Another World (e)

Andere Lösungen
                    OUT OF THIS WORLD WALK THROUGH


                     A Hostile Environment  (LDKD)  
    After a brilliant flash of light, Lester finds himself and his
  workstation immersed in a pool of water and sinking fast.  Stru-
  ggling for breath, he begins the difficult swim upward.  Press
  the up arrow key when entering the water to swim to the surface.
    Once you get to the surface, walk to the right to the next 
  screen.  Hostile leeches will begin falling on you.  You must 
  attack them, by kicking them with the space bar, to squash them.
  You can also duck and attack at the same time to stomp a leech that 
  is far away from you.
    After dispatching all the leeches on the second screen, walk on 
  to the next screen to the right.  There will be many more leeches to
  kick.  You must destroy all of the leeches on these two screens before
  proceeding to the next screen to the right.
    After entering the fourth screen, walk to the right until the beast
  attacks.  As soon as you see him, go to the left while holding the 
  spacebar.  This will allow your player to run away.  
    Keep running to the left until you get to the screen with the hanging 
  vine.  Run up to the edge and jump on the vine by pressing the up 
  arrow key.  You will hang there until the vine breaks, then you will be
  swung back to the right and land on the previous screen.
    The moment you land, start running all the way to the right.  At the
  end of the last screen you will be saved by the inhabitants of this
  world.  But they might not be as friendly as they seem...

                          The Elevator (HTDC)

     Captured!  Lester's eyes slowly open to the pounding headache
  brought on by his captor's rifle blast.  The suspended cage imprisons
  him and a frightening alien prisoner, both held without hope.  Not
  willing to give up, Lester rises and begins to swing the cage back and 
  forth.  Use the left and right arrows the keyboard to help him.  After
  the cage has swung far enough, the chain will break and cause it to drop
  on the guard below.
     The other prisoner, now thankful to Lester for releasing him, offer's
  his help.  He is now your buddy and will help you throughout the rest of 
  the game.  Don't let him get hurt!
     On the ground below, the guard has dropped his laser pistol.  Stand
  on top of the pistol and press and hold the down arrow key until you have 
  picked it up.  The pistol has limited shots, so use it wisely.
     Run two screens to the right and shoot the guard by pressing the space-
  bar.  Be quick, because the alien laser shots will not be as merciful now
  as they were when you were captured.
     Run to the right and then go to the right side of the screen.  Begin
  making shields to protect yourself from the alien laser blasts by holding
  the spacebar until a small blue/white ball of energy appears on the end of
  your pistol, then let go of the button.  These shields will use a lot of
  your energy, so only make as many as you need.  While you are doing this, 
  your buddy will walk behind you and begin to open the locked door so that 
  the both of you can escape.  Keep making shields until he is done, then go 
  through the open door to the right.  
    Go to the right and get on the elevator (don't forget your buddy!)  and
  then go to the bottom.
    Go left to the next screen and start firing as soon as the screen begins
  to darken.  After you have shot the guard, shoot at the wall behind him to
  shut off the electricity to the guardroom above.
    Go back to the elevator (remember your buddy!) and go up one level. Shoot
  the door to the left with a supershot by holding the spacebar down until
  a large blue/white ball of energy appears on the end of the pistol, then let
  go of the button to fire the shot and it will destroy the barrier in front
  of you.  After this, your pistol will be out of energy, so don't stop to 
  shoot anything or anyone else.
    Run to the left.  When you get to the teleporter, press the down arrow on
  the keyboard and you will teleport down to the next level.  The guard down
  below will begin firing at his doors to open them, since you have disabled
  the electricity to his guardroom.  Run past him to the left and go up when 
  you get to the next teleporter.
    Next you will come to a barrier.  Don't waste time trying to shoot at it.
  Instead, wait for your buddy to come and open a panel in the floor for you,
  then crawl inside.  Unfortunately, your companion will be captured as you
  make your escape...

                        Ventilation Maze (CLLD)

    Trapped in the humid confines of a ventilation network, you hear the 
  murmured alien speech of the guard above as your friend is again arrested. 
  The sweet taste of freedom can be a fleeting thing in this hostile world!  
  Begin maneuvering Lester through the maze as he appears in the tunnel.
    First, Lester needs to roll to the left but soon he will encounter a gas
  jet.  Move up close to the gas jet (but not too close!)  and once it stops
  firing, after about ten bursts, immediately start rolling to the left again.
    After he drops down a level, roll to the right.  Lester will again encou-
  nter a gas jet but this one will be firing a little bit faster.  Wait until
  it pauses between firings and roll past it to the right, then drop down to 
  the next level.  Be careful!  The next gas jets will be firing very fast
  and on both sides.  Tap the control pad to move Lester just a little bit to
  the right.  Timing is important here.  Just as the gas jet stops firing,
  move quickly to the right and drop down two levels.  After he reaches the
  bottom, roll to the left and drop down into the hole at the center of the 
  screen.  Now Lester will be free, for the time being...

                         A Collapsed Bridge (LBKG)

    Lester drops awkwardly through a hole in the ceiling of a lower chamber.
  Breathing a brief sigh of relief, he begins to take inventory of his sit-
  uation.  He is now alone and the pistol has run out of energy.  Going to 
  the energy room to the left, he soon discovers, will charge the weapon.
    After recharging the pistol, go to the right and shatter all three of the
  locked doors, by doing a supershot on each of them.  Continue to go to the
  right and you will pass through an empty corridor, before encountering a 
  guard, who has been attracted by the sounds of your escape.  Shoot this
  guard as Lester appears on the screen, then go back to the energy room and
  recharge your pistol again.
    After the pistol has been energized, run to the right until you find the 
  collapsed bridge.  Walk to the right and position Lester with his feet 
  hanging over the edge.  Don't go too far, or Lester will tumble to the jagged 
  spikes below.  Once Lester is in position, make him jump by pressing the up
  arrow key.
    After leaping with all his strength, Lester will miss the other side of 
  the bridge but land on a ledge a little lower down.  Once there, do a 
  supershot on the cliff face to the right and walk through the hole it 
  creates.  Free from prying eyes, he can now find refuge in the hidden 
  depths of the underground.  Well, at least he can find relative refuge...

                     Empty Subterranean Chamber (XDDJ)

     Lester's eyes slowly begin to adjust to the darkness as he drops into
  his new surroundings.  The translucent glow of the alien rock formations 
  allow him to see just enough to stay out of trouble.  Fleeing his pursuers,
  he needs to drop into the pit to the right and go down to the next level.
     Still in fear of his pursuers, Lester keeps running to the right and 
  drops on to a teetering rock formation.  With no place else to go, he      
  again runs to the right and drops down to a level surface next to a pile
  of old bones.  Before continuing on, he pauses for a moment and wonders if
  these are the remnants of the last escapee.  Not wanting to become the next
  victim, he wastes no time in jumping over the stalagmites to the right and
  continuing on.
      Tectonic stress will be producing an avalanche of boulders on the 
  next screen.  Run and jump through the screen to get past them.  Now stop!  
  The boulders on the next screen will be falling irregularly so just wait 
  until the first one falls about five times, then run (don't jump!) all the
  way to the right past the strangler.
      The stranglers on the next screen will eat Lester if he is too close
  to them for too long, so approach the first vine and jump past it.  The
  floor maulers will treat Lester much the same way as the stranglers do, 
  so don't get too close to them either.  Get close to the edge of the first
  mauler and jump past it and the second strangler.  When you walk toward the
  second mauler and jump past it and the second strangler.  When you walk 
  toward the second mauler, its mouth will start to open and close, slobber-
  ing with eager anticipation.  As it begins to move, stop and jump to the 
  right.  Jump again to get past the last mauler.
      At the beginning of the next screen is a gradual slope that leads up to
  a group of three stranglers and three maulers.  Go up the slope about 
  halfway and shoot or superblast each of the stranglers.  Next, go to the 
  top of the slope and quickly jump to the right, over the mauler and past any
  remaining stranglers.  Again, quickly jump to the right and walk to the
  next screen.
       The next screen leads to a dangerous pit full of jagged spikes.  Jump
  over it and the next mauler, then run right through the next screen to the
  wall.  On the other side of the wall there will be no ceiling.  From above
  this area will appear to be a pit.  You must do a superblast on the wall
  so that this room will later fill with water, allowing you to swim through
  it.  Towering above him, the slick walls are unscalable to Lester, so the 
  only way to go now is back...

                             Teetering Rock (FXLC)

        Deep in the heart of the underground, Lester has run about as far as
  he can go.  In hopes that the alien guards have given up the search, and
  with no place else to go, he starts the slow track back to the surface by 
  exiting from the put and going left two screens throught he empty tunnel.
        As the first mauler he comes upon begins to move, jump over it and
  then jump to the other side of the pit.  The three stranglers that were on 
  the screen to the left have now receded into the ceiling from the oncoming 
  rush of cold air created by the now open wall but the maulers still remain.
  Walk up to the edge of the pair of maulers and jump, then jump again over 
  the last one.
        Lester needs to continue on to the left where he will encounter three
  more maulers.  Walk up to the first one until it comes to life and jump 
  over it; then jump again, over the next one.  Go to the left and when the
  next mauler, under the strangler, starts to move, jump over it and then jump
  again to get past the other strangler.
       Continue left on to the next screen and jump past the strangler before
  running up the slope.  Don't worry about the falling rocks because you will
  be protected by the tunnel you are in when going up.
       Keep going to the left and pass the red pterodactyl.  Driven by hunger,
  Lester then needs to turn and shoot at it.  Unfortunately, his dinner will
  escape and he'll stay hungry.  After the pterodactyl is free, go to the next
  screen on the left.
       To get back to the other side of the cliff, jump left on to the first 
  stalactite then climb to the top of it.  Press the left arrow on the keybo-
  ard to leap to the next stalactite and the next one.  With mixed emotions,
  Lester will see that that which was to be his dinner, has instead become
  food for the nearby strangler, allowing him free passage beneath it.  Jump
  left and climb the remaining three stalactites.  When reaching the one on
  the far left, have Lester climb all the way to the top and step off to the 
  left.  He's lost his meal but saved his life for a little while longer...

                            Raging Waters (KRFK)

       Its a long way back up to the surface!  Too far to climb, in fact.
  What Lester needs to do is jump off to the left, turn to the right and do a 
  superblast on the base of the teetering rock.  This will cause it to tilt 
  towards him.  After it falls, run up right to the next level.
       Continue to the right and approach the first pit.  These pits are very 
  dangerous so don't let Lester fall into any of them.  After leaping over it, 
  approach and jump over the next pit as well.  Go one more screen to the 
  right and jump over that pit also.
       The next screen to the right contains a pent up torrent of water, held 
  back by a thin column of rock.  Try to put as much distance as possible 
  between Lester and the water while still remaining on the screen; this will 
  give him a small lead when running from the water. 
       Superblast the rock and immediately start running to left.  The first 
  screen to the left will have only one pit; jump over it.  The following 
  screen has two pits; jump over the first one as you enter the screen and 
  then jump directly over the second one.  Keep running to the left and jump 
  over the final pit.  Once you run to the end of the tunnel, the pressure 
  from the oncoming rush of water will lift the unstable block which you are 
  standing on, boosting you up to the next level.
       Go up the slope to the right and superblast the barrier at the top.  
  Keep walking to the right two screens, past the ledge that contained the 
  waterfall.  Lester is cold, wet, and fatigued but he will have to continue 
  his struggle for survival...

                            Alien Garrison (KLFB)

       Through a grate in the floor, Lester can see the struggling form of 
  his buddy friend down below him in an access tunnel.  But how can he come 
  to the aid of another when he can barely help himself?  The answer begins 
  with Lester going to the right and down the stairs. 
       A guard will be waiting behind three doors to ambush you with his 
  lethal radiation grenades.  Foil him in his attempt to waylay you by first 
  making a shield, then approaching his doors.  As the doors open, he will 
  begin to roll his grenades at you.  Quickly jump back behind your shield 
  so that the doors close.  The grenades will bounce off of the door and roll 
  back catching him in his own trap.
       Walk forward and do a superblast on the barrier to the right.  Two 
  more screens to the right there is a dome with three green globes and a 
  small slit in the bottom of it.  The reflection of another guard can be 
  seen pacing back and forth in the globes.  Crouch down and shoot one of 
  the globes when the guard's reflection stops at the bottom; this means 
  that he is standing directly underneath it.  The globe will then fall on 
  him amidst the shatter of broken glass. 
        Go back to the left and up the teleporter.  Have Lester recharge the 
  pistol in the chamber to the left, then go back down and to the left two 
        Go down the stairs and then drop down through the teleporter.  Lester 
  should test his pistol here by firing a shot.  A guard will hear the blast 
  and start shooting at him from the left.  To avoid the attack, Lester should 
  run quickly to the right where he will be surprised by another guard.  The 
  guard will grab him by the throat, and in the struggle, Lester will drop 
  the pistol.  As Lester regains consciousness, kick the guard and run left 
  for the pistol.  In his anger, the guard will accidentally shoot his own 
  comrade (what a break!).  When overtop the pistol, duck down to pick it up 
  and immediately start firing repeatedly at the guard. 
        Run left two screens and up the stairs.  Lester should now be 
  directly under his buddy.  The gate he was struggling with is being held 
  in place by the weight of one of the chandeliers.  Free him by shooting the 
  chandelier's chain and thus open a passage for him to crawl through.  It is
  important that you free your buddy.  He has earned your respect by sacrif-
  icing himself to save you in the ventilation maze.
        Your buddy will be going to the right, so go right to rendezvous with 
  him later.  After traveling three screens, Lester will come upon a 
  suspiciously empty room with three arches.  Just after the first column 
  make three or four shields on the right.  Then walk through your shields, 
  until a couple guards appear on both sides of Lester.  Make two or three 
  more shields to the right and move fast to conserve on the rapidly dissi-
  pating strength of the established shields.  Poke the pistol through the 
  shield to the right and do a superblast, followed by a regular shot, on 
  the remaining guard.  Turning to the left and poking your pistol through 
  the shield again, do another superblast, followed by a regular shot, on 
  the remaining guard.  The screen to the right contains a pool of the same 
  water that was once a great danger to Lester's well-being.  Still tired 
  and hungry, at least now he'll have plenty of an opportunity to quench his 

                             Murky Depths (TBHK)

         Beside the stagnant pool of brackish liquid, Lester prepares for 
  his descent into the brine.  The pits filled with spikes which he had 
  needed to jump over earlier, should now be filled with water, perhaps 
  leading to some hidden treasure.  
         Don't waste time in here.  Air will be in short supply once Lester 
  is in the water.  After entering the water, swim two screens to the bottom, 
  then go left two more screens.  
         Have Lester swim up at the second hole in the ceiling and continue 
  to the surface or a breath of stale air.  Be careful not to be caught in 
  the currents that might pull you into the passage on the left, it is not 
  where you want to go and it is very hard to get out.  Go down two screens 
  to the bottom of the pit and swim right.  At the right edge, climb out of 
  the water by pressing up on the control pad.  
         Lester will now be dripping wet and standing next to a mauler.  
  Don't get too close.  Instead, jump right and walk on to the next screen. 
         The signature blue lights of an electrical circuit will be visible 
  on the right wall.  Turning off the power is important, so shoot at it with 
  a regular shot and return to the previous screen on the left.
         Walk to the edge of the mauler and jump left into the water.  Swim 
  back to the left and up two screens for air.  Next, go back down one screen 
  to the main passage.
         When Lester gets back to the main passage (be careful not to get 
  caught in the currents on the left!), have him swim to the right two 
  screens and all the way up two screens to the surface.  Climb out of the 
  pool and continue to the right, having just explored underwater about all 
  that his lungs are going to allow him to explore.  Lester could think of 
  many other places in which he would have preferred to have gone for a 

                             Hot Pursuit (BRTD)

         Its quiet where Lester is right now.  For a brief moment he pauses 
  and gives thanks to be alive.  There is no activity down below but somehow 
  he knows that once he gets down there things will change.  Trouble has a 
  way of finding him.
         Step into the hole and as soon as Lester hits the ground, do a 
  superblast on the door to the right.  Keep running to the right for four 
  screens.  You will see your buddy crawling along in an access tunnel above 
  you.  There are bars at the end of the tunnel you are in and a hole in the 
  ceiling.  Stand under the hole and make four or five shields to the left.  
  Within a few moments your buddy will reach down and rescue you by pulling 
  you up to the next level.  A friend in need IS a friend indeed... 
                             Guardhouse (TFBB)

         Random shots from the guards below break loose a boulder or two from 
  an overhanging ledge and send a hail of rocks crashing down upon them, 
  silencing their protests.  After taking a moment to insure that Lester is 
  safe, his buddy runs off to the right and into a small building. 
         Lester doesn't like the looks of things here, so have him run around 
  to the back by first going left until he is off the screen and then running 
  two screens to the right.  Having seen that your buddy is in danger, run to 
  the left into the building and up to the shield.  Put the pistol through 
  the shield and shoot the badguy.
         Lester's buddy is now in a serious brawl but he's a big boy and can 
  take care of himself.  Meet him two screens to the right, at the edge of 
  the chasm.  When he gets there, he will pick up Lestor and throw him to the 
  other side but when he tries to jump, he won't make it. 
         He's pretty strong, as far as aliens go, so he'll hold on there for 
  a long time.  Jump to the left.  As soon as you catch the awning and land, 
  run one step to the right and turn to the left, then make three or four 
  shields to the left.  You must do this very quickly (these guys are fast!). 
  Put the pistol through your shield and superblast the enemy alien's shield, 
  following with several regular blasts until you are alone on the ledge.  
  Run two screens to the left.  Whatever happened to the simple days of 
  calculus functions and molecular engineering...

                                Citadel (TXHF)

          Random laser fire peppers the wall around Lester in a room filled 
  with stained glass.  The room is almost artistic, in an alien sort of way 
  but Lester doesn't have time to stop and admire the scenery.  Make him run 
  left to the next screen and point his gun at the alien who doens't make his 
  escape through the portcullis by tapping the fire button without making a 
          The prisoner will raise his hands and push an alarm on the ceiling.  
  The alarm will lower a door in front of him and a door in front of another 
  guard above the two of you.
          Go to the right and up the stairs.  Continue up the stairs and when 
  you reach the top, jump to the right.  Make a couple of shields to the left 
  and do a superblast on the enemy barrier.
          After his barrier is opened, the badguy will start rolling grenades 
  down the stairs.  Shoot him after he rolls about five or six bombs down the 
  stairs, then go to the left and drop down the teleporter.
          Start making a superblast as you drop down.  Wait until the other 
  guard superblasts the barrier in front of you, then release your supershot 
  to destroy his shield and follow it up with a regular shot.
          Walk right and drop down the teleporter.  At bottom of the tunnel 
  shoot out the electricity and go back up the teleporter.
          Go to the left and up the second teleporter.  Continue to the right 
  and down the stairs to the bottom of the next level.  At the foot of the 
  stairs is a hole created by the earlier bomb rolling, guard.  Drop down 
  into that hole.
          On the screen to the right the lights will have been turned off.  
  As you begin running to the right, laser will start to shoot at you from 
  below.  Just run across the laser grid and stop when you get to the other 
  side.  Make a shield and walk to the edge of the screen.
  Take very small steps to enter the next screen.  There is a pit that you 
  don't want to fall into right away.  Instead jump over it and go to the 
  right.  Walk up to the lever on the wall and Lester will pull it.
         The sounds of chaos will emanate from the pit below.  Go back to the 
  left and drop down into the pit.  Amidst the turmoil, make your escape by 
  immediately running to the right three screens.  When you get to the end of 
  the corridor, go up the teleporter and walk to the left.
         You will find your buddy still holding tight on to the canopy above 
  you.  Walk off to the left and a bridge will open, allowing him to drop 
  down.  Follow him to the right and go up the teleporter after he does.
         He will then lead Lester down the stairs and into a waiting vehicle 
  of some sort.  In fact, it appears to be an armored vehicle.  Maybe now 
  things are starting to turn his way...

                                Arena (CKJL)

         A heads-up display illuminates the control panel in front of Lester, 
   leaving him just a little less than confused.  The chugging of the engine 
   sputters along as the tank rolls into the coliseum, filled with the 
   escaped beasts that were released earlier by him.
         When the tank reaches the center of the center of the arena, it will
   come to a stop and Lester's control panel will appear in the upper left 
   corner of the screen.  Push the bottom button, then push the button that 
   it lights up in the lower left corner of the control panel.
         Six buttons are now revealed on the left.  Make Lester push the top 
   four and a white button will start flashing.  Push the white egress button 
   and the command capsules will eject, throwing him and his buddy clear of 
   the carnage.  Flying through the air gives them both a sense of freedom 
   but whatever goes up, must come down...

                            Bathing Garden (LFCK)

         The serenity of a freshwater swim is disrupted by the falling 
   wreckage of an armored escape capsule.  The startled bathers duck into 
   the water and scamper off with a girlish scream.  Exotic, beautiful 
   even, but not for Lester.
         As the capsule opens to let Lester out, run to the right and 
   immediately make two or three shields.  Four alien guards will start 
   coming out, one at a time.  Point the pistol through the shields and do a 
   superblast and then several regular blasts on the first guard.  Put up 
   another two or three shields and repeat the process until no more guards 
   come out to meet with you. 
         Lester's buddy will appear when he runs to the right.  Keep running 
   two more screens to the right.  Someone from offscreen will shoot the 
   walkway, unavoidably causing Lester to plunge off the ledge.  Before he 
   falls too far, a charitable hand will reach down and pull him back up to 
   the relative safety of a lower level.
         This apparent charity will be very short lived as the rescuer, an 
   evil alien, is going to roughly throw him into a wall.  Injured and in 
   pain, Lester needs to begin moving to the right.  He'll be kicked onto 
   the next screen by the alien and should keep moving right.
         One more time, Lester's buddy and savior will come to his rescue by 
   tackling the bad alien just as it is about to deliver the coup-de-grace.  
   Keep moving to the right, all of the way to the levers.
         Your buddy will be knocked from the ledge by the evil one.  Now that 
   nothing is standing in his way, the badguy will again close on Mr. Chaykin.  
   When he is in the center of the screen, Lester must pull two of the four 
   levers and immediately begin moving to the left.  Laser shots will fall 
   around him as he is teleported up to the next level.  Is this really 

                                THE END...