The Secret of Monkey Island (e)

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[10/07/90]          Secret Of Monkey Island:Part 1

Hi all: This is a general start for Secret Of Monkey Island. The 1st thing
you do is go into the SCUMM bar, talk to all the pirates. Then go into next
room and talk to the 3 important Pirates. After that wait for the cook to
exit the kitchen, and enter that, take the slab of meat, and dip it in the
boiling Stuff. Go outside step on far right corner and knock the bird in the
air, take the Fish.

Go back inside, dip the fish in the boiling stuff Pick up the pot under the
counter and exit. Next go visit the Voodoo guy and he says some crap, but
take the single rubber chicken. Next go outside to the pirates and talk them
into giving you a map and some money. Next go into the jail talk to the guy
and he will want breath mints go to the store buy them, and give it to the
guy, he will ask you for a trade....

You can also go into the cliffs by going directly left up from the 1st
screen you start on, if you are in the path you can take a yellow petal from
a flower bush... I have found an Island house with no way across other to
use the chicken pulley.. Another thing, i have found the Troll, he wants
something, you give him the stewed fish, and he lets you pass.. You then can
go to a house and you will find the guy who will train you. Ok now go to the
circus, and use the pot as a helmet. They will give you money, you then go
to the store and buy a shovel, and a sword. Leave town, and go to the
trainer's house, he'll teach you about sword play, then leave. Go out and
see all the walking pirates, and learn their insults. go into the fork
again, and wander around, when you see a small sign, push it with your
shovel. Then walk along the wood bridge, and find the sword master.
Challenge and beat her.. (You can also ask the merchant where the
Swordmaster is and when he goes to see her, follow him.)

Great You have completed 1/3 of being a pirate.. Now continue to walk around
and find an 'X' dig there and get the second treasure... Ok now make your
way to the governors mansion, and put the yellow petal in the meat and give
to piranhas dogs. They will go to sleep. Go into  he house, take the vase
open the door, and enter.. Just watch it is kind of cool.. Then when you
exit, go back to the jail, give the prisoner the gopher repellant. He will
give you a cake, Open the cake and look at the file.. Go back to Governors
house, go through hole in wall, watch some more. Congrats you have just
gotten the 3rd part of being a pirate..

Now go back to the Chicken Pulley Island, swing across, tell the chrome dome
that the governor was captured, let him think, and when you play with the
animal, stroke it! Now go to the Master Swordsmen, tell her about the
governor, get her to join you. Now go to Scumm bar, pick up another slab of
meat, and all the mugs you can find.. Fill 1 cup with grog, and exit, make
your way to the jail. when you are about to lose the mug o' grog, select the
use mug (with the liquid) and replace with new mug.. then do it again when
it is near death.. Then when you get to the jail, use the grog on the jail
cell. You have freed him, Now ask him to join you.. Ok now go to Stan's
(Boat Place) and ask to buy a boat, he will tell you you need credit so go
to the store in town ( he will also give you a business card, and a
compass).. Ask the guy  for a note, and WATCH HOW HE OPENS THE SAFE, when he
puts note back ask him to go speak to sword master. Then go up to safe use
the push/pull thing on the handle to open safe, get note close safe, and go
back to stan. When you go to stan ask him for the boat in the far back. You
say $5000, he will say no, so u leave, he calls you back, you then buy the
boat for $5000! Now go to where you 1st start game, and you will meet stan,
he will want to buy boat back, and it is kinda funny! This is the end of
part 1!

Oh BTW There is a part when the sheriff throws you in the water, you get the
idol, and climb out, you automatically get the sword.

                   Surak           &     PieMaN
            THG Runner/Franchise        THG Dist.

                            Part 2!
You start of on the ship, & you learn you have a mutinous crew.
There is no way to get them to continue, so do not waste your time. Go into
captains cabin. Pick up the ink, the feather pen, open the desk drawer take
the book.. Now go on deck, go down hatch into kitchen, open the cabinet,
take cereal, close cabinet, pick up the pot. Exit kitchen go down next
hatch, open all trunks, most are locked but there is one containing wine,
pick up wine, go to barrels on left pick up gun powder, also pick up the big
piece of rope. Now go up to deck, climb rope ladder, take Jolly Rodger flag,
and go back down to captains cabin.. Open cereal, look toy prize, Surprise
the toy prize is a key! Use key on cabinet, take out the recipie, and the
cinamon sticks, now go back to kitchen. Look recipie, add everything to that
pot. (Cinnamon, Jolly Rodger, Wine, Breath Mints, Ink, Rubber Chicken,
Feather Pen, maybe others, but try everything else. When it is completed
there will be a loud explosion.. When awaking, put business card in flame
under pot, now go up to deck, putbig rope on cannon, put gunpowder in cannon
nozzle. Use Pot. K-A-B-O-O-M! Part 2 has ended.

         Surak          &        PieMaN
  THG Runner/Franchise         THG Dist. 

                         Part III!
The Island (Pick up all letters everywhere) When landing on Island, listen
to the shmuck, and then get up, pick up banana, immediately go to Jungle,
work your way North West, until you see a fort. Pick the fort as a

At the fort, pick up spie glass, pick up rope, move cannon, pick up gun
powder, pick up cannon ball.  Now go to fork (East). Pick up the
noteable rock, goto the damn, place gunpowder in damn, use noteable rock on
cannon ball.. K-A-B-O-O-M

When you get to Stiff (Dead Persom). Take his rope, now goto the crack,
(South West) Use the rope to climb down, then use other rope to climb down.
Pick up the oars, and climb back up! Go  back to the fork. Go over idge,
clib up footholds,  when at top, go to middle top of plataeu pus rock off,
if it hits bananna tree it is cool, if it hits your ship it is cool. If you
miss, then go down footholds to that art sculpture, and move it. Climb back
up, pick  up the Pile 'O Rock, and use it again, do this repeatedly, (Moving
sculpture) When both the ship and the tree have been hit, go back to tree
(Where you 1st landed) Pick up that banana, now goto row boat, use oars on
rowboat, now paddle to Village.

Go into village, goto west screen, pick up bananas, u get put in jail, pick
up the oor board, and exit.. go back to where you landed (1st screen)
finmonkey, give him all the bananas, and he will follow you, take him to the
clearing (Eastmost screen) Get him to hag on the totem nose.. Go into monkey
screen, pick up small idol, go back to rowboat. Paddle to natives. Give them
idol, take banana picker, when you get banana picker, also pick up skull.
Exit and give it to muthrot(Something like that), and he gives you monkey
idol, go to clearing, go to monkey screen, use monkey key on Monkey Heads

Go back to the natives, talk about getting to lechuck, give them the papers
you have, 1 will work, they will give you the head of the navigator. Go back
to clearing, enter the monkey head. Use Head,look head, follow all his
instructions (Where you are to go) You are now facing lechucks ship. Talk to
head, talk hostile to head. Get necklace, wear necklace, go to ship, enter
ship. Go down hatch, go thru door, pick up ost feather, go back to sleeping
ghost, use ghost feather on ghost. Take Jug 'O Grog. Goto deck, goto
captains room, Use compass on key, wak to hatch, goto dead animals (Ghosts),
use key on hatch, go thru. Give Jug'O Grog to Rat, get some grease. Goto
deck, put grease on squeaky door, go thru, take tools, go back to farm
animals.. Use ghost tools on glowing crate. Leave ship, it is basically
done. just you talking now! Waste the ghosts with the root beer. Goto
church, stop the wedding. Get beet up, fly into grog machine. When pulled
out, pick up the root beer.

Use root beer on LeChuck!!!!!!!

  PieMaN & Surak
THG Dist.  THG FranchiseS