Pilotwings 64 (e)

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Pilotwings 64 tips and questions

There is a gas station in the Little States that will gove you 
unlimited fuel for free! It's located at a road junction in the 
southeast, between the space shuttle launch pad in Florida and the 
Mississippe River. just land in the parking lot, between thesign and 
the building, and cross or touch the center line. Your fuel tank will 
get filled up automatically. If you're flying the gyrocopter, just be 
sure not to come to a complete stop, of the stage will end. 

The Birdman Stars

Holiday Island - Under the natural arch on the beach. Cresent Island - 
in a hidden cove on the beach, Little States Island - in Central Park. 
In New York Arctic Island - Deep inside the cave that is the source 
of the elaborate waterfall.

Jump between the building you start on and the building in front. You 
will notice a doorway on the building in front. Go through this into 
the Nintendo building and out of the other doorway. You are teleported 
to near to the end of the level. You can get 100 every time. It is 
difficult to get in the doorway, so I worked out an easier way. 
Aim against the opposite building so as you bounce into or close to 
the doorway. This makes it easier.

Holiday Island: On holiday Island there is a small arch off the side 
of the island. Almost like a small tunnel. If you fly under it with 
one of the vehicles you'll see a star there. If you touch the star 
you'll be instantly transported to Birdman on Holiday Island . Also 
if you, CAREFULLY, fly into the small cave beneath the castle and fly 
back out you will find that it has become nighttime. 

Everfrost Island: To reach the star here you have to first find the 
small area where there are a lot of small waterfalls. At the top of 
the waterfalls are two caves. Go into the one on the right and 
navigate through there to find the star. Also if you fly to the top 
of the highest peak you'll find an N64 flag. 

Little States: To find the star you must travel to New York City 
(Using the warp mentioned below).
Once there, land in Central Park and the star will be there waiting 
for you. Also if you fly to San Francisco and find the teal 
(greenish-blue)building you can enter it with the rocketbelt. I don't 
remember which side to go in but when you come out of the other end 
(assuming you went in the correct side) you'll be in New York right 
in front of Central Park and the star.


Who is the best character to use for each event?
Hang Glider: Goose
Birdman: Lark
Rocket Belt: Ibis
Cannonball: Robin
Gyrocopter: Hawk
Sky Diving: Goose
Jumble Hopper: Kiwi

Sometimes there are "balls" in the air. What are they for?

These are actually rings that haven't appeared yet. You must go 
through certain rings in order for them to open up, then you can go 
through them.

How many endings are there?

There are three endings. They are all the same, except each takes 
place during a different time during the day: 

Morning   If you complete all of the regular Missions. 
Noon      If you complete all of the regular Missions plus all of the 
          Extra Games with Gold Medals.
Night     The last ending is if you complete all of the regular Missions 
          and Extra Games with perfect scores

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