Zork - GroŖinquisitor (e)

Andere Lösungen
                              Grand Inquisitor

                            A Short Explanation

Zork  Grand Inquisitor  (ZGI) is  a semi-non-linear-or-maybe-somehow-linear
Adventure. Therefore  this walkthrough is not  THE ONLY solution. Feel free
to  be creative  and not to  follow the  suggested path, youíll  figure out
yourself if  you did well or not (believe me thereís  a lot more than being
totemized. Actually  a highly painful and bad thing. On a  scale of 1 to 10
it probably blalblablablabla....).

                                Port Frozzle

After having arrived in  Port Frozzle, first thing to do, is turning up the
speaker volume  at the fish shop  (by the way this  switch also works as an
in-built  regulator of  the  gameís voice  volume). Having  the Inquisition
blabbing  at  a high  volume, the  way  is free  to  take the  Mead  Light.

Right next  to the fish shop is a hoist kind  of thing. Hanging the plastic
(from the Mead  Light) on the hook and pulling the lever  soon puts a Magic
Lamp  at the Adventurers feet (after a short  struggle with the most wanted
fish in  the Universe).  Since the Lamp  seems to be broken,  itís time for
Jackís  lamp repair  shop. Knocking  with the  Lamp at  the door  grants us
entry, a Cigar and the temporary loss of the lamp.

In a  dark street corner is a barrel  and several Frobozz Electric improved
speaking  puppets of  the Grand  Inquisitor. They  are highly  flammable, a
thing proven  correct, when ignited with the cigar.  The barrel on the left
provides a good hideout for the things to come.

Soon action hero and  lonely fireman Jack arrives and is arrested. Needless
to say that he  left the door of his shop wide open. After taking the Magic
Lamp, itís time to leave Port Frozzle.

Behind  the starting  point  lays the  monastery and  the  quite impressive
Frobozz Electric  Totemization Counter.  We (actually itís  whoever, but we
sound pretty cool) take  the Rope and head for the Great Underground Empire
(GUE)  that is  actually  hidden below  the  wheel (right  of the  starting
point).  Attaching the rope  to the wheel,  the way  down is not  a problem
anymore. Arrived  at the  bottom, we take the  Token out of  the bucket and
enter the GUE after casting REZROV on the door.

                             The Crossroads (1)

Left of the  entrance to the crossroads lies the Griff  Totem. To the right
is the  first test in GUE  logic. After opening the  emergency kit, we take
the  Hammer, close the  glass door and do as  told. After having broken the
glass with  the hammer, the  Sword and the Map is ours.  On the left of the
crossroads is the Dungeon  Masters Layer, the entrance to the Z-Underground
and the GUE Tech.

                                GUE Tech (1)

Unlocking  the   door  with   REZROV  ,  we  enter  and   soon  face  three
moving-clicking-whatever puzzles. While the  first two are rather easy, the
third one  isnít logic at all.  The picture that opens  the entrance to the
University is a mixture of the three different window pictures (Forest top,
Outlook middle and Sewer bottom).

Clicking on the  window let us enter the famous GUE Tech.  Casting IGRAM on
the word Infinite on the hallway inscription reveals a finite corridor.

Leaving the GUE Tech through the door, puts the Adventurer in front of the
remains of the University. With the shovel, the KENDALL spell can be dug

                               The Subway (1)

The token  is used  to enter the  GUE Subway system.  The plan  on the wall
looks less  confusing after casting  KENDALL. We click  on the Hades button
and  take  off with  the  original, break  less  GUE subway  (only hurts  a
little).  Arrived  more or  less  healthy,  itís time  to  make money.  The
skeleton has a  Scratch Card he (or she) doesnít need anymore. After having
won    500  Zorkmids ,  we   head  back  to  the   Dungeon  Masterís  Lair.

                         Dungeon Masterís Lair (1)

After cutting  the bush blocking the entrance, we  enter the lair, open the
garden house  and take  the Shovel,  and  the  THROCK spell.  Since thereís
nothing else  to do at the  moment, the next station  is the infamous Flood
Control Dam #3 (FCD) (accessible only by the Subway).

                            Flood Control Dam #3

At the FCD station  we get one of these unbelievably useful Envelope Opener
in a  return for a zorkmid  and with the use of THROCK  some tasty moss. In
the  control  room the  GOLGATEM  spell  can be  found  in a  book. At  the
controls, REZROV takes care of screwing up the highly sophisticated opening
and closing  pattern of the four dam doors.  After having flooded the whole
GUE we go back to the GUE Tech.

                                GUE Tech (2)

Behind  the fountain  are three  different food  and drink  machines. After
plugging the  Frobozz Electric Vacuum Sucker into  the candy machine to the
right, we  take use  of our zorkmids  and buy a  Zork Rock  candy bar( #8).
Unfortunately itís stuck short  thereafter. But after turning on the Vacuum
Sucker, the candy bar surrenders. We take the Zork Rock and buy just out of
fun (well,  it has a deeper meaning) item  #11. Unfortunately itís not even
getting stuck (who cares).

At the machine to  the left, the right access reveals the OBIDIL spell that
canít be used at the moment.

Since itís time  for a little bit of action, we place  the Zork Rock in the
middle machine and buy  a Classic Blam. Moving quickly is vital now. In the
room behind the corridor  are twelve lockers. The bio-detergent bomb has to
be put into the second locker in the middle row.

In the blown up  locker we find the Dungeon Masterís ID Card, in the locker
at the  bottom (by the way  its #11), lays a  Z-Pill. The  ID opens -in the
same room- the door to the Spell Lab.

                             The Spell Lab (1)

The first thing to  do is sending the invisible, purple Frobozz Alarm Beast
to hell  (or whatever) by cutting the bridge ropes  with the sword. Casting
GOLGATEM builds another bridge.

When inserting  the OBIDIL  scroll into the spell-checker,  the spell comes
useable now. But since  this is a Spell Lab, letís do some other things. We
take a  Blank  Sheet from the box  and start to manufacture  our first (and
last) handmade spell. The  Sheet has to be entered into the machines in the
spell lab in exactly this order:

Origination, Modification,  Replication, Interpretation, Transmogrification
and the  Spell Checker. The  result is the BEBURTT  spell. Next stop is the
right end of the Crossroads.

                             The Crossroads (2)

Casting IGRAM  and afterwards BEBURTT, reveals a Spell-scroll. After taking
it, itís time to return to the Dungeon Masterís Lair.

                       The Dungeon Masterís Lair (2)

At the entrance we send the Snap Dragon to the realms of eternal dreams and
remove him with  the help of our sword. Behind the house  casting THROCK on
the green  plant has  the desired effect.  We place the snap  dragon on the
plant  and make  him  jump with  the use  of  the hammer.  The result  is a
pitifully torn Scroll Part.

Armored with  all the necessary stuff, the Adventurer  is ready to face the
Dungeon Masterís house security system. Placing the cigar in the ashtray to
the left,  pouring the Mead Light  into the right cup(?)  and stretching it
with  the   help  of  the  spell-scroll,   will  knock  out  the  bio-door.

Inside the house we  gather the Fudge, Cup, Jar and  the Ledo Block. In the
sleeping room lays the  second part of the scroll. Having both parts of the
scroll we enter the mirror and assemble them and get the SNAVIG spell. Back
in the  living room, looking through the  shades reveal the walking castle,
which we attract with  the help of OBIDIL. Inside the  NARWILE spell can be

With the  Ledo block, the entrance  to the beehive can  be blocked and with
the help  of the  most loyal sword  found around the  GUE, the  hive is cut
apart.  After taking  the  Honey  we are  finally  set to  mix  the Dungeon
Masterís special  brew. Placing the  moss, cup, Ledo, fudge,  honey and the
jar on  the mixing  tree, results in a  tasty drink and the  WASTARD spell.

The scene  is set for the  first time travel. In  the bedroom closet is the
first Time Tunnel. After casting NARWILE, the tunnels open up and Griff can
be send through it with the WASTARD spell.

                            The White House (1)

Behind the house lays the GOFLE spell. Unfortunately it canít be just taken
over to the present time. Fortunately the post is able to do wonders (well,
itís  a fairy  tale after all).  Opening the  letter box expose  a envelope
addressed to  hell. We  put the spell  inside the envelope,  close the mail
box,  put the  flag  up and  leave the  white  house. Back  at  the Dungeon
Masterís Lair, itís time to go to hell.

                                 Hades (1)

The phone  puzzle is one of the most nerving and  funniest one in the game.
To solve  it, just listen to  the friendly woman at  the other end (a clue:
the answer to the last question is #5).

After  having paid  Acheron,  the  Envelope  can  be taken  out of  the 666
mailbox. Opening the envelope reveals the GLORF spell.

                               Spell Lab (2)

Putting the SNAVIG  scroll into the spell checker makes completes the spell
book. On the way  to the monastery, we pass by the GUE entrance, cast GLORF
on the rope and take it with.

                               The Monastery

Tying the rope to  the sword opens the way up to the fantastic Totemization
device. After  changing the  destination to Inquisition...  and turning the
wheel with the light, this extraordinary machine however looses some of its
touch.   Pull   the   lever  and   enjoy   totemization   in  full   color.

Landed inside the monastery,  we find the Lucy Totem. Outside the monastery
the  Middle  Hammer of the  secret Frobozz  Electric message system  can be
taken with. Inside again,  the metal man knocking on the second time tunnel
enjoys a sudden speed up when the lever is pulled. This actually results in
the loss  of his  beloved hammer. After  replacing it with  the hammer from
outside, the man again  is able to hit the planks, only this time he breaks
them down.

After casting NARWILE , the tunnels open up and Lucy can be send through it
with the WASTARD spell.

                             Past Port Frozzle

Inside the bar, Lucy takes the Cards and smashes the fly with the four card
which thereafter  is the five card.  With this little bit  of cheating, the
mathematics puzzle can be  easily solved (just remember what you learned in

The strip  game against  Jack is more  or less luck,  but it  seems he uses
always the  same combination. With the  Cube Of Foundation  Lucy enters the
castle and places it  on the designated spot. The next stop is Hades, which
can be  reached through  the Totemizer or  by the usual  ways (although the
Totemizer is more fascinating).

                                 Hades (2)

After set off by  Acheron we cast SNAVIG on him,  move on to the two headed
beast and  take his working card. Inside Hades lies  the Borgmoid Totem and
the third  time tunnel. After casting NARWILE, the  tunnels open up and the
Griff can be send through it with the WASTARD spell.

                                 The Dragon

In  the beginning  the  Griff can  accesses only  a single  ďislandĒ. After
pushing the  claw, parts  of the dragon  come out of the  water. On another
island in  a box, a  Rubber Puppet and a Rubber  Boat are found. On another
island lies a Pump.

The two  rubber things have to be placed in  the dragonís nostrils and have
to be pumped up. Griff can now enter the dragons mouth. Inside he takes the
golden tooth and  the Coconut Of Quendor. Someone or  something throws up a
rope.  Since we are nice and altruistic Adventurers, we  give it a shot and
fix the  rope to  one of the  dragonís teeth. After hearing  the guy inside
plunge to  death, we take the  rope again and place  the coconut inside the
rubber  boat. After leaving  the dragon, the  rope has  to be fixed  to the
rubber  boat. Again  inside  the dragon,  itís high  time  to blow  up this
annoying rubber  man, which will  take the coconut with  him. Quickly Griff
has to leave the dragon and is able now to collect the coconut. Back in the
Castle the coconut is placed at the designated place.

Already collected two of the three artifacts, we go back to the Dungeon
Masterís Lair and send the Borgmoid through the time tunnel.

                            The White House (2)

Without any kind of brain but brute strength instead the Borgmoid rips away
the  wooden  plank from the  entrance to the  white house,  as well as  the
flickering torch close to the house.

Inside, downstairs we collect  some Grue Eggs, go up again and cook them in
the pot with the heating help of the flickering torch.

After again (and again  and again ...) being downstairs, the Borgmoid gives
ample  proof of  his aiming  qualities by  throwing the  boiled egg  at the
opening. He  jumps towards it and encounters what  has to be the Borgmoidís
room 101 (a.k.a most horrible nightmare): a chess game.

Since itís  late and the Borgmoid  has no brains at  all, we take the plank
and just break  up the whole stuff. With the Skull  Of Yorrick in hands the
Borgmoid enters the castle, places the skull on the blablablabla... and the
Showdown begins.

                                The Showdown

Locked up in a prison cell and only wearing our fantastic letter opener, we
terrorize a  little bit our neighbor  Jack through the air  fence. After he
gave us a scroll  the opener does proves worthy by unscrewing the fence. We
take the  Scroll and  the paper on  the wall. Using the  scroll on the cell
door creates  a lock. Soon after pushing the  paper underneath the door and
taking extensive  use of  the fabulous letter  opener, a cell  key comes to
sight.  It does  not  only look  pretty old  it also  opens the  cell door.

At the  control panel  left of the  cell, we open  the door  to Jackís room
(32-AA) and are brought to the highest point in Port Frozzle. In the castle
we take the three  artifacts and cast the scroll the Enchantress gave us on
our spell book. From now on every spell is reversed.

The guards  tent is  easily closed with the  VORZER spell. In  front of the
tower the  MARGI spell reveals a purple fence.  The electricity is shut off
by unplugging  the (guess) the purple plug. Cut in  two with the all mighty
elven sword, the fences can be passed.

The skull is placed  at the box at the bottom of the tower, the cube is put
into the cubic  hole and the coconut is set on the  right shell at the top.
The whole  thing is balanced out  with the lamp and  after climbing up once
more,   the  final  spell   is  cast   (listen  to  the   Dungeon  Master).

Voilŗ, a new Dungeon Master is born.