King's Quest 2 - Romancing the Throne (e)

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                                King's Quest II        --W       E--
                             Romancing the Throne
By: Keith Thoresz

    As king of Daventry you are loved by your people and have the best of all
kingdoms. But something is missing in your life. You walk to your magic mirror
and in it you see a beautiful maiden. Her name is Valanice, and you know she is
to be you queen. But Valanice is very sad, for she was locked in a tower by the
evil witch Hagatha, and you know you must save her. So you lay down your crown
and set off for the kingdom of Kolyma, where you must unlock (literally) the
clues to rescue the beautiful Valanice.
    Before you start: Never use object until told, or else you may have ruined
your chance to score 185 possible points, or it may cost you your life.
    And be careful, don't walk into evil Hagatha, and watch out for dwarves and
evil enchanters. But don't worry, at one point in the game, a fairy will come
down and sprinkle fairy dust on you, which protect's you from Hagatha and the
                                King's Quest II

    To begin your adventure, move King Graham east for two boards.Here you will
see Grandma's house, and a mailbox. Open the mailbox, and inside the mailbox is
a basket of goodies. Get the goodies, and move west. Move south, and wait for a
few seconds.... Little Red Riding Hood should appear on the screen looking sad.
Move over to Red, and type: give girl goodies. In return Little Red Riding Hood
will give you a bouquet of flowers. Now move to the north, then west, and south
for three screens. If Red does not appear move north and then south, waiting a
few seconds on each board for Red to come.
    You will come upon a scene with a log against a tree. The log has nothing
to do with it, but if you look south of the log you will see a clamshell (you
may have to look hard, because the shell blends in with the ground). Walk over
to the shell, pick it up, and underneath the shell there is a bracelet. Pick up
the bracelet, and move Graham to the east. Here you will come upon a scene with
a large tree, and resting against it is a stake, get the stake and then move
Graham back to the west. Move south, and south again. You will see a trident on
the ground, pick it up and move east, and then south.
    Here you are going to see a cave, leave the board as quickly as you can by
going past the cave and going east. On the next board go north and you will see
two dead logs. Move between the log's, and type: get necklace. Then move to the
east, and then south.Lo and behold! There's a door in a tree? Anyway, just open
the door, and walk in. In this room is a ladder. Go down the ladder but be very
careful (there was many a time when I fell off). When you reach the bottom, go
east. You are in a small room, with a fireplace. If there is a dwarf in here
with you, leave the room, go up the ladder (be careful) and go back down again.
The dwarf should have left by now. And now just move in front of the fireplace
(don't worry about being burnt), and type: get soup. Then move in front of the
chest and type: open chest. Inside are some earrings, get the earrings. Now you
may leave. Once outside, go east, north, and you will see a tree with a hole in
it. Move to the north side of the tree and type: get mallet (which is in the
hole). If a dwarf steals you treasure, return to his home and you will find it
in his chest.
    Now move Graham south, and then south again and here you will see a church.
Move to the east, and you will see the door of the church. Go in the door, move
to the altar, and type: pray. Once Graham gets up, the monk praying there will
get up and ask your name. Type: Graham or King Graham. the monk will give you a
cross. Wear the cross, and then leave the church. Move south, and move to the
pile of rocks. Type:look in opening. In the opening is a brooch. Get the brooch
and move back up to the north. Maneuver Graham around the church, and go to the
far left of the board (try not to go off the screen), and then go north.
    Here is a bridge, cross it (don't fall into the chasm). Move Graham to the
east, and then north. What is this? A door is in the middle of nowhere, oh
well! Move to the door, and type: read inscription. Then move back, cross the
bridge again, and move south, and then west for five screens....

                                King's Quest II
                                    Part I

    Here you are back at the starting board (I hope). Move south for two boards
and you will see a mermaid sitting on a rock. Swim to the mermaid and give her
the flowers. She will then summon a seahorse. Get on the seahorse, and it will
lead you to King Neptune (ruler of the ocean). Give the king the trident, and
a giant clam will open, revealing a gold key. Move over to the clam and get the
key. Then move the seahorse east to the next scene.From there the seahorse will
guide you back up to the water. Swim back to shore, and then move south for 3
more scenes, and then east. Move south and enter the cave. Type: take cloth out
of bottle. Then move over to the cage and cover it with the cloth. Get the cage
and exit the cave. Move back up north and swim across the lake (both screens),
go east for two scenes, then south, and east again (pant pant).
    Now you are back at the bridge, cross it, go east and then north. Move over
to the door and unlock it. Upon unlocking it you see another door, and another
inscription. Read the inscription and move back south and the west, and cross
the bridge again....

                                King's Quest II
                                    Part II

    Now go north for four scenes (that includes swimming across the lake) and
you will come upon a little shop. Enter the shop, and an old lady will ask if
she can help you. Give the lady the bird and in return she will give you an old
oil lamp. Exit the shop and then rub the lamp. A genie will appear and he will
give you a magic carpet. Rub the lamp again, and the genie will then give you a
sword. Rub the lamp once more and receive a bridle. Fly on the magic carpet and
it will lead you to the top of a cliff. Move east, and on the next screen is a
poisonous snake. Throw the bridle on the snake and it will turn into a flying
horse. Talk to the horse and it will give you a magic sugar cube, and then fly
away. Move east again and you will see a cave. Enter the cave, and there on a
rock is another key. Move over to the rock and get the key. Exit the cave, and
fly on the carpet again (which will lead you back to the shop).
    Move back south for four screens, and cross the bridge. Go east, and then
north, and unlock the second door. Upon doing that you will reveal a third door
and another inscription. Read the inscription and cross the bridge again.

                                King's Quest II
                                   Part III

    Move south, and then west for three screens. Here you are back at Grandma's
house. Go into Grandma's house and move to Grandma. Give her the soup, and she
will tell you to look under the bed. Look under the bed, and you will be given
a ruby ring and a black cloak. Wear the ring and cloak and then exit Grandma's
house. Move east, and then north for three screens.
    Here you will see a dreary castle on the other side of a poisoned moat. And
in the moat is a boatman. Eat your sugar cube and climb into the boat. When on
the other side, move north, and right in your way are two ghosts. Move past the
ghosts, and open the door.
    When in the castle, move west. Here are some winding stairs. Move up the
stairs carefully (you may want to save your game at this point) and at the top
is a room. Walk over to the dresser and type: open drawer. A drawer will open
revealing a candle. Take the candle and leave. When you are by the torch that's
on the wall, light your candle off of it by typing: light candle. Now move down
to the bottom of the stairs and go east for two screens. Here is a table with a
slab of ham on it. Move to the south end of the table and get the ham. Exit the
room through the passage on your right. Here are a set of narrow stairs. Move
down them with caution, all the way to the bottom. Now go through the passage.
    In this room is a coffin. If it is open, leave the room, and come back in.
(If it's not closed by now, repeat this step). Move to the coffin, open it, and
quickly type: kill dracula. With the mallet you will quickly pound the stake in
dracula's heart. After he dies, he will leave behind a silver key. Also, in his
coffin is a pillow. After retrieving the pillow you will see a gold key! The
last and final key. Exit the room, go up the stairs, and go through the passage
on the north wall. In here are more dangerous stairs. Go up them by constantly
keeping against the wall, and moving diagonally. In here is a chest. Unlock the
chest, and then open it. In the chest is a tiara. Get the tiara, and leave the
castle. When across the moat, blow out your candle, move east for two boards, &
then south for two boards. Cross the bridge, move east, north, and then unlock
the last door. Here you will enter a new world.

                                King's Quest II
                                    Part IV

    No time to enjoy the scenery, you have to get your queen. Move north, and
here you come upon a fishing net. Get the net, move over to the water and fish
until you catch a large golden fish. Get the fish and throw him back into the
water. For saving him, he offers you a ride across the water (how about saving
your game). Ride the fish, and you are thrown onto the shore of an island. Move
east, and here you will see an amulet. Pick up the amulet and move south. Right
in front of you is a tower. Open the door, and walk in. In the tower are some
rickety stairs. Walk carefully up the stairs, and at the top is a lion guarding
the door. Move up to the lion (but not to close) and give him the ham. The lion
will fall asleep, and you can open the door. You've done it. Here is your queen
Valanice (you my kiss her if you wish). Talk to Valanice and tell her your name
Then type: home, and the magical powers of the amulet will send you home. When
you arrive home you are at your wedding. You have won again King Graham!
e back in.
(If it's not closed by now, repeat this step). Move to the coffin, open it, and
quickly type: kill dracula. With the mallet you will quickly pound the stake in
dracula's heart. After he dies, he will leave behind a silver key. Also, in his
coffin is a pillow. After retrieving the pillow you will see a gold key! The
last and final key. Exit the room, go up the stairs