Zero Critical (e)

Zero Critical

This is a detailed step-by-step walkthrough, and thus should be consulted
only when you don't mind a complete spoiler. But that's why you were
looking for a walkthrough in the first place, right? The only general hints
about playing the game I can give is that you know you have solved a
puzzle, or series of them, correctly if the other characters suddenly have
moved positions or areas - this signifies new conversation choices. Make
sure to exhaust all conversation choices with each character you interact
with as this sometimes opens up new puzzles.

I've tried to organize this walkthrough by days in order to not spoil
everything. Keep in mind that the puzzles can be solved somewhat out of
order depending on how you solve them, so you may solve something in Day
Two that I have written as solved during Day 3. I have written the
walkthrough to show the bare minimum of actions Chatt can take to get
through each day, without including extra or optional actions. There may be
optional puzzles or conversations to be solved in the game that are not
listed here. I do know that you can get humorous reactions from the other
characters by showing them items in your inventory so feel free to
experiment beyond what I have written. For instance, get the fuse out of
the dumpster at the very beginning of the game. It's only purpose, as far
as I can discern, is to disgust everyone in the game with the fact that you
dig in dumpsters...

Table of Contents

   * Day One
   * Day Two
   * Day Three
   * Day Four


Day One

Enter the building, then talk to Vilken and Fayn, exhausting all
conversation choices. When there is nothing left to talk about and Vilken
has given you your security badge, show Dr. Fayn the ITC notice. Now that
you have upset her, go and start conducting your research. Enter the room
directly to the left of Vilken (Dining Room), go through the door on the
left to the kitchen, and examine the panel on the right of the freezer
door. Raise the temperature to 80 degrees, then enter the freezer. Click on
the body to retrieve the Sym Scanner, make sure to look at the model (8V).
Use the medical scanner on the body to collect the readings for ITC.

Leave the freezer, and turn the temperature back to ten degrees by pressing
the reset button. I don't know if you need to do this, but the thought of
all of that meat left at 80 degrees made me a little queasy. Go back out to
where Vilken and Fayn are standing, exit to the right of the screen. Enter
the door straight ahead marked "Computer Lab". Talk to Roger, exhaust all
conversation choices. Use the digitizer on the terminal right behind Roger
for the ITC. Go through the door on the left (System Admin room) and talk
to Myna, again exhausting all conversation choices - I'm going to stop
saying to exhaust these choices whenever you talk to a character, you
should know to do that by now :-) Show her the Sym Scanner, then leave.
Talk to Roger again.

Go back to where Fayn and Vilken were standing - they're gone now, a good
sign. Whenever characters move you know you are on the right track. You can
check the panel they were blocking, it lets you know where the other
characters are, and can provide hints on where to look for them. Enter the
Dining Room, talk to Dr. Fayn. Exit through the door to her right, and pass
through the Storeroom to reach Chatt's room. Look at the computer screen.
Then click on the bed, bringing Day One to a close.


Day Two

Exit Chatt's room and go to the Dining Room. Talk to Roger. Enter the
Kitchen and talk to Magus. Leave that area and go to the hallway, where you
should run into Dr. Fayn and Myna. Talk to Myna, then to Fayn, then to Myna
again. When you are done talking to them, enter the room marked "Living
Quarters" and talk to Vilken. As long as you are in there, enter into
Myna's room, located through the doorway next to Vilken. Grab her sleeping
pills from the cabinet, the headache pills from the bottom shelf, and the
terminal from the top shelf.

Go talk to Myna in the Sys Admin room. When you are done talking, show her
the Sym Scanner. She will tell you that the battery you need is
6VSYNCOREBATT, which is incorrect since you are using the 8V model. Go to
the Storeroom, and talk to Garr. When you are done, use the Auto-Retrieval
Part system screen to his left and enter 8VSYNCOREBATT to get the battery.
Click on the lower portion of the machine to pick it up. Double click on
the scanner to bring up the close-up, then drag the battery onto it. It
should work now.

Go back to the Living Quarters where Vilken is sleeping. Use the Sym
Scanner on him. Now go talk to Myna again. She will experience a computer
malfunction and ask you to fix it. Go back to Chatt's room and read the
message on the computer. Get the fuse from the box on the desk, then use it
on the fuse panel on the wall. Now that the problem is fixed, return to
Myna and talk to her again. Interesting information about Fayn, perhaps it
is time to talk to her again. Unfortunately, Chatt's badge won't let you
into the main lab where she is. You will need someone else's. Go into the
Dining Room and get a cup of coffee. Use the sleeping pills on the coffee,
then give it to Roger. Leave the room and immediately go back in. Click on
Roger to take his badge, then use your Sym Scanner on him for good measure.

Take your new badge and enter the Main Lab, located in the Computer Lab to
the right of the door leading to the System Administration room where Myna
sits. Talk to Fayn, then leave the lab and return to Chatt's room, where
Chatt can now fall asleep.


Day Three

Read the message on the computer screen. Go to the kitchen and talk to
Roger. Enter the Computer Lab and talk to Garr. Go back to the Main Lab and
click on the computer where Fayn was sitting the day before. Click the
button marked "Power Room Lock". This should unlock the door to the right.
Enter it, then pick up the piece of paper on the desk. Make note of the
lift combination, CCVC. Go back to the hallway and use the terminal on the
conduit. Enter the lift combination using the terminal. None of the other
combinations on the paper seem to work, so don't bother trying to enter
them. Go back into the computer lab and use the lift/elevator right next to
Garr. Click on the papers on the floor and pick up the picture.

Magus should be interested in the picture, so go show it to him. He is
working outside of the SATIN complex - go back to the screen where you
started the game and exit it to the right. Show him the picture, then talk
to him. Make note of the coordinates he gives you, 83-47-01 but finish
talking until he has nothing more to say. Go back down the lift into the
Observatory, then exit out the door to the roof. Use the terminal on the
antenna patch-in conduit and enter the coordinates Magus gave you. Go back
into the Observatory and click on the terminals. When the screen goes to a
close-up, make sure to click on the object so that you get the message
"Some kind of man-made structure. Chatt can reach it by truck".

Go to the nearest truck, which isn't the one you have seen out by Magus.
Enter the Main Lab and go into the Power Room. There is a hard to see door
directly to upwards of the table where the paper was. Go through it and
enter the Aetobee. Click on the screen and choose to go to the Unidentified
Structure. Once there, click on the grate to be told it is too dark to see
anything. Backtrack to the research facility and talk to Magus about it. He
will tell you about the location of a power facility. Go back through the
Main Lab Power Room to the Aetobee and go to the Remote Power Station.
Enter the station and click on the machines located directly to the right
of the main computer. One of the buttons is conveniently marked "site".
Click on it, then return to the Unidentified Structure. It is now lit, so
enter it.

There is another hard to see door located on the North wall. Go through the
door to the junction and go to the left. Take the skull. Go back to the
junction and go right this time, there isn't anything to do here, but make
note of what the room looks like. Go back to the junction and go to the
south. Nothing to do here yet, so keep moving to the left. Talk to Fayn. Go
back to the SATIN project facility and show the skull to Magus. Nothing
more to do, so let's call it a night. Go back to Chatt's room for a
surprise that leads to Day Four.


Day Four

Talk to Myna before leaving the room. Go right back in to find her
sleeping. While she is out, use the Sym Scanner on her. Uh-oh. Leave the
room and go right back in again. Talk to Myna, then show her the Sym
Scanner, this should prompt a surprised reaction from her, and not the
typical one you usually get when you show her the scanner. Look at Roger's
badge number and note the number 806. Go to the System Admin room and use
the Security Control Console. Click the VIP access button, then click to
add new access. Enter Roger's number. Go to the VIP Quarters and look at
the computer on the table. Enter the Room B on the right and look at the
papers in the briefcase. Exit Garr's room and enter Fayn's room, Room A. In
there you can read lots of things that give insight into her mental state,
but the most important piece of information at this point is to note that
her husband's name is Roland.

When you are done looking around, go back to the Main Lab where the SATIN
rift has grown to a size large enough to, well, walk through. Use the
computer, and click on the Protection Field button. The password is Roland,
it was nice of her to leave that hint there, wasn't it? Enter the Rift.
Talk to Vilken, notice that he is in a glamorous version of the room I said
to take note of in the Unidentified Structure. Take the Aetobee back to the
Unidentified Structure, go through the door to the junction and enter the
room on the right. Look out the window and click on the glow to get the
message that Chatt can reach it by truck. Go back to the Aetobee and choose
to go to the Secondary SATIN facility. Talk to Garr, who should give you a
key. Go through the door on his left and use the key in the slot next to
the door. Click on the chair structure and grate. Go back into the previous
room and exit it by clicking on the bottom of the screen. Talk to Fayn,
then click on the glow. Again, somewhere Chatt can go by truck. Go back to
the truck and choose to go to the Rift Gate.

Once at the gate, enter the glow. Talk to Myna. Exit through the door right
behind her, and go into the hallway. Exit to the right of the screen. You
should recognize this as a glamorous version of the hallway you couldn't do
anything in during Day Two at the Unidentified Structure. Click on the
closest bottom panel to the door. It will open up to reveal a power source.
Take the power source and go back to where Myna is. Leave this area by
clicking on the bottom of the screen.

Use the Aetobee to go back to the Unidentified Structure, go to the
junction and go south. Use the battery in the exposed section that
corresponds with the Rift's version where you removed the battery. Go
through the door and click on the pile of bones. Get the locket. Return to
the secondary SATIN facility and give the locket to Fayn. Tell her to stop
the rift, then stop the rift please and follow the logical conversation
choices after that. Actually, you can exhaust all the conversation choices
with her if you want to at this point it doesn't affect game play one way
or the other. Well, except to be illogical if you choose to tell her to
stop the test after she already has agreed to since this causes her to turn
around and say she won't stop the test.

Take the access card she gives you and return to the Remote Power Station.
Use the access card on the main computer. Keep clicking on the arrow that
leads from the Power Station to Facility Two until the numbers go from
40-30 to 0-70. Use the Aetobee to go back to the main SATIN research
facility. Enter the Power room and use the access card Fayn gave you on the
computer on the bottom left of the screen. Click the arrow from the Main
Facility to Facility 2 until the numbers go from 30-70 to 0-100. Exit the
Power Room into the Main Lab and talk to Vilken. Exit the lab into the
Computer Lab and use the lift to go to the Observatory. Exit to the roof,
exit the screen to the right. Talk to Myna, watch the short end sequence
and let the credits roll.

The End!