Lemmings (e)

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                           LEMMINGS - Complete Docs!


A lemming can do the following:  Climb
                                 Blow Up Blockers (he he)
                                 Build Bridges
                                 Dig Tunnels - across, diagonally and down

The Game

Lemmings is an intriguing one or two player game in which you help hordes of
otherwise-mindless creatures - knows as walkers - escape over 100 hostile

Lemmings drop through a trapdoor onto each screen and, as they're creatures
of very little brain, they need all the help they can get to survive the
dangers that lie within.

To assist these cuddly, yet suicidally stupid creatures you use your mouse
(similar to a lemming but i has buttons) to select a skill from the panel
of icons at the base of the screen, to perform that skill. You have a strict
time limit in which to get a required percentage of the little perishers
through each level.

A quick brain, the ability to plan ahead and lifetime's dedication to save a
Lemming Campaign are required to get the right Lemming to perform the right
action at the right time. A forgotten Blocker or a misplaced bridge could
spell disaster for every lemming on screen.

Before Play Commences

Lemmings is organised into four increasingly difficult game categories: FUN,
TRICKY, TAXING and MAYHEM. The FUN category consists of 30 levels and is
designed to familiarise you with the game concept and how to work with
Lemmings skill attributes. You don't have to start with this category: You
can go directly to any of the higher skill categories but we suggest that you
begin with at least a few of the levels in the FUN category to get the feel
of the game before proceeding to the more difficult categories. TRICKY,
and MAYHEM increase in difficulty with the MAYHEM level being the most
difficult. Each of the game categories has 30 levels.


After you complete each level you are shown a password on screen. Make a note
of it, as you will be able to go directly to that level when you play
again and dont wish to re-play a level you have already mastered.

Starting the game

Click on the One-Player icon to begin a One-player game.

Click on the Two-Player icon to begin a Two-player game.

Click on the New Level icon to select a level that you've reached before.
Enter the password then select a one- or two-player game.

Click on the Music/FX icon to toggle between playing with music and limited
sound effects or no music but full sound effects.

Click on the up/down arrows icon (on the right hand side of the screen) to
select a style of play: FUN is the easiest mode, followed by TRICKY, TAXING
aand MAYHEM (MAYHEM being the hardest). Each style features 30 levels,
complete them all and youre taken to the next style up in play.

Style has no effect in a two-player game.


Mouse (A second Mouse is required for a two-player game)

Point and click on your chosen icon (or use Z, X or the cursor keys) to
highlight it then - if required - point and click on selected Lemming.

Pushing your mouse left or right to the screen edge scrolls the play area -
simultaneously holding the right mouse button scrolls faster. You may also
scroll the screen by dragging the cursor over the small map (right of icon
panel) or instantly zoom to any area of the level by clicking in the map.

P pauses the game

Each level displays an access password when completed/


 1  * Decrease flow of Lemmings on to the level
 2  * Increase flow of Lemmings on to the level
 The following are the skills you can give to Lemmings
 3    Climber - Climbs vertical surfaces
 4    Floater - A brolly opens to ensure a safe descent
 5    Bomb to dispatch single Lemmings ( one way to get rid of Blockers )
 6    Blocker - stands with arms outstretched to block the passage of fellow
 7    Bridge Builder - builds bridges, each limited to twelve building
      When a Lemming has laid his twelfth brick he turns to look at you for a
      moment . . . if you click on him again he will lay another twelve
      and so on, otherwise he stops building and becomes a Walker once again.
 8    Basher - digs horizontally, will only dig when a suitible surface is
      directly ahead of him
 9    Miner - uses a pick to dig diagonally down
10    Digger - burrows vertically
11  * Pause - gives you time to think
12    Nuke 'Em destroys all lemmings - should you find yourself in a 'no-win'
      situation (double click ot activate)

The green display to the right of the icons depicts the whole level.

The square cursor on that display depicts the current area shown on-screen.

Each skill may only be used a limited number of times (shown above eacch

* (one-player mode only)

Directly above the icon panel are (left to right):

Lemming identifier, plus the number of Lemmings currently under the cursor

Number fo Lemmings currently occupying the level

% of rescued Lemmings

Time remaining to complete level

The Two-Player Game

in two-player mode the screen is vertically divided in two by a Lemming level
indicator. This indicator displays the amount of Lemmings each player has
successfully rescued from the level.

The left player controls blue Lemmings the right, green. Each player has his
own exit and competes to get as many Lemmings (either his or his opponents)
safely through it.

Each player has 40 Lemmings in his team on the first level but on later
this number is dependent on how many Lemmings were saved by individual
the previous level.

i.e. Lemmings saved are added to players' initial 40 for the next level.

lemmings instinctively head off in the direction of their own exit as soon as
they enter the level.

Each player has his own set of skill icons.

Pressing the 'P' key pauses the game.

Both players have to click on Nuke 'Em for Lemming annihilatiohn to take

The two-player game consists of 20 levels and is played until both players
to rescue any Lemmings.

Some Points to Note

Metal (shown as square plates and usually used to contain liquids) can not be
dug through or exploded away.

Builders stop contstructing bridges:
(I) When they run out of blocks
(II) If the bridge hits a solid object
(III) If the Lemming hits his head untill they fall

Miners and diggers keep digging untill they fall.

Bashers keep digging until there is no more land in front of them.

A Climber or Floater retain these skills untill the current level is won (or
lost) or untill they die - a Lemming given both these skills becomes an

All other skill icons take effect as soon as you click on a Lemming - care
must be taken that there is something to dig in front of a basher or he
will be give up straight away and you will have wasted a skill.