The Last Ninja (e)

Andere Lösungen
Last Ninja


Save the game before you fight or cross the rivers! (You can restart after you 
lost your life or power.) 


I am not good at things like this so I developed the following. Enter a screen 
where there is to be combat. Get in a telling blow without getting hurt and 
then back out. Save the game and then repeat until you kill the guy. If it is 
a screen where the guy revives after you leave (yes, it happens alot) don't 
save it here but wait for a save screen. I did it this way and won. 

LEVEL 1: The Wastelands

Get all the flashing objects. You don't have to kill all the enemies. However, 
you must pick things up in order. You don't have to cross the rivers in this 
level, you will endup circling around. 

After you get the sword, numchucks (chained sticks on a dead body), smoke 
bomb, key, and a little bag. Then you go to the place where you found the 
smoke bomb. The color of the river is red (probably lava), jump to the upper 
right corner (you will be at another screen). Then, you will find the apple 
(extra life, if you still have 3 lifes, you will get a total of 4 lifes. Also 
if you have low power status, press contrl-H to kill yourself (get the apple 
first), then you can get another apple). Later on, you will find the ninja 
star (these is limited, save them). 

When you get to the screen where you see a pink dragon, the only way to pass 
this screen is to throw one of your smoke bomb (you must throw the bomb in 
front of the dragon), then the dragon will fall to sleep, walk over and you 
have passed the first level. 

LEVEL 2: The Wilderness

You have more things to get, I don't think that you can enter the house in the 
first screen of the 2nd level. Get the claw in that screen (it's very small, 
in front of the stone lion (right side)) 

Later on you will find apples again. When you reach the screen with a tall 
cliff, you have to climb up the cliffs (with the claw, of course). When you 
get to the screen with a brick wall, climb down backward. Don't forget to hold 
the claw.. (Do it on the right side of the wall, the white part on the bottom 
of the wall is ok.) 

Cross the river on the next screen. In this area you find the glove and ninja 
magic which makes you flash. Get the glove and then the magic. Hurry to 
recross the river, go up and cross the river again. Hurry, fighting if you 
have to, and find the two stone dragons, the second one will fire at you but 
if you have ninja magic still working fast enough you can get by. You have 
passed the 2nd level. 

LEVEL 3: The Gardens

You will find another apple tree, get it. First you have to get a golden 
necklace on the budda's neck (where you have to cross the river through the 
rocks on the river) This river has a blue dragon, don't pay any attention to 
it, it won't fire at you. 

After you get the thing, go back. Find the flower. Pick up with flower with 
your glove. Keep going ahead. When you see a small river (with no rocks), jump 
over the river. 

Later on, you will find a golden Budda Statue, kneel in front of it with the 
golden necklace and you have passed level 3. 

LEVEL 4: The Dungeon

This is the fun part with nice graphics, don't even think about fighting the 
gaint spider, or killing the ghosts or mice (you don't have to kill them 
anyway). The easiest way to kill the skeletons is to kick them once. 

Again, find the apple and a rope. Walk around until you find a chamber with 2 
rows of steel rings on the wall (like a ladder), kill the enemy and climb up 
with the rope. 

LEVEL 5: The Palace

Get the apple again (This is the last one). On the same screen, use the key to 
enter the door. You then want to go left. 

In this screen, you can get by the guard without fighting and he will commit 
hari kari. Sort of neat. You will then be in a room with a giant statue. Save 
it here. 

Get next to the statue and slowy (clinging as closely as possible to the 
statue and facing up, toward the statue) work youR way slowly around the 
statue. The sword will eject and you will be safe. 

This next part is crucial in my opinion. Proceed forward to the next screen 
and almost (not quite) kill the guy there. Then go back to the statue screen 
and go up. (Note if you save the game on the screen with the statue, you will 
have to get by the statue again). In the upper screen, kill the guard and get 
the Ninja magic. This is short lived and you have to move quickly. Return to 
the screen where you almost killed the guy, finish him off and exit using the 
red stairs. If you do not have sufficient magic, you will die on the stairs. 

LEVEL 6: The Inner Sanctum

This level starts as a hallway in which there are four rooms. The fourth 
contains poison (needed later) and the third the passage to continue. Each 
room has a guard outside and there is one in the third room. Trying to figure 
it out, I found that the level is a wrap around. Therefore the best way to go 
on (with the least amount of fighting) is to exit up the screen instead of 
down. This puts you in front of the fourth door. 

Kill the guard, then go get the poison. Come back and kill the guard again, go 
to the third room (exit up), kill the guard, enter the room and kill the 
guard. The exit the door way up and hold the flower. Walk to the last big vase 
at the end of the room. The flower will be put in the vase causing a secret 
passage to be revealed. SAVE THE GAME. 

The next part takes practice. Hold the poison bottle and carry no weapon. In 
the next room, you see a grey dog, walk slowly and when the dog wakes up, 
throw the posion bottle. You must throw it right in front of the dog. Then you 
enter another room with a giant statue with a big arrow . In the upper side of 
the corridor where you enter, there is some red (blood?) on the carpet. This 
is concealing some ninja magic. Get it and you are by. Don't save it now, wait 
for the next screen. There is one guy to kill and then the master. He is tough 
(wearing armour) but beatable. Then you are in the last screen. Save your 

Put away any weapon. There are two squares, you must jump and land inside the 
smaller. Then take the scroll and watch the ending.