Wild Arms (e)

Andere Lösungen
                    |   WILD ARMS Walkthrough   | 

1) Surf Village (Rudy's Introduction) 
ITEMS: Bomb Tool.
HINTS: Get Bomb Tool from the mayor.  Go to the Berry Cave to the South.

2) Berry Cave
ITEMS: (50g, 50g, 1 Holy Symbol, 1 Heal Berry, 1 Bullet Clip, 1 Power Apple,
   1 Agile Apple, 1 Hardy Apple, Bandana, 1 Holy Berry)
HINTS:  Pull levers to move status.  Bomb the sign and the fake wall.  Blow 
   out the wall after talking to Tony.  Fight Zombie.  Head S to Adlehyde.
BOSS: Zombie (Rotten Breath)

3) Temple of Memory (Jack's Introduction)
ITEMS: (5 Heal Berrys, Hide Glove, Cowboy Hat, 1 Agile Apple)
HINTS:  Use Hanpan to get chest and to get 2nd switch while standing on the 1st.
   Step on the red diamonds to open the gates.  Push the middle block over the
   edge and use Hanpan to hit the red diamond. 
   Mark down the name of the Elw in the holographic image at the end.
   Head SE to Adlehyde.

4) Curan Abbey (Cecelia's Introduction)
ITEMS: Pocket Watch Tool. (1 Crest Graph)
HINTS: Talk to teacher in E room.  Talk to kid in bookshelves. 
   Get Pocket Watch from Anje on 2nd floor.  Go back to bookshelves and use the
   Pocket Watch.  Go back and talk to Sister Mary.  Talk to girl in left passage
   about switches on statues. go to statues in courtyard, hit switches, 
   change the statue's positions so that they are facing each other, stand 
   between them and use the Tear Drop.  Use the Tear Drop to enter the 
   Secret Library.

5) Secret Library
ITEMS: (1 Medicine, 2 Magic Carrots, 2 Heal Berrys, Capuche, Water Rune)
HINTS: Throw boxes at crystals.  Pick up 3 books and throw them in the fire.
   Read the book on the table and fight the Book Monster.  Receive the Water
   Rune from Stoldark.  Head NE to Adlehyde.
BOSS: Book Monster (Brutal Attack)

6) Adlehyde
ITEMS: (200g, 1 Crest Graph, 1 Power Apple, Moon Stone, 1 Magic Carrot,
   1 Heat Salve, 3 Heal Berries, 1 Hardy Apple, 1 Agile Apple, 1 Antidote,
   1 Toy Hammer)
HINTS: Have Cecelia talk to the King.  Talk to Emma (House N. of Inn upstairs).
   All will now join each other.  Have Cecelia and Jack talk to each other and
   have them both talk to Rudy.
7) Lolithia's Tomb
ITEMS: (1 Potion Berry, 5 Heal Berries, 1 Power Apple, 1 Mystic Apple, 
   Buckler, 1 Revive Fruit, 2 Magic Carrots, 1 Hardy Apple, 1 Crest Graph)
HINTS: Climb and talk to Emma in the upper left corner room.  Use Hanpan to
   get items from yellow exploding chests.  Blow up green rocks with Bomb Tool.
   Fall off middle ledge, blow up green rock & use Hanpan to trigger.  Use
   Tear Drop on Magic Door.  Small button on back of statue.  4 blocks appear,
   push into 4 corners surrounding statue.  Use Tear Drop again on door.
   Meet Golem after defeating Magtortous.  Go back and inform Emma.
BOSS: Magtortous (EM Lazer)

8) Ruins Festival & Destruction of Adlehyde
HINTS: Go back to Adlehyde and stay at Inn.  Go to Festival (E exit from 
   Adlehyde).  Find Emma to get 500g reward.  Play games to your heart's 
   content.  Buy Small Flowers (they temporarily improve luck).  See the
   Ruins Festival Games Prizes Chart to see what you can win!
   When you're ready, talk to couple in NE corner. Head straight back into 
   town and find kid w/red balloon (behind weapons shop).
   Demons will now descend to destroy Adlehyde.  Save as many people as you can.
   Cecelia is in front of the castle entrance.  Have Cecelia talk to the King
   to hear demon demands. Talk to leftmost chef in kitchen.  He will open 
   passage to cellar.

9) Secret Passage
ITEMS: (1 Potion Berry, 1 Power Apple, 1 Mystic Apple, 2 Magic Carrots, 
   1 Hardy Apple, 1 Agile Apple, 120g, 3g)
HINTS: Send Hanpan diag accross moat for chests.  Exit is in the SE corner.
   After the save point you'll come up into a decimated Adlehyde.
   Give Belselk the Tear Drop and fight him!
BOSS: Belselk (Spinning Flair)

SCENE: King's Funeral - The Story Begins

10) Adlehyde Castle
ITEMS: -Now that Cecelia is recognized as royalty- 
   (1 Magic Carrot, 1 Mystic Apple, 1 Revive Fruit, 100g)
HINTS: Talk to Cecelia in her room. Talk to Minister Johan in the War Council 
   Room.  Leave Adlehyde and head W to Mountain Pass.

11) Mountain Pass
ITEMS: (1 Magic Carrot, 3 Antidotes, 1 Heal Berry, Olive Branch, 1 Crest Graph,
   Magic Map) Lighter Tool.
HINTS: Get Lighter Tool.  Go back and light lantern.  While on pass between
   caves Jack gets  Hint (Sonic Buster).  Get Magic Map just before
   leaving 2nd cave behind wall (use Bomb tool).

12) Milama
ITEMS: (10 Gal Hat, Cute Ribbon, Metal Band, 1 Mystic Apple, 1 Hardy Apple,
   1 Heal Berry, 1 Agile Apple, 1 Power Apple, 1 Potion Berry, 690g, 127g,
   1 Violet Rose, Holy Medal)
HINTS: Talk to woman about Shrine Guardian. Talk to owner of pub about Guardian
   Temple.  Get Holy Medal.

13) Guardian Shrine
ITEMS: (2 Magic Carrots, 2 Crest Graphs, 3 Mystic Apples, Fire Rune, Wind Rune,
   Earth Rune)
HINTS: Light candles @2,10,6 and 12 o'clock in order.  If done correctly all of
   the others will light up.  Head back downstairs & use the Holy Medal on 
   center door.  Light 2nd set of candles in following sequence: 2,5,1,6,3,7,4
   assuming the following configuration:

		     D - Door out	
          1     2
          3  4  5
          6     7

   Party is split, gather all back together (each has seperate scene then they
   appear on a platform together).  Conversation with the Elemental Guardians. 
   All 3 party members get Summon Force! Get Fire, Wind and Earth Runes.

14) Baskar Village
ITEMS: (98g, 2 Heal Berries, 1 Power Apple, 1 Magic Carrot, 1 Crest Graph,
   1 Agile Apple)
HINTS: Talk to the Chief (in Inn).  Go to Mt. Zenom N of stone circle which is
   N of the village. 

15) Mount Zenom
ITEMS: (6 Heal Berries, 1 Lucky Card, Blue Circlet, 1 Secret Sign, 1 Potion 
   Berry, 1 Crest Graph, Mystic Word, Summit Rune)
HINTS: Push dark statues to fit patterns to open doors.  Use Lighter on the 
   patches of dry grass.  Get  Hint (Meteor Dive) by chests w/5 Heal
   Berries.  Once you get to the top, fight Orga.  Get Summit Rune.  
BOSS: Orga (Capture Web) HINT: Use Stoldark

16) Elw Pyramid #1
ITEMS: (Hard Guard, Kizim Fire (Baskar))
HINTS:  Head back to Baskar and talk to Chief.  Get Kizim Fire.  Go to Elw
  pyramid and use Kizim Fire on furnace behind left waterfall.  Transport.
  Head S to St. Centour.

17) Saint Centour 
ITEMS: (1000g, 1 Agile Apple, 100g, 1 Crest Graph, 1 Hardy Apple, 
   1 Magic Carrot, 250g, Key Plate)
HINTS: Talk to security to W and say yes.  Get Key Plate for Cage Tower 
   from police. 

18) Cage Tower
ITEMS: (1 Crest Graph, Round Shield, 1 Bullet Clip, 3 Goat Dolls, Prism Laser)
HINTS: Use Key Plate to enter.  Get Prism Laser ARM (metal box btw 2 chests).  
   To open door on top floor go up right stair down the the left and up the 
   right stair again.  Climb to the top of the tower to meet Alhazad.  
   Fight N. Gaunt. Meet Calamity Jane and Maxwell.  Pay her 2000g to get out 
   of barrier.
BOSS: N. Gaunt  (Mysterious Ray, Death Ray) HINT: Use Stoldark 

19) Saint Centour Depopulated 
ITEMS: (1 Secret Sign, 2 Potion Berries, 1 Lucky Card, Bone, 1 Bullet Clip,
   1 Power Apple, 1 Duplicator, Saint Rune).
HINTS: Read Diary in police station.  Go to statue and get Saint Rune.  Get
   Duplicator key form building that had been guarded.  Head to SE and through 
   Elw Pyramid.  Head SW to Port Timney.

20) Port Timney
ITEMS: (1 Hardy Apple, 480g, 30g, 1 Crest Graph, 2000g, 1 Revive Fruit, 
   1 Duplicator)
HINTS: Talk to Bartholomew in Pub.  Blow up box against back wall to reveal
   guy inside and get  Hint (Trickster).  Sneak behind pub to get
   duplicator from chest.  Head to the desert to find the Maze of Death.

21) Maze Of Death
ITEMS: (3 Crest Graphs, 1 Magic Carrot, 1 Heal Berry, Clear Chime, 
   1 Agile Apple, 1 Hardy Apple, 1 Mystic Apple, 1 Power Apple, Crystal Bud,
   Death Rune)
HINTS: Step on buttons to create stairs.  Center passage leads to save game
   room.  4 statues to push into place 1)SE 2)NW 3)NE 4)SW.  Passageway now
   open to green statues.  Get Crystal Bud.  You have 3 min. to get out.  Now
   crumbling wall behind where save game point was.  Bomb it and head to fight
   Chaos before leaving!  Get Death Rune and get out!
BOSS: Chaos (Purple Electric, Gamma Ray, Silence, Sleep) 

22) Sweet Candy 
ITEMS: (5000g, 1 Mega Berry, 1 Lucky Card, 1 Full Revive, Wand Tool, Thunder
HINTS:  Give Crystal Bud to Bartholomew in the pub in Port Timney.  On board
   Sweet Candy.  Talk to everyone for clues then sleep (guy next to parrot).
   Fake wedding ceremony.  Answer priest's questions as follows:
     1) bride walks forward
     2) Olivia Clare
     3) Bartholomew
     4) Sweet Candy
     5) Old Moon
     6) Right Hand
     7) Crystal Bud
     8) 8th
     9) Lucadia
    10) I'm too embarrassed.
   Fight Zed, Meet Lady Harken and get Thunder Rune.  Talk to Bartholomew to
   get reward (see items) and Wand Tool!  
BOSS: Zed (Doom Bringer)

23) Elw Pyramid #3 (SW of Timney)
HINTS: Use Duplicator to enter and to exit the Pyramid you end up in.  Head
  into Milama.

*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Now that you have the Wand Tool!

24) Back in Milama
ITEMS: (Radar Tool)
HINTS: Talk to dog guarding building using Wand Tool to get Radar Tool! 


25) Sand River
ITEMS: (3 Hardy Apples, 3 Power Apples, Orb of Power, 1 Lucky Card)
HINTS: Talk to Monkey and follow him through dark passage E. and then N.
   Orb of Power behind fake wall.  From the save point there is a place to
   step into the Sand River AND there is a ledge heading S. that leads to
   a cave.  Step in the Sand River first.  Light torches next to stone slab - 
   get  Hint (Heal Blade).  Head back to save point and down to
   lead to exit.

26) Ship's Graveyard
ITEMS: (Serenade, 1 Agile Apple, 1 Power Apple, 1 Hardy Apple, 1 Potion Berry,
   1 Toy Hammer, 1 Revive Fruit)
HINTS: Talk to in NW corner to get hint about Pleasing Garden.  Talk to Dave
   about wife. Head to Pleasing Garden in SE corner of the desert.

27) Pleasing Garden 
ITEMS: (2 Crest Graphs, 1 Duplicator, Bracelet, Flash Rune, Grapple Tool)
HINTS: Enter right door and leave by left.  Look for door among the windows.
   At the 2nd hallway cross intersection go straight (S).  As you come back N, 
   head W and hit the switch.  Use bomb to bring Gigamantis out of the sand.  
   Fight Gigmantis.  Throw its head at the crystal.  Get Grapple Tool.  
   Use transporters  (right, left then center) to get Bracelet and Flash Rune.  
   Head back to Ship's Graveyard
BOSS: Gigmantis (Zero Armor Attack, Thunderbolt, Mantis Fist) HINT: Try Valkyrie

28) Back in Ship's Graveyard
HINTS: Give Bracelet to Dave to get Sonic Vision Force.  Talk to Bartholomew
   sleep the night at the inn and talk to him again.

29) Ghostship
ITEMS: (4 Potion Berries, 1 Secret Sign, 1 Magic Carrot, 1 Lucky Card)
HINTS:  Read log book.  Some of the skeletons turn into Cybergeists if you talk
   to them.  Switch in NE corner behind bed in E room.  don't worry about the
   blue chests you can't get them yet!
BOSS: Capn' Geist (Banishing Buster Anchor, Stun Cloud) 

30) Back in Ship's Graveyard #2
ITEMS: (Wind Vane, 1 Goat Doll, 1 Crest Graph)
HINTS: Go to beach to get blue chests that were on the Ghostship.  

31) Inner Sea
ITEMS: In Floating Bottles 
   1) Duplicator Key in bottle by Adlehyde.  
   2) Lucky Card by St. Centour. 
   3) Crest Graph NE of Tripillar.

*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Thanks to the Grappling Hook and Inner Sea Ship!

*32) Elw Pyramid E of Pt. Timney
ITEMS: (1 Bullet Clip, 1 Secret Sign, 1 Crest Graph, Memoirs Pen, Sunglasses, 
   Angel Quill)

*33) Elw Pyramid SE of St. Centour
ITEMS: (2 Crest Graphs)

*34) Lolithia's Tomb
ITEMS: (1 Crest Graph)

*35) Adlehyde 
ITEMS: (4 Crest Graphs, 1 Secret Sign)
HINTS: Need Duplicator Key to get Items mentioned.
   Give Secret Sign standing at corner of building (W of magic shop in 
   S of town) to get  Hint (Soul Breaker).  Begin making donations 
   to the town's restoration to get new hints.  (500,1000,2000,3000,5000,10000).


36) Rosetta Town (S of Ship's Graveyard on opposite side of island)
ITEMS: (498g, My Grand Hat, Head Gear, Gella Coin, 1 Magic Carrot, 
   1 Crest Graph, 1 Power Apple, 1 Hardy Apple)
HINTS: Meet Mariel (Elw girl) in SE corner of town by looking at flower in
   garden outside her hut.  Go to Forest Mound to get the Arnica Herb then
   head back to Rosetta and give the herb to the mayor.  Talk to Jane at the
   entrance of the town.

37) Volcannon Trap (NW of Ship's Graveyard)
ITEMS: (1800g, 1 Bullet Clip, 1 Secret Sign, Silver Harp, 2 Potion Berries,
   971g, 1 Magic Carrot, 1 Lucky Card, 1 Crest Graph, Rocket Launcher,
   Red Malice)
HINTS: Get Rocket Launcher ARM!  Move Purple posts to return from grappling 
   hook areas.  Rightmost of 2 stairways --> treasure room.  Jane splits off.
   Fight Zed (middle cracked wall - just inspect it) again.  Fight Belselk.  
   Get Red Malice.
BOSS: Belselk (Belselk Breaker, Disrupting Flair, Blaster Howling)

38) Tripillar (SE of corner of Inner Sea)
ITEMS: (6 Potion Berries, 1 Bullet Clip, 1 Secret Sign, 1 Magic Carrot, 
   Blue Virtue)
HINTS: Send Jack left.  Challenge statue (fight 3 Critter Rounds).  Get  Hint (Divide Shot).  Send Cecelia center and Rudy to the right.
   Have each character ascend to top (6 floors - blue diamonds on 3rd floor 
   are simply to switch characters positions if you screwed up).  On 6th floor
   have each character stand in front of a statue with a blue orb so that the
   orb glows.  Fight Mage Fox.  Get Blue Virtue.
BOSS: Mage Fox (Blast, Heal, Valkyrie)

39) Giant's Cradle (NE of Ship's Graveyard, N beach in channel)
ITEMS: (2 Crest Graphs, 2 Potion Berries, 2 Magic Carrots)
HINTS: Place Red Malice in right hole and Blue Viture in left hole on face of
   door to open.  Try to run when confronted with spears.  However you'll need
   to learn when to stop since some of the passageways have gaps.  Must get 
   3rd peg with grappling hook diagonally to avoid spear.  Go back to Adlehyde 
   and Talk to Emma.  
SCENE:  Emma & Earth Golem.  Jessica talks to it and it awakens.  Emma takes
   your ship back to Adlehyde!

40) Court Seim (E side of map - Use Golem)
ITEMS: (1 Mystic Apple, 1 Agile Apple, 1 Power Apple, Wind-Up Key)
HINTS: Downstairs in big house talk to Maxwell.  Get Wind-Up Key.
SCENE: Rudy & Zepet memories.

41) Epitaph Sea (SE across shallow water)
ITEMS: (1 Potion Berry, 1 Magic Carrot, 1 Lucky Card, 1 Mystic Apple, 1 Agile
   Apple, 1 Crest Graph, 1 Secret Sign, 1 Bullet Clip, 1 Full Revivie, Reflex,
   Talisman, 1 Duplicator, Rune Drive #1, Metal Bird) Roller Skates Tool.
HINTS:  Use Wind Up Key on machine to enter.  Use Wand on Black Shadow & 
   exactly follow its path to the door.  Talk to it again to open the door.  
   Use Hanpan to go through hole in wall & trigger switch.  Get Metal Bird book.
   Go to door with password - Metal Bird.  Use Duplicator Key to get 3 chests.
   Get Roller Skates tool.  Use Wind Up Key on 3 machines to get 
   Hint (Blast Charge).  Fight Boomerang & Luceid & get Rune Drive.
BOSS: Boomerang (Crescent Fang, Boomerang Dynamic) & Luceid (Black Fang).

42) Back in Court Seim
HINTS: Talk to Maxwell. Talk to Jane before going to sleep.  Get Protector 
SCENE: Alhazad appears & demands Rune Drive.

43) Sacred Shrine (S of Court Seim in forest)
ITEMS: (1 Magic Carrot, 1 Duplicator, 1 Potion Berry, 1 Crest Graph, 1 Revive
   Fruit, 1 Secret Sign, Secret Book, 2 Potion Berries, 320g, 2130g, 
   Rune Drive #2)
HINTS: There are 2 rooms requiring a duplicator key.  2nd dup room statue -
   Get  Hint (Slash Rave).  Find dog that turns into monster & Fight
   Agaless.  Use Hanpan on the kid who hates rats, talk to nun.  Hanpan asks
   you a series of ?'s
      1) St. Centour
      2) Huddling against your body
      3) Go through with human
      4) Go in with humans
      5) Villager became monster.
   Go to guy guarding door.  Kill him then enter and fight Alhazad.  Get Rune
   Drive.  Go back to Court Seim.  Talk to Nicholai and he adds Rune Drives to
   your Earth Golem.
BOSS: Agaless (Super Sonic Bullet, Rotten Breath)
   Alhazad (Electrigger)

44) Photosphere (N. of Court Seim on large NE island)
SCENE: Golem neutralizes the shield.
ITEMS: (5 Potion Berries, 1 Full Revive, 2 Hardy Apples, 1 Agile Apple, 1 Magic
   Carrot, 3 Revive Fruits, 1 Megaberry, Gauntlet, Twin Orbs) Tear Drop Tool.
HINTS: Bomb blinking posts to get rid of electrified grid.  Drop off of the
   ledge to handle the next set of blinking posts.  Go thru door with
   electrified corridor then back to sealed door to meet the Blue Robed Figure.
   He will open the sealed door for you.  Get Twin Orbs ARM!  
   Get Tear Drop tool back at top of long stairs.  Go to
   corridor that was blocked.  AVOID Searchlights (3 Jacklanterns will appear
   to fight you every time you do and your party's position will be reset).
   Fight Lolithia.  Fight Mother.
BOSS: Lolithis (Absolute Zero, Freezing Zone).  
   Mother (Als Magna, Negerate Harrow, Hermes)
SCENE: Photosphere begins to sink as Mother destroyes herself.  Capt. 
   Bartholomew, McDullen & Jane show up to rescue you with Sweet Candy. 1/4 
   Knights show up - Zeik was Blue Robed Figure.

45) Adlehyde yet again
ITEMS: (500g, 1 Lucky Card, 1 Bullet Clip, 1 Missanga, 1000g, 1 Power Apple)
HINTS: Go back to Adlehyde and give Emma book on Metal Bird.  The items 
   mentioned are in the Council Room.

46) Dragon Sea Shrine (Vortex E of Rosetta blocking Inner Sea from Outer Sea)
ITEMS: (1 Lucky Card, 1 Magic Carrot, 3 Crest Graphs, 1 Duplicator, Shining
   Cape,  Triton Rune) Vase Tool.
HINTS:  Room w/several moveable blocks - object lower left corner.  1) Top row
   push block to left corner 2) push 2nd row leftmost block left 3) 3rd row 
   leftmost block to the right.  Push blocks over green squares to make chests
   appear.  Get Vase tool from last room w/4 blocks.  Go back to save pt. & up.
   Put out fire to find switch.  Speak to Lucadia.  Fight Lady Harken.  Get
   Triton Rune &  Hint (Guilty Blade).
BOSS: Lady Harken (Laser Silhouette, Guilty Blade)

47) Outer Sea
ITEMS: In Floating Bottles
   1) 1 Duplicator Key (W of Rosetta)
   2) 1 Duplicator Key (E of Baskar)
   3) 1 Crest Graph (W of Sacred Shrine)
   4) 1 Duplicator Key (SE of Milama)
HINTS: Can now reach several different Isolated Guilds which allow you to
   bind higher forms of magic to Crest Graphs.  

48) Forgotten Ruins  (SE of beach W of Court Seim) 
ITEMS: (1 Bullet Clip, Ocarina)

*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Now that you have access to the Outer Sea!

*49) Deserted Island (NE of Court Seim & SE of Arctica) 
ITEMS: (Heavens Rune)

*50) Photosphere again
ITEMS: (Star Rune)

*51) Snow Ravine (NE corner of map)
ITEMS: (Ice Rune)

*52) Ancient Arena (Large island in S Outer Sea)
ITEMS: (1 Duplicator, 3 Crest Graphs, 1 Full Revive, 1 Power Apple)
HINTS: See Ancient Arena battle chart to see if you're ready to enter the


53) Wandering Isle (S of Court Seim)
ITEMS: (Sioux Poncho, 1 Crest Graph, Red Jacket)
HINTS: Lots of navigating with the trusty Grappling Hook. 
  Wyverns are great to get Exp from (4000 each.  Use Meteor Dive & Break
  done in one round!) Use Ocarina to call golem to get to Dead Sanctuary.

54) Dead Sanctuary
ITEMS: (Wise Slate, 4 Mystic Apples, Elder Scroll, 1 Crest Graph, Lunar Rod,
  Dragon Idol, Lion Idol, Goddess Idol)
HINTS: Blow out wall behind statue.  Use statue facing left to open left door
  by pushing onto pressure plate and use the statue facing right in the same
  fashion.  Put red statue on left sq, gold in middle and blue on the right.
  Bomb the green statue.  Use Tear Drop in door in front of Save Pt.  Fight 
  Boomerang & Luceid again.  Get Dragon, Lion & Goddess Idols from statues.  
  Get High Guardian Force.  Go to statue in room behind 3 idol statues. Go to
  statue in room behind 3 idol statues.  Jack fights Zoa Zein to get  Hint (Shadow Bind).
BOSS: Boomerang & Luceid again.

55) Demon's Lab (Island NW of Milama)
ITEMS: (1 Revive Fruit, 3 Potion Berries, 1 Mega Berry, Energy Saber, 2 Bullet
   Clips, Bazooka)
SCENE: Lady Harken & Alhazad protecting Darkeness Tear
HINTS: Get Bazooka ARM.  Go to terminal in rightmost room and choose to change
   display then diplay data.  Password for Middle Door - Demon Gate.  Fight
   Lady Harken.  Get  Hint (Magnum Fang).  
BOSS: Lady harken (Asrael, Harken Tempest)
SCENE: Invasion, Zeikfreid uses Gate Generator to transport you to another 

56) Gate Generator
ITEMS: (2 Magic Carrots, 2 Bullet Clips, 1 Heal Berry, 1 Crest Graph, 1 Secret
   Sign, 2 Potion Berries, Force Unit, 1 Nectar)
HINTS: Meet Zed again.  Use grappling hook on him to get to him.  Follow him.
   Use Roller Skates across 1st electrified floor.  Use lever to turn off floor.
   Follow Zed again.  Room w/4 levers - hit 1st 3 (from left) then 2nd one
   again, then 4th else Zed traps you (Use Watch to escape).  Fight Diablo
   Golem.  Password - it doesn't matter!
BOSS: Diablo (Rolling Attack, Flame Shooter) HINT: Use Hi-Freeze
   Zeikfried (Negative Rainbow, Zeik Impulse, Glumzamber)
SCENE: Zeik tells Zed to overload generators.  Rudy cuts off his arm.  Cecelia
   uses Tear Drop to bring them out of rift.  Rudy's true nature revealed.
   Mother eats Zeik.

57) Back to Rosetta
HINTS: Talk to Mariel.  Go to Forest Mound.  She cuts herself to open gate to 
   Filgaia of 1000 years past (Elw Dimension).
SCENE: Find out about Holmcross Project - arificial biometal.  Rudy was 
   experimental Holmcross that had been sealed deep underground.

58) Tarjan
ITEMS: (1 Agile Apple, Sunbird Hat, 1 Magic Carrot, Blue Ribbon, 1 Mega Berry,
       Spirit Key)
HINTS: Get Spirit Key from house in NE corner of village. 
59) Forest Prison
ITEMS: (5 Crest Graphs, Mirage Coat, Prarie Coat, Warrior Vest, Life Rune)
HINTS: Talk to squirrel.  NOTE: This maze wraps around horizontally (left/right)
   Be patient and thoroughly explore to get all items.  Open Gold & Purple chest
   w/Spirit Key hear 1st set of stairs heading S. Follow spirit to waterfall
   to get Life Rune. Traveling down 1st set of stairs.  S of stairs is exit.

60) Vassim's Lab
ITEMS: (1 Mega Berry, 1 Duplicator, Hyper Gear, 1 Magic Carrot)
HINTS: Talk to Vassim.  Use Forest Mound to transport to present day Filgaia.  
   Teleport to Curan Abbey and go to the Hidden Library.  Once you get into the 
   bookshelves go down stairs at back.  The left bookcase contains the book 
   De La Metallica.

61) De La Metallica
ITEMS: (Necronomicon, Hades Rune) 
HINTS: Use watch on closed door twice.  Pick up all 8 books (Earth, Water, Fire,
   Wind, Lightning, Nothingness, Illusion, Sacred) to get  Hint 
   (Phazer Zapp).  Open the 3rd & 4th chest from the left.  Final set of doors
   1) Left 2) Right (men) 3) Right (life) 4) Left (give future) 5) Right 
   (justice as power).  Get Hades Rune from Duras Drum.  NOTE: Sometimes the
   Necronomicon books will drop ... well, guess!

62) Back to Vassim's Lab
ITEMS: (Secret Tool)
HINTS: Talk to Vassim then talk to Rudy.
SCENE: Rudy's dreams of his childhood.  
HINTS: Cecelia must Fight Elizabeth.  Goddess Idol shatters and you get the 
   Love Rune.  Have Rudy talk to Vassim to get Fury Shot Force.  Blow up box
   to get Secret Tool.  Go Back to present day Filgaia.
BOSS: Elizabeth (Flash Bomb, Zero Armor Attack, Darkness)  HINT: Use Saint.

63) Adlehyde ...
ITEMS: (Castle Rune)
SCENE: Mariel departs.  Jane & McDullen shown up.  Back in Adlehyde Emma has
   complete Protowing.  Anje shows up - problem in SE.  Need Gemini Circuits.
HINTS: Give Secret Tool to Tom.  Leave and go to Zeldukes statues which Tom
   repaired to get the Castle Rune.  The 20,000 donation tips should now be

*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Now that you have the Protowing!

*64) Temple of Memory
ITEMS: (2 Crest Graphs, Holy Parasol)
HINTS: Password - Emiko.  Use Tear Drop on door to right of warp point.

*65) Heaven Corridor (N of Curan Abbey)
ITEMS: (1 Magic Carrot, 1 Nectar, 4 Crest Graphs)
HINTS: Need 3 Duplicator Keys.  Push button on vase to open W door.  AVOID
   warding gates.  Sorry, the best I can say is learn where they are and walk
   around them.  Due N to shelves in bookshelf room.  Next small room follow
   stay close to right hand wall. Use Hanpan to get the chests.  Go S around
   the obstacle before heading N. To catch up to the floating blue diamonds 
   use purple blocks to catch mirror movements (rooms are NOT exact mirrors).  
   Be patient.  Try to trap diamond against block which allows you to move
   without the diamond mirroring your movement.  Use Tear Drop between 2 
   trees at end.  Dhee appears to give Cecelia the Dual Cast Force!


66) Gemini's Corpse (W of Court Seim)
ITEMS: (1 Crest Graph, Black Pass, 1 Magic Carrot, 1 Lucky Card, 1 Mega Berry,
   Pouch, 1 Duplicator, 1 Ambrosia, 2 Secret Signs, Phaser, Gemini Ckt #1)
   Power Glove Tool.
HINTS: Blow out wall and open chest - Get  Hint (Cosmic Nova). 
   Take jewel from statue's chest behind fires accessed from behind weak wall.
   Take #2 jewel behind next blown out wall.  Get Phaser ARM behind 1st statue 
   that needs a jewel.  Grab jewel on way out.  Go through 2nd jewel door.  
   Bomb wall behind chest, use jewel to get 2 jewels + get one on way out.  
   Use jewel on statue near save pt.  Use 2 more jewels on room you fall into.
   Get Power Glove Tool.  Use Power Glove on statues to get chests.  Use P.
   glove to hit purple post accross chasm.  Fight Mech Drake.  Get Gemini Ckt #1
BOSS: Mech Drake (Silence, Resonance Wave, Laser Breath) HINT: Use Saint.

*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Now that you have the Black Pass!

*67) Adlehyde 
HINTS:  Go to the Items Shop. Use Black Pass on bookcase on back wall to reveal 
  staircase to black market.  Go to the castle and find Emma.  


68) Ship's Graveyard again
ITEMS: (Gemini Ckt #2)
HINTS: Make sure you've stopped off at Adlehyde and talked to Emma.  Go to 
   beach to get the 2nd Gemini Circuit.  Go back to Adlehyde and talk to Emma
   again to get the full Wing! 

69) Pandemonium (SE of Court Seim surrounded by river and ring of mountains)
ITEMS: (Mind Gem, 1 Mega Berry, 2 Magic Carrots, 1 Lucky Card, 1 Secret Sign,
   1 Bullet Clip, 2 Crest Graphs, 1 Ambrosia)
HINTS: Use Blue/Orange gem to switch doors.  Fight Turask.  Group is seperated
   and imprisoned.  Talk to Hanpan.  Take Hanpan through hole in wall, take
   right through 1st openining, find next hole (U before light) & follow up to 
   find lever on wall to release everybody.  Take Cecelia to gem and change 
   it to open oragne door for Jack.  Take Jack to step on red switch to lower 
   barrier for Rudy.  Have Cecelia change gem again to let Rudy pass.  Take 
   Jack to gem and change to release Cecelia.  Take Cecelia to red switch to 
   release Rudy then to blue diamond.  Take Rudy to blue diamond (far left of
   3 doors - middle = Demon Prophet).  Take Jack to blue diamond.  Back Together
   again.  Go back Jack's path to weak wall.  Go back to Rudy's middle room to
   fight the Demon Prophet.  Fight Shazam.  
SCENE: Black Tear Drop.  Ray Line is severed.  Retro to Elmina & Jack.
BOSS: Turask (Shield, Horn Spike, Poison Breath, Cut Down) HINT: Rainbow works.
   Demon Prophet (Rocks, Flamed, Hell Size Masquerade, Vortex, Whipped) HINT:
   Try Saint,  Shazam (Dispel, Dark Ray) HINT: Try Saint

*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Getting and Using a new ship!

*70) Back to Adlehyde
HINT: 30,000 & 50,000 restoration donations tips should now be available.
   Once you've made the 30,000 donation talk to Drake in the house in the NE
   corner of town.

*71) Inner Sea (NW of Ship's Graveyard in middle of deep pool of water).
ITEMS: (Pret-A-Porte)
HINTS: Leviathan will surface to fight your party.
BOSS: Leviathan (Deap Sea Cyclone, Reactor Torpedo, Aurora Destruction, Trident)


*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Now that you have the full air ship!

*72) NW/SE Desert
ITEMS: (Dist Dims)
HINTS: Go to extreme NW corner of map to the middle of desert strip and wander
   a bit to find Barbados.
BOSS: Barbados (Linear Rail Cannon, Acid Missle, Powerful Blow, Geo Storm, 
   Land Master)

*73) Ancient Altar (Valley just W. of Cave of Giants)  
ITEMS: (Sword Rune)


74) Arctica Castle (NW of Photosphere)
ITEMS: (4 Secret Signs, 2 Full Revives, 2 Mega Berries, 1 Nectar, 1 Lucky Card,
   Boom Getter, Black Feral, Wild Bunch, Courage Rune)
HINTS: Need 2 Duplicator Keys to get Secret Signs on either side of 2nd Level.
   Get Wild Bunch ARM!  Go right and up stairs to King's Chair.  Have Jack 
   examine it to get Black Feral and  Hint (Void).  Go back before 
   stairs and take left down stairs to Save Pt.  Jack vs. Lady Harken in chamber
   at bottom of stairs.  Lion Idol explodes & Get Courage Rune.  
SCENE: Ka Dingel is brought to surface by Zeikfried
BOSS: Lady Harken (Harken Tempest, Magnum Fang, Asrael)

*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Completing the restoration of Adlehyde!

*75) Illusion Temple 
ITEMS: (Dispellado, Chrono Rune)
HINTS: Go to Adlehyde and pay the final restoration fee (100,000).  Make sure
   you have talked to the Chief's Dog in Baskar Village.  Go to pub and talk 
   to new guy.  He will give you the Dispellado.  Go to stone circle north 
   of Baskar and use Dispellado in following order (NW, SW, SE, NE, W, S, E, N) 
   to access Illusion Temple.  Enter to get Chrono Rune.  Now you can go to
   Milama and visit Elmina at the pub!


*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
Now That you have the Love and Courage Runes!

*76) Baskar Village  
ITEMS: (Hope Rune)
HINTS: Go to the Pyramid on the N side of tow. 
   Zephyr will appear, Dragon Idol will break.  Get Hope Rune.  Talk to chief's
   dog before you leave.


77) Ka Dingel (circular reef N of Ancient Arena)
ITEMS: (5 Mega Berries, 2 Nectars, 1 Lucky Card, 5 Magic Carrots, 4 Full 
   Revives , 2 Ambrosia, Metal Shield, Saber Fang)
HINTS: Fight Boomerang and Luceid at the entrance.  Get Saber Fang outside. 
   Up 1st flight of steps, take left passageway, up thru lighted door to
   find weak wall.  Hit red switch.  Up steps by searchlight path go thru N.
   door and hit switch to make statue appear.  Push statue onto black square to
   open middle door.  Go through and up the stairs.  Push other statue into 
   pit in room over room with red door.  Push statue into corner.  Step on 1st
   two red buttons (from left), jump down and swtich left lever.  Use bomb
   on small orb to open red door.  Room w/8 levers - hit each once.  Fight
   Unrobed Alhazad.  Get Double Attack Force.
BOSS: Boomerang and Luceid Again! 
   Alhazad (Slow down, Super Transmitted Mega Crash, Alhazad Symphony)

78) Malduke - Section 01 & 11 - Entrance Gate
ITEMS: (5 Nectar, 1 Bullet Clip, Silver Blade, Princess Rod, Violator, Arc
   Smasher) Guitar Tool.
HINTS: Bomb blinking devices (at angle if necessary).  Crawl through pipe to
   Arch Smasher ARM (thru right stairway).  Hit purple column across chasm and
   hit switch.  Get Guitar Tool (door activated w/lever next to it).  Follow
   pipe to lever to open door.  Examine grey statue to get  Hint
   (Trump Card).  2 switches by 2nd save pt.  Settings are as follows.
   00 - Entrance Gate    (01)
   01 - Statue Area      (21)
   10 - Residential Area (31)
   11 - Mine Area        (41)

79) Malduke - Section 21 - Statue Area
ITEMS: (Assault Coat, Jolla Poncho, Filgaia Robe, Jade Wilder, Arms)
HINTS: Drop down via S. exit and bomb rock blocking ladder, climb up.  Drop 
   down via N. exit and change gem to blue, bomb rock blocking stairs, climb up,
   climb down & press red button.  Go through N. exit and get 3 chests.  Switch
   gem to blue, climb up then down, press red switch to move 2nd statue.  Switch
   diamond to blue to get Arms.  With diamond on blue, find plaque about Lucifer
   and Sado, take hidden tunnel to circle w/flame.  Douse the flame and play
   guitar in center of circle to summon Lucifer golem.  Fight Him to get Jade 
BOSS: Lucifer Golem (Sephiroto, Bear Fencer, Photon Bow Gun)

80) Malduke - Section 31 - Residential Area
ITEMS: (Wings)
HINTS: Get Wings behind large headstone in cemetary (N stairs).

81) Malduke - Section 41 - Mine Area
ITEMS: (Braver Vest, Eye)
HINTS: There are 4 chests that contain an Eye.  The 2nd from the right contains
   the real Eye.  Use eye in middle chamber to determine which is correct.  The
   eye will glow blue if it is the real one.  Only one chest can be open at 
   any time.  Put Eye back in open chest if the wrong one.  Douse flame and
   play guitar in center of circle to summon Sado golem. Get Braver Vest.
BOSS: Sado Golem (Armageddon, Black Hole Bullet, Evil Quasar, Megid Flame) 

********************************  WARNING  ********************************  
   This is the end game sequence.  
   If you have anything left to do in the game do it NOW!!! 

*********************************  ASIDE  *********************************  
To do before finishing the game!

*82) Ancient Arena Bosses
ITEMS: (Divine Blade, Juggernaut)
HINTS: After fighting Boomerang and Luceid at Ka Dingel, Boomerang Flash will 
   appear in the Ancient Arena Colisseum.  
   Punch out mirror in room behind King and use 5 Duplicator Keys to get to
   Angol Moa.
BOSS: Boomerang Flash (Zero Count Execution, Evil Sword Luceid, 
   Shadow Boomerang Maximum)
   Angol Moa (7th Moon)

*83) St. Centour  
ITEMS: (Doombringer)
HINTS: Talk to blind girl in SW corner house.  Fight Zed on way out of town. 
   Get Doombringer.
BOSS: Zed (Gaia Crash, Doom Bringer, Kinjite, Higi)

*84) Abyss (Randomly accessed from Elw Pyramid Transporter)
ITEMS: (Dead Heat, Texas Number, Ruby Tiara, Amulet, Orb Of Life, Mystic Slate,
  Power Boost, Sheriff Star)
HINTS: Go to Elw Pyramid near Milama and transport back and forth to other
   pyramid until you get stuck here.
   Use 11010 (from left) on 5 switch combination.  You can use Rudy's Radar
   to highlight which ones that need to be switched.  Push rightmost gold statue
   to squeeze by.  Need 2 duplicator keys.  On other side of pit you walk 
   around is S door opposite stairs leading to 3 chests.  Go through door once
   you've gotten the contents of the 3 chests.  Do not light any of the lamps.  
   Find your way to the grappling hook room.  Get to long middle platform.  
   Behind statue and to the right is another platform.  Use duplicator key and 
   find room with circle.  Play guitar to summon Raguragula.  Get Sherriff Star.
BOSS: Raguragula (Volcanic Bomb)  HINTS: Bring LOTS of Goat Dolls!!!!!


85) Malduke -  Back in Section 11
HINTS: Use Wings, Arms and Eye to open the door.  Searchlight = Berial Golem.  
BOSS: Berial Golem (Genocide Flame, Arm. Down, Pile Bunker, Blade Lance)

86) Malduke Central Control
HINTS: Fight Zeikfried, Motherfried and Zeik Tuvai (on way down to Ka Dingel).
BOSS: Zeikfried (Zeik Impulse, Negative Rainbow, Hi-Shield),
   Motherfried (Als Magna, Dark Ray, Phatima's Miracle),
   Zeik Tuvai (Confusion, Hi-Heal, Proton Beam, Sleep, Silence, Galaxy, Inferno)

SCENE: Ka Dingel Goes up.  Earth Golem protects you.

*** THE END. ***