Koala Lumpur - Reise ins Chaos (e)

Andere Lösungen
Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge Strategy Guide Written by Doug Radcliffe

Dingo Tu-Far's Trailer 
Land of Lost Things 
Stream of Consciousness 
Eye in the Sky 
End Game 


Dingo Tu-Far's Trailer 

Once you arrive at Dingo's home, Koala will run off to the bathroom and leave you
to investigate. Be sure to enter the trailer and read the three books in the desk;
one of the books contains a keycard, and the other books include vital information.
Check inside the refrigerator-like structure -- Dingo is trapped in there. There are
two ways to get him out; open up the file cabinet with the passcode or destroy the file
cabinet with the rocket launcher outside. 

Get the keycard out of the green book; inside the yellow book is the password for the
main computer system downstairs. The password is "steamer" (guess Dingo never got around
to changing it). In the purple book is the coded passcode for the filing cabinet. Look
carefully at the bottom of the pages. The passcode is "PEMEMEZ." The other symbols allow
you to decode the message. More on that later. Open up the bathroom door to get Koala's
attention; he'll join you on your adventure now. Open the file cabinet and get Dingo's
attention. Be sure to check out the TV and telephone for some humor. 

Go outside to the left of the trailer to find the elevator. Click on the elevator to get
a close-up and then use the keycard on the slot to activate it. Enter the elevator and
turn the crank to get it started. Then press "down." 

The lab is currently dark and without power. Move you and Koala about 180 degrees to
find the power switch; turn it on. Scattered around the lab is some of Dingo's clothing;
pick it all up and stash it in your inventory. Near most of the clothing is a  fusebox-
like terminal. Click on it to get a close-up. This is the network hook-up. The left-side
bar of computers is the one you will be using. The top bar of computers is what you will
be connecting to. So put the switch at the intersection of the left-side wavy red spiral
lines and the top bar lock symbol. Once that is done, exit the screen and move right until
you see another computer terminal (the one across from the tape recording system; listen to
Dingo's logs for some more humor). 

Click on the computer. Type in the password "steamer." Move the down arrow to get to the
decoding program. Push the infinity symbol at top. Type in the passcode "PEMEMEZ." Hit the
?? - !! button and enter. You will see the decoded passcode, which is "BANANAS." Hit the
button that shows a piece of paper. This sends the information through the network to the
other computer system (the file cabinet). Go back to the file cabinet. 

Turn on the computer and hit the right button. The computer will use the current passcode
to activate. The cabinet will now try to verify that you are Dingo Tu-Far, so you must
retrieve a piece of clothing from Koala's fez and hold it up under the "sniffer," which
comes out of the freezer area (take out Dingo's Hawaiian shirt; it works). Once that is
done, the cabinet will open and Dingo will be free. 

If you'd like to use the rocket launcher method instead (it is funnier), try this. When
you are down in the computer lab, move the network switch to the intersection of the mixed
person symbol (on the left) and the red wavy spiral symbol (on the top). Move to the terminal
to your left and click on it. Make the correct picture of Dingo Tu-Far and hit the "send to
network" button. Now, move back to the network connection terminal and put the switch to the
intersection of the wavy red spiral symbol (on the left) and the skull symbol (on the top).
Go up top to the rocket launcher terminal (keep going left past Koala's ship to the first
terminal). Turn on the rocket launcher terminal, confirm the target and fire. 

After Dingo is free from the file cabinet, you must fix his brain by replacing his marbles.
Just pick up the two marbles, put them in the brain and then click on the brain to close it.
After that has been completed, you will be presented with a starmap. You can pick any
destination, but for the sake of this walkthrough, just go in a clockwise direction. So
click the upper-right picture/destination, which is the Land of Lost Things.