn't it?).

You start off on a cul-de-sac wing. Back up to your left and pick up a piece
of body armor and then run forward along the hanging bridge in front of you.
Pick the center of the path with your PP7 and, without using the site, start
shooting. You will hit an enemy soldier running toward you. Pick up his two
ZMGs and keep running, because at the top of the wing are at least three more
soldiers just like him. Kill them and grab their guns. Turn left, run to the
staircase to the center platform, and descend. Half way to the first
descending staircase you'll discover Trevelyan has set the auto destruct to
explode. You have three minutes to turn it off.

That at least helps to set your priorities straight. So, go to the first
platform, making sure to kill the single guard, take the staircase on the
left down to the lower platform, and you'll see two shacks. Go left; the
computer console is in it. The door will be open. There are at least two
guards, each packing.

Be careful not to enter right away. Trick the soldiers to come out by running
in front of the door and then getting out of the way. An automatic machine
gun is aimed at the door. When you are ready, point your gun up, target, and
blast away. Another auto machine gun is inside. It won't set be set off until
you're more than half way in. Step in about three steps and shoot the
remaining guys, if there are any. Always check your back, too. New soldiers
will run down the steps when you're not looking.

A giant piece of machinery is to your left; behind it is the computer
console. You should have more than a minute left. Blow the second turret up
and then hustle to the other side of the machine. You'll see the computer
console. Shoot it to stop the antennae and the cradle from blowing up.
Objective A is achieved.

Trevelyan is next. A few more guards will approach you from the door you
entered. Kill them, and get used to taking a little bit of damage. You now
need a body vest. Leave the shack from he door you entered and go to the
other shack, which is nearly identical inside. Swing around the machine and
pick up the body armor.

Head back to the other shack. Settling the score with Trevelyan means that
you chase him across the entire cradle at least once. The biggest trick to
this chase is to stay as close as possible to him. He'll run around the
cradle at least twice if you're decent. He stops inside the shack, at the
bottom of the staircase beneath the shack, and at the top of the cradle to
shoot at you.

He will eventually run to the very bottom of the cradle, to the antennae.
He'll drop down to the antennae platform, a mere 10 feet across, and then
sneak up on you. Get out your biggest, fastest gun (duh, the ZMG), and make
sure it's fully loaded before you jump down. He'll immediately start
shooting. Reply with as many shots as fast as possible. You'll have to knock
him off the antennae to win this battle (or settle the score, as the game
says). If you're left standing and he falls off, you win the battle and beat
the game. Yahoo!

Now you can beat the game on the medium and hard levels if you dare. By
beating the 18th level in the most difficult mode, you will open up the 19th
level. If you beat the 19th level, you will open up the 20th level. If you
beat that in the most difficult level, you'll open up the 007 mode, enabling
you to modify enemy control, like health, accuracy, etc. 


MISSION 8: Teotihuaca'n
PART I: Aztec Complex

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Reprogram Shuttle Guidance: easy, medium, hard 2.Launch Shuttle: easy,
medium, hard 

Weapons and gadgets
PP7 Special Issue, Moonraker Laser, Grenade, Guidance Data, Security Smart
Card, Launch Protocol Data, AR33 Rifle 

This level is one of the coolest, but also one of the more task-oriented, and
you'll need to do some backtracking amongst this many room Complex. You'll
also meet Jaws! 

You start off in a small door frame, with guards to your left and to your
right. There are fewer to the right, so strafe out pointed to that side, kill
the guard there, rush toward his collapsing body, grab his gun, and then spin
around and hide behind the nearest pillar, a few steps from him. The
remaining living guards have grenades and aren't always that athletic about
handling them (sometimes they blow themselves up). But beware just the same.
If you hear that little clinking sound, you know to run and hide. If they
don't throw grenades right away, they will approach you and start shooting.
Kill these two guys off, and then head toward the opposite side of the room. 

A shadow on this wall highlights the secret door which opens by pressing B.
Inside the next room, which is bigger than the previous one, you'll look
through a stone hallway. One guard will stand directly in your way, so kill
him immediately and then look out in the distance and you'll spy one more
guard to the far left. Kill him while two more fill the hallway. Knock them
off without advancing. Now move about three-fourths of the way down the
hallway, staying to the right. A guard in the distance on the right is hiding
behind unbreakable crates and has a perfect view of you. Unfortunately, you
don't have the same view. There's one on the left but he's father off. Lean
out and let him give away his location. Then lean and shoot him off. Again,
beware of these guys because they have grenades, and they're slightly better
at throwing them. 

After pegging this guy, move out and to the right and hide behind the nearest
pillar. There should only be one soldier remaining, hiding on the far left
behind steel crates. Run to the pillar parallel to the one you're hiding
behind (on the left side), and pick off the last guard. Now you can breathe
for a moment. Take a look around. There are two parts to the room, separated
by a deep crevice in the middle. From here there are two ways to go, and one
is definitely better than the other: you can drop down the gully, or take the
secret door across the chamber. Either way you chose, you'll get to the same
place, it's just that the path via the secret door is much more manageable. A
lot more manageable. (Just for fun though, drop down the gulley and you'll
end up facing jaws -- from the 007 movie Moonraker. You'll face him
eventually, but this way you'll see him much earlier.) 

Press B to open the door and play a little trick. Run into the large, dark
control room about two steps to let the guards on either side know you're
there. Then quickly step back into the hallway. This forces them to come to
you, and you can then just pick them off in the hallway. There are at least
four more guards in the hallway, and you'll need to trip them up, too. After
those two are down, run in and into the first three-sided 'room' or 'slot' on
the right and reload your weapon. At least three guards will appear slowly
from the other little slots. Pick them off as they approach you. There are at
least three, so when you believe the coast is clear, snoop carefully across
other little slots to make sure they're all gone. 

In this control room you can see computer panels behind a glass encasement.
That's where you will set the data to reprogram the Space Shuttle. Also
you'll pick up another important document, a DAT for launching the shuttle.
but you must first face jaws to acquire a Security Smart Card. So, turn
around. A control panel in one of the slots to your right has a flashing red
button on it. This should look familiar. Hit the button and a giant computer
on the wall will open up, revealing a secret pathway. Inside is at least one
guard. Use your rifle site to quietly pick him off. Then enter the area. Pick
off any other guards you see. Follow the hallway and open the next door on
the right; at least three soldiers guard this hall. Pick off each one
quietly, one by one, by placing a bullet in their heads. 

Follow that hallway, and turn right at its end. You'll face a strange room
with two computer panels on the far side of the room. Quickly step in and out
and let the two guards on either side of the entrance come to you. Kill them,
spy guy. As soon as you do, the floor and roof will transform and a message
will tell you that the shuttle is about to do fire its engines (or
something), which will kill you instantly. But it won't if you do something
simple: Blow up the computer console on the far right wall. And then enter
into the hallway behind it. Strangely enough, there's a labyrinthine corridor
behind it. Hmmmmm... 

Enter in and follow it to the first left, and take it. Then take your first
right and hold your spot. Beyond you is a long hallway with two automatic
machine guns and a few guards running your way from the left. Let the three
or so guards come to you, and kill them. You should pick up their guns and
one will be the Moonraker Laser with unlimited ammo! Yes! This is just short
of having the Golden Gun. Now move up to the T split in the hallway, where,
on your left is an auto gun facing away from you. Lean out and shoot it. Do
the same to the one on the right. Check to make sure no guards are coming
your way, and then run right to the end of the hallway to pick up a piece of
body armor. 

Now, you're ready to make your assault. Walk down the hallway containing the
broken auto guns and follow it to the end. You can pass through a ventilation
door, but don't just yet because there are four motion sensitive auto guns in
the area. Strafe to the left and inch forward halfway down this hall until
the nearest gun is activated or you see it through the door, then shoot it.
Then move up to the ventilation door and peak out right -- an inactive auto
gun is hanging on the wall to your right about five feet away. Kill it. There
are two more hanging high on the walls to your right. From behind the door
you can blow up the one on the left as well as the more difficult one on the
right. A few stray soldiers will approach the door and shoot in; kill them
off. There are at least three soldiers with lasers hiding behind steel crates
against the wall on the far right, so take them all out. The coast should be
clear. You should have a grenade by now. Keep it until later, when you meet
Jaws. Now move toward their carcasses and pick up their weapons and then head
toward the Space Shuttle on the other side of the room (notice the mainframe
on your right, you'll need to go back to it later). Half way to the space
shuttle is a ladder that leads up to a control panel. Go up and hit the
button which will close the exhaust doors and also open up a necessary door
you've already been through. 

Now to meet Jaws. After descending the ladder, turn your back toward the vent
door from which you arrived. A similar door is on the opposite side of the
room. Go through it, take a left, kill any guards around you, and descend the
stairs. Take a step to your right and, facing the same way, go forward until
you reach a right turn that looks through a high, narrow passage. At the end
of the tall, narrow crevice is a huge room that opens up and which contains
Jaws and a few other soldiers. Jaws takes a million hits, unless if you hit
him in the mouth (or face), but he still takes a bucketload either way. Use
the attention getting trick (walk out so he can see you and then slip back)
and lead him into the narrow hallway. Back up, switch to the grenade and
throw it so that when Jaws walks in, he gets it. He'll easily survive, but
you'll have taken some life out of him. Then back up out of the hallway to
your right, and use your Rifle. (We use the rifle because it's a non-stop
weapon and the laser takes a millisecond between shots, allowing Jaws some
time to recover; use the weapon of your preference, but at least you know
ours.) When Jaws turns the corner, aim for his head and pummel him until he
drops. He usually gets a few shots in so be careful and hide behind walls.
Now, pick up his weapons and the smart card you've been needing. Kill any
other guards in the area and run back to the vent shaft, cross the room (a
few guards will be there), and enter the vent shaft from whence you first
came. Follow it all the way back to the control room with the glass doors. 

We're finally getting something done now. There are two things you must
perform once you've opened up these glass doors: Pick up a DAT on the right
table; and reprogram the Space Shuttle. So go ahead and pick up the DAT, and
then switch to the Guidance Data via your watch and slip it into the computer
terminal on the table to the left. Objective A will have been met. 

Now, go back to the Shuttle Room, where you'll once again meet up with a
bunch of ingrate soldiers, and ascend the ladder so that you can once again
open up the exhaust doors, and then head toward the computer terminals on the
far end of the room. Go to the mainframe (remember?) on the right and toggle
to the Launch Protocol Data you picked up in the glass-encased control room.
You'll have to do this quickly because a few stray soldiers will shoot at you
from behind. If you've done it correctly, a timer will set off, and you'll
have approximately 30 seconds (or so) to run out of the room and keep
yourself alive while the shuttle launches. If you're alive when it does (and
the exhaust doors are open), then you have beaten the level. Nobody does it


MISSION 9: al-Saghira
PART I: Egyptian Temple

All difficulty levels

Primary Objectives: 

1.Recover the Golden Gun 2.Defeat Baron Samedi? 

Weapons and gadgets:
PP7 Special Issue, Golden Gun, ZMG (9mm), grenade 

This level is actually quite easy if you know how to get the Golden Gun, and
therein lies the biggest trick. Also, do you really defeat Baron Samedi? 

Here is the quickest way to accomplish both of your goals. First, obtain the
Golden Gun and then kill that crazy Baron, who must be killed three times.
You start off in a long rectangular room centered around a pool. Move to the
right side of the room and walk down the stone path. At the end and guarding
the large entrance into the next room are two guards, one on each side of
opening. Hide behind the last pillar and pick off the first guard which will
send the other toward you, and then kill him. Obtain their ZMGs and pass
through the opening, staying to your right. 

In the second room, there is a passage on the right side leading to the
Golden Gun. In the passage is a staircase and at its foot is a path to the
right. Remember this path. Take the staircase up and press B when you arrive
at the gray door. A narrow hallway leads to a medium size room and from where
you stand you can see the Golden Gun. Well, don't be fooled, it's a trap. The
four odd blocks in the room are 'stone sensitive' and hide never-ending,
indestructible auto-machine guns that will surely kill you every time -- if
you don't follow our directions to the T. 

You've got to think back to Indiana Jones's first movie. Remember the movie's
first adventure when Jones obtained that first golden statuette? He stepped
on a particular sequence of stones to get there. Oh yeah, now you remember.
So, step on the first stone, and watch the glass case appear and encase the
Golden Gun and the ammo. Now, move all the way to the left, and then move up
(toward the gun) to the second stone. Move three stones to the right, two up,
one across left, one up, one across left again, then two up and one to the
right, and you should be standing right in front of the gun. The glass will
move down if done correctly and the machine guns won't come out at all. 

That's the easy part. Now locate the only way out -- a gray stone door that
will reveal a piece of body armor, and a door that lets you back out and into
the clutches of a few gun-crazy soldiers. Switch to the Golden Gun, and
you'll only need to hit each soldier once to kill them. Sweet, eh? With your
back to the door you just stepped down from, kill off the soldiers around you
and head straight into the next room, where Baron Samedi is waiting for you.
He must be killed three times regardless of the difficulty level. Each time
you face him his strength is heightened, and last time you face him, his
weapon of choice is the Moonraker Laser. So, dodge, duck, and strafe when you
see him, and then simply shoot him once with the Golden Gun to kill him. His
death is also obtained without the use of the Golden Gun (lot's of bullets
from your ZMG will kill him, too), but it's just easier with the Golden Gun,
and you stay healthier, too. 

He'll next appear in the same room you began this journey in, and so you can
retrace your steps or circle around (and face a lot of soldiers along the
way). Either way, the second meeting will appear in the room where you
started. So, get there and be prepared for more soldiers and a stronger, more
dodgy Baron. (if you chose the alternate route, you'll pick up a lot of ammo
and another body vest). 

After dispatching him the second time, you'll need to locate a hidden room
where you'll also find another body vest. He'll be there. Go back to the
first secret passage that leads to the Golden Gun, and instead of going up
the stairs, turn right down that passage you didn't take the first time.
Follow it to a room that has only one other door in it, and follow that
passage to a T intersection. Take a left at the T and switch to your Golden
Gun. You can see a room about 10 feet away and the Baron is in it. He's
usually either on the far left or right side. This is head-to-head combat
here and his Moonraker Laser is very powerful, so play your cards right. A
bizarre, slim pyramid of unbreakable glass sits in the middle of the room and
should be used to hide behind. The trick here is to get the vest first and
then kill him fast. Otherwise, more guards will fill the chamber and you'll
be trapped. Once you kill him (shooting him only once with the Golden Gun),
you will have beaten the level. End of game...or is it? 

Copyright Imagine Publishing, 1997