Killer Instinct (e)

Andere Lösungen

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                                KILLER INSTINCT GOLD
                                    [BETA  FAQ]
                                     by  KOMBO
                                       v 1.7

=================================  Contents =================================

 1 . Contents
 2 . introduction
 3 . What's New ?
 4 . Key GUIDE
 5 . Explanations
 6 . KIGOLD reviews
 7 . KIGOLD menus
 8 . Individuals Moves & Combos
 9 . Codes & secrets
 10. Credits & Thanx

============================== INTRODUCTION =================================

Welcome to my beta version of my KIGOLD FAQ !! now that we all know that
KIGOLD is gonna be exactly the same game than KI2 but with more stuffs, i
can put up DiS FAQ with all the KI2 Moves, they are not all confirmed, but
they should all work, becuz i'm living in France, i'm gonna have the game
later than u guys in US so if u'd like to help me by confirming the moves, or
even better, if u can find new ones !! so if u have anything that i don't
have, mail me here : ....u'll have full creditz ...

           ---- the latest version of this faq can be found at -----

                       ----- />/\  /<| C|TY -----

================================ WHAT'S NEW =================================

explain that new system that sux, where u can do 5 supers but can't do
AUTODOUBLES see the Kodes & Tricks Section for that short explanation ...

================================  Key Guide ==================================

 KEY GUIDE - all the joystick abrevations and the little notes can be found

1       = Quick Punch
2       = Medium Punch
3       = Fierce Punch
4       = Quick Kick
5       = Medium Kick
6       = Fierce Kick
U       = Up
D       = Down
F       = Forward
B       = Back
H       = Hold
R       = Release
DF      = Diagonaly Down Forward
DB      = Diagonaly Down Back
QCF     = Quarter Circle Foward or QCF : Quarter circle Forward
QCB     = Quarter Circle Back
HCT     = Half Circle Toward or HCF : half circle Forward
HCB     = Half Circle Back
QCDB    = Quarter Circle Down Back
QCDF    = Quarter Circle Down Forward
DP      = Dragon punch (Forward,QCT+...)
cB      = Charge Back
cF      = Charge Forward
cDB     = Charge Down Back
cDF     = Charge Down Forward
FULL    = Full Super bar
NEL     = Indicate that the opponent must Flashing red when u start the combo!!
5EN     = Must have done the five enders !!
CO      = significate that this move must be done in a combo.
=       = this sign means that the move goes through projectiles.
*       = this sign represent 1 square of super, "******" is 1 full super bar.
/       = it means "or"


Counter         = back+1 then Hold 1 until the opponent hit u..
BU              = Broken Ultra  (see the infos section)
SUG             = "SURVIVE ULTRA GLITCH" (see tha GLITCHES section for it)
Regulars Combos = U can do tha Combo versus tha Computer !! (no glitches
Glitches Combos = U must do tha Combo in 2 players mode and use a glitch !!

=============================== Explanations =================================

        /                    \

 1 - the Super Moves.         11 - Shadow Moves            21 - Slow-Mo COMBOS
 2 - the COMBOS               12 - Recovery Moves          22 - Release Moves
 3 - the COMBOS Breakers      13 - Roll Moves              23 - Air COMBOS
 4 - Air COMBOS Breakers      14 - Auto-Doubles           24 - Transition Moves
 5 - Ultra Breakers           15 - Manuals AD           25 - Rock,Scissor,Paper
 6 - Ultra COMBOS             16 - Pressure Moves          26 - ENDERS
 7 - Assaults                 17 - Throw Reversal
 8 - Ultimate COMBOS          18 - Air-Juggles
 9 - No Mercy                 19 - Counters (or Parries)
10 - Spirit Moves             20 - Speed Up COMBOS

 Here we go ...

Super Moves

 Super Moves are very essential if you want to master KI2. In order for your
 super move to work you must have your Super Power Meter in full. Everytime
 you hit your opponent you gain power. If you block your opponent's moves your
 meter grows! When the meter its flashing RED and YELLOW simultaneous it means
 that its charged. Remember that the more meter you have, the more moves are
 available to you.  Supers have many uses here are a few:

 Damage                                     Linkers
 Combo Breaker                              Ultra Breaker
 Combo Enders                               Recovery Moves

 The super move bar have a maximum limit 12 blocks.


  Combos were unpurposely created in the old time favorite game SF2.
  Now this technique has become a standard for fighting games.
  KI2 follows suite and just as KI it becomes the King of the Combos
  with added features. Combos are 3+ consecutive hits that your opponent
  can not block!!!


  Combo Breakers are now done easier. If your opponent is doing a combo
  with punch all you got to do is the specific motion on the controller
  and then press kick and vice-versa.

Punch - brakes - Kick
Kick  - brakes - Punch

 Another possible way to breake combos is by executing a Super Move.
 This is harder to pull off than a Combo Braker, but it inflicts more damage.


  When your opponent is juggling you in the air you can perform a combo breaker
  just as you would while you are on the ground! Again Punch breakes kick and
  vice versa.


  To Combo breake the Ultra execute a Super Move. This is simple to do and your
  opponent will recieve alot of DAMAGE! Remember that in order to do a Super
  Move you must have the "Power Bar Filled Out" The super move must start 
  before the 5th hit of the Ultra in order for it to work properly.


  Ultras are done when your opponent has red-flashing power. You must begin to
  do at least a 3-Hit Combo before you can go into an Ultra. *WARNING* ultra
  combos can be broken in KI2. Ultra combos consist of a joystick movement 
  which sends your opponent into submission. Your character will kick, punch
  and even bite the crap out of your opponent.


  These are miniature ultra combos as Ultras they are done with a certain
  control movement and press of a button. These Mini-Ultras are done when
  your opponents first life bar its almost gone. You must begin a combo
  of 2+ hits before this move can be done and u must have done an ender.


  An ultimate combo its done basically the same way as the Ultras are done.
  Ultimates can be done ONLY during a combo. Just as Ultras in order to execute
  them you need to do a special joystick movement. Your character will finish
  your opponent with a deadly move.


  To do a No Mercy your opponent must have "Red Flashing" power.
  Do the movement on the controller (again it varies from character to
  character) and boom they are set. No Mercies can be done withing or outside
  a combo. No Mercies CAN be blocked, but fortunately you can do a NO MERCY as
  many times as you want.


  This information I got from McCarron's Page =). Spirit moves will take
  away 1/8 of your life bar and will save it until retaliation. Green dust
  will began circling you that way you know if you have done the move
  currectly. Once you die you will come back to life as a ghost.


  Shadow moves are done after you fill out your power bar, then just as
  a "Super Move" you will do a motion on the controller and boila. Shadow
  Moves can be identified by shadows following the character after the


  Just as in part one of KI Recover Moves are moves which will counter
  any of the moves done by an opponent if knocked down. Motions differ
  from character to character.


  New to the KI scene are roll moves! Roll Moves will make your character
  roll either foward or back depending on how you do the move. To roll
  foward you have press F two times. To roll back you have to press B two

 Roll Foward : F,F
 Roll Back   : B,B


  Auto Doubles are hits that require only 1 button press after a certain
  move or hit. In KI 2 Auto Doubles are done easier than in KI.

If you press 6 Auto Double = 5 or 2
If you press 3 Auto Double = 5 or 2

If you press 5 Auto Double = 4 or 1
If you press 2 Auto Double = 4 or 1

If you press 4 Auto Double = 6 or 3
If you press 1 Auto Double = 6 or 3


  Manual Auto-Doubles are used to add more hits to your combos.
  The beauty of manual Auto-Doubles is that they are done manually, adding
  a sense of Street Fighter action in KI2. All Manual Auto-Doubles are started
  with a Fierce move and ended with a Medium move here is a basic list of 
  Manual Auto Doubles:

If you press 3 then press 2 or 5
If you press 6 then press 5 or 2

  Manual Auto doubles are done while close to an opponent and can be done after
  a starter, Automatic Auto Double, Linkers, and much more. Experiment around
  with these babies.


  Pressure moves will allow your character to hit the opponent twice.
  Even if blocked a special move can follow after for a combo opener.
  Pressure moves can be used for air juggling and can even substitute


  If your opponent attempts to throw you, you can counter his throw by pressing
  back and by pressing your character's throw button before your opponents
  initial frames of animation. But beware your opponent can reverse your
  reversal by doing the same (pressing back and his throw button in the
  initial frames of animation).


  Pressure moves and some of the character's particular moves will allow you to
  perform juggle moves. Juggles will keep the opponent up in the air and you
  will be able to add extra hits in the combo.


  To perform a counter you will have to press back and QP.
  If you hold the QP button your character's animation will speed up!
  Counters will let you perform all the 70+ hitters I mention below.
  Its very important that you master this technique. After the counter you can
  perform your opener which will hit 3 times instead of one or even perform 
  what its known as a PARRY dizzy. After the parry dizzy you may perform any 
  combo you want, or just taunt your opponent. A MUST FOR THE MASTERS OF KI!


  The only thing you can speed up in your combos are the linkers and the
  endspecials. In order to speed them up you must perform the moves just as
  the auto double animation begins.


  Rare has implimented Slo-Mo Combos into KI2, but this time its no longer a
  glitch. These Slo-Mos can only be done as enders and thats it. To perform a
  slo-mo ender just do the ender motion twice instead of once.

  For example :

  Do Jago's windkick motion twice instead of once and Jago will perform a
  slo-mo ender motion. Slo-Mos are unbreakable and can also be used in your 
  Ultra Combo!  For those characters that have enders in which you have to 
  charge, just hold back, push foward then back and press the button!


  To perform a release special move just hold down the button which you must
  press at the end of a combo and just perform the motion and release the 
  button at the end. This will speed up the animation of that special move.


   If u jump Forward + a button when your oponent is in the air and if after 
   the button hit the oponent then press back, or do a QCDB (depends for each
   characters) + a button (same system then the autodouble) then u'll do a 3
   or 4 hits AIR COMBOS


  Transition moves are moves that are executed while your character its still 
  in his first move animation. For example you can do Jago's Windkick but 
  before he lands you can execute the uppercut (tiger fury).
  This moves are used alot to trick your "turtling opponent".


  U may have noticed that when u do the QCDB+4,5,or 6 with JAGO it will
  counter his QCDF+4,5,6 (slide) and the QCDB+3 will counter the QCDB+6, so
  that's the rock,scisor paper theory, once u'll know every moves that go
  through the other moves u'll be a real KI2 MASTAH, and u'll win your fight
  easily's da list of the rock scissor paper theory :

   | Jago      | Laser Blade<------>Wind Kick<-------->Ninja Slide     |
   | Combo     | Spin Fist<-------->TJ Tremor<-------->Rollercoaster   |
   | Fulgore   | Plasma Shield<---->Cyberdash<-------->Eyebeam         |
   | Orchid    | San<-------------->Flik Flak<-------->Slide           |
   | Glacius   | Liquidize<-------->Cold Shoulder<---->Icy Grip        |
   | Spinal    | Flame Blade<------>Skeleskewer<------>Skull Scrape    |
   | Sabrewulf | Sabrespin<-------->Sabrewheel<------->Sabrepounce     |
   | Tusk      | Web of Death<----->Boot Kick<-------->Flaming Sword   |
   | Kim Wu    | Fire Cracker<----->Tornado Kick<----->Split Kick      |
   | Maya      | Savage Blades<---->Cobrabite<-------->Mantis          |


If you just start playing KI2,you should learn how the combos works..
Well for this game, they made a new combos system, if you want make some big
combos like 70 hits or more,you must do all the enders before, because the
number of hits of your ULTRA depends of the number of enders you've done
before !! here is how it works :

                 no endings or 1 ending    :  ULTRA 14 hits
                 2 differents endings      :  ULTRA 18 hits
                 3 differents endings      :  ULTRA 22 hits
                 4 differents endings      :  ULTRA 26 hits
                 4 differents + the hidden :  ULTRA 30 hits

but to do the hidden one, you must have done all the others before !! that's
why we call it "the hidden" !!.  To know where you are in the endings
combination, the first ending will hit just one time !! the second you will
do, will hit 2 times (2 hits) the third 3 times, etc....

============================= KIGOLD Reviews =================================

here are some reviews of KIGOLD by some buddies of me on IRC ..

 ======= Review by  OUIJA19 =======

The graphics in KI Gold are really outstanding! If you've played KI 2 at
the arcades you will see almost a perfect convert of character sprites.
The biggest improvement in graphics over the arcade isthe way the camera
rotates around. Makes you feel like you're playin a true 3d game.
The backrounds aren't as good as KI 2 because in KI 2 they are bit-mapped
and in Gold they aren't.

Sound & Musik
I was a little dissapointed in the sounds in KI Gold. They are good, but I
still think they sound a little fucked up at times.  Some sounds sound like
the arcade and some sound pretty shitty. The music is great though. They sound
like they were taken directly from the arcade.

For some players I think it will take some time getting used to the new
controls, but once you do you play like you did at the arcade. I have an
easier time using the analog joystick for super moves and for regular battles
I use the directional pad. They both work good for me.  The WORST thing I have
found in KI Gold is the way it goes in slow motion when alot is going on.
There is NOTHING worse than doing a 78 hit combo and the game is in slow 
motion. I was expecting some slow down though.

Other info
The options in KI Gold are the best options I have EVER found in a game.
Plus, once you beat the game on harder difficulties you get access to other
options. If you didn't know...KI Gold saves you initials and all the options
you choose. Also, many of the glitches(the popular ones like the BU glitch
and ghost glitch) are now removed from the game.

======= Review by FAR and EYEDOL ========

The graphics are awesome... but have a few flaws and are not totally
detailed like in ki2. the analog is difficult. and the d-pad hurtz!
the good news is that the background is interactive... everytime i thrash
Eyed0l/X-rAteD around he hits barrels, chandeliers, orchid's helicopter's
blades... (which move) the pits BLOW... they are a lot like getting
dropped off spinal's roof in ki1snes. maya lost her bouncy effect, the
gold characters are good looking and the gameplay is minorly difficult...
except for sabrewulf. he IS THE CHEAPEST (sounds of a dog being viciously
beaten) thing in the game....  the controls are like the arcade. the sgi
scrolling is the $#!+ tho!!! you get what snes wanted to give you... just
about 2 years late! the training sessions suck... you lose a lot of fun
when you get the options... once after the normal difficulty and the
other after the hard... it really hasn't changed much since ki2. but if
you go with the feeling... are you a boy or a man?... U+FP (orchid stage)
wish i could right more but i'm too busy getting numb thumb because i
almost broke my analog...

====== Review by KBOND ======

The games is easy! and its just like ki2!!! i thought it would be more
different ! but the stage fatalities suck bad! hehehe, dont do them! the
training mode is easy to master!! the elimanation mode is the best thing for
the game!!!!! its the shit! if you put the game on master its easy to beat
with maya! and in options put the full supr bar thingy on! easy way to win!
the game is good but should have been different from ki2!!! alot! the stages
are cool!!!! but the stage fatalities suck! the supers at the end of a ultra
are kinda hard to hit! everything seems to be the same as ki2!!!

====== Review by GALTH FEE ======

The first thing I noticed about this game is the great documentaion. It
covers all of the basics, and even has a special move pamphlet for you
to look at. I got it at Toys R Us, and I didn't preorder it. In fact,
TRU said that they only had 3 copies, and ten people were coming into
get it... lucky me. You fire up the game, and you hear a soft tone of
music, you are then shown the N64 spinning logo then the Rare emblem
followed by "Presents", and the KI GOLD trademark smashes together and
the music gets much cooler. The modes include Arcade, Team, Team
Elimintation, Tournament, Practice, Training, Focused Training, and
Options. The training mode is easliy the coolest option, because you get
to learn first hand...very cool. The actual play is hurt by the stiff
N64 digital pad. I can't use the analog very well on this game, so I am
stuck with the digital. The buttons being too close together wasn't that
bad after all, and you can customize your control too. The digital pad
is soooooo unresponsive though, you will quickly hurt your fingers.
After about 2 hours of play, you can make it work, so that shouldn't put
you off from buying this game. The graphics are kinda sloppy. You get a
choice between a far off view, and a close one that scrolls out with
you. The far off view is marred by slowdown, and the frames of missing
animation are apparent to anyone who has even seen KI2 at the arcade.
The sound is the best thus far on the N64 and the sound FX are all
there, except for those cool "Kiiiiiing Kombo" remarks. Here is a some
up on graphics, gameplay, sound, control, and replay.

Graphics: 7.9/10
        + Sprites are huge, and the 2.5 Deminsion shows off some power.
        - Slowdown occurs in some instances.
        - missing MANY frames of animation.
        - Dinky poses and recycled animation are in the Winning scenes
        + Able to speed up the game to a better speed.
        Overall: Better than MKT, not as good as M64, PW64, WR64, WG3D

Sound : 9.5/10
        + Cool tunes a keep on rocking! Like Conan the Barbarian's an them
        in Spinal's level!
        - Missing some sound FX and music sounds a tad remixed from KI2.
        + Screams, hollers, and everything sounds great.
        Overall: Best music on the N64 period.

Control : 7.5/10
        + C buttons don't seem to be a problem.
        + You can customize you control.
        - Digital pad is VERY VERY unresponsive, at least 2 hours to get
        over it.
        Overall: Just slightly better than MKT.

Gameplay: 9/10
        + Everything is intact in this great game.
        - Control is annoying, and the few tid bits that are missing
        annoy you too.
        + More options=funner game.
        Overall: Best 2D fighter on the N64. Close to the arcade.

Replay: 9/10
        + Memory card lets you save combos, times, ect.
        - AI is really easy.
        + More options=more play
        + Two player mode is great.
        Overall: Beats every game except WR64 in this category.

Overall: 9.2/10
        + Good substitute for KI2, but not an equal.
        - Bad control
        + It is basically KI2 with a few more additions.
        + KI was a fun game and KI GOLD is much funner.
        - Alienation from all Next Generation readers. (joke)

Memorable Moments: Finally implementing a Super Move in a big combo, or
not and smashing the controller to bits.

Recomendation: I recomend this to any KI fan. If you don't like KI then
don't waste your time, don't buy MKT either though! It is a great game,
that has a combo system ome find uncool. A great sequel to the pathetic
SNES game.

============================== KIGOLD MENUS ==================================

here's all the KIGOLD menus .. a description of each will come later ..

      - ARCADE
      - TEAM
      - PRACTICE
      - TRAINING
      - OPTIONS  ...... :

                        | GAME SPEED  --> Slow,Normal,Fast,Super,Lucriducious**
                        | DIFFICULTY  --> Very Easy,Easy,Medium,Hard,Very Hard,
                        | TRAINING DIFFICULTY  --> Easy,Medium,Hard
                        | BUTTON SETUP  --> re-arrange the button,not Z or L
                                            or R
                        | DEFAULT SETUP  --> reset the setup
                        | MUSIC -High or Medium-  --> (volume setup)
                        | RANDOM -On/Off-
                        | TIME LIMIT -On/Off-
                        | THROWING -On/Off-
                        | BLOOD -On/Off-

                        | THROWING DAMAGE  --> none,Low,Normal,High
                        | EASY BREAKERS -On/Off-
           LEVEL 1  --- | INVISIBLE TAG -On/Off-
                        | AERIAL CAMERA -On/Off-

                        | FULL SUPER BAR -On/Off-
           LEVEL 2  --- | FULL BREAKERS -On/Off-
                        | POWERED FINISHER -On/Off-

                        | MISSILES -On/Off-
           LEVEL 3  --- | FAST FIRBALLS -On/Off-
                        | AUTODOUBLES -On/Off-

                        | EARLY ULTIMATES -On/Off-
                        | KNOCKDOWNS -On/Off-
           LEVEL 4  --- | QUICK OPENERS -On/Off-
                        | CHEAP JUGGLES -On/Off-

           LEVEL 5  --- | BLOCKING -On/Off-

** to get the Lucriducious Speed,u must finish the game in MASTER
** to get the "MASTER" level u must beat the game in Very Hard Mode first ..

| To get level 1, beat the game on mode easy, level 2 beat the game on mode  |
| medium, level 3 beat the game on mode hard, level 4 beat the game on mode  |
| Very hard, level 5 beat the game on "MASTER" difficulty                    |

======================== INDIVIDUALS MOVES & COMBOS ==========================

   /                    \

 1|--->  JAGO
 2|--->  TJ COMBO
 3|--->  FULGORE
 4|--->  ORCHID
 5|--->  GLACIUS
 6|--->  SPINAL
 7|--->  SABREWULF
 8|--->  TUSK
 9|--->  KIM WU
10|--->  MAYA
11|--->  GARGOS

                                   ~ JAGO ~

HEIGHT : 5'9"
WEIGHT : 190 lbs.
AGE    : 22 years
STORY  : After destroying Fulgore a furious Jago is betrayed by his one-time
         master the Tiger Spirit. The disguised Demon Lord used him to escape
         from the void and now Jago swears vengeance.

Tiger Fury       :  F,QCT+P
Laser Blade      :  QCDB+2/3
Endokuken        :  QCT+P
Red Endokuken    :  H3, QCT+R3
Fake Endokuken   :  QCT+4
Wind Kick        :  QCDB+K
Ninja Slide      :  QCDT+K                     (=)

DP to windkick   :  F,QCT+P, QCDB+5/6
2 hits wind kick :  QCDB,B,F+6                 (F+6 on impact)

Combo Breaker    :  F,QCT+_
Retaliation      :  F,QCT+P
Ghost Move       :  HCB,F+4
Air Juggle       :  QCDT+6
Air JuggleX2     :  F+6
Overhead         :  B+3
Double Attack    :  F+6
U. Combo Breaker :  QCB,HCF+3
Counter Attack   :  QCDB+5
Counter Dizzy    :  F,QCT+1

Tiger Thrash     :  QCB,HCF+3            (******)
Fireball Spray   :  HCB+1                (****, =, Super Drainer)
Shadow Wind Kick :  HCB,F+5              (***, =)
Super Slide Kick :  HCF,B+6              (***, CO)

Ultimate         :  F,QCT+6
No Mercy         :  HCB,F+2
Pseudo Ultra     :  QCT+4                (must have done an ender before)
Ultra            :  QCB+4

3/6              :  After QCDB+4/QCDT+4
1/4              :  After QCDB+5/QCDT+5
2/5              :  After QCDB+6/QCDT+6/QCDB+3
Super Linker1    :  HCB,F+5
Super Linker2    :  HCF,B+6

1 - F,QCT+3
2 - QCDB+3
3 - QCT+3
4 - QCDB+6
5 - F, QCT+2                  (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
 33:  QCDB+6,5,QCDB+4                          (5EN)
 61:  QCDB+6,5,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,F+5,F+6,QCDB+4

 75:  counter,F+6,QCDB+5,1,6,5,HCB,F+5,1,6,5,HCB,F+5,1,6,5,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,
      F+5,F+6, QCB+4,wait,QCB,HCT+3                             (5EN,FULL,NEL)

 78:  counter,QCDB+5,1,3,2,2,HCB,F+5,1,3,2,2,HCB,F+5,1,3,2,2,HCB,F+5,3,2,2,
      HCB,F+5,3,2,2,QCB+4,wait,QCB,HCT+3                (5EN,FULL,NEL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  QCDB+6,5,DP+6     (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- his super HCB,F+5 can be done also by QCDB,F+5,and his super QCB,HCF+3 can
  be done by QCB,QCDF+3 ...
- to do his 78 hits combo easily,Hold forward when you do the "2,2" and do it 
  in "ultra" turbo mode (D+6 at character selection screen).

                                 ~ TJ COMBO ~

HEIGHT  : 6'1"
WEIGHT  : 220 lbs.
AGE     : 26 years

Spinfist             :  cB,F+1
Double Spinfist      :  cF,B+1
Double Rollercoaster :  cB,F+2       (=)
Triple Rollercoaster :  HCT+2        (=)
Powerline            :  cB,F+3
TJ Tremor            :  cB,F+5
Skull Crusher        :  cB,F+6
Cyclone              :  H3, R3
Fake Dizzy           :  HCB+4
Sneak Behind         :  cB,F+4

Powerline to spinfist :  cB,F+3, B+1
Powerline to roll     :  cB,F+3, B+2
Powerline to stop     :  cB,F+3, B+3
Powerline to run past :  cB,F+3, B+4
Recovery to tremor    :  cB,F+K, HCT+5

Combo Breaker         :  B,F+_
Retaliation           :  cB,F+K            (When getting up only)
Air Juggle            :  cB, F+3
Air JuggleX2          :  F+6
Overhead              :  B+2
Throw                 :  F+2
Double Attack         :  F+6
Counter Attack        :  cB,F+2
Counter Dizzy         :  cF,F+3
U. Combo Breaker      :  HCB,F+3

Super Flurry          :  HCB,F+3           (from ** - ******, 1 hit to 5 hits)
Dizzy Spark           :  HCB+5             (***, Ground/Midair)
Shadow Rollercoaster  :  HCB,F+2           (***, =)
Super Beating         :  HCB,F+1           (***, CO)

Ultimate              :  H4 3 seconds, R4
No Mercy              :  HCB,F+6
Pseudo Ultra          :  cB,F+6              (must have done 1 ender before)
Ultra                 :  cF,B+3

1/4                      After cB,F+2/HCT+2
2/5                      After cB,F+6
3/6                      After cF,B+1
Super Linker1         :  HCB,F+2
Super Linker2         :  HCB,F+1

1 - cB,F+1
2 - cB,F+3
3 - cB,F+4
4 - cB,F+5
5 - cB,F+6                  (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
 33:  B,F+2,1,F,B+3                          (5EN)
 62:  B,F+2,1,HCB,F+2,F+6,HCB,F+2,F+6,HCB,F+2,F+6,HCB,F+2,F+6,B+3
 74:  counter,HDB,5,F+2,1,3,2,HCB,F+2,1,3,2,HCB,F+2,1,3,2,HCB,F+2,F+6,HCB,F+2
      HF+6,B+3,HCB,F+3                 (5EN,NEL,FULL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  H4,HCF+2,1,R4     (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- If u have some problems with the super (HCB,F+2),i mean if it always throw 
  the oponent instead of doing the super,it's becuz u do it to fast !! just do
  HCB, wait then Forward +2.
- i'm not sure of that but his super (HCB,F+3) can be done by QCB,HCF+3 ...

                                 ~ FULGORE ~

HEIGHT : 6'5"
WEIGHT : 550 lbs.
AGE    : Unknown

Cyberdash         :  HCT+K / cB,F+5/6
Eyelaser          :  QCDB+2/3
Teleport          :  B,QCB+_                     (*, =)
Plasma Shield     :  QCB+4
Laser Storm       :  QCT+P
Plasmaslice       :  F,QCT+P
Fake laser storm  :  QCB+1

Uppercut to Laser :  F,QCT+3, QCDB+2/3           (*)

Combo Breaker    :  F,QCT+_
Retaliation      :  F,QCT+P
Air Juggle       :  QCDB+3
Air JuggleX2     :  F,QCT+P
Throw            :  ???
Overhead         :  B+6
Double Attack    :  B+3
Counter Attack   :  QCT+5
Counter Dizzy    :  F,QCT+1
U. Combo Breaker :  QCB,HCT+3

Ultra Slice      :  QCB,HCT+3               (******)
Chest Flame      :  HCB,F+4                 (***, CO)
Claw Spinner     :  HCT,B+6                 (***, CO)
Invisible        :  QCDB+6                  (*)
Air Eye Laser    :  QCDB+2/3                (*)
Lock On          :  QCT+4                   (*)
Teleport Front   :  B,QCB+P                 (*)
Teleport Behind  :  B,QCB+K                 (*)

Pseudo Ultra     :  F,QCT+1           (must have done 1 ender before)
Ultra            :  F,QCT+4
Ultimate         :  F,HCT+5
No Mercy         :  HCT,B+2

3/6              :  After HCT+4
1/4              :  After HCT+5
5/2              :  After HCT+6
Super Linker     :  HCT,B+6
Super Linker2    :  HCB,F+4

1 - F,QCT+3
2 - QCT+2
3 - HCT+6
4 - QCDB+3
5 - F,QCT+1                  (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
 33:  QCF+5,1,DP+4                          (5EN)
 61:  QCF+5,1,HCF,B+6,B+3,HCF,B+6,B+3,HCF,B+6,B+3,HCF,B+6,B+3
        DP+4                                                 (5EN,FULL,NEL)
 69:  HCF+5,1,6,5,HCF,B+6,B+3,HCF,B+6,B+3,HCF,B+6,B+3,HCF,B+6,B+3,
      F,QCF+4,wait,QCB,HCF+3,B+3,QCB,HCF+3             (5EN,FULL,NEL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  QCF+5,1,F,HCT+5   (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

-Instead of doing his ULTRA again (in his COMPUTER 80) do the Machine Gun morph
 ULTIMATE !! (after teleport do B+3,then,F,HCF+5) this will give U an

-Sometimes after the counter when u press the connector,it doesn't come out,
 don't ask me why,it's just that sometimes it works,sometimes it doesn't

                                  ~ ORCHID ~

HEIGHT : 5'7"
WEIGHT : 125 lbs.
AGE    : 24 years

Flik Flak        :  QCDB+K
San              :  QCDB+3
Air Buster       :  F,QCT+K
Tonfa Fire       :  QCT+P
Fake Tonfa Fire  :  QCT+4
Tonfa Dash       :  QCDB+2
Tiger Slide      :  QCDT+K                 (=)

tonfa dash 3hits :  QCDB+2,F+2,B+2

Combo Breaker    :  F,QCT+_
Retaliation      :  F,QCT+K
Air Juggle       :  QCDT+K
Air JuggleX2     :  F+6
Double Attack    :  F+6
Overhead         :  B+3
Throw            :  F+3
Counter Attack   :  QCDB+2
Counter Dizzy    :  F,QCT+4
U. Combo Breaker :  QCB,HCT+6

Gyro Kyaku        :  QCB,HCT+6                        (******)
Super Tiger Morph :  HCB,F+5                          (***, =)
Super Tonfa Slash :  HCT,B+3                          (***, CO)

Ultimate         :  HCB,F+3
No Mercy         :  cB,HCB+5
Ultra            :  QCB+4
Pseudo Ultra     :  QCT+4              (must have done 1 ender before)

3/6              :  After QCDB+4/QCDT+4
1/4              :  After QCDB+5/QCDT+5/QCDB+2
2/5              :  After QCDB+6/QCDT+6
Super Linker     :  HCB,F+5
Super Linker     :  HCT,B+3

1 - F,QCT+6
2 - QCDB+6
3 - QCDB+3
4 - QCDT+4
5 - QCT+1                        (must have done all the enders before)

 34:  QCB+5,1,QCB+1                          (5EN)
 62:  QCB+5,1,HCF,B+5,F+6,HCF,B+5,F+6,HCF,B+5,F+6,HCF,B+5,F+6
        QCF+4                                                (5EN,FULL,NEL)
 72:  counter,QCDB+2,1,6,5,HCB,F+5,1,6,5,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,F+5,1,6,5
        QCB+4,wait,QCB,HCT+6                                 (FULL,NEL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  QCB+5,1,HCB,F+3   (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- remember to hold Down,Back when u do the double counter !!

                                 ~ GLACIUS ~

HEIGHT : Variable
WEIGHT : Variable
AGE    : Unknown

Icy Grip         :  QCT+1
Cold Shoulder    :  QCT+2
Ice Lance        :  QCT+3
Liquidize        :  QCT+5/6                (gound/midair, =)
Artic Blast      :  QCB+P
Energy gain      :  QCT+H4                 (drain your own super)

Liquidize to behind      :  QCT+5, QCB+6
Energy Gain to Liquidize :  QCT+H4, QCT+5

Combo Breaker   :  QCT+_
Retaliation     :  QCT+3
Air Juggle      :  QCT+6
Air JuggleX2    :  F+6
Double Attack   :  F+6
Throw           :  F+3
Overhead        :  B+3
Counter Attack  :  QCT+5
Counter Dizzy   :  QCT+3
U. Combo Breaker:  HCB,F+3

Super Arctic Breath :  HCB,F+3                   (****)
Multiple Throws     :  HCT,B+1                   (******, CO)
Reverse Liquidize   :  QCB+6                     (***, =)
Beat Down           :  HCT,B+2                   (***, CO)
Super Liquidize     :  HCT,B+6                   (***, CO)

Ultimate         :  HCB,F+5
No Mercy         :  cB,HCB+4
Pseudo Ultra     :  HCB+4         (must have done 1 ender before)
Ultra            :  HCT+4

1/4              :  After QCT+2/QCT+5
Super Linker     :  HCT,B+2
Super Linker2    :  HCT,B+6

1 - QCT+6
2 - QCT+1
3 - QCT+3
4 - QCB+4
5 - QCT+4                   (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
 33:  HCF+2,1,QCF+4                          (5EN)
 61:  HCF+5,1,HCF,B+2,F+6,HCF,B+2,F+6,HCF,B+2,F+6,HCF,B+2,F+6
        QCF+4                                   (5EN,FULL,NEL)

 73:  counter,QCF+5,4,6,5,HCF,B+6,5,6,5,HCF,B+6,F+6,HCF,B+6,F+6,HCF,B+6
        5,3,2,QCF+4,wait,HCB,F+1                (5EN,NEL,FULL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  HCF+2,1,HCB,F+5   (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- try to do all his enders in the air (D+3, after a connector) it looks real
  cool !!.
- When u do his super in the ultra (HCF,B+1) u'll be able to move after the
  ultra !!

                                  ~ SPINAL ~

HEIGHT : 5'5"
WEIGHT : 110 lbs.
AGE    : 651 years

Soul Drain       :  QCT+1              (super drainer)
Skelescrew       :  QCT+2
Flame Blade      :  QCT+3
Skeleskewer      :  QCT+K
Skull Scrape     :  DB/D/DT+6          (=, Direction determines move)
Power Devour     :  B+1
Skeleport        :  QCB+K
Searing Skull    :  QCT+5              (Requires skull or skulls)

Combo Breaker    :  QCB+_
Retaliaion       :  QCB+K
Air Juggle       :  QCT+5              (Requires skull)
Air JuggleX2     :  F+3
Double Attack    :  F+3
Throw            :  F+6
Overhead         :  B+3
Counter Moves    :  He has no counter!
U. Combo Breaker :  QCB,HCT+3

Grim Reaper        :  QCB,HCT+3                (***, =)
Super Searing Skull:  HCB,HCT+6                (***)
Super Dizzy        :  HCB,HCT+5                (***)
Sword Smash        :  HCB,F+3                  (***)
Blue Skull         :  HCT,HCT+5                (****)
1 Skull Powerup    :  QCB+2                    (*, 1 added:)
6 Skull Replenish  :  QCB+3                    (******, full 6 skulls)
Super Searing Skull:  HCT+6                    (***, CO)
Super Flame Blade  :  HCT,B+2                  (***, CO)
Super Slide        :  HCT,B+6                  (***, CO)

Ultimate        :  D,D,D+4
No Mercy        :  HCT,HCT+1
Pseudo Ultra    :  QCT+3                      (must have done an ender before)
Ultra           :  HCB+3

2/5               :  After DF+6/QCT+3
1/4               :  After QCT+2
Super Linker      :  HCT,B+6
Super Linker2     :  HCT,B+2

1 - QCB+2
2 - QCB+4
3 - QCB+5
4 - QCB+6
5 - QCT+1                     (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
 33:  HCF+2,1,HCB+2                          (5EN)
 60:  F+3,HCF,B+2,F+3,HCF,B+2,F+3,HCF,B+2,F+3,HCF,B+2
        F+3,HCB+2                  (5EN,FULL,NEL)

 70:  F+3,HCF,B+6,F+3,HCF,B+6,F+3,HCF,B+6,F+3,HCF,B+6,F+3,
        HCF,B+6,F+3,QCB+3,wait,HCF+6              (5EN,NEL,FULL SUPER BAR ON)

Damage Combos:
99%:  HCF+2,1,D,D,D+4  (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- When u do his super HCF,B+6,u have do it slowly and do the F,B+6 correctly
  or it will do the super fireballs.

                                 ~ SABREWULF ~

HEIGHT : 5'11"
WEIGHT : 400 lbs.
AGE    : 46

Sabre Wheel      :  cB,F+5 or cF,B+5               (=)
Sabrepounce      :  cB,F+3 or cF,B+3
Fake Sabrehowl   :  cB,F+4 or cF,B+4
Real Sabrehowl   :  cB,F+1 or cF,B+1
Sabrespin        :  cB,F+2 or cF,B+2
Sabreflip        :  cB,F+6 or cF,B+6
Double Sabrewheel:  F,F,B+2 or B,B,F+2              (=)
Double Sabrespin :  F,F,B+5 or B,B,F+5

Sabrepounce to stop   :  cB,F+3,hold 3,push 2
Fake Sabre to anymove :  F,cB+4,F+2 or 5 or 3 or 6
Double Jump           :  B,B,F

Combo Breaker   :  B,F+_
Retaliation     :  cB,F+6
Air Juggle      :  cB,F+3
Air JuggleX2    :  F+6
Double Attack   :  F+6
Overhead        :  B+3
Throw           :  ???
Counter Attack  :  cB,F+5
Counter Dizzy   :  cB,F+6
U. Combo Breaker:  HCB,F+6

Loopy           :  HCB,F+6              (******)
Lupus Loopy     :  HCB,F+3              (****)
Claw Slash      :  HCB,F+5              (***)
Dizzy Snap      :  HCB+3                (****,Midair)
Lupus Flip      :  HCB,F+2              (***, CO)

Ultra           :  cB,F+4
Pseudo Ultra    :  cF,B+4                   (must have done an ender before)
Ultimate        :  H6,R6
No Mercy        :  H1,R1

1/4               :  After cB,F+2/cB,F+5/cF,B+2
2/5               :  After cB,F+3
Super Linker      :  HCB,F+5
Super Linker2     :  HCB,F+2

1 - cB,F+1
2 - cB,F+3
3 - cB,F+5
4 - cB,F+6
5 - cB,F+4                          (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
 34:  HCB+5,4,B,F+4                          (5EN)
 62:  HCB+5,4,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,F+5,F+6,HCB,F+5,F+6
        B,F+4                                                    (5EN,FULL,NEL)

 73:  counter,B,F+5,1,6,5,HCB,F+2,1,3,2,HCB,F+2
       F+6,HCB,F+2,F+6,HCB,F+2,4,3,2,B,F+4,wait,HCB,F+6          (5EN,NEL,FULL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  H6,HCB+5,1,R6     (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- The double Counter of SABREWULF is the easiest one to do !!
- When u do his super (HCB,F+6) do the HCB,wait,then F+6 (it's more easy like
- to charge your super bar,just do B,F+1 and hold 1 ...

                                   ~ TUSK ~

HEIGHT : 6'11"
WEIGHT : 380 lbs.
AGE    : 31
STORY  : With the return of the Demon Lord to the land, Tusk leaves the arena 
         to issue his challenge. Only by defeating all adversaries can a hero 
         gain the right to face the evil Gargos.

Back Stab          :  HCB+1
Boot Kick          :  QCDB+K
Web of Death       :  QCDB+3
Fake Skull Splitter:  QCDT+4
Skull Splitter     :  QCDT+6              (=)
Conquerer          :  F,QCT+P

Fake Skull Split to Skull Splitter   :  QCDF+4,QCDF+6
Fake Skull Split to Boot Kick        :  QCDF+4,QCDB+K

Combo Breaker      :  F,QCT+_
Retaliation        :  F,QCT+P
Air Juggle         :  QCDT+6
Air JuggleX2       :  F,QCF+1,F,QCF+1
Double Move        :  F+3
Throw              :  F+6
Overhead           :  B+3
Counter Attack     :  QCDB+3
Counter Dizzy      :  F,QCT+1
Ultra Combo Breaker:  QCB,HCT+3

Destroyer          :  QCB,HCT+3           (******)
Super Flaming Sword:  HCT,B+4             (***)
Shadow Roll        :  HCT,B+6             (***, =)
Super Web          :  HCT,B+3             (***, CO)
Multi Kicks        :  HCB,F+5             (***, CO)

Ultimate         :  F,QCT+5
No Mercy         :  HCT,HCT+2
Ultra            :  HCB+2
Pseudo Ultra     :  HCT+2               (must have done an ender before)

  3/6            :  After QCDB+4/QCDT+4
  1/4            :  After QCDB+5/QCDT+5
  2/5            :  After QCDB+6/QCDT+6
  Super Linker   :  HCT,B+3
  Super Linker2  :  HCB,F+6
  Super Linker3  :  HCT,B+6

1 - F,QCT+3
2 - QCDB+6
3 - QCDT+6
4 - HCB+1
5 - F,QCT+1                  (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
 33:  QCDB+6,5,HCB+2                          (5EN)
 60:  QCDB+6,5,HCB,F+6,6,5,HCB,F+6,6,5,HCB,F+6,6,5,HCB,F+6
       6,5,HCB+2                            (5EN,FULL,NEL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  QCDB+5,1,F,QCT+5  (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- When u do his super,do it quickly or it will vut the combo in 2 parts (don't
  use the super : HCF,B+3 cuz it cut the combo one time on two)

- TUSK is like GLACIUS,he can do all his ender,ultra in the air !! just push 
  D+3 after a connector and do quickly your ender. (note: it doesn't work with
  the hidden ender)

                                 ~ KIM WU ~

HEIGHT : 5'4"
WEIGHT : 130 lbs.
AGE    : 17

Firecracker       :  QCDB+2/3
Tornado Kick      :  QCDB+K
Splitkick         :  QCDT+K            (=)
Fireflower        :  F,QCT+1
Fireshot          :  QCT+2/3
Straight Air Dive :  QCT+P
Angled Air Dive   :  QCB+P

Combo Breaker    :  QCT+_
Retaliaton       :  F,QCT+P
Air Juggle       :  QCDT+6
Air JuggleX2     :  F+6
Double Attack    :  F+6
Overhead         :  B+6
Throw            :  F+3
Counter Attack   :  QCDB+5
Counter Dizzy    :  QCDB+2
Ultra CboBreaker :  QCB,HCT+3

Snap Dragon       :  QCB,HCT+3         (******)
Shadow Kick       :  HCB,F+6           (***)
Super Air Fireball:  HCT,B+2           (****, super drainer)
Super Firecracker :  HCB,F+3           (***, CO)

Ultimate        :  HCB,F+4
No Mercy        :  HCT,B+1
Ultra           :  QCT+4
Pseudo Ultra    :  QCDB+4               (must have done an ender before)

3/6               :  After QCDB+4
2/5               :  After QCDB+6/QCDT+6/QCDB+3
1/4               :  After QCDB+2/QCDB+5
Super Linker      :  HCB,F+6
Super Linker2     :  HCB,F+3

1 - QCDB+6
2 - QCDT+6
3 - QCDB+3
4 - HCT+1
5 - QCDT+5                   (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
 34:  QCDB+6,5,QCF+4                          (5EN)
 62:  QCDB+6,5,HCB,F+6,F+6,HCB,F+6,F+6,HCB,F+6,F+6,HCB,F+6,F+6
      QCF+4                                                     (5EN,FULL,NEL)

 73:  counter,QCDB+5,4,6,5,HCB,F+6,5,6,5,HCB,F+6
       F+6,HCB,F+6,F+6,HCB,F+6,5,6,5,QCT+4,wait,QCB,HCT+3      (5EN,NEL,FULL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  QCDB+5,1,HCB,F+4  (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- to do the KIM-WU double counter u have to hold Down,Back and not Back...

                                   ~ MAYA ~

HEIGHT : 5'10"
WEIGHT : 140
AGE    : 23

Cobra Bite       :  cB,F+1
Savage Blades    :  cB,F+2
Mantis           :  cB,F+3
Flip Kick        :  cB,F+5              (=)
Amazonian Leap   :  cB,F+4/6
Air Dive         :  HCB+3               (midair)

Leap to air Leap    :  cB,F+6, B,F+4
Leap to Mantis      :  cB,F+6, B+3

Combo Breaker      :  B,F+_
Retaliation        :  cB,F+1
Air Juggle         :  cB,F+6
Double Attack      :  F+6
Overhead           :  B+3
Throw              :  F+3
Counter Attack     :  cB,F+2
Counter Dizzy      :  cB,F+1
Ultra Combo Breaker:  HCB,F+6

Shadow Tree Cutter :  HCB,F+3             (***, =)
Super Leap         :  HCB,F+6             (******)
Lawnmower          :  HCB,F+2             (***, CO)
Flip Kicks         :  HCB,F+5             (***, CO)

Ultra              :  cB,F+6
Pseudo Ultra       :  cF,B+3               (must have done an ender before)
Ultimate           :  HCB,F+4
No Mercy           :  HCT,B+1

1/4                :  After cB,F+2/cB,F+5
2/5                :  After cB,F+3/cB,F+6
Super Linker1      :  HCB,F+2
Super Linker2      :  HCB,F+5

1 - cB,F+1
2 - cB,F+3
3 - cB,F+4
4 - cB,F+6
5 - cF,B+1                     (must have done all the enders before)

Ultra Combos:
34:  B,F+2,1,F,B+6                          (5EN)
62:  B,F+2,1,HCB,F+2,F+6,HCB,F+2,F+6,HCB,F+2,F+6,HCB,F+2,F+6,B+6 (5EN,FULL,NEL)

73:  counter,HCF+2,F+6,HCB,F+5,1,3,2,HCB,F+5,1,3,2,HCB,F+5,1,3,2,B+6,
     HCB,F+5,F+6,B+6,wait HCB,F+6    (5EN,NEL,FULL)

Damage Combos:
99%:  B,F+2,1,HCB,F+4   (must have turned the early ultimate on in the options)

- The MAYA double counter is very easy to do,but it will hit 6 times only us

                                 ~ GARGOS ~

AGE    : ??
STORY  : ??

Flame Stream      :  QCT+1
Dashing Shoulder  :  QCDB+5/6
Claw Uppercut     :  D+3               (he just uppercuts)
Claw Uppercut     :  F,QCT+3           (he runs and uppercuts)
Air Fireball      :  QCT+P             (Midair, duh!)
Gargos Tremor     :  QCDT+6            (Ground/Midair)
Fly               :  Jump, U+3         (hold up after you jump)
Laugh             :  QCB+3

Hyper Jump          :  jump,Up+3,6,then hold Up and press 6 !!
Energy Reflect      :  QCB+3 then hold 3

Combo Breaker     :  F,QCT+_
Air Juggle        :  HCF+6
Retaliation       :  F,QCT+3
Double attack     :  F+6

1 - F,QCT+3
2 - F,QCT+3
3 - F,QCT+3
4 - F,QCT+3
5 - HCF,B+6                  (must have done all the enders before)


 9:  HCT+6,5,3,2,HCT+1
14:  HCB+6,5,3,2,DP+3,wait,HCF+6,HCF+6,HCF+6,HCF+6,HCF+6 ......(must have done
     DP+3 4 times and the opponent must have nearly no more energy in his
     green bar)

80:  F+6,DP+3,wait,HCF+6,HCF+6,HCF+6,ect.........(the opponent must have
     nearly no more enrgy in his green bar when U start the combo (F+6,DP+3).)

- To play GARGOS,when u turn on the machine,wait for the character profile demo
  then press Z ,A ,R ,Z ,A ,B  ..u should hear GARGOS laugh if the code worked.
- When U do the GARGOS 80 hits,be shure to start the COMBO when the opponent
  have nearly no more energy !! and after 5 air-juggles GARGOS will move
  slowly but U can repeat HCF+6 again and again,it will be in SLOW MOTION !!

============================= Codes & Secrets ================================

During the demo mode, press the "Z" button to view the high scores.

At the character selection screen, pressing up or down will change the color
of your character.  You cannot choose the same color your opponent chose.

At the character selection screen, hold up and press start.  A random
character will be chosen for you.

Do the stage select right after you select your character.  Like before, the
first person chooses the stage, and the second chooses the music.

Sabrewulf's Lair     :  U+1
Maya's Jungle        :  U+2
Glacius's crash site :  U+3
Tusk's stone henge   :  U+4
Fulgore's Museum     :  U+5
Orchid's Helipad     :  U+6
Jago's Bridge        :  D+1
Gargos's Castle      :  D+2
Combo's Street       :  D+3
Kim Wu's Dojo        :  D+4
Pirate Ship          :  D+5
Spinal's ship        :  D+6     [2 player special]
SKY STAGE:           :  D+5     [Both Players]

In Training mode, if you complete a certain level with a character you can get
a special color for that character. If you want all the colors for every  
character you have to complete it with every character. Heres how to get

-- White characters :
    Just complete any level of training. Doesn't matter what score you get.
-- Gold characters :
    Complete training on the hard level. Doesn't matter what score you get.
-- Shadow characters :
    Complete training on the hard level and get a perfect score (Grand Master).

Once you complete one of the levels of training above, go to any character
select screen (like in arcade mode or practice) and keep pressing up until you
get to the color you want. It's basically the same as you would normally choose
a color for your character.

Also, you can get them all at once just by completing hard and getting a Grand
Master score. You don't have to get them one at a time.

by using this code u'll don't need to beat the training mode, u'll have access 
to all the colors directly's easy the character profile demo, do
this :

Z ,B ,A ,Z ,A ,L ..u should hear a voice telling u "WELCOME" ..

- To play GARGOS,when u turn on the machine,wait for the character profile demo
  then press Z ,A ,R ,Z ,A ,B  ..u should hear GARGOS laugh if the code worked.

No matter which level of difficulty you select, there is a relatively easy path
to get to Gargos. This cheat will require two controllers. First of all, you
must play a two-player Arcade match on the Sky Stage (see below.) Make sure
you select the character you want to use and just select any ol' character as
your opponent.

The next thing you must do is beat up on that second player (I doubt it will be
hard if no one is controlling him. ;-) When you defeat them, do NOT have the
second player continue. If you selected the Arcade mode, then you should now
face off against the computer.

You'll notice that all of the battles against the computer will be on the Sky
Stage Doing an uppercut move near the ledge means an easy knockoff and an easy
win for you. All of your opponents, except Gargos, will battle you in the sky.
This is much, much easier than fighting the characters on their respective
stages. And it gives you an opportunity to "cheat" your way to better records
on the High Scores table! Unfortunately, you still have to contend with Gargos
on his regular stage!

- To view the credits without deafeting GARGOS,wait for the character profile
  demo then press Z ,L ,A ,Z ,A ,R  ..

- To have all the options without finishing the game, wait for the character
  profile demo then press Z ,B ,A ,L ,A ,Z  ..u should hear a voice telling
  you "PERFECT".

- So now u can do 5 supers in KIGOLD,yea if u turn on the FULL SUPER BAR
  Option then if u begin your combo by a pressure move (F+6 for most of the
  characters) or a manual then if u follow it immediatly by a super, u'll be
  able to do 5 supers but don't use the AUTODOUBLES cause if u use them u
  can't do the super in the ultra,u must use the manuals or the pressure move,
  so here's the 71 hits for nealry everybody :

 Pressure,ultra,super's easy and it saves your initials

============================== CREDITS & THANX ===============================

   (KOMBO's thanks these non-members for their contributions to this FAQ)

ROB ................................for Da 99% Damage combos and the SPINAL 73 ...................................for the ALL OPTIONS Code
CURT MAC .................................................for the CREDITS Code
SCOTT MACCALL .............................for the easy way to finish the game
Andre .....................................................for the Colors Code ............................................for the GARGOS Code
KBOND,OUIJA19,EYEDOL,and WAREZGUY ...............for the KIG reviews and menus
GOUKI .....................................for the KIGOLD options explanations
GALTH FEE ......................................for the excelent KIGOLD review
DAVEW .................................for the info about the HIGH SCORE TABLE
TREVOR ...........................................for all the characters moves
DEPECHE ..........................for the ORCHID Ultimate and AWESOME infos !!
NINTENDO .........................because they made the best game ever made !!

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