Tomb Raider 2 (e)

Andere Lösungen
Tomb Raider 2 Cheat Sheet 
for the Win95 version
AND the PSX version
24 January 1998

*** If by any chance you are playing the pirated asian version, STOP playing 
now! This version is incomplete.

Okay guys, here is a better cheat code explanation from The Tomb Raider 2 


For PC: 
Explosion: In order to make Lara explode, do the "weapons cheat" from TR 1. 
Incase you didn't know, you walk one step foward; walk one step backward; stop; 
spin around three complete times; and then jump backwards. 
Weapons Cheat: Do the weapons cheat in TR1. Step forward, step backward, three 
complete turns and do a back flip. Only to keep Lara from blowing up, you must 
hold a flare. You will then get all the weapons. 
Level Skip: Do the EXACT same thing as in the weapons cheat, only jump foward 
insted of backwards. Make sure you hold the flare. 

For the Playstation: 
These Cheats are very tricky to do, but they do work. All the movements need to 
have the walk button held down, apart from the Spins and Jumps. You need to be 
able to do a mid air turn, i.e. pressing Turn (circle) immediately after 
pressing jump. 
Walk one step forward; walk one step backward; stop; spin left or right three 
complete times; Do a backflip. BOOM no more Lara..... 
Weapons Cheat: 
Step left; Step right; Step left; Step back; Step forward; spin left or right 3 
times; backwards jump turn; This gives you every Weapon and 5000 rounds for 
Level Skip: 
Step left; Step right; Step left; Step back; Step forward; spin left or right 3 
times; Do a forward jump turn; The next level will start. 

Tricks that work on the PC or Playstation : 
Goodbye Butler: 
Tired of the pesky butler following you around everywhere in Lara's home? Walk 
into the kitchen and open the freezer, go inside and wait for the butler to 
arrive. Once he comes in jump over him and close the door behind you. Bye, bye, 
Secret Room in Lara's House: 
When you explore the outside of the house go to the front door and open it. Walk 
straight in and look at the two halls on each side of the clock. You will be 
coming back to the righthand hall after you hit the switch I'm getting ready to 
tell you about. 
Leave from the door you just opened and go to your left, head into the maze. Go 
left always in the maze unless your only option is to go right. When you get to 
the back of the maze you will see a brick wall, look down the hall and you will 
see two openings. Take the first opening to the right and fall into the hole. 
Then go to the end of the hall and jump out, push the button on the wall and you 
will see a cinema of the door opening back in the house. This door is timed, so 
you have to be fast. 
Go back the way you came in, jump out of the hole and go left. Then keep 
following the maze turning right everytime unless you have to turn left. Exit 
the maze at the end and run back into the house and through the door. It leads 
to the basement below, where you'll you will see several chests and windows on 
each side. It looks like a huge statue is on the right. 

Joel Suplido