Another World (e)

Andere Lösungen

                               OUT OF THIS WORLD

     You  enter  in the water.  You must swim up to the top.  Climb out of the 
     water and run to the right.  Duck down and squash  all  of  the  crawling 
     leeches  on  each screen.  Continue to the right until the beast attacks. 
     Run to the left and jump onto the vine on the  last  screen.  Wait  until 
     the  vine  breaks  and  swings you back.  Then run to the right until the 
     people come out and shoot the beast.  There  will  be  a  non-interactive 
     sequence for about 1 minute.  

     You  will  then end up in a suspended cage.  You must rock back and forth 
     (left and right) with the joystick until the cage falls  on  top  of  the 
     guard.  The  cage  will  break open and the prisoner that was in the cage 
     with you will become your companion.  Before leaving this room  you  must 
     bend  over and pick up the gun.  Run 2 screens to the right and shoot the 
     guard that comes out.  Run a screen to the  right.  Go  the  right  right 
     side  make shields on your left side to protect yourself while your buddy 
     works to open the door.  Do not make a super shot because you  will  need 
     the energy later.  After your buddy opens the door, run to the right.  

     Get on the elevator (don't forget your buddy) and go to the bottom level.  
     Shoot  the  wall  on the left.  Go back up the elevator 1 floor and blast 
     open the door to the left with a super shot.  Run over there and go down.  
     Keep running and then go up.  Wait for  your  buddy  to  open  an  escape 
     hatch.  Go down it. Your buddy will be captured.  

     Maneuver your way through the air vents until you get out of them.  

    Go  into the room to the left to recharge your gun.  Blow open each of the 
    doors to the right.  Recharge your gun.  Run to the  right  and  kill  the 
    next  guard.  Keep  running.  When you get to the broken bridge,  jump off 
    and you should land on a ledge on the other side below the bridge.  Blow a 
    hole open in the wall to the right and run inside.  

    Run  to  the  right  and drop down until you get to the very bottom of the 
    cavern. You should be standing on a triangular rock.  Go right.  Jump over 
    the spikes.  Keep running to the right through each of the screen avoiding 
    the falling rocks and jumping over the enemies in  the  ground.  You  will 
    finally  end  up  at a wall.  Blow it open.  Then run back to the left and 
    when you get to the room where you can go down  or  up,  go  up  and  keep 
    running.  Shoot the pterodactyl.  You can't kill it but it will fly around 
    and get sucked up by the tentacles in the room to  the  left.  Keep  going 
    left unitl you get to the end of the ledge. Jump to the stalactite.  Climb 
    up  as  far  as you can and jump to the next stalactite.  Keep going until 
    you get to the last one and jump off to the left.  You should land on  the 
    triangular  rock.  Run off to the left and blow up the bottom of the rock.  
    It should fall towards you and you can then run up it and get out.  

    Keep running to the right until you get to the room with the  water.  Blow 
    up  the  base and run to the left very fast.  The water will chase you and 
    shoot you up to the next ledge to safety.  Run to the right and blow  open 
    the next wall that you get to.  

    Keep  going  right.  You  will  get  to  a room with a guard on the right.  
    Slowly walk up to the automatic door.  Just before you  get  to  the  spot 
    where the door opens,  make a shield.  Then walk towards the door until it 
    opens.  The guard will roll some bombs at you.  Step away from the door so 
    that  it  closes  and the bombs will bounce off the door and roll back and 
    kill the guard.  Run right and blow open the next door.  Keep going  right 
    until you get to the room with the green globes.  In the reflection of the 
    globes,  you  can  see a guard below pacing back and forth.  Wait unitl he 
    stops straight below and then shoot the globe.  It should  fall  and  kill 
    the  guard.  Run  back  to  the left and go up and re-energize in the next 

    Keep running left until you get to the stairs.  Go  down  the  stairs  and 
    down through the teleporter. Run to the right.  A guard should suprise you 
    and  knock  you  over and knock your gun out of your hand.  Push right and 
    press the button until you kick the guard.  He should let go of  you.  Run 
    left  and  duck just before you get to your gun.  You should automatically 
    roll,  pick up your gun and turn around.  Shoot the guard immediately.  Go 
    left  and  another  guard  should come out.  Kill him and keep going.  You 
    should get to a room with chandaliers.  Shoot the middle  one.  This  will 
    free  your  buddy  from his prison cell.  Run back to the right.  You will 
    come to a room where two guards attack you.  Walk into the room just  past 
    the first column,  make about 9 shields, jump through the shields and make 
    a few more shields,  this should give you enough time to kill  them.  Keep 
    running right 

    You will get to a room with water.  You must swim down and to the left. Go 
    up the second passageway to replenish your air. Then swim straight down to 
    the next room.  Go to the right and shoot the energy beam.  Swim back  out 
    to the surface and go to the right.  

    Drop down the shaft and quickly blow open the door to the right.  Run  all 
    the  way  to  the  end  of  the corridor.  Stop underneath the hole in the 
    ceiling and turn around.  You will have to  protect  yourself  until  your 
    buddy gets there and pulls you out to safety.  

    Let  your  buddy go into the building to your right,  go to the left a few 
    steps and turn towards the building and go up the stairs,  go  behind  the 
    building  and  go  in the back door,  shoot the first guard and your Buddy 
    will take out the other one.  

    Follow your Buddy to the right and let him throw you over  the  pit,  turn 
    around,  walk to the edge and jump,  when you land you will be attacked by 
    two guards.  Go a few rooms to the left,  walk up  to  the  guard  who  is 
    trapped and point your gun at him,  after he pushes the button,  go to the 
    room to the right and go up the stairs. When you get to top of the stairs, 
    go to right, face the guard and make some shields, then blow open the door 
    and let the guard roll about 6 grenades down the stairs.  Then  shoot  the 

    Go  to  the left,  drop down the transport shoot and start making a super-
    shot,  fire it at the guard then shoot the guard.  Drop down the transport 
    tube and take out the electricity.  

    Go back up the transport tube,  go to the right,  go down the stairs, drop 
    down the hole in the floor,  go to the right,  then RUN across the  grate.  
    Just past the grate stop,  then walk slowly into the next room.  Jump over 
    the hole and pull the lever, then go drop down the hole.  

    Run to the right and keep running, when you get to the dead end you are at 
    the bottom of a large transport tube, go up.  Go to the left and save your 
    buddy, and then follow him.  

    Go right.  You will get to a non-interactive scene in which you are  place 
    in  an  armored vehicle and sent into an arena.  You then get control back 
    and must push the buttons in the cockpit to eject yourself.  You will then 
    be shot into a roman type spa.  

    Go right and kill off about 6 guards.  Go right.  You  will  lose  control 
    again  and  be  injured  so that all you can do is crawl.  Your buddy will 
    once again save you.  While your buddy is fighting with the guard you must 
    crawl over to the control panel to the right and pull the levers down when 
    the guard gets to the center of the screen.  He will be  annihilated.  You 
    must  then  crawl  back to the center and get sucked out of the room.  You 
    will then be saved and ride off into the sunset on a pterodactyl.  

                                    THE END 

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     The codes for each level of Out Of This World: 
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