Das Rätsel des Master Lu (e)

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Walkthrough   12/95

This is a pretty complete walkthrough of the game. I've tried to give
just a general hint first under each main heading. For progressively
more complete answers, read down the indented list of HINTS under each
topic. But be aware that reading these Hint Lists will often gradually
give away the answers to the puzzles. Try covering them and only reading
as far as you need.


· sketch each place you visit
· take whatever you can
· talk to everybody
· try to use (or combine) items from your inventory
· get local currency at each Posh Express office
· send oddities to New York before leaving each city
· read all letters and messages

(These hints begin where the booklet included with the game leaves off)

How Do I Get Information About Master Lu's Tablet in the Hall of Classics?
If there's no one's around, maybe you can call someone.
	HINT:	Use the mallet on the gong to talk to the acolyte.

Also, talk to Mei Chen and find and take an oddity before leaving.

Go to Posh Express and send your oddities back to New York.
Go to Danzig.


Talk to the gardener.
Find a way to look inside the Baron's tomb.

	HINT: Use the ladder and look inside the grate.

Go into the castle and talk to the Baron.
Find the oddity you can take in the sitting room.

How Do I Find the Secret Passage?
You'll need to do some close-up exploring in the billiards room.

	HINTS:	Open the desk and desk drawer.
		Take the keys and the note.
		Take the billiard ball.
		Look in the games cabinet and drawer. Notice the missing 
                Ace of Spades.
		Check the wall near the Neptune painting.
		There is a switch hidden under the ace of spades on the 
                wall to the left of the painting.
		Open the smoking cabinet with the switch.
		Open the box and take a cigar.
		Use the switch inside the cabinet to turn the fan on.
		Open the grate.
		Use the billiard ball on the round hole.
		Close the smoking cabinet and use the billiard table to 
                open the hidden staircase.

How To Get the Emerald
By using a combination of various things in the lab to operate the
piston\gear device, the glass jar will turn and the emerald will fall

	HINTS:	Take everything from the drawer in the lab.
		Use the pump grips on the pump.
		Use the surgical tube on the air nozzles.
		Use the faucet handle on the air valve.
		Use the lever key on the table pivot.
		Use the periodic table in the glass jar.
		Close the air valve.
		Use the pump.
		Open the air valve.
		Get the emerald.
		Sketch the emerald.

How To Get Out of the Lab
First you'll need to find a way to open the armored cabinet.

	HINTS:	You need to create a counterweight system by filling the 
                glass jar with water.
		To do this:
		Remove the cork from the emerald.
		Use the emerald to loosen the iron support on the glass 
		Take the glass jar.
		Use the pump rod on the lever key.
		Use the lever key on the wall bracket.
		Use the cork, rubber plug and pump grips on the glass jar.
		Put the glass jar on the lever key.
		Combine the faucet pipe and hose.
		Use the hose/pipe on the glass jar.
		Use the surgucal tubing on the hose.
		Connect the tubing to the faucet stem.
		Put the handle on the faucet stem and turn the water on.
		Take and read the Baron's letter.

Now you'll need to find a way to open the metal door.

	HINTS:	You'll need to find a code to enter in the four buttons 
                under the microscope.
		To Get the Code:
		Look at the emerald under the microscope.
		Look up the letters Ti and Xe on the periodic table.
		Note the numbers above each of these elements: 
                Ti - 22; Xe - 54
		Try reading the letters backwards.
		Try entering the numbers backwards.
		The exit code is 4522.

How To Get Inside the Baron's Tomb
First take the edger and use it on the bell above the tomb in the 
graveyard. Listen to Wolf.

To get inside you'll need something from the Odditorium in New York.

	HINTS:	Go to New York and get the turtle and turtle treats.
                (Don't forget to send your oddities first from the 
                Posh Express in Danzig). 
		Return to Danzig.

Now you'll need to distract Wolf to get his tools.

	HINTS:	Get him to return to the front of the castle.
		Mess up the topiary in front of the castle. Then go tell
                him about it. When he leaves, take the edger and wooden 
                plank and go to the tomb.
		Use the wooden plank on the urns.
		Get onto the plank and open the grate.
		Put a turtle treat inside the grate.
		Use the edger to push the turtle treat further into the 
		Put the turtle into the grate to get the turtle treat.
		What, you couldn't figure this out by yourself???
		Read the Baron's letter.

Go to Posh Express and send the emerald to New York.
Now go to Peru.

PERU - Posh Express office

Look around this office carefully and talk to the agent. Sketch the stele. 
Look at the clock.  Now go to Easter Island.


Talk to Dr. Twelvetrees until she takes you to the old woman on the beach.

How to Get the Watching God to See - Part 1
Talk to the old woman. Explore the beach and take the wooden log and
puffin.  Return to the stone head with the glyphs on it. Try to take the
eye. It's too hot. What have you seen that you can use to get it?
	HINT:	Return to the dig site and take the sleeve.
		But don't leave here yet!
At the Dig Site
While you're back here, also take the pole and the note on the hut.
Any why not check out that wooden shed? Anything interesting in there?

	HINTS:	Take the pull cord from the shed.
		Notice the power cable in the shed and where it leads.

How to Get the Watching God to See - Part 2
Use the sleeve to take the obsidian disk (eye) from the stone head.
Return to the beach. 
Use two items you have to shift the Watching God back into position.

	HINTS: 	Use the wooden log on the large hole in the lava.
		Use the pole as a lever on the wooden log to move the 

Give the woman the obsidian disc.
What have you seen that looks like the missing part of the eye? (And 
who do you know who likes puffins?)

	HINTS: 	Return to the Posh Express office in Lima.
		Give the wooden puffin to the agent. He will give you the 
                coral clock facing.
		Return to Easter Island and give the woman the coral 
                clock facing.

Go and tell Dr. Twelvetrees about your discovery. You'll automatically
return with her to the beach to get the stick\shell map and the whale
bone. Notice that she drops her lighter. Sure, we know, "You're no
thief." But take it anyway.

What Do I Do At the Quarry?
Find the rocks in the center of the stick\shell map.
	HINTS: 	The symbols (starfish, seahore, shark tooth, scallop)
                can be found on various stone heads in the quarry. Use the
                map and these four heads as a guide to locate the 
                rocks - a large red  boulder and a small grey rock in 
                front of it. 

		Try moving the small rock. If only that clay was wet...
		Return to the beach. Use the pull cord to plug one end of 
                the whale bone.
		Fill the whale bone with water from the ocean.
		Use the water on the clay in front of the small grey rock.
		Move the rock.
		Take the rongorongo tablet from the fissure in the large 
                red boulder.

Escaping From the Bad Guys
Rig a trap for the bad guys inside the shed.

	HINTS:	Enter the shed through the window. 
		Take the spark plug.
		Use the spark plug to loosen the gas tank plug.
		Use the pull cord on the wire.
		Use the pull cord on the gas tank plug.
		Take the gas tank cap.
		Light the lighter.
		Put the lit lighter on the floor near where the gas 
                will run out.
		Pull the power cable to create a disturbance.
		Get out the window fast!

Enjoy your little romantic interlude with... Samantha before heading
back to Peru. That crazy Feng-Li has returned the emerald. Maybe you
better keep it for now. Go to Mocha Moche.


How Do I Get the Rope?
You'll need to find something similar to replace it with. You'll also
have to make this item doubly strong.

	HINTS:	Climb the tower and look around the terrace.
		Two vines are better than one!
		Tie the brown vine and the green vine to the spider statue.
		Throw each vine coil across the chasm to the tree.
		Cross the chasm (using the rope).
		Untie the rope from the tree.
		Tie both vine coils to the tree.
		Cross the chasm using both vines.
		Untie the rope from the spider statue and take it.

How Do I Get the Item in the Niche?
The hatch won't open. You'll have to find another way to get there.

	HINTS:	You'll need to get the ladder and shovel from Menendez.
		What do you have that he might want?
		Give Menendez the emerald.
		Take the ladder and shovel. (There is also a nearby 
		Go to the altar at the top of the tower.
		Combine the ladder and rope.
		Use the ladder/rope on the altar.
		Use the altar post to secure the ladder.
		Use the rope to get the skull.
		Don't forget to take that rope before going back down!

How Do I Get Inside the Observatory?
If you've sketched the steles in the Posh Express office in Lima and
here at Mocha Moche, you can figure out the combination by looking in
your journal.

	HINTS:	You need to fill in the pictographs for spider.
		Can you find a pattern to the pictographs you already 
		They are always in the same order. And the first
                pictograph in each line is the 5th pictograph from the
                previous line.
		Therefor, the first pictograph in spider is the one that
                looks like a clam shell.
		Start at the top of the door, then go clockwise around
                the door from the top.

What Do I Do in the Observatory?
You need to find a way to rotate the dome.

		HINTS:	Place the jade skull on the skeleton.
			Put the shovel in the hole in the capstan.
			Use the shovel to rotate the capstan.
			(You can take the jade skull as an oddity when 
                        you're finished).


How Do I Get Past the Guard at the Temple?
You'll need to make him think you're a member of the temple.
		HINTS:	Keep talking to him. Notice his ring.
			Do you have something that resembles the ring?
			Remove the cigar band from the cigar and show it 
                        to him.

How Do I Get Inside the Temple?
Explore all sides of the the temple. Take the guard's advice and keep

		HINTS:	Find the 5 monks who have learned prayers.
			Notice that the prayers they've learned aren't
                        the prayers they study.
			Find the 5 prayer wheels you can take.
			Notice that they aren't placed with the correct
			Place the correct prayer wheel with the correct
                        monk. The monks will tell you if you are correct.
			Perhaps the monk who has been around the longest
                        will know how to get into the temple.
			Ask Monk #9. Then find the entrance.
			Save your game here first. You're about to enter
                        a maze.

The Maze
The maze is VERY long. The easiest way to get through it is to map it
out as you go, on graph paper if possible. There are two oddities you
might find on your way through.

When you come to the place with the strange contraption hanging from the
ceiling, pulling one of the ropes here will give you a way out.


How To Save Mei Ching
Notice the crack in the floor. Any ideas?

		HINTS:	Those stone tablets sort of look like dominoes.
			The gun in the brazier heats up and fires a shot
                        at you. You'll have to cover it with something.
			If you can't use anything inside the room, try
                        looking elsewhere.
			Take the gong and the mallet outside the door.
			Cover the brazier with the gong. Then push the
                        right tablet.


What Am I Supposed To Do Here?
Come on - If you got this far, this part is easy! Just keep looking and

		HINTS:	Check out that root cellar.
			Cash is king. Even in rural China.


How Do I Open the Jade Door?
You have the answer in your journal.

How Do I Get Past the Flying Crossbow Bolts?
There were several items you could take from the first parts of the
tomb. You'll need one now. 
		HINTS:	One of the chariots can be moved. Use it to get
                        through this corridor.
			(Notice that Mei Ching is magically immune to
                        the crossbow bolts...)

How Do I Open the Second Door?
Again, you'll need some of the items from the earlier parts of the tomb.
		HINTS:	Does the empty slot next to the door look
			You'll need to find a way to keep the door up
                        once it's open.
			Take the crank on the wall near Kwang's body.
                        Use it in this slot.
			Use the wooden post under the crank to keep the
                        door up.
			Use the wooden beam to hold the door open.
			Take the wooden post and crank.

How Do I Cross That Bridge?
Examine the bridge and its mechanism carefully (from a safe distance).

		HINTS:	If one of you could get to the other side, maybe
                        the crank could be used	on that slot over there.
			Notice the hole in one end of the bridge.
			Use the shovel in the hole.
			Turn the bridge so the shovel is level with the
                        ground in front of you.
			Talk to Mei Ching and make a decision. (If you
                        die, make a different decision).
			Give the crank to Mei Ching and ask her to use it.
			Notice what happens.
			Take the shovel and rotate the bridge so the
                        hole will align with the sliding metal bar.

How Do I Get Into the Tomb?
You'll need to protect yourself from the mercury lake. Have anything

		HINTS:	Did you notice the two soldiers guarding the
                        entrance to the jade door? 


That's it! Hope you had fun with this very cool game.
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© 12/95   John Hennessy