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For your Nintendo 64!


Version 1.0, By Dane Lagasse

   1. How to contact me
   2. Game controls
   3. Starting a new game
   4. Working on your golf swing
   5. On the greens
   6. Miscellaneous
   7. Tricks and Cheats
   8. Credits

   Note from the author:
      Hey all, Dane here. You should really try this great game, whether
      or not you're a golf fanatic. It has the arcade elements essential
      in any game featuring Mario and the gang, and the sim elements
      essential in any golf game. Now, let's learn how to play!


   Name: Dane Lagasse
   ICQ: Visit and send me a message
          via my web pager.

   Note: I do not usually just add people to my ICQ contact list, so
           your best bet in getting in contact with me is using my
           web pager.
   As always, I welcome any e-mails I get. Feel free to request an FAQ
   for any game, or send me questions about any game. I'm also open to
   suggestions about my FAQs.


   ** Hitting the ball
             Control Stick: Aim your shot
             A Button: Press once to start the cursor moving, press again
                            when it reaches the leftmost point, and a third time
                            when it comes back to the start
             B Button: Toggle power shot on or off
             Z Button: Hold and move control stick to determine point of 
                            contact with the ball.
             Start Button: Pause the game
             C< and C>: Change club selection

   ** Putting
             Control Stick: Aim your putt
             A Button: Press once to start the cursor moving, press again
                            to determine the power of the putt
             B Button: Toggle power shot on or off
             Start Button: Pause the game
             C< and C>: Change putter selection

   ** While not hitting
             C Buttons: Make noises to supposedly psyche the other player out
             Control Pad: More noises


   ** Training Mode
             Play in any of the courses you've opened.

   ** Ring Shot
             In a test of accuracy, you must shoot your ball through
             a number of rings and still manage to make par.

   ** Speed Golf
             Rip up the course as fast as you can. If you make 18 holes
             in under an hour, you can earn course points and you can view
             your time in the clubhouse.

   ** Get Character
             This mode is HARD. You have to challenge a character in 18
             grueling holes, and if you emerge victorious, you can play as
             that character in other modes.

   ** Match Game
             In this mode, you compete a full round of golf and whenever you
             win a hole, you get a point. The round will be stopped if the leader
             is so far ahead, a catch-up is impossible.

   ** Club Slots
             This mode is for 2 players and up only. A slot machine determines
             which clubs each player will use before each hole. 

   ** Stroke Play
             This is just plain golf. Complete 18 holes with as few strokes as
             possible to win.

   ** Skins Match
             This is another multiplayer game. The winner of each hole wins a 
             skin, an amount of money. The person who has the most skins at the
             end of 18 holes is declared the winner.

   ** Tournament
             This one-player mode pits you against other golfers. Get a birdie or 
             better, and you win a Birdie Badge. This is the best way to win course
             points that go toward new courses.

As you can see, there are MANY modes to choose from, which makes the replay
value for this game almost unbelievable. I guarantee you'll never get bored.


   ** Hitting the ball
             See section 2, "Game controls", to learn how to hit.

   ** Correct Timing
             You'll have to practice with the swinging mechanism in Mario Golf
             because it's not as simple as the first golf game for the N64.

             After you press A for the first time, the next time you'll be
             determining the distance your ball will travel. If you can get
             it all the way to the left, your ball will go as far as possible.
             The third time you press it, you're determining accuracy. If you
             get this off even a little bit, your chances of duffing (basically 
             screwing up) are much higher. Get both of these on perfect when
             using a power shot is truly a sight to see, and you will not use
             up one of your power shots when you do.

             All I can instruct you to do is to practice as much as possible 
             before entering the major tournament modes and before trying to
             win a secret character.

   ** Power shots
             When you first step up to your ball, by default, the power shot
             option will be set to OFF. Press B to turn it on. Your shot will go
             much further than normal, but you only get 6 power shots for 18
             holes. However, if you get the shot perfect distance and accuracy,
             the number of power shots won't be decremented.

   ** Club selection
             Selecting your club will depend on what type of ground your ball
             is currently lying on. The computer will select a usually OK club
             for you to use. Generally, it's not a good idea to use a wood (W) in
             deep rough, or just plain rough for that matter. Definitely not in
             the sand. The general rule is: the closer to the hole, the higher the
             number of the club. I know in real life, some people like to chip
             with their 5 irons (I). My suggestion? Don't. Use the basic clubs
             such as the pitching wedge (PW) or 9 iron. And DON'T use your
             driver on the fairway. It won't go anywhere.

   ** Player selection
             I suggest using Mario. He's everyone's favorite player and mine.
             Usually, when you win characters, they're better than the ones
             that are selectable from the start.

   ** Special situations
             When in the sand, use your sand wedge (SW) to chip the ball
             out from the sand. It's pointless trying to make a shot toward 
             green from a fairway bunker. Your main goal here should be
             to simply get out of the sand.

             When your ball lands in the water, 1 stroke will be added to 
             score and you'll have a shot near the water you went in to.
             There is NO way you can hit out of the water, so stay
             clear of it at all costs.


   ** How to putt correctly
             Look up on the left side of your screen. It will say how far
             it is to the cup. Now look on the bottom left corner. It will
             tell you what putter you have. (30 ft putter, 200 ft putter,
             etc) This will involve some math skills. If you are using 
             your 30 ft putter (the ball will go 30 feet if hit perfectly),
             and you are 15 feet away from the hole, you should wait til
             the cursor is in the middle of the power bar before pressing
             the A button again.
             Let this concept soak in and you'll get it. This goes for all 
             clubs, not just your putter.

   ** Looking at slopes
             On the first greens you encounter, they will be more or less
             straight. Later on, however, the greens will become more 
             wavy. There is no accuracy A button press when putting, so
             you must aim with the control stick before your putt.

   ** Wet greens
             When it's raining, the water will make the greens slower.
             Aim for about 3 feet after the hole. Note that the fast your
             ball is moving, the less it will be affected by slopes on the

   ** Mind game
             When you're not putting and one of your friends is, press the
             the C buttons or the control pad to "distract" them. While this
             usually won't mess up their putt, it really does annoy them and
             therefore I recommend it. Try out Mario's "Fooooooore!!!!"... That
             seems to really work.


   ** Wind - friend or foe?
             Another factor in how far your ball goes is wind. It can be your
             worst enemy or your best friend. For example, if you're against
             the wind, your ball won't go nearly as far, so use a club that 
             would normally go flying past the point your aiming to. If
             the wind is blowing in the same direction as your ball, it
             will go much further than normal. (Try using a power shot
             with the wind in your favor and get it perfect, sweet!) And
             sometimes, when the fairway curves to the left and the wind
             is blowing to the left, it can be truly rewarding. 

             If you're aiming straight and the wind is blowing to the side,
             aim to the opposite side. Simply thinking logically when wind 
             is a factor can save your score.

   ** Getting new characters
             When trying to get a new character, golf intelligently. Don't try
             anything different than what works for you. Don't take too many
             risks, like trying to use a power shot that would JUST make it 
             over a water hazard. Trust me, you don't have to be superman
             to get these characters.

             I recommend practicing a LOT before entering this mode. It is

   ** Mini-golf
             This is a very original multiplayer concept. You putt inside letters
             and numbers against 1 to 3 of your friends. Sounds easy, huh? Not 
             quite. The walls can easily bank the ball further away from the hole 
             than you were when you started. I suggest getting the August issue
             of Nintendo Power to help you out.


   ** Password Screen
             On the main menu, select Clubhouse and hold Z, R, and A.
             The password screen will appear as the next menu item.

   ** Nintendo Power Tournament
             Once you have the password screen activated, enter
             KPXWN9N3 as your password to access the Nintendo Power
             Tournament. When you finish it you will get a password.

   ** Koomba Park
             To play in Koomba Park, enter your password as QTM5V4H.
             Please note that this code has NOT been tested and may not
             work. If it does or doesn't, please e-mail me at the address
             shown in section 1, "How to contact me."

   ** Replay hole
             If you're not doing any good on a hole, wait until it's your turn
             and Save and Quit. Now select "Continue" from the main menu
             to start at the tee box for that hole.

   ** Change costumes
             To change the costumes of your character, simply hold down
             one of the C buttons while choosing your character.

   ** Golfing Lefties
             To golf left-handed, hold down the L button while choosing 
             your character. Personally, I think they look better right handed.

   Note: There are some other "cheats", but none that really are worth 
            putting down here. Visit or
            if you'd like to see them. Most of them are just what you need to
            do to earn new characters.


   ** Special thanks
             Thanks to N64 Code Center and Digital Edge N64 Cheats for the
             cheats. Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ. 
             Also, thanks to for a lot of the information.

Dane Lagasse

Remember, feel free to e-mail me about anything that you think is wrong
with the FAQ, or just anything about this or any game in general.

Thanks for reading, and have fun with Mario Golf!