Sex Vixens From Space (e)

Andere Lösungen
This game was pretty easy and confusing to solve.  You start out in a space ship
with a computer names Sandie.  When the game start your take off your clothes.
You would then be transported to a Grav-car.  Get your card, insert it, and go
up two times (up with the arrow key).  A robot should be there.  Get the coin  
off the desk, get your card out, and give it to the robot.  He will registar 
you.  Go left, get your card, and insert it.  It'll take you to your room.  Go
right, get your coin out, and insert it in the machine.  Go left and turn on
the computer.  Type in Lila.  She'll then be coming to your room.  Undress and
have sex with her.  Then ask her the question.  She'll answer and leave.  Go
left and down two (using arrow keys).  Type up to go upstairs and proceed to 
the control room.  Sit down (MAKE SURE YOU ARE SITTING), and type Blastoff.
You should be at the Ferderated Planet One.  Type Blastoff again and you should
be at Space Station X.  Get up and type airlock to teleport to the airlock.  
Open the airlock and enter.  Type open airlock again to enter Space Station X.
Go south and get capsaule and give it to the Commander.  You'll then be back
on your ship.  Goto the airlock again and enter Space Station X again.  Go 
left and pick up an egg and pick up cherries.  Go left and eat.  Go back to 
your ship and goto the control room.  Sit down and blastoff.  You should be at
Mondo.  Get up and go to the airlock.  Open it and go through it.  Go left 
twice.  You should see a tribe of women surrounding you.  Take off your shirt,
and they'll transport you to another place.  You should be in a room with a 
girl named She-la.  Lay down and have sex with her.  Then ask her how to 
escape.  She'll get you in a lab.  Go right and you should be at a control
panel.  Press the red button, then the green button, then the red again and 
then the green.  Go left twice and guard will be seen.  Type show and they 
will take you to their queen.  Lay down on the bed, and have sex with her. 
Type look and she'll try to use the Sex-gun ray.  It should self destruct and
type run to the hanger.  Ride on the sky-bike and you should be back at your
ship.  Type up and you should be in the control room.  Sit down and blastoff.
Then go in any direction.  She-la will be on your ship and that's THE END!!

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