MediEvil (Draft FAQ) (e)

Andere Lösungen
Subject: Medievil Draft FAQ - SPOILERS!
From: Iain Noble <71154.3234@CompuServe.COM>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 11:04:38 -0400

Played by Iain Noble; written by Ann Noble.

Dan's Crypt
The Graveyard
Cemetery Hill
Hilltop Mausoleum
Return to the Graveyard

Enchanted Earth, and the Ant's Nest:
Q. Should I destroy the ant larvae in the nest?
A. Yes. Some of them contain amber pieces.
Q. How do I get past the fire breathing gargoyles?
A. You need to place the Shadow Artefact (found in the Sleeping Village) in the 
carving by the steps where the gargoyles are.

Scarecrow Fields:
Q. Should I hit the chest with the skull and cross bones?
A. Yes. The snake that appears will destroy enemies, including the scarecrows.
Q. What do I do with the cog?
A. Go into the barn, push the bale of hay against the ledge on the back wall and 
get onto the ledge. Hit the switch which will lower the harvester so you can use 
the cog. The harvester will open a path to the Chalice.

Pumpkin Gorge
Q. Where is the Chalice?
A. There is a concealed path off the first lane you walk along. You need to 
break the wall just next to the merchant gargoyle and go along that path; it 
comes out just near the Energy Vial.

Pumpkin Serpent
Sleeping Village
Asylum Grounds

Inside the Asylum:
Q. Help, I keep on dying.
A. Get your sword enchanted to give yourself some chance on the lower level.

Pools of the Ancient Dead:
Q. How do I defeat the heavily armoured knights?
A. Push them into the swamp (this doesn't work on the ordinary soldiers but the 
snake can destroy them). The exploding chests will also destroy them - but 
remember to open them from a distance.

The Lake
The Crystal Caves

The Gallows Gauntlet:
Q. How do I open the gate to the chalice?
A. There is a 5th floor switch in the main part of the cave.

The Haunted Ruins:
Q. How do I get in?
A. Persuade the chickens to eat the heap of grain just in front of the gate. 
This will uncover a floor switch that drops the portcullis.
Q. How do I collect enough enemies for the Chalice in the Haunted Ruins?
A. You need to save ALL the farmers. After defeating the shadow demons in the 
first courtyard, put the fires out using the Hammer on the ground.
Q. How do I defeat the stone golems?
A. Put on the Dragon Armour and use your fire breathing ability to push them off 
the battlements.

The Ghost Ship

Q. What are the Dragon Gems for? And where do I get them?
A. To make the dragon appear in the Crystal Caves, you need to place the gems in 
the carving of a dragon's head just inside the door of the dragon's lair. You 
get 1 Dragon Gem from the Pumpkin Fairy after defeating the Pumpkin Serpent; the 
other is next to the Mayor at the bottom of the Asylum.

Q. What use are the Chicken Drumsticks?
A. Keep them until you get to the Lake. Throw them at the strange beasts that 
attack you and, if you hit them, they turn into Roast Chicken.