One Must Fall - 2097 (e)

Andere Lösungen
		Captain WhyNot's One Must Fall 2097 Info Sheet
				9/16/95 version

	    Copyright (c) 1995 Jerome Brittingham (Captain WhyNot)
     This OMF 2097 Info Sheet is freely distributable.  Spread it around.

   One Must Fall 2097 is a Diversions Entertainment production published and
   distributed by Epic Megagames, Inc.  Also, One Must Fall 2097 is probably
   copyrighted by Diversion Entertainment and/or Epic Megagames, Inc.


Seeing all the requests for special moves, special key combinations, and other
"secret" information for OMF 2097, I decide to write an information sheet for
it all.  I wrote my own because I never seen everything that's in here in any
other one and most others stated things which I knew to be wrong.  I'm not
saying that I can't be wrong about stuff in here, but I certainly try to get
things right.  So, if you find a discrepancy in here, by all means tell me (but
nicely please, no flaming except maybe in game, :) [with a Pyros or the
Katana's Fireballs]).

This is not a strategy guide as it has no advice for when to use what moves.
Also, it does not contain any combos that can be used (mostly because how many
moves you can put in a combo depends on your character's agility and your bot's
speed, and there's too many for me to bother listing.)  So, if you want one,
buy the official Strategy Guide :), or look elsewhere.

That said, this file is meant to tell people all the useful secret and hidden
information about One Must Fall 2097 by Diversions Entertainment and Epic
Megagames.  All information in here I have personally verified (unless
otherwise noted).  I hope you find this info useful and have fun using it (I
know I do).  If you find anything that is incorrect, or know something that
isn't in here, please tell me.

If you wish to contact me about changes / additions to this info, feel free to
contact me.  My internet e-mail address is "".  And, if you
don't have internet e-mail capability, get it already :).


Game versions

As far as I know, everything in here works with all version of One Must Fall
2097 (1.0, 1.1, and 2.0).  The shareware version is of course limited in that
it only has the first 4 HARs, 1 arena, and 1 tournament.  So, if you have the
shareware version, just ignore the stuff for HARs other than the Jaguar,
Shadow, Thorn, and Pyros (the 4 that come with the shareware version), stuff
for arenas other than the Power Plant, and stuff for tournaments other than the
North American Open.  Everything else (including special moves) should be the
same for all versions.  However, I now almost always play using version 2.0.

Version 1.0 of the game was the first public release.

Version 1.1 fixed a bug which sometimes caused the game to crash after a fight
with Raven in Tournament play.

Version 2.0 adds play between computers over direct serial connection, modem,
and IPX network.  Also, the score bonuses in One and Two Player for Deadly and
Ultimate difficulty levels have been lowered to be the same as for Champion
level.  And, the Tournament score bonuses may have been changed as well.
Requires more free memory.


Where to get it

Here's a list of "official" locations one can get One Must Fall 2097.

Epic's Web page		-
Epic's FTP site		-
another FTP site	- (may not be as up-to-date as Epic's)

CompuServe		- GO EPIC

Exec-PC BBS		- 2400 bps:  (414) 789-4210
			  14.4K bps: (414) 789-4360

I know of two OMF utilities that have been released by Epic.  One is the Photo
Compiler which allows you to add in your own pictures to choose from in
Tournament.  Also, recently released, there is a Tournament Compiler which
allows you to create your own tournaments (and is also a great source of
information).  The Photo Compiler is included with the Tournament Compiler.
The Tournament Compiler is available from Epic's FTP site, and may or may not
be elsewhere.


Command line options

The following options should be typed on the OS command line after the name of
the game.  If you wish to use multiple options, separate them with a space.
They are not case sensitive, so don't worry about that.


ADVANCED	- Enable Advanced Options submenu under Gameplay menu.  Can
		  supposedly get this effect also by pressing the keys 2,0,9,
		  and 7 at the same time (not on numeric keypad) from the main
		  menu, but I haven't gotten this to work (see special key

MAKENEW		- Make new configuration file.  WARNING: this will reset all
		  Configuration and Gameplay settings to their defaults.

KO		- Turn off keyboard control for battles.

MO		- Turn off music.

SO		- Turn off sound effects.

ONE_PLAYER	- Go directly into One Player mode and stay for entire session.
		  Entire game is exited when One Player game is finished or

TWO_PLAYER	- Go directly into Two Player mode and stay for entire session.
		  Entire game is exited when Two Player mode is exited.

TOURN		- Go directly into Tournament mode and stay for entire session.
		  Entire game is exited when Tournament mode is exited.

REC		- Make a recording of the fight.  Only the last fight
		  (including all rounds of it) is kept.  The recording is
		  stored in the file LAST.REC.

SAVE_REC	- When used with the REC option, this will keep a separate
		  recording for each fight so you don't have to worry about
		  overwriting them.  The fights are saved starting with the
		  file OMF00001.REC and each fight increases the number.

PLAY [file]	- Just playback previously recorded fight and exit afterwards.
		  "file" is the optional filename of the recording to play.  If
		  no file is specified, LAST.REC is used by default.


Special key combinations in game

The following key combinations should be typed by pressing the keys in order
but not releasing any until the whole sequence has been typed.  Also, whenever
told to type a number, use the keys on the top row of the main set of keys and
not the ones on the numeric keypad on the side.

2097	- When used anywhere in the game, this is supposed to enable the
	  Advanced Options submenu under Gameplay just like the "ADVANCED"
	  command line option (see above).  Note: I have not managed to get
	  this to work; so if someone does, please tell me.

AltSF	- Enables Sound Effects test under Configuration menu.

REIN	- Causes pieces of HARs that are knocked off in a battle to
	  continuously rain down from the top of the screen.  (The misspelling
	  is probably so it's the same as manual designer Mark Rein's name.)

BIGx	- Changes the amount of objects that fly off when a HAR is hit.  "x"
	  is a number on the keyboard's top row.  Default is 1.  Range is 0-9.

OMF	- If you continue to hold down OMF while pressing right to change the
	  difficulty under the Gameplay menu when it is set to Deadly, you can
	  make it go into Ultimate mode.  It is very difficult to go through a
	  tournament in Ultimate mode without losing a match.  But, it's the
	  only mode you can encounter the character Ice in (see more about this

1, 2, 3	- While choosing your HAR in One or Two Player, player 1's colors can
4, 5, 6	  be changed using 1, 2, and 3 to change the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd colors.
F9	  Player 2's colors are controlled by 4, 5, and 6.  Keep hitting the
	  number until it cycles through to a color you want.  F9 will restore
	  both players' colors to their originals.  (Note: Pilots' stats can be
	  exchanged as well.  Also, there's a special way to choose the Nova.
	  See the Miscellaneous Information section at the end for details.)

F10	- (Not really a combination.)  Exits OMF 2097 immediately anywhere.

E	- (Not particularly hidden since it's in the manual, and also not a
	  combination, but here it is anyway.)  When you are ranked #1 in a
	  tournament this will show the ending sequence again.  You can trade
	  your HAR for another one and watch the ending again and see it with
	  your new HAR.


Special Moves for HARs

The following is a list of special moves that can be performed for each HAR in
the game including Scraps and Destructions and also the move required to get to
the secret characters Fire and Ice when playing in One Player mode (see Hidden
Characters).  This I call the definitive list since I took the moves directly
from the files for the game.  Comments are taken from experience and
information from others.  Names for moves are taken from the official Strategy
Guide where possible, otherwise I made up what sounded good or took them from
other people.

"Shadowed", "Super", and "Extended" moves are more powerful than the basic ones
because they generally are impervious to projectiles and do more damage, but
they also are harder to actually do the move and require more recovery time
after performing the move.

Contrary to information provided in other info sheets, the moves for the
shareware version are not different.  The only differences in the shareware
version are only 1 arena, only 1 tournament, and only 4 HARs (only 3 of which
can be normally selected).  Both Scraps and Destructions work in the shareware
version.  Fire and Ice obviously aren't in the shareware version since there is
no Fire Pit and their HARs aren't there either.

Legend for move list:

UB    U    UF		P = punch
  \   |   /		K = kick
    \ | /
B - - m - - F		m = middle
    / | \		, = return to middle between movements
  /   |   \ 		- = roll through movements without returning to middle
DB    D    DF		+ = keep movement held while pressing punch/kick attack

Scrap is the move you can do at the end of a fight when you get the "You Win"
to do even more damage to your opponent and get a score bonus.

Destruction is the move you can do after the Scrap or during the Scrap
(depending on the HAR) to demolish your opponent's 'bot and get a score bonus.
The Destruction score bonus is twice what a Scrap's would be.  If you perform a
Destruction you don't get the Scrap bonus, just the Destruction's.  If you're
not sure of when exactly you need to do the Destruction move, you can right
after you tell it to do the Scrap just keep repeating the Destruction move on
the controller until your HAR does it.

Fire & Ice is the move you must do to encounter the hidden characters Fire and
Ice.  You can only encounter them in One Player.  To be able to encounter Fire,
you must be playing with difficulty of at least Champion and destroy your
opponent in the Fire Pit.  And, to be able to get to Ice you can only play at
the Ultimate difficulty level (see the Special Key Combinations section and the
Miscellaneous section) and destroy Fire.

Concussion Cannon	- DB-B+P (speed & direction controllable in Hyper mode)
			  (extra shot for each enhancement level)
Jaguar Leap		- DF-F+P (can be done in air in Hyper mode or with
			  enhancement level 1)
Shadowed Jaguar Leap	- DB-D-DF-F+P (can hit twice)
Overhead Throw		- in air over opponent: D+P
Scrap			- D,D,U+P
Destruction		- D,U+K (right after you pick up the opponent)
Fire & Ice		- U,D+K (right after you throw opponent through floor)

Shadow Grab		- D,D+P
Air Shadow Grab		- in air: DB-B+P (requires enhancement level 1)
Freeze Blast		- DF-D-DB-B+P (requires enhancement level 3)
Shadow Punch		- DB-B+P
Shadow Slide (Kick)	- DB-B+K
Shadow Dive		- in air: D-DF-F+P
Scrap			- B,F-UF-U-UB-B+P
Destruction		- D,D,D+P (right after sixth hit during scrap)
Fire & Ice		- m,D,D,D+P (right after giant shadow smashes opponent)

Speed Kick		- DF-F+K (can be done in air in Hyper mode or with
			  enhancement level 1)
Shadowed Speed Kick	- DB-D-DF-F+K (can hit twice)
Off-Wall Attack		- Jump against wall: DF+K
Mid-Air Dive Attack	- in air: D-DB-B+K (requires enhancement level 2/3)
Spike-Charge		- F,F+P
Scrap			- B,B,F,P
Destruction		- U,D+P (right after opponent is "spiked")
Fire & Ice		- m,U,U,D+P (right after opponent goes through floor)

Super Thrust		- F,F+P (can be done in air in Hyper mode or with
			  enhancement level 1)
Shadowed Super Thrust	- F,F,F+P
Fire Spin		- m,D,P (can be done in air in Hyper mode or maybe with
			  an enhancement?)
Jet Swoop		- in air: D+K
Scrap			- part #1: F,F,D,D,P
			  part #2: U+P (hold) (right after 3rd hit of scrap)
Destruction		- D+P (hold)
Fire & Ice		- U,D,D+P (right as opponent explodes)

Ball Lightning		- DB-B+P (speed & direction controllable in Hyper mode)
			  (extra shot with each enhancement level)
Rolling Thunder		- F,F+P (can be done in air with enhancement level 1)
Fast Rolling Thunder	- DF-F,F+P
Electric Shards		- DF-F+P (can hit multiple times)
Scrap			- D,F,P
Destruction		- U-UF-F-DF-D+P
Fire & Ice		- F-DF-D+P (right after opponent blows up)
???			- U,D+K (don't know what this is; just saw the extra
			  move in the file)

Corkscrew Blade		- DF-F+P (invincible) (can hit twice) (can be done in
			  air in Hyper mode or maybe with an enhancement?)
Super Corkscrew Blade	- DB-D-DF-F+P (invincible) (number of swings =
			  enhancement level + 3)
Heel Stomp		- Jump on top of opponent: D+K
Forward Wall Spin	- DF-F+K
Back Wall Spin		- DB-B+K
Fireball		- D-DB-B+P (requires enhancement level 3)
Scrap			- F-DF-D-DB-B+P
Destruction		- B-DB-D-DF-F+P (After the 1st hit during Scrap)
Fire & Ice		- DB-D-DF-F+K (right after opponent is slashed)
???			- in air?: F+P (don't know what this is; just saw the
			  extra move in the file)

Head Butt		- DF-F+P (can be done in air in Hyper mode or maybe
			  with an enhancement?)
Shadowed Head Butt	- DB-D-DF-F+P
Flip Kick		- D,D+K
Flying Hands		- D-DB-B+P (can hit twice - once forward, once back)
Scrap			- D,F,P
Destruction		- D,U,U,P (While you are screwing/shredding opponent)
Fire & Ice		- U-UB-B-DB-D+K (right after opponent explodes)

Spinning Throw		- m,F,F+K (can be done in air in Hyper mode or maybe
			  with an enhancement?)
Charging Punch		- B,B+P (can maybe be done in air? - saw another
			  occurrence of the move in the file)
Shadowed Charging Punch	- DB-B,B+P
Slow Swinging Chain	- m,D,K (can be done moving in Hyper mode or with
			  enhancement level 1)
Fast Swinging Chains	- m,D,P (can be done moving in Hyper mode or with
			  enhancement level 2)
Scrap			- part #1: m,F,F,F+P (during slam on first wall)
			  part #2: B+P (right after slam on wall)
Destruction		- B,F+P (during next slam)
Fire & Ice		- F-DF-D-DB-B+K (repeat?)

Diving Claw		- in air: D+K (can be guided)
Rising Talon		- DF-F+P
Wing Charge		- F,F+P (can be done in air in Hyper mode or with
			  enhancement level 1)
Scrap			- B-DB-D-DF-F+P
Destruction		- D,U,D,P (when you land on opponent)
Fire & Ice		- D,D,P (right after opponent destroyed & you fly off)

Stasis Activator	- DB-B+P
Extended Stasis		- DF-D-DB-B+P (controllable in Hyper mode)
Teleportation		- D,P (+Right / +Left goes to that side of screen)
Matter Phasing		- DB-B,K (can be done in air)
Scrap			- D,F+P
Destruction		- m,F,B,P (right after phased arm goes into opponent)
Fire & Ice		- D-DB-B+P (right after opponent blows up)

Earthquake Smash	- D,D+P
Missile Launcher	- D-DF-F+P (can be done in air)
Mini-Grenade		- DB-B+P
Belly Flop		- in air: D+P
Scrap			- D-DB-B,F+P
Destruction		- D,D,P (right after fifth & final hit of scrap)
Fire & Ice		- Is there one?  If there is, I didn't find it.
???			- in air?: F+P (don't know what this is; just saw the
			  extra move in the file)


Hidden Characters and Enhancements

There are several unranked challengers that can appear in Tournament mode.
There are also a couple of hidden enemies in One Player mode.  You can get
enhancements for your HAR by destroying some of these hidden characters.  And,
some of these enhancements are specific and will only work on one type of HAR.

(Mostly) Hidden Characters

Listed here are the hidden characters' names with HAR used in parentheses,
conditions that must be met for them to show up, and how many enhancements they
have.  I have also included the other non-hidden characters that have
enhancements as well.

One Player mode:

FIRE (Katana)	- Do destruction in the Fire Pit stage and do your Fire & Ice
		  sequence afterwards.  Has level 3 enhancements for the Katana
		  (up to and including the Fireball enhancement).  You can get
		  a big score bonus if you defeat him/her/it.  Must be playing
		  on at least Champion difficulty level and the floor must be a
		  mesh (holey, not solid).

ICE (Shadow)	- Destroy FIRE and repeat your Fire & Ice sequence.  Has level
		  3 enhancements for the Shadow (up to and including the Freeze
		  Blast enhancement.  You can get a really big score bonus if
		  you defeat him/her/it.  Must be playing on the Ultimate
		  difficulty level.

Since the Tournament Compiler has been released, I have taken the following
directly from their included source files for the original tournaments.

When a difficulty level is a requirement, you must be playing on at least that
difficulty level, so higher ones will work as well.  Also, if average hit
damage, percentage hit accuracy, percentage vitality left after a fight, is a
requirement, higher values will also work (i.e. 67% vitality will work for a
required 50% vitality).

If a character has an "almost-global enhancement" that means that they have an
enhancement for each HAR except the Nova (there is only one character with Nova
enhancements - Ian Tavares in World Championships).

North American Open:

Christian (Jaguar)	- destroy Crystal
			  (only one that will appear on Aluminum [Easy])
Steel Claw (Thorn)	- destroy #4 or above on Steel (Hard) with average
			  hit damage done of at least 15,
			  (can only fight once per tournament),
			  (has an almost-global enhancement)
Jazzy (Jaguar)		- scrap #2 on Iron (Medium) with at least 50% vitality,
			  (has a Jaguar-specific enhancement)
Iceman (Shadow)		- destroy #1 (Raven) on Heavy Metal,
			  (can only fight once per tournament),
			  (Iceman is modeled after OMF 2097 author Rob Elam),
			  (has 3 Shadow-specific enhancements)

Katushai Challenge:

Angel (Gargoyle)	- scrap #6 or above on Iron (Medium) with 35% vitality,
			  (has 1 Gargoyle and 1 Thorn enhancement)
Selenna (Katana)	- destroy #2 on Steel (Hard) with 10% vitality,
			  (has 2 Katana-specific enhancements)
Devan Shell (Flail)	- destroy #1 (Jaqouline) on Heavy Metal,
			  (can only fight once per tournament),
			  (has 2 Flail-specific enhancements)

WAR Invitational:

Nicoli (Shadow)		- #1 ranked (non-hidden)
			  (has a Shadow-specific enhancement)

Eva Earlong (Shadow)	- destroy #5 or above on Iron (Medium) with 25%
			  vitality, (has a Shadow-specific enhancement)
Killian (Electra)	- beat #5 or above on Steel (Hard) with 20% vitality,
			  average hit damage of 13, and 50% accuracy,
			  (has 2 Electra-specific enhancements)
Bethany (Shredder)	- destroy #1 (Nicoli) on Heavy Metal with 50% vitality
			  and average hit damage of 17,
			  (Bethany Kay Elam is one of the authors's daughter)
			  (has an almost-global enhancement and an extra 1 for
			  Shredder - 2 for Shredder, 1 for others except Nova)

World Championships:

Jaqouline (random)	- non-hidden, (has 2 almost-global enhancements)
Ian Tavares (Nova)	- #1 ranked (non-hidden),
			  (has 2 Nova enhancements [what are they?!])

Iceman (Katana)		- destroy Selenna on Iron (Medium),
			  (can only fight once per tournament),
			  (has 2 Katana-specific enhancements)
Eva Earlong (Gargoyle)	- destroy #14 or above on Iron (Medium) with 20%
			  vitality and 35% hit accuracy,
			  (has a Gargoyle-specific enhancement)
Jazzy (Shredder)	- beat Eva Earlong on Iron (Medium),
			  (has 2 Shredder-specific enhancements)
Angel (Electra)		- destroy #10 or above on Iron (Medium) with 50%
			  vitality, (has 2 Electra-specific enhancements)
Devan Shell (Thorn)	- destroy #8 or above on Steel (Hard) with average hit
			  damage of 14, (can only fight once per tournament),
			  (has 2 Thorn-specific enhancements)
Bethany (Nova)		- destroy #2 on Heavy Metal with 30% vitality and
			  10% hit accuracy, (has 2 almost-global enhancements)
Nicoli (Nova)		- beat #1 (Ian Tavares) on Steel (Hard),
			  (has 2 almost-global enhancements - none for Nova)


Enhancements can be acquired by destroying certain opponents (see above) and
have differing effects on each HAR.  In Tournament mode, you have to get
enhancements for each HAR you trade for.  They will not be carried over to the
new HAR.  But, if you trade back to one you had enhancements on before, all of
your enhancements will still be there.

You'll note that I'm not particularly sure at what level you get some
enhancements and also don't know what enhancements you can get on some HARs.
I've taken most of the information about enhancements from others.  As always,
if you have any more info on this than is here, please tell me.

Also, some enhancements are there automatically when playing in Hyper mode.

Jaguar enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you direct the Concussion Cannon and do Jaguar Leap in the air.

Extra shot with Concussion Cannon for each enhancement level.

1> Jaguar Leap can be done in the air (also in Hyper mode).

   Some moves can be added onto the end of a ground (shadowed or not) Jaguar
   Leap.  Do the extra move before you start falling out of the leap.

   (Double-shot Concussion Cannon)

2> Some moves can be added onto the end of an Air Jaguar Leap.  Do the extra
   move before you start falling out of the leap.

   (Triple-shot Concussion Cannon)

Shadow enhancements:

1> New Move: Air Shadow Grab - in air: DB-B+P
   Like the regular Shadow Grab but done while in the air

2> Shadow Punch and Shadow Kick are faster and more powerful.

3> New Move: Freeze Blast - DF-D-DB-B+P  (Hidden character Ice has this.)
   Thrown from hand along the ground.  If it hits the opponent successfully,
   the opponent takes a little damage and is frozen for a little while (like
   Shadow Grab).

Thorn enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you do the Speed Kick in the air.

1> Speed Kick can be done in air (also in Hyper mode).

   Spike Charge is faster.

2/3?> New Move: Mid-Air Dive Attack - D-DB-B+K
      Like Off-Wall Attack, but done anywhere in the air.

Pyros enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you do both the Super Thrust and the Fire Spin in the air.

1> Super Thrust can be done in the air (also in Hyper mode), has a longer
   range, and is faster.

2/3?> Fire Spin can be done in the air (also in Hyper mode) and has a longer

Electra enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you control Lightning Ball and do Rolling Thunder in the air.

Extra shot with Ball Lightning for each enhancement level.

1> Longer range with Electric Shards and Rolling Thunder.

   Electric Shards does more damage.

   (Double-shot Ball Lightning)

2> Rolling Thunder has an even longer range.

   Electric Shards does even more damage.

   (Triple-shot Ball Lightning)

Katana enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you do Corkscrew Blade in the air.

Extra swing with Super Corkscrew Blade for each enhancement level.

1?> Corkscrew Blade can be done in air.

   (Quadruple-swing Super Corkscrew Blade)

2> (Quintuple-swing Super Corkscrew Blade)

3> New move: Fireball - D-DB-B+P
   Thrown from hand at shoulder level.  If it hits the opponent successfully,
   the opponent takes a bunch of damage and is thrown down (like the fireballs
   that shoot through the floor in the Fire Pit arena).

Shredder enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you do Head Butt in the air.

1> Longer range Flying Hands and Head Butt.

2> Even longer range Flying Hands and Head Butt.

1/2/3?> Head Butt can be done in the air.

Flail enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you move while doing either Slow or Fast Swinging Chains.

1> Can move while doing Slow Swinging Chains.

2> Can move while doing Fast Swinging Chains.

Gargoyle enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you do Wing Charge in the air.

1> Wing Charge can be done in the air (also in Hyper mode) and has a longer

Chronos enhancements:

Hyper mode lets you control the Extended Stasis Activator.

There must be some regular (non-Hyper) enhancements, but I don't know what they
might be.

Nova enhancements:

I know there are a couple (because of Ian Tavares), but what are they?!


Miscellaneous Information

This is were I put all the information that didn't fit in the other categories.

There are two more difficulty modes than are obvious.  Deadly mode can be
chosen by pressing and holding right a couple seconds while on Champion until
it changes.  Ultimate mode can then be chosen by pressing right arrow while
holding down the keys O, M, and F.

In the shareware version of the game you can get a Pyros by trading for it in
Tournament play.  And, in the full registered version you can get a Nova by
trading for it in Tournament mode.  For any trade you must have enough money.

During One or Two Player when choosing your pilot, you can exchange stats.  To
do this, first move the selector over all 10 pilots.  Then, choose the pilot
you want to use by pressing kick and holding it.  While holding kick you can
select a stat with up/down and raise/lower it with right/left.  When you're
through changing stats, release kick and press punch to select the pilot.
Also, once you've done this you must select your HAR with punch - kick doesn't
do anything anymore on that screen.

The Nova can be chosen in One Player or by the first player in Two Player in
with the full registered game by doing the following: move selector over all 10
HARs on the screen, go to Katana and either press down 10 (or more) times or
press down and keep held for 10 flashes of the selector, and then go right 2 to
Flail and choose it.  It'll still show the Flail as the one chosen until the
pre-fight HAR maintenance and arena display screen.  If it doesn't show a Nova
there, then you must have done the sequence wrong; press Escape to go back to
the HAR selection screen and try it again.  I would think that there'd be a way
for the second player in Two Player to get a Nova, but I don't know how; if
anyone knows, please tell me.


Revision History

Here's the list of major changes for each version of the info sheet so far.
There might also be other minor changes from version to version (grammatical
changes, spelling corrections, section reordering and reformatting, etc.), but
those I didn't think worth putting here.  You might notice that each entry is
marked by the release date of that version of the info sheet; that's because I
don't believe in version numbers.

9/16/95 - Added description of what Scrap and Description moves are to Special
	  Moves section.

	  Changed description of how to get a Nova (in Miscellaneous) by adding
	  in that you can hold down for 10 flashes instead of pressing it ten
	  times.  Also added that it can only be chosen in the full registered

	  Gargoyle's Rising Talon is DF-F+P not DF-F,P (I did a typo with F+P).

	  Flail's Scrap part #1 is m,F,F,F+P not m,F,F,F,P (another F+P typo).

	  Added SAVE_REC command-line option description.

	  Corrected requirements and enhancement info for hidden characters in
	  tournaments.  Took this info from source files distributed with the
	  new Tournament Compiler.

8/30/95 - Fire uses a Katana, not an Electra (I knew that.  I don't know why I
	  said Electra before.)

	  Katana's Forward Wall Spin is DF-F+K not DB-F+K (DB-F doesn't make
	  much sense does it.  It was a typo.)

	  Added section for locations of where to get OMF 2097.

8/24/95 - First public release


The end


What are you still here for?  I told you it was the end didn't I? :)

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