Pilotwings 64 (e)

Andere Lösungen
Pilotwings 64 for Nintendo64

Fuel Refill:
(John Russell)

I am not sure which island it is on, but if you fly close enough to the gas station, you will here a ding and you will now have more fuel.

Jumble Hopper Short Cut:
(Greg Moudy)

In the 3rd stage of the Jumble Hopper event, when you start the stage jump between the building you start on and the one in front of it. Jump into the door on the bluish-green building, go down the hallway, and you will be warped right to New York which is not very far from the goal. With this short cut you can get a near perfect score.

Birdman in Little States!:
(Pat King)

To get the Birdman star in the Little States (with the rocket pack): Fly to New York. In Central Park (a grassy, open field in the city), you will see the star. Have fun!

Unlimited Fuel:
(Nick Erickson)

press start to pause then press up,down,left,right. then you get unlimited fuel

Instant Birdman Suit:
(Shane Trask)

On the first level(the island), fly under the land bridge and touch the star that is there, then you will instantly be teleported above the island and you will be in the birdman suit.

Those oh-so-sneaky stars:
(S.(the Mixx) O.)

Well looking through this codes section, I see only one star not yet exposed to the planet. Oh well, if someone's gonna do it, it might as well be me. The star on creasant island is the most difficult to find, but once found easy to get to. Using the rocket belt once again, stay near the water and fly down around the light house and past the airport. Continue following the outline of the island until you come to what looks to be a wall of land rising up against the water. look carefully at the base of this "wall" and you'll see a big hole. Fly in the hole and Be-hole-ed! Your prize awaits you! Just don't wait around for the tide to rise! GLUG!CHOKE!GASP!


In the Mount Rushmore cannonball stage,aim for Mario's head for a special treat.