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Zork Grand Inquisitor -- Walkthrough
When the game starts, you should be facing a signpost. Look at the sign
and walk  towards Port Foozle (i.e. towards the blue glow). 

Port Foozle
When you click on the town, you should end up on the side of a fish
shop. Walk towards  the speaker, on the corner of the shop, and you
should see a board with a red button  and a green button. Press the
green button, to make the arrow go up to "That's the  spirit!" so that
the lady inside the fish shop can't hear a thing. Then move out and click 
on the box. There should be a fish, a beer can & some ice. Pick up the
can, and you will  also pick up the rings for a six pack. The alarm will
go off, but who gives a rat's ass -- the  lady can't hear it.

Walk onto the pier, and there will be a machine with a hook on the end.
Click on the machine, and put the ring from the six pack onto the hook,
then pull the lever on the machine. After the fish gets choked and the
hook comes back up, there should be a box attached to it. The box will
be dumped on the pier, and open to reveal a lantern. Pick up the lantern
and turn around to face the buildings. Go to the big building on the right
of the enchanter's guild. Near the door there is a sign that says "Lanterns
Repaired". Click the lantern on the door, and Antharia Jack will let you
in. Antharia Jack will go to find his wrench, and while he is doing that,
click on the brown box near the lantern and grab yourself a cigar. Antharia
will come back, & won't give you back your lantern because it's "magic
contraband". You will end up out of the building. Turn a little to the
left, and keep going until you reach the end of the street. To the right
there should be a few "Talk to me Grand Inquisitor" dolls. One them is out
of the case. Use you cigar on him, and he will catch alight. Dive into the
barrel. Watch Antharia Jack getting caught. Then go back to Antharia Jack's
place, pick up the lantern and get the hell out of there. Leave Port Foozle.
Go straight ahead, towards the cliff thingy. To the left is a noose. Pick
it up, and go back to the signpost. Then go "elsewhere" and follow the path
until you get to a well. Use the rope on the well. Climb down the well, and
the dungeon master (a.k.a. the lantern) will talk to you & name you Ageless,
Faceless, Gender-Neutral, Culturally-Ambiguous Adventure-Person -- AFGNCAAP
for short. Then the enchantress Y'Gael will give you an automatic spell
casting book. You will be facing the door to the underground, and there will
be a bucket to the right of this door. Retrieve the subway token from the
bucket. Then use the spell REZROV to open the door and enter the Great 
Underground Empire (GUE). 

The Great Underground Empire
If you face the dragon and turn a little to the right, you should see a
thingthat looks a bit like a hockey puck. This the totem holding the
imprisonedspirit of Griff. Pick it up. Then go to the glass case on the
wall to theleft of the dragon, and use REZROV to open it. Pick up the hammer,
close thedoor, use the hammer on the glass, and the bonds holding the sword
and map willbe released. Pick them up. Then cast IGRAM on the umbrella tree
to the left ofthe case, to turn the umbrellas invisible. There is a scroll
in one of them,but you can only get it later.

Walk to the crossroads (i.e. in the middle of the intersection) and opposite
the bridge there should be a little door. Go towards it and use your sword
onthe vegetation. 

Dungeon Master's House
Once you're through the undergrowth, there should be a storage shed in front
of you. Use REZROV to open it. Pick up the shovel and the THROCK spell. Go to
the Dungeon Master's house. The security system won't let you in. There is an
cylinder on the left, near the Quelbee hive. It is an ashtray. Put your cigar
in it. Then pour the beer into the birdbath, on the right. You need more for
it to do anything, so come back later. Go to the side of the house, and click
under the window. Use THROCK on the mushroom thingy. Turn around and insert
your map into the teleporter. Go to the crossroads. Walk to the arch that has
above it "In Magic We Trust". Use REZROV on the door. 

GUE Tech
There are three tests you have to pass to get to the magic school. For the
first one, match the bottom two rows to the volcano top. For the second one,
match them to the thing with the Z on the top. For the third one, the first row
is the top of the window with the green leaves & stuff around it. Leave the
bottom the same and turn the middle one until you get the right one. You will
hear a sound, and a window will appear. Click on it to enter GUE Tech. Then exit
via the door, not the window. Turn around and go up the stairs again. Use the
shovel on the pile of dirt on the right, and you should get the KENDALL spell.
Teleport to the crossroads, and use the subway token to enter the Great
Underground Underground Station. Use KENDALL on the subway instructions. Go
to Hades.

Go to the skeleton sitting in the chair, and get the scratch card. Open the
inventory and put the card on the viewer. Now you can play. There is a yellow
square. From there, click on the squares up, left, up, up, left, up, left, left,
down, left, left, down, left, down, down, right, down, down, right, right, up,
right, up, up, up, left, & then up to get the money. Enter Hades, and use the
teleporter to go GUE tech.

GUE Tech
Enter GUE tech, and go straight to the machines in the back. Use the 500zm bill
in the change giver. Open the drawer, get the coins and you will have a handy
little sack filled with zorkmids. Go to the crossroads.

Flood Control Dam #3
Use the subway to get to the Flood Control Dam #3. Open the book to get the 
OLGATEM spell. Zoom in on the controls, & if you want, you can build a bridge
over the water. Useless but fun. Use REZROV to open all the doors, then press
the first button, & then the second button to close all the doors and flood GUE
tech. There is a drainpipe on the wall near the map of the subway. Click on the
bottom of it, and use THROCK on the Moss of Mareilon. Pick it up, and put a
zorkmid in the souvenir press to the left of the subway map. Pick up the souvenir
letter opener, go back to GUE tech.

GUE Tech
Go to the back again, and put the perma-suck vacuum on the hole at the bottom
of the candy vending machine. Buy a pack of Zork Rocks (number 8). It will get
stuck, but that doesn't matter. Turn on the perma-suck. Open the hatch on it,
and retrieve the Zork Rocks. Buy candy #11 from the candy machine. Put a zorkmid
in the machine opposite the candy machine and buy a "Sandwitch". Get the ice-cream
bar. It will turn out to be the OBIDIL scroll. It won't be put into your spellbook
until you run it through the spellchecker later. Go and look at the sign above the
corridor to the right of the fountain. It should be marked as the "Infinite
Corridor". Use IGRAM on the word "infinite," so that the sign becomes "corridor".
Go to the end of the corridor, and look in locker #8. Use KENDALL on the book. Go
back to the machines at the back, and put your packet of Zork Rocks under the tap
in the drinks machine. Buy the "Blam Classic". Pick up the Zork Rocks and go down
the corridor. At the end, turn right and put them in the 6th locker. (The dungeon
master's locker -- broken one on the 2nd row, one from the left.) Stand back and
watch the door being blown off. Pick up the dungeon master's identity card. Look
at locker #11, which should be open now that you have bought the corresponding 
candy. This is Mir Yannick's locker. Pick up the purple capsule. Look at the brown
book. Cast KENDALL on it to simplify the instructions. Read the other books if you
want to. Turn to the door with the box beside it, and use Yannick's card in it.
The door will open, and you will be facing a rope bridge with a six-armed invisible
guy waving his six swords around on it. Don't use your sword on him unless you want
to be chopped, sliced & diced into little chunks. Instead, use your sword on the
bridge's ropes. The bridge will fall down, bringing the six-armed invisible guy
with it. Use GOLGATEM to make another, better bridge over the water that came from
Flood Control Dam #3 -- that you just busted. Walk across the bridge, and to the
right is a box of BEBURTT scroll sheets. Pick one up. There are six machines, and
what they do are above them. Use the scroll sheet in the machines in the following
to make the BEBURTT spell. Pick up the scroll, and run it through the spell checker.
Also run the OBIDIL scroll through it. Use the teleportrr to go to the crossroads.

Go to the umbrella tree, and cast BEBURTT on it. The umbrella-shaped blossoms will
open, and the ZIMDOR scroll will drop out. Go to the dungeon master's lair.

Dungeon Master's Lair
Use the purple capsule on the snapdragon. When it is asleep, use your sword to cut
it off. Then put the snapdragon on the mushroom thingy on the side of the dungeon 
master's house, and use your hammer on it. You will end up with half a torn SNAVIG 
scroll. Go back to the front of the house and cast ZIMDOR on the mead light beer in
the birdbath to triplicate it. That gets rid of Harry, the alarm system. Go inside
the house and click on the blinds. Quickly, use OBIDIL on Hugh (the castle). When
you're inside him, look up at his heart and pick up the NARWILE scroll. Go back into
the house, and pick up from the bookshelf: the glazed hungus lard, hotbugs & the
Flatheadia fudge. There is a tree in the corner of the dungeon master's house. Pick
up the red cup hanging a green vine near the tree, and then click on the tree trunk.
Use the cup, hotbugs, moss, & the fudge on it, and go outside. Use the lard on the
quelbee nest to drive away the bees, remove it and then use your sword on the hive
to get the honeycomb. Use the lard and the honeycomb on the tree inside, & you will
get the YASTARD spell. Drink the steaming cup of cocoa. Then go into the dungeon
master's room, and pick up the rest of the SNAVIG scroll off the windowsill. Go into
the mirror, and put half the SNAVIG scroll into your viewer, and use the other half
on it to join them together. Exit the backwards room, and in the normal room, open
the wardrobe door, and use NARWILE on the time tunnel. Open inventory, and use
YASTARD on the griff totem. You will be sent to the White House. Go to the side of
the house and pick up the GLORF scroll. Open the mailbox in the front and get out
the envelope. Put it under the viewer in your inventory, and put the GLORF spell
inside it. Put the envelope into the mailbox, and close it. Then put the flag up,
and go back to through the time tunnel. Go to Hades.

Pick up the reciever of the red phone, and use KENDALL on the phone. Follow the 
instructions to call the shuttle.  Charon will come with his boat. Give him 2
zorkmids. When you're at the Gates of Hell, open the letterbox, and use the letter
opener on the envelope to get the GLORF spell. Go back to Charon and cast SNAVIG on
him, to change your appearance to his. Go to the 2 headed purple monster, and check
out under Charon's name. The gates will open. Brog's totem is in Hell. Pick it up
-- it's near the door. Use NARWILE on the time tunnel, and then YASTARD on Griff. 

The Great Sea 
Fly to the other foot of the dragon. Pull the rightmost toe. Fly to the belly and
get the blowup raft and sea captain. Fly to the hand with the skeleton on it, and
get the air pump. Fly to the dragon's head, and stick the captain in one nostril,
and the raft in the other. Inflate both of them. Save game here, in case you stuff
up in the next bit. Fly into the dragon's mouth, and pick up the Coconut of Quendor
from the dragon's throat. Look down, and the guy will talk to you and throw you a rope.
Pick up the rope, and the dragon's yellow, shrivelled tooth. Face away from the throat,
and look up into the nostrils. Put the coconut into the raft. Fly outside. Use the rope
to tie the raft and the captain together. Go back inside. Use the shrivelled tooth to
puncture the captain. Get the hell outa there, before the dragon closes his mouth &
goes back under! Pick up the coconut from the raft, and Hugh will come. Put the
Cocout of Quendor on one of the red cushions inside him. Exit through the time tunnel.
When you're back in Hell, use SNAVIG on the 2 headed monster and Charon will take you
back. Go to the spell room in GUE Tech. Run GLORF through the spell checker. Go back
to the crossroads.

Go back up the stairs, up to the well, and cast GLORF on the rope to untie it. Pick
up the rope, and go to the dungeon master's house.

Dungeon Master's Lair
Go into the Dungeon Master's room, and use NARWILE on Brog to send him to the White 

The White House
Go down the path to the two torches, and pick up the Flickering Torch. Use the
Flickering Torch on the Bickering Torch, and he will agree to let you bring him along.
Pull off the boards covering the door of the White House, and you will get a plank of
wood. Go inside. Enter the Grue's breeding grounds, and pick up an egg. Go back up to
the house, and in a corner, near the door is a little stone thing. Because the
BickeringTorch has gone out, you will have to use the Flickering Torch on the stone
thing to light it, and use the egg in the stone thing to cook it. Go back into the
Grue Breeding grounds and eat the rocks near the ramp until Brog is full. Throw the
egg at the hole of the cave filled with light. Then click on the cave, and you will
see the Skull of Yoruk in a metal thing with three chess boards around it. Brog is
too dumb to be able to play chess, so smash the thing with the plank of wood, and
pick up the Skull of Yoruk. Put the skull onto one of the red cushions inside Hugh,
and go back through the time tunnel. Go to the Underground Station. Go to the

Face the rubble, and look up. Open the inventory, and place the rope under the
viewer. Use the sword with the rope, and throw the rope+sword into the hole above.
Climb the rope. When you get into the monastery (the same one from Zork Nemesis),
you will be facing this thing on the totemizer with a green light. Go closer, and
press the button for "To the Hall of Inquisition". Then click out, go forward and
face the totemizer. Click near the middle of it, and turn the wheel that's on the
thingy under the yellow light. This will turn off the yellow light. Then turn the
totemizer on. You will go to the Hall of Inquistion. Turn around and get Lucy's
totem from the bin you were dumped in after going throught the totemizer. Go through
the door at the other end of the room, to go outside. Near the door, on the left is
a metal box. Press the button to open it, and pick up the middle hammer. Go back
inside, and look at the display named: "Closint the time tunnels". Pull the lever
towards you as far as you can, and press the red button. The hammer will break.
Put the one you found outside in the guy's hand, and press the red button again. 
This will break the door. Use NARWILE on the time tunnel, and YASTARD on the Lucy 
totem. This will send you to Port Foozle.

Port Foozle -- between Inquisitions
Go into the bar, which is Antharia Jack's place. It is Ladie's Night. Go inside,
and walk straight up to the bar. Then turn around, and on the glass case, pick up
the cards. Go back near the door -- but don't go out. Turn to the right, and zoom
in on the dart board. Use the card with the 4 dots on it. Then go back to the glass
case you got the cards from, put the cards you have in the slots following order:
5, 1, 2, 3, so that the display reads: 5 ? 1 - 2 = 3. Then you will get to play
"Strip Grue, Fire, Water" with Antharia Jack. I don't think it is possible to
loose -- I've tried, because Lucy's got so many undergarments. When you win the
Cube of Foundation, put it on the last cushion inside Hugh. Then exit.

You will be facing Yannick and another guy. They will throw you in jail. When
you're in your cell, pick up the poster on the wall that says "25 minutes waiting
from this point". Then look at the vent. Let Antharia Jack talk to you. He will
give the LEXDOM scroll to you. Use the letter-opener on the vent to unscrew the
cover and get the scroll. Use the scroll on the cell door. Put the poster under
the door. Use your letter-opener to push the key out of the keyhole and onto the
poster. Pull the poster, get the key and let yourself out of the cell. Turn left,
and go to the control station to the left of camera 43-39. Under the TV screen,
change the numbers & letters so that it reads 31-AB. Press the red button. Antharia
will be freed, give you your stuff, and then Hugh will come. You will end up on
Flathead Mesa. 

Flathead Mesa
The Enchantress Y'Gael will give you the BOOZNIK scroll. Cast it on your spellbook to 
reverse all the spells. Get the Coconut of Quendor, the Cube of Foundation and the
Skull of Yoruk. Go out to the open tent near the broadcasting tower. Use VORZER on
the tent to seal the tent. (One of the guards says, "Oh my God! They killed
Kenny!"...... Someone watches South Park...) Zoom in on the Tower, but don't touch
the electrical barrier. Use MARIG on the barrier to turn the invisible electric fence
purple. Pull the plug attached to the fence, and slash a hole in it with your sword.
Go through the fence, and at the base of the ladder, there is a metal lid. Lift it
up, and put the Skull of Yoruk into the niche. Climb the ladder, and in the cube-
shaped hole, place the Cube of Foundation. Climb up again, and put the Coconut of
Quendor on one side of the balance and put the lantern on the other side to even
it out. Climb up to the very top and use your sword on the metal rod. Cast MAXOV
on the tower to join the magics of the items. Congratulations. You have finished
Zork Grand Inquisitor. You, your totems, Dalboz of Gurth -- the 3rd Dungeon Master
and the Grand Inquisitor are thrown from the tower. You are caught by Griff, Lucy
is caught by Jack, and Brog's fall is broken by his head. Dalboz finally dies, after
many past attempts of suicide (if you read his diary), along with the Grand
Inquisitor. A shockwave of magic sweeps over all of Zork, Lucy becomes rightful heir
to the throne, and you, AFGNCAAP, are named by Lucy the 4th Dungeon Master of Zork. 
The End  

By D¤M‹tŠ.