Primal Rage (e)

Andere Lösungen
Primal Rage for PC Moves List

This is only for version 1.0 of PR for the PC.  this may change if TIme 
Warner makes an upgrade.  I'm really short on the finishing moves amd I'm 
missing Blizzard's Chomp-a-Human.  Mail to if you 
learn anything.

Quick finishing move summary

Armadon : 3
Blizzard: 3
Chaos   : 2
Diablo  : 2
Sauron  : 1
Talon   : 1
Vertigo : 2 

IMPORTANT:  All special moves are done by holding down buttons 1 and 3 
(high quick and low quick) and performing the proper joystick 
movements...each move will jsut list the movements since the buttons are 
all the same...

D-Down  U-Up   T-Towards opponent  A-Aawy from opponent
*  :  finishing move
** :  chomp a human


bed-o-nails:  d-d-u
iron maiden:  a-u-t
rushing uppercut:  a-d-t
gut gouger:  t-t-a
hornication uppercut:  d-t-a
spinning death:  t-d-a
flying spikes:  a-a-u
*gut fling:  d-d-d-u
*meditation:  t-d-t-t
*falling spikes:  d-a-u-d
**chomp a human:  u-t-d


quick mega punch:  a-u-t
short megs punch:  a-d-t
long mega punch:  a-t-t
fake mega punch:  d-u-u
cold breath:  d-a-t
ice geyser:  d-d-u
punching bag:  t-d-a-a
throw:  t-d-u-a
air throw:  buttons 1+3 in air
*brain bash:  u-t-u
*to-da-moon:  d-d-d-u
*redemption:  d-t-u-d-u
**chomp a human:  ??


grab-n-throw:  t-a-a
slow power puke:  u-a-a
fast power puke:  u-t-t
fart of fury:  d-t-u-a
ground shaker:  a-u-d
flying butt slam:  d-t-u-d
battering ram:  f-f-f
*golden shower:  d-d-u-a
*cannonball:  ??  (so far i get it by repeatedly pressing d+u+t)
*churl:  ??
**chomp a human:  t-d-a-u


slow fireball:  d-a-a
faast fireball:  d-t-t
torch:  u-d-d
hot foot:  a-d-t
mega lunge:  d-u-t
pulverizer:  u-t-t
inferno flash:  u-u-u
*incinerator:  u-a-d-d
*fireball:  t-t-t
*infernal:  ??
**chomp a human:  d-u-d


primal scream:  d-u-a
earthquake stomp:  u-d-d
cranium crusher:  d-u-u
leaping bone bash:  d-u-d
stun roar:  a-t-t
neck throw:  t-a-a
air throw:  1+3 in air
*carnage:  ??
*flesh eating:  ??
*grape crusher:  t-u-d-a
**chomp a human:  d-d-u


brain basher:  a-u-t
pounce and flip:  t-d-d
frantic fury:  d-t-a-t
double slash:  d-u-t
face ripper:  d-d-t
jugular bite:  ??
run forward/back:  a-a-a or t-t-t (hold in position last time to run)
*heart wrenching:  ??
*shredding:  ??
*stampede:  t-a-u-d
**chomp a human:  t-d-a


slow venom spit:  d-t-t
fast venom spit:  d-a-a
voodoo spell:  t-a-a
teleport:  d-d-d
come slither:  a-a-a
scorpion sting:  t-t-d
*petrify:  ??
*shrink and eat:  a-a-d-u
*la vache qui rit:  a-a-d-t
**chomp a human:  d-t-u

For those of you that wrote i moves...sorry, forgot to include you in 
this one...I will in revision 5.0.  Also, be on the lookout for #13 of el 
MK3 compendium...coming sometime when midway gets their stuff together 
and releases mk3 ultimate.

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