Wave Race 64 (e)

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Wave Race 
Stunt Mode Guide
Version 1.1

                        Wave Race 64 Stunt Mode Guide

Version 1.1
Remember the emssage I had posted where I wondered why I couldn't play
twilight city and glacier coast? My question has been answered:

"Twilight City and Glacier Coast aren't available until you reach them 
in championship mode. Twilight City--Hard  Glacier Coast--Expert."

Special thanks to Brian Spencer for the information.

Version 1.0
I added it all today...... I listed exactly what to do in each course in 
order to get lots of points. One question for anyone out there: When I rented
the game, Twilight City and Glacier Coast weren't available...... So I
couldn't list them. Anyone know why this happened?

1) Intro
2) Stunt Mode Guide
3) Credits
4) Legal Information

1) Intro

Not much to say, really, I'll get straight to the point and give you the 
stuff. I sound like a drug dealer, don't I?

Here are the stunts you'll need to know how to pull off. No barrel rolls,
because they are a waste and the flips give more points. Oh, and in order
to do double flips, you'll have to use the third player because he is the
only one with a high enough speed.

Handstand........... Hit control stick down, then up.
Flip................ Off ramp, hold the control stick down.
Double Flip......... Using player 3, do the same as above only flip twice.

Point System You'll Get:

Every 1/10 of a second you clear a checkpoint... 5 Points
Ring.......... 50 Points more each one you go through.
Flip........................ 750-1400 
Double Flip................. 1450-2500
Handstand.................... No exact number..... About 300 pts/10 seconds.

2) Stunt Mode Guide

Dolphin Park:

- Be player 3.
- As soon as the light turns green, do a handstand. Stay in it and follow 
through the rings for two section, then when you hit the third checkpoint,
get down.
- Gain speed for the ramp and do a double flip.
- Do this for the other 2 ramps that follow, as well.
- After the third ramp, go back into a handstand, and go into the next 
- Go through the first ring in here and get down.
- Go through the ring in front of the ramp, and do a double flip on the ramp.
- Immediately after you double flip, go into a handstand, through the final
ring, and speed to the finish line.

Sunny Beach:

- Be player 3.
- Immediately go into a handstand and remain there until you get through the
last ring before the ramp.
- Double flip over the ramp.
- Immediately after, do a handstand and follow the rings through the next
- Remain in the handstand, go through all rings, and speed into the finish

Sunset Bay:

- Be player 3.
- Immediately do a handstand.
- Go through the rings being careful of walls and the angle your jet ski is 
on when on waves.
- Double flip off the ramp, handstand, and follow the rings.
- Sit down after almost reaching the checkpoint leading to the next ramp.
- Double flip over the next ramp.
- Do a handstand, and follow rings to the end.

Drake Lake:

- Be Player 3.
- Immediately do a handstand.
- Go through the first three rings.
- Stay in the handstand position anf go left through all rings in the next
- When you reach the second checkpoint, get out of the handstand.
- Gain speed and double flip over all three ramps.
- Do a handstand.
- Be cautious of wooden pegs.
- Get through the final set of rings and finish up.

Marine Fortress:

- Be player 3.
- Immediately do a handstand.
- Follow all rings.
- On a curve, you'll see a ramp. When you see it, sit down, and double flip.
- Get back into the handstand position and follow the rings until you reach
a bend.
- Double flip over the ramp, go back into a handstand, and finish following
the remainder of the rings.

Port Blue:

- Be Player 3.
- Immediately do a handstand for only a few seconds because a ramp is on the
way. This will get you a good jump on points.
- Double flip the ramp, and handstand, then for the remainder follow the 
- When you reach the final checkpoint, sit down, and stay to the right while
hugging the wall.
- Double flip over both right ramps.
- Immediately after the second ramp, do a handstand and finish that way.

Twilight City
Glacier Coast
(Not listed..... Please see the update for version 1.0)

Southern Island:

- Be player 3.
- Immediately handstand.
- Be cautious of those huge waves during the first three rings.
- Follow the rings and stay in the handstand until you see the ramp.
- Double flip with it.
- Get back in the handstand position and follow the rings until you see
another ramp.
- Double flip off it, then turn an extreme right while in a handstand.
- Follow the rings to the finish.

3) Credits

Well, I rented the game from Blockbuster, played it for 5 evenings, returned
it, and wrote this FAQ in an hour....... Ok, thanks to me, myself, and I....
Oh yeah, and Blockbuster too.

Brian Spencer
For the information on Glacier Coast and Twilight City.

4) Legal Information

I am not affiliated with Nintendo 64 in anyway. You may not use this
on your website.

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