King's Quest 3 - To Heir is Human (e)

Andere Lösungen
Magic in King's Quest III: A REFERENCE MANUAL
A true "Silicon" Solution, written by Zaphod Beeblebrox

King's Quest part 3 is a 3-D animated adventure game for 
the IBM PC and compatibles. To solve the game, however, 
you need to know some *real* magic formulas. This text is 
intended for adventure-players who are not familiar with 
the ancient science of magic.

Disclaimer:  This list of spells may not be complete.
             No hints or clues are revealed in this text.
             Not all the spells may be required to solve
             the game.



    one jar of lard
    one cactus
    one spoonful of cactus juice
    two drops of toad spittle
    one magic wand


    Cut the cactus with a knife
    Squeeze the cactus juice on spoon
    Put the cactus juice in a bowl
    Put the lard in the bowl
    Add two drops of toad spittle
    Stir the mixture with a spoon
    (Recite this verse)
      Cactus plant and horny toad
      I now start down a dangerous road
      Combine with fire and mist to make
      Me disappear without a trace
    Wave magic wand
    Put ointment in the empty lard jar

You now have a magic ointment that will allow you to turn
invisible (but beware, the ointment only works in a place
where there is both fire and mist).
To cast the invisibility spell, rub the ointment on your 
body. You will be invisible for a short while. You have 
enough for one application.



        one-half cup mandrake root powder
        one small ball of cat hair
        two spoonfuls of fish oil
        one magic wand


        Put mandrake root powder in a bowl
        Put the cat hair in the bowl
        Put two spoons of fish oil in bowl
        Stir the mixture with a spoon (dough will be oily)
        Put the dough on the table
        Pat the dough into a cookie (let harden on table)
        (Recite this verse)
          Mandrake root and hair of cat
          Mix oil of fish and give a pat
          A feline form the one who eats
          this appetizing magic treat
        Wave the magic wand

You have just created a cookie that, when eaten, will turn
the victim into a cat. Forever !



        one cup of ocean water
        one spoonful of mud
        one pinch of toadstool powder
        one magic wand
        one empty jar


        Put the cup of ocean water in bowl
        Light a charcoal brazier
        Heat the bowl on the brazier (heat slowly, but
         not to boiling, then remove from heat)
        Put a spoon of mud in the bowl
        Add a pinch of toadstool powder
        Blow into the hot brew
        (Recite this verse)
          Elements from the earth and sea,
          Combine to set heavens free.
          When I stir this magic brew,
          Great god Thor, I call on you.
        Wave the magic wand
        Pour the storm brew into the jar (to store)

You have mixed a potion that you can use to brew a storm. 
To activate the spell, sitr the storm brew with your 
finger and recite:

                Brew of storms,
                Churn it up!

Outdoors, a rainstorm complete with thunder and lightning 
will occur. It will last for some time, but will 
eventually rain itself out. If you wish to stop it 
earlier, recite:

                Brew of storms,
                Clear it up !



        one spoonful of salt grains
        one sprig of dried mistletoe
        one smooth rounded stone of unusual color
        one magic wand


        Grind a spoon of salt in a mortar (with a pestle)
        Grind the mistletoe in the mortar
        Rub the stone in the mixture
        Kiss the stone
        (Recite this verse)
          With this kiss, I thee impart,
          Power most dear to my heart.
          Take me now form this place to hither,
          To another place far thither
        Wave the magic wand

You now own a charm which will allow you to cast the 
random teleportation spell. To cast the spell, rub the 
stone. It will instantly wisk you away from where you are. 
Remain alert, however -- even though you can use the spell 
to run away from danger, nothing guaranteed that you will 
not arrive in a more precarious situation that the one you 
left. The power of the charm remains for as long as you 
retain the stone.



        three dried acorns
        one cup of nightshade juice
        one magic wand
        one empty pouch


        Grind the acorns in a mortar (with a pestle)
        Put the acorn powder in a bowl
        Put the nightshade juice in the bowl
        Stir the mixture with a spoon
        Light a charcoal brazier
        Heat the mixture on the brazier (boil the mixture   
         until the nightshade juice is almost gone, then    
         remove from heat)
        Spread this mixture on a table (wait until dry)
        (Recite this verse)
          Acorn powder ground so fine
          Nightshade juice like bitter wine,
          Silently in darkness you creep
          To bring a soponfic sleepA
        Wave the magic wand
        Put the sleep powder in the pouch (for              

You have now mixed a powder for casting a sleep spell over 
whoever is nearby. To cast the spell, pour the sleep 
powder on the ground (or floor) in a dank, dark place. 
Then recite:

                Slumber, henceforth!



        one small feather from a bird
        one tuft of fur from any animal
        one dried reptile skin
        one rounded spoonful of powdered fish bone
        one thimbleful of dew
        one magic wand


        Put the small feather in a bowl
        Put the fur in the bowl
        Put the reptile skin in the bowl
        Add a spoonful of powdered fish bone
        Put a thimbleful of dew in the bowl
        Mix with hands (mixture will now be doughy)
        Separate mixture into two pieces
        Put dough pieces into your ears
        (Recite this verse)
          Feather of a fowl and bone of fish,
          Molded together in this dish,
          Give me wisdom to understand
          Creatures of air, sea and land
        Wave the magic wand

You will now be able to understand the speech of animals,
birds and fish. You will not, however, be able to speak to
them. The spell will last as long as the dough is in your 



        one tail feather from any eagle (to become eagle)
        one pair of fly wings (to become a fly)
        one pinch of saffron
        rose petal essence
        one magic wand


        Put a pinch of saffron in essence
        (Recite this verse)
          Oh winged spirits, set me free
          Of earthly bindings, just like thee.
          In this essence, behold the might
          To grant the precious gift of flight
        Wave the magic wand.

You now have a potion which will allow you to cast the
transformation spell. To cast the spell any time later:
Dip the eagle feather in the essence (to become an eagle)
Dip the fly wings in the essence (to become a fly)

You will turn into an eagle or a fly. If you do not 
transform back into yourself, the spell will wear off
after some time has passed. You can use this spell until
your rose petal/saffron potion is gone.

To return to your own form before the spell wears off, 
this verse:
                Eagle, begone!
                Myself, return!
                Fly, begone!
                Myself, return!

This completes my list of magic formulas in
King's Quest III. If you still can't finish the game,
you can order a hint book from Sierra On-Line.
You can contact them at: 

Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Coarsegold, California 93614
Telephone: (209) 683-6858

Copyright (C) 1988 ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX