Lost World - Jurassic Park (Arcade) (e)

The Lost World:  Jurassic Park (Arcade) FAQ by Joshua Harring 

Hello.  Welcome to my FAQ for The Lost World.  This is one of Sega's newest shooting 
games and it's pretty good, especially with its gigantic, detailed dinosaurs and 
surround-sound cabinet.  This FAQ explains some general rules to the game and gives 
some tips for the levels.  I've actually only gone through this whole game only once 
(although I've watched other people play it) and it's quite a quarter-guzzler so I 
probably won't play it very much anymore because there are better games that aren't 75 
cents to start and continue.  So I might mess something up or leave something out and 
if you see that, don't hesitate to email me at harring@student.umass.edu.  I will be 
happy to update the FAQ with your contribution.  Thanks and enjoy.

General stuff

If you've played Sega's House of the Dead in the arcades, you kinda know this game 
already.  There's no Virtua Cop-like big yellow target circle to tell you what to 
shoot; you basically have to shoot any dinosaur you see.  Of course, don't shoot any 
innocent humans or you lose a life.  You start with only three lives and lose one each 
time you take a hit.  You get five shots and have to reload by shooting off the 
screen.  Pretty standard shooter stuff.

The basic enemy in this game is a Raptor.  You can usually see them rushing towards 
you or jumping over something to get at you.  They take one hit.  Sometimes they'll 
appear out of practically nowhere and you have almost no reaction time.  That's why 
you should usually keep your gun pointed at the screen even when there appears to be a 
lull in the action.

There are other "normal" enemies like Spitters and Compys.  Spitters fire projectiles 
which you can't avoid so you must shoot them pretty quickly.  Compys are those little 
tiny annoying ones that are always in packs of a couple dozen or so.  They can be 
found jumping all over humans many times.

And then there are the really really big bosses.  Here is where a new technique is 
introduced in a shooting game.  Against these bosses, little circles appear on them as 
they're going to strike.  These indicate target points which you must shoot.  The 
circles change color from white to green to yellow to orange to red to flashing red.  
If you haven't shot all the circles before at least one of them ends its flashing red 
stage, then you will get hit by the dinosaur (or something else happens).  If you are 
successful in shooting them all, the dinosaur backs off and prepares for another 
strike.  Therefore shooting wildly against a boss isn't recommended.  Precision is 
better, although many times there won't be much time to shoot the circles.  In those 
cases, shooting rapidly into the general area where a circle is can help.

As in House of the Dead, saving a human from death via dinosaur rewards you.  They 
either give you an extra life or a power-up.  I've seen laser shot, grenade, and 
lightning as power-ups.  Laser shot puts a little red sniper circle on the screen to 
show you where you're aiming.  Grenade makes your gun fire powerful shots that explode 
on contact.  Lightning makes your gun fire blasts of lightning which I think makes 
accuracy easier.  Every so often you will see a little Powerbar on screen which you 
can shoot.  Shooting three of these will give you an extra life.  Remember not to 
shoot the human you're trying to save (surprising how easy it is to do).

As in the recent Sega shooting games, there are different paths you can take through 
each level.  What's different is you don't actually select where you want to go.  
Where you go is determined by success or failure at certain accuracy tests.  Failing 
usually takes you on a harder path.

In two-player games, when you fight the bosses, sometimes if you fail to shoot all the 
circles, the boss may pick up one of you and hold you in its teeth.  If this happens, 
the picked-up player must press Start repeatedly while the other player must shoot 
circles.  If you are successful, the boss drops you and you escape damage; if you 
fail, you take damage.

And now for the game:

Stage 1

Starts off pretty basic.  Shoot the Raptors running at you.  You can shoot barrels of 
Nitro on the screen to cause a big explosion and take out enemies in the vicinity.  
After a minute or so you'll see a guy who's been wounded.  He'll point you towards 
more enemies running at you and then after that you'll see him being dragged away.  
Shoot the dinosaur, not the guy.  Sounds simple, I know, but it's amazing how many 
people screw it up.  Then after some more shooting you'll see another guy who talks to 
you and then Spitters attack him.  Shoot them quickly before they release their deadly 
spit.  After this section you will then run into a giant T-rex female.  She's not a 
very difficult boss, you just have to shoot the circles when you see them.  Against 
this and every other boss, you can shoot them at any time to cause very small amounts 
of damage with each shot.  But you could just as easily save your stamina and 
concentrate on shooting the circles because they will never attack without the circles 
appearing.  Once she's dead you're off to the next stage.

Stage 2

If I remember correctly you're in your car heading into a part with a lot of 
Brachiosaurs.  One of them will lift its feet up to stomp you.  You must shoot the 
circles on the foot before it comes crashing down.  Then I think after this is a high-
speed section with Raptors running after you.  During this scene is a part where a guy 
on a motorcycle gets chased by them.  Shoot to the left of the guy to take out the 
Raptors running after him.  I think he gives you the Grenade power-up if you save him.  
Then further on is the part where you have to shoot a Stegosauras (or was it a 
Triceratops?).  If you fail this your car goes flying.  I don't know what happens if 
you succeed.  You're not injured in the car crash, but now you have to shoot Raptors 
running towards you.  After this section, you turn your car back on its wheels and 
drive over a skinny bridge.  A few Raptors run after you, and then the boss appears in 
the lake.  (I forgot what his name was, I know it started with a D though...)  He will 
float around underneath for a while and then raise up to strike.  Shoot the circles to 
make him fall back in the water.  He then does this some more with different timing 
each time.  Once you get all his energy down, you start to drive away, but then he 
suddenly appears behind you and charges towards you on the bridge.  You have to shoot 
the circles very quickly.  Once you do this, the boss plops into the lake and you 
drive off to the next stage.

Stage 3

This is the lab and it starts off with lots of Raptors charging you.  At one point a 
door opens and they charge out.  Then you see a guy get knocked over by one.  You must 
shoot the Raptor to save him and get Lightning.  Another Raptor will jump on a ceiling 
fan and the blades will fall down.  You must shoot the circles on each blade to avoid 
harm.  You'll then go up some stairs while being attacked constantly.  You'll round a 
corner and find a guy getting pounced upon by Compys.  Don't shoot crazily here or you 
are almost guaranteed to hit the guy and kill him.  Instead, pick off the Compys one 
by one with accurate shots.  If you see one in front of him facing you, shoot it first 
because it's getting ready to jump at you.  Don't worry too much about the guy getting 
killed by them unless you're really slow.  After this, you'll see some Raptors inside 
a room and you must now lock the door.  To do this, you have to input the password.  
The game shows you the correct number sequence and then you must shoot the numbers the 
exact same way.  Count the numbers out loud as they appear so that you remember them 
better.  This isn't hard but many people screw it up because they don't pay attention 
or understand what's going on.  If you are successful the door is locked and the 
Raptors don't come out.  If you fail, they bust through the door and you must shoot 
them.  After that you run down a tunnel.  You must shoot the circles on each 
successive wall to escape.  If you fail this, the wall comes down and traps you.  You 
must then shoot the Raptors as they charge out of the very dark area.  After this, you 
then escape.

Stage 4

You then realize that Ian and Sarah have gone in the dome and decide to take a 
shortcut.  You must shoot the top of the dome in one shot to fire a rope that catches 
on the top that you slide down.  I don't know what happens if you fail this as it's 
not too difficult to do.  You then start to slide down, but Pteranodons appear.  You 
have to shoot them in the head to take them down.  Shooting them in the wings doesn't 
do very much.  After fending them off, you then proceed down into the dome where you 
find Ian and Sarah.  You go down to them only to find they are running away from the 
boss (forgot his name, too).  This is a "chameleon-type dinosaur" that only appears 
when he's going to strike.  When he gets down to about half energy or so, you decide 
to get out of here by taking the elevator.  You take a lift up to the second level and 
start running for the elevator.  Before you make it though, you have to shoot the 
circles on the dinosaur from long-range.  If you fail this, he stomps the ground, and 
part of the floor gives way, dropping you down to the lower level again.  You then run 
for the lift again and get back up to the second level and run for the elevator again 
only to find that he busts through the floor and appears right in front of you.  
Shooting him diverts him away and you make it to the elevator, where a cleverly placed 
Raptor is right inside.  Another Raptor also tries to get inside before the doors 
close so shoot him.  The elevator then starts to move, but the boss stomps the ground 
again and causes it to stop.  The doors open and he's right there again.  Shoot him 
some more until he's dead.  Then you escape.

Stage 5

There's another guy getting attacked by Compys in this stage so use the same strategy 
as you did before to save him.  Once you get inside the trailer thing, you are in big 
trouble because the Mom and Dad T-rexes appear on either side of you.  You have to 
shoot each one to get them away from the windows.  Then the mom will rip off the top 
of the trailer and you have to shoot the pieces as they fall down at you. Then you 
escape in your car and start driving away only to have the T-rex female chase you.  
This part is dark but there's a light where your gun is pointing.  You'll see the 
female running after you (fast, ain't she?) and you have to shoot the circles to make 
her back off each time she's about to strike.  Once you get all her energy down, she 
falls to the ground, but just before she dies, she calls her mate.  The T-rex male 
starts to chase you now.  Some people in front of you point you to the right so you 
drive your car that way and stop.  You then turn around to see the T-rex run past you 
and then you hear it killing the people who were just there.  One of them escapes 
through the building obscuring your view but then the T-rex busts through the building 
and turns to face you.  You must now fight it.  It sees two parked cars in front of 
it, so you must shoot the circles each time it looks at them.  If you fail this, it 
picks up a car and flings it at you, and you must then quickly shoot the circles on 
the car.  After this, you'll shoot it some more, and then drive away, only to find 
you're in a dead-end.  You'll then turn around to see the T-rex staring right at you, 
and if you don't sense a bit of panic now, you're probably not human.  Gunfire from 
the tower next to you will distract the T-rex for a moment.  You must then shoot the 
circles which appear.  If you fail this, the T-rex grabs the guy out of the 
tower(causing the tower to fall on you) and eats him, which is bad for you because 
this HEALS the T-rex some.  You then shoot it some more until it finally falls to the 
ground, dead.  You then escape via helicopter.  Yippee.

That's it!  If you're an average-to-great shooter you'll probably beat this game in 
under $10, even with the fact that it costs 75 cents/play.

This FAQ was written by me, Joshua Harring.  If you spotted something missing or 
incorrect about this game, feel free to email me at harring@student.umass.edu.  You 
may not post this on any website unless it is written in its entirety, including this 
disclaimer.  Thanks to Jeff Veasey of www.gamefaqs.com for posting this.

Copyright 1998 Joshua Harring
The Lost World:  Jurassic Park is copyright Sega.