Zork - Nemesis (e)

Andere Lösungen
                               Zork: Nemesis

                               Zork: Nemesis


This file was intended to help gamers play Zork Nemesis until a walkthrough
became available. It provides a list of the various sites, puzzles, and
videos and indicates where clues are given in the game. It does not contain
solutions to puzzles, but should be used as a hint file or as a check list
to make sure nothing was overlooked.

Basic advice: Let the cursor be your guide. It frequently points out
important details. Scan an object thoroughly. Many of us missed vital clues
because we failed to examine an object sufficiently with the cursor. READ
BIVOTAR'S JOURNAL THOROUGHLY. It contains a great deal of information and
many, many clues.

Some videos are shown only once, such as the mad monk video. Videos can be
stopped by pressing the space bar. The paintings throughout the game are
reproductions of actual paintings from museums. There is a list in the
credits at the end. And finally, enjoy the humor throughout the game. It's
even fun to die.


Comments: The basic purpose of this part of the game is to acquaint you
with the plot and the main characters and to train you to use your
deductive reasoning and powers of observation. In reading the material in
the laboratory and library, you should make note of the elements (and the
corresponding people in the sarcophagi) and the associated symbols (more
than 1 set), planets, and metals.


  1. Locked gate to graveyard with lock: no action.
  2. Green temple with suns: video (click on candle); sarcophagus with
     violin and note.
  3. Main Temple door puzzle: clue above door (watch for vertical arrows
     throughout the game). Manipulate the grab hand (page 10 of the
     reference manual). Hint: The correct hand movement is vertical.

TEMPLE (Note: There is a floor plan of the Temple in back of Bivotar's

  1. Laboratory: clues and background information; no puzzles to solve.
     Book by lab entrance: clue for air machine puzzle. Drawing of man in
     circle: clue for fire puzzle. Book at the top of the ladder:
     association between elements and people in the sarcophagi. Scroll near
     the voice disks in back room: information on associations.
  2. Library: Examine books. "Map" screens lead to fire puzzle. Book
     written by Nemesis: provides clues for water element puzzle and star
     puzzle (air). Astronomy book: clue for planet puzzle; associations.
     Alchemy of Pure Love: mentions sun and moon. Knife: interesting. Other
     books: background information. Interview with a Grue: It's useful to
     remember that a grue likes dark places.
  3. Water fountains in courtyard: not a puzzle at this stage, but note
  4. Outside courtyard with sundial: wooden stick (vital for fire puzzle).
  5. Venus (marked by X on map): on-screen hint feature. Venus will only
     answer three questions per puzzle. The much admired lady no longer
     provides useful information once you leave the Temple.
  6. Sarcophagi: Click on the gold head insets above each sarcophagus to
     find the symbol for each person. View 4 videos. Clicking on each
     person more than twice becomes very painful for them; use space bar to
     stop video.
  7. Large stone "altar" on balcony behind sarcophagi: The importance of
     this structure will become apparent as you solve the four elements.
  8. Planet room: You will be able to solve this puzzle after you find the
     four elements.

     Consult Bivotar's map of the Temple to locate each element.

  9. Element: Fire (Bishop Malveaux) - in library sundial puzzle (clue
     elsewhere), diagram on door (clue in lab), mirror, candle puzzle. If
     you place the mirror correctly in the room, it will help you find the
     right candle.
 10. Element: Water (Madame Sophia Hamilton, musician) music puzzle, room
     with paintings (gallery), and chair. When you solve the music puzzle,
     you will hear the sound of a door opening. Hint: The chair is a time
     machine (clue for this was in a book in the library). Focus on the
     bowl to find water.
 11. Element: Earth (General Thaddeus Kaine) (Note: you can die here)
     skeleton fingers puzzle (clue elsewhere), telescope, mine cart control
     panel (clue elsewhere), mine cart.
 12. Element: Air (Doctor Erasmus Sartorius) star puzzle, air machine
     puzzle (there are minor clues to both puzzles in books) Hint: You need
     to find the one side of the air machine that is different (other than
     the front). That side will provide you with a color clue and a
     mechanism to darken the room, so that you can to see the colors.

Once you solve all four element puzzles, you will view a video. Take what
you are given to the planet room. The planetary system is a transportation
device that, once the puzzle is solved, will take you to the other sites in
the game. The picture of the planet room on the back of the game box and in
Bivotar's journal provides a hint. You will hear a bing when the specific
planet is in the correct position.

You can visit the other four sites in any order you wish. You can also
leave the sites at any time and return to the Temple (provided you remember
where you arrived). Each site is self-contained. There is no need to carry
inventory items from one site to another. To make your inventory lighter,
leave items behind before you leave a specific site. The order below is the
order in which I played the game and, in my opinion, begins with the
easiest site and ends with the most difficult.


You arrive on an outside balcony on the 1st floor.

1st floor: file room, "head" lab, elevator (note missing key for 20th

File Room: files, flashlight (video). Files contain background information
on various people. Leon Mason - vital clue. Patient X - clue.

Morgue (in basement): There are two bodies but only one is useful. One
unpleasant task to be performed. You only need to take one inventory item
with you.

Head lab: freezer with safe; X-ray machine; long table with strange panel
with red buttons; "disposal" machine. Safe puzzle: vital clue. See what's
inside. The safe combination lock is on top (note the last number dialed).
Leon: vital information (and evidence of disturbed mind). Obtain key.

20th Floor: elevator, odd vibrating door, strange machine room. Strange
machine room: book, microscopes, syringe (video), device to right of
machine (you must view this video before being treated), treatment chair
(vital action). You need to determine how to get to the 21st floor. Get a

21st Floor: various displays; room with electric panel and additional
displays. Reflex hammer (inventory item) - This item is difficult to find;
stand in the center of the room and look for a bed-like structure between
screens (next to the asylum model); Asylum model (vital action); book
entitled The Blood Alchemist (vital clue). You need to determine how to get
to the 22nd floor by solving the electric door panel puzzle (you can die

22nd Floor (Sartorius's laboratory): Sink, various gas tanks, an electric
switch (on table near the glass bubble).

You need to make the metal symbol for Sartorius. The vital clue for this
was provided on the 21st floor and in Bivotar's journal (I found Bivotar's
journal easier to follow). Once you have made the metal, click on it and a
series of actions similar to what happened when you found the elements will
occur. View video back at the Temple.


You arrive outside the Practice Room.

Locations on First Floor: Practice Room, locked Boiler Room door with
poster in front of it, door to Auditorium (with woman who won't let you
in), Sophia's office, and ticket office.

Sophia's office: box with tuning fork; piano with block for tuning fork;
various records (pick up two); desk with two drawers; book.

You need to obtain something from the piano. Play the note of the tuning
fork (you will hear something besides the note), and then examine the piano

Book with instruments is a clue for puzzles elsewhere.

Sophia's desk: Drawers with letters (the paid bill is a vital clue).
Blotter has vital clue after you shed some light on it.

Practice Room: various instruments on platform; record player; Z'orchestra
chart. You need to complete the Z'orchestra puzzle on the platform to
obtain a vital clue. Play the two records on the record player; one record
is vital (clue to puzzle in auditorium). It's also amusing to play the
records backwards.

Locations on Second Floor: Sophia's room and Alexandria's "room" (in the
back of the large room with many beds); a locked door that need not be

Sophia's room: letters, bathtub (video), book about music (minor clue).

Alexandria's room: poster book (vital inventory item); book (minor clue);
secret place with letters under floorboards; music box with violin (vital

Back to first floor: You need to determine how to enter the auditorium. An
inventory item helps. Once you have opened the door to the auditorium,
follow the woman's instructions. Go to Balcony C and view the video.
Proceed to the stage and conduct the fanfare (clue on record). Once you
play the proper sequence, the lights will come on and you can go onto the

Stage: Alexandria's note; scrims (the painted backdrops at the back of the
stage) with important hole; room with machine that raises and lowers the
scrims and a clipboard with copies of the scrims (clue to scrims puzzle).
Once you solve the scrims puzzle, you will be able to climb through the
scrims to the back of the stage. Hint: Make a passageway through the

Stairs to Prop Room

Prop Room: radio with hint; swan; drum.

Boiler Room: locket on floor (follow it); boiler lever puzzle; door to 1st
floor; door to cave.

Underwater room: an entrance to the cave; inventory item. You can die here.

Lever puzzle: Determine how to keep it in the down position.

Cave (lab): various large blue crystals; green crystal statue (tablet
dispenser); chart on wall showing location of various crystals and their
notes; stash of seed crystals in recess in wall; "cauldron."

Follow the instructions on the blotter. The end product of this alchemy
process is a relatively clear crystal with a visible tablet in its center.
Ring the crystals in their proper order. The crystals must be rung
together; do not turn them off. You should obtain a metal symbol, which
will take you back to the Temple. View video there.


After you arrive, while you're still near the point of arrival, follow the
down arrow and pick up a coin. The front door of the Monastery is locked.
Find the hole to the right of the door and jump in it. Make a note of where
you arrive inside the Monastery. The Monastery is a very complex location.

Entry Hall (room in which you arrive)

Sign above donation box: clue.

Donation box: You must insert the coin in the box properly (without opening
the box, look for the "hand"), or you will not receive slips of paper with
clues. You can retrieve the coin and redeposit it for further clues.
Bulletin board is amusing.

Six Gods of Emotion Puzzle: Find the various plaques in the urns and
determine where they can be used. You must match the symbols with the
emotions. The solution to this puzzle gives you the solution to the 7th
bell puzzle.

Mad Monk Room: View mad monk video.

Baptismal Font Room: View video (font). Find clue to the glyph puzzle
(OPEN). Copy down the clue exactly as it is written.

7th Bell Puzzle (this is located up the winding wooden staircase): chart on
wall, bell machine, door to monks' rooms. Before solving the puzzle, find
the door to the monks' rooms. One of the doors along the hallway is the
door to Alexandria's room. View video (music stand). You will also find a
book and a violin.

At the end of the hallway is Malveaux's office: video (hookah);
implementor's eye (mirror-like object) (inventory item); message on the
paper under the eye (vital clue); various other objects.

Use the clue from the six gods of emotions puzzle to solve the bell machine
puzzle. Click on rope and jump out the window.

Bishop Malveaux's Room: poster (vital clue for lab); book on bed (vital
clue, use implementor's eye); secret two-way passage to hallway; various

Monk's Reading Room (room with books)

Video (Malveaux's book on St. Yoruk). Leave the room by the other door to
find the glyph puzzle and the Monastery Museum.

Glyph Puzzle (located in the center of several walkways). Note: You don't
need to open the wooden doors. Solving the glyph puzzle opens the golden
gate. Hint: Compare both sides of the glyph clue for a pattern

Monastery Museum: alarm system mechanism, ruby, torch, trapdoor to dungeon.
You must perform certain actions to open the trapdoor.

Dungeon (there are two places here where you can die)

St. Yoruk's crypt: You must obtain St. Yoruk's shield. Hint: Grues don't
like light.

Walkway through fire: This leads you to the five skulls puzzle. Solving the
puzzle opens the door to the lab.

Laboratory: various machines, golden key, piece of metal; book; bellows;
wheel to turn on gas. Follow the instructions you found under the
implementor's eye. You should make a round ball of metal in the first
machine. The colors are not that easy to identify and set. Once you have
the proper color sequence, use the bellows to obtain a metal shaped like
Malveaux's symbol. Click on it and return to the Temple.


You arrive on top of the elevator tower. Note where the elevator takes you
in the event you want to leave. Bivotar's journal provides many hints for
the Castle.


General Kaine's Room: chest; night tables, desk; tables by door.

Night tables: two photographs; journal in which missing gunpowder is

Desk: note about nitroglycerin; letter from Ellron; two drawers (note about
5 fellows - vital clue; nitroglycerin (inventory item) plus letters.

Tables by door: notes from Sartorius (clue); book with comments about
codes; vital note about temperature for casting metal in book of

Trunk: You need to open it. One map is vital (strategy sequence). Letter
has vital clue.

Game Room: Billiard game provides a vital clue. The other game is not

Lucien's Room: palette (video); easel and blank canvas; gunpowder
(inventory item); various notes.

Blank canvas puzzle: "Paint" the canvas repeatedly to find vital clue
(radio codes).


Closed door with the old guard, two knights in alcoves, and door to a

Salon: dog statue; sword handle; fireplace with sword blade (video); whole
sword is an inventory item.

Dog puzzle (vital)

Hint: The dog has more than one working end.

War Room: displays of various battles (click on red buttons for
explanations). You need to solve the puzzle of the Battle in Progress and
win the war. Clues about radio codes elsewhere. Solution to puzzle is in
Bivotar's journal.

Weapons Museum

Entrance in alcove with totally black knight. Solve black knight puzzle to
open door.

In museum: various display cases (two items in the cases are vital) (you
can die from the thaddeum); clue to knights puzzle (stained glass windows).
Solving the knights puzzle allows you to enter the dungeon.

Dungeon (entrance in Weapons Museum)

Lucien's cell: clue on wall.

Torture chamber: provides additional clues about radio codes.

If you have won the war, you can leave the Castle.

Tank (outside)

There are two puzzles to solve in the tank: how to power up the tank,
correct destination code (clue elsewhere). Use the joystick to drive the
tank to the lab.


First floor: solve mold primer puzzle (clue elsewhere); book with virtually
invisible hint.

Elevator to Reactor Room

Save your game at this point. I had difficulty solving the reactor puzzle
because of program problems.

Reactor Room (you can die here and probably will) Unfortunately, there are
no specific instructions in the Castle as to how to proceed here other than
the temperature clues. Place the molten metal in the reactor first (clue in
Sartorius's letter) and then solve the correct temperature puzzle on the
reactor temperature control panel. Hint: Press an even number of buttons
and watch the temperature gauge. When you have entered the correct setting,
you should hear a ping and a voice informing you that the optimal
temperature has been reached. Apparently, there is more than one correct
solution to this puzzle (St. Yoruk had mercy on us).

Make the metal (Kaine's symbol) and return to the Temple.

Save your game before you click on your final metal.


The finale is fairly straightforward. You will be given two inventory items
(rings), but need one other item which can be found above Alexandria's