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Thank you for coming to the completely Unofficial, Unauthorized, Unetc.
Cinder FAQ (v1.0).


	This FAQ is divided into sections to try and make it more 	

	1) Introduction (About Cinder, Killer Instinct and the like)
	2) Controls
	3) Special Moves and No Mercys
	4) Cheapo Stuff
	5) Combos
	6) Other Stuff That You MIGHT Want to Know

S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\ Section 1: Introduction S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\


	CinderT is a character from the game arcade 1-on-1 fighting 
	game Killer Instinct. He has the general outline of a person but 
	it actually a living mass of fire and lava (hence the name 
	"Cinder") He IS actually a palette-swap with Glacius. If you take 
	away 	the flames above Cinder and the air below Glacius then 
	you'll see. He is one of the 	best and easiest characters to use in
	the game. His stage is the "Desert Rooftop." You 	can access it by
	pushing (lost this, too!) on the character select screen.


	Cinder commited some crime or another (the game doesn't say). 
	Ultratech was given 	permission to experiment on him which 
	resulted in Cinder becoming a huge ball of 	living fire. He is 
	fighting in the Ultratech tournament to try and escape.

Killer InstinctT:

	Killer Instinct is an AWESOME, I repeat: AWESOME, arcade game. 
	It has the scaling 	effects of Virtua Fighter, graphics better 
	than those of MK II and the combo system of 	SSF II. Combine 
	these and you get the best fighting game ever to hit the streets!

S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S Section 2: Controls S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S

The button layout is exactly the same as SSF II's:

                               \ Punches /

														O					  O					O

                          Quick  Medium  Fierce

														O				    O					O

                                  / Kicks \

Throughout this FAQ they will be refered to by two letters. MK is Medium
Kick, FP is Fierce Punch, etc. Also, AP or AK stands for Any Punch or Any
Kick, respectively.

Also, there are eight (8) main joystick positions (positions are labeled
for a character facing right):

                              UB    U     UF
                               ( )   ( )   ( )
                                \\   ||   //
                                  \\ || //
                       B( )=====[oo]=====( )F
                                  // || \\
                                //   ||   \\
                               ( )   ( )   ( )
                              DB    D     DF

D is Down, UF is Up-Forward, etc. If a move says (roll) then that means
that you move it smoothly from the first movement to the last.

S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\ Section 3: Special MovesS\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S

This section is organized as follow: 

Move Name-----How to do It

	Human Fireball					F, F, AP		
									Cinder turns into a fireball (sorta like M. Bison from SF
									II) and hurls himself across the screen at a very fast

	Flying Human Fireball					Jump: F, F, AP
									Cinder turns into a fireball in the air and dashes across
									the top of the screen.

	Flamethrower					F, F, AK
									Cinder sends a stream of flame out across the screen
									and holds it there for a few seconds. Good for 3-7 hits
									by itself but if it's blocked Cinder is left open for 

	Mini-Torch					B, B, QP		
									Like the Flamethrower except it only goes a small
									distance. Only good at close range.

	Flip Kick					F, D, F, AK -or-	F, D, DF, AK
									A Flash Kick immitation which is great for jumpers.
									Use it often.

	Outline					F, DF, D, DB, B, MP (roll)
									Cinder becomes just an outline of fire. Makes him
									immune to projectiles.

	Puffs					F, DF, D, DB, B, FP (roll)
									Cinder turns almost completely invisible. All you can
									see are those puffs of fire around him.

	*Invisible Teleport*		F, DF, D, DB, B, QP (roll)
									Cinder teleports behind the enemy. You must be already
									in "Puffs" form.

	Combo Breaker			Flip Kick w\ MK

No Mercys, etc.:

	B, B, B, MP (~ 3 char. away)
									Cinder melts the enemy with a Flamethrower.

	F, DF, D, DB, B, MK (~ 3 char. away)
									Cinder burns a whole in the floor and the opponent falls

	B, B, B, B, FK (Humiliation)
									Cinder makes the enemy dance (must be on first life

S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S Part 4: Cheapo Stuff S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\

Human Fireball:

	As it shows in the moves list section, Cinder can do his Human
	Fireball in the air. He 	can also, if you're quick, do two. For
	example, try do a normal Flying Human Fireball 	but before it 
	ends (still in the air) hit B, B, AP and you'll do another one going 
	backwards at a downwards angle. This is very good for catching 
	people off guard or 	doing atwo hit chessy air combo. However, 
	don't do it to much or your opponent will 	learn how to block 
	against it.

Flip Kick:

	Very cheap. Just sit in a corner and do nothing. When they come in 
	at you just do a Flip Kick. They'll fly back and wait for you to 
	come forward. Then (because they proabably have brains the 
	size of a walnut they will jump again... repeat from step #1.


	Just wait in a corner. The enemy will do one of two two things:
	1) Throw a fireball
	2) Jump attack you
	If they throw a fireball just jump straight up. If they seem like 
	they are going combo you or even HURT you when you land just 
	do a Human Fireball. If they are ready for that then do a Back- 
	wards one (see top of this section). If they combo you after 
	THAT, then just Break it.

	If they jump attack you just Flip Kick them up to Heaven. If you 
	get them high enough then you can hit them with a low Human 
	Fireball, too.

S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S Part 5: Combos S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\S\

The combo system:

	KI has an (almost) unique combo system which will record how
	many hits you get and then give a name for that combo which 
	the machine will say in a very deep and very cool voice. Here is 
	the names of all the combos:

	3 Hits        Triple
	4 Hits        Super
	5 Hits        Hyper
	12+ Hits	Killer
	(I lost my sheet with all of them, so I'll fill this in later.)

	An Ultra Combo can only be executed when the opponent is on the 
	red part of their second life bar. Start off by doing a normal 
	combo and in the middle of it do the Ultra. Most of these result 
	in about 20 hits min. Cinder's Ultra is:

	(During a normal combo) F, F, FP

	Another Combo "trick" is that certain moves can be chained 
	together. For example, if you use a QP and connect then push QK 
	you will get an automatic two or three hits. The buttons that 
	you chain are:

	QP - QK		QK - QP
	MP - FK		FK - MP
	FP - MK		MK - FP


	They are arranged in two formats: the traditional F, F, P, B, etc. 
	and also the	untraditional Fierce Human Fireball, Quick Flip 
	Kick, etc. O.K. here they are (note - I did not list the number of 
	hits because sometimes you can get an extra one or miss one. You 
	figure it out.):

	1) U, F, F, FP, B, B, MP, QP, QK, D, FK
			Jump [Fierce Human Fireball, Medium Human Fireball], Quick 
			Punch - Quick Kick, Ducking Fierce Kick

	2) F, F, FP, FP, D, FK
	   Fierce Human Fireball, Fierce Punch, Ducking Fierce Kick

	3) UF, FK, F, F, FP, QK, F, D, F, FK
			Jump Forward [Fierce Kick, Fierce Human Fireball], Quick Kick, 
			Fierce Flip Kick

	4) MP, B, B, QP, F, F, QP, D, MK, F, D, F, FK
			Medium Punch, Mini-Torch, Quick Human Fireball, Medium Kick, 
			Fierce Flip Kick

S\S\S\S\S\S Part 6: Other Stuff You MIGHT Want to Know S\S\S\S\S\S\

This FAQ was created with the help of one or two others and a lot of

Normally I would include the "What's New" stuff here but this is Version 1.0 so there isnothing new. Next time!


	Look for combos and send them to:

FAQ written by

	Kyle Davis
	Age 12

	Fancy Signature:

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	|\yle |/avis


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