Phantasie (e)

Andere Lösungen

                                   Part 1

 PHANTASIE is a multiple-character role playing game which incorporates many of
the elements from ULTIMA and WIZARDRY, while at the same time offering some new
ideas.  It is a very slow running game, and gets away with astoundingly
primitive graphics.  But the story here is enjoyable, and the game play is
solid enough to maintain interest and even become addictive.  What follows here
are key points to successfully completing the game.

 First, spell-casters make all the difference.  The heavies in the game can
only be destroyed by blasts from the "fireflash" spell.  Spellcasters will last
long to progress only if they have high strength and dexterity ratings:  only
strong characters can wear the better armor.  At the same time, fighters are of
best use if they have a high intelligence level, and can learn to throw some
spells.  Remember this is not a "real time" game -- it's safe for you to leave
the keyboard for a minute without coming back to find that your party has been
wiped out by the Julliard String Quartet.

 Your primary goal, of course, is to defeat the evil one.  To do this you must
search the dungeons in order to obtain five runes titled earth, air, fire,
water and gods.  Nine rings must also be uncovered, one of which can be
purchased at a town.

 It may be a good idea to create a minotaur shortly after the beginning of the
game.  There is one important dungeon to which a party will be denied access
unless a minotaur is a member.  Minotaurs are good fighters, but their life
span is shorter than that of other creatures.  So it may also be a good idea to
wait until other characters have aged a bit before putting the minotaur to

                                   Part 2

 The first dungeon, just south of Pelnor, contains the air rune.  It can be
obtained in a room in the upper left quadrant of the dungeon, after first
opening the gate by throwing a switch located in a nearby room.

 South of Pelnor is the second town, Pineville.  To the southeast of this town
is the first of three lakes in which your party must swim in order to receive
the water rune.  South of the lake is the second dungeon which is really a
chapel.  In the middle of the southern half of the dungeon is the earth rune.
The southeast corner contains a key necessary to get in to see the high priest,
who is in the southwest.  He gives you important orders regarding Lord Wood.

 South of Pineville is town number 3, Greensville.  Directly to the east is the
dungeon belonging to the lizard men.  Within the dungeon, in the middle of the
northern half, is the fire rune.  In the southeastern quadrant you can find a
close relative of Lord Wood.  Ignore the girl and rescue the old man.

 South of Pineville is a coastline, along which is a dungeon -- really the city
of Woodville.  Within, halfway down the west side is the high priest of Gelnor.
Enter 79 on his set of buttons (anything else will end the game real fast).
This will allow entrance to the town's fountains from the south.  In the
fountain is only a scroll.

 To the east of Woodville are some islands and an invisible town which cannot
be reached by non-magical means.  Travel north to town number 4, Hobbiton.  To
the east of Hobbiton is the castle of Lord Wood.  Within the castle, about half
way down on the west, is Lord Wood's room.  In a closet is scrawled directions
on navigating a series of trap-door tiles found in the southwest corner.  At
the end of these are the instructions for reaching the gods.  Along the east
half of the dungeon, also about half way down, is the water rune.  However,
this rune can't be obtained until the party has entered all three magic pools
found in Gelnor.

 Town 5, Appleton, is really just an inn.  You can only look around inside by
casting a transport spell from another town.  There's nothing else special
about the inn/town, and it's located north of Woodville City.

 Traveling east of Hobbiton finds town 6, Splitwater.  South of Splitwater is a
dungeon which is the home of J. R. Trolkin.  This is a nasty place to visit
because you will be immediately sedated and locked in prison.  Pushing south
from inside the prison, you'll find yourself walkij'towards an arena.  If you
push west about two steps after you enter the southern hall, you will work your
way to a control room (there's one other way to get here).  You should push all
three buttons in the control room in order  make an escape route for yourself.
South of the arena is J. R. Trolkin's room.  Once you defeat him, most of the
fighting in that dungeon is over.  South of Trolkin's room is a closet which
contains rings I, II and III (the important rings are numbered -- if there's no
number then it's not a ring you need to defeat the evil one).  If you push west
from Trolkin's room, you'll also find the door control room.  Make sure to push
all three  buttons if you haven't already done so.

                                   Part 3

 To the east of J. R. Trolkin's home is town 9, Dragonor.  North of Dragonor is
town 7, Trollport.  Just southeast of Trollport is the second magic pool in
which your party must swim.  To get to town 8, use the transport spell from any
other town, and you'll be in Phantasia.  In that town you'll be able to
purchase ring IX at the armory.  Outside of Phantasia, in the islands, go to
the southwest and swim until you find the third magic pool.  You can then exit
the area by working down towards the southeast of the screen.  Once you've been
in all three pools you may then go back to Lord Wood's home and obtain the
water rune, as described above.

 North of Trollport is town 10, Northford.  West of Northford is the temple of
the Desnebian Clerics.  You will not be allowed to enter unless a minotaur is
in your party.  You must also give the password REVEN TONEM when asked. In the
southeast portion of the dungeon is the statue of the minotaur god.  Deface it
to reveal a passage from that room going south.  This leads to the casket room.
The second door on the west contains a key which will unlock a door located
about 1/2 way down the eastern side of the main temple.  Beyond this door,
follow the hallway to a second locked door.  Go south, make a slight detour to
the west, then continue south and follow the hallway to some prison cells.
Rescue everyone there in all three cells.  You'll earn a scroll, the key to the
second door and some advice.  Go back and open that second locked door.  Inside
are rings VII and VIII.  Pushing north from the northeast corner of the room is
a quick way out of the dungeon.

 North of Trollport, then east across a lake, is the dungeon of the bleebs.
This nasty race must be ancestors of modern day S.A.T. question-writers.  Visit
every room in the dungeon.  Enter every pool except the blue ones.  Take note
on what each bleeb has to say.  Eventually you'll need to answer a series of
questions based on statements given by the various bleebs.  At the first door
the answer is .  The answer to the first question beyond is also
.  The answer to the second question is .  The answer to
the final question is .

 West from the bleeb dungeon is the last town, Starville.  From here, if you
have all four runes, all nine rings and a lot of experience points, pushing 'M'
should inform you that it is time for you to visit the gods.  Transport to town
99, Olympia.  Leaving Olympia is a depressing process -- there's simply nothing
outside.  Move east to the next screen. Explore the east coast carefully; the
river man Charon is almost directly east of your starting point.  With his help
you'll be able to find the home of the gods.  In this dungeon you'll be
examined for your experience and your battle power.  If you are approved,
you'll be sent after the evil one, with the addition of the rune of the gods.
Transport back to Starville (town 11) from Olympia and move west until you
reach the dungeon of the evil one.  Some swimming is necessary.

 Make sure you've come well equipped with healing and magic potions.  This
dungeon contains several passages which lead south.  You want to enter the
second one from the west.  At the southern end you'll be transported to the
throne room of the evil one.  If you've done your scroll-work, you'll know that
that his wealth is an important part of his power -- destroy it or be
destroyed.  You'll be able to follow him north and get hold of the magic wand.
Don't destroy it -- wave it when you have the option.  When you meet the sage,
don't hesitate to continue chasing the evil one.  When you reach the evil one
just keep throwing "fireflashes."

 What is the meaning of your mysterious reward?  Where do you go from your
sudden change in scenery?  Did someone say the magic word "sequel?"