Prince of Persia (e)

Andere Lösungen
           Prince of Persia Hints/Solve 
These are some basic techniques for playing the game. 
        o When jumping, ALWAYS hold down the button.  You will never know when 
          you shall slip or fall short of the jump.  Also, make yourself as 
          close as possible to an edge before you jump so you can get maximum 
        o When fighting, the most effective way is to use the standard 
          block-and-hit technique.  To do this, wait till the opponent strikes, 
          block by pressing up, then immediately press the button and the 
          character strike and get a better chance of hitting the opponent. 
        o Inspect everyroom for secret passages.  There are many in this game 
          and you will not be able to finish it without finding them.  To find 
          them, jump up and down to look for any floor passages.  Jump up and 
          hit the ceiling to look for any ceiling passages. 
        o Doors don't stay open forever.  Once you step on a step-block, the 
          doors will start to close. . .  that is unless something is on the 
        o Learn to distinguish step-blocks from the floor. 
        o After you complete each level (after Level 2), save the game by
          pressing Control-G.  When you die, restart by pressing Control-R
          and then press Control-L to resume your game.  This will allow you
          to save a lot of time considering that you WILL die.
        o Don't be afraid to explore.  In order to win the game, you must 
          explore every detail of the game and not miss anything on any level. 
Hints      Note - * means that there is an energy expander on that level. 
Level 1 
Your first level is very easy.  Get the sword, which is to the left from where 
you start and then go to the exit which just to the right of where you start. 
Practice your sword techniques on the guard.  Remember to watch for unstable 
Level 2 * 
Straightforward.  Watch out for floor spikes.  Beware of the blue potion which 
will DECREASE your life count.  There is an energy expander here so don't 
forget to get it. 
Level 3 * 
This will be one of the toughest levels.  From where you start, go to the right 
and climb to the top using the center segment.  Now, you must do a jump of 
faith to the right.  You will find that there is a floor when you land.  You 
will also discover a step-block which will open the gate far to the left. 
There is also a energy expander in the area to the right.  When you are ready, 
jump on the step-block and BURN RUBBER to the left!  You will have little time 
before the door starts to close.  Do a running jump over the large hole then 
one final jump near the door and hang on to that ledge.  Hopefully, the door 
will almost be closed so you can pull yourself up.  After that, it is very 
straightfoward.  When you confront the "LIVE" skeleton, keep hitting until it 
falls off the ledge.  Then climb down after it and keep hitting it until it 
falls to it's doom. 
Level 4 * 
Very straightforward.  Watch out for loose floors and be sure to get the energy 
expander.  When you confront the mirror, you will have to execute a run-jump 
through it.  You will pass through but your shadow will come out the other side 
and will create a lot of trouble for you. 
Level 5 * 
Straightforward.  There is an energy expander here but you will soon find out 
what will happen to it.  You will have to experiment with this level before you 
can finish it. 
Level 6 
Straightforward.  Beware of the master guard (he is fat) for he will slice you 
up if you are not good enough.  At the end, your shadow will create mischeif 
once more. . . 
Level 7 * 
You start out falling so press the button to grab onto the ledge.  Continue 
onto the right until you reach the ledge with a large whole with another ledge 
far to the right.  Climb down the ledge, fall, and grab onto the ledge. 
Contine to the right.  If you can't continue, go back and fall down another 
ledge for it will lead you to the same place.  When you drink the blue potion, 
the room will turn purple and you will turn green.  Run off to the left and you 
will float slowly down...  DO NOT go into the exit because their is an energy 
expander just to the right. 
Level 8 
Straightforward but very hard.  Be quick but be patient for a friend of the 
princess will help you. 
Level 9 * 
If you drink the blue potion, your vision will be distorted.  To regain 
normalness, find another blue potion and drink it.  Be sure to get the energy 
Level 10 
You will have to knock out many ceiling and floor blocks. 
Level 11 * 
Very simple.  Be sure to get the energy expander. 
Level 12 
The last level.  I will not provide you hints because it would truly take the 
fun out of the game.  You must use skill, agility, strength, courage, and trust 
to get past the level. 
Your probably stumped on the shadow.  Remember, your shadow cannot harm you in 
anyway.  Altough it might seem to, it is really the sword that is harming you. 
Just push the joystick up and you will put away your sword.  Your shadow will 
mimic you of course.  Walk into your shadow and you will become one person 
again.  Your shadow is mearly a reflection of yourself and hence will try mimic 
you.  Then you will need to do a jump of faith to the left.  Yeah, I know there 
is nothing there, but trust me.  You have to do a running jump and that's the 
only way to make it. 
Continue on and you will do battle with your final opponent, Jaffar. . . 
Jaffar is an awesome fighter.  In order to beat him, you will need to use the 
block-strike technique.  Also be careful of the fallen board behind you. 
Enter the final door and run to the princess.