Uninvited (e)

Andere Lösungen
Uninvited.. (c) 1986/1991 ICOM Simulations/Kemco/Seika
walkthru' done by |tsr and dedede on: 27 march 1997
'Look out! The last thing you remember before blacking out was a shadowy
figure appearing in the road in front of you. You heard your sister cry
out as you swerved the car into this tree. You realize that you are alone. 
Your sister must have gone for help. The smell of gasoline fills the air.
You must have punctured the tank. You pry yourself from the steering
wheel, intent on finding your sister!'
'This walkthrough was made with the NES version and it may even be
applicable to all versions...' -tsr
This is the last of the ICOM games ported to the NES; there were 3 games
in the series, all of which used the same engine. In this one, you wake up
at the wheel of your car, which hit a tree after you swerved to avoid a
shadowy figure on the road. You were driving with your sister, but she's
not with you now! After getting out, you find a strange mansion.. let's
investigate it, our sister may be inside and it's boring to just sit in
the car and watch it blow up again and again.. 
In any case, get out of the car by opening the door and leaving.. or, feel 
free to stay inside for a bit, examine your controls, umm.. 
OK, you get out all right, to find yourself in front of a straaaaaange
mansion. Open up that mailbox, and open up the envelope you find. The
pendant will let you into the house, and the letter will reveal part of
the reason why you'll do some of the things you do in the game.. 
Enter the mansion. Naturally the door closes behind you, oh well.. Head
right to the library and open up and read that big book on the table.
You'll learn four spells, all of which have uses, but not all necessarily
have to be used. 
~~ from nothing it shall form, and none shall see thee ~~ 'cloudisi'
~~ awake to sleep, movement to still, six legs or more, bend to your will ~~
~~ from here to there when stone walls impair ~~ 'telemaze'
~~ if the path is barred with more than one, the storm to come, to make them
   run ~~ 'thundede'
The magic book disappears upon use, so leave the library and take the
other exit to the first hallway. Try opening a door. Wow! She looks hot!!!
(or something) If you feel like it, go and save your game and screw around
with her.. after you're done, head upstairs. Wow, quite a lot of doors..
open them all, and we'll start exploring them from left to right. 
First is the master bedroom (well, Master's bedroom). Take that diary on
the table (Diary 2) and read it to get an account of the current
situation. It seems that the Master had been training a man named Dracan
in magic, but he became evil and turned against him. The Master's servant,
however, was able to overcome him and he sealed his 'star' (magic center
or whatever) in a box.  There's also a hint about a key.. Don't worry
about the Master's bathroom. 
Next room is Dracan's bedroom (the atmosphere must have been tense with
the two enemies in matching bedrooms). Pick up and read his diary (Diary
1) to check his side of the story. There's nothing useful in this bathroom
either, but make a note of its location since we'll need to come back
there. Open the end table to find a scroll, and read it to find another
~~ doll, doll... wilt thou lead the lost ~~ 'dolldoll'
Next room over is the guest bedroom. You don't need anything here. There's
a strange ruby in the dresser, but DON'T pick it up; otherwise, you'll die
eventually by being possessed by the spirit of the house or something like
Next room over has a spiral staircase. Don't go up the stairs (unless
you'd like to see some death) but do pick up the axe and leave. Finally,
we come to a closet with all sorts of stuff lying around. You only need
two things from here: the spray (Spider Cider) and the No Ghost. 
Heading back downstairs, we see that the girl's still there! Use some No
Ghost on her (be sure to open it first!!) and she'll die horribly. Now,
let's open up these doors! Heading to the lower left one first takes us to
the parlor. Nothing much here, so open the door and head outside. Ooh,
look at that evil spider crossing the railing! Fortunately, we have the
spray, so use it on the railing, and leave and come right back. The spider
will get stuck on the railing, and we can just pick it right up. 
Next up in the hallway is the top left door, leading to the dining room. 
Grab the bouquet on the table and open up those doors you see! Heading to
the left hand one takes us to the kitchen, where we should take one of the
knives on the wall. Open both the doors in the kitchen (use the Move map
to do so)  and head right to the pantry. Take the matches (that's all you
need here) and go left twice to the Master's servant's room. Look around
the room, and Use the floor lamp. This reveals a secret opening, and
reveals the servant himself, who looks pretty threatening! :0 Fortunately,
he'll disappear once you throw the spider on him. Take and open up the
diary (Diary 3) and read away... 
Head back to the Foyer, and check out that couch in the center of the
room..  it seems like there's something in it! Use your knife on it to
reveal a key! (Key 1) Cool-o! 
Next to explore is the game room (lower left door in the hallway). You can 
open up that cabinet with Key 1; do so to reveal a gypsy doll! Use the 
dolldoll spell and she gives you another spell and disappears. Well!
~~ a word from him can open doors in high places ~~ 'o sesame'
Going to the door on the top leads to the hunting room. Take the cage
here, and return to the dining room via the game room, and this time take
the top door. This is the study, and you should open the desk to find a
paper with a clue to the answer to a puzzle later in the game. All that's
left to do in the house for now is to go back upstairs to the Master's
bedroom and open the cabinet in the back with Key 1. Take all the stuff
inside (the box is what's being referred to in the diaries, the scrolls
offer hints, and the bottle doesn't actually do too much). That's all for
now, so head back to the trophy room, open the door and head outside... 
From here, you can go to the Magisterium, a greenhouse and a chapel. Head
to the greenhouse first. Open the door to find a bunch of dead plants, and
a seemingly empty flowerpot. Take that watering can and use it on the
empty pot, and you'll get a sprout! Do it again, until you run out of
water. Go outside and turn on the faucet, then use your watercan on it to
refill it.  Go back inside and water the plant until it grows a fruit that
you can take! 
Head back outside and hit the chapel next. Those dogs will run off once
you call the thundede spell, so open the door and enter. Pick up that
candlestick, and that goblet, which opens up a secret passage that's
pretty useless unless you enjoy dying! Cast o sesame to hear that bust
start talking, and finally opening up another secret passageway! 
Now, before you take that way, use the matches on the candlestick. 
Otherwise, you'll die! ... OK, now it's time for the maze. Here's a map: 
 # ### ####
 # #   # # 
 ####### ##   A = starting point
 ###   # #    B = tombstone
 #####CB###   C = three cages
 #    #       D = gem and happyface dude
 ###  D####
   #     #
 ####### ##
 # # A # #
Basically, go around the maze, reading the markers and so on. If you
encounter a lone zombie, use your pendant on it; if you encounter a whole
group, run away and take a different path. When you reach point B, use the
bouquet on the gravestone to reveal a secret passage to point C. 
At point C, use Key 1 to open the cages. Three animals come out; use your
cage on the hawk. The snake eats the cat and then decides not to eat you,
which is always nice. Head for point D on the map to check out a huge red
thingie guarding a gem. Release the hawk from the cage and the red happy
face thingie will chase after it and then you can take the gem! After that
you can use the telemaze spell to get out of the labyrinth at this point. 
Now it's time to check out that Magisterium. Use the gem you just found on
the thingie on top of the door to open it up. Going inside reveals a big
blue thingie that wants food or something. Give it the fruit you got from
the greenhouse and it'll run off. Now, let's explore. The observatory has
nothing important, but the laboratory has a safe in it you can open. The
number to use is 794780 (you get this from the paper in the study and from
one of the markers in the labyrinth.. figure it out for yourself). The
safe has a cookie jar in it, which you can break open with the axe to
reveal a cookie! Wow! 
We're almost done here; let's go back to the foyer where we started the
game.  Use the matches on the fireplace to start a fire, then throw the
box in there.  Wow! We've got the star we need! Now head back to the game
room. Use the cookie on the little plate; the little dude you've maybe
seen a couple of times will take it and leave a key (Key 2)!!! 
Return to the Magisterium lab and use the new found key on the hatch on
the floor. Going down reveals a cave system. If you want, you can go to
the far cave and use stillini on the spider to avoid death, but it's
totally unnecessary. Go to the left cave to enter an ice cave, where a
ghost will have a nice talk with you. After he's done, throw the star into
the ice and a whole bunch of stuff will happen, not the least of which is
that Dracan's body is melted off and you float over to another cave. Use
the body on the bottomless hole to kill off Dracan and fulfill one part of
your quest.  Exit to the north and open the door with Key 2.
You're back in the study, and you can hear your sister screaming.. the
game's almost over (already)! Head upstairs to hear her again, and enter
Dracan's bedroom. Enter the bathroom. The door closes behind you, and you
can really hear your sister's screams! Turn on the faucet. The water will
start overflowing and flooding the room, letting you get to the ceiling
and open up the top hatch just in time! 
Wow, here's your sister! (She looks kind of like she came from a biker
film)  She doesn't seem like she's with it at all, so hit her. Wow, out of
her comes a really big evil dude who is responsible for all the other evil
dudes or something! Your sister makes it out the window in the process.
Now, since he's a main evil dude, he'll probably respond well to holy shit
- like the shit in your goblet. Use it on him and he'll die horribly, then
you can go out the window to enjoy the ending.. 
Have fun..
Ways of dying:
- staying in the car until it explodes
- hitting the belle, trying to open a door with the belle, or using the no 
  ghost on the belle without opening it first, all result in you getting 
  horribly mangled by her
- walking around for long enough while carrying the ruby, and getting 
  possessed by evil spirits or something
- going up the stairs in the tower and locking yourself in prison, and
  eventually starving to death, i suppose
- in the chapel, going down the secret passage, after the game warns you
  no less than thrice not to, causes you to die horribly at the hands of
  the giant spider
- approaching the labyrinth without a light source will cause a ghost to
  come along and give you lots of severe injuries
- in the labyrinth, not running away from the group of zombies or hitting
  a lone zombie (nice graphics on this one)
- in the labyrinth, opening the cages and not doing anything (nice graphics
  again), or putting the cat or the snake in the cage, all result in you
  getting eaten
- falling into the bottomless pit in the cave, or waiting around too long
  and having Dracan push you in
- not opening the hatch while the water's overflowing will cause you to
  drown horribly
- doing anything but killing the end dude results in a niiiice graphic as 
  well as your dying.
-|tsr, 27/3/97