The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (e)

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The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
FAQ / Walkthrough
Version 2.0

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                O C A R I N A    O F    T I M E

         The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - FAQ / Walkthrough

1. Introduction 
2. Update History
3. Story 
4. Controller
5. Walkthrough 
 a) Kokiri Emerald
 b) Gorons Ruby
 c) Zoras Sapphire
 d) Light Medallion
 e) Forest Medallion
 f) Fire Medallion
 g) Water Medallion
 h) Shadow Medallion
 i) Spirit Medallion
 j) Ganon's Castle
 k) Ice Arrows Guide: Gerudo Training Grounds 
6. Boss Guide 
7. Full Equipment Guide 
 a) Link's Equipment
 b) Upgrades
8. Great Fairy Fountains
9. Heart Piece Locations
10. Gold Skulltula Locations / Information 
11. Side Quests 
 a) Four Bottles
 b) Getting Epona
 c) Fishing Guide
 d) Soil Locations / Information
 e) Happy Mask Shop
 f) Getting the Biggoron's Sword
 g) Getting the Lens of Truth
 h) Navigating The Lost Woods
 i) Fairy Fountain Locations
 j) Gossip Stone Locations / Quotes
 k) Sub Bosses 
 l) Cinemas
 m) Obtaining the Triforce 
12. Secrets 
 a) Oddities / Did You Notice?
 b) Hidden Rupees
 c) GameShark
13. Ocarina Songs / Fun Stuff   
14. Your Friends 
15. Your Enemies 
16. Gold Rupee Locations 
17. Personal Review
18. Frequently Asked Questions (UPDATED) 
19. Rumor Killers 
20. Mini Games
21. Fan Submitted Stuff 
22. Zelda 
23. Editorials 
24. Changes FAQ 
25. Thanks
26. Legal Information 
    - Author's Note 
    - E-Mail FAQ 

1. Introduction 

Welcome to this guide for Zelda 64, the greatest game ever made for any 
system. I think it's gonna be tough to top this game and that goes for any
system whether it be Nintendo 64, Play Station, etc. So I made this guide
that I will keep adding to so I can expand on it and make it stronger. 
However, I think it's already pretty helpful how it is, but, oh well. 
Alright, enjoy, and remember that my E-Mail addy is at the top of the page.

   The latest version of this FAQ / Walkthrough can always be found at:


2. Update History
June 16, 1999 - After two and a half months, this FAQ has finally
been updated again. Though the speculation and rumors about the
game are now beginning to settle down, the Frequently Asked
Questions continue to pour right in. So this update is strictly
being done in the FAQ section.

The only way I can see updating this FAQ again is if I get more
questions. Basically, in the 2 month hiatus of this FAQ, I just let
questions barge into my mailbox, and then fired off all my answers
in this version of the FAQ.

Well don't feel sad....

April 3, 1999 - Apparently, even the people at have a sense of
humor...... They made an April Fool's JOke saying you can get the Triforce.
For the people that just don't get it, check out the new section dedicated to
you in the side quest section as letter M.

April 2, 1999 - Version 1.8 is released...... I know I said most likely no
more updates, but....... I received a new rumor so the killing off it and the
information of it have been added to its appropriate sections, the Rumor
Killers and Changes FAQ. I also received some more fan submitted content and
I put it into that section. Finally, I added two parts to the legal 
information, a note from myself and an E-Mail FAQ....... I suggest reading 
the E-Mail FAQ before asking me something, because if it's listed there and
you ask anyway, I'll delete the mail before reading it.

March 30, 1999 - No actual update for now, I just have a few things I would
like to get off my back. First off, you should realize that this is more
then just a FAQ and Walkthrough. Zelda 64 is probably the biggest game out
there, and has been hyped for years. I try to provide everyone with news
and game information for the help of those people who fill my e-mail box 
with retarded e-mails that people with half a brain should be able to realize
instantly. Secondly, I add nothing to this FAQ to make the size larger....
Whether this thing turns out to be 2K or 2MB, it doesn't really make a damn
to me, as long as everyone understands every angle of the game (but that
obviously hasn't occured yet as I continue to get too much mail each day
with questions that are listed 3 or 4 times in this FAQ). Third, I give
credit where credit is due. I don't steal or take, because a thank you
note is listed (section #25) along with a URL if possible. If the owner or
creator of the item I use asks me to take it down, I will do so. And 
finally, I prefer to put my own comments in an editorial section. Instead
of making pointless and useless comments and scattering them in the FAQ, 
walkthrough, and other sections, I put my rants into one section so 
everything is more comprehensible and you know what sections to go to and 
which sections to avoid. I hope that this clears up any e-mails I have
recieved in the past few days and also clears up what other people may think
of this FAQ. Thank you.

This may be all for this FAQ, as I don't really know what else could 
possibly be put here, but I will continue to accept e-mails from people that 
have questions or comments. ( 

March 20, 1999 - How do you like that ASCII Art up there? Yeah, I did it 
myself if you're wondering why it sucks. (I also used an ASCII Art Editor).
I have a major FAQ update this time, as well as a new editorial section, and
a new section that I am highly proud of, my FAQ within a FAQ, the Changes
FAQ, now at the bottom of this page! Check it out, as it's very useful.

March 16, 1999 - Version 1.5 brings two new sections. First off, a sub
boss section for minor bosses you meet along your way. And second, some 
great news, a section to help me PROVE my rumor killers section
as well as give other news and interesting Zelda things. Oh, and finally,
some nice mail I received...... A new ocarina tunes song! This time it's
the Mario them! You can find it in the ocarina section as well as the fan
submitted section.

March 11, 1999 - Within the last few days, I have receieved a few e-mails
about my important question from last update. Here are the people I would
like to thank for that:,,, and Apparently I was going in 
there during day. where if I went in there as night I would find a gold
skulltula. Alright, and for the update, I have edited some of the heart
piece locations, as well as updated the fan submitted stuff. I hope to get
a bigger and better update in late next week, say maybe Friday the 19th.
We'll see. I'm looking to make new sections and up this FAQ. 

March 7, 1999 - Version 1.3 is here only one day after I let out 1.2! Some
quicker stuff this time, I added a quotes section to the gossip stones, so
you don't have to talk to every gossip stone on your own. I also updated the
locations of the gossip stones, because I believe I've found all of them at
32. I also updated the friends section with a sentence or two for each 
friend you have describing them. Finally, I added a new section called Fan
Submitted Stuff, and it's all the stuff that people send to me. So if you
have something, I'll take a look and put it on there. Next update may be
pretty big because I'm thinking of new sections. Maybe a mask quote section
for the other masks, who knows? Oh yeah, and please check out my message
under the title of this FAQ / Walkthrough....... Have I discovered another
oddity or is there something I can do from here?

March 6, 1999 - Version 1.2 is here with a huge update. I changed the layout
of this page so it is more comprehensible. I added 3 new sections, a rumor
killers section, a mini games section, and a walkthrough with an ice arrows
guide for the Gerudo Training Grounds. I updated the enemies, and it now
has strategies on how to defeat over 50 enemies in the game, I updated the
FAQ with more questions, I found another gold rupee and threw that in there,
I updated the equipment guide now with every item listed, and an upgrade for
every weapon, and I added some new information with the strategy for Ganon
in the boss section. Next update will be a bit lighter. I'm going to add
a new section called fan submittied stuff and put everything I've gotten so
far in there, I'm going to spell check the entire document, and I'll throw
in some nice ASCII Art at the top that my friend is making me.

March 1, 1999 - Added the complete walkthrough for every spiritual stone 
and medallion. Also fixed spelling errors, the friends section and credits
have some changes, and I have revised the story. I also added new sections
like the gossip stone locations and an enemies list. In the next update, the
enemies section will be redone and better! Yeah! I'll also throw in some 
other miscellaneous stuff like 3 or 4 new sections! It will come soon!

February 14, 1999 - Version 1.0 is here! I have tons of great sections up.  
Everything will be heavily worked on until finished, including the 
walkthrough, and new sections are to frequently come. I originally had a 
huge FAQ section but I terminated it and added appropriate sections to 
answer them.
3. Story
In the land of Kokiri Forest lives a young boy named Link, where all other
Kokiri children live with their faries to guide them. For some mysterious
reason, Link does not have a fairy, and feels different from all the other

One day, a fairy without a kid, is asked by the Great Deku Tree, ruler of
Kokiri Forest to get Link and bring him to him. So, Navi the Fairy wakes 
him up, and tells him to come and talk to the Deku Tree.

However, while on your way, the little Kokiri boss, Mido, won't let you 
through. It is your responsibility to equip yourself with a proper sword and
shield. After doing so, the Deku Tree asks you to enter his body, and save 
it from the enemies inside. After you do so, he will tell you a story about
the most prestigous treasure in the land of Hyrule, the Triforce. It is your
job to collect all three spiritual stones, and get to the Sacred Realm. The
Deku Tree will then tell you that he was cursed by an evil man from the 
west, where if he gets his hands on the triforce first, Hyrule will go 
through a period of evilness. The Deku Tree will reward you with the first
spiritual stone, and tell you to move on with your journey.

You will now meet people and go places in order to save the land of Hyrule.
You will even meet the princess herself, Zelda. She asks you to get the 
other two stones, and she will protect the ocarina of time from the evil
Ganondorf, King of the Gerudos.

Along your way to the gorons ruby and zoras sapphire, you will meet some
important people that tell you, if you save them and their people, you will
be rewarded the stones. This includes saving the Gorons from King Dodongo 
and becoming a sworn brother of Darunia, king of the gorons.

Next, you will have to enter a whales mouth and save Princess Ruto, princess
of the zoras, for King Zora himself. After achieving this, you will complete
your mission of collecting all three spiritual stones. As you head to the 
castle to once again meet the Princess and obtain the Triforce, you spot 
Zelda being taken away into safety from Ganondorf who chases her out. He 
intimidates you as a little kid, and confronts you. Then he leaves.

You noticed that when you saw Zelda escaping, she threw an object into the 
moat for you to retrieve. It is indeed, the ocarina of time! You are told
to play the Song of Time she teaches you in the Temple Of Time to open the
doors that lead to the Triforce. When you do, the door indeeds opens, but
when you enter, you are surprised to find that Ganondorf has followed you
and entered the Sacred Realm, and taken the Triforce before you have. You
then notice in the middle of the room, a sword in a stone. You pull it out,
and it turns out to be the other object of time, the Master Sword. But when
you tug it out, you are in a place called the Chamber of Sages with a man
named Rauru that you have never seen before, on the opposite side of you.

He tells you that seven years have gone by, and that you should not be scared
when you see yourself. As you glance at your body, you notice a matured
face, and a grown up body. Seven years have passed as you grabbed the Master
Sword, and as the Great Deku Tree told you, Hyrule has gone into a time of
evil due to Ganondorf owning the Triforce. Rauru tells you that as the 
chosen one, it is still your job to obtain the triforce from Ganondorf.

He says that in order to open the doors to Ganon's Castle, where you fight
him for the Triforce, you must awaken six sages from their temples and 
collect their medallion. Being the Light Sage, Rauru starts you off by 
giving you the Light Medallion. Now it is you job to continue your journey
and awaken the six sages from their hidden temple: One in a deep forest, one
on a high mountain, one in a vast lake, one in the home of the dead, and one
far in the west.

As you are on your journey to awake the six sages, you will meet new people,
and learn your destiny and what happened in your past. After collecting all
medallions, you are now skilled enough to enter Ganon's Castle, destroy the
barriers feeding the room where he lurks, defeat Ganon himself who made you
look like nothing seven years ago, save the Princess and everyone in the 
land of Hyrule, and finally, obtain the third and final object of your quest,
the Triforce itself.
4. The Controller
This game's controller features are very unique...... There is no button that
allows you to jump because you jump automatically! Anyway, here ya go.

A Button - On the top of the screen is an action icon. What ever the blue 
circular action icon says, the A button will perform this task. Some things 
it does is talk to people, climb things, rolls, and opens up treasure chests.

B Button - Pulls out your sword and swings it. Also, if you hold B down, you
will do a spin attack. Don't forget to pull your sword out before you go to 
fight an enemy!

Z Button - The Z button is used for Z-Targetting in this game. You can 
Z-Target an enemy and kill them easy with your bow and arrow or sword. You 
can also Z-target people which makes it easier to talk to them.

Analog Stick - The analog stick allows you to move...... Works well for this
well done 3D game.

R Button - Allows you to defend yourself with your shield.

Left C, Right C, Down C - This will let you use whatever weapon or item you
have set to this button..... It's hard to explain but you'll get it.

Up C - Lets you talk to your fairy, Navi, when she wishes to speak to you, 
and allows you to look around with an inside the character view.

Start - Pauses the game, and lets you set your items to C, save, and look at
some of the items you have collected.

Z + A - Lunges at your opponent during a battle.

5. Walkthrough
This took forever....... Uh. 

a) Kokiri Emerald

***Kokiri Forest***

Exit your home and talk to Saria, the green hair girl. The follow the dirt
path. Take a left at the fork, and continue on until you reach the big hill.
Go on up and op over the fences, and go up against the wall and enter the 
small passage. When in here, watch for boulders. Walk around until you find
a big treasure chest and open it up. You now have the Kokiri Sword! 
Backtrack your way out. 

Don't forget to equip your sword. Now you'll get the opportunity to explore
Kokiri Forest, but your main goal for now is to collect 40 rupees. Good 
sources are jumping from platform to platform in the water, open the chests
in the house that has rocks outside of it, and on the bridge that goes 
across the forest. Once you have collected 40 rupees, go into the building
in the west that's near the water and looks like a volcano.

Use your cash to buy the deku sword, and equip it. Now exit, and head over
to the exit on the very west of the forest that the kid is blocking. When he
sees your sword and shield, he'll let you go. Avoid the plants or chop them
with your sword, then run on to meet the Great Deku Tree. Talk to him, and 
he'll tell you that you are the chosen one. He pens his mouth for you to
enter. Walk on in, and now you're inside the Great Deku Tree.

***Inside The Deku Tree***

Find the ladder on the left and climb up to the second floor. Follow the 
path around and you'll see some vines, spiders, and a treasure chest. Open 
the chest to get the map. Don't go up the wall now; just keep running until 
you find a door. Go through it. Z-target the Deku scrub and deflect the nut 
off your shield and back at him. Then go talk to him, and go through the next 
door. In the next room, jump onto the platform and let it break. Then climb 
up the vines to the platform you see. Open the treasure chest to get the 
Fairy Slingshot. Shoot the ladder above the door so it drops and you can 
exit the room. 

Go to the main room with the spiders and vines where you got the map. Pull 
out your new slingshot and Z-Target the skulltulas on the wall. Shoot them 
all down and then climb up to the third floor. Climb up the vines to get to 
the third floor. Run around the path to find a door. Enter it. Inthis room, 
Hit the switch so the platforms raise, and hop across to the opposite side 
and pick up the compass from the chest. Now climb up the vines to the 
entrance, and light the unlit torch with a deku stick. The door will open 
and you can exit. Return to the third floor of the main room.

Jump from one of the edges and land on the web on the first floor to break 
through. Step on the switch to light the torch,  and use the torch to 
light one of your Deku sticks. Run with the burning stick to the other side 
of the room  and light the web on the wall with your lighted stick. When in 
the water, you'll have to run across the shallow part.  Defeat the next deku 
scrub and grab his advice. The use your slingshot and hit the gray eye above 
the locked door to open it up.

Jump into the water and find the underwater switch. Hold A to dive then 
quickly hit the switch, and retrieve to the entrance. Now that the water is 
drained some more, jump onto the platform and take it across to the other 
side. Kill the skulltula and push the block over and hop on, then use the 
door to enter the next room. Light a deku stick in this room and light the 
torches. Then go into the next room. 

Light a deku stick with the torch, and burn the web covering the small 
passage. Crawl through, and you're on the other side of the first basement 
room. Push the block into the water as far as it goes, then light a deku 
stick with the torch, and quickly bring it over. Step on the web, and swing 
the stick to burn a hole in the web so you can fall through.  Now you see 
three deku scrubs. As their brother told you, you must beat them in 
order..... 3,2,1. They go in order from left to right, so kill them 2,3,1 
and talk to them. Now hop back into the water and chop up the plants to 
stack up on hearts and items. Then go through the door, and you're ready to 
face the boss, Gohma.

Check out the boss section on how to defeat this boss.

Grab your heart and step into the blue light to bring you back to the deku
tree. He tells you that the evil man of the west has cursed him, and that 
he will die soon. He gives you permission to leave the forest. You are to go
to Hyrule and meet the Princess herself. The fate of Hyrule depends on you.
Then he rewards you with the first spiritual stone and dies.

b) Gorons Ruby
***Kokiri Forest***

Go back to the forest and exit by going to the very west of the forest. On 
the bridge, Saria will give you her ocarina. Leave, and enter Hyrule Field.

***Hyrule Field***

Be careful in this place.... At night, stalchilds will come out and attack 
you! Run forward and you'll spot the castle. Enter into the market.

***The Market***

This place is cool. There are lots of games to play, and stores to shop in. 
For now, just buy the Hylian Shield, but don't equip it! You'll need it when
you're an adult. Then notice the building on the left. You don't have to 
enter it, just make note of it. This is the Temple Of Time. It will be the 
most important place in the game a bit later. Talk to the red headed girl 
that is singing, and she'll tell you about her father. When she's done, walk
past her and head toward the castle. 

***Hyrule Castle***

Climb the vines you see, and go past the gates. Then purposely get caught by
a guard. When you get thrown out, head back to the vines you climbed, and 
talk to Malon. She'll give you an egg. Climb back up the vines. Now you'll 
have to sneak by all the guards. It takes practice, but you'll get it. Jump
into the stream, and exit at the end. There should be a guy sleeping there.
This is Talon, owner of Lon Lon Ranch, and Malon's father. Wake him up by
pulling out the chicken, If it hasn't hatched yet, you've got to wait. When
he leaves, push the boxes over and use them to jump into the castle courtyard
with morw guards.

Once again, you have to sneak by the guards. When you get to the end, you'll
meet Princess Zelda! She'll tell you her story and ask you to save Hyrule 
from the evil Ganondorf. The she'll lead you over to her guardian, Impa, who
will teach you Zelda's Lullaby on the ocarina. This is the royal family's 
song that you will need many times later in the game. Impa will lead you out
of the castle and direct you to Kakariko Village and Death Mountain. When 
talking to Zelda, you should have also received Zelda's letter. Hang on to
that for now, and go to the center of Hyrule Field, and enter Lon Lon Ranch.

***Lon Lon Ranch***

To get the most important thing out of the way first, go inside the fenced 
area and talk to Malon. She'll tell you about her mother's song. When she 
tells you, pull out your ocarina and she'll teach you Epona's song, which 
will make her horse, Epona, grow fond of you. Now go back and enter the first
house to once again find Talon sleeping. This time, you can wake him up by
talking to him. Play his game, and find the three chickens. One goes by the 
door, one in the back, and one against the wall mid way to the back. If you
win, he'll give you a bottle of lon lon milk, which is two doses that will 
refill five hearts. Exit Lon Lon Ranch, and head all the way back to Kokiri
Forest. Go to the upper level and enter the lost woods. 

***Lost Woods***

When you enter, go right, left, right, left, forward, left, right. You'll now
be in the sacred forest meadow. Kill the wolfo to open the gate. You'll have
to kill some enemies to get to the back of this place. If you get low on 
energy, drink some lon lon milk. When you get to the very back of the meadow,
you'll see Saria sitting on a stump. Talk to her, and she'll teach you
Saria's song. She'll also tell you that she believes this will be a very 
important place for the both of you in the future....... And she's right. Now
I would recommend drinking all your lon lon milk so you have an empty bottle.
Go to the top level of the meadow, and jump in the hole to the fairy's 
fountain. Run up to a fairy and swing your bottle at one to catch it in a
bottle. This is better then lon lon milk because it heals you completely and
you don't have to pull it out...... When you die, it will automatically come
out and heal you! Exit the sacred forest meadow and the lost woods, and go 
back to Hyrule Field.

***Hyrule Field***

Now it's time to head over to Death Mountain which Impa pointed out to you.
Enter the town of Kakariko Village.

***Kakariko Village***

Find the lady who is missing her chickens. Her reward for you if you find her
chickens and put them all in the pen is a bottle! See section number 12 on
information on how to get all 7 chickens. Then farther than that, follow the
path that leads you to the graveyard. Go to the back and find the triforce 
symbol. While standing on the triforce symbol, play Zelda's Lullaby to reveal
a passage under the tombstone. Enter it.

Kill all the bats in the first room to open the door. In the next room are
enemies called re-deads..... Watch out, they'll choke you! The best approach
is to just run by them into the next room. Read the wall and play the sun's
song that is taught to you. This allows you to change the setting from day to
night and night to day. Backtrack your way out. Now head up to where the 
mountain is and show the guard Zelda's Letter. He'll open the gate for you. 
Go past.

***Death Mountain Trail***

Walk up the trail and you'll notice a huge boulder...... It is blocking 
Dodongo's Cavern. So, keep walking up and take a right when it splits. Watch
out for the goron that rolls down. Continue up and enter the town you see. 
This is Goron City.

***Goron City***

Walk in, and if you don't mind taking a small life risk, drop straight down 
to the bottom. You'll notice a decorated sealed door. Play Zelda's Lullaby in
front of it to open it up, then walk in and you'll notice this huge guy. This
is Darunia, head of the gorons. Talk to him and he'll be very grumpy. Play
Saria's song for him when you're done talking to him and he'll cheer up and
give you the bracelet that gives you the power to pick up bombs! Run to the 
top and exit Goron City.

***Death Mountain Trail***

When you exit Goron City, run right into the little opening. Pick up the bomb
you see and throw it off the cliff. This will blow up the boulder blocking
Dodongo's Cavern! Run down there, it's time to pick up that second spiritual

***Dodongo's Cavern***

When you walk in, grab a bomb and place it by the rock wall to blow it up and
reveal an entrance. Go forward and jump onto the platform, then jump right,
onto the other platform, and onto the walkway around the wall. Pick up the
bomb flower and bomb the place where the wall pattern changes. If you want,
stick a bomb in front of the beamo too, to kill it. Then run over to the 
other weird pattern in the wall and bomb it. Stay away from the baby 
dodongo's, and if you happen to kill one, run away because it explodes after
it's dead. Push a statue onto the switch to open the door, and enter.

Now you'll have to fight two Lizalfos. They're tough, but a few hits will
put them down. Go through the door that opened when they're both dead. In
the next room, light a deku stick with the torch and light all the other
torches to open the door. Hit the switch in front of you to unlock the door
on the other side of the chamber. Head on over there, but first, blow up the
weird part of the wall and pick up the map. Now go through the door and 
throw a bomb, well, you knwo where.

Kill the statue, and go into the now unlocked door and pick up the compass.
Then go back to the previous room. Grab a bomb and put it in front of the
pillar and the pillar will turn into a staircase. Climb up, and go through
the door at the top. In the next room, find the statue that is blocking the
ladder, and push him away, then climb up it. Hit the switch and you know 
what to do now..... Cross the bridge, and drop into the room with the moving

Z-target and sidestep so you can see if it's safe to cross. When you get to
the end, you'll see a block in front of a ladder. Climb up and turn around
and jump onto the platform with the bomb flower. Pick the bomb up and time
it so that it explodes as it hits the wall. In this room, nail the eye 
above the door with your slingshot, and enter the next Lazalfo room. Kill 
them and enter the next room. This time, shoot the eye that is in the hole
in the wall to put the fire out. The next room has a chest with the bomb
bag in it. Now you can carry bombs with you!

Hit the switch and in the next room, go onto the bridge. Here, you will have
to drop a bomb on each eye of the alligator thing in the main room, to get 
it to open its mouth. Get back in the main room via the new platform
elevator, and enter the door through the alligator's mouth.

You'll see a switch that won't stay down, so instead, hop up into the hole.
Follow the left path, into a room of blocks. Go around them to the end and
you'll spot a pushable block. Push it onto the switch, and place a bomb on
the weird spot on the floor, and you'll drop into a pit.

It's time to fight King Dodongo for the Goron's Ruby, so check out the boss
section for information on how to do that. 

After deafeating King Dodongo, grab your heart and step into the light.

You'll be thanked by Darunia and be rewarded the seond spiritual stone! 
You'll also befriend all the gorons, and become a sworn bother of Darunia!

c) Zoras Sapphire

***Death Mountain Trail***

While talking to Darunia, he'll tell you that there's a fairy on top of 
Death Mountain. And since Navi won't stop bothering you, you should go ahead
and do that now. So, run up the mountain until you reach the hill and the
path to Goron City. This time run up the hill. Hop onto the platform thing,
and throw a bomb at the rock so it explodes. Hop up to the top. Now is a 
good time to equip your Hylian Shield. Run up the path and when the boulders
start falling, block them with your shield. Keep running until you come to
the vine wall. Kill the skulltulas with your slingshot and climb to the top.
Now, you'll see an entrance to the left. Don't go in there now, but make 
note of it, for it will be very important later. Instead, go left and bomb
the wall where the pattern changes. Go on in to get the magic meter from the

Now exit and talk to the owl. He'll give you a ride to Kakariko Village.
Head on out to Hyrule Field.

***Hyrule Field***

Hop into the stream and go against it to the left. Eventually, you will
end up in Zora's River.

***Zora's River***

Chop up those plants for some nice refills on items, then blow up the
boulders with bombs. Move on and use a chicken to get you to the other side
of the river. Keep jumping from side to side. It's real easy. Soon, you'll
come about a log extending into the river. If you need some cash, go onto
the log and play some songs for the frogs for a good amount of rupees. Now,
keep on progressing. You'll come across a bridge. Not many enemies at all in
this place. Get to the top of the land strips and play Zelda's Lullaby in 
front of the waterfall to open up a secret passage to Zora's Domain.

***Zora's Domain***

Run up to the top and you'll see King Zora. Talk to him and he'll tell you
about Princess Ruto missing. Now go to the left into the tunnel, and talk to
the Zora there. Play her diving game, and win, which is very easy. Then go
back up to her and she'll give you the silver scales so you can dive longer!
Now go to the bottom of the water, and dive, and go through the passage. 
You're now at the bottom of Lake Hylia.

***Lake Hylia***

When you come out, there will be a bottle under the water. Pick it up, then
go back through the passage to Zora's Domain.

***Zora's Domain***

Set the bottle to one of your C buttons and present it to King Zora. There
was a message in the bottle from Ruto saying she is trapped in Jabu Jabu's
belly. He'll give you the bottle to keep, then he'll move over to let you 

Now, don't go past him just yet. Head to the bottom near the torch circled
by stones in the water. Use your bottle to grab a fish! Ok, then go up past
King Zora and into Zora's Fountain.

***Zora's Fountain***

Right when you enter, you will see a whale right in front of you. This is 
Jabu Jabu, and we understand that Ruto, Princess of the Zora's, is trapped
in there! So you have to go in! Ok, ok, take out the fish in the bottle and
Jabu Jabu will open his mouth to eat it, and suck you inside with it. Time
to get Ruto!

***Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly***

Run straight through the water to the blocked door. Pull out your slingshot 
and shoot the thing hanging on the ceiling to unlock the door. Go through 
the door. In this room you'll see electric jellyfish all over. Hit them with 
your slingshot or even a deku stick. Now follow the path around but DO NOT 
take the elevator!

Instead go through the next door and in this room, you'll meet Princess 
Ruto. Take a look at the pit with the tentacle blocking it..... It will be 
improtant later. Ruto will fall down a hole after you talk to her. Fall down 
it yourself. Talk to her twice, and she will let you carry her. Pick her up. 
Now go through the door behind you, the one closest to you and follow it. 
At the end of the room, you'll come to a gap with a switch in the middle. 
Throw Ruto to the other side, then hit the switch, and swim over to her, and 
pick her up again.  Shoot the thing hanging from the ceiling to unblock the 
door and enter.

Wait for the elevator to come down and let it take you up. Go through the 
door and you'll be back in the room where you first met Ruto. Avoid the pits 
and go through the door on the opposite side of the room. 

Now go straight, then right when you get to the middle. You'll come to a 
switch and a door blocked by a tentacle. Obviously, go in the one you can. 
Put Ruto down and kill all the stingers in this room. After they're all 
dead, a chest appears, and.... It's the boomerang! 

Pick up Ruto and exit, then go straight from this room until you come about 
the next switch. Step on it, and Navi will tell you it won't stay down. So, 
put Ruto on it, and enter the room.  Kill the tentacle by Z-Targetting the 
middle, and chucking the boomerang at it. You'll get the map. Now get Ruto 
either from the switch, or the previous room with the pits, and then go into 
the next free door. Kill all the bubbles by Z-Targetting them and hitting 
them with your boomerang. As a result, you'll get the compass.

Now head out of this room and head back to the room where you 
got the boomerang. You'll notice the tentacle blocking the door is gone. 
Take that side door and kill the tentacle in there.  Leave the room, and 
take the center path and kill the final tentacle. When it's dead, leave the 
room and return to the room with the pits. If you lost Ruto, she'll be here.

Now, remember when I told you to take note of the pit the tentacle was 
blocking? You'll notice that it's gone, so fall through! You'll be in a room 
with 2 gold skulltulas, and some jellyfish. Go through the door behind you.
You're now in a room with the third spiritual stone on a platform! Throw Ruto
up there to get it, as she tells you, but the platform will raise, and you'll
have to fight Bigocto!

Z-Target him with your boomerang, and throw it at him to stun him. When he's 
unstunned, he'll spin around. While he's spinning around, throw your 
boomerang at him again. His butt will be facing you, and it will turn green, 
and he'll stay there for a few seconds. Slash his green ass with your sword! 
Repeat this process until he dies. 
Difficulty: (1-5) 1 
Now jump on the platform and you'll be lifted to a new room.

Go down the passageway and open the door. You'll see red wobbley things. 
Stun them with your boomerang, and use them as steps across the water and 
into the next room. Jump onto the platform, and you'll head down to the room 
you saw a while ago. Pick up one of the boxes and go lay it down on the 
switch, to open the door.

Kill all the jellyfish here and climb up the vines to the platform. You'll 
see a white thing hanging from the ceiling, but there's a sheet of glass in 
the way, not allowing you to hit it. Z-target the white thing, and move over 
as much as possible without falling off, and throw the boomerang at it. The 
door will open. Go in, and it's time to fight Barinade. 

Check out the Boss Section on how that's done.

Grab your heart piece, and step into the blue light. You'll be in Zora's
Fountain with Ruto. When she asks, say you want that saphire, and there you
go, all 3 spiritual stones!

d) Light Medallion

***Zora's Fountain***

After getting that third and final spiritual stone, you're ready to obtain
the triforce from the sacred realm! Exit Zora's Fountain and into Zora's

***Zora's Domain***

What are you waiting for? Run down and exit this place!

***Zora's River***

The quickest way to get out of here is to hop in the river after exiting 
Zora's Domain, and let it take you right out to Hyrule Field.

***Hyrule Field***

Head to the Castle to give the stones to Zelda. But, when you get to the 
bridge, you will see her riding with Impa on a horse. You'll notice that she
throws something into the moat. You turn around to hop in, but the King of
Evil is right infront of you! He'll ask if you saw them, and you'll 
automatically defend the Princess. He'll intimidate you by telling you that
you are no match for him, and he'll throw a big ball of electricity at you!
He'll get his laughs, but then he'll ride away..... You'll get him back at
the end of the game. Hop into the moat and grab that object, and it is,
Zelda's Ocarina Of Time! When you get out of the water, you'll see her at
the Temple of Time. She has gone to safety, but you must now go to the altar
in the Temple of Time and play the Song of Time which she teaches you to 
open up the Sacred Realm leading to the Triforce itself!


Go right in, and in case you don't know, the Temple of Time is the building
off to the right in the back with 4 gossip stones in front of it.

***Temple of Time***

Play that song she taight you, and the three stones will rise and the door
will open. Now, don't expect to see the Triforce sitting on a pillow here,
because when you walk in, you'll get a message from Ganon saying that you
have lead him to the Triforce, and it is his! But, you do see a sword stuck
in a stone there. Pick it out, and you'll drift up to the Chamber of Sages.

***Chamber of Sages***

You'll see a man by the name of Rauru in this place with you. He'll tell you
that he is  the Light Sage, and that you have awoken him. You must awaken 
the five other sages to open the door to Ganon's Castle, and defeat him 
yourself to bring back peace to the land of Hyrule. Before you go, he will
reward you with the Light Medallion. It is now your responsibility to awaken
the other sages and obtain their medallions. But don't be surprised when you
see yourself! After obtaining the two pieces of time, the Ocarina of Time,
and the Master Sword, seven years have gone by, and you are a full grown,
matured kid.

***Temple of Time***

You're back in the Temple of Time. You'll meet Sheik, one of the Sheikah,
and she (that's not a typo, see the very bottom of this FAQ to find out who
it is) will tell you that you'll need a new skill to obtain the first
medallion. Ok.

e) Forest Medallion


When you exit the Temple of Time, you'll notice a ring of fire atop Death
Mountain, redeads in the market with no stores, and evil reeking all over
the land of Hyrule. This is all Ganondorf's doing. Anyway, exit to Hyrule

***Hyrule Field***

First, you'll want to head over to Lon Lon Ranch. Check out section number 
12 on information how to get Epona.

Now, ride out to Hyrule Field, and head over to Kakariko Village. Head 
straight back to the graveyard. Go to your extreme left to the hill, and
pull the grave, and drop in. Now you'll race Dampe's spirit. It's pretty
easy. He'll drop fire in your way, and if you avoid this, you should easily
make it to the end. If you keep up with him to the end, he'll reward you 
with the hookshot! Yeah! Now take the hidden exit behind the chest. When 
you reach the blus block, play the Song of Time to reveal stairs. Run up and
drop down. You're in the windmill. Talk to the guy and show him your Ocarina
and he'll teach you the Song of Storms. Exit the windmill, the village, and
even the field and return back to your homeland: Kokiri Forest.

***Kokiri Forest***

Notice anything? No one remembers you and it's filled with enemies! This is
all the doing of the forest temple. Tuime to awaken the Forest Sage! Go up
the hill and into the Lost Woods.

***Lost Woods***

Go right, left, right, left, forward, left, right, and into the Sacred 
Forest Meadow. Along the way, Mido will block you off. Just play Saria's
Song and he'll let you go. Now, getting through this maze is tough because
of those huge guys with spears blocking you. Well, they may be big, but
they're pretty retarded, because you can run right by them and if they don't
see you, you'll get through. At the end, don't continue on. Instead, climb
up the ladder and drop into the hole. Stack up on fairies, then head back
to where you were and go forward. Get past the huge guy with the bat by 
simply avoiding his ground shaking thing (*shrug*). Go to the stone where
you met Saria as a kid, and Sheik will drop down. She'll srop down and 
teach you the Minuet of the Forest, which warps you to the medallion
symbol in the Sacred Forest Meadow when you desire. When she leaves, stand
on the stump, and shoot your hookshot at the tree. Get up there, and, well,
remember how Saria told you that she felt this place would be very important
someday? Well, she hit the bulls eye, because this is the Forest Temple.

***Forest Temple***

Run forward and kill the two wolfos. Then, go right over to the vines and
climb up them. Get to the branch and walk across, then jump over to the 
other side and grab the key from the chest. Now drop down, and enter the
second room. Kill the skulltula by Z-Targetting it and shooting it with the
hookshot. Now go into the main room.

You'll see a cinema of ghosts stealing the flames from the torches. Run 
straight across to the other side. Kill the blue flames by Z-Targetting, and 
hitting them with your hookshot, then slash them with your sword. Then go 
into the next room. Go through the next room and you'll have to fight 2 
stalfos. It takes skill, and their tough, but the reward is a second small 
key. Get some hearts and other things from the pots, then go back to the 
main room.

In the main room, find a passage that leads you to a blue block. Play the 
Song of Time to make it disappear, and enter the next room.  Run over to the 
vine covered wall, and kill the skulltulas that you can with the hookshot. 
Watch out for the skulltula at the top. Go through the door and kill the 
flaming skull to give you the map. 

Enter the next door and you'll be on a balcony. Hit the gray eye above the 
other balcony with your hookshot to pull yourself over there. Hit the 
switch, then kill the skulltula and climb down the vined wall. Climb down 
the ladder of the now-drained well. Run down it until you reach a chest with 
another small key. Now climb up the vines and you'll be back in the room 
you came from. Find the door that leads you to the main room.

Go through the locked door to your right. Kill the skulltula and enter the 
door on the other end. In the next room, climb up both ladders and follow 
the arrows on the floor to the blue block. Push it it sits into the square 
that the arrows lead to, and you'll hear that tune that plays when you solve 
a secret. Find the red block up here, and pull it until you can't anymore, 
then go back down to the first block. Go against the arrows to where the 
blue block was covering, and you'll spot a ladder. Climb up, and you'll 
wind up on the other side of the block. Push it as far as it goes, go back 
down the ladder, onto the blue block, and push the same red one until it 
fits. Now climb it, and climb the ladder above it.

Run right through this room to lead you to the first twisted hallway. Follow 
this hallway until you reach the end of the room. Hurry across to the locked 
door and enter. Go down the stairs and into the next room. Now you'll have 
to fight 2 stalfos that come back to life after you kill them! So, you'll 
fight a total of 4. Don't worry, however, because the reward after killing 
them is the fairy bow! Now, go backwards into the room with the stairs.

Now, using your bow, find the picture with the ghost in it. Stay far away, 
and shoot it. Do this to all 3 pictures, and you'll have to fight the ghost. 
Don't be surprised by its moves; they are the same moves a poe uses. After
defeating her, you'll get another key and you'll get the red flame back in
the main room. Now, go through the room you fought the stalfos in, and out
the other door.

Now you'll face the blue ghost. Use the same technique you did with the red 
one. You'll get the compass, and you'll have the blue flame lit. Now, you're 
gonna head back, all the way to where you pushed the blocks. Above the 
doorway to the twisted hallway is a gray eye. Shoot it with an arrow and the 
hallway will straighten. Now, run to the end of the room, pick up the boss 
key from the chest, and drop in the hole.

Kill the flaming  skulls in this room and exit. Follow the wall and enter 
the door on the right. You'll have to fight a hand monster here. Kill all of 
its parts, and grab the key as your reward. Exit, take a right, and enter 
the next door you see.

Head back into the room where you shot the eye. Shoot it again to twist the 
hallway, then go through it, to the end, and go down the stairs and into the 
room where you fought the stalfos. Keep moving into the next room where you 
fought the blue ghost. Enter this locked door. Jump to the right into the 
hallway with the skulls. Kill them, and enter the door at the end of the 

Hop onto one of the rotating platforms, and pull out your bow. Draw your 
arrow, and shoot it when the fire in the center of the room is lined up with
the eye covered in ice. If you time it correctly, the ice will melt, and 
twist the previous hallway. Get back up there, and enter the now twisted

Fall down the hole in the room at the end. As soon as the ceiling rises 
back up, run over to the switch, being cautious of skulltulas. When the 
ceiling rises again, run over to one of the squares near the chest, then 
when it goes up again, enter the next door.

Shoot the picture on the wall with an arrow, and the green ghost will have
a bunch of blocks dropped on the floor. You'll have to put the puzzle 
together in the time given. If you fail, they'll mix up, and an additional
10 seconds will be added onto your time. After solving the puzzle, you'll
fight the green ghost, just like the others. Kill her, and enter the door. 

Kill the skulltula and enter the door to put you in the main room. 
Head to the center of the room, where you will fight the final ghost: the
purple one. She'll pull some nifty tricks, like splitting into 4 ghosts, and
you'll have to peg the right one. The correct one will be the one that spins
when it appears. After killing it, all the torches will be lit, and an 
elevator will appear. Take it to the basement floor. 

This may sound weird, but in this room, push the walls around! Eventually,
you will put it at the correct spot, and both a switch and the hallway 
leading to the boss will be open. Hit the switch, and enter the boss room.
Now, in here, you'll have to run up the stairs and walk around the platform
a but until the boss appears. 

Check out the boss section on information on this fight.

Afterwards, garb your heart, and step into the blue light, and receive your
forest medallion from Saria, the Forest Sage!

You'll end up near the Great Deku Tree, and a root will grow, and the Deku
Tree will come back to life! (Sort of). You also learn the interesting story
of your past..... You're not a Kokiri! Kokiri's don't grow up, so how could
you.... Oh, your Mom was wounded and the Deku Tree let you stay in Kokiri
Forest, as the destined child....... This explains the no fairy thing. Ok,

f) Fire Medallion

Navi will pretty much clue you in on what to do now...... "There's something
strange about that cloud on top of Death Mountain," so, head through Kokiri
Forest, which is now enemy-free, to Hyrule Field, and to Kakariko Village,
then Death Mountain, then Goron City.... (Deep breath). Or for short, go to
the Lost Woods and go right, left, forward...... Cuts off about 4 minutes.

***Goron City***

Go down to the second or third level, wherever the rolling goron is. Now
here's the tricky part: you'll have to take one of your bombs from your bomb
bag (bomb flowers don't work) and time it so that it explodes on the rolling
goron. When this happens, go talk to him. Turns out that this is Darunia's
son, named after you! He'll give you the Goron Tunic if you promise to go
stop Valvagia, the guy threatening to eat gorons in the Fire Temple. He opens
the store for you, if you want to stack up, and tell you to move the statue
in Darunia's Room to help lead to the Fire Temple.

So, head down there, and pull the statue out, toward you, and enter through
the passage. You're now in the lower part of Death Mountain Crater.

***Death Mountain Crater***

See that broken bridge sitting right in front of your face? Use your 
hookshot to pull yourself to the other side. Now walk forward, and you'll be
interupted by Sheik, who will teach you the Bolero of Fire. Now you can
warp here! Go forward, bombing the rocks in the way, and climb the ladder
down the long passage. Now run forward, and enter..... The Fire Temple.

***Fire Temple***

Avoiding the Keese, run up the stairs and through the door on the left. 
Immediately, you'll see Darunia enter the boss room, as he tells you he'll
try to stop Volvagia. It is your job to get the Megaton Hammer, and save the
gorons. So, hop from platform to platform, until you see the goron in the
jail. Hit the switch to set him free, and open the chest in the cell for a
small key. Now exit into the first room, and open up the locked door.

Go across the bridge to the end, and to the right, until you come to an
obviously looking bombable wall. Bomb it up, enter the door, and release the
goron for another key. Now head to the exact opposite side of the room, and
enter the bottom door. Another goron, and another key. Now unlock the door
at the end of the bridge.

Slide down the board, and climb up the right part of the cage. Watch out for
the bats at the top. If you want, go to the other side and pick up some 
hearts. Push the block onto the rising fire, and hop aboard to shoot up.
Open the locked door. In this room, head left, to the top, then jump to the
other side with the block. Push it off, then pull it as far as it goes. Use
the wall to climb up. Now go to the ledge and hit the silver diamond with 
your hookshot, to remove the flame from the cage. Quickly run over to it, 
and climb it to the top. Go through the door.

Now, run all the way to the left to free a goron for a key, and all the way 
to the left to free a goron for a key. The find the diagonal part of the 
wall, and open up the locked door. Hit the eyeball with an arrow to open the
door, and go grab the map. Then go in the locked door.

Watch out for the flame chasing you here. Head over to the brown steps. Get
to the top, and enter the door. You're now at the top of the previous room
with the boulders. Hop onto the first platform, kill the torch slug, and 
bomb the weird part of the floor. Climb down using the cage, and free the
goron and grab the key as well. Climb back up to the top. Find the switch
on the other platform, step on it, and get the key from the other side. Then
head back to the room with the chasing fire.

Hop onto the platform with the locked door..... Yes, it's possible, you can
make it, and open it. Go through the door and enter this huge room. Being
cautious of the walls of fire, follow the door to the right, and enter it
to find the compass. Now head back to the entrance, only go left, and get to
the locked door..... Open it up. You'll free that goron later, for now, just
run through and you're on the other side of the dangerous room.

Hit the switch, still being careful, and it will remove the huge curtain of
fire covering the door. Get over there, and bomb the first door because it's
fake, and enter the next. Now you'll fight the flare dancer, so simple I 
don't even consider it a boss. When it spins around, Z-Target it and pull the
little ball out with your hookshot. Then slash it with your sword. Very easy.

Hop onto the elevator (that's what the center becomes when the flame burns
out) and ride up. Climb the cage, and go to the ledge and once again, hit 
the diamond object with your hookshot. Now run over to the other cage, and
climb up, and enter through the door.

Ok, you'll have tohit the switch to make the ring of fire surrounding the
chest disappear. Then, you'll have to carefully and quickly, run on the steps
of the circle, to get to the chest. At the end, open the chest up for the
megaton hammer! Now go back to the beginning of the room, and use the hammer
to knock down the block. Drop down, and once again use the hammer to beat up
the statue, and go through the door.

In this room, be cautious of the keese, and hit the square face with the
hammer to form a staircase. Now pick up one of the crates behind you, take
it to the bottom of the stairs, and drop it on the switch. Now go through 
the door. Again, hit the face with the hammer to fall into the big dangerous

You'll see a rusted switch. Use your megaton hammer to keep it down, and 
enter the un-barred door. Jump to the other side of the gap, and play the
Song of Time to move the blue block to the bottom. Hit the switch with your
hammer to free the goron below, then talk to him. He'll tell you that a 
statue in the first room leads to a door. Now use the block to hop back out
and into the big room.

Hop onto the big platform, and hit the square face with your hammer. You'll
fall down, into the room you met Darunia, and it will form a stepping stone
to the boss door! One problem: We need the boss key. So, go back to the very
first room, and go to the left, and break up the statue with your hammer to
reveal a door..... What the goron told you about. Kill all the enemies in
this room to open the door, and in the next room, avoid the flying grass
pieces to get into the next room. Now, once again, you have to take on a 
flare dancer. Use the same technique as before. A door will open when he is
dead, and you'll get some bombs. Enter the door that just opened.

Smash the switch with your hammer to open the gate and free the final goron.
The reward here is the boss key! Exit by going straight through the door
across from you, and you're back in the first room. Go up the stairs, into
the room you met Darunia, and open up the boss door. Time to take on Volvagia
for that Fire Medallion!

See the boss section on how to beat this boss.

Afterwards, you will be rewarded with the fire medallion from the fire sage,
Darunia! Yeah! Then you'll be back in Death Mountain Crater. Ok, all start
calling this the quest for the Water Medallion......

g) Water Medallion

***Death Mountain Crater***

First thing you'll want to do is maximize your magic meter. Go back over the
borken bridge, near the entrance to Darunia's room, and instead of entering,
go left across the bridge, and smash the rocks with your megaton hammer.
There is a Great Fairy in here, that will make your magic meter twice as big
as it originally was! Now, exit back into Goron City, and head over to Zora's

***Zora's Domain**

Things have really changed in this place...... It's frozen over! All the 
Zora's are stuck under the think sheet of ice! Go up to the top, and you'll
see King Zora on his throne, froze. go past him into Zora's Fountain, you
know, with Jabu Jabu.

***Zora's Fountain***

No Jabu Jabu, and there are bits of ice all over in the water. You may want
to hop straight out for a heart piece, but after that, go to the extreme
right, and into the ice cavern.

***Ice Cavern***

NOTE: You'll need 2 EMPTY bottles here! 1 will do, but it'll be a lot easier
with 2!

Run forward until you reach a room, and kill all the enemies to open up the
door. In this room, being cautious of the spinning blade, collect the silver
rupees. Fairly easy. Then go through the passage that opened up. Killing all
of the enemies here first will be helpful, then fill at least 2 bottles with
the blue flame. If you have 3 or 4 bottles, fill them all up. Go over to the
chest with the red ice covering it, and burn it with the fire to get the map
of the Ice Cavern. Now refill your bottle with more blue fire. Now go back
to the room  where you collected the silver rupees.

You can burn the red ice in here for some items and such, but if you do, be
sure to burn the one where you can get more fire. Then burn the one that 
leads to a passage, and again, refilling would be a good idea. In this room,
you'll have to collect silver rupees by using the block in the room. One is
covered in red ice, but there's a flame in the room. Afterwards, push the 
block to the part of the room that just opened up, and climb in.

Along the way, burn the red ice with blue fire, and you won't need anymore.
Now you'll have to fight a wolfos to complete this place. He's real easy,
just like the others, only he's colored differently. After defeating him,
you'll get the iron boots from a chest! Then, Sheik will appear and tell you
that Zora's Domain freezing over is caused by the boss of the Water Temple.
Sheik goes on to say that the Princess of the Zoras was saved, but you have
to destroy the monster in the Water Temple to save the rest of the Zoras.
Then she'll teach you the Serenade of Water and disappear.

Making sure you have a bottle of blue ice, return to Zora's Domain and save
King Zora with it. He'll reward you with the Zora Tunic! Now play the 
Serenade of Water to warp to Lake Hylia.

***Lake Hylia***

Put on your iron boots and Zora Tunic, and enter the lake where there is
water. You'll see a gate with a switch above it. Hit the switch with your
hookshot, and the gate will open, revealing the entrance to the Water 

***Water Temple***

Enter, and take off your iron boots to float to the top. Now, put them back
on so you're standing on the surface of the main room. Find the passage that
has two torches in front of it, and you'll see Ruto. She'll tell you that to
save Zora's Domain, you'll have to destroy the boss in this Temple. Then 
she'll ask you to follow her. Do so by taking off the boots and floating to
the top. She'll be gone. Enter the door and kill the spike balls with your
hookshot to get the dungeon map. Then, exit, and play Zelda's Lullaby near
the triforce symbol on the wall to drain the water. Drop down the hole.

You'll have to light these torches to open the door. Use Din's Fire to light
both of them quickly, or the hard way, shooting an arrow through the lit one
to the unlit one. Enter the door. Kill all the clams by hitting them with
your hookshot when they open their mouths. Your reward is a key. Now go back
to the main room.

Go to the exact opposite side of the room, and push the block. Put on your
iron boots to sink to the bottom of the passage. In here, hit the diamond
to make a line of water to rise up. Use this as a stepping stone to the 
door on the other side.

Now you'll see a whirl pool. You'll also notice a diamond object on a statue
and a pipe under the water. Hop into the pool and strap on your iron boots
when you're near the top of the pipe. Shoot the diamond with your hookshot
then quickly use your hookshot to hit the target to get to the other side.
Don't worry about the clams, just take off your boots and float to the top.

You'll get a small key in here. Afterwards, backtrack all the way to the 
main room. Find the locked door here and open it up. Use your hookshot to
pull yourself up to the higher levels. Play Zelda's Lullaby near the
Triforce on the wall to bring the water up mid way. You'll hear the chime
of a secret. This is because a block on the bottom raised up revealing a 
passage. Put the iron bootts back on and drop down to it.

Hit the diamond with the hookshot and then kill all the enemies to open up
the other gate. Grab the key in here, then go back to the previous room, and
from there, to the main room. Sink to the bottom with the iron boots and go
back to the passage with the two torches surrounding it where you met Ruto.
Float up and you'll be at the second level now. Bomb the wall and pick up
your third small key! Now head back into the main room.

Float up to the second level, which is now the highest you can go, and find
the passage with pots in front of it. Go through until you get to the end,
and use the hookshot targets along the way. You'll see a chest covered in
water, and a diamond object. Stand next to the chest, and peg the diamond
with an arrow. Then open the chest to receive the compass. Once again, head
back to the main room.

Float to the second level and find the locked door. Open it up, and stand
on the water. Be careful because a tekitite may fall down. Hit the diamond
with an arrow to rise up. Enter the door and play Zelda's Lullaby to raise
the water to its highest. Find the tunnel with the block in it. Pull it as
far as possible, then go to the opposite side of the room and open the 
locked door.

Kill the keese first in here, then hop onto the first platform. Then use 
your hookshot to reach platform to platform until you get to the top. Use
your last key to open the door here at the top. Hit the diamond object here
to raise all the statues up. The use your hookshot to get to the first
platform. Now, hit the diamond again to lower it. Use the hookshot target
left of the statue, then jump over it, and once again, hit the diamond. Pull
yourself over to the final platform, and hit the diamond object once more to
lower the water. Stand on the staue and hit the diamond and use this as a
ladder to the top. Now kill the tekitites, and use the hookshot target on 
top of the ceiling to pull yourself over to where the Like Like lurks. Kill
it, and grab some magic meter refillers from the pots. Enter this room.

Now, you must fight Dark Link. Run to the back of the room, then back to the
tree, and you'll see a duplicate of yourself, only he's gray! Now, I don't
know what the big hype is about this guy, I think he's easy, but I love
fighting him! Z-Target him, and use Din's Fire on him when he's close. He'll
burn, and sink in the water, then pop up behind you. Now, just Z-Target him
and keep swinging your sword until it hits him. Continue this process a few
more times and he's dead. The door on the other side opens, and the room
transforms! Cool! Enter the door.

In here is a chest. Open it up and it's the longshot! It's an upgrade to
your hookshot and goes twice as far! Now, go to the back of the room and
play the Song of Time near the blue block in the ground. Drop down the hole
that appears. Now, you'll have to jump into the water and avoid the pit
things! It's actually surprisingly easy. When you get to the end, hop onto
the platform without the pots and shoot the gold eye near the ceiling. The
gate will move, and you'll have to quickly use the small chest that appears
as a longshot target. Get over there, and open it up for a key. Hop into 
the hole you see, and from there, head back to the main room.

Now, raise the water once again to mid-way. (If you forget how, check out
the beginning) and look for the gold eye. Peg it with an arrow, and use the
longshot target to get across. If you listened to the directions earlier and
moved the block, you'll get to a small key. Now go back into the main room.

Drop to the bottom and go to the tunnel you haven't already explored. Use
the target to get up there, and open up the door with your key. Kill the 
first four tekitites by stunning them with the longshot and hitting them
with arrows. For the last two, just hit them with arrows, then swim across.
In this room, stingers will come flying out of the water at you and swarm'
you! But, they're easy to kill. Now drop down and bomb the two parts of the
wall where the patter changes, and the other where there is a crack. Go back
and forth to push and pull the block onto the switch. This will raise the 
water, allowing you to get to the platform and open the door.

Hit the switch here to unlock the doors and give you water pillar stepping
stones. Use the to cross the gap. Get through the door in time. Put on your
iron boots here, and when a boulder passes, hop in and get into the hole.
This leads to a locked door. Open it with your last key and get the boss
key! Also, grab some fairies from the pots in there. Now, backtrack all the
way back to the main room.

Raise the water to its highest point, and find the purple statue. Get over
there with the longshot, and get more fairies from the pots if you need.
Now enter the door. The tricky part here is getting to the boss door. 
There's a hill with blades running across. You'll have to hold the analog
stick up the entire time. Go over to the left, and as soon as the first one
is out of your way, go! When you're at the top, open up the boss door.

Check out the boss section on how to defeat Morpha. Afterwards, grab your
heart, and step into the light. Then, grab your Water Medallion from the
Water Sage, Princess Ruto! Ok, I'll now consider this the quest for the 
Shadow Medallion.

h) Shadow Medallion

***Lake Hylia***

You'll see Sheik. Go talk to her, and she'll tell you some non improtant
stuff. Yeah. Then, step onto the brown platform and shoot an arrow at the
sun and the fire arrows will come down! They're not required, but they're
cool and they explode on impact. Now for a shortcut, play the Prelude of
Light to the Temple of Time.

***Temple of Time***

Exit, and head over to Kakariko Village

***Kakariko Village***

You'll witness the best cinema of the game here, as Sheik stares into the 
well and houses are on fire. A shadow will come out of the well, knock down
Sheik, teach you a lesson, and it will rain. Sheik will tell you that the
evil Shadow that Impa locked in the well has been released. She goes on to
tell you that Impa is the Shadow Sage, and she'll teach you the Nocturn of
Shadow that warps you to the entrance. Now she'll disappear. If you don't
already have the lens of truth, check out section #21. Otherwise, play your
newly-learned song to warp to the place above the graveyard..... The 
entrance to the Shadow Temple.... Now, not so fast! To open this door, you
have to light all those torches! Simply stand in the center and use Din's
Fire to light them all at once, and the door will open. Go on in.

***Shadow Temple***

Walk forward until you reach the gap. Use the target to pull yourself over 
with the longshot, Now, you'll get a message saying the only one that can
pass in the one with the saced eye. Use the lens of truth to get through.
In here, use the lens of truth to find the picture that leads to a passage.
Enter, and then through the door. Leaving your lens of truth on, you'll
eventually find two passages. In one, you'll kill keese and a mummy to
get the map. In the other, you fight Dead Hand for the hover boots. To kill
Dead Hand, purposely get caught by his hand, and when he leans near you, 
hit him in the face with the sword. Very simple. After collecting both of
these items, exit to the room with the pictures (it's the second room).

Go near the bird thing and approach the pushable block. It will tell you
to make its beak face the correct path. Using the lens of truth, point its
beak to the passage you just went through. If you get it wrong, you'll
be dropped down a hole and lose some life. Getting it correct rewards you
with the gate opening.

Using your hover boots, float over there and enter. Take off the boots and
run forward until you reach the beamos. First, go to the door to the left.
Collect all the silver rupees here while avoiding the blade. You'll be 
rewarded with a small key. Now exit, and go to the other door. Kill the two
mummies for the compass. Exit, and go behind the beamo. Drop a bomb to 
reveal a locked door.

Now you have to keep running down this hall, while killing skulltulas on the
way. When you reach the end, you'll go down a long, grassy, dangerous 
stretch. Watch out for the hand that grabs you, and get to the end and kill
the stalfo. Put on your hover boots, and hop onto the platform, then onto 
the floor-like platform. Collect the silver rupees here. The final one is
hidden; bomb the beamo and you'll see it. The gate behind you will open.
Go on in.

Using your lens of truth, you'll spot a block in the wall. Push it along the
path, and switch when you're gonna be criched by the blades above. When you
get to the end, go onto the blades to find the switch on the left side. Hit
it, then get to the other side using the other falling blade. Open the chest
to get a key, and enter the room where you got the silver rupees.

Walk up the brown path and use the lens of truth to spot the moving 
platforms. Hop onto them until you reach the door. Kill the enemies, and
use your lens of truth to find longshot targets and spikes. Collect all the
silver rupees to open up the other door.

Climb up the stairs and grab a bomb flower. Toss it into the statue and a
key will pop out. Grab it, and kill the keese in the room to re-open the 
door so you can exit. Use your lens of truth to spot a longshot target here
and use it to open the locked door. Put on your iron boots here so the fans
have no effect on you, and get past the switch blades to the end. Use your
lens of truth to see the invisible passage, equip your hover boots, and let
the fan push you across to the door.

Kill the mummies, then bomb the brown stuff by the entrance. Use your lens
of truth to spot a chest with a key in it, then go to the back of the room
and open the door. Push and pull the block in here to make the ladder
reachable. Climb up, and jump onto the ship. To get it moving, play Zelda's
Lullaby on the triforce symbol. Along the way, you'll have to fight 2
stalfos that hop aboard. When the ship starts to sink, jump to the platform
on the left, and enter the door.

Use your lens of truth to spot walls and floormasters. You'll need to find
3 doors. One has a bunch of items to stack you up. Another has a floormaster
that gives you a small key when you kill it. The other has the boss key and
two spike things that will try to crunch you. When they get close, use Din's
Fire to get rid of it. Then grab your boss key, and enter to the room where
the ship sank.

Look across the water to spot a statue surrounded by bomb flowers. Shoot one
of them with an arrow, and the statue will fall, forming a bridge. Use the
bridge to get to the other side and unlock the door. Equip your hover boots
and lens of truth to spot platforms. Run from one to the other, until you
reach the boss door. Make sure you are wearing your hover boots!

Check out the boss section for help on this fight. Afterwards, grab your 
heart, and step into the light to meet the Shadow Sage, Impa, and be 
rewarded with the Shadow Medallion!

i) Spirit Medallion

***Hyrule Field***

After obtaining the Shadow Medallion, hop on Epona and head over to Gerudo
Valley. It's the Western part of Hyrule Field, past Lon Lon Ranch and kind
of near Lake Hylia.

***Gerudo Valley***

You'll need to speed Epona up to hop across the gap due to the bridge being
down. Or, you can pull yourself over by using the longshot and hitting the
sign on the other side. Go talk to the carpenter and he'll say that his four
carpenters hated working and they went to Gerudo Fortress. Ok. Head straight
and you'll be there.

***Gerudo Fortress***

Purposely run up and get caught by a Gerudo guard. You'll be thrown in some
kind of prison thing. Use your longshot to pull yourself off with the board
near the exit. While standing on the edge, peg some of the guards with 
arrows. Then drop down to the bottom and enter the door to the left. Talk to
the man in the cell, and he'll tell you that he and his 3 buddies were 
locked up here, and that you'll be rewarded if you free all 3 of them. Then
a Gerudo Guard will pop out and you'll have to fight her. She has two swords
but she's pretty easy. If she hits you a few times you'll be put in that
isolated hole again. After killing her, she'll drop a small key. Use it to
free the carpenter and talk to him. Then exit through the other door.

Go left into the passage, then go right, and be cautious of a guard. Run down
the hall and turn as soon as you can, ans peg the guard here with an arrow.
Go through the door here to find another locked up carpenter, and fight the
Gerudo Guard for another key to unlock the carpenter. Don't forget to talk
to him before leaving. Now continue going the same way.

Use the vines here to climb down and enter the door. Using the same style, 
rescue this carpenter. Three down, one to go. Climb up the vines and go in
the door to the left. Be careful, there are two guards here. Peg them both
with arrows. In the next hall is another guard. Take her out as well. Go
straight ahead and out the door.

Drop down to the right and enter the door. Kill the guard here with an arrow
just like all the others. Go through there and save the final carpenter. 
Afterwards, a lady will come and give you a Gerudo membership card because
she recognized your good skill. Now you can't be caught by the guards! Exit
and find the gate at the end of the Fortress. Climb up the ladder, and they
will open the gate for you. Enter the Haunted Wasteland.

***Haunted Wasteland***

Equip your hover boots and run across while following the flags. It's tough
with all the sand blowing and everything, but you'll get the hang of it.
Playing the Sun's Song if it is night is a great idea so you can recognize
the flags better. You'll come to a building. Use your lens of truth to spot
a poe. Follow her and she'll lead you to the entrance to the Spirit Temple.
Walk near the entrance to meet Sheik and she'll teach you the Requim of
Spirit. Now, you'll have to do this as a kid and an adult, so play the 
Prelude of Light, and put back the Master Swords, then play your newly 
learned song and enter the Spirit Temple as young Link.

***Spirit Temple (Young Link)***

Run up the stairs and go to the left and talk to Nabooru. She'll tell you to
retrieve the silver gauntlets because you can fit in the hole and she can't.
Crawl through. Kill the keese and Armos in here and enter the door to the
left. You'll have to fight a stalfos here. A good idea is to keep swigning
your sword at him until he falls down the hole. Then kill the skull with the
slingshot. Hit the diamond across the gap with the boomerang to form a 
bridge. Cross it and enter the door.

Use Din's Fire in here to quickly wipe out the enemies, and go through the
door. You have to collect all the silver rupees here. E-A-S-Y. Then a cage
will fall for you to climb up. Light the two torches here and grab the key
from the chest that falls. Go through the door and you'll be back in the
second room.

Go in the hole against the wall here and unlock the door. Kill the 
skulltulas on the wall here and climb on up. Kill all the enemies in here 
and hit the diamond for 10 bombchus. Aim the bombchu at the boulder on the
wall and let it go. If it hits, the light will hit the sun statue on the 
wall, and exit through the door that opens up. Push over the statue in here
onto the switch to open the door. Go up the stairs and through the door.

Collect the silver rupees in here to light one of the torches. Then light 
the rest of them for a small key. Then push the block with the face on it 
into the light so the door appears. Use your key to open it. Defeat the Iron
Knuckle in here by hitting it with your sword when it raises its guard. He's
easy to kill but if he connects with that ax on your body it's a big loss.
Enter the door that opens and open the chest for the silver gauntlets! Now
you'll see a cinema of two bitches, oops, I mean witches, capturing Nabooru.
Play the Prelude of Light, become an adult again, and return to the Spirit
Temple as an adult.

***Spirit Temple (Adult Link)***

Run up the stairs and turn right. Lift that stone now that you can with the
silver gauntlets! Hit the diamond on the ceiling with the longshot and go
through the door to the left. Kill the Wolfo and play Zelda's Lullaby on
the Triforce symbol. You'll see a chest drop down. Hit the chest with the
longshot to pull yourself over, and grab the compass from it. Now go back
to the previous room and go through the other door.

Get all the silver rupees in here to unlock the door. Enter it and kill the
Like Like and grab your small key. Now go back into the room with the beamos
and unlock the door. Kill the Like Like and climb the wall behind him. When
you reach the top, put on the lens of truth and kill the floormaster. Now
push the block so the light reflects off one of the sun faces. If you guess
the correct one, the exit will be available.

Run up the stairs here and you'll notice a statue in the room, with a 
Triforce symbol on its left hand. Using your hover boots, run to that hand
and play Zelda's Lullaby. A chest will land on its right hand. Use it as a
longshot target and open it up for a key. Jump off the statue and search for
a longshot target that gets you to the correct path. Run up the stairs and
open the door.

Kill all the enemies here to unlock the door. This room is tricky. Hit one
of the statues with your sword, and make it follow you so that it hits the 
switch. This will open the door, and you'll have a few seconds to get over
there and open it up. Run up the stairs, and use the same technique as 
before to kill the Iron Knuckle. As a result, you get the Mirror Shield!
This thing is extremely powerful, and reflects light and other substances
back in the other direction. Works kind of like a mirror... What a surprise!
Go back to the room with the statue, and use the mirror shield to bounce
the light onto the sun face. Enter the door and grab a key, and use it on 
the door in the room before this.

Get rid of the beamos in this room, and use the longshot to pull yourself up
to the wall. Stand on the Triforce Symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby, then 
enter the next room. Kill the door to the left of the flame-covered chest 
and hit the eye with an arrow. Use the longshot target to pull yourself
up and melt the flame with the ice block. Open the chest for the boss key.
Now leave this room, and go to the end of the hallway and open the door.

Walk up to the bars and do a spin attack and the diamond will be hit. It 
will open up a door. Enter the door and kill all the enemies. Now find the
statue. Bomb the rock there and kill the enemies in this room. Push the 
statue so the light goes through the bars, then go back to the first one,
and reflect it off the far one near the diamond. Now return to the room 
where you hit the diamond behind the bars.

Now use this light to reflect it off the sun face and you'll drop down on an
elevator. The light will still be on the ground, so reflect that onto the
face of the statue and the boss door will appear. In the boss room will be 
an Iron Knuckle. After you defeat it, you'll find out that it was Nabooru
who was brainwashed by thw witches! After the cinema, enter the door and 
climb up to the platform, and be ready to fight the boss(es!).

Check out the boss section on how to win this fight. Afterwards, you get the
normal, a heart and a blue light. You'll get the Spirit Medallion from the
Spirit Sage, Nabooru!

Now that you have all 6 medallion, play the Prelude of Light to meet Sheik.
Sheik will un mask herself. Go to the very bottom of this to find out who it
really is! She'll give you the incredibly powerful Light Arrows, then she'll
be captured by the King of Evil, Ganondorf. He'll tell you to come to his
castle if you want her back........

j) Ganon's Castle

Aproach the river of red stuff, and you'll see Ganon's Castle floating in 
mid air! Then all 6 sages will appear, and they'll make a rainbow and turn
it into a bridge for you! Cross it and enter.

Run past the beamos.... Don't take any chances, just get to the main room.
Now, there are 6 barriers here that you have to defeat to get into the main
part of Ganon's Castle. They are based on the Temples / Medallions. It
doesn't matter which order you do them in, so I'll list them in the order it
goes in the game.

Light Barrier:

Using the Golden Gauntlets (see Shadow Barrier) get rid of that pillar. Use
your lens of truth to spot all the keese and skulltulas and kill them all.
A chest will come down as a result with a key. Ignore the other chests. 
Stand on the Triforce Symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby for another small key.
Now collect all the silver rupees in under 1 minute. There's one in every
area, two in the main tower, and one on the top that requires the longshot.
The use your lens of truth to spot a passage that leads to a yellow ball.
Shoot it with a LIGHT ARROW so Rauru destroys the Light Barrier and you 
return to the main room.

Forest Barrier:

Stand in the center of the room and use Din's Fire to light the torches. 
Light the final one above the door by using a fire arrow or lining an arrow
up with an already lit one. Enter the next room. You'll have to collect the
silver rupees here. Go to the left, equip the hover boots, and use the fan
to get a push to the platform near the beamos. Throw a bomb at it to get rid
of it and make this room A LOT easier! Get to the switch and hitting makes a
longshot target appear. Use it to gain a rupee. For the final one, wait for
the fan to stop or slow down, and quickly get over there! When you're there,
equip your iron boots to prevent falling off. Go through the door, and shoot
the green ball with a LIGHT ARROW so Saria destroys the forest barrier and
you return to the main room.

Fire Barrier:

Put on your goron tunic and collect the silver rupees, which is pretty 
tough. You'll have to hurry when on that main platform because it will sink.
The ones on the left there are easy. Then go over to the huge block. You'll
need the golden gauntlets here (see Shadow Barrier) and lift the block so it
forms a bridge. You'll see one here. The get to the platform with the torch
slug, but get there by using the hover boots; not the longshot. Then get the
final one with use of the bridge. Use your longshot to get to the exit. Nail
the red ball with a LIGHT ARROW so Darunia destroys the fire barrier and you
return to the main room.

Water Barrier:

This place is a lot like the Ice Cavern. Kill the enemies to open the first
door. Get some blue fire from the torch in the center of the room, and use
it to burn the red ice exit. Bottle some more for the next room. Push the
block that is faq away from the entrance into the hole after mixing it 
around a bit. Now push the other one into the first object then to the next.
Now push it over to the red ice. Burn it and hit the switch with the megaton
hammer, and exit the room. Shoot the blue ball with a LIGHT ARROW so Ruto
destroys the Water Barrier, and you return to the main room.

Shadow Barrier:

Use the torch on the right as a longshot target and get over there. Now use
the Like Like as a longshot target to the platform, and kill it when you get
over there. Now equip your hover boots and head for the platform. When the
hover boots lose effect, hit B to leap up and get to it. Use your lens of
truth to see a path leading to a switch, and hit it with your megaton hammer
to open the exit. But now, you'll have to go back to the platform, use the
lens of truth to find another path to a switch, and a chest will land where
the Like Like was. Use the chest as a longshot target, and get the Golden
Gauntlets! (Required for the Fire Barrier). Go to the exit, and shoor the
purple ball with a LIGHT ARROW so Impa detroys the Shadow Barrier, and you
return to the main room.

Spirit Barrier:

Collect the silver rupees. This is relatively easy, just don't forget to 
kill the beamos and use the longshot target to get the harder one. The door
will open when you have them all. Do a spin attack to hit the diamond object
and get some bombchus as a result. Let one go at the wall, and it should 
blow up revealing a door. Aim a fire arrow at the web on the ceiling  to
reveal some light. The use the Mirror Shield to reflect to light to the 
correct sun face. Now shoot the orange ball with a LIGHT ARROW so Nabooru
destroys the Spirit Barrier and you return to the main room.

Now that all the barriers are destroyed, the main tower will reveal a 
passage. In the first room, ignore all the keese, get up the stairs, and 
into the next room. In here, kill the Dinolfos to unlock the door. Go up the
stairs and you'll now fight 2 Stalfos for the boss key. Get it and continue
up the next flight of stairs. You'll fight 2 Iron Knuckles in order to get
to the final flight of stairs. Go up them, and open the boss door.

Check out the boss section on information on this fight.

After you defeat Ganon, he will try to collapse the castle on you amd Zelda
with his last breath. Just follow her and let her open gates and all for 
you. Eventually, you'll fight 2 Stalfos, and at the end you'll be blocked
off by a Re-Dead. Just stun him or kill him and keep following Zelda. If
you do it well you should have a good minute remaining on the clock. Now
you'll see the castle collapse, and you've defeated the game, right? WRONG!
Ganon drops down and turns into this big beatsly dragon thing!

Check out the boss section for information on this fight.

At the end, Zelda wil hold Ganon back for you, and you'll give one last 
slash. The Sages will lock up Ganon, and you have defeated the game!

k) Ice Arrows Guide: Gerudo Training Grounds

After freeing all 4 carpenters on your quest to the Spirit Medallion, you'll
get a Gerudo Membership Card. Head to the left where a Gerudo Guard blocks a
gate. Talk to her and agree to enter the Gerudo Training Grounds.

She'll tell you that there is a treasure if you can get to the end, and that
treasure is indeed, the Ice Arrows! Now, you don't need them to complete the
game, but they're pretty cool, so stick around if you want them. The Gerudo
Training Grounds is a trial. You'll have to use the skill you've learned.
Here is what's required, just so you know before you enter: Your normal
appearance, the Kokri Tunic and Boots, with the Master Sword or Biggoron's
Sword, you'll need the megaton hammer, iron boots, hover boots, the silver
gauntelts, the longshot, and a fairy or two in a bottle.

***Gerudo Training Grounds***

In here is a quest for keys. At the end is a room with a ton of locked doors
and you'll have to choose the correct path and open those doors. Here's what
to do.....

First enter the door that is inside the statue's mouth. This begins the 
trials as you will fight 2 stalfos and have 1 minute to kill them both, not
to mention with a switch blade in your way. Stay out of the sand so you can
move around easier. When they're dead, a chest will fall down with the first
key! Go through the door.

This is a room with lots of objects in your path. You'll have to collect all
the silver rupees in under 1 minute to un-bar a door to lead you on. There
is one that is near the entrance where you'll need the hookshot to get to,
another is near the exit with another longshot target, and the other two
are off to the sides, You'll have to pick the correct path to get to them
while avoiding fire curtains. Then go back to where you got the second
rupee and use the longshot target to exit the room.

In this room, you'll fight 4 wolfos! 2 are normal, the other 2 are the ones
you'll find in the Ice Cavern. When they're dead, a chest will drop down,
and guess what's in there? No, not a key, arrows! (Fooled you?). Avoid the
fake door, and move the big pillar (you'll need the silver gauntlets, see
the Spirit Temple walkthrough as young Link), then use the lens of truth
to find an invisible walkway above the door. Hit the switch up there, then
enter through the now-open door.

Kill the 3 Like Like's in here, and avoid the chest on the table. When the
Like Like's are dead, you'll get a chest with a gold rupee! Now use the lens
of truth to find the invisible chest to get the second key! Go back to the 
room where you killed the four wolfos. Then go back into the secret walkway 
with the switch and enter the door. Drop down, and now you'll have a 
difficult task: You'll have to shoot all the eys of the statue with arrows.
Afterwards, the door on the ledge will open up and you'll get the third key
from a chest that falls down.

Enter the next door and use the scarecrow's song if you have lava problems.
Grab the fourth key from the chest. Go back into the room where you shot the
statue, and use the longshot to get to the door. Kill all the enemies in 
here first, then the ecit will open and you'll be able to open the chest for
some arrows. Break up the statues with the megaton hammer, then shoot the 
one with the eyeball behind it with an arrow to open the door. Another 
statue guards a switch which removes the flames and allows you to grab the
fifth key!

Leave the room and enter to the room with the lava. Collect the silver 
rupees here: one with the longshot target, two on the platforms, and use 
your hover boots to reach the switch so you can get to the chest that was
covered in fire. Now you'll open the other exit, but remain in this room.
Head over to the right and when Navi turns green, play the Song of Time for
blue blocks to appear leading to the sixth key.

Return to the lava room, and take the exit to the left. Play the Song of 
Time to move the blue blocks, then use your iron boots to sink to the bottom
of the water. One of the silver rupees in here is near the switch blade, and
the other three can be collected by using the longshot targets. Then take 
off the iron boots, float to the top, and grab the final silver rupee. Then
a chest will appear near the entrance with the seventh damn key!

Go back to the lava room and enter the other door. You'll have to take on 2
dinolfos and a beamos in here. First take out the beamos with the bomb, then
kill the 2 dinolfos. Hurry because you only have 1:30 to do so! After 
they're dead, you'll get a chest with the eighth key, and the exit will open
leading you to the first room.

Go to the right in here to enter the door maze. Now, you'll need all your
keys here. Turn left, then in this first place, use the lens of truth to 
spot a passage at the top. Climb up the fence to get up there for another
key. Drop down, and then follow the path to the end. Along the way, you'll 
get some cool items, but the best thing is at the end, it's the big chest
containing the ice arrows! 

6. Boss Guide

1. Parasitic Armored Arachinid: Gohma
2. Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo
3. Bio-Electric Anemone: Barinade
4. Evil Spirit From Beyond: Phantom Ganon
5. Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia
6. Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha
7. Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo
8. Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova
9. Great King Of Evil: Ganondorf
10. Ganon

1. Parasitic Armored Arachnid: Gohma

Located: End of Inside The Deku Tree

Required: Kokiri Sword, Slingshot With Ammo

Difficulty: (1-5) 1

Description: A big spider like creature that has a forward attacking move and
lays eggs that quickly hatch into harmful babies.

What To Do: When Gohma looks up, Z-Target her eye and shoot it with your 
slingshot. When she falls and her eye turns greeen, run up and slash her eye 
with your sword. She'll go to the ceiling and lay eggs. Quickly destroy all 3
eggs, then she'll come back down. Repeat this process a few more times and 
she's dead.

2. Infernal Dinosaur: King Dodongo

Located: End of Dodongo's Cavern

Required: Bomb Bag With Bombs, Kokiri Sword

Difficulty: (1-5) 1

Description: A large dinosaur like creature that spits out fire and rolls 
over you.

What To Do: When King Dodongo opens his mouth to spit out fire at you, 
quickly Z-Target his mouth and chuck a bomb into it. When he falls and he's 
stunned, go attack him with your sword. Now he'll roll at you. Run into the 
corner and he'll go right by you. Repeat this process until he's dead. If you
run out of bombs, grab a bomb flower from one of the corners.

3. Bio-Electric Anemone: Barinade

Located: End of Jabu Jabu's Belly

Required: Boomerang, Kokiri Sword

Difficulty: (1-5) 2..... Not so hard, but it could take a while.

Description: Big creature that spins electric jellyfish at you, shoots 
electricity at you, and runs you over.

What To Do: Before fighting, remember to Z-Target, keep distance but don't be
afraid to get close, and always move! Start out by Z-Targeting the tentacles
that are connected to the ceiling. When you Z-Target them, be close and throw
the boomerang at them. When they're destroyed, Barinade will come up with a 
wall of electric jellyfish that surround him and spin around him. Z-Target 
his body and hit it with the boomerang. Keep doing this. Everytime you stun 
him with your boomerang, a jellyfish disappears. He'll start shootin 
electricity at you. Keep your targetting on, but keep moving. When his 
jellyfish are gone, he'll be aggressive. He'll rise up and spin toward you. 
Stun the large circular body with the boomerang, then hack on him with your
kokiri sword. Keep doing this until he is dead.

4. Evil Spirit From Beyond: Phantom Ganon

Located: End Of Forest Temple

Required: Fairy Bow With Arrows, Hylian Shield, Sword

Difficulty: (1-5) 3

Description: A preview of what you'll see at the end of the game.... A fake
carbon copy of Ganondorf.

What To Do: The beginning of this fight is nothing like the final Ganon, but,
the end is. You'll see him riding on his horse out of a picture. When he is
almost out, and there is purple under him, shoot an arrow right into the 
purple. He'll be hit and he'll turn around. Do this two more times to draw 
him out and take out the horse. Now he'll come out and throw a ball of 
electricity at you. This is just like the Ganon you'll see at the end. Line
yourself up with him and swing your sword at the electricity ball to hit it
back at him. He might hit it back to you, and you'll have to keep hitting it
back and forth until he is knocked down. When he's down, he'll fall and put
his head down. Quickly run over and wham on him with your sword. Then he'll
get up and start the electricity ball thing again. Use the same procedure 
until he's dead. Afterwards, you'll receive a little message from the real

5. Subterranean Lava Dragon: Volvagia

Located: End Of Fire Temple

Required: Megaton Hammer

Difficulty: (1-5) 2

Description: A snake like fire dragon that bumps into you, shoots fire at you
and drops rocks at you.

What To Do: Stay on the platform at all times and don't stand in a lava pit
for a long time or you'll lose some life. When he appears from a pit, he'll
shake his head around, then he'll just look at you. Z-Target him and hit him
with your megaton hammer. Then he'll lay his head down...... Smash it with 
the hammer again! Repeat this process to kill him. About his attacks, when he
comes out, run away from his fire, and don't touch him! When he throws down
rocks at you, keep moving!

6. Giant Aquatic Amoeba: Morpha

Located: End Of Water Temple

Required: Din's Fire, Longshot, Sword

Difficulty: (1-5) 3

Description: A tentacle of water with a small ball in it..... Watch out for
that tentacle!

What To Do: It's a good idea to get off the pillars and on the main platform
around the wall. Morpha will come flying out of the water at you inside a 
tentacle of water. A good technique is Din's Fire because the tentacle will
evaporate leaving behind Morpha. The other good way is to pull out the ball
with your longshot and wham on him when he's out. Then, when he's almost dead
he will form a second tentacle. Din's Fire is extremely good here. Watch out
when he swings his tentacle though, it hurts!

7. Phantom Shadow Beast: Bongo Bongo

Located: End Of Shadow Temple

Required: Lens Of Truth, Bow and Arrows, Longshot

Difficulty: (1-5) 4

Description: A huge eye with two hands that smack you around.

What To Do: When going into the fight, leave your lens of truth on the entire
time! You can't see the head without it. Stay on the platform at all times
because when you get knocked off it, you suffer a big loss every second your
out there. When its hands are far away, Z-target both hands so they're blue.
If your lens of truth is on, which it should be, you'll see his head come
racing toward you with a big eye sticking out. If you don't have the lens of
truth on, you'll get knocked off every time and won't know why. When you see
the eye, Z-target it to stun it, then slash it with your sword. Repeat the
process until he dies.

8. Sorceress Sisters: Twinrova

Located: End Of Shadow Temple

Required: Mirror Shield, Sword

Difficulty: (1-5) 2

Description: Two witches that fly around where one shoots ice at you and the
other shoots fire.

What To Do: You have to fight 2 witches at the same time. One shoots ice, one
shoots fire. Pull out your mirror shield and bounce the fire to the ice witch
and the ice to the fire witch. When they get hit a few times, they'll join 
together and shoot this huge thing at you. Block it 4 times with your mirror
shield and your mirror shield will send off some kind of charge and hit the
witch. Wham on her now, and she'll die. Or, if she stays alive, repeat the

9. Great King Of Evil: Ganondorf

Located: End Of Ganon's Castle

Required: Sword, Light Arrows

Difficulty: (1-5) 3

Description: Same as the Phantom Ganon, only, this guy is for real!

What To Do: He'll start off by making a platform that he floats above while
you'll be on the main ledge. Pull out your sword, and hit the electricity
ball back at him. He'll hit it back and you'll play ball again. Peg him
with a light arrow after he gets stunned, and he'll fall. This is your 
chance to go nail on him! However, you don't need the hover boots! You can
make the jump without anything, or you can use the longshot to get over 
there. Slash him with the sword until he re-groups and floats again, and 
he'll repeat the process. Then he'll get really mad and make this huge ball
of stuff, using all his powers. When you see this, hold down B so your sword
lights up, and when it's about to hit you, let go, and you'll send it back
to Ganon and injure him DEEPLY! Repeat the process until he's dead.

10. Ganon

Located: The Exit Of Ganon's Castle

Required: Light Arrows, Sword or Megaton Hammer.

Difficulty: (1-5) 4

Description: A huge dragon-like creature that Ganon has turned into.... Very

What To Do: This guy is tough because you'll need lots of magic power for him
because the only arrows that hurt him are lught arrows. In the beginning of
the fight, he'll knock away your Master Sword. Pull out the Big Gorons sword,
or, if you don't have that, the megaton hammer. When he moves his hand from
his face, Z-target and nail him with a light arrow. He'll pause for about 5
seconds, so hurry up, roll under his legs, and hit his tail with your Big 
Gorons sword or megaton hammer. Repeat this process about 10 times, and Zelda
will hold him off and toss you the Master Sword. Defeat him with one more 
slash with the sacred sword.

7. Full Equipment Guide

a) Link's Equipment:

Kokiri Tunic: You automatically have this in the beginning of the game.

Goron Tunic: As an adult, stop the rolling goron in Goron City with a bomb,
and he'll give you this tunic allowing you stay in hot places.

Zora Tunic: As an adult, get blue fire from the ice cavern and use it to free
King Zora and he'll show his gratitude by giving you this tunic that allows 
you to go under water with the iron boots and not choke.

Kokiri Sword: Go into the small passage in Kokiri Forest and you'll find a 
treasure chest containing this sword.

Biggoron's Sword: See section #20.

Master Sword: Get this after collecting the three spiritual stones and 
opening the sacred realm.

Giant's Knife: Buy this for 200 rupees from Medi Goron in Goron City.

Kokiri Boots: You automatically have them in the beginning of the game.

Iron Boots: Get them at the end of the ice cavern. They allow you to walk on
surface under water.

Hover Boots: Get them in the Shadow Temple. You can float in mid air for a 
few seconds while wearing these, but be careful, they have no traction.

Deku Nuts: You'll get them by killing plants that lead to the deku tree, or
you'll get them later in the deku tree.

Deku Stick: Same as deku nuts.

Slingshot: It is the big treasure in the Deku Tree.

Bombs: You'll get the goron bracelet from Darunia allowing you to pick up
bombs, and you'll get the bomb bag as the big treasure in Dodongo's Cavern.

Bombchus: Win the Bombchu Bowling game in the market to get them.

Boomerang: The big treasure in Jabu Jabu's Belly.

Bow and Reqular Arrows: You get the bow in the Forest Temple and it comes 
with regular arrows.

Fire Arrows: After you defeat the Water Temple, the water will fill the lake.
Stand on the stone that says, "When water fills the lake, shoot for the 
morning light," and do exactly that! Shoot an arrow at the sun when it's 
rising and a fire arrow will come back to you!

Ice Arrows: Get them at the end of the Gerudo Training Grounds.

Light Arrow: After collecting all 6 medallions, warp to the Temple Of Time, 
and Zelda will give you these extremely powerful arrows.

Hookshot: When you turn adult, go to the graveyard and pull the stone on the
right surrounded by flowers. When in there, race Dampe and if you stay with 
him until the end, he'll give you the hookshot.

Megaton Hammer: Get this as you progress in the Fire Temple.

Longshot: Get this as you progress in the Water Temple. It goes twice as far
as the hookshot.

Stone of Agony: Get this from the House of Skulltula in Kakriko Village
after collecting 20 gold skulltula tokens.

Lens Of Truth: Get this as an adult in the bottom of the well. (See section

Mirror Shield: Get this as an adult in the Spirit Temple.

Hylian Shield: Get this from the Bizarre in the market for 80 rupees.

Green Potion: Refills magic power, and costs 30 rupees from the potion shop
in Kakariko Village.

Red Potion: Refills life energy, and costs 30 rupees from the potion shop in
Kakariko Village.

Ultimate Blue Healing Potion: Refills life energy and magic power, available
only at Granny's Potion Shop as an adult for 100 Rupees.

Blue Fire: Burns red ice, available at the potion shop, and the Ice Cavern.

Bottles: See side quests.

b) Upgrades

Wallet Upgrades:

Adult Wallet - Get it from the House of Skultula in Kakriko Village after
collecting 10 gold skulltula tokens.

Giant Wallet - Get it from the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village after
collecting 30 gold skulltula tokens.

Arrow Upgrades:

40 Arrow Quiver - Get a perfect score in the shooting gallery as an adult in
Kakariko Village.

50 Arrow Quiver - Score 1500 points or more in the horse archery game in
Gerudo Fortress.

Bomb Bag Upgrades:

30 Capacity Bomb Bag - As a kid, stop the rolling goron in Goron City with a

40 Capacity Bomb Bag - It's one of the prizes from the Bombchu Bowling game
in the Market.

Deku Stick Upgrades:

20 Deku Sticks - Enter the Lost Woods and go right, left, right, left, left,
and go near the tree in the back. You'll drop into a hole, and if you're
wearing the Skull Mask, they'll give you this upgrade.

30 Deku Sticks - Enter the Lost Woods and go left, left. Drop down and kill
the Deku Scrub and he'll sell you the upgrade.

Deku Seed Upgrade:

40 Deku Seed Holder - Enter the Lost Woods and go right, and fire a deku
seed at the target hanging off the tree. Hit three bulls eye's and a deku
scrub will come out and reward you with an upgrade.

50 Deku Seed Holder - Win the archery game in the Market.

Deku Nut Upgrades:

40 Deku Nut Holder - Enter the Lost Woods and go right, left, right, left,
left, and enter the forest stage. If you're wearing the mask of truth, 
you'll get this upgrade.

50 Deku Nut Holder - In the section of the Lost Woods right before the 
Sacred Forest Meadow, bomb the rock, and enter. Kill the deku scrub and
he'll offer this to you.

So the total amount of each weapon you can hold is:

Deku Seeds: 50

Deku Nuts: 40

Arrows: 50

Bombs: 40

Deku Sticks: 30

Rupees: 500

8. Great Fairy Fountain Locations

There are 6 hidden Great Fairy Fountains in Zelda. When get to one, play 
Zelda's Lullaby on the triforce symbol and a fairy will appear, fill your 
life up, and grant you a new power or spell. Here are the 6 locations and 
what you get:

1.) Magic Meter - Go to the top of Death Mountain and bomb the wall where you
see a boulder that is the shape of a rupee. You will get a Magic Meter, that
allows you to use different spells you get, and also gives you a spin attack
where you hold B and a ring of fire will surround your sword.

2.) Din's Fire - Go to the castle and get past the fence, then find the sign
that says "dead end." Bomb the rock behind it to find a fairy that will grant
you Din's Fire.

3.) Farore's Wind - Swim in the water to the island behing Lord Jabu Jabu and
bomb the rock to find a fairy that will grant you Farore's Wind.

4.) Double Magic Meter - After beating the Fire Temple, instead of going into
Goron City, go left across the bridge and knock crush the rocks with your
megaton hammer, to double the sixe of your magic meter!

5.) Nayru's Love -  Warp to the entrance of the Spirit Temple and look for 
two palm trees with a cracked wall behind them. Bomb it to find the fifth 

6.) Double Defense - Get the golden gauntlets in Ganon's Castle, then exit 
and find the place where you found Din's Fire. Throw the pillar away with the
golden gauntlets and get double defense..... It increases your life when you
get hit by 1/2.

9. Heart Piece Locations

You can get a total of 20 hearts in Zelda 64. One for every spiritual stone 
and medallion you get, and there are 36 heart pieces, where you get 4 pieces
to equal a heart. Here are the 36 heart piece locations.

(Young means you get it as young link, adult is as adult link, and either is,
well, you get it).

1. Lon Lon Ranch ( Young ) - Go into the tower at the ranch, move all the 
crates so that you can access the far corner. Crawl through the hole in the 
wall that leads to a room with the 1st piece.

2. Hyrule Field ( Either ) - Just north of the ranch is a tree standing all 
alone, place a bomb next to it, and jump in the hole, bellow you'll find the 
next piece.

3. Lake Hylia ( Either ) - Just before entering Lake Hylia, there is a 
section of grass that is completely fenced in, put a bomb in the middle and 
jump down the hole. Inside you'll have to beat a Deku Scrub who will offer 
you the piece for 10 Rupees.

4. Lake Hylia ( Either ) - At the fishing pond, catch the largest fish, 
and you'll be rewarded a heart piece.

5. Lake Hylia ( Adult ) - After getting the golden scale, jump into the pool 
in the lab, and swim to the bottom. When you get out talk to the old 
alchemist, and he'll give you the piece.

6. Lake Hylia ( Both ) - As a kid, plant a Magic Bean in the garden spot 
next to the house. Next, go back as an adult and climb the stalk to get on 
top of the lab to retrieve your heart piece.

7. Kakariko Village ( Either ) - As a kid, get a ride down from death 
mountain via the owl, he'll drop you on top of a roof, drop onto the awning 
below, and enter the house to find a piece of heart next to a cow in his 
cage. Or as an adult, longshot onto the roof and drop down..etc.

8. Kakariko Village ( Adult ) - After you get the longshot, shoot up to the 
roof where you see a guy sitting. Talk to him and he'll give you a piece of 

9. Kakariko Village ( Adult ) - After you race Dampe's Spirit through the 
caver, you'll find a blue stone blocking your exit, play the Song of Time to 
cause it to disappear. You'll wind up in the windmill, hop a ride around to 
the piece of heart.

10. Kakariko Village ( Young ) - At night in the graveyard, ask Dampe to dig 
for you, if you're lucky, he'll dig up a hidden heart piece. 

11. Kakariko Village ( Adult ) - If you beat Dampe's Spirit in a race, he'll 
reward you with a piece of heart. To do this, go back to him after getting
the longshot. In the last room, use your longshot to hit the torch, and 
he'll reward you with this.

12. Kakariko Village ( Either ) - After you've collected 50 gold skulltulas, 
travel to the House of Skulltula, and one of the kids will reward you with a 
heart piece.

13. Kakariko Village ( Both ) - As a child, plant a bean in garden spot on 
the left side of the graveyard. Go back as an adult and the plant will lift 
you to a little ledge, break open the box to find your heart.

14. Kakariko Village ( Either ) - On the top ledge, pull the fourth 
grave-stone to the right. Jump down the secret hole and you'll find a mummy. 
After you kill him, play the Sun Song and your heart will appear in a chest.

15. Goron City ( Young ) - On the bottom floor, light all of the torches, 
and the large pot in the middle will start to rotate. Go up one level and 
throw a bomb or bomb flower in the top, and treasures will spurt out 
including a heart piece.

16. Zora's Domain ( Young ) - Somewhat upstream you'll find a log laying in 
the water, under the water is a group of frogs, play the Song of Storms for 
them and they'll give you a heart.

17. Zora's Domain ( Young ) - At the group of frogs, continue to play your 
songs, eventually they'll ask you to play while they sing, play in the order 
that they designate and you'll be granted another heart by them.

18. Zora's Domain ( Young ) - Grab the chicken and use him to fly up to the 
small plateau to reach a heart.

19. Zora's Domain ( Young ) - Take the same chicken all the way upstream and 
you'll find another cliff with a heart piece that you need to chicken glide 

20. Zora's Domain ( Young ) - Once inside, light all of the torches, 
including the two hidden behind the waterfall by the shop, and a chest will 
appear containing a heart.

21. Zora's Domain ( Adult ) - The fountain will be completely frozen, but if 
you look around you'll see a piece of heart imbedded in one slab, pry it 
loose, and you'll be granted another piece.

22. Zora's Domain ( Adult ) - After receiving the iron boots and the Zora 
Tunic, submerge yourself in the lake and you'll find a piece.

23. Market ( Young ) - Go into the treasure game, you need to successfully 
choose the correct chest five times in a row to get the heart.

24. Market ( Young ) - Play the Bombchu Bowling game, and after winning a 
few times, you'll win the heart piece.

25. Market ( Young ) - Enter the back alley and talk to the lady. Then go
back into the market, and let the white dog see you. Make him follow you to
the lady and talk to her for this.

26. Lost Woods ( Young ) - Go through the woods until you reach the Skull 
Kid. Play Saria's Song for him, and he'll give you a heart.

27. Lost Woods ( Young ) - Go deep into the woods until you find two Skull 
Kids, play the Ocarina following the song that they play and they'll give 
you a heart piece.

28. Death Mountain ( Both ) - As a kid, plant a bean at the mouth of 
Dodongo's Cavern, and go back as an adult, the plant will lift you up, just 
hop off on the cliff directly above to find your heart. 

29. Death Mountain ( Adult ) - In the crater blow up one of the crater walls 
to find a hidden piece.

30. Death Mountain ( Both ) - Inside the crater, plant a magic bean, and 
return as an adult, climb the stalk and you'll find the stalk to climb. 

31. Ice Cavern ( Adult ) - In your travels through the cavern you'll come 
across a red ice block, put a bottle full of blue flame over it and you'll 
get the piece.

32. Spirit Temple ( Both ) - Plant a bean at the entrance, come back as an 
adult, and climb the stalk.

33. Gerudo Fortress ( Adult ) - While riding Epona, shoot all the targets, 
if you score over a 1000 points, you'll be awarded a piece.

34. Gerudo Fortres ( Adult ) - Outside of the fortress use the longshot on 
the exposed roof chest to find a heart.

35. Gerudo Fortress ( Adult ) - Opposite the waterfall, you'll find a narrow 
canyon, use a cucco to jump off the bridge and land on the ledge far below to 
get a heart.

36. Gerudo Fortress ( Adult ) - On your way to the fortress you'll come 
across a waterfall, use a cucco to jump through the waterfall and you'll 
enter a secret chamber hiding a heart piece.

10. 100 Gold Skulltula Locations
For every 10 skulltulas you kill, go to the House of Skulltula in Kakariko
Village and they will give you a great prize. The ones in dungeons can 
always be found, but the ones out in the open only come out at night! Oh, and
if you've already defeated a dungeon you may go back in to pick up the 

10....................Adult Wallet 
20....................Stone of Agony 
30....................Giant Wallet
50....................Heart Piece
100...................Gold Rupee

Special thanks to marshmallow for this skulltula list. (See credits).

                         - - - KOKIRI FOREST - - -

Child Link:

1 - Use a Bottled Bug on the soft soil spot that is behind the Shop, one 
will pop out.

2 - It's on the back of the Know It All Brother's House, you don't need 
anything special, I think...

Adult Link:

3 - On the back of the House of Twin's, look up high. You'll need the 
Hookshot to pick up the token.

                             - - - HYRULE FIELD - - -

Any Link:

4 - In front of the entrance to Kakariko Village, there is a lonely 
tree, near Hyrule Castle. Blow it up and go into the hole that appears. 
You'll need the Hookshot/Boomerang to collect it, though.

5 - In front of the entrance to Gerudo's Valley is a large rock with a 
circle of stones around it. Use the Megaton Hammer to blow away the 
rock, then drop the hole. Get rid of the web with Din's Fire or a Fire 
Arrow, then get the token (behind the cow).

                            - - - HYRULE MARKET - - -

Child Link:

6 - In the first area (coming from Hyrule Field) is a house with a ton 
of pots, some crates, and a guard. Roll into the crates nearest the 
guard and one of them will contain this Skulltula.

                           - - - HYRULE CASTLE - - -

7 - Play the Song of Storms in front of the tree, the one near where you 
woke up Talon. Go in the hole, there you go!

8 - When you first enter the area (coming from the Market, where else?) 
there is a tree RIGHT there, roll into it and a Skulltula will fall out.

                          - - - GANON'S CASTLE - - -

Adult Link:

9 - You've probably spotted the arch, the one that the guard (as young 
Link) used to be. Well, go behind it, then look at it from where you got 
Din's Fire/Double Defense. Lo and behold!

                         - - - LON LON RANCH - - -

Child Link:

10 - The house on the left of where you enter, look up and there will be 
one on the window up there. Requires Boomerang.

11 - This one is pretty simple...Look on the wall near the shack with 
the cows (where you got a Heart Piece - hopefully). Requires the 

12 - On the fence, the one that keeps the horses in, is a large wooden 
structure. Look on that.

13 - There is only one tree in this area...roll into it (it's past the 
houses and before the horse corral).

                      - - - KAKARIKO VILLAGE - - -

Child Link:

14 - There is a tower near the entrance to the Death Mountain trail, 
it's on the ladder.

15 - In the graveyard, on the wall, requires Boomerang. The wall that 
Dampe's house is on, that is.

16 - In the center of town is a construction area (it will eventually 
become the Archery Mini-Game building). Look on the back of the bricks.

17 - On the outside of the Skulltula house

18 - Coming from Hyrule Field, roll into the tree that is straight 
ahead, a Golden Skulltula will pop out. You know, the one where the Boss 
Carpenter/Weird Guy sits against.

19 - On the side of a house, near the entrance to Death Mountain. hen 
you try to open the door, a note reads something about someone's son not 
being able to play...?

20 - In the graveyard is a plot of soft soil, let some bottled bugs 
loose and watch it pop out!

Adult Link:

21 - On top of Impa's house (the one with a cow and a Heart Piece 
inside; overlooks the chicken pen). Requires Longshot.

                            - - - LOST WOODS - - - 

Child Link:

22 - In the area that has a bridge (the one from Kokiri Forest to Hyrule 
Field) is a soft soil spot, use some bottled bugs.

23 - Another area, with two Deku Scrubs, has some soft soil. Use a 

Adult Link:

24 - In the soft soil location with two scrubs, use the bean platform to 
find a ledge with this spider.

25 - In the Sacred Forest Meadow, on the wall, you'll probably hear it 
beoifre you actually see it (it's not a very tough one!). You need the 
Hookshot to recover the token it drops.

                                 - - - DEATH MOUNTAIN - - -

Child Link:

26 - Coming from Kakariko Village, you've probably noticed an area of 
the all (right side) looks like a drum skin. Come back with your bombs 
and blow it up to find a secret aclove with a you-know-what. You need 
the Boomerang to collect the token.

27 - Soft soil location at the mouth of Dodongo's need to 
use a bottled bug, you drooling retard!

Adult Link:

28 - In the last stretch before the climbable wall (which leads to the 
summit) are a lot of boulders...smash them with the Megaton Hammer, one 
is covering up a Skulltula! The strange thing is, it HAS to be nighttime 
for this to work! Strange...

29 - Remember how you opened up Dodongo's Cavern? Go to where you threw 
the bomb off the ledge and there will be a rock there, smash it with the 
Megaton Hammer and a spider will be under it. Same as above.

                         - - - DEATH MOUNTAIN CRATER - - -

Child Link:

30 - Coming from the summit of Death Mountain, roll into the crate near 
the entrance.

31 - Near the Fire Temple is a plot of soft soil, use a bug (for this 
one, you'll need to play the Bolero of Fire, since you can't cross the 
gaps in the bridge without the Hookshot).

                          - - - GORON CITY - - - 

Child Link:

32 - After collecting the bombs, you can blow away the rocks on the 
upper-most floor. Behind it is a rock maze of sorts. At the end, besides 
two Purple Rupees, is a crate. Roll into it, or bomb it, and voila! 

Either Link:

33 - On the center platform, suspended in mid-air by rope, it's on the 
outside (requires Hookshot as adult, Boomerang and Slingshot as young).

                              - - - ZORA'S RIVER - - -

Child Link:

34 - In front of the entrance to Zora's Domain is a series of platforms. 
Have you ever gone down there? You've probably said to yourself "If I go 
don there, I will be swept away by the currents!" *buzz* Oh, I'm afraid 
that as the INCORRECT answer. Actually, down there, on a ladder, is a 
Skulltula...along with a few Rupees...

35 - Roll into the one and only tree at the entrance and a Skulltula 
will magically pop out!

Adult Link:

36 - In the area here you got the first Heart Container Piece (it has 
two holes, one is a Fairy Fountain, the other has a single chest and a 
Gossip Stone). This one is on the wall nearest the hole that is NOT the 
Fairy Fountain. Requires Hookshot.

37 - Get on the magic bean platform and at the very end it will drop you 
off at a wooden bridge. Note that you do not actually need to have 
planted the magic bean for this, it's just a reference. You know, the 
wooden bridge shortly before the entrance to Zora's Domain? Anyways, 
after stepping foot on earth, turn left and look up high on the all. 
Requires Hookshot.

                            - - - ZORA'S DOMAIN - - - 

Adult Link:

38 - At the very top of the frozen waterfall, on the wall. You need to 
actually get up there where the Zora Mini-Game Salesperson (I'm just 
making this up as I go along, if you haven't noticed ;)) and blam it, 
since even the Longshot can't reach it from below. Even when at the top, 
you need the Hookshot to collect the token it leaves behind.

                               - - - ZORA'S FOUNTAIN - - -
Child Link:

39 - You know the log in the water? It seems to serve no purpose...but 
it does! Get on it and follow it to the end to find a Golden Skulltula 
on a wall.

40 - On the island behind Lord Jabu-Jabu (the one where you picked up 
Farore's Wind) is a tree...roll into it.

Adult Link:

41 - On the island here you picked up Farore's wind is a large, gray 
boulder. After acquiring the Silver Gauntlets you can pick this up; 
guess what's under it. 

                           - - - LAKE HYLIA - - -

Child Link:

42 - You know the little island where the Fire Arrows dropped down? The 
Skulltula you are seeking is on one of them.

43 - Soft soil location in front of the science lab (if you're confused 
what to do - CONGRATULATIONS! You, sir/madam, or mentally handicapped! 
Try not to stick a fork in an electrical outlet).

44 - On the back of the science lab, you need to be on the bridge to see 
it. Requires the Boomerang to get the token it drops.

Adult Link:

45 - In the science lab is a pool of water. Use the Iron Boots to sink 
down there, then roll into the crate at the bottom. Ta daaa!

46 - Next to the Triforce Symbol (that's where you appear if you play 
the Serenade of Water to warp here...) is a tree, use the Longshot to 
get to the top and find this spider.

                             - - - GERUDO VALLEY - - -

Child Link:

47 - At the start, right next to the board bridge, is a small, miniscule 
waterfall. Thar she blows! You need the Boomerang to pick up the 
treasure it drops.

48 - You know those ledges in the canyon, at the start of the HUGE 
waterfall, where you picked up a few Heart Pieces? Well, there is a soft 
soil spot don there. Guess what to do next...

Adult Link:

49 - Look behind the tent where all the Carpenters live; you need the 
Hookshot to pick up the token, though...

50 - If you haven't found this one, you scare me. Near the entrance to 
Gerudo's Fortress; look up high. You'll need Mr. Hookshot, as always.

                                - - - GERUDO FORTRESS - - -

Adult Link:

51 - In the Horse Archery area, it's on one of the tall targets, you, 
obviously, need the Longshot. Also note that you would have had to save 
all four carpenters, since you can't get up there before then (dumb 

52 - If you've explored around the Fortress, you should have found this 
one by now. An easy way to get over there to actually collect the token 
it drops is to use the Hoverboots.

                                - - - HAUNTED WASTERLAND - - -

Adult Link:

53 - Once you get to the stone structure where your Poe Guide is, go 
around to the side and fall down the hole. At the bottom of the tunnel 
is, yes you guessed it, a Skulltula! Unlike most, you can look for this 
in the middle of the day. Strange...

                              - - - DESERT COLOSSUS - - - 
Child Link:

54 - There is some soft soil near the entrance to the Spirit Temple. 

Adult Link:

55 - On a big old boulder near the Fairy Fountain (ride the magical bean 
platform to get there).

56 - On a palm tree; use the Hookshot to collect it.

(The rest are dungeons. Keep in mind that you can see if you've 
collected all the Skulltulas in the particular dungeon by checking the 
map. If there is a Golden Skulltula Icon at the top, you have.)

                          - - - DEKU TREE DUNGEON - - -

Child Link:

57 - In the room where you press the switch to raise three platforms 
(you get the Compass here), one of the platforms leads to a small 
aclove. It's in there. Just don't be too quick to jump, a Giant 
Skulltula will fall from above, so if you do, you'll be knocked down!

58 - After breaking the first spiderweb you'll be in a water room. If 
you try to climb out on the vines, you'll notice this one, which is also 
on the ivy. Use the Slingshot to kill it, then climb the vines to 
collect the token.

59 - In the same room as above, there is a hole with bars covering it, 
there it is! You don't need the Boomerang to collect the token, as a lot 
of people have sad. Just jump from the nearby platform (the one where 
you press the switch to make the nearby torch light).

60 - In one room you will have to torch a spider web where you will then 
follow a small tunnel to the highest platform from the water room (see 
above). One of the spiderwebs seems to go with a dead-end, with a single 
Deku Baba. But, the dead-end has a strange looking wall...use a bomb 
and...WAHOO! There you go. Use the Boomerang to collect the token it 
leaves behind.

                               - - - DODONGO'S CAVERN - - -

Child Link:

61 - In the hall just right of the main room (area where you must shove 
a statue onto a switch to keep it down) are several Dodongo Larva...and 
an odd part of the wall. Before collecting the Bomb Bag, kill a Larva 
near the wall and hen it dies it will blow it away. Obviously, if you 
have bombs it's a bit easier. Inside is a room with an Armos Statue; 
look behind it for this tricky spider.

62 - Remember where you had to blow away a bunch of bombs at once to 
form a series of stairs to an above area? Same room, up the stairs, on 
some vines. That was pretty simple...

63 - After going through the Giant Dodongo Head, go through the tunnel,  
climb the blocks...WAIT! Look on the wall, to your right. There should 
be a strange part there, bomb it to reveal a door. Inside is an Armos, 
kill it and it will be behind it. 

64 - *GASP* This one actually requires EFFORT! First off, make sure 
everything is reset in this dungeon (just leave and come back in). Then, 
in the main room, hop on the elevator platform and go through the door 
there. Now drop down to the switchblade maze, and climb up the ladder 
(NOT the one with the blue block). Go across the we should 
be in the room where you had to bomb the pillar to make some 
stairs...but on the wrong side! Follow the path left, climb the vines 
against the pillar, and you'll find a Skulltula. Kill it, then grab the 
token with your Boomerang. This took me ages to figure out...

Adult Link:

65 - In the hallway with Larva Dodongos, the area where you had to push 
a statue onto a switch to make it stay down, when Navi flies up to a 
ledge and turns green, but nothing is there, play the Scarecrow's Song 
and use Pierre and the Hookshot to get up there. I believe you can take 
it from there...

                            - - - LORD JABU-JABU'S BELLY - - -

Child Link:

66 - In the room with a switch that raises the water, it's on some 
vines. Kill it with the Slingshot and then climb up to retrieve it. If 
you missed this one, I am frightened.

67 - After falling don the hole that the green tentacle was covering, 
look on the wall, you'll need the Boomerang.

68 - The same as above, except only a few feet away, on the same wall.

69 - All hail 69! In the room before the boss, on some vines. Just kill 
it with the Slingshot and then collect it...

                             - - - FOREST TEMPLE - - -

Adult Link:

70 - In the first room, on the vines. Just use your Hookshot to defeat 
it, then climb up to get the token.

71 - In the main room (with the four torches and an elevator to the Boss 
Door), on the wall. Hard to miss!

72 - In the plant room where you fell down a well to retrieve a key, 
you've probably spotted a Golden Skulltula on a wall, but it's just out 
of reach! The hard way is to come back with the Longshot. The easy way 
is to use the small chest that is up there as an Hookshot target and 
pull yourself up there!

73 - Basically, look over the balcony in one of the plant rooms, you'll 
spot a ledge that can only be reached by dropping down. Voila! 

74 - In the final room before the Boss Door, where you rotate the wall, 
it will be in the aclove with a Giant Skulltula (go inside and scan the 
wall). Use the Hookshot to get it.

                               - - - FIRE TEMPLE - - -

Adult Link:

75 - In the large lava room with a long bridge going across (go right in 
the first room to find it). The door on the left side of the chamber has 
a blue block, play the Song of Time to make it form a ladder to the 
upper area; it's inside.

76 - At the bottom level of the boulder maze. Walk along the all and 
listen for the familiar "sheeseeh" noise the Skulltula makes. Now, look 
at the wall, find a weak part, and bomb it! If you're ears are correct, 
an aclove with a Golden Skulltula should be revealed.

77 - In the room before you get the Boss Key, it has spinning tile 
enemies and a Like Like, look behind the Like Like. Just be sure not to 
lose anything :)

78 - On the top level of the boulder maze (second floor you could call 
it) is a platform way up in the air. Play the Scarecrow's Song and use 
Pierre as a Hookshot target to get up there! Follow the path to find 
this tricky Skulltula.

79 - After doing that, continue. Soon you'll end up in the room here you 
retrieved the Megaton Hammer, you will spot a nearby island in mid-air. 
Hookshot, anyone?

                            - - - ICE CAVERN - - -

80 - In the room with the spinning knife contraption (resembles a 
helicopter blade) are some icicles on the side; smash them with your 
sword and look up on the wall. I believe a Silver Rupee is behind here, 
but I'm not sure since I already collected them in this game...

81 - Same little aclove  where you got the Heart Piece, across from the 
Compass...which branches off from the above room (you need to melt the 
passageway with blue fire; it's covered in red ice!

82 - On the wall in the block puzzle room. Use the Hookshot to clean it 
off, obviously.

                                   - - - WATER TEMPLE - - -

Adult Link:

83 - Inside the central pillar (need to drain the water to the very 
bottom first to actually get inside) in the main room, on the ceiling. 
You'll need to acquire the Longshot first, though, otherwise you can't 
collect the token it leaves behind.

84 - In the room where there are several platforms going down a 
waterfall, you can Hookshot to them. On the right-hand side (coming from 
the main area, at least) is a Skulltula! You need the Longshot, like 

85 - In the first underground river, the one with vortexes, look on the 
wall above the second vortex. Use the Iron Boots, then use the Hookshot 
to kill it and retrieve the token.

86 - Facing the passageway where Princess Ruto used to be, head left and 
go in that passageway. Blow up the crack in the floor, use your Iron 
Boots to follow the path, hit the switch to raise the stairs...and come 
face-to-face with a grate, and the Diamond Object is on the other side. 
Either use a lunge (Z + A) or a Spin Slash to activate it. Inside the 
cage is, yes, a Skulltula.

87 - Before collecting the Boss Key you had to sink behind a waterfall, 
which spewed out boulders. On the wall, behind the falls, is a 
Skulltula! To avoid getting hit by a boulder, use the Hookshot from the 
nearby passageway.

                                - - - SHADOW TEMPLE - - - 

Adult Link:

88 - In the room with the guillotines (sp?), you will eventually come 
face to face with a Stalfos. After defeating him, head left instead of 
right (right leads to the platform on chains). Use your Lens of Truth to 
find the invisible platforms. In the next room, collect the Silver 
Rupees (piece 'o cake!) to make a door open that has this Skulltula. 
Just be careful - there is an invisible death statue with blades (use 
Lens of Truth to see).

89 - In the chamber where you had to use a block to get past falling 
spikes, explore inside the little cages (they remind me of jails) and 
you will find one inside.

90 - Before playing Zelda's Lullaby to make the large ship move, get as 
close to the front as possible and look slightly to your left, you 
should spot a Skulltula across the way. Use you can either use the 
Scarecrow's Song to get over there, or just use your Longshot to kill 
the Skulltula; either way is fine.

91 - Behind the rotating, blue flaming skulls (kinda hard to forget 
about that!).

92 - Behind the second set of flaming skulls near the end in the room 
with invisible walls, right after the ship sinks

                             - - - SPIRIT TEMPLE - - - 

Child Link:

93 - In the room where you had to push the Sun Icon on a block into the 
sunlight, go through the exit that leads to the Iron Knuckle. Go forward 
a bit, then turn around and look above the door. Use the Boomerang, 

94 - Go through the small hole at the very beginning (the one where 
Nabooru was) and then go through the right door. This Skulltula is 
across the chasm and on the grating; use the Boomerang.

95 - After crawling through the second tunnel, and going through the 
locked door, climb the wall (you might want to take out any would-be-
threats with your Slingshot), then turn around and you'll be eye-to-eye 
with a Golden Skulltula.  

Adult Link:

96 - In one room you must collect Silver Rupees in acloves while 
avoiding boulders. One of the acloves is plugged up with a blue block; 
play the Song of Time to make it disappear. Now, take a wild guess at 
what's inside...hint: It's not money, but it's almost as dirty!

97 - In the large chamber with the huge statue (the head containers the 
Boss Door), go up the stairs and play the Scarecrow's Song to lure 
Pierre out of hiding, then use him to grapple to a small ledge. Lookie 
at 'dat!

                              - - - BOTTOM OF THE WELL - - -

Child Link:

Why did I save this one for last? Because you have to go through Hell to 
collect the Golden Skulltulas! Instead of a regular list, I will 
actually present a mini-walkthrough. So, listen up, and follow these 
directions very carefully...and make sure you have the Lens of Truth, 
else you'll be lost and confused (I mean more than you are now), so when 
I say "invisible", it means to use it, obviously. Here we goooo:

>From the entrance, go through the small hole in front of you. Kill the 
Giant Skulltula and run right through the invisible wall. Go around the 
pit in the floor and turn right, and follow where the river used to be. 
Look on the left-hand side wall, eventually you will find an invisible 
aclove with a small chest - inside is a Small Key! Grab it, then return 
to the main area (all you have to do is backtrack a bit), just keep 
following where the river USED to be. Soon you'll find another invisible 
aclove in the wall, it's a little bit before the first turn in the river 
(which is to the right). Inside is a small chest - inside of that is a 
Small Key!

Follow the path around, eventually you'll do a loop and find a Like Like 
inside a cage...and inside is a Skulltula! But that's later. Across from 
the cage is a wall you can walk through, do so. Walk straight across the 
room, but make sure not to fall down the invisible pit in the center 
(it's where all the blood is). You'll come into a hallway, just keep 
going straight. You'll come to some grating, fall down, go through the 
grating, climb the wall, and go through the door there, you can also 
open the small chest for a Heart.

Now, in this room are several coffins, a torch next to each, and a few 
lit ones. Use your Deku Stick to light the torches and the coffin they 
are next to will open, revealing enemies and a few items. But, the one 
on the left row, farthest from the entrance has a Small Key inside! 
Collect it, naturally, and fight your way out of this room (each coffin 
you opened just released more Keese and Gibdos, which is a small price 
to pay). Go down the grating, through it, climb the vines on the 
opposite side, and go through the wall in front of you. We're now back 
in the room with a bloodstained floor. There should be a locked door to 
your left...go inside!

There is a Deku Baba, stun it with your Boomerang, then kill all the 
flying pots by using your shield, then kill the Deku Baba. There's the 
Golden Skulltula, on the wall. Defeat it with your Slingshot, then 
collect the token it leaves behind with your Boomerang. Leave the room 

the way you came in.

Turn left, on the other side of this chamber is another locked door. 
Before doing anything, destroy all of the Keese in this room! Just Z-
target and wham on them with whatever you got...I like the Boomerang 
myself. Now, it looks like there is no way to get to the nearby aclove, 
but there is an invisible path you can take to get there (Use the Lens 
of Truth, genius). Inside the aclove is another Golden Skulltula! Only 
one more to go...exit the room. 

Turn to your extreme left and go through the wall, we're back in the 
river place again! Go left again and you'll come to another one of those 
face paintings that give you clues if you Z-target them. Just be careful 
near this one - there is a hole under him. Turn right, past the face, 
and you'll be in front of a hole, crawl through and go through the door 

First off, use your Lens of Truth to spot the invisible holes in the 
room, then Z-target the Keese and throw the Boomerang at them, this is 
easier than using the Slingshot. Then, kill the Beamos in the center by 
Z-Targeting it and tossing  a bomb it's way (A Bombchu also works quite 
well). Then make your way through this room, avoiding the pits (the 
chest in this room has some Rupees, or a Deku Shield if you lost yours).

Aiiiiah! You're inside of a cage, with a Like Like! Scary stuff. Quickly 
paralyze it with your Boomerang, then do a lunge (Z + A), another good 
whack will put it down for good. Open the chest for some Rupees 
and...wait...what's that I see? THE LAST GOLDEN SKULLTULA! 

I'm sure you can take it from there.....wait, you want to exit this 
hellish place?! Well, I can't blame you, to be honest. So go back to the 
previous room and fall down the pits. Blow away the rocks with the 
nearby bomb flowers and then run into the next room, which should be 
large, have a few boards in green soup (which will harm you if you swim 
in it) and a single ReDead. Collect the Silver Rupees, then climb the 
ladder. You'll collect another. Keep the very top is a 
barred door, and the last Silver Rupee. It will swing open once you 
collect it. Go inside, then use your Lens of Truth to find the exit to 
this seemingly dead-end. Now, we're back in the main area! Whoohoo! 

11. Side Quests

a) Four Bottles

Throughout the game, it is important to collect the four bottles. You'll 
need them if you want to bring a healer with you, or if you want to collect 
all 100 gold skulltula tokens. Here is how to get the four bottles.

1st Bottle - You will have to go to Kakariko Village and find the lady 
missing her chickens. If you return all 7 to her, she will reward you with a
bottle. Here is how to get those chickens:

# 1 - In front of you when you enter the village from Hyrule Field.

# 2 -  There's one wandering about near the chicken pen, where the 
chicken lady is. 

# 3 - Near the entrance to Death Mountain; below the steps.

# 4 - In a fence behind the House of Skulltula. You'll have to grab 
another chicken (just walk up to it and the option "Grab" will appear) 
and then float there from the adjacent platform. Then, once there, throw 
both chickens off the platform. Now go chase them and put them in the 

# 5 - In the area behind the normal Potion Shop, where the Special 
Potion Shop. Since you're Young Link you can't get there via the Normal 
Potion Shop, so you'll need to find a new way. Grab a chicken and go up 
the stairs in front of the chicken pen, the area with the windmill door. 
Keep going, the fence will end and you can jump off. In front of you are 
two fences, the one to the left is higher, but smaller. The right is 
bigger, but shorter. I know it sounds crazy, but go to the higher one, 
on the left. You have to be going fast, and at the right angle. Once 
there, throw the chicken you used to get there over the fence. Another 
one is wandering down below.

# 6 -  Same thing as above, but after that, go down, avoid the hole (it 
will reset the town, making all of this in vain)  and climb the ladder. 
At the top is a chicken. Throw it over the fence, then go pick them up 
and throw 'em in the pen.

# 7 - Near the entrance to the town, almost straight ahead, is a house. 
Up against it, to the left, is a large crate. You can bomb it or roll 
into it (sheath your sword and the option "Attack" will appear. This is 
really the roll). If you roll into it, or bomb it, it will break open, 
revealing your prize, another cucco.

When you have all 7 in the pen, talk to the lady and she'll hand over the 

2nd Bottle - Go to Lon Lon Ranch and enter the first door on the left. Wake 
up Talon by talking to him, then play his chicken game. One goes by the door,
one to the back by the hay, and one mid-way to the back on the far wall. Then
talk to Talon and he'll give you the bottle.

3rd Bottle - (This is all in the walkthrough, but.......) Get the silver 
scale at Zora's Domain, and go through the passage under the water. You'll 
end up in Lake Hylia. Grab the bottle with the note in it. Show it to King 
Zora. He'll take the note but he'll let you keep the bottle!

4th and Final Bottle - As an adult, have an empty bottle and get on Epona. 
Every time you see a Poe, shoot it while on Epona. Put the gold light in a 
bottle and sell it to the ghost catcher in the first house in the market. 
He'll give you 50 rupees and 100 points on your card for every poe you catch.
When you have 1,000 points on your card, he'll give you a bottle. Here's how
to get the poes:

1. In the south east corner of Hyrule Field is a grove of trees, and a 
brown boulder. Near the boulder will be this little Poe.

2. In the same grove as before, but a little towards Hyrule Lake (the 
entrance), but still in the grove. Search around.

3. Near the tree that is at the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.

4. The ledge near the entrance to Kakariko Village, get on it and look 
down and the Poe should appear. 

5. East of Lon Lon Ranch, in the stone barrier that looks like a giant Y 
(on the map). It's inside the little prongs, if you know what I mean. 

6. Outside of the entrance to The Market is a sign that says "You are 
here: Hyrule Castle. This way to Lon Lon Ranch." Stand here and it 
should appear.

7. Outside the entrance to Geurdo's Valley, there is a fork in the road; 
one leads to Gerudo Valley, the other leads to Lake Hylia. It's in the 
middle of the fork, usually on the path leading to Lake Hylia, but not 

8. Gerudo Valley again, sorta. Before the ground turns brown, follow the 
wall north and there will be a large tree with a few bushes. It should 
be nearby.

9. Remember the grove of trees west of The Market, the same one with the 
hidden grove with a Heart Piece? Near the bushes the Poe will appear. It 
sometimes, albeit rarely, appears across the river.

10. Go west from the entrance to Kokiri Forest and there will be a gray 
stone there. Kill the poe.

b) Getting Epona

To get Epona, you must first, as a kid, go to Lon Lon Ranch and learn 
Epona's song from Malon. Then, as an adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch and go to 
the horse place and talk to Ingo. He'll ask you to ride. Say yes. Then, 
instead of riding the horse he gave you, play Epona's song and ride Epona
around until time runs out. Then, he'll ask you to ride again. Say yes, and
again, play Epona's song. While on Epona, Z-target Ingo and talk to him. 
He'll challenge you to a race with you on Epona vs. him. Accept. Now, 
you'll want to hug the fence the entire time. About mid-way through, he'll
curve out a little bit...... Take advantage and stay against the fence the
entire time. And whatever you do, don't use the last carrot! If you do, 
Epona will get tires and will go slow and you'll automatically lose. After
you beat him, he'll challenge you to another race, where if you beat him, 
you get Epona! Use the same method. When you beat him a second time, he'll
give you Epona, but he'll lock the gates so you're locked in the ranch! 
But that's ok, just gain speed and hop right over the fence he is standing
by, and now, travelling around Hyrule Field is a lot easier!

c) Fishing Guide

Fishing at the fishing pond can be really fun, and you can win a lot of
cool stuff there. Credit for this great guide and FAQ goes to Michael
Alfera. His FAQ can be found at GameFAQs. Also check the credits section.

v 1.3


1. Introduction
2. Questions
3. Other Tips
4. Version Info
5. Requests for this FAQ
6. Copyright


        In Zelda 64 there's a fishing pond in Lake Hylia. This is a FAQ 
designed to help you make the best of your fishing experience. If you 
have any more questions or tips PLEASE send them to me at my e-mail: 


Q. Where is the fishing pond?
A. It's in Lake Hylia, on a platform on the east side. Enter the door, 
talk to the man, pay him the rupees, and start fishing.

Q. I don't understand the controls.
A. Press the Z button to target a fish. Then hit B to cast your line. If 
the fish is close and you think you'll cast too far, press the A button 
to brake the line. Once the line is in the water, tap the B button, or 
wiggle the control stick left and right, to attract the fish. When it 
bites, quickly pull back on the control stick and hold down A and R. 
(Pulling back on the stick sets the hook.) After about 5 seconds, stop 
pulling back, but keep the A and R buttons down to reel the fish in. Now 
you can change the camera spots with Z. I recommend the closest view. 
Once the fish is reeled in close, the camera shot will shift to behind 
Link. The fish will bounce around. Now gently push the control stick 
left _or_ right. The fish is now yours!

Q. Do I need a Rumble Pak to fish?
A. It's not required but I DEFINITELY recommend having one.

Q. Help! I'm an adult, and I can't get to the fishing pond!
A. You can't swim to the fishing pond until you've beaten the Water 
Temple. But, if you planted a bean in the soil next to the Lakeside 
Laboratory when you were a kid, you can ride the plant over to the pond 
before you complete the Water Temple. Or use the scarecrow's song.

Q. Where is the sinking lure?
A. Before I explain it, just remember that if you use the sinking lure 
you won't get a prize for your catch. Okay. When you're a kid, the 
sinking lure is found on the stick that's sticking out of the pond. Just 
walk over that stick until you find it. As an adult, the sinking lure is 
in between two of the three rocks at the tiny stream. Keep in mind that 
you can't see it.

Q. Oh! I caught one! It weighs... 4 pounds!
A. Throw it away. Only keep the fish that are bigger than the fish in 
the tank at the entrance.

Q. There's a huge fish that I'm targeting. How can I ensure that I get 
A. When you cast, brake the line so that it land just in front of the 
fish's face. BE CAREFUL!!! If another fish comes along and grabs your 
bait, the big fish will scurry away and never come back to this spot.

Q. Are there any outside factors that affect the fish's biting?
A. The time of day is a huge factor. Early in the morning when the sun 
comes up, and just after the sun goes down are the best time to fish. 
See tip (h) on how to make it rain in the pond, so the fish will bite 

Q. Where can I snag some big fish in the pond?
A. One good spot is around the three sticks near the small stream. Near 
the lily pads is another good spot, but if you have the sinking lure, it 
can be difficult. Why? See tip (b) below.

Q. What's the biggest fish?
A. I have no clue. I keep getting email about it. Fist it was 20, then 
23, then 26, and two reports of 48-pounders, and I'm pretty sure it 
keeps going on and on! See tip o for my theory.


a) If you have the sinking lure, cast your line out into the middle of a 
group of fish without targeting and let your line sink to the bottom. 
Now the biggest fish of that group will try to get the line.

b) If you have the sinking lure, you won't be able to feel or hear the 
fish bite. So watch carefully, and if a fish bites, set the hook and 
reel it in. For this reason, it's tough to fish with a sinking lure near 
the lily pads.

c) Try fishing while standing on the little stick in the middle of the 
pond. This is only a good idea with the sinking lure, though.

d) If you have them, put on your iron boots, and walk around at the 
bottom of the pond. If you see a big fish, try to target it, then back 
up, and cast for it.

e) Sometimes, the target will disappear if you get too close.

f) Stand as close to the water's edge as possible. It's easier to pull 
them in that way.

g) Somewhere in the pond there is a fish that weighs 34 pounds!!! It's 
called the Hylian Loach and the man won't keep it in his tank because 
it's so rare!

h) It will rain in the pond if you enter JUST BEFORE it gets dark, and 
then if you wait a while, it will get dark and start to rain. When it 
rains, fish will bite a LOT more.

i) Get your line from the guy just as you walk in and walk very slowly 
over to the lily pads and then onto the log. Then next to the log just 
ahead of you there will be the biggest fish in the pond! (See tip o for 
what I mean by "biggest fish".)

j) It's said you can hook your line onto the guy's hat and cast the hat 
into the pond. It's funny! - but you lose 50 rupees.

k) The fish you catch in the pond can't be kept in a bottle. To get a 
bottled fish, buy one, or bottle one that you find in the shallow waters 
around Hyrule!

l) The biggest fish is near the side of the log in the middle of the
pond. What I mean is, stand on the log, and face the three sticks, and 
cast out short. It WILL take more than one try to hook it, and it will 
always follow the same patterns as to where it moves after it gets off 
the line. After it's unhooked the first time, it will go to the middle 
of the pond and stay close to the arch in the log. The second time, it 
will swim to the poles sticking out of the water. Then it just repeats 
this pattern over and over. But be warned: It can take 15 minutes to 
reel this catch in!! It's a tough catch, but a very fulfilling one!

m) If you're reeling in a big fish, an your rumble pak is shaking like 
crazy, it means there's too much tension on the line, and you're about 
to lose the fish. If this does happen, try moving the control stick in 
the direction that the fish is to lessen the tension.

n) If you stand on the log and wait for a big fish to come, DON'T 
target. Just cast and wiggle your control stick, and the big fish will 
jump up and grab your lure, and he'll be caught!!

o) OK, I've finally figured out how the lunker works! Suppose you have a 
16-pounder in the tank. The biggest in the pond is an 18-pounder, and it 
will hang out either by the 3 sticks or around the logs. If it moves 
away from one of these locations, it'll go to the other! Once you catch 
a fish bigger than the one in the tank, have the man weigh it, then 
leave, and then go back in. Now there will be an even bigger one in the 

1.3 (01/17/99) - Modified tip g, i, j, and last question, added tip o.  
             This FAQ should be complete if I don't get much more                    
1.2 (01/04/99) - Added tip l, m, n
1.1 (01/02/99) - Added tip g, h, i, j, k, scarecrow tip, and "biggest                  
                     fish" question
1.0 (12/31/98) - Initial Release.


1. I want to know your tactic for reeling the fish in once it's bitten 
your lure! Is there anyhing you do that decreases the chances of it 
getting away??

2. Anything involving fishing in Zelda!

3. OK people! You can stop e-mailing me about using the scarecrow's song 
to get to the fishing pond!! I know!! I added it already!! -

EMAIL ME AT - You will recieve credit on this FAQ 
if your submission is put in.

I, also want to add one thing....... You get the golden scale from the 
fishing pond, which allows you to dive for up to 8 seconds. Many people say
that the way to get it is to catch a 15+ pound fish, but this isn't true! I
caught a 13 pounder as an adult and got the golden scale, so my guess is 
that you catch a 10+ pounder as a kid and a 10+ pounder as an adult. Who

d) Soft Soil Locations

Do you see those soft soil things and wonder what they are? They are used
for two important things. First, catch bugs in a bottle and drop them in
there and a gold skulltula will come out, and two, buy magic beans from the
thing in Zora's River, and plant them as a kid in the soil locations, then
go back as an adult and ride to reveal something! Here are the locations of
the 10 soil locations. I think there are only 10.

# 1 - Behind the shop in Kokiri Forest

# 2 - Take 2 lefts in the Lost Woods.

# 3 - Lost woods yet again, just a lot deeper, in the area where you can 
access the Stage area. It has a lot of grass and two Deku Business 
Scrubs in it.

# 4 - In the graveyard, to the immediate left.

# 5 - At the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern.

# 6 - Next to where you buy Magical Beans.

# 7 - Next to the Science Lab at Lake Hylia.

# 8 - Death Mountain Crater (play the Bolero of Fire to get to it).

# 9 - Gerudo Valley, fall down to the ledge with a cow and a Gerudo.

# 10 - Near entrance to the Spirit Temple.

e) Happy Mask Shop

As a kid, you can go to the market and into the happy mask shop. There, you
borrow masks and sell them, then return the money. Sometimes you profit, 
sometimes you lose, but the main point is to get the mask of truth. You can
only tade masks when you're a kid! Here's who to sell them to, in order.

The Keaton Mask: To the guard in front of the gate blocking Death Mountain

The Skull Mask: Take a left in the Lost Woods, and stand on the stump and
play Saria's Song to the skull kid. Then, after he gives you a heart piece,
show him the skull mask.

The Spooky Mask: Go to the Kakariko Village Graveyard and sell it to the
wandering boy.

The Bunny Hood: Ge all 3 stones and the ocarina of time, then go to the 
left of Lon Lon Ranch and find the runner. Follow him until it's night, and
he'll rest. Sell the mask for big cash, then return to the happy mask shop
and get the Gerudo Mask, Zora Mask, and Goron Mask. Talk to those races 
while wearing them. You can also now get the mask of truth that allows you
to talk to gossip stones.

f) Getting The Biggoron's Sword

Turning adult gives you the opportunity to get the most powerful weapon in
the game, the Biggoron's Sword. It's like the giant's knife, but more
powerful and it doesn't break. The only down side is that it's so big you
can't use your shield with it. Here it is.

Special Thanks to Patrick Allen (work on GameFAQs) for letting me use this
guide he put together.

Step 1:  As an adult, go to Kakariko Village and talk to the chicken 
lady.  She will give you the egg.  Play the song of the sun twice and 
the egg should hatch.  Take the cucoo into the house where Talon is 
sleeping.  Go up to him and wake him up with it.  Talk to him after you 
wake him up.  Go back outside and present the cucoo to the chicken lady.  
Now she will give you Cojiro, the rare blue cucoo.  

Step 2:  Take Cojiro to the lost woods.  When you first enter the lost 
woods, take the first left and there will be a guy sleeping by a tree 
stump.  Use Cojiro to wake him up.  He gives you an Odd Mushroom for the 

Step 3:  This is the first timed trade.  Dont worry, you should get it 
with about a minute left if you use Epona.  Take the mushroom to 
Kakariko Village.  Go into the potion shop near the tall watch tower.  
Go out the back of the shop and jump down.  The entrance to the old 
lady's potion shop is up the stairs and in the door.  Go in and talk to 
the old lady.  She will smell the mushroom and give you a potion made 
with it.

Step 4:  Take the Potion back to where you got the mushroom.  The guy is 
gone but there is a Kokiri girl in his place.  Present her with the 
potion and she will take it and give you the Poachers Saw.  Exit the 
lost woods.

Step 5:  Get over to Gerudo Valley and use Epona to jump across the 
ravine or use the longshot.  Present the Poachers Saw to the boss 
carpenter by the tent.  He will give you the Broken Goron Sword.  

Step 6:  Time to meet the biggest goron you have ever seen.  Go up death 
mountain trail and get to the top.  Kill the spiders on the climbing 
wall before you climb up.  There are three of them.  Careful! there is a 
tekitite that will jump down from the first ledge and knock you off.  
Lure him off by going up to the climbing wall.  Kill him and climb to 
the top.  Talk to the big goron and present the broken sword to him.  He 
will give you the prescription card.

Step 7:  Go to Zoras Domain and if you have not thawed King Zora, do so 
now.  You need a blue flame to do this, duh.  Show him the prescription 
and he will give you an Eyeball Frog.  The quickest way to get out of 
Zoras Domain is to just jump into the river and run down until you get 
to Hyrule Field.  

Step 8:  Get on Epona and get to Lake Hylia as fast as possible.  Go 
into the Lakeside Laboratory and show the scientist the Eyeball Frog.  
He says he is going to eat it but dont worry, he gets the point.  He 
makes the Eyedrops from it.

Step 9:  This one can be hard if you get caught up on something.  Dont 
try to jump any fences because 
you know how Epona can be.  Just get to the entrance to Kakariko Village 
and dismount from Epona.  Get into Kakariko and make your way to Death 
Mountain.  Get up there as fast as you can avoiding the rolling boulders 
and Tekitites.  Once you get to the part with spiders on the climbing 
wall, kill them fast and lure the tekitite off the ledge.  You should 
get up to the Big Goron with about 20 seconds to spare.  Give the Big 
Goron those Eyedrops and he will give you the Claim Check.

Step 10:  The final step.  Play the Song of the Sun a few times so that 
it makes about 4 days go by.  Go talk to Big Goron and he will give you 
the mighty Biggorons Sword!  Use it with pride, you earned it!!!
Notes:  Using Ocarina songs to transport yourself from place to place to 
get there quicker will NOT work.  Once you warp there you have one 
second left on your timer.  You do get as many tries as you want but 
it is a wast of time to try and warp.

g) Getting The Lens of Truth

You will need the lens of truth for the shadow temple. It's a good idea to 
get it after beating the fire temple because you're in the area, but if you
prefer, you can wait until you beat the water temple. Here's how to get it:

You must know the song of storms, and the prelude of light will be helpful!

Go to the temple of time, and put the master sword back to become a kid 
again. Go to the windmill in Kakariko Village and play the song of storms
with the guy. This will drain the well. Go down the well and enter. Kill 
the giant skulltula and walk through the fake wall. Float around the stream
and you will find a triforce symbol. Play Zelda's Lullaby on it to drain 
the water. Now backtrack to the room you entered via the fake wall. Drop 
down into the pit and go through the small passageway that isn't locked. 
You'll have to fight dead hand. He's real easy. Purposely get caught by a 
hand and when he ducks down, slash him with your sword in the face. When
he's dead, you will get a chest with the lens of truth inside! You won't
need it until the Shadow Temple, but, oh well. Leave and go back to the 
Temple of Time. Grab that Master Sword, and turn back to an adult.

h) Navigating The Lost Woods

The Lost Woods can be really confusing. First, I'd recommend checking some 
of the GameFAQs gifs. Now, here are a few things you should know:

Take first left....................................... Skull Kid
Take 2 lefts.......................................... Soft Soil Location
Right, left, forward.................................. To Goron City
Right, left, right, left, forward, left right......... Sacred Forest Meadow
Right, left, right, and into water.................... To Zora's River

i) Fairy Fountain Locations

I recommend putting fairies in your bottles wheb you're going into battle,
because it automatically re-fills you when you are dead! Now, there are
fairy fountains in the game, where you can catch them in your bottles, but
I've only found four, and I'm pretty sure there's more than that. So, if
you will, please help me out. Thanks. But here's what I've got:

1.) Go to the end of the sacred forest meadow, and climb the ladder so that
you're on the top level. Drop into the pit you immediately see, then into 
the hole within the pit.

2.) As a kid, plant a magic bean in the soft sil spot next to the fat thing
that sells it to you. Then, as an adult, ride it and drop onto the platform
with the gossip stone on it. Follow the board to a big rock surrounded by
little rocks. Now, with a bomb or megaton hammer, get rid of the big rock
for a fairy fountain.

3.) In Kakariko Village Graveyard, go down the tombstone with the flowers
and blow up the wall, and there you go.

4.) Exit the market, and continuously go right to find a boulder. Blow it 
up or smash it to pieces revealing a hole......

j) Gossip Stone Locations / Quotes

Q: What is the point of those gossip stone things?

A: Play Zelda's Lullaby for them and you get a fairy, put a bomb in front 
of them, and they'll explode and rocket off into the sky, and talk to them 
while wearing the mask of truth and they will reveal secrets to you.

#1 - In front of the entrance to the Lost Woods
#2 - On the top level of the Sacred Forest Meadow.
#3 - Another one on the top level of the Sacred Forest Meadow.
#4 - In the corner of the dead end of the Sacred Forest Meadow.
#5 - In front of the Temple of Time.
#6 - In front of the Temple of Time.
#7 - In front of the Temple of Time.
#8 - In front of the Temple of Time.
#9 - Climb the vines near the castle and you'll see one right there.
#10 - On the left side of Dodongo's Cavern, in the bombable wall.
#11 - In Zora's River, in front of the waterfall.
#12 - In front of King Zora.
#13 - In front of Jabu Jabu.
#14 - To the left of Jabu Jabu near the Ice Cavern entrance.
#15 - On the island in Zora's Fountain where you get Farore's Wind.
#16 - There is one on a ledge while climbing Death Mountain.
#17 - Play the Song of Storms on the platform near Goron City. The drop in 
the hole and you'll see a gossip stone.
#18 - On the ledge near the waterfall in Gerudo Valley. Use a chicken to get
#19 - In front of the entrance to the Shadow Temple.
#20 - After climbing the wall while heading to Hyrule Castle.
#21 - Play the Song of Storms near the tree where Talon sleeps in Hyrule
Castle. Drop a bomb near the walls and one reveals a gossip stone.
#22 - Drop a bomb in the circle of stones leading to Gerudo Valley. Burn the
web with Din's Fire or a Fire Arrow and you'll see it.
#23 - Fall down the hole in the beginning of Death Mountain Crater. Make
sure you enter from the top of Death Mountain so you know what I mean.
#24 - entering Death Mountain Crater from Death Mountain, run up the board
and look in the aclove.
#25 - Fall down the hole behind Granny's Potion Shop in Kakariko Village and
you'll see this one. However, you'll need a chicken to get there.
#26 - Near the house where the weird guy is in Lake Hylia.
#27 - Go left, left in the Lost Woods and look for the stone in the pit.
#28 - Blow up the stone in front of the path that leads you to the Sacred
Forest Meadow.
#29 - According to the map, in the South Western part of the Desert Colossus
near the entrance to the Spirit Temple.
#30 - Grab a chicken at the start of Zora's Domain and go a bit past the
Frogs area, and glide over to the ledge.
#31 - Same as above, only a bit higher.
#32 - In Kokiri Forest, to the left of the Great Deku Tree


(Here are the things the stones tell you so you don't have to do it by

"The Biggoron's Sword is sharp and will never brake."

"The thief named Nabooru, who haunts this area, is a Gerudo."

"There is a secret on the road that leads to Lake Hylia."

"Gerudos sometimes come to Hyrule Castle Town to look for boyfriends."

"It is against the rules to use glasses at the Treasure Chest Shop in 
Hyrule Castle Town Market."

"Malon of Lon Lon Ranch hopes a knight in shining armor will come and 
sweep her off her feet someday."

"Malon set the original record in the obstacle course of Lon Lon Ranch."

"The owl named Kaepora Gaebora is the reincarnation of an Ancient Sage."

"That strange owl, Kaepora Gaebora, may look big and heavy, but its 
character is rather lighthearted."

"There is a man who can always be found running around in Hyrule Field."

"The horse Ganondorf rides is a solid black Gerudo stallion."

"Medigoron didn't really think about his own size, so his store is 
really cramped."

"There is a secret near the lone tree which is not far from the river in 
the northwest part of Hyrule Field."

"There is a switch you can only activate by using the spin attack."

"Contrary to her elegant image, Princess Zelda of Hyrule Castle is, in 
fact, a tomboy!"

"The Kokiri are always followed by small fairies."

"The small holes in the ground that you can find all over Hyrule make 
perfect breeding ground for bugs."

"The horse Ganondorf rides is a solid black Gerudo stallion."

"Princess Zelda's nanny is actually one of the Sheikah, who many thought 
had died out."

"You can swim faster by continuously pressing B."

"Players who select the HOLD option for Z TARGETING are the real 
Zelda players"

"The treasure you can earn in the Gerudo's Training Ground is not as 
great as you would expect, given its difficulty!"

"It's possible to find a total of 100 Gold Skulltulas throughout 

"When non-fairy folk enter the Lost Woods, they become  monsters."

"If you get close to a butterfly while holding a Deku Stick in your 
hands, something good will happen."

"There is a secret near a tree in Kakariko Village."

"You may find something new in dungeons that you have already finished."

K) Sub Bosses

Here's how to kill those guys that aren't bosses, just tough opponents that
block your way to the end!

#1 - Big Octo

Found: Mid-Way through Jabu Jabu's Belly

What To Do: E-A-S-Y. Z-target him always and stay away from the moving spike
platform in the middle. Stun him with the boomerang, and when he spins 
around, hit him once more with it. If timed right, he'll be paralyzed for a
few seconds with his back facing you, and a green thing shining where his
ass should be. Slash it with your sword. Repeat this process until he dies.

#2 - Dead Hand

Found: Bottom of Well, Shadow Temple

What To Do: Purposely get caught by a hand and wait for him to come to you.
When he reaches his head down, his hand will let go and you'll be free. 
Quickly smack him in the face with your sword. Very easy. Repeat this 
process about three or four times and he'll die.

#3 - Flare Dancer

Found: Fire Temple (2x)

What To Do: Yes, you have to fight this guy twice in the Fire Temple. He'll
come out of a flame in the middle of the room and spin around. Z-target him
and use your hookshot to pull out the little blackball in the middle. Chase
this thing around and hack it as many times as you can with the sword. Keep
doing this until he dies. If he gets away and sends the fire out before you
snatch him, all you can do is run and try to avoid him.

#4 - Dark Link

Found: Mid-Way Point of the Water Temple

What To Do: I have no clue whatsoever on the big hype about this guy, because
I think he is relatively easy. To see him, first run to the back of the room
and then to the tree in the middle. You'll see yourself only you're gray.
Z-target Dark Link and use Din's Fire. He'll get hurt, sink into the water,
and re-appear behind you. For an easy approach, keep using Din's Fire. Or,
you can just keep smacking swords with him and use lunges and stabs to beat
him. He's real easy if you ask me. Afterwards, the room changes into an
ordinary Water Temple room. Cool stuff. Oh yeah, and the longshot is in the
next room!

l) Cinemas

- In the beginning of the game, your fairy, Navi will tell you to come meet
the Deku Tree.

- When you meet the Deku Tree, you'll see a nice cinema...... A tree with a

- When you have collected all 3 spiritual stones and you go to the castle,
you see a cool cinema...... Impa with Zelda escaping and then Ganon kicking
your ass! No, seriuously, he throws a ball of electricity at you and knocks
you down.

- Whenever you meet Sheik, you get a cinema.

- When you get the master sword, you see a cool cinema that goes for about
7 minutes..... Actually, it depends if you fall asleep while talking to 
Rauru or not.

- When you defeat the Fire Temple..... Nice cinema, as the village looks on,
Death Mountain returns to its normal self.

- When you go to Kakariko Village to go after the Shadow Medallion, you see
the best cinema of the game if you ask me. The shadow kicks your ass and 
Sheik's too, and the place is set a blaze, then it rains. Cool.

- Nice cinema when you go to fight the final Ganon..... Lightning and 
darkeness..... Perfect setting.

M) Obtaining the Triforce

The number of e-mails I have received about getting the Triforce is 34.
The #1 thing in the rumor killers is that you can't get the Triforce.
Miyamoto, the creator of this game has said you can't get the Triforce.

How come everyone can't become convinced?

Apparently, even the folks over at have a sense of humor. They
played an April Fool's Joke and told everyone you can get the Triforce and
also threw in some fake screenshots. Here's the fake article:

>> The Triforce Is Found!

          Rumors have recently surfaced on the internet regarding the
          location of the Triforce in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of

          Nintendo Power Source has monitored these rumors with
          tightly sealed lips, and we freely admit that we have been
          withholding information regarding the location of the Triforce. 

          All of that will change today. 

                                      Link is perfectly
                                      capable of attaining the
                                      Triforce. In fact, that is
                                      the ultimate end to his
                                      quest. Why else would
                                      there be an empty
                                      Triforce symbol
                                      surrounded by Spiritual
                                      Medallions in the
                                      inventory screen? Ever
                                      wonder why you've
                                      never been able to
                                      unfreeze Zora's
          domain? How would you like to save your game after defeating
          Gannondorf? The Triforce is the answer and the reason for
          these and many other mysteries. 

          Many gamers have
          wondered what they're
          supposed to do with 999
          Rupees, but after looking
          at this exclusive screen
          shot that question seems
          rather ridiculous. Who
          would have thought that
          the simple weapon shop
          in Kokiri Village -- where
          Link begins his quest -- would hold the glorious Triforce? It's
          so simple that apparently no one even tried to flash their cash
          at the short store owner. 

          But wait -- there's more. 

                                    Why in the world would
                                    you pay 999 Rupees for
                                    the Triforce when you can
                                    get it for free? There's only
                                    one Triforce in the game,
                                    but there is more than one
                                    way to earn it. Here's
                                    another exclusive screen
                                    shot, showing young Link
                                    as he earns the Triforce in
          the Temple of Time. We're not going to tell you how to do it,
          but trust us: it's so easy you'll be kicking yourself when you
          figure it out. 

          But wait -- that's not all. 

          Why in the world would
          you walk all the way to
          the Temple of Time when
          you could easily find the
          Triforce in the Great Deku
          Tree? To call the invisible
          treasure chest in the
          Deku Tree well-hidden
          would be a major
          understatement. The best
          gamers in the world have been unable to find it. Now that we've
          given you this valuable clue, why not return to the Great Deku
          Tree and examine its secrets more closely? If gamers had
          spent more time experimenting in the Great Deku Tree, there
          wouldn't be so many questions about the Scarecrow Song
          which is played at the "end" of the game. 

          Confused? You won't be once you unlock the power of the
          Triforce. <<

And here's the fake screenshots:
This is a fake screen of Zora's Domain unfroze as an adult.
A fake screen of Link with 999 rupees buying the Triforce from the Kokiri Shop.
A fake screen of Link obtaining the Triforce from the Temple of Time.
A fake screen of Link obtaing the Triforce from a chest in the Deku Tree.

And finally, here's the message you received if you were smart like me(smirk)
and looked at the url to find out that this was a joke.

Did we fool you? 

       Yesterday, Nintendo Power Source proved that we were bursting at the
       seams with holiday spirit. In the great tradition of April Fools' Day, we filled
       our homepage with hilarious and devious articles, designed to help you
       enjoy the holiday to the fullest. 

       We are obviously quite pleased with ourselves, but we are wondering what
       you think about the Great April Fools' Day Hoax of '99. Based on the e-mail
       we've received, most of you either want to thank us or throw flaming paper
       bags at our office doorstep. We've created this handy post-April 1st poll to
       let you voice your opinion. 

       If you missed yesterday's exclusive coverage, here's one last chance to
       check it out. On a more serious note, we'd like to offer our sincerest
       apologies to everyone who was honestly fooled by our misleading articles --

       Just to make things perfectly clear:

            There is NO #160 Pokémon. Luigi is not anywhere in the game.
            There is no way to capture a Lickitung. 
            There is NO way to get a Triforce in The Legend of Zelda:
            Ocarina of Time. There is no way to unfreeze Zora's Domain.
            There is no way to get 999 Rupees. 
            All of the other stories were fake too. 

       You can stop asking now. 

       So, we can't help but be curious what you think. <<

So basically, they make an April Fool's Joke which a bunch of idiots believe
even after it has been made clear that it's not possible, and they waste 
even more of my time with more mail, then they takee apoll to see which one
was your favorite and joke around not even noticing the hell they have
raised for me. Yipee.

12. Secrets 

a) Oddities / Did You Notice?

1.) As adult after you have gotten the longshot, go on the roof where you 
get the heart piece in Kakariko Village. Look at the windmill, and you'll
see a hole with a wooden peg in the middle. Hit the peg with your longshot
and explore. There will be some stairs and a chicken. I've tried everything,
but I have come to the conclusion that it is a Miyamoto oddity.

2.) When you get the iron boots in the Ice Cavern, Sheik will tell you that
Zora's Domain is frozen over due to the boss in the Water Temple. You are 
told that you must defeat the Water Temple to save the Zoras, but after you
beat the Water Temple, Zoras Domain is still frozen over. Go figure.

3.) You don't get the triforce at the end of the game...... Sequel time.

4.) When you meet Princess Zelda as a kid, look in the windows on the side,
and you'll see pictures of familiar characters from Mario.

5.) Did you notice that the poes make the same exact sound as the ghosts in
Mario? And the ghosts in the Forest Temple also make the sound.

6.) If you peg Epona with an arrow, she gets upset.

7.) You can chop up a square sign with your sword, a spinning attack chops
it all up, and playing Zelda's Lullaby in front of it repairs it.

8.) The Stalchilds only come after you as a child? Why is that?

9.) What are those gossip stones for? Play Zelda's Lullaby for them and you
get a fairy, put a bomb in front of them, and they'll explode and rocket off
into the sky, and talk to them while wearing the mask of truth and they will
reveal secrets to you.

10.) If you beat Malon's obstacle course in less then 50 seconds, a cow will
be at your house.

11.) Walk up to a cow and play Epona's Song for it. If you have an empty
bottle, you'll get free Lon Lon Milk!

12.) Find a chicken running around and slice it with your sword three times
and the camera will put a close up on the chicken's face. He'll start doing
some call, and all these chickens will come to his aid, and if you bump into
one, you'll lose some life. You can avoid it by exiting the level, or going
on Epona.

b) Hidden Rupees

Green Rupees................. Worth 1 Rupee
Blue Rpees................... Worth 5 Rupees
Red Rupees................... Worth 20 Rupees
Purple Rupees................ Worth 50 Rupees
Gold Rupee / Huge Rupee...... Worth 200 Rupees

1.) In the first house in the market, there will be lots of pots with rupees
in them. You can continuously enter and exit the house to keep getting more

2.) Rolling into trees often gets you rupees.

3.) On Death Mountain Trail, you'll see a lighter brown color on the walls.
Bomb them and you'll find some rupees.

4.) After you kill the wolfo in the Sacred Forest Meadow as a kid, go to the
middle of the first area and bomb it. You'll have to kill two wolfos for
a purple rupee.

5.) As a kid, in the day time, walk up the chains on the bridge of the 
castle for red rupees.

6.) Bottle stuff such as bugs or fish, and sell it to someone you see on the
ground begging for you to sell them something with C. They give good cash!

c) GameShark
Special Thanks to Surfing With The Sharks (see credits) for these. It is a 
list of all the GameShark codes.


Infinite Energy................... 8111a6000140
Max Heart......................... 8111a5fe0140
Skulltulas Killed................. 8011a6a100ff
All Equipment..................... 8111a66c7777
All Quest/Status Items............ 8111a67430ff, 8111a676ffff
Press L Button To Levitate........ d01c84B50020, 811daa9040cb
Infinite Small Keys............... 8011a6990009
Have Big Key, Compass, & Map...... 8011a6780007
Have All Spells................... 8011a6490005, 8011a64f000d, 8011a6550013
Have Ocarina of Time.............. 8011a64b0008                                                              
Infinite Magic.................... d011a6090008, 8011a60a0001, 8011a60c0001
Infinite Deku Sticks.............. 8011a6440000, 8011a65c0009                                                             
Infinite Deku Nuts................ 8011a6450001, 8011a65d0009                                                             
Infinite Bombs.................... 8011a6460002, 8011a65e0009                                                                                                             
Infinite Arrows................... 8011a6470003, 8011a65f0009
Infinite Slingshots............... 8011a64a0006, 8011a6620009                                                              
Infinite Bombchu's................ 8011a64c0009, 8011a6640009    
Have Longshot..................... 8011a64d000b
Have Boomerang.................... 8011a650000e                                      
Have Lens of Truth................ 8011a651000f       
Infinite Magic Beans.............. 8011a6520010, 8011a66a0009      
Have Megaton Hammer............... 8011a6530011     
Infinite Magic.................... d011a6090008, 8011a60c0001, 8011a60a0001             
Have All Arrow Types.............. 8011a6480004, 8011a64e000c, 8011a6540012                                     

If the codes above do not work try these:

Infinite Energy................... 8111A7C0 0140                                     
Max Heart......................... 8111A7BE 0140               
Skulltulas Killed................. 8011A861 00FF                                      
All Equipment..................... 8111A82C 7777                
All Quest/Status Items............ 8111A834 30FF, 8111A836 FFFF                                     
Press L Button To Levitate........ d01c86750020, 811dac5040cb
Infinite Small Keys............... 8011a8590009                                    
Have Big Key, Compass, & Map...... 8011a8380007
Have All Spells................... 8011a8090005, 8011a80f000d, 8011a8150013         
Have Ocarina of Time.............. 8011a80b0008    
Infinite Magic.................... d011a7c90008, 8011a7ca0001, 8011a7cc0001                                      
Infinite Deku Sticks.............. 8011a8040000, 8011a81c0009
Infinite Deku Nuts................ 8011a8050001, 8011a81d0009     
Infinite Bombs.................... 8011a8060002, 8011a81e0009            
Infinite Arrows................... 8011a8070003, 8011a81f0009                                       
Have All Arrow Types.............. 8011a8080004, 8011a80e000c, 8011a8140012    
Infinite Slingshots............... 8011a80a0006, 8011a8220009     
Infinite Bombchu's................ 8011a80c0009, 8011a8240009                                      
Have Longshot..................... 8011a80d000b
Have Boomerang.................... 8011a810000e                                      
Have Lens of Truth................ 8011a811000f      
Infinite Magic Beans.............. 8011a8120010, 8011a82a0009                                      
Have Megaton Hammer............... 8011a8130011

13. Ocarina Songs / Fun Stuff

There are a lot of songs you learn throughout the game that allow you to do
things or warp you places. Here is a list of them, and below that is a list
of real life songs that you can play for fun.

1. Zelda's Lullaby
C Left, C Up, C Right, C Left, C U, C Right
Impa teaches you this song when you first meet Zelda. Play it whenever you
see a triforce symbol!

2. Sun's Song
C Right, C Down, C Up, C Right, C Down, C Up
Learn this by playing Zelda's Lullaby on the triforce symbol in the 
graveyard, then get to the end of the royal family's tomb. This song 
changes it from night to day and reverse in Hyrule.

3. Epona's Song
C Up, C Left, C Right, C Up, C Left, C Right
Learn this from Malon as a kid and use it to get free Lon Lon milk from 
cows, and to use Epona as an adult.

4. Saria's Song:
C Down,C Right, C Left, C Down, C Right, C Left
Saria teaches you this song as a kid in her favorite spot that will later 
be calles the forest temple. Use it to communicate with her no matter how
far away you are!

5. Song of Time:
C Right, A, C Down, C Right, A, C Down
The last song you learn as a kid, taught to you by the Princess herself. It
opens the door of time and moves blue blocks around.

6. Song of Storms:
A, C Down, C Up, A, C Down, C Up
This song is required to get the lens of truth. It drains the windmill and
makes it rain. Taught to you as an adult by the guy in the windmill when 
you show him your ocarina.

7. Minuet of the Forest:
A, C Up, C Left, C Right, C Left, C Right
Warps you to the Scared Forest Meadow in the Lost Woods. Taught to you 
by Sheik.

8. Bolero of Fire:
C Down, A, C Down, A, C Right, C Down, C Right, C Down
Warps you to the Death Mountain Crater. Taught to you by Sheik.

9. Serenade of Water:
A, C Down, C Right, C Right, C Left
Warps you to the entrance of the Water Temple. Taught to you by Sheik.

10. Nocturne of Shadow:
C Left, C Right, C Right, A, C Left, C Right, C Down
Warps you to the entrance of the Shadow Temple. Taught to you by Sheik.

11. Requiem of Spirit:
A, C Down, A, C Right, C Down, A
Warps you to the Spirit Temple. Taught to you by Sheik.

12. Prelude of Light:
C Up, C Right, C Up, C Right, C Left, C Up
Warps you back to the Temple of Time. Taught to you by Sheik when you 
return to the Master Sword room after beating the Forest Temple.

13. Scarecrow's Song:
As young Link, go to Lake Hylia and look for a farm like area. Show the 
scarecrow your Ocarina and he'll ask you to compse a song eight letters 
long. He'll "record" it for you...Make it easy to remember! Then, as 
Adult Link, come back and play the exact song for him. Now you have it! 
Playing this song will make the Scarecrow warp down and sit in an area 
high above, so you can use him as a HookShot/LongShot target.

Fun Songs To Play

Very special thanks to Willow and Hoops( for taking 
tons of their time, putting this together, and letting me use it. Their
Ocarina tunes can be found on GameFAQs.

Hey, what's up, folks?  We know a lot of you were bummed out that
the Zelda Overworld theme was missing in "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina
of Time", so we decided to let you put it in there anyway.  After
many hours of tiring labor, (not to mention several cans of Jolt),
we've figured out how to play it on the ocarina!  This way, that
one piece that was missing from our lives, that empty void, that
energy-sucking black hole which mercilessly consumed all which is
good in our lives can now be filled!  Alright, anyway, we also
provided you with a few tunes to practice on, cuz the Overworld
theme is plenty hard to play.


Ok, here's how the buttons work:
A, Cu, Cd, Cl, Cr:  A, C-Up, C-Down, C-left, C-Right
Z, R:  Press Z and/or R with the A or C button
U, D:  Push analog stick up or down with the A or C button

For example, U-R-Cu means to push up, R, and C-Up at the same
time. If it has a number before it, like 2-Cr, you would press
C-Right twice.


And, finally, the songs (these are arranged in order of
        difficulty, the easy ones first):

1. Simpsons theme:
        Cd, Cr, Cl, Cu, D-Cu, D-Cl, Cd, A, 3-Z-D-A, D-A

2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:
        2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A
        2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A, 2-D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, A
        2-D-A, 2-D-Cr, 2-cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd, 2-Z-Cd, 2-A, D-A

3. Jurassic Park theme:
        Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr, Cu, Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, D-Cr,
        Cu, 2-Z-Cu, Cu, Cr, A, D-Cu

4. Titanic theme:
        4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, U-Cd,
        Cr, U-Cd, 4-Cd, Z-Cd, 2-Cd, D-A

5. Men in Black theme:
        A, Cd, A, 3-Cr, D-Cr, Cr, R-Cr, Cr, Cd, U-Cd, Cr

6. Frosty the Snowman:
        A, Z-D-A, D-A, A, U-Cd, R-Cd,
        U-Cd, Cr, U-Cd, R-Cd, Z-Cd, A

7. In My Room (Beach Boys):
        2-D-A, A, D-A, 2-U-A, Cd, U-A, 2-U-Cd,
        Cr, Cd, 2-U-Cd, U-A, A, Cd, A, D-A

8. Good Riddance (Green Day):
        2-A, Z-D-A, A, U-A, R-Cd, U-A, A, Z-D-A, A, Z-D-A,
        A, U-A, R-Cd, 2-A, Z-D-A, 2-A, Z-Cd, A, 2-Z-A, A

9. Closing Time (Semisonic):
        Cu, Cl, D-Cl, Cl, 2-D-Cl, 2-D-Cr, 2-Z-Cd,
        D-Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cl, Cr, Cl, D-Cr

10. Overworld theme from Zelda:
        Cd, D-A, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cr, 3-D-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, 3-R-U-Cu,
        U-Cu, Cu, U-Cu, Cu, 2-R-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Cu, R-Cl,
        Z-Cl, D-Cl, Z-Cl, R-Cl, Z-Cl, D-Cl, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, Cu,
        D-Cu, then D-A many many times

Submitted Songs:

  The following songs were submitted by John J(
        I added a few notes on the first, and changed the second
        one in the tiniest little bit to make it easier to play.
        I don't know the third, and the Star Trek theme has
        slipped my mind, so those aren't checked.

1. Star Wars theme:
        3-D-A, Cd, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr,
        D-Cr, U-R-Cu, R-Cl, Z-Cl, Cr, Z-Cl, D-Cr, 2-Cd, D-Cr

2. Imperial March from The Empire Strikes Back:
        3-U-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr,
        3-Cu, R-Cu, R-Cr, R-Cd, R-A, R-Cr, D-Cr

3. Axel F (Theme from Beverly Hills Cop):
        A, Cd, 2-A, U-Cd, A, D-A, A, Cr, 2-A, Z-Cl, Cr, Cd,
        A, Cr, Cu, A, 2-D-A, Cr, Z-Cd, A

4. Star Trek theme:
        Cd, Z-Cl, R-Cu, Cu, Z-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl, U-R-Cu

  These songs were sent in by Noobster1(
Both are checked and sound good.

1.  Mary Had a Little Lamb:
        Cl, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, 3-Cl, 3-Cr, Cl, 2-Cu

2.  Kakariko Village Theme:
        A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, Cu, A, U-Cd, A, Cl, U-Cd, 2-Cu,
        U-Cu, R-Cd, U-Cu, Cu, 3-Cl, Cr, 3-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd,
        A, D-A, D-Z-A, D-A, A, D-Z-A, 2-U-Cd, R-Cd, Cr, U-Cd,
        A, Cu, D-Cu, Cl, Cr, D-Cr

By Popular Request:

1. One Week (Barenaked Ladies)(Requested by Mikey)
        -*NOTE* Due to the many harmonies of Barenaked Ladies, and
                a battle of melodies ensuing between the authors,
                which ended in a draw, there are two versions of
                the second part of the song.

          A, Cd, 2-Cd, U-Cd, Cd, U-Cd, 2-Cd, 6-Cr, 3-Cd, U-Cd, Cd

   Willow:6-Rcl, 4-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd
   Hoops: 4-R-Cl, 2-Cr, 2-R-Cr, 2-Cr, D-Cr, 2-Cd

2. Mission Impossible theme (Requested by General_Bradley)
        2-R-A, R-Cd, Z-Cr, 2-D-Cd, Z-A, A

        R-A, R-Cd, Cl, A, Cd, R-Cr, Z-A, Z-Cd, Cr, Z-Cr, D-Cr


  The following are still on my list to figure out:  a Metallica
song, "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, and the "Ballad of the
Wingfish" from Gameboy's "A Link to the Past".  Those and others
are all coming up in the next version, which should be done in a
day or two.  Remember, keep those requests and submissions coming!
I love them!  Mail them to Willow at
Sent to me by "Marc_Lehmkühler" 

It is not complete, I'll finish it later:

2-Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, 2-Cr, D-Cr, Cd
2-Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cu
2-Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Cr, 3-Cl

2-Z-Cd, Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Z-Cd, D-A
Z-Cd, D-Cr, 3-Cr, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, D-Cr
2-Cr, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl
D-A, A, Cd, D-Cr, Cd, Z-Cd, A, D-A, D-Cr

2-Z-Cd, Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Z-Cd, D-A
Z-Cd, D-Cr, 3-Cr, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, D-Cr
2-Cr, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl
R-Cl, Cu, R-U-Cu, U-Cu, Cl, 2-R-Cl

R-Cl, Cu, U-Cu, Cl, D-Cr, Z-Cd, Cr, Cl, R-Cl, D-Cr
Cd, D-Cr, Cr, D-Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cr, R-Cl, Cu

Z-Cd, A, Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Z-Cd, 2-A, 2-D-A,
Z-Cd, D-Cr, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, R-Cl, D-Cr, Cd, 2-Z-Cd, Cd, A
Z-Cd, A, Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Z-Cd, 2-A, 2-D-A,
Z-Cd, D-Cr, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, R-Cl, D-Cr, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, A, D-A, D-Cr, Z-D-A

14. Your Friends

Your Friends and Nice People 

Navi the Fairy:
Navi the Fairy is the first friend you'll have in the game. She'll be the
first one to meet you and wake you up. Then throughout the rest of the game,
she'll guide you through the levels, and give you tips and strategies on 
what to do.

Saria is kind of like your best friend, and she also holds the fairy ocarina
and is the Forest Sage. She plays an important role in the game as your 
friend, and she will help you with advice whenever you need it.

The Great Deku Tree
The Deku Tree has allowed you to stay in Kokiri Forest as a Kokiri, because
he feels you are the destined one. He is the holder of the Kokiri Emerald
and is the owner of the Forest.

Though annoying at times, the owl is your friend. You'll spot him in 
different places and he'll give you advice, and offer things to you. He is 
also the guy that gives you the map of Hyrule Field.

Malon, who you meet as a kid and keep a friendship with as an adult, is a 
surprise in the game, as she doesn't hold any medallions or stones. She is
the daughter of the owner of Lon Lon Ranch and she teaches you Epona's Song
with later allows you to keep Epona.

Talon is Malon's Father, and the owner of Lon Lon Ranch. You don't really
get to know him that well but he's a nice guy.

Princess Zelda
The Princess is the one who tells you your destiny, and has you go out and
save Hyrule. She plays an important role in the game, as her strong powers
help you defeat Ganon. She is the keeper if the light arrows.

Impa is Zelda's guardian when you are a kid, and the Shadow Sage as an 
adult. She is pretty much Zelda's bodyguard as she makes sure Zelda is well
protected. Impa is also one of the Sheikah who many people thought died out.
Chicken Lady
Alright, not really your friend, but she's nice enough to reward you with a
bottle and other goodies if you help her out.

Guard On Death Mountain
He's not so generous until you show him Zelda's Letter. But after that he's
a nice guy. If you show him Zelda's Letter then go buy the Hylian Shield 
from the Bizarre in the market, you really get a 30 rupee discount!

The gorons are friendly individuals who always offer kindness to you.... But
what do you expect after saving them twice? (Dodongo's Cavern, Fire Temple).

Darunia has quite a role in this game. Not only is he the ruler of the 
goron's, he is also the Fire Sage and the keeper of the Goron's Ruby. He 
also becomes your sword brother. What a guy.

Great Fairies
The Great Fairies give you the power to move on by rewarding you with items
and refilling your life energy. Navi must be real jealous.

Medi Goron
Medi Goron is the fat Goron in Goron City that sells you the Giant's Knife.
Not so great, but at least he doesn't try to kill you. 

Big Goron
Big Goron really becomes your pal in this game. He is the talented sword 
maker that lives on top of Death Mountain. He makes the Biggoron's Sword for
you, and he is as big as the mountain.

Zoras are like the gorons only in the water habitat and not the fire. They
are nice people that except you.

King Zora
He is the big King of the Zoras and rewards you with a bottle if you offer
to go rescue his Princess. He is also the guy who rewards you with a Zora
Tunic if you save him as an adult.

Princess Ruto
Princess Ruto is the Princess of the Zoras, and the daughter of King Zora as
she also plays a huge role in the game. She is the keeper of the Water
Medallion, the Zora's Sapphire, and, she's your fiance.

You don't really get to know him that well but he is the head of the sages,
he is the first sage you meet, and he is the Light Sage as he rewards you 
with the Light Medallion/

Dampe Spirit
Believe it or not, Dampe the Gravekeeper is a nice guy when he is alive and
when he is dead. Even though he's grouchy during the day, he's cool in the
graveyard at night, and he is the one that gives you the hookshot as his own

Well, Sheik is Princess Zelda in disguise, but she is 2 totally different
personalities. Sheik teaches you the tunes for your ocarina that warp you
to the temples, the temple of time, and she clues you in on what to do.

Though you meet her at the end of the game, she is still a Gerudo and the
keeper of the Spirit Medallion as the Spirit Sage. She is also the one that
pretty much leads you to the silver gauntlets.

I....... Think, that.......... That's it???

15. Your Enemies
Here's the enemies of the game, and the strategy to defeat them. They're 
listed in alphabetical order. If you need help on an enemy, Z-Target it and 
hit C-Up. Navi will tell you the name and a strategy. Look for the name 
here. There are currently 52 enemy strategies listed here.


Anubis - Found in the Spirit Temple, as navi says, this thing is vulnerable
to fire. So, kill it simply with Din's Fire or a Fire Arrow. Watch out, 1
heart is deducted for every blow.

Armos - Found in Dodngo's Cavern and the Spirit Temple, this statue bounces
around and charges out you. Sneak up behind it and slash it with your sword
or time it with a bomb.


Bari - Found in Jabu Jabu's Belly, this thing is simply a jellyfish. Use
a deku stick, or for an easier kill, the boomerang. Don't touch it or it 
will electrocute you!

Beamos - Found in Dodongo's Cavern, the Shadow Temple, the Spirit Temple,
and Ganon's Castle. Watch out, because this thing has a a searching eye and
whn it sees you, it will shoot off a laser at you. What's even worse is that
the only way you can kill it is with a bomb. So keep distance, Z-Target and
let that bomb fly!

Biri - Found in Jabu Jabu's Belly, this is the same exact thing as the Bari
only less dangerous. Kill it easily with the boomerang, and keep your sword
away from it.

Blue Bubble - Found in the Forest Temple, Z-target this easy opponent and
run into it with your shield to put its flame out, then hack away with your
sword. You can also extinguish the flame with the hookshot.

Blue Tektite - Located at Lake Hylia and the Water Temple, this blue spider
like creature that was in the original Zelda game is extremely easy to kill.
You can stun it with the hookshot, slash it with your sword, or peg it with
an arrow. One hit with the Biggoron's Sword.

Business Scrub - Found in the early stages of the game such as the Lost 
Woods and almost every ungeon, this is the same thing as a deku scrub only
it stands up on its long legs.


None Found.


Deku Scrub - Located in Kokiri Forest, and the Deku Tree Dungeon, Z-target 
thesew bush like enemies, and press R to use your shield to bounce the deku
nut they shoot at you back at them.

Dinolfo - Found at the end of Ganon's Castle, this powerful, cinning, bouncy
enemies moves around a lot and has a powerful swing with its sword. You'll
have to block their attack with your shield and quickly slash them from 
behind to injure them. Lunging is a good idea for a quick comeback.

Dodongo - Located in Dodongo's Cavern, this is a small version of King 
Dodongo himself. They move slow, but they'll breathe fire out at you. Walk 
in front of one so it stops and shoots fire out, then go and slash the tail
to defeat. Oh yeah, and get away from it after it's dead because it blows

Dodongo Larva - These little creatures are also found in Dodongo's Cavern 
and are miniature Dodongo's. Just don't touch them, hit them with your sword
and move when they're dead because these, too, will explode.


None Found.


Fake Chest - Watch out for these found in the Spirit Temple and Ganon's
Castle. When you open them, an enemy or a way that causes injury will pop 
out! There's not a whole lot you can do about it, either, just be cautious.

Fake Door - Found only in the Fire Temple, when you go to open a fake door,
it lands on you! Ouch! All you can do is bomb it to make sure it isn't 
leading to a fake passage, or just let it be.

Fake Pot - Located in the Shadow Temple, these things will fly up in the air
and nail you for a loss. Smack it with your sword and teach it a little 
lesson. The good part is, however, if you get hit, a heart usually come out
of it.

Floor Master - Located in the Forest Temple and the Shadow Temple, these
giant hands roam the floor and crash into you. The bad part is that if you
kill it with the sword, the pieces are still alive and you'll have to defeat
those, too.

Freezard - Found in the Ice Cavern, staying away from these things is a good
idea. They'll shoot ice out of their mouth, and if it hits you, you'll be
caught inside the ice and won't be able to breath! The best strategy is to
keep distance until it blows the ice out, and immediately after, run up and
hack away at it with your sword.


Gerudo Guard - Located in Gerudo Fortress, this lady carries two swords and
knows how to use them! Keep hacking away and fighting her off, and throw in
some lunges to throw her off.

Ghoma Larva - Found only Inside the Deku Tree, these are babies af the Deku
Tree boss. You'll have to keep fighting off these annoying tiny pieces of
larva as they'll keep coming at you.

Gibdo - Located in the Graveyard, various secret areas, the Bottom of the 
Well, the Shadow Temple, and Ganon's Castle, these things are scary but are
easy opponents. Use your hookshot to stun it and pull yourself over to it,
and when it's stunned, two hits with the Biggoron's Sword takes care of it.

Giant Moblin - There's only one of these in the entire game, and he's in the
back of the Sacred Forest Meadow as an adult. He has a huge bat that shakes
the ground. Run around the waves it sends off, or peg it three times with an
arrow to kill it..... Don't forget to pick up the rupees it leaves behind
because it's a good source of money.

Golden Skulltula - See section #10 for thier locations, these are easy 
little nice looking spiders where just about andy weapon kills them.

Guay - Found at Lon Lon Ranch at night, Lake Hylia, and the Desrt Colossus,
this is kind of like an evil bird that will fly around and follow you and
pester you, then charge at you for a loss. The sword is a good approach, and
a lot of other weapons kill it too.


None Found.


Ice Keese - This is a bat with blue stuff surrounding it, and if it hits you
you'll be frozen in a block of ice and suffer a big loss. Found only in the
Ice Cavern, you can hit this with your sword, but it's better to take them
out with arrows before trying to perform a task in a room.

Ice Wolfo - Found at the end of the Ice Cavern only, it's a white Wolfo that
adjusts to ice. Very typical, easy enemy. And the reward for beating him is
the iron boots!

Iron Knuckle - Located in the Spirit Temple, this huge, fierce, dangerous
enemy is set to destroy you. He is big and has armor, and carries an ax that
he'll swing at you like he's trying to hit a homerun. Just let him swing.
He's slow at swinging, so take advantage and run around and chop him from
behind. Lunging is a good technique for a quick, harsh attack.


None Found.


Keese - Found in almost all dungeons and many secret grottos, this bat is
sneaky and and pestering. Z-Target it and hit it with your arrow or 
slingshot, depending on how old you are. Don't let it bother you or your 
head will explode! Keep cool!


Leever - Found in the Desert Colossus, this annoying enemy is tough to kill.
It rides in the sand and tries to hit you. They come from all different 
directions, so even though you can kill them with your sword, it's a lot 
easier to avoid them.

Like Like - Located in many Adult dungeons, this fat tub of goo will not
injure you, he'll steal your equipment! He sucks you in and eats your 
equipment and he doesn't let it go until he's dead. Peg him twice with an 
arrow low into the body and he'll die. He's also a good hookshot target.

Lizalfos - Found in Dodongo's Cavern, I guess you can call this thing a 
dinosaur with a sword and shield. They work together as they come in pairs,
and you'll have to hit them when they move thier guard, or if you're quick,
a lunge from behind.


Mad Scrub - This thing is the same thing as a deku scrub, only it's red. 
Check out "Deku Scrub" for information on killing it.

Moblin - Located in the Sacred Forest Meadow as an adult, this huge creature
may look slow, but don't let that fool you. You can kill it with one peg of
an arrow, otherwise, you'll have to run by it without it seeing you. If you
get in it's line of sight, he'll use his spear to send you 20 feet back!


None Found.


Octorok - Found in Zora's River, lake Hylia, and other water places, this
enemy will pop out of the water and shoot something at you. Z-Target, and
use your shield to bounce it back, just like it's a deku scrub.


Parasitic Tentacle - These weiner looking objects are found only in Jabu 
Jabu's Belly, as you'll need the boomerang to kill them. Z-target, and move
close, then when it's coming to hit you, throw the bomerang, and get out of
the way.

Peahat - Found in Hyrule Field, you can't kill these; all you can do is run
away. They're quick and they have sharp blades surrounding the outside and
they'll chase you and try to cut you up.

Poe - Located in the Graveyard, the Haunted Wasteland, and of course, Hyrule
Field as an adult, these are easy to kill; peg them with arrows, it'll be
paralyzed for a second after the first hit, then peg it again to kill it. As
a kid, follow it and use your shield, and when the time is right, chop it to


None Found.


Red Bubble - Located in fire areas, this is the same thing as the blue 
bubble and green bubbles, only it has red around it, Remove the flame with
your shield or the hookshot, then slash away.

Red Tektite - Located as a kid at Death Mountain Trail, this tektite is the
same as a blue tektite but likes warmer areas, I suppose. Slashing it with
the sword breaks it up easily.

Redead - Located in many secret grottos, almost all Adult dungeons, and 
Ganon's Castle, when you look at this thing you'll hear a scream and pause
for a second. Use your hookshot to stun it and pull yourself over to it, and
repeatedly slash it without giving it a chance to lock you in this sleeper
like move.


Shabom - Located in Jabu Jabu's Belly, this bubble may be the easiest enemy
in the game. Almost everything takes it out, the boomerang is probably the
quickest method along with a spinning sword move.

Shell Blade - Located in the Water Temple, you can kill these whether you 
are underwater or above, because all it takes is a single shot with the
hookshot. Z-target it and when it opens its mouth, let the hookshot go and
it will die.

Skulltula - Located in tons of places, mostly as a kid, this spider can be
killled with almost any item. Very basic, simple enemy.

Skullwalltula - Also in many dungeons, this is a skulltula that hangs out on
vines, or walls you can climb. You'll have to Z-target them up high to kill
them with almost any weapon, and if you're climbing up a wall and one sees
you, it will turn purple, then charge at you and knock you right off!

Spike - Found in the Water Temple, this is another enemy that is easy to 
kill under or above water. Just Z-target it when it's coming at you, and 
hit it with the hookshot so it dies down. Then hit it once more with the 
hookshot to kill it.

Stalchild - Found only in Hyrule Field as a child at night, these baby 
stalfos take two hits with the Kokiri Sword to put out. Be careful though,
because they come out in pairs and very frequently.

Stalfos - Found all over the place in almost every dungeon, this enemy dates
back all the way to the original Zelda game. It's a skeleton with a sword 
and shield that will put up a hell of a fight, jumping and slashing all over
you. It is very big and very fierce, and you'll have to kill it by slashing
it either after it missis you or after he goes for something to kill you.
This enemy is tough and takes multiple hits, even with the Biggoron's Sword
and other strong weapons in the game. Not to mention it has quick reflexes
and will block most other weapons with its shield, leaving you only with the
sword to kill it.

Stinger - Located in Jabu Jabu's Belly and the Water Temple, these enemies
usually come in groups. A spin attack with the sword would be good to wipe
them all out, and most weapons kill them. As a kid, the boomerang or 
slingshot will do.


Tailpasaran - Found in Jabu Jabu's Belly, these enemies aren't really worth
your time, so stunning it with a deku nut would be good to get around it.
Otherwise, lots of weapons kill it.

Torch slug - Located in the Fire Temple, the Spirit Temple, and Ganon's
Castle, this annoying enemy will chase you around with some fire. A few hits
with the sword will take it out but I would just stun it with the hookshot
so it leaves you alone.


None Found.


None Found.


Wall Master - Found in the Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, and Ganon's Castle,
I don't think you can really kill these things. They are giant hands that
drop from the ceiling and drop you off back at the start of the dungeon!
You'll see your shadow get big and you'll hear a noise menaing it is coming
for you. If you get out of the way and see it, you can chop it a few times
but it's not visible when it's back on the ceiling. The best strategy is to
listen to Navi, and when she tells you to watch the shadows, be ready to run
in the next room and be prepared.

White Bubble - Found in the Spirit Temple, this is a skeleton head with no
slame surrounding it. Hit it with your sword to easily kill it, and a number
of methods stun it for you.

Wolfos - Located in the Sacred Forest Meadow, the Forest Temple, Spirit
Temple, Ganon's Castle, and the Ice Cavern (see Ice Wolfo) this is an angry
wolf that will swing his paws at you. Use your shield to block the slap, 
then counter by slashing him with your sword. It'll take a few hits even
with the Biggoron's Sword.


None Found.


None Found.


None Found.

16. Gold Rupee Locations

There are several ways to get a gold rupee, or in the game, known as a huge
rupee, that is worth an incredible 200 rupees! Here's how to get the ones I
know of.

1) Your reward for collecting 100 gold skulltula tokens is a gold rupee
that you can keep going back to.

2) Take about 12 steps behind the first tree in Kakariko Village and blow
up the ground. A hole should appear with your prize. Your stone of agony 
will shake if you have the stone and a rumble pak.

3) Step onto the platform outside of Goron City and play the song of storms
in the middle of the platform.

4) After killing Dead Hand and getting the lens of truth, put it on and 
look at the back wall. There should be a chest containing your golden prize
worth 200 rupees.

5) In the Gerudo Training Grounds, you'll reach a room with 3 Like Likes.
Kill them all and a chest will appear with your golden prize.

17. Personal Review

I rate this game a 9 out of 10. It almost hit perfection, but the end is 
where I think it all went south.

GRAPHICS Extremely great graphics, including the faces of all the
characters, including young and old link. Also, the places are absolutely
perfect, like the forest and fire temple, etc. And Ganondorf....... This 
guy's face is so scary he gives me nightmares still!

SOUND The only thing that I didn't like about the sound is that the 
original 8-Bit NES Zelda theme wasn't in the game. But the music when you
see Ganondorf, and the way it stays smooth during loud parts is great.

WHAT WENT WRONG? The game was an inch away from being perfect. The thing I
didn't like was the ending. You beat the game, then turn the system back on
and you're in Ganon's Castle again! Couldn't we let Link marry one of his
many girlfriends, or at least let the Princess have her castle back? Oh, 
Mido, I thought for sure we would get the last laugh on him, but I guess 

THE BEST PART ABOUT IT - The game's story goes along perfectly. Every 
character has a role, and it's amazing that Miyamoto could keep the same
story line of a game, yet improve it so much.

Overall: 9/10..... Almost.

18. Frequently Asked Questions

Here is some extra stuff that a lot of people frequently ask me. So, since
a lot of this stuff isn't in the walkthrough or another section, I put it
together in this FAQ.

Q: How do I keep the Giant's Knife from breaking?
A: You can't. Don't buy it, it's a waste of money.
Q: Why do I hear a com mooing and I'm on the ground?
A: In a few places, a cow is hidden under the ground! The purpose for this,
is that you can bomb the ground, drop in, and play Epona's Song for it and
get some free Lon Lon Milk from it. You need a bottle, though.
Q: In the Royal Family's Tomb, how do I get past the first room?
A: Kill all the keese, including the tough one to find.... He'll be by the
Q: Can I neat the runner?
A: No. No matter how fast or slow you go, he'll always beat you by one 
Q: How do I open Jabu Jabu's mouth?
A: Catch a fish in a bottle and throw the fish in his mouth.
Q: Where's the boss in the Forest Temple?
A: Take the elevator type thing down and push the walls around! Eventually,
you will free a switch that allows you into the boss room.
Q: In the Gerudo Training Grounds, I have all the keys and I'm in the room
with all the locked doors to get to the ice arrows. What order do I go?
A: Take a left, then climb up the fence in there and use your lens of truth
to find a passage at the top with a key. Then keep moving forward until you
get to them.
Q: I read the gold skulltula locations part but they're not there, and....
A: Some only come out at night.
Q: Which Big Goron do I get the Biggorons sword from?
A: The one on top of the mountain, not the one in Goron City.
Q: How do I enter the Shadow Temple?
A: Light all the torches. Din's Fire lights them all at once.
Q: I'm in Ganon's Castle and I'm shooting the sages ball to destroy the
barrier. How come nothing happens when I hit it with an arrow?
A: It MUST be a light arrow! A lot in this castle will require light arrows
for extra power.
Q: Where are the golden gauntlets?
A: In the Shadow Barrier of Ganon's Castle. See the walkthrough.
Q: Is the treasure chest game impossible without the kens of truth?
A: No. The lens of truth will allow you to easily win it, but believe it or
not, I went in there for about the fifth time, and chose the first chest
correctly. It was the one on the right. Then every other one was left, 
right, left, right. It's a pattern. However, I still suggest using the lens
of truth so you don't waste money.
Q: Where is the Golden Scale?
A: You'll have to get it from the owner of the fishing pond. Catch a 10+ 
pound fish as an adult and he'll hand it over.
Q: What's the difference between the golden scale and silver scale?
A: The silver scale allows you to dive for 5 seconds, while the golden scale
allows you to dive for 8 seconds. Not much, but the golden scale is required
for a heart piece.
Q: If I get every upgrade, what will I be able to hold?

Deku Seeds: 50

Deku Nuts: 40

Arrows: 50

Bombs: 40

Deku Sticks: 30

Rupees: 500
Q: Damn, my arrow won't work here!
A: Try a light arrow.
Q: When in Ganon's Castle, how do I know which barrier is which?
A: You have to look at the light above the door that is feeding the main 
chamber. For instance, if you see green above the door, it is the Forest
Barrier because the Forest Medallion is green. Just press pause and kepe in
mind the colors of the medallions.
Q: Why is Navi green?
A: If Navi turns green, there is something significant about that area. It
usually hints an enemy, or a longshot target on a high platform.
Q: Is there a gold edition of Zelda 64?
A: Yes, but you can't get it anymore; it was only available if you pre
ordered it a while ago.
Q: Damn, I have the regular Zelda 64 edition, guess there's no extra 
dungeons, huh?
A: Wrong! The only difference between the gold edition and standard edition
is the color of the box, and the color of the cartridge. Oh yeah, and the 
gold edition is worth more because it was sold in limited quantities.
Q: Are there any codes for the game?
A: There are tons of secrets and it's gameshark compatible, but no, there's
nothing where you can pause the game and hit certain buttons to access 
cheats or other playing features.
Q: In Nintendo Power, it says there's a heart piece on top of a house in
Kokiri Forest near the entrance to the Lost Woods. Where is it?
A: Apparently, Nintendo Power relaesed this guide in the early stages of the
games' creation, and the heart piece was moved. I think they moved it to the
jam session game in the Lost Woods.
Q: What's that number on the select file screen?
A: It's the number of how many times the Game Over screen has appeared in 
that particular file.
Q: Can you fight a boss twice?
A: No. You can go back in dungeons to get gold skulltulas and other things,
but when you re-enter the boss room, all that will be there is the blue
light. Oh, but you can fight the two Ganon's at the end of the game as many
times as you want...... Keep going up to him.
6/16/99 FOR VERSION 2.0
Q: I have a rumble pak, and I have the stone of agony. Sometimes my
rumble pak shakes, and I bomb that spot away for hours, only to
find nothing. What's going on here?
A: A couple things could be wrong here:
1) Your rumble pak is broke.
2) The secret has nothing to do with bombing (it could mean to roll into
a tree, smash something with the megaton hammer, etc.).
3) The shake is naturally occuring from the rumble pak - sometimes
it shakes not because of what's happening in the game.

19. Rumor Killers

There are a few flaming idiots out there that just don't understand. So, I
dedicate this section to them.

1.) You cannot get the Triforce! You do not get it at the end, nor can you
ever get it in the game! It has been said already by Nintendo themself! 
Also, Nintendo is probably working on a sequel. So, if you get the Triforce
and the Sages lock up Ganandorf, then what will be the point of a sequel?
In some games, you just can't win. This is the bad thing about Mario......
If you could never defeat Bowser, how great would the game be today? 

2.) There are no friggin Pegasus Boots so stop asking. Seriously, some idiot
started this rumor that you can get the Pegasus Boots that make you run 
twice as fast as Epona. This rumor grew quick and there are about 172 ways
on how to get them all over the place, but I think you'll be wasting your

3.) The songs you learn will be stored on your screen when you hit pause.
You also have the scarecrow song. These are the only songs you learn! There
is no Song of Sages or Song of Light! This is very interesting, but no, you
don't get anymore tunes then the ones above. Sorry.

4.) You can't reach Gerudo Fortress as a kid. There is a guy blocking the
path, and as an adult, you get over there with use of the hookshot or Epona
and you don't have either of these as a child. And, is you play the song
that warps you to the Spirit Temple, you don't have the hover boots to get
you throught the Haunted Wasteland.

5.) You cannot play as Sheik! You know, these rumors just get worse every 
time I don't think it can be any stupider.

6.) There is no Fire Sword, no Ice Sword, and no Light Sword! Your cheap 
Kokiri Sword, a Giant's Knife that breaks after using it 4 times, a Master
Sword that is ok, and a kickass Biggoron's Sword is all you'll get, no 
matter how hard you try.

7.) There is no Secret Sky Temple, or anything like that, it's all a load of
crap. As Sheik says, as Rauru says, as Nintendo says, there are 5 temples,
Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit, and there's 6 medallions.... The 5
from the Temples and the Light Medallion given to you.

8.) You cannot beat the running man! IT - IS - IMPOSSIBLE. Apparently 
Nintendo covered this too....... He'll always beat you by one second whether
your time is 1 second or 100 years. This is where a lot of the rumors start,
for example, the creative makers of these rumors say that in order to get
the Ice Sword, beat the running man. I don't think so.

9.) You don't get a job for Talon at Lon Lon Ranch! Here's the newest one
yet. "They Say" that if you win Talon's chicken game as a kid and go back 
to him as an adult, he'll give you a job and pay you for it. No, no, no!

10.) (NEW) A reader of this FAQ sent this one in:

>> Have you
heard of a guy named kane ? He claims that he knows how to get the fairy
orcania when you are an adult. He said it will lead you to find the
triforce. <<

This has been proven to be untrue........ There is absolutely no chance in
hell you will be able to get the Triforce. The Kane part and the Fairy 
Ocarina part aren't proven to be false, but I highly doubt it. 

20. Mini Games
A lot of the games in Zelda will help you on your journey. Here are the
strategies to beat them, because the prizes are often good, such as weapon
upgrades and other goodies!

#1 - Fishing

Please see the side quests section for a complete fishing guide compliments
of Michael Alfera (see credits).

#2 - Bombchu Bowling

Found in the Market as young Link, you'll need 30 rupees and good skill for
this game. You'll be given 10 bombchus, and you'll have to aim them so that
they hit the center of the wall every time. But the tricky part is that you
will have to do it three times, where the distances get longer and different
objects block your way, and you're only given 10 bombchus. Use them wisely
for great prizes such as a heart piece, and a big bomb bag.

#3 - Horse Archery 

After freeing all 4 carpenters during your quest for the Spirit Medallion,
head over to the left and go up the hill. Play the game up there for 29
rupees. You'll ride Epona and you'll have to hit the bulls-eye targets and
other items. The best strategy is to hit the pots on your first sequence, 
then hit the bulls-eye at the end when you turn, then on the way back fire
at the bulls-eye and hit the one at the end. 1000 points earns you a heart
piece, and 1500 points earns you the largets arrow quiver!

#4 - The Diving Game

Found in Zora's Domain as a kid, beating this game is required to move 
forward in the game. Go to the top of the Domain near King Zora, and enter
the tunnel to the left. Talk to the Zora and play the diving game. She'll
throw silver rupees in the water and give you 1 minute to collect them all.
Dive off the watefall and collect them all. It's very easy because they'll
be in the same area. After collecting them all in the time given, go talk 
to the Zora again, and claim your prize: The Silver Scale, which allows you
to dive for 5 seconds.

#5 - Archery

Found in the market as a kid, and Kakariko Village as an adult, you'll use
your slingshot as a kid and bow as an adult. You'll have to step up and hit
all the rupees that pass by. They're all easy until the two red ones come
across the top. Hit the first one, and immediately shoot in the same place
to hit the other. Great prizes come out of this game too, such as weapon
upgrades and purple rupees.

#6 - Defeating Ingo

In order to get Epona (see side quests) you'll have to race Mr. Ingo twice!
Both times, just hug the fence so that you take the shorter path. Use all
of your carrots except for the last one, and every time the second carrot
comes back, use it. If you use all your carrots up, you'll go really slow
and lose. He doesn't get harder the second time around, so keep calm and use
the strategy twice.

#7 - Epona Obstacle Course

After obtaining Epona, go back to Lon Lon Ranch and play Malon's game. 
You'll have to break the record of 50 seconds set by Malon herself. Don't
waste carrots on the first few gates, only the higher ones! Never use that
last carrot unless you're about to finish! Your prize is that Malon sends a
cow to your house (play Epona's Song for it for free Lon Lon Milk). It's
not a great prize, but the game is absolutely free!

#8 - Treaure Chest Game

Found in the Market as young Link and only open at night, the lens of truth
will be helpful here. If you happen to choose the correct chest your first
time, just go to the opposite side in the next room. Keep doing this as a
heart piece awaits you at the end. You can cheat with the lens of truth to
easily get you through it. After you beat it for the heart piece, you can
go back in but the main prize will always be a puple rupee.

#9 - Racing Dampe

After becoming an adult, go to the graveyard, and go to the left on the hill
and pull out the tomb there. Drop in, and you'll meet a ghost named Dampe. 
He was the guy that owned the Graveyard and worked at it and everything. If
you've read his diary, you'll know he has a treasure that he keeps. Race him
and stay with him to the end. He'll drop fire at you but it's easy to avoid
and you'll just follow every turn he makes. You don't have to defeat him, 
you just have to stay with him until the end, and a treasure chest will 
await you with the hookshot in it! I believe the worst time you can have 
while still staying with him is 1:12, but I'm not sure.

21. Fan Submitted Stuff

I have made this extra section and I'll put all the stuff that people send
to me here, whether it be a tip, a secret, or anything else that fits into
the category.

From: Amber Ferguson 

Subject: Zelda Fishing Game Stuff


If you walk in the door to the fishing game as the rooster crows it 
will USUALLY rain pretty much ALL day once it gets started.  The game is
picky about your timing though.

Also, if you talk to the fishing guy when he asks you if you want to
talk about something, AFTER you have the sinking lure, BEFORE you catch
anything with it, then anything you catch with it is a legal catch,
instead of illegal if you don't.

The loach (eel) will only bite the sinking lure when he's moving.  If
you get in the water with the iron boots you can chase him around,which
is kind of goofy but since I'm only four-years-old I really enjoy it.

You don't have to pay the 50 ruppees for stealing the fishing guys hat
if you save & quit after stealing it.

By the way, the chicken in the windmill is for you to use to float onto
the house with the cow.  Pretty unnecessary.  Also, you can get on the
roofs in Kakiro village with only the hook shot if you stand on the
fence where the door is that goes into the windmill.

If you kill the spinning things in the Desert Collosus, a large one will
come out and Navi will turn yellow.  Kill it for, I think, 40 ruppees.

You may have noticed that those spinning things are marked as a clue. 
It seems that everything marked green actually does turn out to be a
clue for something worthwhile, so I'm just waiting until someone figures
out what the chickens at Lon Lon are for when you're adult Link. 
They're there for something!!!


Subject: defeating ganon

Instead of using your hoverboots you can hookshot on to gannon the second he
falls and hookshot back on to the walls...also when he throws the big ball at
you just use your spinning sword attack and bounce it back and he can bounce
it back at you.


Subject: Oddity for your Zelda FAQ

Did you realize that as a child sometimes the music is the same as the music
to the end of Star Fox 64?

Sent to me by "Marc_Lehmkühler" 

It is not complete, I'll finish it later:

2-Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, 2-Cr, D-Cr, Cd
2-Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cu
2-Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Cr, 3-Cl

2-Z-Cd, Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Z-Cd, D-A
Z-Cd, D-Cr, 3-Cr, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, D-Cr
2-Cr, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl
D-A, A, Cd, D-Cr, Cd, Z-Cd, A, D-A, D-Cr

2-Z-Cd, Cd, Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Z-Cd, D-A
Z-Cd, D-Cr, 3-Cr, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, D-Cr
2-Cr, Cl, Cu, R-Cl, D-Cr, R-Cl
R-Cl, Cu, R-U-Cu, U-Cu, Cl, 2-R-Cl

R-Cl, Cu, U-Cu, Cl, D-Cr, Z-Cd, Cr, Cl, R-Cl, D-Cr
Cd, D-Cr, Cr, D-Cr, Cl, R-Cl, Cr, R-Cl, Cu

Z-Cd, A, Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Z-Cd, 2-A, 2-D-A,
Z-Cd, D-Cr, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, R-Cl, D-Cr, Cd, 2-Z-Cd, Cd, A
Z-Cd, A, Z-Cd, Cd, D-Cr, Z-Cd, 2-A, 2-D-A,
Z-Cd, D-Cr, Cr, D-Cr, Cr, Cl, R-Cl, D-Cr, 2-Cd, Z-Cd, A, D-A, D-Cr, Z-D-A

Sent in By:

Subject: If you know about the huge orange rupees.....


I'll get straight to it.  You know those flute playing weirdoes in the 
lost woods?  If, instead of standing on the shorter stumps to talk to 
them, you just do a roll attack into them, the flute players will jump 
off their stumps and blow poison darts at you.  Kill them with your 
sword and they'll turn into orange rupees.  I don't know how much 
they're worth exactly, (I've always had an almost full wallet) but it 
seems to be alot.


The official Zelda 64 website, ( has made it clear 
about killing rumors and other things. Check their site out, or look here:

Letters to the Editor

This is a great source............. It is official!

1/8/99 - 
           Welcome to the inaugral edition of Letters to the
           Editor! This section of the Hyrule News exists to
           provide a forum for Zelda fans to voice their
           opinions, express their concerns, and gather
           gameplay advice from me, the humble Editor of
           Hyrule News. 

           If you have a burning question regarding Zelda
           theory (Is the cucco related to the chicken?), Zelda
           gameplay (How do I find all the cuccos?), Zelda
           ethics (Is it wrong to stab the cuccos?), or if you just
           want to voice your opinion (I bet cuccos taste like
           chicken...), then drop me a line at:

           You can expect to see a new edition of this Q&A
           extravaganza about once a week, so check back
           between Zelda sessions to see if your letter made
           the cut. I may not have all the answers, but -- who
           am I kidding, of course I have all the answers! Ha
           ha ha! Let's take a look at what you had for me this

           Do you need rupees? Do you have the sun song? If
           you answered yes to both of those questions, then
           go to the drawbridge of the Hyrule castle and climb
           to the top of the chain. At the top, play the sun
           song to turn to night and raise the drawbridge. Once
           the drawbridge is up, you can walk along the top of
           the drawbridge to get a quick 60 rupees. Who do
           you give the bunny hood to?-- Ben Thiemann 

                Ed: I didn't know about that rupee trick, but
                I tried it and it worked! You don't need the
                Sun Song, though, because the drawbridge
                will raise eventually when night falls. This
                trick only works when Link is a kid, but you'll
                need an adult-size wallet to hold all of your
                extra rupees. Take out all of the Gold
                Skulltullas you can to get a wallet upgrade.
                Since you were nice enough to include an
                excellent tip with your question, I'd be happy
                to pass on some information to help you in
                your new business. You'll find a man running
                around Hyrule Field who's in the market for a
                Bunny Hood. He only appears after Jabu
                Jabu's Belly is conquered, and you'll have a
                better chance of finding him if you run
                around the field in a clockwise direction.

           I have already been through the first two temples
           and now am in the water temple. I searched around
           for keys and stuff and thought I had them all. I
           raised the water the first time but after playing the
           game for about eight hours or so and being able to
           get nowhere I figured out that I in fact forgot to
           bomb a hole in the floor on th bottom level. I
           thought that I had tried this earlier and it didn't
           work but I guess I really didn't try it. Now the water
           is too high and I can't bomb. The last time I saved
           it was after the water had been raised the first time.
           My problem is that I can't get the water to go back
           down. The only place left that I know of to change
           the water level is on the third level. If I go to the
           third level and play the song the water raises to the
           third level. If I try to play the song again to get the
           water to go down it doesn't work. I've tried
           everything that I can think of to get the water back
           down but I am truly stuck. Can you please help!?
           Thanks. --Steve 

                Ed: In my opinion, the Water Temple is the
                cruelest dungeon in the entire game.
                Compared to this dungeon, the rest of the
                areas are a breeze. Before you even think
                about lowering the water, you must have the
                Longshot. Since you don't even mention this
                handy tool in your letter, I'm guessing that
                you haven't found it yet. Here's what you
                need to do: after raising the water to the
                highest level, drop into the water and go left
                along the wall to enter the locked door. This
                will put you in the room with moving
                platforms. Use your regular Hookshot to
                make your way all the way to the door at the
                top of these platforms. I don't want to bore
                you with step by step directions, but in the
                next room you'll have to use your Hookshot
                to make your way to another door (raise and
                lower the water level by hitting the crystal in
                the middle of the room). In the next room
                you'll fight a vaguely familiar mini-boss, and
                your reward is the Longshot. My advice is to
                explore this room thoroughly. I initially
                overlooked a very important feature which
                added about three hours to my total
                gameplay time. Good luck.

           Ok I know in order to get Biggoron's sword you have
           to complete the trading stuff and I have gotten to
           the part where King Zora gives me the frog but how
           am I suppose to get that frog all the way to Lake
           Hylia without using the Ocarina or using the warp
           hole underneath the ice in Zora's domain?! Please
           either put the answer in the faq and let me know to
           look or email me with the answer. Please.

                Ed: So you want to cover a large distance in
                a short amount of time, eh? As Ben Kenobi
                said, "Use the Horse, Luke." If you don't
                have Epona yet, keep reading...

           DO !!?? --Ken Downe 

                Ed: Calm down. Horses can sense your fear.
                You're on the right track to horse ownership,
                but you haven't crossed the finish line yet.
                Here's the down-low on earning Epona. First,
                learn Epona's song before you change into
                an adult. Once you pay Ingo to ride a horse,
                play Epona's song to bring her to you. Ride
                Epona until time expires, and then the
                second time you ride Epona talk to Ingo
                while you're on the horse. Ingo will challenge
                you to a race, and if you beat him two times
                in a row you'll get Epona! There aren't any
                secrets to beating Ingo, other than practice
                and patience. Whipping Epona will make her
                run faster, but it may make you feel guilty.

           I have found my way to Lake Hylia and have read
           the stones to "shoot for the morning light". What
           am I supposed to shoot and where? All I have are
           deku seeds. Is this area significant? I have looked
           everywhere and am getting nowhere!!! --NATASHA 

                Ed: Every area in Hyrule is significant. Some
                clues are tough to figure out, but this
                particular note should be taken quite
                literally. I don't care how much
                sword-swinging you do; you're never going to
                be able to "shoot for the morning light" with
                puny Deku Seeds. Speaking of Deku Seeds,
                I despise their larger relatives, Deku Nuts. I
                can't remember one time in the entire game
                when they came in handy. Sure, they stun
                some enemies, but that's a waste of time.
                Anyway, you won't be able to solve this riddle
                until you've completed the Water Temple.
                After that, shoot a more effective weapon at
                the rising sun. By the way, if you've found
                anything useful to do with a Deku Nut, let
                me know.

           Ganondorf is no more. Ninty spiders of the curse
           have been destroyed and more shall die tomorrow.
           All is well in Hyrule. Now I return to peacefull realm
           of my friends the Zora only to find it still frozen cold
           even after the dreadfull curse had been lifted. It is
           for this reason that I have sought your wisdom.
           Please answer me this question; Can the ice of
           Zora's Domain be destroyed and pease returned?
           --First Knight of the Zora 

                Ed: I am pleased that you have returned the
                peas to the Zoras' dinner tables, but nothing
                you can do will ever melt the glacier they now
                call home. Once Hyrule enters an industrial
                era, perhaps pollution will create a
                Greenhouse effect, resulting in global
                warming which will eventually melt the ice of
                Zora's Domain. But then the water would
                likely be polluted and you'd have to go on a
                second quest to rid the land of enviromental
                criminals, with factories taking the place of
                dungeons. For now, rest easy with the
                knowledge that the hearts of the Zoras have
                been unfrozen.

           Please clear this up for me. My friends and I can't
           this story stright! How did Ganon come into the
           picture? Isn't he dead? In the final battle, once you
           defeat Ganondorf and you escape from the castle
           you fight Ganon. Is this Ganondorf in another form
           like the player's guide says or is it the real Ganon
           who says when he fights you it'll be harder than his
           phantom. Also the call Ganondorf's castle Ganon's
           castle, please define this: Who's Ganondorf's
           idenity, is he a gerudo or is he Ganon. Who's
           Ganon idenity? Please write back, this is a burning
           question in my school! --Daryk and Sarah Macrina 

                Ed: Hmmm...Good question. I'm curious
                what our readers have to say about that.
                Email me with your hypotheses on this
                matter and I'll post the most enlightening
                along with my own opinion next week.


1/14/99 - 1/14/99 

           The letters have been pouring in, and it's obvious
           that Zelda has a lot of you pulling your hair out.
           Hopefully my responses this week will help to
           resolve some mysterious issues, and perhaps even
           prevent you from going prematurely bald. 

           Another new section hitting Hyrule News this week is
           a Hyrule Comics page, which will feature funnies
           created by readers like like you. Each week we'll
           pick a group of the most humorous entries and post
           them for all of Hyrule to enjoy. Remember, you
           don't have to be a great artist to create a funny
           comic! To learn more about your chance to help the
           Hyrule News staff, click here. 

           As always, you can reach me, your humble Hyrule
           editor, by dropping me a line at:
  Let's see what you crazy
           questers have been up to this week. 

           Dear Ed,
           I have beaten gannondorf, gotten out of the castle,
           Beaten gannon and watched the credits roll by(no
           easy task). Anyway, after the credits go, I am
           forced to turn the game off or reset it. It seems no
           matter where or how many times I save my game
           after or during the last two fights, I have to fight
           Gannondorf again when I turn the game back on.
           Must I get all of the Heart Pieces or kill every gold
           skulltula to acually complete the game? Will the
           marketplace ever be inhabited by hylians again?
           Please tell me if anything is left to do! --TYLER 

                Ed: Take a deep breath TYLER, because
                you're never going to see the marketplace
                restored to its full glory. Once you beat
                Ganon and view the credits, there is no way
                to save the game and explore a restored
                Hyrule. What does this mean? It means that
                you just worked your butt off and you won't
                get any of the glory. Sure, you get a loving
                glance from Zelda, but what about a victory
                parade? I bet the many shops throughout
                Hyrule would lower their prices for the man
                who saved their hides. But then again, since
                you return to a time when you're a kid, no
                one would know what you had done for them
                anyway. Actually, and this is pure
                speculation, I bet that Mr. Miyamoto would
                have loved to allow you to explore Hyrule
                after Ganon is defeated. My guess is that
                there was not enough time before the
                release date to add all of the necessary text
                boxes. Also, there are countless questions
                concerning the space/time continuum that
                would pop up. Just be happy you got to see
                the party sequence.

           How do you beat the marathon man in a race? Ive
           tried racing him on foot, with epona, and warping to
           the lost woods and none work! Can you beat him,
           and if so how?? Im definetly stumped. --joe an
           inquiring mind that wants to know 

                Ed: No matter how quickly you make it to the
                bridge in the Lost Woods, that pesky
                Marathon Man will always beat you by one
                second. Why do you think he's huffing and
                puffing so hard? The only reason to race the
                runner is to improve on your own time. If
                you return to Link's house in Kokiri Village,
                there is a sign next to his bed that lists all of
                your best records. If you check this sign you
                can see how many Skulltulas you've
                squished, your biggest fish, your best
                marathon time, your fastest horse race time,
                and your highest score at horseback archery.
                What's it good for? For pumping up your
                ego, of course!

           CRAZZZZY!!!!!! --FUNKO-MAN 

                Ed: What?? Zelda 64 finally hits the streets
                after an excruciating wait, and you're already
                biting your nails about a sequel? Actually,
                you're not the only impatient gamer who's
                inquired about the next Zelda game. The
                official response? There's nothing in the
                works. But let's get realistic. Do you really
                think a game as successful as Zelda would
                not spawn a sequel? I think it's safe to
                assume that another Zelda game will
                eventually be released, but definitely don't
                hold your breath.

           I have a Nintendo 64 and I also have enough
           money to buy a new game and i am hoping to buy
           Zelda, but I have heard rumors that there is two
           different Zelda games: Zelda:Ocarina of time and
           Zelda 64 is this the same game or are they
           different, and which one is the best? --From Peter

                Ed: There is only one game. The official
                name is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
                Time. We use Zelda 64 as a loving
                nickname. Whether your catridge is grey,
                gold, or you've spray painted it blue, they all
                play the same.

           In the game is it possible to turn from a child to an
           adult and back... i have tried everything to turn
           back but nothing works, is there some type of
           melody or what. I have missed out on so many
           things as a child and i want to be able to get them
           back. And i dont want to start all overs due to the
           fact of those boring cinemas.... i say they should
           kill off the owl.....Thanx's --Cartman 

                Ed: First of all, I think you should thank your
                lucky stars that the owl doesn't haunt you
                when you're an adult -- at least he only
                hangs around for the first half of the game.
                Don't worry about missing things as a kid.
                Traveling between time becomes a very
                important feature later in the game, and in
                fact you won't be able to complete the quest
                unless you warp through the ages. Time
                travel will make more sense once you
                complete the Forest Temple.

           Hello!! My name is Raul and I'm from Ecuador. I
           want to know how can I find the "Eye of Truth".
           Please answer me soon. I'll be very thankful --Raul 

                Ed: Ah, the elusive Lens of Truth. The
                Shadow Temple is impossible without it, but
                finding it is a royal pain as well. The Lens of
                Truth is found at the bottom of the well in
                Kakariko village, but the trick lies in actually
                getting into the well. First visit the weirdo
                man in the windmill as an adult, and whip
                out your Ocarina to learn the Song of
                Storms. Change back into young Link, and
                then play the Song of Storms for the man in
                the windmill as a kid. This sequence will
                drain the well, which Link can only enter as a
                kid. As you're exploring the bottom of the
                well, remember that all is not as it seems.

           Everywhere I go I see those weird statues. I know
           that if you use the mask of truth they tell you
           something and bombs make them liftoff into
           outerspace and other weapons do different things.
           Is there a purpose to them or are these statues just
           there for looks. --John 

                Ed: Sheikah Stones (also called Gossip
                Stones) are wacky rocks that are basically
                only included in the game as a source of
                goofy entertainment. If you wack them with
                a sword, they'll tell you the time. This could
                be useful for some players, but personally I
                stopped smacking them after one or two
                tries. If you play any song in front of them,
                they'll release fairies. If you talk to them
                while wearing the Mask of Truth, they'll give
                you little snippets of information. In addition
                to bombing them, you can also use Din's
                Fire on the stones. They don't have a
                purpose which alters the outcome of the
                game, but they sure did perplex me for a

           I'm a new player on Zelda, when does that mask
           shop in the market open????? --Pat 

                Ed: The Happy Mask Shop won't open until
                you give Zelda's Letter to the guard in
                Kakariko Village who blocks the path to
                Death Mountain.

           Dear editor,
           How do you get the 300 rubees bag. I think that
           you get it from the golden skelital spiders thingies
           but i cant seem to find any. I defeat them and they
           dont come back as a human like the one in
           kokoriko village yours truly,
           the worlds biggest sublime fan (again) P.S. i think
           you've made a great game and me and my friends
           love it. 

                Ed: So you want to be rich, eh? There are two
                wallet upgrades in the game, both of which
                are found by hunting Gold Skulltulas. The
                Adult's Wallet holds 200 Rupees and is
                available once you eliminate ten or more
                spiders. The Giant's Wallet holds 500
                Rupees and is available once you eliminate
                30 Gold Skulltulas. You have to return to the
                House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village to
                collect your reward.

           Why didn't you warn me that the cucco's brutally
           attack you if you hit one of their own too many
           times... --hiroll 

                Ed: It never crossed my mind that there
                would be sick people out there like you who
                would try to kill a Cucco. You got what you

                Last week I voiced my apparently unpopular
                opinion that Deku Nuts are worthless items
                better suited for a Planter's can than an item
                sub-screen. As this next letter testifies,
                some of you disagree:

           Deku nuts, useless? Hah! At some points, they are
           the most useful tools in the game. Most gamers
           think, "Sure, they stun some enemies, but they're
           mostly useless." Not true at all. At some points in
           the game, they can be the best possible weapon,
           particularly in Jabu-Jabu's belly. Before Link gets
           the boomerang, biris and other enemies seemingly
           have to be avoided, and the bubbles are a major
           nuisance. But with a Deku Nut, biris and baris fall to
           the ground, stunned, ripe for the slashing. Best of
           all, the bubbles instantly burst. Getting the compass
           can be accomplished in about 3 seconds with Deku
           Nuts. They douse the flames of skull bubbles. Even
           Ganon himself can be stunned by a Deku Nut, even
           when he has a blade raised and ready to strike. Do
           not underestimate the power of the deku Nut.

                Ed: I've been playing through the game yet
                again lately, and I must admit that the Nuts
                are useful against the Lizalfos in Dodongo's
                Cavern. I hope you're happy. Last week's
                column also contained a probing question
                from a couple of concerned players who were
                perplexed about the relationship between
                Ganondorf and Ganon. Here is a copy of the
                original question, followed by a selection of
                responses from interested readers...

           Please clear this up for me. My friends and I can't
           this story stright! How did Ganon come into the
           picture? Isn't he dead? In the final battle, once you
           defeat Ganondorf and you escape from the castle
           you fight Ganon. Is this Ganondorf in another form
           like the player's guide says or is it the real Ganon
           who says when he fights you it'll be harder than his
           phantom. Also the call Ganondorf's castle Ganon's
           castle, please define this: Who's Ganondorf's
           idenity, is he a gerudo or is he Ganon. Who's
           Ganon idenity? Please write back, this is a burning
           question in my school! --Daryk and Sarah Macrina 

           In response to the inquiry sent in by Daryk and
           Sara Macrina about Ganondorf/Ganon, I have been
           a fan of the Zelda series for a long time and I have
           come to this conclusion: In the Legend of Zelda: a
           Link to the Past you learn that the one known as
           Ganon was once named Ganondorf and was the
           leader of a gang of thieves, he became Ganon
           when he used the Triforce to grant his evil wishes.
           Ocarina of Time is a prequel to that game and thus
           Ganondorf has not yet gained the Triforce. When he
           does obtain and use it, he becomes Ganon by it's
           power. He does get the Triforce and when you
           defeat him you restore the Triforce and he doesn't
           return until a Link to the Past. It is sort of confusing
           when playing a prequel because you have to
           remember that all that is happening is supposed to
           have happened before the previous games. ---John

           It's really quite simple. Gannon and Gannondorf are
           one and the same. Gannon is the mutated final
           form of Gannondorf. Just like in The Legend of
           Zelda: A Link to the Past, Gannondorf is merely a
           lesser form of Ganon, just as Agahnim was a lesser
           form of Gannon. --Rhian Hibner 

                Ed: Thanks to everyone who offered their
                opinions and ideas regarding this burning
                question. I think John and Rhian have pretty
                much hit the nail on the head, but there is
                still the small question of why the castle is
                called Ganon's Castle, when Ganondorf is the
                one occupies it. Perhaps the name is
                foreshadowing the final battle, providing a
                hint that there is more to Ganondorf than
                meets the eye. 

                Since some of the gameplay advice in this
                column may not come in handy for you until
                you progress deeper in the game, I've
                decided to archive the old articles. Check the
                editions below to see if your question has
                already been addressed. --Ed 


1/22/99 - 
           Greetings, Hyrulian questers! Like millions of other
           agitated adventurers, have you been wondering how
           to get your hands on the elusive Triforce? It seems
           like the 'Net is crawling with rumors about this
           glorious golden treasure, so the Hyrule News has
           decided to squeal like a pig and let out the truth.
           This, gameplay advice, and basic ranting and raving
           in this week's column. Let's see what you crazy
           questers have been up to this week. 

           Dear Ed,
           How do i get into the bottom of the well to get the
           lens of truth? I have been stuck on it for weeks
           -- MDS700 

                Ed: I'd put you out of your misery, MD, but I
                answered that question last week! You can
                link to previous editions of Letters to the
                Editor at the bottom of this article. A little
                research will reveal the truth.

           Hey Ed!
           Your fountain of knowledge and wisdom will be
           tested...I have some questions about "the game of
           the century" that I've been wondering about. First
           off...can you actually sell something to that begging
           man (you know...the one on his knees, doing his
           "we're not worthy" bows)? If so, what item(s) can
           you sell? Secondly, regarding the soft patches of
           soil where you plant the magical beans. I've found
           8 areas to plant them...are there any more I'm
           missing? I don't wanna buy any more beans unless
           I know they can still serve any purpose after finding
           those 8 patches. I guess that just about does it. If I
           think of any more questions, I'll be sure to ask
           again :-) --Phil
           PS - In a totally unrelated related topic, is it any
           coincidence that video game god Shigeru Miamoto
           bears the same initials as Super Mario? 

                Ed: Get your cup ready because my "fountain
                of knowledge" is about to boil over. The
                beggar dude is rather pitiful, but at least
                he's not asking for a hand-out. Even though
                it seems like he should be spending his
                money on food, the straggler is only
                interested in buying things that come in
                bottles. Try various things to see what he
                likes best. If you search Hyrule more
                thoroughly, you'll find two more places that
                are primed and ready for a bean deposit.
                The last two beans will cost you 190 Rupees
                collectively, but that's pocket change for an
                adventuring hero. Is it coincidence that
                Shigeru Miamoto and Super Mario share the
                same initials? The world may never know.

           Dear Ed,
           I've beaten the game, I have EVERY item and I've
           completed the mini-games. Is there something else
           that I can do? -- Fay Ferran 

                Ed: Other than standing on Death Mountain
                for an "Ocarina Under the Stars" concert,
                there is only one other thing to do. I want to
                stress to all players that this technique
                should only be used by true Zelda masters
                who have conquered every aspect of the
                game. I guarantee that you will have many
                more hours of gameplay if you follow these
                directions exactly: 

                1. Turn on your N64
                2. When the title screen appears, press Start
                3. Press down on the Control Stick precisely
                four times 
                4. Press the A Button
                5. Highlight your file 
                6. Press the A Button 
                7. Press up on the Control Stick once 
                8. Press the A Button.
                If you have the guts, I double dog dare you
                to go for it.

           I've just about had enough of not being able to get
           into dampe's grave. How do you do it? I've killed all
           the poes and been into the royal families tomb but
           I still can't get his stretching and shrinking secret.
           Any tips gratefully received. -- torie dieppe 

                Ed: Yo Torie! Forget about the Royal Family
                Tomb and move over to the left side of the
                graveyard. You'll find Dampé's hideout by
                moving a tombstone decorated with flowers.
                It's no piece of cake earning the "stretching
                and shrinking secret", but finding Dampé is
                the real challenge.

           Hi there,
           I am standing at the entrance of the Shadow
           Temple trying to light all of the torches with my fire
           arrows (without any success). I didn't go to the fairy
           near Hyrule Castle to get the Din's Fire magic and
           now after Zelda has been taken away I can't even
           pass the gate to the castle ( The guard who once
           wanted 10 R to get me in won't let me now). Is
           there any way to get Din's Fire now? Please help. 
           Thank You in Advance, 

                Ed: Unlike you and I, adult Link has the
                luxury of reliving his childhood. As long as
                you've completed the Forest Temple, you
                can return to the Temple of Time and cash
                in on a return ticket to the past. Once you
                regain your youthful form, sneak past the
                guard the same way you did when you
                originally entered the castle. Bomb the rock
                that's just past the gate, and you'll be
                blessed with Din's Fire. Note to first time
                players: go after this magical spell as soon
                as you earn the bombs.

           Dear Ed,
           I can't figure out how to get to the upper parts of
           the village, where two of the chickens are. Also, one
           chicken is inside of a box that I can't move. The
           Boss's son seems to be blocking one entryway, and
           other approaches don't let me climb or jump.
           Should I keep trying this, or does Link need
           something from later in the game to succeed?
           --Gerald Spangrude 

                Ed: As soon as you enter Kakariko Village,
                you're equipped with all you need to gather
                all seven cuccos. When I initially tried to get
                the cuccos that are behind the fence, I
                ended up beating my head against the wall.
                When I discovered the secret, I nearly cried
                tears of joy. Here's the deal: if you jump off
                a ledge while holding a cucco, the bird's
                frantic wing-flapping allows Link to briefly
                float through the air. Position Link near the
                door to the Windmill, looking at the cucco
                behind the fence. To the left of the fence is
                a platform with a small railing built around
                the edges. While holding a cucco, walk off
                the ledge and head for the corner of that
                railing. This will put you on the other side of
                the fence and give you access to the
                frustrating foul. To get the cucco in the box,
                simply attack it. I give you this knowledge
                trusting that you will use it for good and not
                for evil (be nice to the cuccos).

           Dear Ed,
           I'm in the Dodongo's Cavern, in the room with the
           moving blades on the floor. All of the exits are
           blocked with rocks, and I can't get the bomb plant
           to any of them!! How do I get out? -- Hyperion 

                Ed: Regardless of what television teaches,
                nothing shaves as close as a blade. When
                you enter this dangerous room, carefully
                jump down to the ground and make your way
                straight ahead to the box by the ladder.
                Climb the ladder, turn around on the narrow
                edge, and you'll notice that there is a Bomb
                Flower and a small chest directly in front of
                you. It appears that the distance is too great
                for Link to jump across, but you'll make it if
                you try. Then throw the Bomb at the wall,
                timing your toss to explode near the door.
                Good Luck. 

           Lots of girls like Link. There is Saria, Ruto, Zelda,
           and Malon. Who do you think Link would eventually
           end up with, if the game continued? -- Austin H. 

                Ed: I like the way you think, Austin. Not
                satisfied with the information that the game
                provides, you speculate and ponder the
                subtle undercurrents of the game's many
                sub plots. It's true that Link has better luck
                in love than myself, and he has many
                potential romantic interests. I'd throw
                Princess Ruto out of the running first
                because she's not even the same species as
                Link. Sure she's cute, but it's a classic Tom
                Hanks/Darryl Hannah scenario from Splash.
                It would never work. Saria is also an unlikely
                candidate because her Kokiri blood would
                never allow her to grow old. You know that
                Link doesn't want to spend his older years
                watching Teletubbies. Malon is an excellent
                prospect for a steamy love affair, and I can
                even envision the two dating (a candle light
                roast cucco dinner, then a romantic stroll by
                Lake Hylia). Eventually, though, I'm willing to
                bet that Link would get a little bored with a
                common farm girl. Zelda offers link a Royal
                connection, plus the prospect of future
                adventures when she (inevitably) gets
                captured again by Gannon(dorf). Link would
                be a fool to choose anyone other than
                Zelda. Of course, never once have I claimed
                to be Chuck Woolery. 

           While surfing the web in search of that elusive(at
           least in this game) item, i have run into many
           rumors. They range from plausable to the
           outrageously impossible. I figured the best thing to
           do would be to go straight to the source. Now i ask
           you this after spending many long days trying to
           figure it out on my own. Is there a Triforce in The
           Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? If so please tell
           me how i would go about obtaining it. If not just tell
           me that it isn't there(although i would hope
           nintendo followed the tradition of winning the trifoce
           in zelda games) so i can stop this maddening
           quest. thank you -- Burnman

                Ed: I too have read the many rumors on the
                web regarding the possible presence of the
                wonderful Triforce, and I can tell you that I
                wouldn't waste my time trying the outlandish
                things often recommended. A lot of sites
                claim to have inside information from NOA
                employees, but strangely enough no one I
                know has managed to find the Triforce! No
                one has ever been able to confirm collecting
                the Triforce. My best answer to your question
                is that it is impossible to get the Triforce. I
                consulted Zelda translator and Hyrulian
                expert Dan Owsen about this controversial
                matter, and he guaranteed me that he wrote
                no screen text for Link finding the Triforce.
                That's straight from the horse's mouth,
                folks. In fairness, though, I feel obligated to
                mention that this does not prove that the
                Triforce is unattainable. It's possible, I
                guess, that Link could be struck speechless
                when the Triforce is acquired. I doubt it,
                though. Don't believe any rumors unless you
                read it here. I swear to my readers that if
                the Triforce is ever found and confirmed by
                our expert Game Play Counselors, I will
                immediately spill the beans in a special
                article in the Hyrule News section. I don't
                think that day will ever come, but an editor
                must be cautious, must he not?

           Dear Ed,
           I quote frrom the Link to the Past instruction
           manual, page #5. "The name of this king of thieves
           is Ganondorf Dragmire, but he is known by his alias,
           Mandrag Ganon, which means Ganon of the
           Enchanted Thieves." So you see Ganondorfs Alias
           as known by the Gerudos is Mandrag Ganon or
           Ganon which explains why the castles name is
           Ganon's castle. Now here's what I'd like to know,
           how come if you destroy say 19 skulutas as a kid,
           the become an adult and kill one skulluta so you
           have 20. Then travel back as a kid and two guys
           are cured. YOU KILLED ONE IN THE FUTURE! how is
           this possible? -- Domino 

                Ed: Thanks for the insight on Ganon's
                Castle. Bonus points for citing your
                references. Time travel is a slippery subject
                that's hard to grip firmly. I agree that it
                seems impossible that Skulltulas killed in
                the future are registered in the past, but
                really we know nothing of the nature of the
                Gold Skulltulas. What is the magic bond that
                seals the Gold Skulltulas to the cursed
                humans? Is it possible that the magic is so
                powerful that it does not adhere to our
                concept of the passage of time? This is a
                possibility, but I believe your beef stems
                from the fact that it wasn't explained in the
                game. It would be great if these minor time
                travel problems were thoroughly explained in
                the screen text, but with all of the questions
                that naturally pop up, you'd be reading a
                book rather than playing a game! Also, I
                think it's safe to assume that hammering
                out these details would most likely have
                delayed the game even more. So which
                would you prefer: having to use your
                imagination to formulate your own
                hypotheses on these interesting issues, or
                waiting another six months to play the

           Since some of the gameplay advice in this column
           may not come in handy for you until you progress
           deeper in the game, I've decided to archive the old
           articles. Check the editions below to see if your
           question has already been addressed. --Ed 

           Send your theories, questions, concerns and
           complaints to: 

2/19/99 - The Triforce. 

           The Overture of Sages. 

           The internet is on fire with rumors about these
           mystical items, and we've even seen screen shots
           which apparently prove that someone has actually
           acquired them! Even after addressing this issue in
           my last column, I've been buried beneath mounds
           of email asking my opinion on this matter. Rather
           than spend an afternoon composing a long-winded
           response to these inquiries, I'll quote the words of
           Public Enemy court jester Flavor Flav. Simply stated,
           "Don't believe the hype." 

           And now, on with the show. 

           Dear Ed,
           Where is the 4th bottle? I got the Lon Lon bottle,
           princess's Ruto's bottle, and the chicken lady's
           bottle. Where can I find the fourth and last bottle? I
           searched through the Town in front of the Castle,
           but I can't find it! 
           -- Terryg7244 

                Ed: The first three bottles are a piece of
                cake, but the one you're searching for is a
                royal pain in the tights. The Poe collector
                near the Market will give you the fourth
                bottle, but you'll have to run around Hyrule
                Field like the marathon man before you'll
                get it. Adult Link must find 10 Big Poes in
                Hyrule Field and return them to the Poe
                collector to earn the bottle. I will not disclose
                the locations of these Big Poes, for as Editor
                I feel obligated to withhold information which
                may spoil your enjoyment of the game!

           Dear Editor,
           I am really having a hard time finding all of the
           super or big poes in Hyrule Field. Can you help by
           giving me the locations of the poes or any other
           useful information on that subject? I have already
           beaten the game so don't think that giving me the
           locations is cheating. --Mitlap 

                Ed: You may have beaten the game, but you
                haven't mastered it yet. Remember when I
                wrote that I don't want to spoil the game for
                you? I lied. You didn't really think I would
                withhold information, did you? If you had the
                skill to find the Poes on your own, you
                wouldn't be looking here for advice! So for all
                of you cheating questers without the
                patience to find the Poes legitimately, here's
                a quick check list to spoil the game for ya:
                1. Near a tree by the entrance to Lon Lon
                2. Near a grey boulder, south of the entrance
                to Kokiri Forest.
                3. Near the sign for Kakariko Village.
                4. Along the brick wall near Lon Lon Ranch.
                5. Near the sign for Lon Lon Ranch.
                6. Along the path that leads to Gerudo
                7. North of the entrance to Gerudo Valley,
                next to a lone tree.
                8. In the northwest corner of Hyrule Field, in
                the middle of some bushes by the stream.
                9. In the southeast corner of Hyrule Field,
                near a green tree.
                10.In the southeast corner of Hyrule Field,
                near a rock surrounded by brown trees.
                Now go become a master, even if it means
                becoming a cheater.

           Yo Ed!
           As a child I played a song to the Scarecrow who
           remembers all. I played a song that I hadn't
           actually learned at that time and added a few
           notes. When I go to play to him as an adult,
           (Epona's song) my horse runs to me. How can I get
           the Scarecrow song now? I've tried changing back to
           a child and played a song again, That doesn't work.
           Am I doomed to start a whole new game? HELP!!!!!
           -- Vicki Vail1 

                Ed: Most people don't remember the first
                song they play for the Scarecrow, so you're
                not alone. You're not doomed and you don't
                have to start a new game. The answer to
                your question is quite simple: return to the
                Scarecrow as a child and play a new song.
                The latest song will replace your original
                melody, and if you're smart enough to write
                down the notes you'll never have to go
                through this process again. This is one
                aspect of the game that went way over my
                head the first time I played through. When I
                bothered the gameplay counselors for
                advice, they laughed and called me a

           DEAR ED,
           REALLY STINKS!!!!HE CANT KILL JACK!!!!!!!!!!! BUT
           -- N64CHEESE 

                Ed: There comes a time in your life when you
                have to step back and ask yourself, "Have I
                warped my mind with all these years of
                playing video games?" If you asked yourself
                this question, I think the answer would be
                obvious: heck no! It's clear from reading
                your letter, N64CHEESE, that video games
                have actually sharpened your intelligence
                and heightened your perception. I look
                forward to the day when I have played long
                enough to reach your elevated state of
                awareness. NOT!!

           Yo Ed!
           I can only find two hidden holes. The in one
           Kakariko Village and the one near the entrance to
           lake Hylia. Are there more? 
           --Wessels Family 

                Ed: There are a lot more than two hidden
                holes scattered throughout Hyrule. Since
                bombing every square inch would be time
                consuming and ecologically devastating, you
                should take advantage of the Stone of
                Agony. This stone is found in the House of
                Skulltula after 20 spiders have been
                eliminated, and once you have it it will
                automatically cause the Rumble Pak to
                vibrate when you're standing near a hidden
                hole. If you have a Rumble Pak, then happy

           Hey ED!
           In your latest edition (1/99/25) you gave steps on
           what to do if you beat the game. One question...
           What does it do??? 
           -- Thanks, Matt 

                Ed: Hee hee hee. Only the brave will
                comprehend my secret ritual. After that,
                they'll probably track me down and set fire to
                my house. Matt, I can tell that you don't
                have the adventurous spirit necessary to
                attempt my secret trick. Let's just say that if
                you follow the steps I described in my last
                column, you may get a strong sense of déjà

           Dear Editor,
           I have a real problem. I will simply ask for your
           help and hope that you reply. I cannot find din's
           fire, to get into the shadow temple, please explain
           to me where I can find it. Thank you. 
           -- patrick mcgee 

                Ed: You're pretty deep in the game at this
                point, but you could have found Din's Fire as
                soon as you acquired the Bomb Bag. All you
                have to do is return to the path which leads
                to Hyrule Castle and bomb the boulder near
                the guards. The passageway which opens is
                too small for an adult, so you'll need to take
                a trip back in time to squeeze through. You'll
                find a Fairy's Fountain hidden inside, where
                you'll have to play Zelda's lullaby to earn the

           Dear Editor:
           How are you? I hope that you are well when you
           receive this e-mail! Got a question for you ed. In
           Z64, are there any secret ocarina tunes in the
           game? Is it true that you can play as sheik? And
           during the ending when link returns to his
           childhood, why does he return to the same scene
           when he meets Zelda for the first time? I hope you
           can answer this questions,thank you! 
           Sincerely: pappel64 
           P.S Oh and by the way, that trick about the menu,
           that was pretty lame! 

                Ed: Except for the song which you teach to
                the Scarecrow, the songs which appear on
                your sub-menu are the only tunes in the
                game. Why does Link return to the scene
                where he meets Zelda? This is an artistic
                gesture by the game's designers. It's open
                to personal interpretation, but I feel that it
                demonstrates the cyclical nature of life. It
                proves that Link's efforts were successful,
                and it causes you to wonder what will happen
                next in the lives of the two young characters.
                It holds special significance for people who
                are familiar with previous Zelda games,
                because when they view this scene they've
                already played through adventures which
                Zelda and Link know nothing about. Or, it
                could be a deeply symbolic scene which
                holds clues about how to play as Sheik.

           Hey hey Eddie!
           I'm trying to defeat the big spider in the bottom
           level of the tree. She keeps spawning 3 more
           spiders and I've continued to defeat them maybe
           4-5 times until I finally die. How many times must I
           defeat them and is it worth it? What happens next?
           -- Scott Snyder 

                Ed: Is it worth it? Are you nuts? You're at the
                very beginning of the game, with nothing but
                a spider standing between you and an epic
                adventure! Forget about the little spiders
                and shoot the big boss in the eye. Once you
                stun it, stab it with your sword as many times
                as you can. Soon enough you'll be holding
                up a heart piece and finding out what
                happens next.

           Since some of the gameplay advice in this column
           may not come in handy for you until you progress
           deeper in the game, I've decided to archive the old
           articles. Check the editions below to see if your
           question has already been addressed. --Ed 

           Send your theories, questions, concerns and
           complaints to: 

3/2/99 - Greetings Hyrulian heroes and heroines! A lot has
           changed around here since my last column.
           Particularly, new strategy has been added to the
           Adventure section. There are now complete
           walk-throughs for Jabu-Jabu's Belly and the Water
           Temple, with all the tips you need to conquer these
           challenging areas. I recommend only visiting these
           sections if you need them, because it can really
           spoil the game to find out too much too soon. 

           And now, I pass the virtual mic to you crazy

           Dear Ed,
           I have a tip for you. In Zora's Fountain, there is a
           gray rock that you can only destroy with the Golden
           Gauntlets. After you pick it up and throw it, there will
           be a hole. If you drop down that hole, you will
           encounter some invisible spiders that you can see if
           you use the Lens of Truth. After you beat them, you
           can climb the wall that has gray bars on it. When
           you get to the top, there will be a final spider. After
           you kill it, enjoy the new beautiful view. One
           question though. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS
           THING (Rather than just a good view!)??? Your loyal

                Ed: Thanks for the tip, Mr. (or is it Miss?)
                Insane. This is a cool section of Zora's
                Fountain that really got my hopes up when I
                first discovered it. It seemed much cooler
                than a normal Grotto, but when I reached
                the top there was nothing to do. I eventually
                discovered that this ledge provides more
                than just a Kodak moment. If you re-visit
                the same location during the night, a
                Skulltulla will appear beside the left wall. It's
                not the Triforce, but it's better than nothing
                (by the way, you can lift the rock with the
                Silver Gauntlets as well).

           Hello Ed!
           I wrote two letters to you asking for help and you
           didn't answer either of them. But lucky for you I
           figured out how to beat those parts in the game.
           But now I really need to know how to get Nayru's
           love. Please help me out! Thanks a lot.
           --Pete and gang 

                Ed: I'm glad you were able to progress in the
                game, Pete, but I'm not scared of your
                gang. I saw an after school special once that
                taught me that gangs aren't cool. Anyway, to
                find Nayru's Love, start off at the entrance to
                the Desert Colossus. With your back to the
                Colossus, head to the left until you find two
                palm trees near a crack in the wall. Bomb
                the crack, and you'll be in luck. This item
                isn't necessary to complete the game, but
                we all need a little love, right? Note to
                readers: whining about not getting your
                letters published does not guarantee a
                response. Flattering praise, however, helps.

           Hi Ed!
           Ok I have a big problem. I shot a lot of skulltulas
           but when it's time to collect the tokens, I cannot
           reach them. This is a fustrating and evil thing for
           Nintendo to do. I've done every move and used
           every item imaginable. Do I have an evil cartridge?
           I need help or I might have to buy a Dreamcast or
           Playstation. Ok I'm not that desperate, but
           It's very late and I'm having migraines.
           --A very sleepy Mysterio. 

                Ed: Nintendo has given a lot of consideration
                to the idea of producing "evil" N64
                cartridges, but for some reason our legal
                department thinks it's a bad idea. So even
                though I think it would be a cool idea, your
                cartridge is not out to get you. As you
                progress in your quest, you'll occasionally
                find Skulltullas that you can destroy, but the
                token remains out of reach. Don't worry.
                Later in the game you'll find special items
                which will allow you to reach any tokens which
                are out of reach. My advice is to write down
                the location of any Skulltulas you can't
                reach, so you won't forget about them later.
                Note to readers: threatening to buy a
                competitor's console does not guarantee a

           Dear Ed,
           In an earlier Letters section an individual asked how
           you could kill 20 spiders in different periods of
           Link's life, then go back in time and have the
           people cured. Huge run on sentence but here's the
           answer: killing the Gold Skulltulas has nothing to do
           with curing the family. Collecting the tokens however
           does. When Link brings the 20 tokens back, the
           people are cured, regardless of how many spiders
           he's killed. Who cares if the only way to get tokens
           is to kill em. :)

                Ed: Good point, Xanthmode! Even though a
                Skulltula may have been killed in the future,
                when young Link walks into the House of
                Skulltula he nevertheless holds the token
                proving that he destroyed it. If it's the token
                that breaks the curse and not the actual act
                of destroying the Skulltula, then the mystery
                is solved. Good enough for me, anyway. 

           Yo Ed! 

           What are you supposed to do with the cows? They
           are everywhere, mooing. Navi keeps giving me the
           blue diamond 'speak' icon, yet nothing happens.
           Am I missing something? Please respond.

                Ed: Have you ever driven through Texas,
                DBunnie? If you ever do, take a look at the
                cows along the way. They just stand there. If
                you get out of the car, you might even hear
                some mooing. Sure they stampede every
                now and then, but Hyrulian cows are much
                too cute to stampede. If you have an empty
                bottle and aren't afraid of udders, then try
                playing Epona's Song while near a cow. The
                soothing effect of the song will put the cows
                in a milking mood. This leads to an
                interesting question. Is Link a vegetarian?
                He's clearly not vegan, but I've never seen
                him hunker down to a steak dinner. I'm sure
                he gets hungry on his quest, and he's often
                trapped in a small Grotto with a big cow.
                Hmmmm. It seems to me like he'd prefer a
                veggie burger, but this is pure speculation. 

           Greetings Ed,
           So you say there are no good uses to Deku Nuts,
           huh? Well, they actually do have a couple of good
           uses, but I myself rarely use them. Instead, get an
           empty bottle and go to a normal fairy fountain with
           the bottle equipped on a C Button. Press the
           corresponding C Button when you are near a fairy
           and press start while the bottle is in mid-air but
           before it actually catches the fairy. The space in
           your item menu previously occupied by the Deku
           Nuts will now be another bottle! You can use this
           bottle just like any other bottle. This trick can be
           used with any item in the screen, like say the Magic
           Beans after you plant all ten and don't need them
           anymore. But if you do it with say, the hookshot, or
           another very important item, in short, you're out of
           luck. When I first did this trick with the Nuts, I
           wondered what would happen if I bought or found
           more Nuts. All you do is lose the bottle and get the
           item back. After I had found this out (after many
           many hours of playing it with a friend and stumbling
           upon it and testing it out again and then realizing I
           made a mistake when I did it with the ocarina and
           had to start over) I got on the net to see if I could
           find anything and I've it elsewhere, so I know I am
           not the first to find this. I didn't see it anywhere in
           your letter section so I thought it might be useful.
           Always good to have 6 bottles with fairies, huh?
           Thanx for your time!

                Ed: You're darn right, Crash. Thanks for the
                detailed explanation of the Bottle trick. It
                saves me a lot of finger energy. Yes, this is
                one trick that actually works, and it's really
                helpful. You can perform the trick while
                trapping anything in a bottle -- not just
                fairies. Be careful, though. As you stated, if
                you replace an important item like the
                Hookshot or the Ocarina you could be forced
                to start your game over from scratch. So
                have fun trying this trick, but don't get too

           Hey Ed!
           How are you? Hopefully everything is ok. I have a
           few very important questions for you. I have
           searched long and hard for the answers to these
           questions, and I came up with numerous answers. I
           am counting on you to give me the information I
           need, since I have not found the correct answers
           TIME????? Second, HOW DO YOU CATCH THE
           LARGEST FISH ON THE GAME????? And finally, WHAT
           THE EDITOR COLUMN ON 1-22-99!!! YES, I HAVE
           HELP ME!!!
           --Ryan Ashby, OR 

                Ed: Settle down, Ryan. Fishing is supposed
                to relax you, not burst your blood vessels. I
                think all of your problems can be solved with
                one simple solution: find the Sinking Lure.
                That mysterious eel you see floating around
                is called a Loach, and the only thing that
                interests it is the Sinking Lure. Once you've
                earned the Golden Scale, all you have to do
                is rent a rod from the pond owner and walk
                around the shoreline until you find it. The
                Lure is hidden in a random location, so
                unfortunately I can't tell you exactly where to
                look. Once you catch the Loach, you can
                consider yourself a master fisherman. Note
                to readers: yelling at the top of your lungs
                certainly does not guarantee a response.

           Dear Ed,
           How do you pronounce Ocarina? Is it Orakeena or

                Ed: The "O" is pronounced the same way as
                the letter "o" in "cot." The rest of the word
                should be pronounced like "kuhreenuh". The
                accent falls on the "ri." If this explanation
                has made you even more confused than
                before, look it up in the dictionary.

           Dear ED,
           I have a very simple question, why did the Zelda
           designers put the beeping when your life is low in to
           the game? You know, that incredibly annoying
           beeping. It was in past Zelda games and it sucked,
           so why did they put it in Ocarina of time? I HATE
           THAT BEEPING!!!!!

                Ed: You're supposed to hate that beeping!
                Link suffers when he's low on energy, and
                you have to suffer right along with him by
                listening to those annoying beeps. It also
                adds a sense of urgency to the gameplay,
                kind of like when the music in Super Mario
                Bros. would speed up when you're almost out
                of time. The music is too awesome to turn
                down the sound, so my only advice is to
                keep a bottled fairy on hand in case you find
                yourself low on energy.

           Hey Ed-
           How could you try to trick people into ERASING their
           game? You are so mean. How could you do such a
           thing? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about: Your
           so called "cheat" to get the second quest. Well,
           guess what, Eddie, WE ARE NOT AS STUPID AS YOU
           THINK! I hope you put my letter in your column so
           everyone else knows that you are a piece of slime!

           LINK1710, of the Nintendo BBS 

                Ed: Note to readers: I hope you're smart
                enough to realize that calling me "a piece of
                slime" greatly reduces your chances of
                getting a response. I also hope you're smart
                enough not to erase your game just because
                some Editor suggests it.

           Since some of the gameplay advice in this column
           may not come in handy for you until you progress
           deeper in the game, I've decided to archive the old
           articles. Check the editions below to see if your
           question has already been addressed. --Ed 

           Send your theories, questions, concerns and
           complaints to: 

3/15/99 - Today has been a very special day at the Hyrule
           News Headquarters, as Shigeru Miyamoto payed us
           a visit on his way to the Game Developer's
           Conference in San Jose. Seeing the Zelda
           mastermind just a few feet from my desk was pretty
           cool, even for the Editor of the Hyrule News. As Mr.
           Miyamoto signed autographs and posed for the
           flashbulbs like a rock star, I realized that it's been
           two weeks since my last column! The great one was
           rushed away by a life-sized Mario before I could ask
           for an exclusive interview, but I'm an editor, not a
           reporter! Nintendo Power writer Jason Leung had the
           opportunity to interview Mr. Miyamoto back in
           November, so if you missed that great Q&A, I
           recommend that you check it out! 

           So now, basking in the light of his reflected glory,
           let's see what you crazy questers have been up to
           this week. 

           Hello there Ed,
           I just found your column and let me start by saying
           it's quite keen. Also, I think the Legend of Zelda:
           Ocarina of Time is perhaps one of the greatest
           video game experiences ever created. I'm a 19
           year old college student and I go to school an hour
           and a half away from home, so whenever I get
           home to get in my Zelda time I am quite pleased.
           Sadly, my 64 cannot make the trip up here to my
           school as I would have no substantial viewing
           apparatus. Anyway, on to a quick question I have
           for you that I hope will settle a small debate
           between me and my brother (a 21 year old college
           student, how sad are we?). After playing through the
           game the first time, he started a new quest and
           named it by the only true name it can be, Link.
           After doing this, he believes that when Navi targets
           an enemy, of her various calls to action there
           includes one where she cries, "Link!" This after my
           brother played the game the first time and believed
           she was not saying that. Well, I think she's saying
           "Look!" although in a funny, Luke-sort-of
           pronunciation. Any opinions on that? 
           -- Sammy 000 

                Ed: In the original The Legend of Zelda for
                the Nintendo Entertainment System, entering
                your name as ZELDA would give you
                immediate access to the second quest.
                Ocarina of Time is the fourth sequel to the
                original Zelda, and none of the other games
                contain any codes related to entering your
                name. So contrary to your brother's beliefs,
                Navi utters the same thing ("Look") no
                matter what you choose as your name.
                Players still searching for Triforce clues can
                now rule out any internet rumor beginning
                with, "First enter your name as Link."

           Dear Editor (can I call you Ed?),
           This is a list that describes many people: the top 10
           signs you've been playing too much Zelda 64!

           10. You've developed a TV tan.
           9. Your hands have molded to the contours of the
           8. You look for your ocarina whenever you drive by
           some horses.
           7. When you get hurt, you hack every bush in sight
           and try to explain to the angry neighbors that they
           will grow back.
           6. You smash rocks whenever you're out of money.
           5. You set all the trees on fire and wait for
           something to happen.
           4. You keep running into walls and mumble
           something about the "Lens of Truth."
           3. Your parents catch you worshiping Din, Nayru,
           and Farore.
           2. You dive in the pool wearing a blue shirt and
           expect to be able to hold your breath forever.
           1. You are caught stealing money from the wishing
           wells in malls and you try to explain you're "diving
           for rupees."

           And yes, I know, any contributions are made sole
           property and copyright of Nintendo of America and
           cannot be returned and NOA reserves the right to
           edit it and copy it and all that junk. ; ) Just kidding,
           I just hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
           -- David (Dhsu) 

                Ed: Thanks, Dhsu. It's nice to see a little
                comedy mixed in with the letters about the
                color of Link's underwear. I was so inspired
                by your list that I decided to make one of
                my own. The top 10 signs you've been
                playing too much Zelda 64:

                10. You keep inexplicably finding yourself in
                the tights aisle at K Mart.
                9. You refuse to eat fish, citing religious
                reasons stemming from Jabu-Jabu-ism.
                8. When your basketball coach tells you to
                try a hook shot, things get messy.
                7. You start hangin' with the local grave
                6. You become the founding member of your
                school's "Ocarina Appreciation Society."
                5. The bumper sticker on your car reads,
                "When Deku Nuts are outlawed, only outlaws
                will have Deku Nuts."
                4. Each household spider you step on
                receives a thorough autopsy. 
                3. You can no longer eat a bucket of chicken
                outdoors without a friend to watch your back.
                2. You ruin Thanksgiving dinner by
                impressing your parents with a whirling blade
                1. You find the Triforce! That is, you begin to

                If there are any other budding comedians
                out there, why not come up with a top 10 list
                of your own and send them to
       Be sure to put "Top
                10" in the subject line, and your list could be
                posted in my next column. 

           Dear Ed,
           PLEASE answer my question! I have asked everyone
           numerous times over and over, and I have looked
           on soooooo many sites, and I still could not find
           the answer!!!! I MUST KNOW what the max of each
           item you can get is, especially Deku Sticks, and
           Deku Nuts. I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!! Ed, what I'm
           trying to say is, is that if you put this question in
           your column, and answer it, it would make me the
           happiest person alive!!!!!
           -- LinkFrek 

                Ed: Nothing makes me more joyous than
                making others happy, so if I answer your
                question, I'll be the happiest person alive. I
                obviously have no other choice than to spill
                the beans. The maximum number of Deku
                Nuts is 30, but you'll have to find two
                upgrades to reach this number. The first
                upgrade is found by bombing a boulder next
                to the entrance to the Sacred Meadow. The
                second upgrade is found in the Lost Woods
                near a solitary tree. If you walk around the
                butterflies by the tree, you'll fall through a
                hole into an area called the Forest Stage.
                Equip the Mask of Truth and have a
                conversation with one of the creatures that

                The maximum number of Deku Seeds is 30.
                One upgrade can be won in the Market's
                Shooting Gallery, and the other is in the Lost
                Woods. From the entrance of the Lost
                Woods, take the first right. Use your Fairy
                Slingshot to shoot the round wooden target,
                and if you get three bullseyes in a row you'll
                receive an upgrade. 

                The maximum number of Deku Sticks is
                also 30, and both upgrades can be found in
                the Lost Woods. To find the first upgrade,
                enter the Lost Woods and take the left
                tunnel twice. Drop down, and follow the right
                wall to a Business Scrub. Once you defeat
                him you'll have to pay 40 Rupees to carry
                more Sticks. To find the second upgrade,
                return to the area called the Forest Stage.
                This time equip the Skull Mask and talk to
                the far-right bush. 

                The maximum number of Arrowsis 50.
                Upgrades can be earned at the Shooting
                Gallery in Kakariko Village, and at the
                Archery Challenge at the Gerudo Fortress. 

                You'll be able to carry 40 Bombs once you
                locate both Bomb Bags. One Bag is found in
                the Market's Bombchu Bowling Alley, and the
                other is found in Goron City. As a child, go to
                the middle level of Goron City where Hot Rod
                Goron is rolling around. Use a bomb on the
                rolling Goron when he is next to the sign that
                mentions his name, and when he stops he'll
                offer the next Bomb Bag.

           Yo Ed!
           OK, for all you sinister and hungry Zelda 64 fans
           out there, this is for you:
           Hyrule Fried Cucco
           Take out your Hookshot and harpoon a Cucco.
           Hurry and jump on your horse before the other
           Cuccos try to harm you. Next take out your Fire
           Arrow and burn him until he's just right. Invite your
           friends to have a Cucco cookout (will need more
           then one Cucco)! Don't forget the Lon Lon Milk. If
           there are leftovers just use Ice Arrows.
           Next week I'll tell you what that owl is for....hehe...
           -- Agent 0007 

                Ed: I've lost my appetite. 

           Hi Mr. Ed Itor,
           After growing up to Adult Link and getting the
           hookshot and Epona, I try to return to the Sacred
           Meadow in the Lost Woods to see Saria as
           instructed by Navi. Mido is blocking my path, much
           like he did in the beginning of the game when he
           refused to let child Link enter Hyrule Field. Did I do
           something wrong? Did I not do something? How can
           I get Mido to step aside and let me by? I am
           spinning my wheels and getting very frustrated at
           doing so. I mean c'mon, I got so upset that I even
           bombed Mido, but he just stands there and tells me
           that Saria has instructed him not to let anyone
           enter The Sacred Meadow. Ed, Please help me, I
           can't take it anymore!!!!!
           -- Stuck in the middle of Nowhere. 

                Ed: So, you want to make some serious
                progress when you play? I'm not exactly
                sure how to gain Saria's confidence, but it
                most likely involves one of your songs.

           Dear Editor
           There is something new I figured out. Do a roll
           attack on a tree. It should give you a bunch of
           money and special weapons. It is really really really
           really really reeeaaaalllly really really cool.
           -- Lisa & Danny 

                Ed: Cool! Thanks Lisa & Danny. This is a
                secret that I never discovered during my
                journeys. I tried cutting trees and using
                other special weapons, but I gave up when
                these techniques didn't work. For some
                reason, I never thought about rolling into
                the trees. I was probably too worried about
                fracturing Link's skull. Hopefully this trick will
                help some of you hard-up Hyrulians.

           Hey Ed,
           I made it to the Forest Temple and I beat all the
           ghost so I went down the thing where the boss is
           and I can't get to him because there is a gate that I
           can't get by. I've tried everything and nothing
           works. Can you help me out and tell me how to get
           through it? 
           --Leslie S. 

                Ed: The one crucial element that you're
                missing is that you can actually push the
                stone outcroppings that appear in the room.
                This tip alone will probably get you to the
                boss, but I'll provide more detailed
                instructions just in case. Stand on the right
                side of one of the stone outcroppings and
                push the wall counterclockwise once. This will
                reveal a new hallway and allow you to step
                on a switch. Return to the main room and
                push the wall counterclockwise once more.
                Another switch will be revealed. After
                pressing the switch, push the wall
                counterclockwise twice. Enter the open
                doorway and step on the last floor switch to
                open the gate. Essentially, experimentation
                is the key.

           Dear Editor,
           Where are all the holes for the seeds you buy from
           the Bean Boy? 

                Ed: Get out your Dixie cups, because the
                fountain of knowledge is about to boil over.
                Those of you who would rather find all of the
                bean holes on your own should skip to the
                next question (duh). You can get your
                gardening groove on at the following

                Kokiri Forest (next to the shop)
                Lost Woods (two locations)
                Kakariko Village (in the Graveyard)
                Death Mountain (at the entrance to
                Dodongo's Cavern)
                Zora's River (next to the Bean Boy)
                Lake Hylia (next to the house)
                Gerudo Valley (walk to the Gerudo standing
                guard and drop off the right side to land on
                a ledge along the river)
                Death Mountain Crater (near the entrance to
                the Fire Temple, beside the Triforce symbol)
                Desert Colossus (next to the entrance to the
                Spirit Temple) 

           Dear Ed,
           I desperately need help with Gerudo Fortress. I've
           freed three of the carpenters, but I can't find the
           fourth carpenter anywhere. Please help.

                Ed: I'm not sure which carpenter you're
                missing, but there is one prisoner in
                particular that is responsible for most
                players' headaches. I'll assume that this is
                the carpenter you're lacking. Start off in the
                prison cell, and hookshot up to the window.
                Drop down and to the left to enter the door
                on the first level. Facing the jail cell, go
                through the door on the right to appear back
                outside. Go through the next door, and take
                the first right. Use your Bow to stun the
                Gerudo at the end of the hallway. Continue
                to the stunned Gerudo and shoot the other
                Gerudos in the room. Once the guards are
                snoozing, cross to the other side of the room
                and go up the ramp to appear outside. Face
                the door Link appeared from, and drop off
                the ledge to the left. Enter the door, and
                you'll have to stun a guard as soon as you
                enter the fortress. Once she's stunned, take
                the first right and then the first left. The next
                hallway will lead to the missing carpenter.

           Since some of the gameplay advice in this column
           may not come in handy for you until you progress
           deeper in the game, I've decided to archive the old
           articles. Check the editions below to see if your
           question has already been addressed. --Ed 

           Send your theories, questions, concerns and
           complaints to: 

Interview mith Mr. Miyamoto

November 13, 1998,
                              San Francisco--Though
                              his birthday arrives the
                              following Monday, and
                              today marks the final
                              day of his grueling,
                              week-long promotional
                              tour, The Legend of
                              Zelda’s creator Shigeru
                              Miyamoto seems barely
                              ready to stop talking
                              about what is already
           being hailed as the "game of the century." When we
           finally corner him in a one-on-one interview to ask
           him questions written by our readers, he graciously
           offers his answers while gazing fixedly at the
           monitor displaying his game. Mr. Miyamoto has just
           spent the past week being grilled by reporters on
           his much anticipated and heralded game, The
           Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (as well as the
           past three years developing the N64 epic), but he is
           as excited by Zelda as any anxious gamer who is
           counting the days until the adventure’s November
           23rd release. "If there’s one thing I hope this game
           will teach other games, it’s that games shouldn’t be
           delayed," quips Mr. Miyamoto. But through all his
           jokes and modesty, we soon learn just how much
           Zelda’s legendary creator has to teach.

           Nintendo Power: Where did you get the idea to
           make Link travel from childhood to adulthood in
           Ocarina of Time?

           Miyamoto: The basic concept of the Zelda series
           remains the same in this game, in that you have to
           carefully and constantly plot out what you have to
           do. We wanted to make a virtual, three-dimensional
           world that would be a very dynamic place where Link
           could "live." The story was more of a supplemental
           element we incorporated into the latter part of the
           design. We really wanted to describe Link’s
           development of abilities as he grows from a child to
           an adult, so we used motion capture technology.
           We thought game players would want to play as an
           adult Link, even though in the previous games, with
           the exception of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link,
           Link was always a child. For those who were
           accustomed to the earlier games, we
           accommodated them with the inclusion of a young
           Link. The concept of young and old Link matched
           other Zelda games, since they usually had some
           sort of parallel world for Link to travel between. The
           parallel world in this case just happens to be a time
           shift--going back and forth between times. I
           thought that worked well with the overall theme of
           the Zelda games.

           NP: When and where do you usually come up with
           your ideas?

           M: Often, I come up with new ideas when I am
           watching the test program of a game running on the
           monitor. Then, we’ll discuss the problems we are
           facing in programming the game and how to
           improve it. Apart from that, I come up with ideas
           when I’m relaxing after a day of intense game
           development. Sometimes ideas will come to me
           when I am heading home from work or when I am
           taking a bath. But I come up with ideas only after
           I’ve devoted myself to a day of hard work. If we’ve
           been relaxing all throughout the day, we hardly ever
           come up with any new ideas.

           NP: Ocarina of Time is very cinematic. Which films
           influenced you?

           M: Many people may say that this game is like a
           movie, but it’s different. We have taken advantage
           of some of the specific methods used in movie
           production, but the game is not like a movie. It’s
           more like an experiment in developing a new form
           of interactive media. In doing so, we sometimes
           made use of moviemaking methods. With
           filmmaking, you take several different scenes and
           later edit them so you can view them as one
           sequence. In Zelda, things are happening in real
           time as the camera changes angles and shots. This
           game is not like a movie, but rather, the camera is
           becoming the stage performer. I can tell you that
           those who developed the camera work in the game
           love movies, so they adapted the camera work from
           movies. No one who worked on the game, including
           me, has had any experience in making movies. I
           personally don’t dislike movies--I like them a lot.

           NP: Who are some of your favorite movie directors?

           M: I think movies work when they are very well
           organized, like Raiders of the Lost Ark by Steven
           Spielberg. I like a lot of Alfred Hitchcock’s work,
           because you can see the theme of the movie very
           clearly. I think for creating movies, novels, games
           and other works of entertainment, the theme has to
           be clearly understood by the audience. I also like
           Tim Burton and John Waters. In John Waters’
           works, for example, you can see how the comedy
           and quirks are being developed throughout his

           NP: What are your plans for the N64 Memory
           Expansion Pak?

           M: It would have been more convenient to have
           used the Memory Expansion Pak for Zelda, but it
           wasn’t ready. Ocarina of Time was originally
           designed with the N64 Disk Drive in mind, and in
           the future, we’d like to make use of some of those
           unrealized ideas intended for the N64 DD.

           NP: What codes and secrets can we expect to find in
           Ocarina of Time?

           M: Because Zelda is an adventure game, you have
           to find many things, and many of them may be
           hard to find. In the game’s Fishing Pond,
           something might happen if you’re playing there for
           a long time or are trying to do many things there.
           You can also find spiders called Gold Skulltulas.
           There are 100 that you can collect, and you might
           find this creature more often at night. Or you may
           want to search for them where you would normally
           find bugs and insects. (Slyly) Sometimes, if you
           have a Deku Stick and you find some butterflies
           flying about, you can make them follow you and
           something special could happen. . .

           NP: What’s your favorite weapon in the game?

           M: The hookshot. The hookshot was an older
           weapon I really wanted to incorporate into the
           game. And though it’s not a weapon, the ocarina is
           another item I like a lot.

           NP: Who’s your favorite new character in the game?

           M: (Looking to the ceiling as he grapples for an answer)
           Sheik. . .(laughing) the cows. . .I like the Deku
           Scrubs. Sometimes they attack you. Sometimes
           they talk to you. Sometimes they sell things to you.
           And if you’re wearing one of the different masks
           you can get in the game, the Deku Scrubs will react
           to your appearance depending on the disguise
           you’re wearing. I like them because you can’t tell if
           they’re an enemy or an ally. I wanted to put more
           characters like them in the game, but the Deku
           Scrubs ended up being the only ones we included.

           NP: What’s your favorite area of the game?

           M: I like the Spirit Temple. I’ve never been to
           Egypt, but I think the elements in that temple are
           like the relics you could find in Egypt. Though it’s
           not a dungeon, I like the Gerudo Fortress, because
           you have to play a sort of hide-and-seek game with
           the guards to avoid getting caught. It’s a unique
           area because it doesn’t have the ordinary
           attack-style of game play.

           NP: Where do all the Zelda games fall into place
           when arranged chronologically by their stories?

           M: Ocarina of Time is the first story, then the
           original Legend of Zelda, then Zelda II: The
           Adventure of Link, and finally A Link to the Past. It’s
           not very clear where Link’s Awakening fits in--it
           could be anytime after Ocarina of Time.

           NP: How would you like to see Ocarina of Time
           influence other games?

           M: I wouldn’t want others to imitate the size or
           volume of the game. I hope that they’ll concentrate
           on improving the quality of the games. We haven’t
           done anything special in Ocarina of Time, we’ve just
           made use of the N64 technology. As long as you
           have proper knowledge of the N64's technology, you
           shouldn’t have to concern yourself with making a
           game of this caliber in terms of sheer size and

           NP: How do you feel about this game being hailed
           as the "game of the century?"

           M: I don’t know. This century is the only century I
           know. I’m sure I’ll be living in the next century, so I
           hope I can make something else like this.

           NP: Will you be making other games using the
           Zelda engine?

           M: We were using the Super Mario 64 engine for
           Zelda, but we had to make so many modifications
           to it that it’s a different engine now. What we have
           now is a very good engine, and I think we can use it
           for future games if we can come up with a very good
           concept. It took three or so years to make Zelda,
           and about half the time was spent on making the
           engine. We definitely want to make use of this
           engine again.

           NP: What are your plans for the next Zelda game?

           M: What I hope is that somebody else at Nintendo
           will become good enough to make the sequel to
           Zelda. This game was designed so it can be applied
           to the disk drive system, and by hooking up the
           N64 DD, you can play another version of Zelda. By
           that method, all the dungeons will be replaced by
           new ones. I think that will be the next Zelda we will

           NP: How about Super Mario 64 2?

           M: Well, for over a year now at my desk, a
           prototype program of Luigi and Mario has been
           running on my monitor. We’ve been thinking about
           the game, and it may be something that could work
           on a completely new game system.

           NP: What can you tell us about the upcoming
           all-star fighting game featuring Nintendo

           M: It may sound like a bloody game if you label it
           as a fighting game. It’s not bloody at all. Instead,
           it’s an enjoyable "hitting" game like sumo in Japan,
           in which you have to force your opponent out of a
           ring, or cage in this case. There will probably be
           more than ten characters including some secret
           characters who’ve appeared in older Nintendo
           games. I think we’ll be calling the game "Nintendo
           All-Star Battle Royal Smash Bros." or something like
           that. I think we are going to launch it early next

           NP: Who are some of the characters?

           M: Of course, Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Donkey Kong
           will be in it. Samus from Metroid and some of
           Nintendo’s secondary characters like Pikachu from
           Pokémon appear.

           NP: Is Link in the game?

           M: Yes, he’ll be swinging his sword in the game.
           Captain Falcon from F-Zero will also be in the game.

           NP: Rumors have been circulating on the Internet
           about a Ninja Mario or Naked Mario being in Super
           Mario 64. Do they exist?

           M: (laughing) No.

           NP: What’s your favorite video game?

           M: Donkey Kong. Pac-Man.

           NP: What would you recommend to people who want
           to follow in your footsteps to become a game

           M: I myself wanted to be a cartoonist at first, so I
           was reading a lot of cartoons. I was imitating some
           others’ works and made up my own stories at first.
           If you want to become a game artist, it’s good if
           you play games and make up your own ideas.
           Regardless of the subject, you have to come up with
           something on your own, whether you’re drawing
           pictures or cartoons or making toys. Just try to
           surprise people. What’s important is that you make
           something up on your own and show it to somebody
           else so they can critique your work. Even if you get
           harsh criticism, don’t give up. Just keep at it.

           If you’re a subscriber to Nintendo Power, be sure to
           check out the January Volume 116 Bonus Issue for more
           of our interview, including Mr. Miyamoto’s reflections on
           the upcoming games of 1999.

Press Releases

#1 - 325,000+ Pre-Orders Make it the "Most Anticipated
           Video Game in History"

           Redmond, Wash., November 16, 1998 "What I set
           out to create is an entirely new emotional
           experience for video game players."

           With these words, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto,
           head of the world’s most celebrated team of video
           game designers, set out to revolutionize interactive
           entertainment with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
           Time. The game, to be released in the U.S.
           November 23rd exclusively for the Nintendo 64
           home video game system, is the first ever to
           combine the complex, immersive story line and
           character development of a traditional role-playing
           game (RPG) with the full 3-D action and exploration
           of a first-person-perspective adventure game.

           The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has already
           set an historical industry milestone, more than
           325,000 American consumers, well over a quarter of
           a million, have placed deposits toward purchase of
           the game to ensure they get their copy as soon as
           it hits stores. The 256-megabit epic adventure/RPG
           for one player has a manufacturer’s suggested
           retail price of $69.95.

                "While video games have always provided an
                interactive experience, they have never been
                truly immersive, until now," says Mr.
                Miyamoto, General Manager of
                Entertainment Analysis and Development at
                Nintendo Company Limited, of Kyoto, Japan.
                "New technology creates new opportunities.
                We can still feel the danger and excitement
                of a main character while he battles an
                enemy. But with more life-like animations
                and complete 3-D worlds, for the first time
                we can also begin to feel the hero’s fear, his
                frustration, his confusion and his elation as
                he journeys through a 360-degree world in
                service of his princess."

                "Every Zelda game ever released has
                significantly advanced the entertainment and
                technological performance of the system on
                which it played," says Peter Main, Nintendo
                of America’s executive vice president, sales
                and marketing. "And this fifth Zelda title,
                and the series’ first for the Nintendo 64,
                continues that legacy. This is a video game
                masterpiece of the first order."

           The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time combines the
           most intricate graphic art and engrossing game play
           ever produced in an interactive entertainment title.
           In addition to its mesmerizing visual effects and
           nearly an hour of gorgeous, real-time, 3-D
           animation scenes, the game gives players an
           unprecedented variety of game play activities.
           Besides enabling players to travel back-and-forth
           through time, the game includes elements of nearly
           every video game genre: puzzle, adventure, action,
           first-person shooter, sports and role-playing.

           The game introduces Link’s fairy guardian, Navi,
           who will travel along with him, dispensing hints on
           where to go and how to solve different puzzles. To
           help players battle enemies in a 3-D world, the
           game features a unique 3-D battle system utilizing
           the "Z-trigger" located underneath the controller to
           lock-on to enemies, thereby keeping them always
           in front of Link.

           Using 256-megabits of memory, which is
           unprecedented, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of
           Time features the largest world of any Nintendo
           game. The game includes new Nintendo 64 graphic
           rendering and motion capture technologies to create
           ultra-realistic skin textures and character
           movements, demonstrated beautifully when Link
           mounts and gallops away on his horse. Additionally,
           the special effects and lighting effects are some of
           the most brilliant ever seen in a video game.

           The story, level design, music, character interaction,
           graphics and game play activities are combined so
           flawlessly that every video game enthusiast
           magazine is recommending its readers purchase
           this game. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is
           receiving the highest review scores of any video
           game in history, equaling or surpassing those of
           Miyamoto’s initial 1996 Nintendo 64 game, Super
           Mario 64.

           The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is also
           Rumble Pak-compatible. For the first time, the
           Rumble Pak will be both a proactive device,
           vibrating to clue players to an impending action, as
           well as a reactive device, vibrating as a result of an
           action. However, Rumble Pak capability is not
           required for completion of the game.

           To coincide with the launch of the game, Nintendo
           Power Magazine will release an official The Legend
           of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Player’s Guide, as well as
           create a dedicated site on Nintendo Power Source,
           Nintendo’s official web site.

           Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the
           acknowledged worldwide leader in the creation of
           interactive entertainment. To date, Nintendo has
           sold more than 1 billion video games worldwide,
           and has created such industry icons as Mario, Yoshi,
           Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Nintendo manufactures
           and markets hardware and software for its
           best-selling home video game systems, including
           the 64-bit Nintendo 64, the hand-held Game Boy,
           and the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment
           System. As a wholly owned subsidiary, Nintendo of
           America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves as
           headquarters for Nintendo’s operations in North
           America, where more than 40 percent of American
           households own a Nintendo game system.

           For more information about The Legend of Zelda:
           Ocarina of Time, or any other Nintendo product, visit
           Nintendo’s web site on the Internet,

#2 - Retail Shortages of Video Game Should Be Rectified

           Redmond, Wash. (November, 27, 1998) Even
           though demand for the video game of the century
           has exceeded supply in many parts of the country,
           Nintendo of America today announced hundreds of
           thousands of additional copies of The Legend of
           Zelda: Ocarina of Time will be on their way to retail
           stores beginning Monday.

           Across America, more than half a million people
           placed advance cash deposits to guarantee delivery
           of the Nintendo 64 game cartridge at its official
           launch last Monday (Nov. 23). That figure more
           than triples the previous record for pre-sell for any
           video game in history. 

                “Whatever shortages do exist should be of
                very short duration,” says Peter Main,
                executive vice president of sales and
                marketing, Nintendo of America. “We're
                moving product into stores just as fast as we
                can produce it. And we remain on track to
                ship two and a half million copies of Zelda to
                stores by Christmas Eve, and the game
                remains on track to become the
                fastest-seller in U.S. history.” 

                “The idea that one game can sell over two
                million copies in less than two months
                makes it a phenomenon not just in the
                video game business, but in consumer
                products in general,” says Sean McGowan,
                executive vice president and director of
                research at Gerard, Klauer Mattison in New
                York. “To think that this amount of business
                can be done in one item in a relatively small
                piece of real estate space in stores means
                it'll probably be the best performing item at
                the toy stores.”

                "Zelda's gonna own Christmas no doubt,”
                adds Simon Cox, Executive Editor of Next
                Generation magazine. “You're gonna start
                playing it, and Christmas Day is gonna pass
                you by and New Year's is probably gonna
                pass you by as well. (It's) brilliant value it's
                magical, and Christmas should be magical.
                It's a magical game. That's why we've said
                it's the game of the century.”

           Adds Peer Schneider, editor of, “it's the
           most impressive video game I've ever played.”

           The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a novel
           blending of stunning 3D action with the engrossing
           story line of a traditional role-play game. Several
           independent game reviewers have compared the
           epic experience of playing Zelda to reading a great
           novel because of the degree of character
           development and depth of plot. Consumers began
           seeing excerpts of game footage in more than
           11,000 movie theatres across the country beginning
           November 1st. The game, exclusively for the
           Nintendo 64 home game systems, carries a
           manufacturer's suggested retail price of $69.95.

           Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the leader in
           the worldwide $15 billion retail video game industry.
           Nintendo manufactures and markets hardware and
           software for its best-selling home video game
           systems, including the hand-held Game Boy, the
           16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and
           the 64-bit Nintendo 64. As a wholly owned
           subsidiary, Nintendo of America Inc., based in
           Redmond, Washington, serves as headquarters for
           Nintendo's operations in the Western Hemisphere,
           where more than 40 percent of American
           households own a Nintendo game system.

           For more information on The Legend of Zelda:
           Ocarina of Time, or any Nintendo product, visit
           Nintendo's web site on the Internet,

           Next Generation magazine, December 1998

#3 - (Redmond, Wash. Jan. 7, 1999) Nintendo's "The Legend of
           Zelda: Ocarina of Time" established an historic benchmark for
           the video game and entertainment industry as the tally shows
           it generated more retail revenues during the last six weeks of
           1998 than any Hollywood feature film released over the same
           key holiday time period.

           Based on data from Nintendo and entertainment industry
           sources(1), Nintendo's Zelda title for the Nintendo 64 video
           game console generated approximate retail revenues of $150
           million based on the nearly 2.5 million units sold at an
           average retail price of $60. The top grossing movie for the
           same time period was the Disney/Pixar production of "A Bug's
           Life", with approximately $114 million in box office receipts.
           Counting all releases from the week of Nov. 20 through the
           end of the year, revenues are ranked as follows:

                                          Total Revenues 

              Legend of Zelda (Nintendo) 
                                          $150 Million 

              A Bug's Life 
                                          $114 Million 

              Enemy of the State 
                                          $92 Million 

              The Rugrats Movie 
                                          $85 Million 

           "When you consider that roughly 15 years ago the home
           video game industry didn't even exist in America, the fact that
           a video game in the most important retail period of 1998
           could outdraw any Hollywood release is nothing short of
           amazing," says Peter Main, Nintendo of America executive
           vice president, sales and marketing. "Coupled with the
           phenomenal growth of online activity, we're seeing a decided
           shift among consumers toward interactive entertainment.
           Users now can manage and control the story process and
           outcome, rather than the simply observe the passive delivery
           of the same uniform message to a mass audience."

           The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time also became the
           fastest selling game of all time and the number one selling
           video game of all of 1998, even though it was available for
           only the last 39 days of the year. Furthermore, Zelda remains
           on track to sell through more than 6 million games worldwide
           before the end of Nintendo's fiscal year on March 31. And
           separately, the Zelda how-to Player's Guide, published by
           Nintendo Power magazine, has already sold in excess of one
           million units as a distinct retail item.

           This current Zelda game is the first designed to play on the
           Nintendo 64 system, following previous versions released for
           the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (1987), and
           the 16-bit Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1992).
           Critics have labeled the latest installment 'the video game of
           the century'(2) and "the Gone With The Wind of video

           Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, is the acknowledged
           worldwide leader in the creation of interactive entertainment.
           To date, Nintendo has sold more than one billion video
           games worldwide, and has created such industry icons as
           Mario, Yoshi, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Nintendo
           manufactures and markets hardware and software for its
           best-selling home video game systems, including the 64-bit
           Nintendo 64, the hand-held Game Boy, and the 16-bit Super
           Nintendo Entertainment System. As a wholly owned subsidiary,
           Nintendo of America Inc., based in Redmond, Wash., serves
           as headquarters for Nintendo's operations in North America,
           where more than 40 percent of American households own a
           Nintendo game system.

           For more information about Nintendo, visit the company's web

                (1) Exhibitor Relations Company
                (2) Next Generation magazine, 12/98
                (3) Chip and Jonathan Carter, Tribune Media Services

Now, this section is dedicated to you idiots out there that just don't 
believe me. Remember the address:
I'm sure he'll be patient if you crowd his mail box about retarded questions
but I can't take it anymore.

Special thanks to for this (

23. Editorials

Edition #1 - March 20, 1999 

- "The Greatest Game on Earth"

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best game ever made for any 
console without a doubt. Here's Why:

1) Graphics - The amazing graphics in this game will be enough to capture 
the attention of any game player of any console. Incredible effects with
cinemas and other visual screens such as bulildings collapsing, a storm 
occuring with total destruction of a village right in front of you, and Link
a small boy pulling a huge sword out of a stone. This and much more add to
this 3-D thriller.

2) Sound - The sound in this game is unlike any other...... You won't hear 
the same tune repeat over and over, as the game is packed with many MIDI
formatted sequences. Whether you're listening to a song on your ocarina, or
get bored in a dungeon, the music will always sound impressing.

3) The Storyline - The story is stunning the way it all fits together and
works out at the end. As a kid you will see places and say, "That passage
must be an oddity to the game," but then later it wiill be the entrance to a
major dungeon. Or getting clues from people like, "Go to the house of the
dead," and then ending up in the correct place; the Graveyard. Anyhow, it
fits in and there isn't one misfit in the storyline.

24. Changes FAQ

#######   ###  #############################################################
###### ### ##  #############################################################
##### #######  #############################################################
##### #######  #  #####   ###  #  ##### #  ####  #####  ####################
####  #######  ##  ######  ##  ##  ### ##  ### ## ##  ## ###################
####  #######  ##  ######  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  #  ######################
####  #######  ##  ### ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##      ##    ###################
##### #######  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  #########  ##################
#####  ###  #  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##  ### ##  ### ##  ## ##  ##################
#######   ###  ##  ###  #  ##  ##  #### #  ####  #####  ####################
#########################################  #################################
##################################### ### ##################################
######################################   ###################################
####      ####   #######  ##################################################
####  ########   ##### ###  ################################################
####  ######## # ##### #### ################################################
####  #######  #  ###  #### ################################################
####  ####### ### ###  ####  ###############################################
####      ### ### ###  ####  ###############################################
####  ######  ###  ##  ####  ###############################################
####  ######       ### #### ################################################
####  ###### ##### ###  ##  ################################################
####  #####  #####  ####  # ################################################

                                            Version 1.1

I have made a FAQ within a FAQ, to complete this Zelda 64: Changes FAQ. I
felt it was needed and will be a helpful resource for those of you who need
information on the early releases of the N64 version, as well as other
versions for other consoles. This changes FAQ may not be used in any other
FAQ, and may not be used on any web page individually (see legal information
at the bottom of this page). Ok, we'll get started.


   1.1 What is a changes FAQ?
   1.2 Why did you write it? 
   1.3 Update History

   2.1 What are all the Zelda games ever made and for what systems?
   2.2 What years did they come out?

   3.1 What changes were made?
   3.2 Why were they made?
   3.3 How do the story lines change in the different games? 

   4.1 Are there any rumors regarding Zelda 64?
   4.2 Are they true or false?

   5.1 Author's Note / Thanks
   5.2 Legal Information
1.1 What is a changes FAQ?

This changes FAQ is to give a background on other Zelda games, how they
compare to the N64 version, and changes that were made to the game before
the game was released. It all discusses the rumors of the game, and helps
analyze and take a look at what rumors are true and false.

Considering that many editions of Zelda have been made for a multitude of
different consoles, I thought everyone should get the main picture of the
similarites and differences of how the game has changed over the years. The
Zleda legacy was started in 1986, and the most recent game was made in 1998,
and lots more Zelda games are expected to be made and sell good.
1.2 Why did you write it?

Like I said already above, I think everyone should known the similarities
and differences of Zelda 64 compared to all the other Zelda games. I also
want to pass out knowledge of the changes that were made from the original
release of this game and the actual release of the game.

The reason it is important to have this changes faq is to kill rumors for
Zelda 64. For instance, some Zelda games have Pegasus Boots, therefore a
frequently asked question for Zelda 64 is, "Where are the Pegasus Boots?"
So even though the stories and enemies may be very much alike, the catches
of the game and understanding varies.

1.3 Update History

Version 1.1 - Well I wasn't expecting to update this soon, but I received a 
new rumor....... So scroll down, see what it is, and find out if it's true
or false!

Version 1.0 - Did all the typing.

2.1 What are all the Zelda games ever made and for what systems?

There are a total of 6 Zelda games made for different consoles, and they 
are as follows:

The Legend of Zelda......................................... NES
The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link............... NES
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past..................... Super NES
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening....................... Gameboy
The Legend of Zelda DX: Link's Awakening.................... Gameboy Color
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time........................ Nintendo 64
2.2 What years did they come out?

The Legend of Zelda......................................... 1986
The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link............... 1989
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past..................... 1992
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening....................... 1993
The Legend of Zelda DX: Link's Awakening.................... 1993/1998
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time........................ 1998
3.1 What changes were made?

Apparanetly there was a heart piece on top of a house near the entrance to
the Lost Woods. The way you would get it is to plant a magic bean in the
soft soil spot and let it take you there as an adult. Now, in the edited
version, the platform brings you to an aclove with rupees in it, but it is
a fact that there was a heart piece near the entrance to the Lost Woods 
because GamePro released an early magazine in the game's early stages and a
heart piece was listed in this loaction. At, it says the heart
piece was moved to a better hiding space. If I had to guess I would say it 
is the one that you get from the skull kids when playing the jam session 

A gold edition of Zelda 64 was available if you pre-ordered the game an
extremely long time ago. The only differences between the gold edition and
the standard edition are the color of the box, the color of the cratridge, 
and the gold edition is worth more money. There are no extra dungeons in the
gold editions so you don't miss out on anything. The gold edition will be
almost impossible to find these days, but if you do find one, it will most
likely cost you tons of $$$ for it.

It has been said that in the early stages of making this game, you could
never get the Triforce at the end of the game! This still stands today. I 
would assume that Miyamoto didn't want to end the legacy by having you
actually defeat the game and obtain the Triforce at the end. Also, the game
is more enjoyable as you can defeat the final two bosses over and over, and
try different things on him.
3.2 Why were they made?

I guess that Miyamoto felt that the heart piece wasn't challenging enough to
get to and therefore hid it better. This is proof that Miyamoto is a hard
worker and will even take a lot of time just to make the game a better
challenge......... In case, you don't know, the game was delayed quite a lot
of times.

The gold edition was made a while back and is a limited edition game 
cartridge. The gold edition was made for this game because of the reason a 
gold edition is made for all other games, and that is to make a collector's
item edition fo the game that will be worth money.
3.3 How do the story lines change in the different games?

These are the story lines of all the Zelda games ranging from the first 1986
version to the advanced 1998 version. This is just some information on the
games so you get a general understanding of the games' past and what may 
come in the future.

The Legend of Zelda
The evil Ganondorf steals the piece of power of the triforce and runs off 
with it, then it is your job to make sure he doesn't get his hands on all 3

The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Instructions from the manual)
One day, a strange mark,
                                         exactly like the crest of the
                                         kingdom, appeared on the
                                         back of Link's hand as he
                                         approached his 16th
                                         birthday. The worried Link,
                                         went to Impa, Princess
                                         Zelda's nursemaid who was
                                         shocked and frightened
                                         when she saw the
                                         birthmark. When she
 regained her composure, she took Link to the North Castle.
 There was a door in the
 North Castle called "the
 door that does not open."
 Only the descendants of the
 Impa family who served the
 king knew how to open the
 door. Impa took Link's left
 hand and pressed the back
 of it against the door. There
 was a sound of a lock
 falling open, the door
 slowly creaked open and there on an alter in the middle of the room lay a
 beautiful woman. "Here lies Princess Zelda." Impa began to speak calmly.
                               "Link, the time has come when I must tell
                               you the legend of Zelda handed down in
                               Hyrule. It is said that a long ago, when
                               Hyrule was one country, a great ruler
                               maintained the peace in Hyrule using the
                               Triforce. However, the king too was a
                               child of man and he died. Then, the
                               prince of the kingdom should have
 become king and inherited everything, but he could inherit the Triforce only in
 part. The Prince searched everywhere for the missing parts, but could not find
 Then, a magician close to the king
 brought him some unexpected news.
 Before he died, the king had said
 something about the Triforce to only the
 younger sister of the prince, Princess
 Zelda. The prince immediately
 questioned the princess, but she wouldn't
 tell him anything. After the prince, the
 magician threatened to put the princess into an eternal sleep if she did not talk,
 but even still, she said nothing."
 "In his anger, the magician tried to cast a magic spell on the princess. The
 surprised prince tried to stop him, but the magician fought off the prince and went
 on chanting the spell. Then, when the spell was finally cast, Princess Zelda fell on
 that spot and entered asleep from which she might never awake. At the same
 time, the magician also fell down and breathed his last."

 "In his grief, the prince placed the princess in this room. He hoped that someday
 she would come back to life. So that this tragedy would never be forgotten, he
 ordered that every female child born into the royal household be given the name
                                             From the stand next
                                             to the alter where
                                             Princess Zelda lay in a
                                             deep sleep, Impa
                                             took six crystals and a
                                             scroll with the same
                                             crest and handed
                                             them to Link.
                                             "For generations, my
                                             family has been
 handed down these things which have been set aside for a time when a great king
 will come. They are written in an ancient script that no one can read now. But
 you who have the crest may be able to read it. It is said that the key to uniting the
 Triforce is hidden there. Now it is time for you to read it."
 Link glanced at the scroll half in doubt, but what do you know? Although he had
 never seen the letters before, he found that he could read them as if they were
 talking to him.
 This was written on the scroll.
 "You who'll control the Triforce of the future. I shall hand down to you the
 secrets of the Triforce. There are three kinds of Triforce -- Power, Wisdom,
 and Courage. When these three are brought together, the Triforce will show
 its maximum power. Of the three, I have left Power and Wisdom in the
 kingdom. But the Triforce Courage I have hidden for a reason.
 Not everybody can use the Triforce. It requires strong character with no
 evil thoughts. But an inborn special quality is also necessary. Unfortunately,
 I have not found such a person during my lifetime.
 Therefore, I have decided to cast a spell on all of Hyrule. A crest will appear
 on a youngman with that character who has been brought up correctly, has
 gained many kinds of experiences and reached a certain age. But, what will
 happen if someone else uses the Triforce before then? If it misused, it will
 produce many evils.
                            The Triforce of Courage is hidden in the
                            Great Palace in the Valley of Death on
                            the largest island in Hyrule. However, to
                            enter there you must first fight the
                            guardians and undo the "binding force."
                            When you have defeated the guardians,
                            which I made toprevent enemies from
                            invading the six palaces in Hyrule, set a
 crystal in the forehead of the statue you find. When you have set crystals in
 all of the statues in the six palaces, the "binding force" placed on the Valley
 of Death will be removed and you will be able to enter the great palace.
 There, you must fight the last guardian. And you can obtain the Triforce
 only by defeating that guardian."
 There's nothing to fear. You are the one to get the Triforce. You are the
 beacon of hope for Hyrule."
 Impa implored Link, who raised his head slowly
 after reading the scroll.
 "The magic spell cast upon Princess Zelda will
 sure to be broken if the Triforce is used."
 "Please, Link. Unite the Triforce and save the
 princess. And bring back peace to Hyrule."
 Link nodded silently in approval, and left the
 room after taking a long glance at the altar.
 Then, with a magical sword in his left hand and a
 magical shield in his right, he set off alone on his
 long travels.
 At that time, Ganon's underlings were calling up
 new allies from the Underworld, and were
 beginning to work devilishly towards the revival of

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Back in the mists of time, before the era of The Legend of Zelda and
   The Adventure of Link, Hyrule was a land of fabulous palaces and magic.
   It was also a troubled land, and the divisions of Light and Dark were
   tearing it apart. The origins of this conflict lay even deeper in the
   shadows of time, with the coming of the Triforce and the greed of
   Ganondorf, King of Thieves.
   To comprehend Hyrule and Link's desperate quest, one must first know
   the ancient legend of the Triforce. In the Golden Land, where it was
   placed by the creators of the world, the Triforce beckoned to people.
   Ganon and his band of thieves long searched for the secret entrance to
   the Golden Land, eventually stumbling upon it. Then Ganon defeated his
   fellows for possession of the Triforce.

   In a period known as the Imprisoning War, the King of Hyrule brought
   seven wise men together to seal the door to the Golden Land, for Ganon's
   evil power had been spilling forth, causing corruption and darkness. The
   once peaceful land became a place of dreadful rumors of the coming of a
   magical enemy. At this time the Master Sword was forged, but there was
   no hero valiant enough to wield it.

   Before the wise men could seal off the Golden Land and the Triforce,
   Ganon's army surged into Hyrule and besieged the castle. The Knights of
   Hyrule fought heroically, but the power of the Triforce controlled their
   enemies, giving them inhuman strength. The battle raged back and forth
   through the gate. Many foes fell in the tide of battle, but too many Knights
   also were lost. It seemed that they were beyond hope.
   Then, at the end of the day, the wise men finally succeeded in blocking
   the door to Ganon's Realm. With the power of their master removed, the
   enemies fled or threw themselves into the moat. Hyrule was saved and over
   the years the Golden Land, which then became known as the Dark World,
   faded from the memory of people.

   The people of Hyrule may have forgotten about the Dark World, but the
   master of that evil land had not forgotten about Hyrule. Ganon brooded in
   his prison, surrounded by reminders of his fall. He grew ever more bitter
   as the dark years passed like the wailing of cold winds on a winter's night.
   Ambition burned in his eyes. He would find a way to wreak vengeance and
   claim total power.
   Many centuries passed with Ganon and the Triforce safely locked away.
   Then the disasters began: plague, drought, quakes, and fire. The King
   sought sage advice and a wizard named Agahnim stepped forth to end the
   strange disasters. He became a powerful advisor to the King, but he kept
   his true plans to himself. It seemed like a Golden Age, but it wouldn't last.

   Once Agahnim had consolidated his power, he began to abuse it. First to
   fall victim were the ancestors of the seven wise men. The wizard
   imprisoned 6 maidens in crystal cocoons and they were never seen again.
   Then princess Zelda herself was taken as she sent a telepathic plea into
   the night. The Hylian gift that enabled Zelda to send her message also
   allowed Link to hear her.

   Having received Zelda's message, Link felt compelled to save her, but his
   Uncle forbade him to leave the house. Link's Uncle thought that the lad's
   courage outweighed his common sense, yet he knew that something had to
   be done to save Zelda. Turning away from Link, he gripped his sword. He
   knew a secret entrance into the castle, although he didn't know the way

   Link couldn't tell how much time had passed since his Uncle had left - a
   minute? an hour? The only thing he knew was that Zelda had spoken to him.
   He had to help her! Taking a lamp to light his way, Link stepped into the
   lashing rain and headed toward the castle.
   As Link floundered about in the storm, he heard a second telepathic
   message from Zelda telling of a secret route into the castle. When he
   found the entrance, he also found his Uncle inside, wounded and unable
   to carry on. Link took his Uncle's sword and promised to return.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
You must guide Link on your Gameboy to defeat 8 dungeons and obtain all 8
instrument pieces.

The Legend of Zelda DX: Link's Awakening
Same as the one above, only made for Gameboy Color as it is in color and
includes an extra bonus dungeon only for Gameboy Color.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
It is your job to collect all 3 spiritual stones and obtain the triforce 
from the Sacred Relam before Ganon does. But before you get to it, Ganon
obtains it, and it is your job to awaken 6 sages from thier temples, then
defeat Ganon for that Triforce.
4.1 Are there any rumors regarding Zelda 64?


- You can get the Triforce
- There are Pegasus Boots
- There are more than 13 songs
- You can reach Gerudo's Fortress as a kid
- You can play as Sheik
- There is a fire sword, an ice sword, and a light sword
- There is a secret Sky Temple
- You can beat the running man
- You can get a job at Lon Lon Ranch for Talon
- There is a guy named Kane that you meet who gives you the fairy ocarina as
an adult leading you to the Triforce
4.2 Are they true or false?

This can all be found in section #19, the Rumor Killers section, but I'll 
put it down here as well for your convenience.

1.) You cannot get the Triforce! You do not get it at the end, nor can you
ever get it in the game! It has been said already by Nintendo themself! 
Also, Nintendo is probably working on a sequel. So, if you get the Triforce
and the Sages lock up Ganandorf, then what will be the point of a sequel?
In some games, you just can't win. This is the bad thing about Mario......
If you could never defeat Bowser, how great would the game be today? 

2.) There are no friggin Pegasus Boots so stop asking. Seriously, some idiot
started this rumor that you can get the Pegasus Boots that make you run 
twice as fast as Epona. This rumor grew quick and there are about 172 ways
on how to get them all over the place, but I think you'll be wasting your

3.) The songs you learn will be stored on your screen when you hit pause.
You also have the scarecrow song. These are the only songs you learn! There
is no Song of Sages or Song of Light! This is very interesting, but no, you
don't get anymore tunes then the ones above. Sorry.

4.) You can't reach Gerudo Fortress as a kid. There is a guy blocking the
path, and as an adult, you get over there with use of the hookshot or Epona
and you don't have either of these as a child. And, is you play the song
that warps you to the Spirit Temple, you don't have the hover boots to get
you throught the Haunted Wasteland.

5.) You cannot play as Sheik! You know, these rumors just get worse every 
time I don't think it can be any stupider.

6.) There is no Fire Sword, no Ice Sword, and no Light Sword! Your cheap 
Kokiri Sword, a Giant's Knife that breaks after using it 4 times, a Master
Sword that is ok, and a kickass Biggoron's Sword is all you'll get, no 
matter how hard you try.

7.) There is no Secret Sky Temple, or anything like that, it's all a load of
crap. As Sheik says, as Rauru says, as Nintendo says, there are 5 temples,
Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, and Spirit, and there's 6 medallions.... The 5
from the Temples and the Light Medallion given to you.

8.) You cannot beat the running man! IT - IS - IMPOSSIBLE. Apparently 
Nintendo covered this too....... He'll always beat you by one second whether
your time is 1 second or 100 years. This is where a lot of the rumors start,
for example, the creative makers of these rumors say that in order to get
the Ice Sword, beat the running man. I don't think so.

9.) You don't get a job for Talon at Lon Lon Ranch! Here's the newest one
yet. "They Say" that if you win Talon's chicken game as a kid and go back 
to him as an adult, he'll give you a job and pay you for it. No, no, no!

10.) (NEW) A reader of this FAQ sent this one in:

>> Have you
heard of a guy named kane ? He claims that he knows how to get the fairy
orcania when you are an adult. He said it will lead you to find the
triforce. <<

This has been proven to be untrue........ There is absolutely no chance in
hell you will be able to get the Triforce. The Kane part and the Fairy 
Ocarina part aren't proven to be false, but I highly doubt it.
5.1 Author's Note / Thanks

I hope you enjoyed getting the background and scoop on all of this, and I
would like to thank:
Zelda Headquarters
For 2 Stories
For gold edition and heart piece information.
5.2 Legal Information

I am not letting anyone use this changes FAQ in their FAQ or on their site
individually. If you already have this FAQ on your page (see legal 
information, last section) I would appreciate it if you used this changes
FAQ within this one. Thanks.
25. Thanks

This Guide was a lot of work, but there are a few people I really want to
thank. If it weren't for them, I'd still be typing / figuring things out!

For the news about the game

Thanks for the great comprehensible gold skulltula list.

Willow & Hoops
Thanks for the fun ocarina songs.

Michael Alfera
Thanks for the great fishing guide.

Patrick Allen
The Biggorons Sword Guide

Surfing With The Sharks
For the gameshark codes

Anyone who sent in stuff for the Fan Submitted Section. 
(See Above).

Nintendo for making this great game.
Shegiru Miyamoto..........Great job!

Also, I'd like to direct you to these sites: (Official Site) (Zelda HeadQuarters)
Just in case you want more game information.

26. Legal Information

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time belongs to Nintendo. I have no 
association with them what so ever. You may not use this on your site unless
I have sent it to you. I believe that there are 2 sites using this, and that
is where I will draw the line. If you find a site using this e-mail me and
I'll put them on the black list if I didn't already give them permission.
Oh, and finally, the most updated version of this FAQ / Walkthrough can
always be found at The Changes FAQ may only be used on a
site that already has this FAQ / Walkthrough and not individually. In
addition, the Changes FAQ may not be used in any other FAQ / Walkthrough. For
more information on using this FAQ on your site, please read the E-Mail FAQ
below the Author's Note.

- Author's Note 
  WARNING: This has nothing to do with the game, it's just my response to the
criticism this FAQ has received in the past few days, so if you're not
interested, turn back now.

As I take a look at this FAQ/Walkthrough, I take a look 
into the hard work and effort I put into it. Then when I visit other FAQs
and such on this game, my work is criticized, mostly because other FAQ
writers look at the size of this FAQ and become angry and jealous. Like I
have said before, size doesn't make a damn to me, you won't see me going
around and bragging about my work, or asking people to make recognition 
because of the size factor. Zelda 64 is a great game, and there are many
other wonderful FAQs, walkthroughs, and other works done for Zelda 64 (go
to GameFAQs and check out the work done by marshmallow, Farari 316, Cam Roth,
RCarlos, MGonzalez, and see what they have to offer. Also see my credits
section for some of the works on this FAQ done by others). There are tons
of places to go to get a FAQ and Walkthrouhg on this great game, including
this FAQ, but I go farther, and try to help people with game news that they
may be looking for, or my personal toughts and reviews for someone who is
deciding on buying the game or not. I have previously addressed this issue
in version 1.7 of the FAQ:

No actual update for now, I just have a few things I would
like to get off my back. First off, you should realize that this is more
then just a FAQ and Walkthrough. Zelda 64 is probably the biggest game out
there, and has been hyped for years. I try to provide everyone with news
and game information for the help of those people who fill my e-mail box 
with retarded e-mails that people with half a brain should be able to realize
instantly. Secondly, I add nothing to this FAQ to make the size larger....
Whether this thing turns out to be 2K or 2MB, it doesn't really make a damn
to me, as long as everyone understands every angle of the game (but that
obviously hasn't occured yet as I continue to get too much mail each day
with questions that are listed 3 or 4 times in this FAQ). Third, I give
credit where credit is due. I don't steal or take, because a thank you
note is listed (section #25) along with a URL if possible. If the owner or
creator of the item I use asks me to take it down, I will do so. And 
finally, I prefer to put my own comments in an editorial section. Instead
of making pointless and useless comments and scattering them in the FAQ, 
walkthrough, and other sections, I put my rants into one section so 
everything is more comprehensible and you know what sections to go to and 
which sections to avoid. I hope that this clears up any e-mails I have
recieved in the past few days and also clears up what other people may think
of this FAQ. Thank you.

You see, the thing is that it really pisses me off to see my countless hours
of work in trying to establish a different kind of FAQ is criticized by
people who only think of size and other crap that are trying to maintain 
better and bigger FAQs. 

Is it really pathetic that someone decides to go further and be more 
helpful? Some people in life are too self-centered and think that the world
only revolves around them. I am having personal troubles in life now, and 
even though this message isn't really worth my time and it's the last problem
on my mind now, I know that the readers of this FAQ should have the right to
know what my response is to other FAQ writers and other people's criticism.

- E-Mail FAQ

This is just a FAQ I put together if you are going to E-Mail me about
something. I am hoping that this will cut down the amount of E-Mails I 
receive each day and answer questions that you may be ready to ask.

Q: Can I submit something I know that you don't have listed?
A: Yes, and I will put it in the fan submitted section along with credit to
you and your e-mail address. The information must be true, because I will 
test it and if it's false, all that's gonna happen is I'll get really pissed

Q: You done updating this thing?
A: No. I know I have said so in the past but I wish to keep adding on and
putting up submitted content.

Q: I went to another FAQ, and they're talking trash about you. What's up?
A: Don't waste your time by telling me. I have addressed it fully in the
author's note.

Q: Did you spell check this FAQ?
A: No.

Q: Can I use this on my site?
A: For now, no. The 2 sites you can find my work on are:

Soon I will allow everyone to use this, but for now, please don't.

27. Good Bye

Well, this is it. I have a few other FAQs on other games and for other
systems that you can check out. All of them can be found at GameFAQs, 
( and some can be found at my friend's site, N64
Surge ( I write more and more when I can
and usually release 2 a month, along with updates.

Steve Ondrejack