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|   The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time Items Guide Version 1.2  |
|     By :  Joca64 (Joaquim Mendes) Email :      |
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Last updated : 31/05/99

- Table of Contents -

1. What's new ?
2. Introduction
3. Items
4. Conclusion


1. What's new ?

Version 1.2 - The items are now in alphabetical order , added a lot more 
items and corrected some errors.

Version 1.0 - Added everything.


2. Introduction

- This is a list of items that can be found in Zelda64 , where and how 
to get them.This list now features 53 items.If you want to use any part 
of this Faq on your own Faq , Site or something of that kind email me 
and ask me permission.


3. Items

3.1. Adult's Wallet

- You get this Wallet by killing 10 Gold Skulltulas and talking to the 
kid that as been released at his house in Kakariko Village.

3.2. Big Goron's Sword

- Breakable - You can obtain this wonderfull sword by paying 200 rupees 
to the giant Goron at Goron City , but it will break after some use.
- Unbreakable - Give the Claim Check to Big Goron three days after he 
gave it to you.

3.3. Bomb Bag

- You will be able to carry Bombs the first time by catching a Bomb Bag 
in a chest , located in Dodongo's Cavern.

3.4. Bombchu

- This object can be found at many different places including , a shop 
in Hyrule Castle Market , as a prize for winning the game at the Bombchu 
Bowling Alley in Hyrule Castle Market and a lot more.

3.5. Boomerang

- You'll get the Boomerang on a chest inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly.

3.6. Bottles

- The first Bottle can be obtained by winning the Super Cucco Game at 
Lon Lon Ranch
-The second Bottle is on Lake Hylia , near the warp zone to Zora's 
- The third Bottle is obtained by collecting all 7 Cuccos that wander in 
Kakariko Village.
-To get the last Bottle you'll need to catch the 10 Super Poes that 
wander in Hyrule Field , and give them to the Poe Dealer.

3.7. Broken Big Goron's Sword

- To get this give the Poacher's Saw to the chief carpenter at Gerudo 

3.8. Claim Check

- Give the World's Finnest Eye Drops to the Big Goron at top of Death 

3.9. Cojiro

- To get Cojiro ( the blue Cucco ) , get the Pocket Cucco and use it to 
awake the man inside a house in Kakariko Village.Return the Pocket Cucco 
to the Cucco lady and she'll give you Cojiro.

3.10. Deku-Nut

- You can get your first Deku-Nut in many places , you can buy it at the 
Kokiri shop or get it by killing a man eating plant on the path to th 
Great Deku Tree.

3.11. Deku-Stick

- You can get your first Deku-Stick in many places , you can buy it at 
the Kokiri shop or by killing a man eating plant on the path to the 
Great Deku Tree.

3.12. Din's Fire

- In Hyrule Castle , go to the dead end and place a bomb on the cracked 
wall.Enter the hole and play Zelda's Lullaby while on top of the royal 
familly's simbol.

3.13. Eyeball Frog

- Give the Prescription to King Zora.

3.14. Fairy Bow

- This is inside a chest in the Forest Temple.

3.15. Fairy Ocarina

- Saria will give this when you first leave Kokiri Forest.

3.16. Fairy Slingshot

- You can get it on a chest inside the Deku Tree.

3.17. Farore's Wind

- In Zora's Fountain , put a bomb on the wall near the 2 boulders and a 
tree.Enter the hole and play Zelda's Lullaby while on top of the royal 
familly's simbol.

3.18. Fire Arrows

- To get the Fire Arrows , in Lake Hylia at night , on the island with 
the big tree find a stone with letters writen all over.Stand on that 
stone and whend the sun is rising shoot a arrow to it.The Fire Arrows 
will appear in a small island in front of you.

3.19. Gerudo's Card

- You get this after releasing all 4 carpenters from Thieves Hideout.

3.20. Giant's Wallet

- Get this by killing 40 Gold Skulltulas and talking to the kid that has 
been released in his house at Kakariko Village.

3.21. Golden Gauntlets

- You get these in a chest , inside Ganon's Castle.

3.22. Golden Scale

- Break the record at the Fishing Pond ( as an adult ) and talk to the 
pond owner.

3.23. Goron's Bracelet

- Darunia will give you this bracelet , as a kid , play Zelda's Lullaby 
while on top of the rug near the entrance to Darunia's room.
The door opens , talk to Darunia and play Saria's Song.

3.24. Goron Tunic

- As an adult go to Goron's City and look for a goron rolling 
around.Place a bomb in order to hit him , he will stop.Talk to him and 
he'll give you the Tunic.

3.25. HookShot

- This is obtained by winning Damp‚'s ghost race.As an adult go to the 
Graveyard and open the grave left to the entrance of the Graveyard.
Enter the hole and race with Damp‚.

3.26. Hover Boots

- These boots are inside a chest in the Shadow Temple.

3.27. Hylian Shield

- This can be obtained at the Hyrule Castle Market Bazaar.
If you talk to the guard at the start of Death Mountain Trail ( as a kid 
) they'll give you a discount.

3.28. Ice Arrows

- The Ice Arrows are inside a chest in the Gerudo Training Ground.

3.29. Iron Boots

- You get these boots from inside a chest in the Ice Cavern.

3.30. Kokiri Boots

- You start the game with these boots.

3.31. Kokiri Shield

- You can buy it at the Kokiri shop for 40 rupees.

3.32. Kokiri Sword

- This can be found in Kokiri Forest , to the left of your house , find 
a hole.Enter it and pass the rolling rock to reach the chest with the 
Kokiri Sword.

3.33. Kokiri Tunic

- You start the game with this Tunic.

3.34. Lens of Truth

- The Lens of Truth is inside a chest that is in the dungeon on the 
bottom of the well in Kakariko's Village ( whend you're a kid ).
To enter the well you must play the storm's song to the man inside the 

3.35. Light Arrows

- Zelda will give this in the Temple of Time after you've awaken all six 

3.36. LongShot

- The LongShot is in a chest on the Water Temple.

3.37. Magic Beans

- The Magic Beans seller is on Zora's River ( whend Link is a kid ) , 
you'll have to pay him a lot of money to get them all.

3.38. Master Sword

- You get this sword after collecting all 3 Spiritual Stones and the 
Ocarina of time.Go to the Temple of Time and play the Song of Time in 
front of the altar.

3.39. Megaton Hammer

- This can be obtained in a chest , on the Fire Temple.

3.40. Mirror Shield

- Is inside a chest on the Desert Colossus.

3.41. Nayru's Love

- To get this magic go to the Desert Colossus and look for a crack in 
the sorrounding walls between two palmtrees.Place a bomb , enter the 
cave and play Zelda's Lullaby while on top of the royal familly simbol.

3.42. Ocarina of Time

- Zelda will give at the entrance to Hyrule Castle Market , after you've 
collected all three Spiritual Stones.

3.43. Odd Mushroom

- Go to the Lost Woods as an adult and give Cojiro to the guy near a log 
and he will give you the Odd Mushroom.

3.44. Odd Potion

- To get this you need to give the Odd Mushroom to the old lady in the 
Potion Shop in Kakariko Village.

3.45. Prescription

- Give the Broken Big Goron's Sword to the Big Goron at the top of Death 

3.46. Poacher's Saw

- Go to the Lost Woods and proceed to the place where the guy that gave 
you the Odd Mushroom whas and give her the Odd Potion. 

3.47. Pocket Cucco

- You get the Pocket Cucco by talking to the Cucco lady at Kakariko 
Village ( as an adult ).

3.48. Silver Gauntlets

- You find these inside a chest in the Desert Colossus.

3.49. Silver Scale

- The Silver Scale is obtained by winning the diving game at Zora's 
Domain ( While a kid ).

3.50. Stone of Agony

- You get this wonderfull item by killing 20 Gold Skulltulas , and going 
to the cursed family's house on Kakariko Village and talking to the kid 
you released.

3.51. World's Finnest Eye Drops

- Give the Eyeball Frog to the cientist at the lake side.

3.52. Zelda's Letter

- Enter Hyrule Castle ( as a kid ) and talk to Zelda.

3.53. Zora's Tunic

- As an sdult , put some blue fire into one of your bottles , go to 
Zora's Domain and use it with King Zora.Talk to him and he will give the 


4. Conclusion

- That's all folks!If you want me to list some more items or just want 
to ask me something write me at

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