King's Field 2 (FAQ) (e)

Andere Lösungen

This FAQ is based on the one produced by Mark Stephenson 
( with Menu Translation from Japanese by Henry 
Lapierre ( Many thanks to them and to Gamemaster 
Scott ( who very patiently rescued us when we 
got stuck, which happened more times than we like to remember.

Kings Field 2 is the best RPG we have ever played. ASCII have managed to 
take a good game and make it even better by adding refinements such as a 
marvellous mapping system. There are at least three dozen people to talk 
to, and their conversations are recorded for you. Besides all the 
weapons, armour and equipable items, there are over forty items which 
you can use plus a storage facility.

It would be impossible to write a detailed walkthru for each cave and 
dungeon. Exploring with your map in hand is one of the best aspects of 
the game so what follows is a general guide with hints attached. There 
are certain events which will only occur when you have completed certain 
tasks and new areas will open when appropriate. The basic rules are talk 
to everybody each time you see them or pass by; explore thoroughly, and 
note the location of chests that you can't open immediately; kill every 
monster - they drop things as well as money and the experience points 
are good for you and your sword; use magic as much as possible; use the 
noises from behind walls as a guide to hidden areas. SAVE REGULARLY. We 
have included a list of items, and spells but not weapons and armour. 
The weapons have different pros and cons which you can work out for 
yourself. On the whole the Promeus armour is the most physically 
protective, but the Orladin has good magic resistance and other 

You start in Leon's house with only a sword, some leather armour and the 
Light spell. You will acquire a Silviera key from a plant. You need to 
spend time in this area to gain experience and money, but don't try to 
take on the skeletons until you have the Fire spell. When you think 
you're ready use the Silviera key to open the gate into
Follow the rules. You will get the Fire spell by using Marilyn's amulet 
when you find her son. Don't worry if you haven't enough Silviera's keys 
immediately, they will appear later on; and you can take them out to use 
in a different area.
Lots of hidden areas here. (Hint: where there are slots in the wall and 
you can see a target on the far wall, use the bow).
The minstrel in the corner by the two houses will give you a key for 
using in the maze of hedges. (Hint: Varde will take the key when you see 
him so use it everywhere first). He will give you the Pixy Map and 
remove the blocking trees. This allows you to go to
You need to find the Blood herb to cure the little boy so make your way 
past the Danger sign and along the path by the lava river. The little 
boy will give you a Wind crystal that he has found (use it to gain 
entrance to King Harvine's Palace); and a man in the village will put 
another bridge across the lava for you to get to the Cave of Shudom.
Very dark, the torches are unlit and the chests sealed. (Hint: try 
lighting all the torches with Fireball). You will get the Wind spell.
You need the Promeus from the Giant Grey Golem (kill him from the ledge 
with arrows) to use on the Giant Skeleton. You will get the Earth spell.
Joe is blocking the way in so go and have a good night's rest at the Inn 
and then talk to him again. He should have moved out of the way. The 
silver ring is in the first room on the left. You will find doors that 
need a square key but you can only find two keys - don't worry, someone 
sells them (at an extortionate price) but they also turn up in great 
numbers later in the game. This dungeon leads to Lake Noel.
Zul Arifin is standing in the Save point cave. (Make sure to wear your 
Aquarian boots). She will open the room where the dial for altering the 
ice bridges hangs on the wall. Talk to her and pay her a Herb to go into 
the room. (Cheat: turn the dial to the grey/green colour - between light 
blue and light green - and walk across the ice bridges to find the Water 
spell. When you come back, she will have gone but the door will still 
open). Try the other settings, light blue takes you to the other side of 
the lake. Tim sells good items at the most reasonable prices. Later in 
the game when you have the Ichrius key and can travel to any fountain we 
suggest you reset the ice bridges to the fountain and buy items from 
Lots of secret rooms. Three exits to the Cave of the Dwarf; the Ruin of 
the High Elves; and Cason.
Jens will make you Promeus armour if you're strong enough to wear it but 
it takes some time. A real craftsman.
A ghost village. Find Toni who will give you an item to use on the 
petrified man. When she gets back to her cottage she will give you 
another item which you can use on the the petrified monster blocking the 
entrance to the
You can jump off the cliff near the Danger sign. Look before you leap. 
There is an entrance to the Caves of Garan; and the Passage of Death.
A really appropriate name for a dungeon. You will die more often here 
than at any other stage of the game, however strong you are. There are a 
lot of hidden rooms but the walls also contain hidden spears. Save very 
frequently. (Hint: when you go in, turn right and walk up the passage 
avoiding the three spears. Past the last spear on the right hand wall 
there is a small room with a switch for the buzzsaw just inside the 
entrance of the cave on the left. Then go back down the passage and past 
the buzzsaw. After that you're on your own).
By now you will have the three Ichrius items and Excelletor will be at 
level 3. Take them to Leon who will work on them. Wander around for a 
while and then return to his house. (Excelletor will have reverted to 
Level 1 so you need to upgrade it again).
Explore thoroughly. Use Ichrius's Key in the slot in the throne. Go 
through all the blue curtains, one will lead to a warp point to
Explore thoroughly, then warp to the
Explore thoroughly. If you have difficulty with the re-appearing Spider 
women on the lava streams, destroy the heads on the wall first. (We 
destroyed the Dragon King Tree but we don't know if we should have 
Use Ichrius's Key to get to the
Speak to Yvette and find the key she hid. (Hint: follow the path from 
the back of the fountain and search the first tombstones you come to). 
Collect the Moonlight sword from under its force field.
Use Lyn's ring at the fountain and speak to the shade that appears.
Ignore your tombstone. Explore level 1 of the cemetery. After you defeat 
a boss figure, a warp point will appear which takes you to a room on 
level 5. There are 2 other warp points, one of which is inactive (we 
never got it to work). The other one takes you to another room on level 
5 and you will probably die. There are several dragons but the main 
problem is the monster on a ledge behind you. (Hint: try light arrows). 
Across a rope bridge there are two unresponsive stone heads. You need 
two items, one of which you should already have, and the other is in the 
Royal Treasury in the castle. (Hint: they both have to do with 
fairies).Go into the
Explore thoroughly in the Ground Floor, the Prison and the Barracks then 
use the keys to go into the Corridor. Explore and go upstairs. Do not go 
towards the door at the end of the passage until you have been back to 
the stone heads. Defeat your father. Defeat Seath. The end.

Apparently there are different endings - we got the one where peace 
returned and Lyn was brought back to life as Lyle's bride, which we 
thought was fair return for all our hard work. But we would be 
interested to hear of any alternatives.  

Iain and Ann Noble


Earth herb - restores HP.
Antidote - cures poisoning.
Herbal liquid - restores all HP.
Bloodstone - cures adverse conditions eg paralysis.
Moonstone - restores MP.
Dragon crystal - 1) restores all HP, MP and cures adverse conditions; 2) 
in the event of your death returns you to the Dragon King Tree near 
Leon's house.
Crystal flask - use at fountains to hold potion.
Gold potion - restores HP and 100 MP.
Blue potion - restores HP.
Blood herb - needed to heal Airon.
Map of Verdite - general map of the country, also used with Ichrius's 
Key to warp to any fountain.
Pixy map - shows all the areas already visited. The single most useful 
item in the whole game.
Truth glass - describes people and places.
Copper key - use on locked chests with copper hasps.
Silver key - use on locked chests with silver hasps.
Royal key - use on the large gold and blue chests.
Magicians key - use on locked green chests with silver hasps.
Jail key - needed for both prisons.
Orladins key - square key used to unlock doors and small pillars.
Orladins pic - 1) use on the petrified man and monster; 2) use on 
yourself to prevent petrification.
Dwarf's key - needed in the Cave of the Dwarf
Varde's key - needed to move the trees in the Forest of Varde.
Lyn's key - use to unlock the chest in Lyn's house in Ragulo.
Silviera's key - needed to unlock doors in the Ancient Battlefield and 
Barracks area.
Ichrius's key - 1) activates the blue warp curtains in the Ruins of the 
High Elves; 2) use to warp to any fountain in Verdite.
Demon key - needed in the Place of Beginning.
Key of the Corridor - use to open the corridor in Verdite Castle.
Fire crystal - use to increase Fire magic power.
Earth crystal - use to increase Earth magic power.
Wind crystal - use to increase Wind magic power.
Light crystal - use to increase Light magic power.
Water crystal - use to increase Water magic power.
Wise fruit - use to increase intelligence by one point.
Power fruit - use to increase strength.
Verdite - use to increase magic power.
Promeus - ore used to make very strong, but heavy, armour.
Lyn's note - left by her when she goes into the Garan Caves in search of 
her father.
Leon's note - left by him when he realises that creating the Ichrius Key 
will kill him.
Marilyn's amulet - given to you by Marilyn Miller for her son Peter. 
Allows you to access the Fire spell.
Ichrius's eye - use to warp to the gold fountain in Ragulo.
Ichrius's wings - use to warp to the gold fountain in Cason.
Ichrius's crown - use to warp to the gold fountain in the Hill of 
Fairy fossil - petrified fairy needed to gain access to Guyra.

Light spells:
Light; Blessings (cures adverse conditions); Lightning bolt; Flash; 
Fire spells:
Fire ball; Fire wall; Fire storm; Flame; Thedek.
Earth spells:
Earth heal(restores HP); Stone; Earth wave; Meteor; Shudom.
Wind spells:
Wind cutter; Missile shield; Tornado; Freeze; ????
Water spells:
Antidote; Fire resistance; Haze (sprays poison at enemy); Bortecth; ????

(We didn't use Wind and Water enough to get the Level 5 spells)