Planet's Edge (e)

Andere Lösungen

G'Day to you, gamers.  If you are reading this, then you are being slowly
driven crazy by one of the most fascinating RPG/Space games around.  Well,
don't despair, this will get you through the game.  I've combined my
experience (I completed the game with ONE hint, not perfectly, but complete)
with the cluebook to produce what I believe is a comprehensive gaming aid.

Some Background:

The proper sequence of the rainbow is...  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,
Indigo, Violet... you'll need this information to pass a "test" in the game.

The game has a neat little glitch in it... In those combat sequences where
there is an intervening wall between you and the enemy, and you can still see
the enemy, you can shoot through the wall, while the enemy cannot.  Your
accuracy goes all to hell, but they still die.  Keep this in mind.

Except for those cases where Katya has the Mass Cannon, concentrate your fire
on one opponent at a time.

While most Orbital Bases accept bribes to allow access, the amount varies from
two to one hundred cargo units, the bases manned by the silvery cyborg types
MUST be destroyed to gain access to the planet.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, take all the minerals from a planet.  If you do the
probability that the resource renews itself when you reenter the system is
reduced to 1%.


You begin at MoonBase.  It is not necessary to build a single object to begin
the game.  Evenly distribute the Ammo Clips amongst the three other characters
while giving the Heavy Magazines to Katya. Give a Rifle to William and Nelson,
and give a spare Flak Jacket to each of the characters.  Give the First Aid
Kits and Trauma Kits to Osai. Your first stop will be Alpha Centauri II.

There are Eight Sequences in the Game, each named after one of the sectors,
and two Stand-alone Planetary Scenarios.  The scenario on Alpha-C II is a
stand-alone and must be completed to give your characters the basic weaponry
and armor to move to the next stage.

When you land on the planet, you are in the middle of a courtyard with four
very hostile robots.  Kill them, and take three hand lasers (Osai already has
one).  Keep one other weapon as a back-up.  Go through the station, saving
frequently, you will come across more hostile robots, some blue-headed
androids (DO NOT kill these at this time) and several items of value... these
are:  Kevlar suits; a Grenade Launcher and Medikits and Trauma Kits.  The only
other item of interest is the Android Key which allows you to access the
information in the severed android heads (silver globes) scattered around the
station.  The info given by these heads is useful, if somewhat obscure at
first.  You may drop the key in the station after using it, it has no other
use.  Use the courtyard to regularize your inventory and return to MoonBase so
that the Kevlar Suits and Grenade Launcher can be added to your manufacturing

At this point you are ready to embark on your quest for the eight pieces of
the Centauri Device.  But first, I suggest a side trip to Rana Prime... to
"harvest" some Mono-Mol Disk Guns and Modu-Armor.  Mug isolated non-verbal
workers (try to use the game glitch mentioned above) and arm your troops with
the guns.  Read the listing for this weapon, and you'll see why the trip is
worth the trouble.


Although you find just about everything in the course of the game, you STILL
have to build lots of things, Ships, Ship's engines and weapons, some ammo and
items.  You find that to build, you have to have minerals.  Guess what, you
don't have what you need. So, you're stuck with the tedious chore of mining
and/or trading for minerals.  Additionally, you find that the very mineral you
need is on a planet with a guardian starbase.  This has gotta be the worst
part of the game, but its unavoidable.  Anyway, I'm enclosing a list of
planets, found and from the cluebook, by mineral.  The notation is... Mineral
-- Planet (if the planet is guarded, the notation is:  Planet */B#, where
*=starbase and B=bribable and #=amount of bribe if remembered, and if I am not
sure whether it is guarded or not, the notation is:  ?/?.  Note, if in the
course of the game hints, the planet you have to land on is guarded, the same
notation applies.

Organics -------------- Alpha Centauri IV */B2, Asellus III
Crystals -------------- Atria III */?, Acamar III
Radioactives ---------- Alderberan Prime, Aldhibain (Prime, I think)
Common Liquids -------- Chara III */B30, Sheratan V
Heavy Metals ---------- Sol II (Venus), Nusakan III
Inert Gasses ---------- Altair IV, Alphard IV ?/?
Soft Metals ----------- Sirius V, Seginus VIII, Asellus Prime
Alien Gasses ---------- Kerb Prime ?/?, Sarin Prime, Deneb Prime, Phact VII ?/?
Alien Metals ---------- Miaplacidus Prime */B2, Biham Prime */B2, Tais IV
Alien Isotope --------- Rutilicus Prime */B?, Shedir Prime ?/?, Menkent Prime
Alien Crystal --------- Kursa II */B50, Kitalpha Prime
Alien Liquid ---------- Almach IV, Diadem V */NB(have to kill it... its tough)
Alien Organic --------- Scheat III, Dubhe III ?/?
Rare Elements --------- Unukalhai Prime ?/?, Misam II
New Elements ---------- Nekkar Prime

Hybrid Solids is a "blind".  No use, no place to find it, not listed in the

There may be more planets than I have listed.

Then there's the glitch -- At a guarded Mineral Planet, you can do a fly-by
mineral load by ordering the Engineer to "Dump Cargo", and load up instead.
This is accomplished with the target planet in the left scanner, and NOT being
in orbit.  Works for ALL Mineral Planets, even those with StarBases. Of
course, the second aspect of this glitch is even MORE fun... If you load your
ship WITHOUT orbiting, the game doesn't know that you've taken minerals from
the planet... so, you can take x amount of minerals from a planet without
depleting it, provided you do not take more than half of the total minerals
per access.


You do not have to build ships in class order.  In fact, its better to skip
some classes and go right to the best ship for the job.

You definitely should build a Class 2 ship, this will allow you to obtain
minerals faster so that you can build a Class 4. Later in the game, a Class 2
with a Mark 6 Engine is the best fast scout around. There isn't a ship that
can catch it, so, if you need to go someplace where you don't have to bribe or
fight, then this configuration is it.

A Class 4 with a Mark 6 or 7 Engine is an excellent armed freighter.  With
proper handling and patience, it will outfight anything in the sky, and
unarmed, with a Mark 7, nothing can catch it.

Now, if the attitude's gotta be:  "Yea, though I walk through the valley of
the shadow of death, I will fear no evil... 'cause I'm the meanest SOB in the
valley", then build a Class 7 with Mark 7 engines and arm it with MegaMissles
and Rack Guns.  YOU WILL BE *BAD*, slow, but bad.  But remember kiddies,
you're not the only player with Class 7s, AND a Class 7 Starbase did not have
to mount engines.

I'd say all kinds of thing about ship-to-ship tactics, how to nuke starbases,
and alla that good garbage, but hey!, you gotta do something.

Shield Strength Calculation = Square of the size times 10.
E.g. Size 6, shields = (6 X 6) = 36 X 10 = 360.
Note that the number is also the Equipment/cargo size of the vehicle.


After your first contact on Alpha Centauri II, You must complete the Eight
Sectors.  Upon completion of each, you will receive a piece of the Centauri
Device.  When the device is completed, Earth will return from the White Hole,
and you've won. In ascending order of difficulty with the items found therein,
the sectors are:

1. Algieba Sector, containing the scenarios: (ALGIEBAN CRYSTALS)
        If Love be True ------- Talitha II
        Gift of the Magin ----- Subra II
        Inauguration Day &
        Flight of the Attagi -- Algieba IV */B2
        Solitare -------------- Kooshe Prime

2. Kornephoros Sector, containing the scenarios:  (MASS CONVERTER)
        Spawn ----------------- Rutilicus II
        Loki's Sun ------------ Sabik Prime */B7
        A Narrow Thread ------- Eltanin VII
        Of Universal Concern -- Kochab II
        Cognito Ergo Sum ------ Kornephoros III

3. Caroli Sector, containing the scenarios:  (GRAVITIC COMPRESSOR)
        Forsake the Wind ------ Denebola IV
        Harvest --------------- Alula IV
        A Small Matter -------- Cor-Caroli Prime
        Life Gallery ---------- Merak Prime */B? (This is a stand-alone)

4. Alhena Sector, containing the scenarios:   (KRUPP SHIELDS)
        Squatters ------------- Procyon III (I think)
        When Titans Fall ------ Capella Prime
        Catalog #38791 -------- Alhena VII
        Peace Offering -------- Hyades I */B50

5. Zaurak Sector, containing the scenarios:   (K-BEAM)
        Error Factor 0 -------- Rana Prime
        Stormy Weather -------- Rasalmothal V
        Matter of Conscience -- Zaurak II
        Edge of Twilight ------ Diphda IV */B?

6. Ankaq Sector, containing the scenarios:   (HARMONIC RESONATOR)
        Apocalypse Factor ----- Fomalhaut VI
        Instrument of the Gods  Ankaq Prime
        Shadowside ------------ Deneb II */B100
        Pearl of Price -------- Nashira III
        Double Blind ---------- Alrai II

7. Izar Sector, containing the scenarios:   (N.I.C.T.U.)
        From the Ruins -------- Arcturas III
        We the Abducted ------- Mizar V
        Circle of Light ------- Alkaid Prime
        The Concierge --------- Izar II */B100
        A Taste of Id --------- Vindemiatrix Prime

8. Alnasl Sector, containing the scenarios:   (ALGO CAM)
        By Puppet Strings ----- Alnasl Prime */B100
        Ghosts, Nightmares
        and Yesterdays -------- Vega IX */NB (Kill it)
        Into the Breach ------- Ascella II */NB

With the exception of the "Life Gallery" scenario, you MUST complete all of
the scenarios to win the game.  Now, some of you remember the "no violence"
philosophy of the first StarFlight game... not here.  The game accepts
whatever action you perform without comment.  Actually, the ONLY standard of
behavior control needed is... "Is it effective?"

Really, though mindless slaughter is fun, and it burns up those calories, you
have to behave EFFECTIVELY to complete the game.  Remember, in some scenarios,
mayhem doesn't work.


At this point, I'm expected to give you a step-by-step walkthru. Instead, I'm
going to give you a quick run-through for each scenario and advise you to read
the Objects File below, it'll tell you where just about everything is.  Its up
to you to get them, and make them work... that's where the fun is.  Some
advice, however... Cin-Sae Spawn, the inhabitants of Zaurak II and the
Outsiders on Ascella II can kick some serious ass... beware.

1. FIRST CONTACT (Alpha Centuri II) -- Object: practice and to pick up
   significant clues and equipment to move on in the game (see walk-thru).


1. IF LOVE BE TRUE (Talitha II) -- Main Object: Obtain the Trinket for use on
   Subra II, and obtain the Geal A'nai Amulet for use on Algieba.  Secondary
   Object: rescue the Princess, obtain upgraded armor and weapons.  Objects
   needed: Levitator, Matches, Queen's Banner(optional).  Goodies: Laser Rifle,
   Composite Armor, Assault Laser, Ammo, Medkits.
   Major Hint:  There's a MAZE in the garden.

2. GIFT OF THE MAGIN (Subra II) -- Object: Obtain the Algiebian Invite.
   Objects Needed: Trinket, Imastyl, Talking Stick.  Goodies: Nothing new.
   Major Hint: An Imastyl is the means of communication for these Cabbage-Heads.

3. INAUGURATION DAY & FLIGHT OF THE ATTAGI (Algieba IV,*/B2) -- Object: Obtain
   the ALGIEBAN CRYSTALS, Ship Plans, President's Amulet and Security
   Card (which is also valid on Diphda IV).  Objects needed: Geal A'nai Amulet,
   Gravity Bar, Choassqa Card Sets(3), Algieban Tals, Sixth Seal, Vegan Wine,
   Press Pass, Eyeglasses (optional).  Goodies:  Turbo-Laser, Ship Plans, Fixit
   Kit, Ammo, Medkits.
   Major Hint:  The Geal A'nai are the Bad Guys, and the guarded character on
   the Starship IS NOT President Ishtao.

4. SOLITAIRE (Koo-She Prime) -- Object: Obtain the Technical Plans.  Objects
   needed:  President's Amulet, Mirror Shard.  Goodies: Nothing new.
   Major Hint:  Deactivating the Security System requires a creature with FOUR
   arms.  Check the Genetic Lab.


1. SPAWN (Rutilicus II) -- Object: Survival!  Also, obtain the Visitors'
   Card for use on Sabik Prime, obtain the Generator for use on Eltanin VII,
   obtain the Soossee Dagger for use on Kochab II.  Secondary
   object (optional): Obtain a Planetary Deed for use on Kochab II.  Objects
   needed: Transformer. Goodies: Thermite Launcher, Ceramic Armor,
   Chain Sword, Energy Mace.

   Major Hint:  1.The Cin-Sae Spawn are devastating at close range, and are
   extremely susceptible to Mono-Mol Guns. 2.To obtain the Generator, ALL
   Cin-Sae must be killed. There are some hiding in the bathroom of the house
   closest to the sewer grating.  3.In the sewers, look for the levers that
   move the walls, stay out of the green stuff, watch out for the MOMMA Cin-Sae.

2. LOKI'S SUN (Sabik Prime,*/B7) -- Object: Obtain the Sector Clearance for
   use on Eltanin VII, obtain the Spare Parts for use on Kornephoros III.
   Objects needed: Visitor's Card, Industrial Badge, Bag 'o Diamonds, Skocha
   Root. Goodies: Nothing new.
   Major Hint:  Pull the security levers so the phrase reads "Our ships wait
   in hiding until your awakening".

3. A NARROW THREAD (Eltanin VII) -- Object: Obtain the Sonic Pincers for use
   on Kochab II, obtain the Ship Plans.  Objects needed: Thermaul, Sector
   Clearance, Generator.  Goodies: Seeker(if you kill a Nusakan, not necessary).
   Major Hint: Clear the snow/ice from the Comm Array (outside of the station)
   with the Thermaul.

4. OF UNIVERSAL CONCERN (Kochab II) -- Object: Obtain the MASS CONVERTOR,
   obtain the Uni-Lock and Spare Parts for use on Kornephoros III.  Secondary
   object: Obtain the Shroud of Kriq, Battle Laser(optional).  Objects
   needed: Perfume, Sonic Pincers, Cyber Credit, Planetary Deed, Soossee
   Dagger, Ulfas Cloth, 10 Credit Card, Shroud Admission Scroe Special.
   Goodies: Some kinda good stuff in Sepo's secret room, I forget what,
   Major Hint: Ignore the trading sequence to obtain the Battle Laser
   (Perfume-->Ulfas Cloth-->10 Credit Card-->Scroe Special-->Battle Laser),
   and use the Uni-lock in Sepo's Warehouse.

5. COGNITO ERGO SUM (Kornephoros III) -- Object: (First visit) Obtain the
   Cyber Credit for use on Kochab II, obtain access to The Crypt of The Last
   Defender. (Second Visit) Obtain the Cygnus Cannon.  Secondary object: Pick
   up some SERIOUS Goodies.  Objects needed: (First visit) Uni-lock, Spare
   Parts. (Second visit) Last Stanza.  Goodies: LOTS!, all in the Crypt, use
   the Touch-Take-Save-Reload "Trick" and shop away.  Get those Fields!
   Major Hint: Search the piles of Alien Meat (yuck!) in the Courtyard.


1. FORSAKE THE WIND (Denebola IV) -- Object: Obtain the Ship Plans AND Tech
   Plans.  Objects needed: Decorative Orbs(2), Ysaf Note, Eldarin Pot.
   Goodies: Nothing new.
   Major Hint: If it is outside and shoots, kill it!  Don't shoot first.

2. HARVEST (Alula IV) -- Object: Obtain the Ysaf Note.  Objects needed:
   Tractor Part, Harvest Key, Sack of Lozam, Stone, Com Nav Sq 2345-8.
   Goodies: Evian Armor, Trauma Kit, Laser Sword.
   Major Hint: 1.The Sack of Lozam is in one of the potted plants.  2.The
   solution to the second puzzle given by Agricola involves the letters of his

3. A SMALL MATTER (Cor-Caroli Prime) -- Object: Obtain the GRAVITIC
   COMPRESSOR, obtain the Com Nav Sq 2345-8, obtain the Microtic Injector for
   use in Alnasl Prime.  Objects needed: Requisition Form, Authorized Form,
   Mini Lab Pass, Logic Circuit Alpha, Logic Circuit Beta.  Goodies: None.
   Major Hint: 1.You don't have to actually save the Lab Director to obtain
   the Authorized Form.  2.Look for the scorch marks on the circuit housings
   and blast them.

4. LIFE GALLERY (Merak Prime,*/B?) [Optional Scenario] -- Object: Obtain for
   the Eldarin the evidence that the Chytti are eating them.  Secondary
   object: Obtain a Tac-Nuke Rifle.  Objects needed: Gallery Admission, Slieth
   Egg, Caged Nochh, Decorative Orb, Strong Stomach.  Goodies: Tac-Nuke
   Rifle, nothing else new.
   Major Hint: You don't need to do this.  A Tac-Nuke is more easily available
   on Alrai II.


1. SQUATTERS (Procyon) -- Object: Obtain the Dhoven Deed for use on Hyades
   Prime.  Objects needed: Excellent Weapons/Armor, LOTS of Medikits, Nine
   lives.  Goodies: Evian Armor, Battle Laser, Shielded Reflec (armor).
   Major Hint: Get in and out FAST!  Once you pick up the Dhoven Deed, there
   is no reason to hang around, EVERYONE is trying to kill you.

2. WHEN TITANS FELL (Capella Prime) -- Object: Obtain the Leader's Stone for
   use on Hyades Prime, obtain the Flight Recorder for use on Alhena VIII.
   Objects needed: Fire Extinguisher, Alien Doll, Alien MedPaks, Code
   obtained from the REAL Captain.  Goodies: Mini-AidPaks, Shielded Reflec,
   Personal Shield.
   Major Hint:  Kill the Nochh and Scroe, and the guy who talks about using a
   Pikor on the Control Room door IS NOT the real Captain.

3. CATALOG #38791 (Alhena VIII) -- Object: Obtain the Numistat Deed for use on
   Hyades Prime.  Objects needed: Dhoven Deed, Flight Recorder, Rubber Stamp.
   Goodies: Assault Suit, Teflar Suit, Smart Gun, Soossee Dagger.
   Major Hint: Simple and straightforward as this scenario is, remember, there
   are Neutron Droids behind that door.

4. PEACE OFFERING (Hyades Prime,*/B?) -- Object: Obtain the KRUPP SHIELDS and
   Ships Plans. Objects needed: Numistat Deed, Leaders' Stone.  Goodies:
   Nothing new (the Alien Regen is only worthwhile to ressurect the one alien
   in the same room the Regen is found in.)
   Major Hint: The four sliding switches in the four identical rooms are the
   key to the scenario, and don't forget to talk to the guy you free from the


1. ERROR FACTOR 0  (Rana Prime) -- Object: Obtain the K-BEAM.  Objects needed:
   None.  Goodies: Mono-Mol Disk Guns, Modu-Armor, Ammo, Optical Key.
   Major Hint:  Talk to the Giate to obtain the Grav Bouys, then talk to him
   again AFTER you've visited the next three planets. (Shooting the Giate works

2. STORMY WEATHER (Rasalmothal V) -- Object: Place the Grav Bouy properly,
   obtain the Cyber Boots, obtain the Slieth Egg(optional).  Goodies: Cyber
   Major Hint: ALL non-sentients are hostile, there are traps all over the
   place and remember the "Claw Puzzle" mentioned on Rana?

3. MATTER OF CONSCIENCE (Zaurak II) -- Object: Place the Grav Bouy Properly.
   Goodies: Defense Wave.
   Major Hint:  ALMOST everyone is hostile, you MUST enter the "Treasure Room"
   to place the Grav Bouy, and you have to shoot someone to get in.

4. EDGE OF TWILIGHT  (Diphda IV, */B50)  -- Object: Place the Grav Bouy
   properly, obtain the Mass Cannon, obtain the Ships Plans.  Objects needed:
   Cyber Credit, Security Card.  Goodies: Mass Cannon, Evian Armor, Ships
   Major Hint:  Before playing the Scorch Game, go around back and throw
   the switch, and be magnamous to the losing Champion.


1. APOCALYSE FACTOR (Fomalhaut VI) -- Object: Talk to the Ethnys Queen, obtain
   the Optical Key.  Objects needed: Laser-proof armor.  Goodies: Nothing new.
   Major Hint:  Move fast, hit hard, get out quickly.

2. INSTRUMENT OF THE GODS (Ankaq Prime) -- Object: First visit; obtain the
   Comnet for use on Shadowside, obtain the Utrecian Key for use on Alrai II:
   Second visit; Place the four spheres and obtain the HARMONIC RESONATOR.
   Objects needed: First visit; Optical Key, Second visit; The Four Spheres.
   Major Hint:  DON'T kill the baby Ethnys.

3. SHADOWSIDE (Deneb II, */B100) -- Object: Obtain the Sphere of Harmon for
   use on Ankaq Prime, obtain Wet Suit for use on Nashira III.  Objects
   needed: Comnet, Mintap, Used Eyeball, Datatape, Mass Cannon.  Goodies:
   Assault Suit, Mass Cannon, Seeker, Plasma Generator.
   Major Hint: They've totally messed up their planet, and they're annoying
   to boot... kill them, they're better off dead.

4. PEARL OF PRICE (Nashira III) -- Object: Obtain the Sphere of Themi.
   Objects needed: False Sphere, Wet Suit (4).  Goodies: None.
   Major Hint: None, this is the most straightforward scenario of the game.

5. DOUBLE BLIND  (Alrai II) -- Object: Obtain the Sphere of Rhyth AND Sphere
   of Awa for use on Ankaq Prime, obtain the False Sphere for use on Nashira
   III, obtain the Tac-Nuke Rifle.  Objects needed: Utrecian Key, Gold
   Sphere(4), Bag of Diamonds, Two other Spheres(any color).  Goodies: Tac-
   Nuke Rifle, Rocket Launcher.
   Major Hint: Give one Gold Sphere to each character, and touch the picture
   in Cu's office.


1. FROM THE RUINS (Arcturas III) -- Object: Obtain the Omega Card for use on
   Alkaid Prime, obtain the Star Stone for use on Izar II, obtain the Maint
   Card for use on Vindemiatrix Prime.  Objects needed: Silver Locket,
   Official Papers, Letters, Bag of Diamonds, Civitic(Cevitic) Balance(r).
   Goodies: All kinds of low-tek armor/weapons, Plasma Bow
   Major hint: The order of chest openings in the Mayor's Treasure Room is:

        close   close   open    close
        open    open    open    close
        open    open    open    close
        close   close   open    close
        open    open    open    close.

Note:  You can complete WE THE ABDUCTED or CIRCLE OF LIGHT, it is not
necessary to complete both, in fact, if you complete WE THE ABDUCTED, CIRCLE
OF LIGHT is moot.

2. WE THE ABDUCTED (Mizar V) -- Object: Obtain the Hataphas Gem for use on
   Izar II, obtain the Civitic Balancer for use on Arcturas III.  Object
   needed: Nav Beacon.  Goodies: Nothing new.
   Major Hint:  The warehouse is to the South.

3. CIRCLE OF LIGHT (Alkaid Prime) -- Object: Obtain the Hataphas Gem for use
   on Izar II.  Objects needed: Omega Card.  Goodies: May Field, Sub-Atomic
   Major Hint: Search the glowing squares and green beams before entering, and
   wear Modu-Armor or May Fields.

4. THE CONCIERGE (Izar II [Melchior], */B100) -- Object: Obtain the
   N.I.C.T.U., obtain the Ships Plans and Technical Plans.  Objects needed:
   Hataphas Gem(6) [five are obtainable here], Cyber Boots, Pikor, Funny Hat,
   Cygnus Cannon, Star Stone.  Goodies: Ship Plans, Technical Plans.
   Major Hint:  Use the Cyber Boots to go over the invisible maze.

5. A TASTE OF ID (Vindemiatrix Prime) -- Object: Obtain the Nav Beacon for use
   on Mizar V, obtain the Funny Hat for use on Izar II.  Objects needed: Maint
   Card.  Goodies: None.
   Major Hint:  There is no way to get throught the force field in the center
   of the colony, and unless you've been to Ascella II, the Funny Hat is the
   key to the Last Stanza.  BTW, do this BEFORE doing THE CONCIERGE.


1. BY PUPPET STRINGS (Alnasl Prime, */B100) -- Object: Obtain the Control
   Spike  for use on Vega IX.  Objects needed: Control Crystals, P.C.
   Strandware, Microtic Injector, Mindnet Key.  Goodies: Needler.
   Major Hint:  The Touch-take-save-reload "trick" works here, too.  The
   Anti-Mat(ter) Grenade is WORTHLESS (and dangerous).  Shooting the Madman at
   the door is an excellent stategy, and shooting the Ominar Proconsul works,

2. GHOSTS, NIGHTMARE AND YESTERDAYS (Vega IX, */NB) -- Object: Obtain the
   Escape Code for use on Ascella II.  Objects needed: Control Spike.
   Goodies: Nothing new.
   Major Hint: The monitors scattered throughout the station are depictions of
   atomic structures.  The formulas can be read as intructions... e.g. NaCl
   means "Touch the Sodium monitor once and the Chlorine monitor once".  No,
   you have to look up the number of atoms in the elements just like I did...

3. INTO THE BREECH (Ascella II, */NB) -- Object: Obtain the ALGO CAM.  Objects
   needed: Escape Code, ISC Pin.  Goodies: Shroud of Kriq(4), Dreadnought
   Suit(4), Cygnus Cannon(4).
   Major Hint: This is a very dangerous scenario.  Save early and often, get
   the Shrouds FIRST.  The robotic sentries guarding the Algo Cam are armed
   with Tac-Nuke Rifles, the Red-Head Androids are carrying Atomizers...
   the ability to resurrect your characters is a MUST.  Use the "Shoot through
   walls glitch  whenever possible.  NO ONE is a Good Guy, kill them ALL!


NOTE ON THE OBJECT FILE:  I "lifted" a file called OBJECTS.BCH from the game,
deleted the ASCII symbols, and used the text as a basis for this file.  I have
left the game description intact... the first part of the object listing is
the text you will see when you examine something in your inventory.  I have
added to the file such comments, observations and, in some cases, information
from the cluebook in order to make the use and value of each item clear.  My
comments start with a reference to the type of ammunition used or a "first
found" annotation.

NOTE ON OBJECTS:  Totally different objects of the same or of a different
"class" will share a common object icon... e.g. A Laser Rifle, Battle Laser,
Super Laser and Cygnus Cannon appear exactly alike on the playing field.
"Look at" the icon to determine exactly what it is.  Another note:  Those
items with a "no listing" or "never found" annotation are probably red
herrings placed in the object text file to throw off people (like myself) who
break into these files for game clues.

DAGGER -- Made with a reinforced titanium steel blade, this dagger would be
effective when used hand to hand against an opponent without armor. No Ammo.
Found in various locations, easy manufacture, poor weapon.

SWORD -- Well balanced and highly decorated, this sword can be used both in
state ceremonies as well as in battle. It would be highly lethal when used
against an enemy without armor.  No Ammo.  Found on Arcturus III, easy
manufacture, fair-poor weapon.

PISTOL -- Made for U.N.F.A. a security weapon, the Baretta 2043-UFS actually
came into field service in 2044 due to problems with its loading system.  It
fires a standard nine millimeter ammunition and is very effective at short
ranges.  Ammo Clip.  Initial build, easy manufacture, it'll get you through
the Alpha-Centuri Scenario, trade up ASAP.

RIFLE -- A hunter's weapon, this rifle is a long range weapon with fair
accuracy. Although it is not designed for combat situations, it can be very
deadly in that capacity.  Ammo Clip.  Initial Build, also found in back room
on Alula IV... see "Pistol".

ASSAULT RIFLE -- Without a doubt an assassin's weapon, this rifle fires high
power ammunition with laser fine accuracy. Heavy Magazine.  Initial build,
also found on Subra II, fair-good weapon, trade up ASAP.

MACHINE GUN -- Very similar in design to U.N.F.A.'s hastily created G11-S,
this machine gun fires caseless rounds that can penetrate most kinds of
ballistic armor. Like most machine guns, it suffers from a very limited
effective range. Heavy Magazine.  Found on Talitha II (have to kill Royal
Guard to get it), fair-good, trade up, range too short.

HAND LASER -- The innovative design of this hand laser is both functional and
practical.  Using a coiled heat damping system, this weapon design allows
laser technology to be effective in a hand held size.  It depends on
ammunition in the form of a power cell.  Power Cell.  Inital build... DON'T
BUILD ANY... they're all over the place on Alpha-Centauri II (Kill the Robots
to get them).  Fair-good mid-tech Beam Weapon, trade up ASAP.

LASER RIFLE -- More accurate than its hand held counterpart, the laser rifle
is designed for slightly heavier tasks which require more power in a longer
burst. In most galactic societies, this has become the standard medium range
weapon. Power Cell.  Good-Very Good mid-tech beam weapon.  They are all over
the place, Talitha II, Algieba IV, to name the first places you'll find them.
Weapon of choice until Mono-Mol Disk Guns become available.

ASSAULT LASER -- Created to deliver maximum damage without suffering from the
dangers of medium ranged opposing fire, the Assault Laser has the best of both
worlds and is a military issue weapon of choice.  Only the very best of
reflective armors are useful against this weapon. Energy Bank.  In the hands
of your Heavy Weapons Expert (Katya, the lady in the green uniform, Heavy
Weapons/Navigator), a most excellent weapon.  The other members of the crew
cannot handle the bastard. Found on Talitha II, in the room south of the room
with the pool table, ammo also provided.  Note:  To get the Royal Guardsmen
out of the way, use the Matches to set fire to the banner BEFORE YOU RESCUE
THE PRINCESS.  Do not build, you only need one.

ELECTRON GUN -- The fourth and least effective in a class of "sub-atomic"
weapons, the Electron class gun creates injuries by stripping the electrons
from contacted molecular structures, thereby severely injuring any unshielded
targets.  Particle Pack.  A PIECE OF CRAP!  Don't even bother with it.

NEUTRON GUN -- The third in the class of "sub-atomic" weapons, the Neutron Gun
breaks down the molecular integrity of its target by a barrage of very tightly
focused neutrons.  Unshielded targets are often seriously injured by these
weapons.  Neutrino Cache.  Very effective when the other guy has them, but
suffers from range and accuracy problems when in the hands of Terrans.  Don't
bother.  Used by Ominar Guard Droids, Evian, and occasional baddies, Assault
Suits, Modu-Armor or Mayfields most effective defense.

SUB-ATOMIC BLASTER -- Like the less developed models, the sub-atomic blaster
combines the strategies of electron and neutron guns and hits a target with
much stronger effect.  In addition, the designers of the sub-atomic blaster
have also solved the problems of range and accuracy, improving on both counts.
Neutrino Cache.  Terrans face the same problems with these weapons as with
Neutron Guns, stronger attack value of this weapon makes it even more
dangerous.  Phlemruck (squid-like badguys on Izar II) and others are armed
with these.  Same defense.

BLUE QUARK GUN -- Code named project Blue Quark, this gun was a top secret
weapons development in Sector Alnasl. Created by the Ominar for a Dhoven
contractor, the Blue Quark Gun is the first class "sub-atomic" weapon.  Firing
an incredibly dense stream of anti-gluons into its target, the gun comes close
to completely disassembling those unfortunate enough to feel its effects.
Neutrino Cache.  The Red Androids on Ascella II have them, have no idea how
they work when Terrans use them, but they are seriously mean when the bad guys
have them.  Even in a Dreadnaught Suit I had to resurrect two of my characters
with the Shroud of Kriq.

SMART GUN -- A miniaturized artificial intelligence computer has been combined
with a low grade missile launcher to create this strategic weapon.  Made to
demoralize Scroe troops on the battlefield, when fired the Smart Gun
automatically seeks out the strongest enemy target.  Morale among the enemy
collapses quickly in the face of this gun.  Heavy Magazine.  This weapon
doesn't quite live up to its PR, but its not a bad little weapon.  The only
"heavy" weapon usable by all team members (except Osai, the Medic/Science
Officer, whose ability is limited to light weapons).  First found on Alhena
VIII.  Replace with Tac-Nuke Rifle when possible.

GRENADE LAUNCHER -- Similar to those of twentieth-century Earth, this grenade
launcher fires standard fletchette type grenades which affect a small area of
a few feet. Users should be warned that it is possible to be injured by
'friendly fire' when using weapons of this sort.  Heavy Magazine.  First found
on Alpha-Centauri II.  Good-excellent area-effect weapon, but watch your
distance, team members caught in the blast radius are attacked.

PLASMA GENERATOR -- Using very special designs, this gun's developers
succeeded in creating a localized fuel-air explosion similar to those created
by larger fuel-air bombs.  Creating intense heat effects, the plasma generator
operates much like a large-scale flamethrower.  Heavy Magazine.  Found on
Shadowside (Deneb II).  PIECE OF CRAP!  Don't bother with it.

SEEKER -- A counterpart to the Smart Gun, the seeker gun also uses artificial
intelligence and rocket launching technologies for its affect. Not limited by
a strict line of sight, the seeker is capable of attacking targets around
corners and other obstructions but does have a limited range. Ammo Clip.
First found on Shadowside (or Eltanin VII, if you kill a Nusakan).  Any
advantages are overshadowed by low attack strength, don't trade your Mono-

ACID GUN -- Firing small pellets of a highly corrosive nature, the acid gun is
designed to directly attack the armor of an opponent.  Power Cell.  Haven't
come across it, have no idea as to its value.  (Note:  Required ammo is per

MONO-MOL DISK GUN -- A projectile weapon, the mono-mol disk gun fires molecule
thick discs at a high rate of speed, allowing them to penetrate most kinds of
armor and do damage directly to the wearer. This weapon is highly unreliable,
however, and is known to be very vulnerable to TechJamming technologies.  Ammo
Clip.  In spite of the "bad press" above, THIS IS THE LIGHT WEAPON OF CHOICE
FOR YOUR TEAM!  Accurate, deadly, using easily-manufactured ammunition and
with a 100-shot/reload ammunition utilization rate, this sucker is the way to
go.  Found on Rana Prime, Zaurak II and Alrai II.  "Mine" them by mugging
three non-verbal workers on Rana (Don't forget to take their Modu-Armor).

DEFENSE WAVE -- Strictly intended as a defensive weapon, the defense wave
propagator creates a globular electrostatic burst that is centered around the
user, doing damage to anyone and anything that stands in front, behind or next
to the defender.  It is advised that this item not be used in a 'party'
situation.  Neutrino Cache.  Sucks, ignore it.  First found on Zaurak II.

MASS CANNON -- Utilizing mass driver technologies to deadly effect, this
shoulder weapon fires a thousand gram projectile from a short mass chamber at
a velocity in excess of nine hundred feet per second. Though it isn't always
capable of impaling all armor, it does significant damage while ignoring any
armored effects. Heavy Magazine.  GREAT WEAPON!  Found (only) on Diphda IV,
in the locked room on the South side of the Eastern Corridor of the Trading
Station, Security Card needed for access.  (Note:  The "Security Card" given
to you by the Algiebian President and the card that the Evian Bartender gives
you in return for the Cybercredit are the same card in game terms, so hang
onto the first card.)

TURBO LASER -- Termed by its inventor as a +suicide+ weapon, the turbo laser
fuses all of its component parts as it fires its lethal burst. Effective only
at very short ranges, these lasers are fatal to nearly anything that they
touch.  Energy Bank.  Good attack strength, but serious accuracy problems.
Found in various places, Fomalhaut VI, Ankaq Prime, Capella Prime, to name a

CYGNUS CANNON -- An inscription on the stock of the cygnus cannon gives all
the details of the construction of this weapon of revenge.  Entirely unique in
the galaxy, unmatched even by the technologies of the Ominar or the Ipremi,
the Cygnus Cannon is capable of firing a stream of stripped gravitons, in
effect, creating a pseudo-black hole in the center of its focal range. When
concentrated on any opponent, it will kill instantly.  Neutrino Cache.  Found
in The Crypt of the Last Defender and in the armory on Ascellus II, the weapon
suffers from an accuracy problem.  However, possession of this weapon by your
lead character is absolutely necessary to gain access to the Concierge on Izar
II, such access being needed to obtain the N.I.C.T.U.

CHAIN SWORD -- An ingenuity created by the settlers on Rutilicus Colony in
Sector Kornephoros, the chain sword was created so that settlers could have a
device that would allow defense against Cin-Sae Spawn while also having a
device with more practical purposes.  No Ammo.  Found on Rutilicus II and
Sabik Prime.  Since I don't use Hand weaponry, I have no idea of its value.

ROCKET LAUNCHER -- Modified from a basic grenade launch design, this rocket
launcher is a line of sight weapon capable of greater range and damage than
other similar weapons. Novices should be warned that the weapon is as
dangerous to friendly parties as to hostile when used improperly. Heavy
Magazine.  Basically a Grenade Launcher with a single-square blast effect,
however, as a line-of-sight weapon it will hit any target between it and its
proposed target...  in other words, if a teammate is between you and your
intended victim, he's lunch.  Handy in close quarters.  Found on Alrai II.

DEATH RAY -- A microwave transmitter has been coupled with a moderate power
supply in this simple hand held weapon. Aptly named, this death ray will kill
most unarmored opponents.  I have no idea what this is... I've never come
across it in game play, and the cluebook makes no mention of it whatsoever.

MICROTIC INJECTOR -- Stealing technology developed for the needler guns, the
Microtic Injector is a hypervelocity injection system which introduces
microtic army into the body of an opponent. Once inside,microts then attack
whatever systems they encounter until their power supplies fail. Also a good
device for injecting Strandware into a host. Ammo Clip, Strandware.  Kinda
sucks as a weapon, it is, however, absolutely mandatory to complete the
scenario on the Ominar Station at Anasl Prime.  Found in the Miniturization
Lab of the Ominar Research Station on Cor-Caroli Prime, and also in the first
wreck at Anasl Prime.

TAC NUKE RIFLE -- Operating more like a rocket launcher than a rifle, this
weapon fires a micro-miniature fissionable charge into a specified zone. Once
there it detonates with a titanic blast. Victims suffer both radiation and
projectile damage.  Heavy Magazine.  Excellent weapon, second only to the MASS
CANNON.  Obtained by:  1) Trading a Bronze Sphere with the Froglike Being in
the Northeasternmost room on Alrai II;  2) Trading the Decorative Orb obtained
from the Chytti with the Eldarin located in the Northeasternmost room of the
uppermost level of the Life Gallery; or 3) Taking one from the destroyed
Robotic Guards on Ascella II (The jokers guarding the Algocam, and good luck

BREACH MISSILE -- Using highly complex armor piercing techniques, this missile
launcher does all of its damage against any armor it encounters, in most cases
making it possible for a secondary attack to do real damage. Heavy Magazine.
Obtained by giving a Platinum Sphere to the Utrece located in the first office
to the East, below the room with the "Frog" who gives you the Tac Nuke.  I may
be using it wrong, but I've found that it ain't all its cracked up to be.

NEEDLER -- This handgun, designed to fool Evian Interceptor Armor, fires
fletched needles which spread into a dense cloud shortly before they impact.
Ammo Clip.  Haven't used it much, don't know its capabilities.  Found in the
Ominar Station at Anasl Prime and on Capella Prime (on the corpses).

IMASTYL -- Essentially a handless dagger, the Imastyl has a number of
ritualistic purposes to the people of Henresia. They Who Converse are said to
use the Imastyl to draw the pictures that they use to communicate with one
another. No Ammo.  Essentially a "pointed stick" with no value as a weapon,
however, an absolute must to "talk" to the people on Subra II.  Found on Subra

ENERGY MACE -- Tactically a very cruel weapon, the energy mace does most of
its damage when the victim is struck by its five hundred gram head. A second
feature, an electric shock of 8000 volts, is delivered to the victim at the
same time in order to further disable the enemy. No Ammo.  No knowledge of
weapon's value.  Found on Rutilicus II and Sabik Prime (lower level).

THERMITE LAUNCHER -- Taking advantage of the similarity of the grenade
launchers made by the traders in Sector Algieba, the Ethnys created the
Thermite Launcher, a weapon that bathes its targets in flame.  Heavy Magazine.
Very similar to the Grenade Launcher, and very effective against Scroe
Raiders.  Found on Rutilicus II.

SCROE SPECIAL -- The so-called 'scroe-special' is in fact a substandard pistol
that fires caseless rounds. Usually only used by the Scroe for purposes of
internal security, it sometimes is sold on the open market. This particular
model appears to be in very poor shape.  Energy Bank.  Worthless as a weapon.
However, the cluebook states that if you give it back to the Scroe Gunnrunner
on Kochab II, he will give you a Battle Laser.

BATTLE LASER -- Slighty heavier than an Assault Laser, the Battle Laser is
very long ranged but sacrifices a significant degree of its punch to make the
range possible. Weapons of this sort have reduced the necessity of short range
battles that have been dictated by shorter ranged laser weapons.  Energy Bank.
Only slightly less powerful than an Assault Laser, with the range of a Laser
Rifle.  Its only drawback is that it is a "Heavy" weapon, and is effective
only in the hands of Katya.  Trade for it on Kochab II, take it from Scroe
corpses on... Procyon, Kochab II, Capella Prime, Hyades Prime, etc.

SOSSEE DAGGER -- Strictly a ceremonial weapon, this dagger is greatly revered
as a holy symbol.  Used in mystery rites for ages, it now tours periodically
as an art object. HabStel on Starport Kochab has reportedly bid large sums to
gain possession of the dagger but have so far been unsucessful.  No Ammo.
Valuable as a trade item.  Give it to the Colonist in the lounge (Southeast
corner of Starport) and he will give you a Planetary Deed.  Found on Alhena
VIII or by trading a Battle Laser to (or killing) the Trader who talks about
the gun deal on Rutilicus II.

LASER SWORD -- Pulsed bursts of laser energy are used to create the +blade+ of
this curious item.  Although it has several redeeming features, it suffers
from great susceptibility to TechJam and is somewhat unwieldy to those unused
to using such an elaborate weapon.  No Ammo (per cluebook), I believe it
requires an Energy Bank.  Worth as a weapon unknown, appears to combine the
worst of it, a Hand Weapon that needs ammunition.  Found in the room above the
Traffic Control Room on Alula IV.

PLASMA BOW -- This weapon combines the grace of archaic weaponry with the
destructive power of modern technology. The plasma bow shoots concentrated
bolts of plasma energy that strike and burn their target. A great deal of
damage is done against foes not wearing armor.  Ammo Clip.  Worth unknown.
Found on Arcturus III.

SUPER LASER -- The most powerful of the laser weapons, the Super Laser
operates at the long range of the Battle Laser without sacrificing destructive
capabilities. Energy Bank.  As advertised, combines Turbo Laser Strength with
long range, main drawback is that its a "Heavy" weapon.  Found in the
warehouse behind the force field on Diphda IV, or in the wreckage of the Death
Robots on Ascella II.

ATOMIZER -- The atomizer delivers a focused beam of x-ray radiation that is
able to penetrate most normal types of armor.  Not very effective against
archaic armor. Neutrino Cache.  Same problems as with Neutron Gun and Sub-
Atomic Blaster, multiplied.  Found on Ascella II (on the corpses of the Red-
Headed Androids).

NOTE ON ARMOR -- Defense value ratings are taken from the cluebook.  "Hand",
"Beam", "Proj" notations refer to the type of weaponry the armor is BEST
suited to protect against.  During game play, one will note that any armor
protects against any weapon with a couple of exceptions, and defense point
rating is the best criterion of an armor's value, with "best" protection being
a bonus.  Note also that a Tac Nuke Rifle, a Mass Cannon, and the Booby Traps
one encounters throughout the game treat armor like paper, and the best
defense is to shoot first, avoid or "search" a square before movement.
<"Hand" = Hand Weapons... swords, knives, etc.:  "Beam" = Laser Weapons:  "X-
Ray" = Sub-Atomic Weapons (anything taking a Particle Pack or Neutrino Cache
as ammo):  "Proj" = Projectile Weapons.>

LEATHER ARMOR -- Beautifully tooled, this leather armor should be able to turn
back the blades of daggers and reduce damage from conventional swords. "Hand".
60 Defense points. Found on Denbola IV, Arcturus III, have not used them.

CHAIN MAIL -- Thousands of wrought iron rings have been linked together to
form this superb suit of low-tech armor.  Capable of stopping daggers and
swords, it is still vulnerable to penetration by arrows and other projectile
weapons.  "Hand".  120 Defense points.  Found on Arcturus III, not used.

PLATE MAIL -- Polished to a shine, this plate mail is astonishingly similar to
the plate mail found on Earth during its medieval period. Although it would be
poorly matched against firearms, it should stop any less severe kind of
projectile attack.  "Hand".  320 Defense points. Found on Arcturus III, not

FLAK JACKET -- A fairly heavy form of armor, the flak jacket is designed to
stop small arms fire at short range. Heavier projectile weapons may still
penetrate the skin of this armor.  "Proj".  120 Defense points.  Initial
Armor, easy build, will carry you through the Alpha-Centauri Scenario, trade
up, ASAP.

KEVLAR SUIT -- Not so heavy as the standard flak jacket, the Kevlar Suit is
far better suited to actual combat situations and allows greater freedom of
movement. Capable of withstanding heavy arms fire at moderate ranges, this is
the basic armor that most low-tech societies use for the protection of their
militaries.  "Proj".  Cluebook says 120, experience says 240, Defense Points.
First found on Alpha-Centauri II, also worn by Assassination Team on Subra II,
and by non-robotic Guards on Sabik Prime.  Easy build, decent interim armor.

COMPOSITE ARMOR -- Combining lightweight construction and high stress
flexibility, this armor is capable of withstanding small and moderate arms
fire while it is still in good condition. Elite officers are often issued this
armor. "Proj".  400 Defense points.  Easy build.  Excellent armor to carry you
until you access the better grades.  Found on Talitha II, worn by the Royal
Guard (all you need to do is kill them).

REFLEC ARMOR --Pitted with thousands of small parabolic reflectors, this is a
high tech armor designed to shed the devastating effects of small laser fire.
Larger scale lasers are capable of eating quickly through this armor. "Beam".
100 Defense points.  I've carried it as a "spare", but have never used it.
Found first on the Attagi (Algiebian Scenario), on the corpses of the Geal

CERAMIC ARMOR -- Less vulnerable than reflec armor, ceramic armor can
withstand great heat before succumbing to the effects of laser fire. Wearers
should be advised, however that a projectile weapon could still easily breach
such armor. "Beam".  200 Defense points.  Haven't used this except as a
"spare".  Found on the corpses on Rutilicus II, worn by the "colonists" there
and on Kochab II, and worn by the Ethnys (Insectoids) on Fomalhaut VI and
Ankaq Prime.

EVIAN ARMOR -- During the vicious years of the Attrition Conflict, the Evians
developed this frightening looking black armor as a defense against the rapid-
fire weapons wielded by the Scroe trench armies. Utilizing a special pair of
lasers attached to the shoulders of the armor, incoming projectiles are
automatically vaporized as they approach until the suit's power supply is
exhausted. "Beam".  500 Defense points.  Excellent armor, but very susceptible
to Sub-Atomic weapons (anything using Particle Pack or Neutrino Cache Ammo).
Additionally, when the value is reduced to @300 Defense points, it becomes
very vunerable to all types of weaponry.  High-Tech item.  First found on
Alula IV in the room to the North of the Traffic Control Room, also found on
Procyon and Diphda IV.

PERSONAL SHIELD -- This force-field based armor is capable of shedding both
laser and 'sub-atomic' fire, but has a relatively low breach value.  "X-Ray".
200 Defense points.  Excellent defense while it lasts, but it doesn't have any
real staying power.  See "First Found" listing above, also carried by Omegan
Androids (Blue Heads), and the survivors on Capella Prime.  High-Tech item,
don't waste builds on this.

MODU-ARMOR -- This is an active armor designed to stop 'sub-atomic' damage to
the wearer.  By creating a modulating virtual wall of neutrons around the
wearer, it endows the ability to see a target while still providing a solid
shield around them. If it receives more damage than it can vent, the field
will then fall apart.  "X-Ray".  400 Defense points.  This is the best armor
that is accessible early in the game.  Worn on Rana Prime, Zaurak II, Alrai II
and may also be found on some of the Ominar corpses at Anasl Prime.  Obtain it
by "mugging" non-verbal characters on Rana or Zaurak.

MAY FIELD -- Developed by Ageus May, this energy field has proven to be the
most effective armor against 'sub-atomic' attack.  By generating a field of
gluons around the wearer, this field effectively sheds neutron and electron
class guns. As with the other types of 'sub-atomic' armors, it stands a chance
of overloading and imploding on its wearer.  "X-Ray".  1000 Defense points.
This is the second-best armor in the game.  Found in The Crypt of the Last
Defender and worn by the Mizaran Raiders on Alkaid Prime.  (To obtain
additional May Fields in the crypt, proceed as follows:  1. Touch the coffin
at the upper right, a May Field will appear.  2. Pick up the May Field.  3.
Save the game.  4. Reload the game.  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you
have as many May Fields as you want.)

ADMANTINE CHAIN -- This chain mail is the very finest armor that is possible
within a low-tech society.  Capable of stopping even arrows and small arms
fire, this chain is the finest in any class of armor.  "Hand".  200 Defense
points.  Only used as a "spare".  Found on Alula IV and Arcturas III.

TEFLAR SUIT -- Highly heat resistant and flexible, laser and projectile
weaponry are challenged to breach the skin of this suit. It is still
moderately vulnerable to 'sub-atomic' attack.  "Proj".  320 Defense points.
Only sample found on Alhena VIII, by which time I had Evian Armor and Assault
Suits, value unknown.

ASSAULT SUIT -- Highly expensive and greatly valued, this armor was created by
the Ominar for their defense troops on the borders of their territories.
Resistant to all types of attack, this suit has a high breach value and can
withstand most heavy weapons fire.  "Beam".  500 Defense points.  Third best
armor in the game.  Sample found on Alhena VIII, also worn on Shadowside
(Deneb II).

RECON ARMOR -- Made with the same defenses as the Assault Suit, Recon Armor
was scaled down to allow more suits to be made while cutting costs.  Although
its breach value was sacrificed, it gained special mechanised features which
allows the wearer to smash through thin walls. Despite its bulky mass, it is
still quite adequate in battle situations.    "Proj".  150
Defense points.  No samples found (yet).

SHIELDED REFLEC -- This special class of reflec armor is designed for
reconnaissance purposes so that scouting parties stand a moderate chance of
survival when they are unsure of an enemy's armament. Although it is not
recommended for sustained battles, it is a very good armor for hit and run
missions.  "X-Ray".  500 Defense points.  Good armor with absolutely no
staying power.  Worn by the Scroe, where ever you find them, also on Alula IV,
in The Crypt of the Last Defender, and various other locations in the game.
(Especially susceptible to projectile and flame weapons).

DREADNAUGHT SUIT -- The Dreadnaught Suit is the toughest armor available in
the known galaxy. It offers the greatest protection against most weapons.
"Beam".  25600 Defense points.  BEST ARMOR IN THE GAME!  Susceptible only to
Tac Nuke Rifles and Booby Traps.  Found ONLY in the armory of the Outsider
Base on Ascella II.  (ISC Pin, found in another room of the same base, is
needed to access the armory.)

ESCAPE CODE -- A thin plastic card with the words 'Escape Code' written in the
language of the Ominar. Tiny bumps on the surface of the card form an
intricate pattern.  Required to gain entrance to the base on Ascella II.
Obtained by killing the madman in the last room of the Ominar Station at Vega

K-BEAM -- One of the eight pieces of the Centauri Device.  The K-Beam
generator creates a selectively permeable wall of positrons designed to
prevent unwanted matter from coming through the wormhole.  Obtained from the
Giate of Rana Prime, either by completeing the assigned task, or killing the
poor fool... your choice.

HARMONIC RESONATOR -- One of the eight pieces of the Centauri Device.  The
Harmonic Resonator generates gravity waves in the patterns neccessary to open
the wormhole.  Obtained from the new Ethnys Queen on Ankaq Prime after
completing the assigned task.

OMEGA CARD -- A thin plastic card with a representation of the Alkaid system
engraved on it.  Used to access the Omega Complex on Alkaid Prime.  Obtained
from the "Hojan" (Omega Android) on Arcturus III in return for the Civitic
Balancer (or by killing it).

SILVER LOCKET -- A filigreed silver locket in the shape of a royal seal.
Found on Arcturus III, only remaining item when the mayor's daughter is
kidnapped.  Given to the Mayor, it permits access to the Mayor's Treasure
Room, killing the Mayor also permits access.

KEY CARD -- Designed to be used with magnetic door locks, this key card is
backed with a thin ferrous- sensitive tape.  Never found, not listed in

ALGIEBIAN CRYSTALS -- These crystals have tremendous value as power sources.
When excited in a warp field, the Algiebian Crystals emit a singularly complex
wave which can be amplified by a Mass Converter. This is one of the eight
pieces of the Centauri Device.  Found on Algieba IV, in the bust on the upper
left in the Northeasternmost large room on the second level of Ishtao Station.
Turn off the force field and "shake" (search) the bust.

ALGIEBIAN QUARTER -- The face of this Algiebian coin is stamped with the image
of Ishtao, president of the Algiebian Empire.  Although coinage has largely
gone out of use within their systems, they still use coins for vending
purposes. Given to you by the newspaperlizard on Ishtao Station after you
interview the president.  No game value.

KOCHAB-COLA -- Bitter tasting and dark, it seems remarkable that this soft
drink would be popular in any sector of the galaxy.  It is particularly
favored by the Algiebians. Never found, listed in cluebook as "none ever

NEWSPAPER -- The newspaper is filled with the usual tabloid fare.  LIZARDESS
WOMAN GIVES LIVE BIRTH! graces its cover, but under it is a story about the
Geal A'nai. The cult has reportedly been hijacking ships in the system.  Found
to the Southeast of the newspaperlizard on Ishtao Station, the only use is to
give you a clue as to the true intentions of the Geal A'nai that you encounter
on the Attagi.

VEGAN WINE -- Pressed by the Ominar, Vegan wine has a number of unusual
properties. Known to be very intoxicating, it is largely prohibited in many
societies.  Found in Ishtao Station.  Give the bartender the Algiebian Tal (or
shoot him), he will give you the wine.  Give the wine to the Algiebian in
front of the door on the Southern wall of the Hall of Shame, and she will
allow you access to the room housing the switch that turns off the force
fields protecting the busts.

PRESS PASS -- The press pass bears the masthead logo of the "Nightly Stalker",
the only state funded newspaper on Algieba.  Found in Ishtao Station.  Get it
from the newspaperlizard.  It gets you past the Presidential Guard without the
need for mayhem.  (Note:  Mayhem is permitted by the game.)

GEAL A'NAI AMULET -- A deeply religious people, many of the Algiebians belong
to a monastic order known as the Geal A'nai. This amulet is often recognized
as being the sign of their faith.  First found on Talitha II, on the corpse of
the Algiebian killed in the hidden room.  Two uses:  1. Show it to the
Ambassador in the Throne Room on Talitha, and you gain access to the "locked
room" in the castle, gaining a Laser Rifle;  2. Give it to President Ishtao,
and he will give you the Security Card, allowing access to formerly closed
areas of the Station, and a set of Ship Plans.

SIXTH SEAL -- Suspended on a chain, the Sixth Seal is one of five such amulets
that is said to have mystical powers.  The Sixth is markedly different in that
it has a key-like extrusion at its top which allows it to open locks that have
been made by the Geal A'nai.  Found at Ishtao Station.  In the Southwest
corner of the kitchen, there are some cages, search the cages, the Seal will
appear.  Give it to the President, receive the President's Amulet, or use it
in the small room behind the second door south of the entrance to the second
level of the Station.

PRESIDENT'S AMULET -- Traditionally passed from one Torm to the next, the
amulet is now a symbol of the rightful leader of the Algiebian people. Many
religious leaders say that the amulet grants its bearer great luck.  Found at
Ishtao Station.  Received from the President in return for the Sixth Seal, or
taken from his corpse if the Seal is used in the small room.  Allows access to
the research station on Koo-She.

SECURITY CARD -- Striped with a bar code on the back, this card allows a
bearer to enter any door on the Presidential Station in orbit of Algieba IV.
Received from Algiebian President in return for Geal A'nai Amulet, or on
Diphda IV, received from the bartender in return for the Cybercredit.  Note:
In game terms one card is indistinguishable from the other.  Gets you some
nice items on either Algieba or Diphda.

ALGIEBIAN TAL -- The primary unit of monetary exchange within the confines of
the Algiebian Empire, the Tal is made of solid gold.  Despite the inflation
that runs rampant in the sector, the Tal may still be used for the purchase of
wines and other necessities.  Found on the Attagi, received from the dying
engineer.  Allows purchase of Vegan Wine.

VISITOR BADGE -- Grants to the bearer visitation rights to the Sabik Mining
Colony in Sector Kornephoros. The Leader of the Rutilicus Colony give this to
you after you obtain the TRANSFORMER and give it to the engineer at the
powerhouse.  Permits limited access to the first two levels of the Sabik
Mining Colony.

INDUSTRIAL BADGE -- This card identifies the holder as a trading agent for the
Sabik Mining Colony.  Allows greater visitation rights than those granted by
the Visitor's Badge.  Obtained from the Alien on the lower level of the Sabik
Mining Colony.  Also found in the "test" room on Alula IV.

SECTOR CLEARANCE CARD -- The Sector Clearance Card is made of a crystaline
material permeated with gossamer veins of green conduit.  It contains all the
information necessary to fool the communication computers on Eltanin VII thus
allowing you authorized access for terminal use. Obtained from an Alien on the
first locked level of the Sabik Mining Colony.  Use of this card, after the
appropriate sequence is completed on Eltanin VII obtains a set of ship plans
for you.

SKOCHA ROOTS -- An odd clump of vegetable matter, these roots have a mild
juice in them that is usually consumed by Danteans to shield them from the
effects of severe radiation.    Found in the lower
level of the Sabik Mining Colony, redeemable for a Bag Of Diamonds from the
unarmed Alien on the first level who speaks of credit verification or food.

PIKOR -- A mining implement, the Pikor is used on several colonies in the
local group.  A good tool for removing boulders that block your path.  Found
on Izar II and various places, used to remove pile of radioactive waste on
Izar II.

BAG OF DIAMONDS -- A common form of galactic exchange, there appear to be
several diamonds of value in this bag.  They are especially favored by the
Ethnys and Utreceian races. Obtained on Arcturus III by showing the "Letters"
to the woman in the middle of the the Map to the East (you may repeat this as
often as you wish, she will continue to give you diamonds... killing her does
not do it), or  by giving Skocha Roots to the
unarmored alien on the first level of the Sabik Mining Colony.  Two uses:
First, in the lower level of the mining colony, the alien in the room at the
Northeasternmost room of the lower level will make an Industrial Badge in
return for a Bag of Diamonds, Second, on Alrai II an alien in on of the
offices on the West side of the corridor will give you the False Sphere for

BLAST WEAR -- Made to protect the wearer from intense heat and environmental
conditions, blast wear is a necessary item for people to wear on the surface
of Sabik.  Never found, no listing in cluebook.

INFRA SPECS -- Designed to make infra encoded messages visible, these goggles
are commonly used in the Kornephoros sector.  Never found, no listing.

PRONG -- This peculiar object appears to have been broken off of some larger
object.  Whatever function it once served, it would seem to be useless now.
Never found, no listing.

DOORSPIKER -- This triple pronged key was specially made to fit the hands of
the Dantean race. An inscription code on the handle of the key suggests that
it unlocks a door on Sabik Mining Colony.  Obtained on Sabik Prime, first
level, from the guard in the first guarded room to the right of the entry
corridor in return for the Industrial Badge.  Allows access to the missle silo
on the guarded level of the Sabik Mining Colony.  Needed to complete the

COMNAV SQ 2345-8 -- The design of this electronic part would seem to suggest
that it is used as a warp field stabilizer for cargo class ships. Although it
is unsuitable for Earth designs, it might have value to traders in Sector
Caroli.  Obtained on Cor-Caroli Prime in the Ominar Labs, either by salvage
from the corpse of a Microt, or by giving the signed requisition to the
Engineer found in the Lab in the NorthEast corner of the Map.  The requisition
form is obtained on Alula IV, and the signature of the Lab Director is
obtained INSIDE the the computer of the Miniturization Lab.  Return the Comnav
to the traffic controller on Alula IV.

GOLD WIRE -- Fused at the ends, this broken piece of wire may have melted
loose from a larger section of cable. If it is used to reconnect the circuit
it once serviced, it might distract any Microtic activity nearby.  PURE
BULLSHIT!  The Microtic ARE NOT in any way distacted by the gold wire.
Trying to give them some gets you shot at.  Ignore any wire you find, and
shoot the little blue bastards on sight, preferably at a distance.

LOGIC CIRCUIT ALPHA -- This circuit is the main control gate for the operation
of a Gravitic Compressor. If a Beta class circuit is swapped for it, it may
cause a reversal of the compression field.  Found inside the Southern Circuit
Box, gain entry by shooting at the blast-marked wall.  Pick up the circuit and
go to the Northern Circuit Box, enter the same way, pick up Logic Circuit
Beta, and drop Alpha on the same spot.

LOGIC CIRCUIT BETA -- This circuit, when used as a secondary circuit, controls
minor logic functions. When placed in an Alpha Logic tower, it will reverse a
miniaturization field. See above.

STRAND VIEWER -- If used on Ominar strandware, this device can allow close
scrutiny of the condition of the material.  It is commonly used to sort good
strandware from bad.  Found in the Northeastern room of the Southernmost Lab
on Cor-Caroli Prime.  .

GRAVITIC COMPRESSOR -- One of the eight vital parts to the Centauri Device,
the Gravitic Compressor is used as the focusing device for the titanic forces
that are generated when the K-Beam is activated.  Found on Cor-Caroli Prime
after completion of the sequence in the Minaturization Lab.

REQUISITION FORM -- Signed by the chief controller of the Harvest traffic
controller team, this requisition form is filled out to the chief engineer of
Oortizam Labs. It still appears to need a proper counter signature from the
Ominarian director of the Oortizam Lab.  Obtained on Alula IV, it must first
be signed by the Lab Director, who may be found INSIDE the computer of the
Minaturization Lab.  "Give" him the form, and it will be transformed into the
item listed below.  Note:  You don't actually have to rescue the guy.

AUTHORIZED FORM -- The form appears to be properly signed and noted. It can be
exchanged at the Engineering lab on Ooritzam for a ComNav Sq 2345-8.  (see
above)  Present this form to the engineer in the Northwestern room of the
Northeastern Lab Building (without speaking to him first, he calls security),
and you will receive the device noted.

MINI-LAB PASS -- This card will allow the bearer access to the miniaturization
lab on Ooritzam.  Obtained from the canine alien in the Northwestern room of
the Northwestern Lab Building.  It has no use other than on Cor-Caroli Prime.

GENERATOR -- Gasoline fueled, this generator appears to be very, very old.
With some maintenance it might be capable of sustaining a small station's
power needs.  Obtained on Rutilicus II from the colonist in the third building
to the South on the Western side of the main compound.  Available ONLY after
you've killed all of the Cin-Sae Spawn.  Give it to the Commander of the
station on Eltanin VII, and he will give you a set of Sonic Pincers.

SONIC PINCERS -- An alien analogue to pliers, these sonic pincers appear to
have had some rugged use.  Given as a gift by the Commander of the Comm
Station on Eltanin VII, also found on Zaurak II.   Used to turn the water off
on Zaurak II, and as partial payment for the Mass Converter.

BLO -- Made of a dark, reedlike material, the Blo is a musical instrument
manufactured by the Nuskuan race as a morbid amusement.  Although many modern
blos are made from plastic, traditional craftsmen still make them from the
appendages that the pre-mature Nuskuans shed before becoming adults.  Found on
Eltanin VII in the Cin-Sae Death Pit outside of the Station (Southeast of the
entryway).  Used to obtain a clue from the talkative Nuskuan in the
Southernmost room on the Eastern corridor.

CAPTAIN'S NOTEBOOK -- A notebook that is used for taking notes.  Nonexistant
item.  (Obviously placed here for the benefit of those who [like me] break
into text files for game clues.)

THERMAUL -- A special form of shovel, the thermaul is made for digging through
hard packed layers of ice and snow.  Enhanced with a heated, vibrating tip, it
is the single most important tool for those living on icy worlds.  Found in
the Infirmary of the Comm Station on Eltanin VII, used to de-ice/snow the
communications array.

ALGIEBIAN INVITE -- This invitation will admit a party of visitors to the
inaugural festivities that are underway at Algieba IV.  Obtained on Subra II
from the Magin in return for the Talking Stick.

TALKING STICK -- Hollowed from a very large log, the talking stick is a
ceremonial symbol of the unity of the Henresian people.  It may be worth a
reward if it is returned to the Magin on Subra II.  Found on Subra II, in the
cave behind He Who Speaks.  He moves aside if you give him the Trinket (or
shoot him).  There IS a back way into the cave, but you have to pass many
traps AND fight the BladderClaw and her offspring.

ALIEN MEAT -- The pelt of the That Which Stalks Blood is very rank, its fur
steeped in a strong musky odor. They Who Converse might take it in exchange
for a favor.  Obtained by killing one of those red, globular-looking creatures
on Subra II.  Used to make the Bridgekeeper step aside.  A large pile of this
rank crap appears at some point on Kornephoros III.  I mention this for a

TRINKET -- This is the alien equivalent of cheap, plastic, jewelry.  Left
behind by the Princess on Talitha II, also found in the Comm Station on
Eltanin VII.  Used to make He Who Speaks step aside so the Talking Stick can
be taken.

LEVITATOR -- A gravitational defeat device, this levitator can be used to move
relatively small objects.  Found in the secret passage behind the shrubs in
the castle on Talitha II, also found on Alula IV in the room behind the Farm
Manager.  Used to lift the dresser and expose the secret passage in the
Princess' room.

MATCHES -- Much like the matches found on Earth, these matches could be used
to start a relatively small fire if set to a flammable material.  Found in the
kitchen of the castle on Talitha II.  Used to set fire to the Banners in the
garden or outside the Throne Room.

QUEEN'S STANDARD -- Although not used as a military banner any longer, the
queen's standard was once the battle flag of the Avian people. It is now the
sole symbol of the Queen of the Avians.  Obtained by passing the Queen's Test
(open the Northeastern door in the arena, the other three have Guardsmen with
Machine Guns behind them).  Give the banner to the Queen, get a Laser Rifle.

ASSASSINS ID -- The identification code on the card indicates that the bearer
was from Algieba. It seems to implicate that Ishtao ordered the assassination
of princess Jhenna.  Probably spurious.

ATTAGI COM-CODE -- The initialization code for the flight controls of the star
cruiser Attagi.  Obtained by inserting two sets of Choasqa cards into the
initialization ports in the two engineering sections of the Attagi (proper
order is:  1,5,4,3,2; both areas).  Give the Com-Code to the proper person to
complete the salvation of the doomed starship.

EYE GLASSES -- Made of light wire and finely ground glass, the eyeglasses
don't appear to have been manufactured for a human wearer.  Obtained on the
Attagi, if they are given to the keeper of the gunroom on Ishtao Station, you
get a Turbo Laser.

CHOASQA CARD 5 -- These cards are covered with alien symbols, utterly
indecipherable to your mamillian brain.  Obtained from the robot in the card
lounge on the Attagi.  Three sets will be eventually required.  One to obtain
the Gravity Bar, and two to obtain the Attagi Com-Code (get them one set at a

GRAVITY BAR -- For reasons unknowable to humans, algiebans consider this
device to be worth risking their wealth over.  The only known use of a gravity
bar is Teletrans wave modulation.  Obtained by winning at Choasqa, also found
in the uppermost level of the Temple on Rasalmothal V.  The combination is:
3,5,2,1,4. Used to repair the Teletrans on the Attagi.

TECHNICIAN'S ID -- An I.D. badge that signifies you as an able bodied
technician.  Probably spurious.

TRANSFORMER -- A simple piece of electrical equipment.  Obtained after a
scenic and restful trip through the sewers of Rutilicus II, where you meet the
Cin-Sae Spawn AND their Mommas, have your armor corroded away, and generally
have a wonderful time.  Give it to the Engineer in the PowerHouse.  BTW, a
return trip through the sewers is NOT required, beam up, beam down, okay?

SPARE PARTS -- Most of the parts in this box are fairly low-tech items. Spare
parts trade is very good in Sector Kornephoros.  Found on Sabik Prime (at the
end of the sequence) and on Kochab II.  Used to open the access panel on
Kornephoros III.  Actually, only a SINGLE Spare Parts is needed.  Drop it on
the loading grid in the main entry of the factory, pick it up, drop it on the
second loading grid... Access allowed.

UNI-LOCK -- A hand held device, the uni-lock uses a secured frequency to open
infrared controlled locks. Disused in most sections of the galaxy, many
traders in Kornephoros sector are still forced to work with this outmoded form
of security.  Given to you by Movrin Sepo on Kochab II when he tells you to
deliver the Spare Parts, another one also available in The Crypt of the Last
Defender.  Used in Sepo's warehouse to open the secret door, thereby making
the Shroud Pass available, and given to the Android on Konephoros III to
obtain the Cyber Credit.  Note:  BOTH actions release a shitload of Cin-Sae

DEED #38466 -- Secured by HabStel's legal agents, this planetary deed
transfers ownership of a planet in Sector Alhena to the bearer.  Found in the
sewers of Rutilicus II, and/or recieved from the colonist on Kochab II in
return for the Sossee Dagger.  Used in the Auction for the Mass Converter.

MASS CONVERTER -- Used for the conversion of mass to energy, this device
operates like a large scale tele-trans. It is one of the eight parts required
to reconstruct the Centauri Device.  Given to you by the auctioneer on Kochab
II in return for a Sonic Pincers, Planet Deed and Cyber Credit. (Note that
shooting the auctioneer works too.)

CYBER CREDIT -- Backed by the Cyber bank on Shadowside, this credit card has a
very low circulation, carried usually by members of the trading underworld.
It is commonly used by arms merchants.  Obtained from the Android on
Kornephoros III in return for the Uni-Lock, also available on Shadowside
(Deneb II).  Used to purchase the Mass Converter at auction or to bribe the
bartender on Diphda IV to obtain the Security Card.

PERFUME -- Although its scent is very unpleasant to humans, this perfume is
very popular with many alien races. Rather than using antiperspirant methods,
many aliens simply apply this mixture of crushed grubs to themselves.  No
actual function except to blur the trail to the Mass Converter on Kochab.
Don't waste your time.

10 CREDIT CARD -- This credit card is only accepted on Starport Kochab. It is
worth ten credits.  Obtained on Kochab in return for the Ulfas Cloth.  Given
to the Scroe in the NorthWestern building, it gets you a "Scroe Special" (see
that listing).  Trail blur.

LOZAM LOAF -- Golden and full, the lozam loaf is made from a grain very
similar to wheat. A designer food, this strain has great promise to end cases
of famine in this arm of the galaxy.  Trail blur, Kochab.

SHROUD ADMISSION -- Admits the bearer and a small party to see the fabled
Shroud of Kriq on display at Starport Kochab.  Found in the secret room of
Sepo's warehouse.  Used to gain admitance to the Shroud of Kriq exhibit, so
you may steal the Shroud.  Do it, The Shroud of Kriq raises the dead up to ten
times per shroud.  (See listing for Shroud of Kriq).

MUSIC BOX -- Remarkably like the music boxes on Earth, this curiosity looks as
if it may have been damaged.  Trail blur, Kochab.

PARTICLE PAK -- This relatively small item is actually the ammunition supply
for weapons using sub-atomic technologies.  This is Ammo, see individual
weapon listings for use.

NEUTRINO CACHE -- Heavier than the particle pak, the neutrino cache contains
neutrinos within a very special field. When used with sub-atomic weapons it
provides a hefty ammunition as the neutrinos are released from the field.

POWER CELL -- One of two types of ammunition available for laser weapons, a
power cell is the standard energy supply for general issue energy weaponry.

ENERGY BANK -- Designed specifically for assault weapons, this energy bank
will power heavy energy bursts.  SAME AS ABOVE.

AMMO CLIP -- Nine millimeter shells are the standard load for this type of
clip, made specifically to feed the Beretta 2043-UFS pistol. A small
adjustment slide on the back allows for it to use other sizes as need arises.

HEAVY MAGAZINE -- Designed to hold explosive tipped loads, the heavy magazine
can be used with a variety of different projectile based weapons.  SAME AS

FIRST AID PAK -- Made to deal with minor wounds only, the first aid pak is an
invaluable aid to anyone venturing in dangerous territories.  Found all over
the place (Thank God!).  Very useful and usable by any character.

TRAUMA KIT -- Equipped with basic first aid accessories, this kit is also
enhanced with a small cellular regeneration kit.  Although it rapidly depletes
its energy supply, this item can bring an injured person back to complete
health if the victim still has minimal life signs.  Found all over the place,
not usable by every character (some surgical skill is required.)

SHROUD OF KRIQ -- Seized by a cult of religious zealots during the great
unrest that was typical of the first years of Sector Kornephoros, the Shroud
of Kriq is actually a very sophisticated piece of medical equipment.  Knitted
into this fine net of material is a high-tech cellular regenerator couple with
an intense biofield generator. When used, it can bring the dead back to life,
but its charges are startlingly limited.  GREAT ITEM!  Brings a character back
from the dead, ten uses.  Found on Kochab II (1) and on Ascella II (4).

ULFAS CLOTH -- Very highly valued, this cloth is very highly prized,
especially by traders dealing in colonial supplies.

VIDEO READER -- A small hand held device, it is used to scan video recorded
documents.  This particular model seems to be defective.  Trail Blur, Kochab.

SONRAI STICKS -- No one is quite certain what are done with these strange
sticks, but the Chytti will often pay great sums for their purchase.  Trail
blur, Kochab.

GALLERY ADMISSION -- This ticket will allow a party of visitors to enter the
Life Gallery Zoo in Sector Caroli.  Found on Alula IV, also found on Merak
Prime after you give the original ticket to the gatekeeper.

SLIETH EGG -- An endangered species, the Slieth are now under the Endangered
Species Act of 2031. The largest collection of Slieth and Slieth eggs outside
of their native environment is in the Life Gallery in Sector Caroli.  Found in
the Temple on Rasalmothal V.  Left in the empty slot in the Slieth nest in the
Life Gallery, it makes the Keepers very happy.  (An aside here, these Chytti
ARE NOT conservationists.  The omelets they are eating in the room at the end
of the Life Gallery Scenario are Slieth Egg and Eldarin meat.  So, YOU can
make these ecophageous creeps happy, me, I'll just avoid or kill them.)

CAGED NOCHH -- Noted for their savage nature, Nochh are becoming increasingly
rare in natural environments. This caged creature would probably have the best
chance of survival if left in the care of the Life Gallery in Sector Caroli
(Right, and string beans are safe from the Jolly Green Giant).  Found on Alula
IV, used in The Life Gallery.

ELDARIN BOOK --A book of alien origin.  No listing, never found.

CHYTTI BOOK -- A book of alien origin.  No listing, found on Merak Prime,
given in return for Sonrai Sticks by the Chytti on the first level of the Life
Gallery.  Of absolutely no use.

DECORATIVE ORB -- On Denebola IV, a number of these orbs were ordered for the
decoration of the exterior courtyard of their sacred temple. Although most had
no function other than to look attractive, some were placed on pedestals in
order to open secret doors.  Found on Denebola IV and in various places in the
game.  Used on the pedestals of the East Gate on Denbola IV to open that gate,
also, if you give an orb to the Eldarin on the top level of the Life Gallery,
he will give you a Tac-Nuke Rifle.

TRACTOR PART -- This grease covered contraption is actually a very important
part in the operation of hydrogen peroxide engines. It is typically found in
tractors and harvesters like those found on Alula IV.  Found on Denebola IV,
in the small room in the Northwest corner outside the compound gate.  Used on
Alula IV to repair the tractor, getting you the Harvest Key.

ELDARIN POT -- Painted with bright reds and yellows, this pot appears to be
painted with the traditional logos of the ancient Eldarin.  Found in the
Southwest corner outside the gate on Denebola IV.  Used to gain access to the
Treasure Room on Denebola.  The Museum Keeper, in spite of Ysaf's orders,
won't open the room unless you give him this item (or shoot him).

ORDINARY KEY -- Rusty and brown, this extraordinarily large key looks like it
was made to fit an old style lock.  No listing, found on Denebola IV, of no
use. TECHNICAL PLANS -- Blueprints, documentations and mathematical formulae
are scrawled on every page on these technical plans. If returned to Moonbase,
they may have valuable technical information that will allow them to upgrade
your ship construction and weaponry.  Found four times, Koo-She [Algieba
Sector (end of scenario reward)], Denebola IV [Coroli Sector (end of scenario
reward)], Diphda IV [Zaurak Sector (puzzle solution reward)] and Izar II [Izar
Sector (puzzle solution reward).  Used to upgrade your manufacturing

FIRE EXTINGUISHER -- This device can be used to snuff out flames that can
block or injure contact team members.  Found in the caves of Capela Prime, and
used to put out the fires blocking your access to other sections of the game

DELTA DRIVER -- One of a set of three highly specialized tools, the Delta
Driver is a military device used in the deactivation of a Dhoven Proximity
Bomb.  When used in combination with its two companion tools it is very safe
to use.  No listing, never found, and frankly sounds like bullshit to me.

MIRROR SHARD -- Made from a section of plate glass and backed with silver,
this shard looks like it has been broken off a larger vanity mirror. Found on
Koo-She, under the pile of debris, and on Capella Prime, just behind the first
fire you put out.  Used to neutralize the paralysis field on Koo-She.

FLIGHT RECORDER -- Taking the familiar form of alien black box technology,
this flight recorder will have the travel record of the Cebis Alban recorded
in its tape loops. Generally starpilots are the only ones capable of
interpreting the information on them.  Found on Capella Prime, you need to get
the access code from the REAL captain to open the door to get this item.  Used
to open the locked door on Alhena VIII (to get the Rubber Stamp, and get shot

ALIEN MEDIPAK -- Due to the nature of the materials included in this medical
pack, it would be highly inadvisable to administer these materials on a human
being.  The markings on the package denote it as being intended for Cebesians.
Found on Capella Prime.  If you give them to the doctor, he will give you Mini
Aid Paks.

MINI AID PAKS -- Although most of the medical supplies in this pack are
incompatible with human biology, some of them should work if correctly
applied.  Received on Capella Prime in return for Alien Medipak.  Slightly
less effective than a First Aid Kit, but has a 250 application usage (opposed
to 20 for the Kit).

ALIEN DOLL -- This object is an alien plaything, designed in all probability
for a young Cebesian.  Found on the corpse of the little girl in the caves of
Capella Prime (No, you can't save her, sorry).  Given to the Cebesian who is
looking for his lost daughter gets you the Leader's Stone.

LEADER'S STONE -- The dark blue stone inset in this piece of jewelry is the
traditional symbol of the leader of the Cebesians.  Although it has little
monetary value, those who wear it are treated with utmost respect by other
races.  See the Alien Doll listing.  Used to gain access to the main rooms on
Hyades Prime.

ANDROID TOOL -- If used on a damaged android, this remote control can dump the
android's last thoughts in audio form. This tool is very useful when
information is needed from heavily damaged androids.  Found on Alpha Centauri
II and used to access the infobanks of the severed android heads (silver

HARVEST KEY -- This pass key will unlock the door to the Control Deck on Alula
IV.  Received from the alien on Alula IV after the Tractor runs amok.

SACK OF LOZAM -- Heavier than it looks, this sack of lozam is streaked with
brownish slicks of lubricant created by leaky mechgrippers.  Found in the
planters on Alula IV, and it is given to Agricola to solve his first problem.

STONE -- A fairly common kind of stone, this rock is for the most part
featureless.  Found in the room behind the Farm Manager on Alula IV, and is
given to him as the solution to his second puzzle.

YSAF NOTE -- Scrawled hastily in the hand of the chief controller on Alula
IV,this note is intended for the Eldarin leader, Ysaf, on Denebola IV.  You
get this when you give the controller the Com Nav Sq 2345-8, guess who you
give it to.

DHOVEN DEED -- This deed has been heavily encrypted by a Dhoven legate but
does not bear the proper final seal of approval by the Secretary of Sector
Affairs.  Received from the Dhoven on Procyon, and kept in the inventory of
the cahracter who hands the official the Rubber Stamp on Alhena VIII.  You
receive the item listed next.

NUMISTAT DEED -- This deed, heavily encrypted by a Dhoven legate, appears to
be in order. It bears a mark that urges immediate delivery to the Dhoven
Station at Hyades.  Obtained by having the character with the Dhoven Deed in
his inventory "use" the Rubber Stamp on the sentient in the lower left office
on Alhena VIII.  Used on Hyades Prime to obtain the Krupp Shields and Ship

KRUPP SHIELDS -- Made of a superdense material, the Krupp Shields will prevent
radiation leaks that are common with large scale engines. It will be needed at
Moonbase for the reconstruction of the Centauri Device.  Obtained on Hyades
Prime in return for the Numistat Deed.

PLANET DEED -- The deed, though properly processed, is utterly worthless.  It
is a deed for a dead and mineral poor planet in Sector Alhena.  Found in the
Sewers of Rutilicus II, or given in return for a Sossee Dagger on Kochab II.
Used as a payment in the auction for the Mass Convertor on Kochab II

FIXIT KIT -- A Packet of tech tools designed to repair armor that has been
damaged in the course of duty. The complexity of the tools would suggest that
a character with a higher Item Repair ability will get better results from the
kit.  Excellent item, first found on Algieba IV, and in other locations.
Makes carrying spare armors unnecessary.  Effective only in the hands of the
"Nelson" character.

CYBER BOOTS -- A combination of gravitic and robotic technology, the cyber
boots permit their wearer to jump twice as far as before.  Found on
Rasalmothal V.  Used to go over obstacles, traps, etc.  Useful on Rasalmothal,
Izar, Cor-Caroli.

RUBBER STAMP -- Found in beaurocracies all across the universe, the rubber
stamp is the friend of paper-pushers everywhere.  This particular stamp bears
the seal of the Numistat of Alhena sector.  Found on Alhena VIII, behind the
door opened by the Flight Recorder.  Used to turn the Dhoven Deed into the
Numistat Deed.

ALIEN REGEN -- Reminiscent of the chemicals found in some zombie movies, this
stange spray-on mist will literaly bring the dead back to life.
Unfortunately, it only makes dead humans twitch a little.  Remember that most
aliens don't like getting killed, and may still be a little upset when you
wake them from the dead.  Found on Hyades Prime.  ONLY value is the
resurrection of the dead alien it is found next to (he gives you a hint about
the locking switches in the station.  While this item WILL resurrect any dead
alien, the others are of no use.

SHIP PLANS -- A technical readout of systems designed for a space ship.  Six
sets are obtainable throughout the game.  Found on Algieba IV, Denebola IV,
given as a reward for scenario completion on Eltanin VII, Hyades Prime and
Izar II, and received in return for an act of kindness on Diphda IV.  Allows
ship upgrades, Mark 2 through 7.

LAST STANZA -- The phrases written on the scrap of paper appear to be part of
a poem:  Replace my name And Secundus fear The revenge of Conciere!  So now I
claim Defender Last And Secundus learn to fear!  Found on the Altar on
Vindemiatrix Prime (behind the Force Field, via Izar II), appears after you
place the Funny Hat on the Altar.  Used on the sarcophagus of the Last
Defender on Kornephoros III to obtain a Cygnus Cannon.

USED EYEBALLS -- These cybernetic eyeballs require cybernetic sockets to
function properly.  Found on Deneb II.  Received in return for the Datatape
and given to the warehouse keeper in return for access to the Sphere of
Harmon.  Note:  Killing everyone on Shadowside is equally effective.

JAR OF URU -- A clear jar filled with a semi-solid jell not altogether unlike
jam. The  lid of the jar bears the mark of the Ethnys Queen.  Found on
Fomalhaut VI and Nashira III.  Used to placate the new Queen on Ankaq Prime if
you are dumb enough to slaughter the newborn Ethnys there.

SPHERE OF THEMI -- A pearl-like sphere, cold to the touch. Scans determine
possible origins in the Ankaq sector.  Found on Nashira III behind the door
accessed by the Golden Trident.  Put the False Sphere in its place, or you
won't be able to leave.  Used on Ankaq Prime to birth the babies.

GOLDEN TRIDENT -- A golden trident with a wooden shaft. The artifact appears
to be ceremonial.  Analysis of the metal reveals it to be from the Ankaq
sector.  Found on Nashira III after you fight the bad fishies.  Used to access
the door behind which the Sphere of Themi lies.

CORAL INSTRUMENT -- A delicately crafted musical instrument, made of coral.
The design is completely alien.  Found on Nashira III.  No listing, no use

GRAV BOUY -- A black, rectangular box full of wires with a focusing mechanism
on one end. The metal of the box is unique to the Zaurak sector.  Three are
given to you by the Giate of Rana for placement on three planets.  Proper
placement results in you receiving a K-Beam.  On Rasalmothal: "Use" the Grav
Bouy on the computer panel in the fifth level of the temple; On Diphda: "Use"
the item on the floor of the warehouse behind the Force Field; On Zaurak:
"Use" the item on the floor of the "Treasure Room".  The lead character must
carry this item when nearing a placement site, the item will tell him that the
site has been reached. WET SUIT -- A diving suit with self contained breathing
device.  Much like an advanced version of standard S.C.U.B.A. gear.  Found on
Deneb II (4).  No need to obtain all four since they are so easily produced at
MoonBase.  Each character must have one to go underwater on Nashira III.
Discard after using, no other value.

FAKE SPHERE -- A pearl-like sphere. Scans determine the material of the sphere
to be an artificial representation of another substance found in the Ankaq
system.  Obtained on Alrai II from Fandelbroth in return for a Bag of
Diamonds. Used on Nashira III to replace the Sphere of Themi on the pedestal
so the exit remains open.

ANTI MAT GRENADE -- A powerful grenade.  Obtained from the Madman on Alnasl
Prime.  A worthless and dangerous item... ignore it.

MIND NET KEY -- A thin plastic card with a holograph of the word 'MindNet' on
its face.  Found in the wreck of the second ship at Alnasl Prime.  Used to
access the MindNet to tranfer control of the third TeleTrans to the Second
Controller in order to access the third wreck (containing the P.C.

CONTROL SPIKE -- A long, thin silver spike with a diamond tip. The tip is cut
in an intricate shape that suggests its use may be as a key.  Obtained form
the Ominar Proconsul on Alnasl Prime after you cure (or kill) him.  Used on
Vega IX to open the (second) Madman's Door.

CONTROL CRYSTALS -- Translucent crystals grown in strange formations.
Spectrograph shows the crystals to contain trace elements found on Alnasl 1.
Found on Alnasl Prime, in six of the many storage lockers on WayPoint Eight.
The other lockers produce anti-matter explosions.  Six are needed to open the
door to the Proconsul, give them to the Ominar who talks about restoring door
control.  Note: the "Touch-take-save-restore" trick works with this item.

P.C. STRANDWARE -- A vial of genetic material suspended in fluid. The vial is
labeled 'Proconsul.  Found in the third wreck on Alnasl Prime.  Used to cure
the Proconsul.  Microtic Injector is needed.

REGULAR STRANDWARE -- A vial of genetic material suspended in fluid. The vial
is labeled 'Standard Ominar.  Found on the third ship at Alnasl Prime.  Put
there for "atmosphere" and to make the search for the P.C. Strandware more

GOLD SPHERE -- A golden globe. Radiospectrograph identifies the metal as
coming from the Alrai system.  Found in various locations on Alrai II.  Four
are needed to access Cu's secret storeroom. Make certain that each of your
characters has one.

PLATINUM SPHERE -- A platinum globe.  Radiospectrograph identifies the metal
as coming from the Alrai system.  Found on Alrai II, at least two.  Trade
goods only.  Trade to Frog-being for a Tac-Nuke Rifle, trade to the Utrecian
in the right-hand office on the East side for a Breach Missle... other trades
possible. BRONZE SPHERE -- A bronze globe.  Radiospectrograph identifies the
metal as coming from the Alrai system.  See: Platinum Sphere.

INVISIBLE IDIOT -- A flat plastic card with the words Invisible Idiot written
in the language of the Utrece.  One of the endless red herrings in the Alrai
II scenario.  Only one of these cards has value... It allows you to pass the
guard in the secret area behind Cu's office.  Shooting the guard is equally
effective. The actual code phrase is the OPPOSITE of the code phrase given to
you by a Utrecian on the initial level. (Find him yourself, *I* shoot the

MARATHON VICTORY -- A flat plastic card with the words Marathon Victory
written in the language of the Utrece.  See: Invisible Idiot.

BLIND FAITH -- A flat plastic card with the words Blind Faith written in the
language of the Utrece.  See: Invisible Idiot.  Btw, THIS is the card... yeah,
yeah, I know what I said before, so what?  Also, you need to trade a Sphere
for this one.

VIRTUAL REALITY -- A flat plastic card with the words Virtual Reality written
in the language of the Utrece.  See: Invisible Idiot.

COLD REASON -- A flat plastic card with the words Cold Reason written in the
language of the Utrece.  See: Invisible Idiot.

SPHERE OF RHYS -- A pearl-like sphere, cold to the touch. Scans determine
possible origins in the Ankaq sector.  Found sitting on a pedestal on Alrai
II, used on Ankaq Prime.

SPHERE OF AWA -- A pearl-like sphere, cold to the touch. Scans determine
possible origins in the Ankaq sector.  Found on Alrai II in Cu's secret
storeroom, used on Ankaq Prime.

SILVER SPHERE -- A silver globe.  Radiospectrograph identifies the metal as
coming from the Alrai system.  Found on Alrai II, Trade goods.

UTRECIAN KEY -- A key.  Found in front of the Ethnys Temple on Ankaq Prime,
used to open a door in the secret passage behind Cu's office.

MINTAP -- A small box with three wires dangling from one end. The connecters
on the ends of the wires would suggest this to be some kind of cybernetic data
module.  Found on Deneb II, "used" at Codebreaker's door along with the
Commnet to gain access to her home and the Datatape.

COMMNET -- A container with twenty receptacles, or jacks, on opposite sides.
The device appears to be a communications networking station.  Found IN the
Temple on Ankaq Prime.  Used with the MinTap at Codebreaker's door

TSCHI TAI PIN -- An identification badge.  Found on Deneb II.  No game value.

SPHERE OF HARMON -- A pearl-like sphere, cold to the touch. Scans determine
possible origins in the Ankaq sector.  Found in the warehouse on Deneb II.
Socketball will give you access after you give him the Used Eyeball (or kill
him and WireTap).

DATATAPE -- A cartridge somewhat like a cassette, with magnetic tape wound
around a graphite core.  Given to you by Codebreaker on Deneb II.  Given to
Bit, you get the Used Eyeball to give to Socketball.  Give it to the other
main character in this scenario gets you sent to Diphda IV to get the Mass

DEATH THREAT -- A formal letter addressed to Movrin Sepo from Wiretap.
Delivering this item for WireTap gets you nothing at all.

HATAPHAS GEM -- A gem that looks rather like an eyeball. Analysis of the
material of the gem suggests it may originate from Izar 2 in the Izar sector.
Six of these are needed for Izar II.  Five are found on that planet.  One is
given to you for the successful completion of WE THE ABDUCTED or CIRCLE OF
LIGHT.  "Use" them on each of the heads found at the entrance of The
Concierge's Fortress (the place with the Scroe guard).

N.I.C.T.U. -- A mechanical device that looks exactly like one of the pieces
found on the plans for the Centauri device.  Given to you by The Concierge on
Izar II.  In order to pass through the Force Field, the leading character MUST
have the Cygnus Cannon in their inventory.

WEIRD SCIENCE -- A flat plastic card with the words Weird Science written in
the language of the Utrece.  See: Invisible Idiot.

STAR STONE -- A leather pouch containing 107 sparkling stones. The material of
the stones is known to be unique to the Izar system.  Found in the Mayor's
Treasure Room on Arcturas III after completing the correct chest opening
sequence.  Used on Izar II at the pock-marker door.

JAMMER -- A small, electro-mechanical device with a small antenna protruding
from one end and a red dial in the middle of a palm grip.  No listing, never

LETTERS -- Stationary with writing that appears to be in some sort of code.
Given to you by the lady on the second map on Arcturas III.  Given to the
Messenger on the same map gets you a set of Official Papers.

OFFICIAL PAPERS -- Identification papers.  Show these to the guard at the
Mayor's Castle on Arcturas III, gain access to the castle.

ALGO CAM -- A mechanical device that looks exactly like one of the pieces
found on the plans for the Centauri device. Found on Ascella II in the room
guarded by robotic guns (Tac-Nuke Rifles).  You must destroy two computer
terminals before this door will open.

ISC PIN -- An identification badge.  Found on Ascella II, allows access to the
Armory containing the Dreadnaught Suits and Cygnus Cannon.

FUNNY HAT -- A workers cap with a brim that goes all the way around it.  Given
to you by a worker in the graveyard on Vindemiatrix Prime.  Placed on the
Altar accessed via Izar II, gets you the Last Stanza.

MAINT CARD -- A thin plastic card with holographic code printed on the
surface.  Found on Arcturas III, near the messenger, used on Vindemiatrix
Prime to obtain the Nav Beacon.

NAV BEACON -- A small cylindrical shaped device with flashing lights on its
ends.  Found on Vindemiatrix Prime.  Used on Mizar V to obtain the Hataphas
Gem. ID CASE -- A wooden box with a bottle of reddish liquid. Scans indicate
the liquid to be a distillate of fruits indigenous to Vindemiatrix in the Izar
sector.  No listing, never found.

CEVITIC BALANCER -- A clear plastic globe with smaller globes floating inside.
Appears to be part of a transport beam device.  Found on Mizar V.  Given to
you by a character in the warehouse, used on Arcturas III to obtain the Omega

OPTICAL KEY -- A thin plastic card with a holographic code printed on the
surface. The holographic is of Eth/Muni symbols.  Given to you by a worker on
Rana Prime or the old Queen on Fomalhaut VI.  Used to open the door of the
Ethnys Temple on Ankaq Prime.