Zork - Nemesis (e)

Andere Lösungen
Zork Nemesis Walkthrough

Entering the Temple

From the beginning position in the courtyard, move forward to the green
stone mausoleum. Move
around to the right side of the mausoleum. Enter the mausoleum and click on
the burning candle
and stone sarcophagus for animations. The significance of the violin will
become apparent later in
the game. If you look inside the sarcophagus, there's a friendly note from

Exit the mausoleum and turn left to proceed to the back side of the
mausoleum. Head across the
way to the main temple entrance. Look up to see the door inscription: 

            ETERNITY  |  IS OPENED

Note the wooden demon figurines -- they will be seen again in the save game

Zoom in on the left door and notice the moon-shaped knocker and sun-shaped
plate (the right
door's knocker is missing). Drag the moon piece up to the sun symbol to
enter the temple. 

Exploring the Temple

At this point, it is handy to refer to the temple map at the back of the Z
booklet that came with the
game. Move forward, then right to enter the library. Read the several books
on the long table: 

          Nemesis diary 
               temple map 
               references to four elements hidden in the temple 
               references to alchemical metals 
               reference to a blue star field 

          Astronomy for a New Age 
               correspondences between alchemists and planets 
               use of the planetarium 

          Interview with a Grue 
               see Easter Eggs 

          The Best of the New Zorker 

          Alchemy of Pure Love 
               reference to Quintessence (Philosopher's Stone) 

          My Best Excesses 

Exit the library into the fountain courtyard and proceed all the way left to
the lab entrance. Read
another of Nemesis' diaries (on the right, behind the door). Note the
references to elements hidden
in the temple, the colorlessness of air, and four metals corresponding to
the four elements. In the
center of the lab, look down to see four zodiac symbols, also seen on the
temple map. Climb the
creaky old ladder and check out the picture book to the right. Move into the
back room of the lab
and click on each of the six spinning mouth ornaments for more story
background. On the drafting
table, read the scroll for information on the correspondences of planets,
metals and elements. 

Exit the lab and proceed around the fountain courtyard to the hall on the
far side. On entering the
hall, note the painting on the left wall. Click on this painting to get
clues to the puzzles in the temple. 

Exit the hall through the doorway opposite the painting and enter an open
courtyard. Examine the
sundial on the far side and take its post. 

Re-enter the hallway and turn right to proceed up the stairs into the nave.
Click on each of the four
trapped alchemists and the gold heads for more story background and
correspondences. At this
point, you are ready to attack the four element puzzles indicated by the
corresponding zodiac
symbols in the temple map. 

Fire Puzzle

Unlike the other three temple puzzles, this one is located away from the
nave (see the temple map).
Go to the temple library and face south. 

Use this sequence to move the tapestries away from the doorway: 

     Click the left side of the front tapestry 

     Click the right side of the second tapestry 

     Click the right side of the third tapestry 

     Click the lower-left corner of the last tapestry 

Proceed through the doorway and down the passage (note those crackling
flames!). On the zodiac
pattern on the door at the end of the hallway, drag the man's head to the
fire symbol (open
triangle). This pattern may also be seen on a table in the lab. After the
door opens, proceed inside. 

Zoom in on the sundial and insert the sundial post you are carrying. Drag
the post until the shadow
line falls across the zodiac symbol (h with cross) corresponding to fire. A
door opens on the far
side; enter through it. 

Immediately turn right and pick up the mirror. Enter the main part of the
"candle room" and among
the six hooks hanging from the ceiling, place the mirror on the far left
one. This arrangement is the
only one in which an unusual blue-flame candle can be seen in the mirror
reflection. Noting the
relative position of the blue-flame candle in the (reversed) mirror image,
rotate to the right and click
on the disguised blue-flame candle. It is the twelfth candle from the
doorway in the third row from
the top. Click on the blue flame to complete the fire puzzle. 

Click on the flaming triangle in the altar, and then zoom in on the
highlighted alchemist (second from
the left). Watch the video sequence inside the coptic cross. 

Water Puzzle

On the temple map, the Fire puzzle is located to the west of and a little
behind the altar area. The
entrance consists of stone steps flanking a square ventilation grid. 

Proceed up the stairs. You will be thrown out of either of the two doorways
unless the entrance
puzzle is solved. To the south, click on the pan-pipes figurine and listen
to the rising sequence of
notes played (if you can discern them over the background music, that is).
Turn around and set the
water spigots to produce the same sequence of sounds: 

        ON              OFF             ON              OFF

                OFF             ON              OFF

A mechanical sound is heard, indicating that the tower may now be accessed
through the left-hand
doorway (the right-hand doorway is a red herring). Note that the game cannot
be saved from the
time the doorway is entered until the final water puzzle is solved. 

Enter the room at the top of the stairs. Looking around the room from left
to right, note that the
paintings portray consecutive time periods: 

          I. Ice Age
         II. Bucolic Age
        III. Volcanic Age
         IV. Temple Construction Age
          V. Present Day
         VI. The Future (opening scene from "Return to Zork")

Click on the blue hourglass in the center of the room. It will turn into a
chair; sit on it. Turn around
(rotating to the left) and look outside the window -- the view is unchanged.
At this point, each
rotation of the chair to the left will move you back in time one age, as
seen in the view from the
window (and a rotation to the right will move forward in time). Move back to
the Temple
Construction Age, zoom in, and pick up the saw. Continue moving back in time
to the Ice Age.
Use the saw on the icicle in the window to drop it into the blue bowl. Move
forward in time to the
Volcanic Age. 

In the Volcanic Age, zoom in to the window (the icicle melts), and then
immediately zoom in on
the blue bowl before the water has a chance to boil away. Immediately click
on the meltwater in
the blue bowl before it disappears. 

Click on the altar triangle below the blue bowl of water, and then zoom in
on the highlighted
alchemist (far right). Watch the video sequence inside the coptic cross. 

Earth Puzzle

On the temple map, the Earth puzzle is located in the left rear of the nave,
well behind the altar

Proceed to the "skeleton hands" doorway. Open the door by clicking on the
far-left and
third-from-right fingers to expose the zodiac and metal (iron) symbols
associated with the earth

Move forward and operate the gold staircase control lever to descend to the
lower level. Move
forward, turn around and zoom in on the elevator gear mechanism. Turn the
crank to raise the
steps in the staircase. Climb the staircase back to the nave level and then
continue up the staircase
to the tower. 

Moving around the tower from left to right, look through each telescope and
note the basic shapes
of each building and its associated symbol: 

Building Description      Symbol              Seen later to be

Rounded turrets,          Filled triangle     IronDune Castle
buried in sand            pointing down

Tall structure with       Open triangle       Grey Mountains Asylum
guy-wires, surrounded     pointing down
by icy mountains

Large building with       Filled triangle     Frigid River Branch
blue roofs, broken        pointing up         Conservatory
columns to the side

Many roof                 Open triangle       Steppinthrax Monastery
spines, red sky           pointing up

Return to the lower level (via down arrow). Move forward through the open
gates to the end of the
stone walkway. Look through the telescope at the skull-like sculpture with
the elemental symbol for
earth (filled triangle pointing down). Turn around and climb the steps to
the mine train. Activate the
mine car by clicking on the building shape associated with the earth element
(upper right) -- other
selections result in various one-way train rides! 

Ride the mine train car to the end of the line. Go up the stone steps to the
right and click on the
black sculpture on the raised platform. 

Click on the triangle at the top of the altar, and then zoom in on the
highlighted alchemist (second
from the right). Watch the video sequence inside the coptic cross. 

Air Puzzle

On the temple map, the Air puzzle is located in the right rear of the nave,
well behind the altar area.

Move forward into the air-puzzle tower and zoom in on the star chart on the
floor. Using the
following notation (with numbers denoting purple stars and letters blue ones): 

                                                                 A         D


                    3                                        B         E

        1               4            6
                 2                           8

click on the following stars in sequence: 

        Click           Blinking Stars

                        1  2  6  8  A  B  D

          8             1  2  6  A  B  D  E

          1             2  A  B  D  E

          2             A  B  E

          C             A  B  C  D  E

A beautiful blue bird flies up and a spiral staircase appears; take it up to
the tower. 

Incidentally, the colored horns produce sounds of natural disasters: 

        Horn            Sound
        ----            -----

        Red             Fire

        Yellow          Earthquake

        Lavender        Thunder

        Blue            Wind

        Green           Water

and are not required for solution of the Air puzzle. 

Move around to the right side of the gas machine in the center of the tower
room. Zoom in on the
color wheel and note the relative proportions: 

        Red             1 unit
        Green           2 units
        Blue            2 units
        Yellow          2 units

Zoom out, then zoom in on the circular base under the crystal globe. Click
on the black scarab to
darken the room. Return to the control panel on the front of the gas machine
and note that the gas
flows are now visible. Based on the color wheel, the following gas settings
are required: 

        Green           Full on (already done)
        Red             Half on
        Blue            Full on
        Yellow          Full on
        Cyan            Not used

These settings are made by dragging the levers to the appropriate notches.
However, note that
mouse motion may be extremely sensitive at this point and it may be very
difficult to move the
levers without repeated attempts (and a great deal of patience). It worked
best to start the hand
cursor with the lever in the crook between its thumb and forefinger; if the
hand cursor changed to
an arrow, it was necessary to start the hand-drag over again. Be sure not to
release the mouse
button until the hand cursor has closed its fist in the desired target
position, even if the cursor jumps
around erratically. It may be necessary to actually lift up the mouse and
repeat its track, all while
continuously holding down the mouse button. 

Click (only once) on the now-clear crystal globe (there may be very slow
cursor response at this
point). Click on the steaming altar triangle, then watch the video sequence. 


Enter the planetarium structure directly behind the altar area. This room is
the main jumping-off
point for the remaining puzzle sections in the game, all of which are
outside the temple (see the
Eastlands map in the Z booklet that came with the game). There may be some
responsiveness problems with the planetarium controls -- see the comments in
the Air puzzle

Drag the left control knob halfway up, then to the right. Put Nemesis' globe
in the now-raised
holder. To activate the planetarium sun, drag the left control knob to the
left, then up. 

The right control knob is used to select each puzzle destination: 

                        Conservatory            Castle

        Monastery                                               Asylum

To select a destination, drag the right control knob until a typewriter-bell
sound is heard at the
appropriate angle indicated above (always in the upper half of the circle).
At this point, the planet
associated with the destination is lit up by the sun in the solar system
model. After a traveling video
sequence, the desired destination is reached. Nearby, there will be a
rotating planet sprite. Click on
this image to return to the planetarium if a different destination is desired. 

Here are the CD-ROM's associated with each destination: 

        Destination             CD-ROM

        Monastery                 2
        Conservatory              2
        Castle                    3
        Asylum                    3


On arrival at the monastery, go through the doorway to the right, turn
around and pick up the
zorkmid coin lying on the ground. Move through two doorways and up the stone
steps to the
monastery entrance. A sign on the door says the monastery is closed, so you
will need to find an
alternative entrance. Enter the drainpipe on the ground to the right of the
doorway. Turn around
and put the zorkmid into the donation box. Read the "fortunes" from the Gods
of Emotion that
come out of the box: 

        Symbol                          Emotion

        Black oval with two dots        Fear
        M-mouth                         Anger
        Horizontal line                 Boredom
        Smile                           Happiness
        Spine diagram                   Spine
        Frowning eyes                   Suspicion

Note the curse on you if you open the donation box and take back the
zorkmid! However, this
action can be used to produce alternative fortune texts. For more amusement,
check out the
bulletin board on the other side of the walled-up doorway. 

Cross the room and go up the steps. Take the plates for the six emotion
symbols from the four urns
in the hallway (the segmented-circle and slanted-claw symbols are not needed
and should be left
behind to avoid unnecessary inventory). Zoom in on each of the
Gods-of-Emotion heads and place
the corresponding symbol plate underneath it. Choices can be made by
examining the facial
expressions and tones of voice of each head: 

                Fear            Anger           Boredom

        Steps                                                   Hallway

                Suspicion       Spine           Happiness

If plates are placed from left to right, they are also in the same order as
in the cards produced by
the donation box. On completion of the plate placements, the heads speak in
turn to produce a
complete rhyme about Yoruk. Make note of the order in which the heads speak: 

        Sequence        Emotion         Symbol

           1            Anger           M-mouth
           2            Suspicion       Frowning eyes
           3            Spine           Spine diagram
           4            Boredom         Horizontal line
           5            Fear            Black oval with two dots
           6            Happiness       Smile

Facing the dead-end hallway, take the stairs to the right. Continue straight
on and open the door at
the end of the hall. Enter the room with volcanic floor grates. Move forward
and watch the video
sequence. Note the interesting optical illusion caused by the gold 3 x 3
grid at the bottom of the
wooden structure. 

Turn right and enter the side room. Click on the baptismal for another video
sequence. Click twice
on the floor grate in the back of the room. Click on the note to obtain a
substitution code: 

        Letter          Symbol

          O             Infinity sign
          P             Trident with cross at the bottom
          E             Curvy backwards E with two spirals
          N             Circle with six dots, cross at the bottom

Return through the fire-grates room to the hallway. Follow the hallway
straight ahead down and up
the steps to the other end. Enter the bell tower and take the spiral wooden
staircase to the top.
Enter the doorway behind the ropes of the bell-ringing mechanism. 

Open the solid door third from the end on the right, and enter Alexandria's
room. Explore this
room for clues to the childhood of one of the game's main characters, noting
in particular the
reference to Alexandria's locket and clicking on the front of the music
stand for a video sequence. 

Return to the hall (facing Brother Will's room), turn right and proceed
through the double doors at
the end of the hallway into Malveaux' study. An important clue in this room
is Sophia Hamilton's
letter referring to the love between Bishop Malveaux' adopted daughter
Alexandria and General
Kaine's son Lucien. Click on the hookah for a video sequence. Zoom in on the
shelf on the left side
of the room and pick up the gold-framed magnifying glass. Note also Dr.
Sartorius' notes on the
treatment of his father's fatal disease. 

Return halfway back down the hallway and notice that the stairs to Malveaux'
quarters are blocked
-- another way in will need to be found. Return to the bell tower and look
at the poster on the wall.
The first five symbols in the sequence for the seventh bell are missing, but
we can infer what they
are from the order of the talking heads. 

Move over to the front of the bell-ringing mechanism and press the buttons
in that order, or use the
following diagram: 

           1     6         -     5     -         2     3

        -     -     -   -     -     -     4   -     -     -

A rope then descends from a trapdoor in the ceiling. Click on this rope to
ride it up the tower. As
soon as you pass the open window, click on it to exit the bell tower. 

Move to the end of the terrace, turn around and enter Malveaux' room. From
the left side (not
front) of the table with the red and blue candles, click on the gold
medallion for a video sequence.
Click the book on the nightstand; note the reference to a marriage between
Alexandria and Lucien.
An essential clue is the order of the flame colors in the picture on the
wall above the bed. Left to
right, they are: 


Use the magnifying glass on the blurry picture on the bed to derive a skull
orientation sequence: 

     Facing front
     Facing 90 degrees left
     Facing 45 degrees right
     Facing 45 degrees left
     Facing 90 degrees right 

Finally, touch the brownish book in the left-hand bookcase to return through
a secret passage to
the main monastery hallway. Move forward to the intersection, then go either
right, right or left, left
to enter the back hallway (behind the secret passage). 

Find the entrance to the scriptorium and move to the central bookstand at
the back, where the St.
Yoruk book yields a video sequence regarding the marriage of Alexandria and
Lucien. For the
complete Yoruk legend, check the four books to the left and right of the
central bookstand. The
essential fact (in the last book) is Yoruk's passage through a ring of fire
using a bronze shield
studded with five red rubies. 

Proceed to the back of the scriptorium and exit through the open door on the

Move to the central intersection of the walkways and note the circle of
familiar glyphs. Click on
them in the order required to spell out OPEN, or use the following table: 

        Order           Position

          1              2 o'clock
          2             10 o'clock
          3              3 o'clock
          4             12 o'clock

A metallic clank is heard, indicating that the gate is now unlocked to the
down staircase off of the
walkway near the gallery entrance. Take this staircase down to the museum
level, and note the
announcement about the theft-prevention system. 

Move into the museum, and note the locked trapdoor in the floor. Turn around
and zoom in on the
circular grey stone pedestal. Here, the alarm system may be deactivated and
the trapdoor unlocked
by pressing any of the four knobs. Before returning to the trapdoor, explore
the museum displays
thoroughly and pick up the ruby from Yoruk's shield (next to the snake
sculpture) and the Torch of
the Endless Fire (next to the shield replica). 

Open the trapdoor to the crypt. Click on the mummies to left and right for
interesting comments.
Move forward into the crypt, where you will see a large stone tower. Take
the stairs down and
then to the right. Go through the open gate and light the torch you are
carrying from the lit one on
the wall. Move to the sarcophagus in the back of the room. 

Zoom in on the nameplate on the front of the sarcophagus. Brush off the soot
to reveal Yoruk's
name. Zoom out and open the lid of the sarcophagus. Get inside it and close
the lid. Put the ruby
you are carrying into the center hole in the shield under the lid. Take the
shield. Open the lid and
get out of the sarcophagus. Put your lit torch in the wall receptacle. 

Exit the room and go back up the stairs. Continue to the right into the
red-glowing room. Mouse
action may be slow here due to the detailed flames animation. Move forward
until you encounter
the wall of flame. Click the shield on the flames to extinguish them. 

Move forward, then turn right and zoom in on the five-skulls puzzle. By
clicking on the left or right
eye sockets, position the skulls using the orientation sequence from the
book on Malveaux' bed.
This will open a secret door behind you. Enter through it into Malveaux'

Move to the alcove on the left and pick up the gold key and scrap of metal.
Go to the equipment
with the lion's head and spiral tube. Turn left and zoom in on the
rectangular wall hatch. Open it and
insert the key into the slot. Turn the key to wind up the metal-compression
apparatus. Zoom out
and move the control knob at the right of the hatch to open the egg-shaped
device on the left. Put
the twisted metal scrap into the receptacle. Click the control knob twice
and retrieve the
now-spherical metal. 

Zoom out and move to the opposite side of the room where the acid-bath
apparatus is located. Put
the metal ball into the basket suspended above the boiling liquid. Zoom out
and move the weights
at the end of the rope to immerse the metal in the bath. Retrieve the
now-white metal ball from the

Cross over to the opposite side of the room. Turn the wheel on the valve for
the lower pipe
connected to the central column in the room. This starts the flow of lava
through the pipe. Turn
around and face the lion's-head heating apparatus. Touch the flame control
panels to set up the
flames in the color order described in the picture on the wall of Malveaux'
bedroom (the "white"
flame actually appears purplish). 

Drop the metal ball into the lion's mouth. Quickly move down to the exit pan
and pump the bellows
(if you dawdle, the metal will cool and you will have to start the procedure
all over). 

Click on the metal zodiac symbol and change CD's at the prompt. Watch the
video sequence,
noting the progress of the solar eclipse. Click on the zodiac symbol
suspended above the altar.
Zoom in on the central bowl and watch the video sequence of Malveaux' death.
Zoom out and then
zoom in on the highlighted alchemist (second from the left). Watch the video
sequence inside the
coptic cross. 


The music during the traveling video to the Conservatory is reminiscent of
Return to Zork. 

On arrival at the Conservatory, enter through the doorway and turn right.
Move straight past the
orchestra setup on the left and note the Z'orchestra diagram next to the

                       gederaglini     frobophone

                         nambino          miano
        wertmizer                                       popperkeg

                 violin                          fleezle

On the other side of the archway is a phonograph. 

Pass through the archway and open the door at the end of the short hallway.
Move into the lobby
and cross it to the open doorway opposite the large window of the ticket
booth. Enter the
Conservatory office. Zoom in on the wooden box on the side table with the
lighted blue lamp.
Open the box and pick up the tuning fork. Turn to the right and proceed to
the piano bench. Zoom
in on the small red box above the keyboard and insert the tuning fork. Touch
the tuning fork and
listen to the A undertone -- you need to match it on the piano keyboard 

                     Piano Keyboard 

Press the A key that is the sixteenth complete white key from the right.
Move around to the back
of the piano and zoom in to the inside. Take the key. Zoom out, turn right
and look at the green
book on the stand. This book illustrates some of the Z'orchestral
instruments, as does the Z book
that came with the game. 

Move around to the back side of the desk and check the bottom drawers for
notes. Zoom in on
the desktop and put the key into the socket in the lamp. Pull the lamp chain
to disclose a map of
Hamilton's secret laboratory. Note the arrows moving down from the boiler
room beneath the prop
room under the stage and out to the right. Also of interest are the
procedural notes written in the

     PREPARE the Boiling Solution
     SEED with Crystal
     PURIFY the Crystal
     RING the Notes Together 

To the right of the side table where you found the tuning fork, zoom in on
the phonograph album
bin. Flip through them and take the last two: 

     Introduction to the Orchestra

     Alexandria Wolfe Debut Album 

Return to the lobby and exit through the door to the left of the stairs
(marked "Practice"). Put the
Introduction album (all-blue label) on the phonograph and crank it up. For
some interesting
messages from Nemesis and Hamilton, play the album backwards by clicking on
the direction
switch in the shadows of the left corner: 

     Paul is dead 


     I'm such a bitch 

     Mom always said, "Oooh, smokin'!" 

Play the Introduction album forwards to get an idea of the sounds of the
eight Z'orchestral
instruments. For additional clues, you can click on the instruments
themselves on the raised
orchestral platform in the same room as the phonograph. Then, play
Alexandria's album
(green-and-blue label) forwards and pay close attention to the Standard
Zorkian Conclusory
Fanfare at the end: 


Turning now to the raised orchestral platform, put each instrument on the
chair of its corresponding
Z'orchestral section, using the layout from the diagram on the wall and the
following instrument

        Instrument      Appearance

        violin          typical

        nambino         copper-colored drum with gold rings, membrane facing up

        miano           C-shaped lyre with about seven strings

        fleezle         clarinet bent into a U-shape

        popperkeg       purplish-brown tube with bulge in the middle and shiny
                        brass endcap

        frobophone      unwrapped French horn

        gederaglini     two-ended thin green horn with blue bulge in the middle

        wertmizer       central keyboard with white bellows at each end

When all instruments have been correctly placed, you will hear an orchestra
tuning up, followed by
Sophia Hamilton describing the Harmony of the Spheres to Alexandria: 

     C D E B G 

Return to the lobby and take the stairs up to the second level (use the left
staircase from the
landing). Proceed around the balcony to the right and enter the pupils'
dormitory. Move all the way
to the right, into Alexandria's section. On the dresser, zoom in on the
mirror and inside the music
box for video sequences. Check the letters from Lucien and Malveaux under
the floorboards.
>From the scrapbook on the bed, take the last concert poster. 

Return to the balcony, then turn right and explore Hamilton's room. In the
Alchemy book on the
purple sofa, note the reference on the second page to the Harmony of the

     C D E B 

There are various letters on the dressing table. Click on the bathtub behind
the screen for an
interesting video sequence. Return back downstairs to the lobby. 

At the foot of the stairs, turn left and replace the torn concert poster
with the one in your inventory.
This opens the auditorium entrance. Put all record albums from your
inventory back into the record
bin in the Conservatory office -- you won't be needing them any more (click
on the upper part of
the rear wood panel after all the albums in the bin have been tilted
forward). Exit the office and
pick up your concert ticket from the ticket booth. Be sure to note that your
seat is in Box C. 

Enter the auditorium by clicking your ticket on the closed doors and then
opening them again. Take
the stairs up to the second balcony (two full floors up from the lobby
level) -- the second staircase
can be seen if you move to the right and then turn around. Enter Box C (the
doors on this level are
labeled). Zoom in on the table and use the opera glasses to watch Alexandria
complete the concert
(except for the Standard Zorkian Conclusory Fanfare) -- Lucien appears to be
her only audience! 

Return to the lobby level and move forward into the darkened orchestra pit.
Pick up the baton.
Using the Z'orchestral layout and fanfare sequence, use the baton to
complete the concert. Watch
for cursor highlights to let you know which of the darkened Z'orchestral
sections you are directing. 

Move forward from the conducting dias into the stage area. Turn right and
enter the backdrop
control room. Check the clipboard on the desk and note that the only
backdrops with access holes
on the right are the fifth (checkerboard courtyard) and seventh (straw hut).
All other backdrops
need to be raised, so after turning on power to the control panel with the
red button, press all blue
buttons except the first and third from the right. Zoom out and move through
the holes in the
backdrops to the rear of the stage. At the blank easel, turn around and
descend the stairs between
the railings. 

In the prop room, move between the swan and the large blue drum. Face away
from the drum and
operate the crank. Turn around again and descend to the boiler room by
bursting through the drum.

Look down and zoom in on the floor hatch. Pick up Alexandria's locket --
oops, it's dropped into
the water! Dive into the water -- you then have only a limited time to look
down, get the locket,
and then rotate around to exit through the doorway (mouse responsiveness may
be sluggish at this

You have now entered Hamilton's laboratory, and are treated to the haunting
closing theme of Zork
Nemesis. Turn right and move between the blue crystal and green sculpture to
the hatchway in the
corner. Go through this hatchway back in to the boiler room. Move left to
the heat control levers
on the wall. Put Alexandria's locket on the second lever from the left to
hold its valve in an open
position, providing heat through the pipes into the laboratory. Return to
the laboratory through the
furnace door you exited. 

Immediately turn right and check the laboratory map on the wall. Note the
positions of the
sacred-note crystals (the other blue crystals are red herrings). Also, the
position of a wall alcove of
green crystals is indicated next to the D crystal. 

Take the white calcium bromide tablet from the mouth of the green sculpture.
Pick up a green
crystal from the wall alcove. Put both the crystal and the tablet into the
firepit. Next, touch the blue
crystals in the correct order: C D E B. Move back to the firepit and touch
the clear crystal for the
final note (G) of the sequence. 

Zoom in to the firepit. Click on the metal zodiac symbol and change CD's at
the prompt. Watch the
video sequence, noting the progress of the solar eclipse. Click on the
zodiac symbol suspended
above the altar. Zoom in on the central bowl and watch the video sequence of
Hamilton's death.
Zoom out and then zoom in on the highlighted alchemist (at the far right).
Watch the video
sequence inside the coptic cross. 


On arrival at IronDune, click the control lever to take the elevator inside
the castle. Move forward
and descend the stairs either to the left or the right. Enter the doorway
centered under the
staircases. Enter the room and pick up the broken sword on your right. Take
it to the fireplace in
the central part of the room and attach it to the broken end of the sword
blade on the mantel;
watch the video sequence. Pick up the now-complete sword and exit the room
back to the circular
entry area. 

Move to the doorway at the foot of the left set of stairs. Note the style of
the displayed suit of
armor. Zoom in on it and put the sword into its scabbard in order to open
the door to the weapons

In the weapons room, note the stained-glass windows depicting five styles of

        Style                   Location                        Helmet

        Basket facemask,        Outside Thaddeus' room          Closed
        spined shoulders

        Samurai                 Weapons room                    Closed

        Conquistador            Opposite weapons room           Open

        Roman                   Outside Lucien's room           Open

        Traditional,            Outside weapons room            Closed
        with breast plates

Return to the entry area and take the first (right-hand) stairs up to the
first landing. Turn right and
take the side stairs up to Lucien's room landing. Open the helmet of the
suit of armor. Enter
Lucien's room. Pick up the bag of gunpowder under the armoire (there's also
a letter there). Go to
the blank easel opposite the fireplace and use its paintbrush to uncover the
military code on the

   1.Build Bridge 
   3.Dig Trenches 
   4.Latrine Cleaning 
   5.Coup d'Etat 
   6.Infiltrate & Destroy 
   7.Serve Mess 
   8.Burn & Pillage 
   9.Split the Troops 
  11.Drop Thaddium 
  12.Verify Message 

There are a number of other items of interest in Lucien's room, including
letters from Alexandria
and a draft notice. 

Exit Lucien's room and continue up the stairs to the far right. At the top
landing, turn right and enter
the games room. On the wall to the left, note the controls for the automatic
pool table: 

     First Button:
     Candles and Broomsticks 

     Second Button:
     Shaving a Cat 

     Third Button:
     Fishing in the Desert 

     Fourth Button:
     Triple Splitter 

     Fifth Button:

Play each pool game by first pressing the game setup button (1 through 4)
and then pressing button
5 to shoot. Note the final sequence of pool balls at the end of each game: 

        Game                            Ball Sequence

        Candles and Broomsticks         1  7  4  3  5  9

        Shaving a Cat                   4  7  1  3  9  5

        Fishing in the Desert           7  4  1  9  5  3

        Triple Splitter                 4  3  5  9  7  1

Exit the games room and descend the stairs to the right. At the first large
landing, close the helmet
on the suit of armor. Rotate right and enter Thaddeus' room. Check the desk
drawers. In the left
one, take the vial of nitro. Also note the poem referring to the
suit-of-armor code for gaining access
to the castle dungeon. Use the vial of nitro to open the trunk at the foot
of the bed. Inside is a red
scroll describing how to break the IronDune siege, with references to some
of the military actions in
Lucien's painting code. The blue scroll contains the Eastlands map from the
Z booklet that came
with the game. There are other items of interest in Thaddeus' room, but none
critical to further

Exit Thaddeus' room and continue down the stairs to the near left. At the
foot of the stairs, turn
right and continue down into the circular entry area. Immediately turn right
and open the helmet on
the conquistador suit of armor. If the samurai suit of armor in the weapons
room has its helmet
closed (the default), a mechanical sound will now be heard and the way to
the dungeon is open.
Cross the entry area and enter the weapons room. 

You can now proceed into the dungeon through the doorway off to the left of
the weapons room.
If you activate the torture devices, you will obtain some of the military
codes from Lucien's painting:

     9: Split the Troops
     6: Infiltrate & Destroy
     12: Verify Message
     10: Distraction
     1: Build Bridge 

However, these gruesome tasks (and indeed the entire suit-of-armor code
quest) are completely
unnecessary since the five correct codes (and in the right sequence) are
clearly marked on the
inside cover of the Z booklet that came with the game: 

     10 1 9 6 12 

Return to the hall where you found the sword. At the entrance, turn left and
zoom in on the rear of
the metal dog sculpture (cannon). Open the hatch and drop the bag of
gunpowder you are
carrying. Move around to the muzzle and use the ear switch to load the
bones-ammunition from the
dish. Go back to the rear area and use the tail lever to fire the cannon.
This has the effect of
opening the far door to the library. 

Enter the library and, if desired, check out the animated military tableaux.
However, the essential
one is the second from the right (Battle in Progress), which houses a
command radio for the battle
raging outside IronDune castle. Enter the 5-number military code sequence
and press the red Enter
button. Return to the weapons room. Move to the Age of Kaine area on the
right, where a display
case has been broken open. 

Zoom in on the display case. Press on the lights on the neck of the canister
to open it. Open the
dark cylinder and transfer the Thaddium core to the canister; close the
canister. At this point, you
have only a limited time to find a proper receptacle for the canister (in
the tank's power source).
Immediately return to the circular entry area and exit through the main
doors directly across from
the stairways, past the Old Soldier. Proceed forward into the tank and place
the canister in the
purple-blue receptacle. Be sure to close the lid. 

Turn around and enter the appropriate code (Fishing in the Desert) into the
tank's control panel.
Click on the joystick on the right. Exit the tank when it stops. Zoom in on
the Mold Primer and
configure it for Kaine's zodiac symbol. Pull the handle and remove the mold
from the drawer. Enter
the elevator at the back of the room. 

Take the elevator down and exit to the right. Again, there is a limited
amount of time to complete
the following tasks. Zoom in on the control panel on the right. Press the
large red power button,
and then these four of the grid buttons: 

        |   |   |   | X |
        | X |   |   |   |
        |   | X |   | X |

This establishes a good median temperature for the iron forging process.
Zoom out. Move forward
and zoom in to the central machine. Put the mold you are carrying into the
brown tray. Click on the
ARM button, then on the FAN button. Finally, zoom in on the cooled metal
piece and click on it.
Change CD's at the prompt. Watch the video sequence, noting the progress of
the solar eclipse.
Click on the zodiac symbol suspended above the altar. Zoom in on the central
bowl and watch the
video sequence of Kaine's death. Zoom out and then zoom in on the
highlighted alchemist (second
from the right). Watch the video sequence inside the coptic cross. 


WARNING: This location involves certain tasks, imagery and sounds that some
players may find
repulsive. If children are playing the game, parental discretion is strongly
advised. If you wish to
skip the walkthrough of this part of the game and obtain the information
derived from it, link here. 

On arrival at the asylum, enter Floor 01 through the open doorway. The first
door on the left is the
records room; click twice on the flashlight on the rear table for a video
sequence. Check the
records in the drawers. 

Move to the opposite side of the central core and take the elevator down to
the B level (don't
forget to close the elevator doors and use the red power button before
selecting a destination
floor). Open the elevator doors and enter the morgue. Position yourself in
the back right corner and
face the right-hand wall. Open the drawer fourth from the corner in the
third row from the bottom.
Remove the cadaver and close the drawer. Turn around and put the body into
the rectangular box
in the bloody alcove. Move to the control panel in the center of the room
and face back toward the
alcove. Zoom in on the controls and click on each of the three levers from
left to right. Return to
the alcove and pick up the decapitated head. Save your game at this point. 

Take the elevator back to Floor 01 and enter the first door on the right.
Move forward and put the
severed head on the spiked stand. Press any of the five red buttons to hear
what the talking head
has to say; the button at the lower left discloses the first part of the
safe combination: 

     First part of safe combination: 36-24-36 

Turn around and get the safe (it looks kind of like a bottle) out of the
freezer in the corner. Turn
right and face the X-ray machine. 

Put the safe where the X-ray gun can illuminate it. Turn on the X-ray using
the yellow-tipped lever.
Zoom in to the safe to disclose a key inside and the rest of the safe

     Second part of safe combination: 20-18 

Turn off the X-ray machine, then zoom into the top of the safe. Enter the
full combination
36-24-36-20-18. Remove the red beaker. 

Cross to the opposite side of the room and place the beaker in the
mechanical arm. Zoom in on the
glass bowl and retrieve the key. Return to the elevator in the main core and
use the key to reach
Floor 20. 

Enter the doorway opposite from the elevator. Move forward into the room.
Zoom in on the open
doorway to the right for a video sequence. Other information is available on
the table to the left. Sit
in the Thousand-Fingers chair. Move forward and exit the room. Open and
enter the first door on
the left (this must be done while you are still under the "influence" of the
chair). You are now in
another elevator; take it up to Floor 21. 

There is quite a bit of information on Floor 21, but in particular be sure
to obtain the rubber
hammer from the bed in the center of the back wall, move the switch on the
asylum model to the
right, and note the Purification of Tin procedure in The Blood Alchemist book: 

           Purification of Tin
        |  Given that Flourine  |
        |  is Present in This   |
        |  Atmosphere:          |
        |  Helium Raises        |
        |  Oxygen Alone Is      |
        |  Without Effect       |
        |  Hydrogen and Oxygen  |
        |  Burn Cooly and       |
        |  Create Water         |

Exit out the back door of the room, into the circular gallery (some gruesome
images here). Move to
the left and face right. Break the glass with the rubber hammer. Take the
severed hand and use it to
open the electrified keypad at the gallery entrance -- press any of the 9
keys (thanks to Steven C.
Den Beste for lending a hand here). 

Enter the core and take the ladder up to Sartorius' laboratory. Fill, then
empty the sink to charge
the batteries. Move the oxygen tank lever left and the hydrogen tank lever
right. Zoom out and use
the electrical switch to the right of the glass globe; the molten metal
falls into the mold. Move the
oxygen tank lever right. Zoom out and use the electrical switch again; the
metal cools. Move the
helium tank lever right. Zoom in and click on the metal zodiac piece. 

Watch the video sequences, noting that the solar eclipse is nearly at hand.
Resist the urging of the
four alchemists to drink the Elixir of Life. When Lucien gives you the gold
ring, click on it. 

Final Quest

Face the left-hand fountain in the center of the courtyard. Click on the
right elephant's tusk to turn
off the water. Zoom in on the sun/hand ornament and use Lucien's ring on it
to enter the
subterranean crypt. Move forward into the center of the eye structure to
enter the tomb. Note the
orientation of figures in the interior: 

        Wolfman         Elephant


        Snake           Dragon


Zoom in to the sarcophagus from the rear and click on it for a video
sequence; Alexandria's ring
appears. Click Lucien's ring on Alexandria's; they turn into a pair. Put the
rings into the bowl in
front of the dragon, then click on either the gold triangle or the dragon's
eye. Collect the disk of
molten metal and put it into the tray in front of the elephant. Click on the
gold triangle. Pick up the
blob of cooled metal and put it into the snake's mold. Click on the ruby
triangle. Collect the molded
result and put it into the receptacle in front of the wolfman. 

Return to the elephant's location, turn around and face the sarcophagus.
Move up and forward to
disclose a copper-colored magic wand. Take the wand to the wolfman and put
it into his raised
hand. Click on the gold metal and watch the video sequence. 

Zoom in on the altar from the walkway overhead. Quickly click the fused
rings on Alexandria's
body; watch the final video sequence. 

For game credits, exit the courtyard through the open gates, turn around and
click on the ripped




                                            Temple Map 

Eastlands Map 

Game Proficiency Levels

Tasks Completed         Title                   Task

        0               Adept
        1               Novice                  Element
        2               Apprentice              Element
        3               Scientist               Element
        4               Doctor                  Element
        5               Seer                    Metal
        6               Evoker                  Metal
        7               Diviner                 Metal
        8               Alchemist               Metal
        9               Master of Alchemy       Final Quest

Easter Eggs

     Type "chloe" at any time. 

     Type "hello sailor" at any time. 

(from the newsgroup) 

General Notes and Comments

     Zork Nemesis is extremely rich in detail, offering a wealth of
background information in
     nearly every location, all of which adds much to the overall atmosphere
and "feel" of the
     game. Expect each location in the game to provide a full evening's
gameplay. Most of the
     essential clues are described in this walkthrough, but other clues have
been left to the player
     to discover. These include notes, letters, photos, books, pictures on
the wall and other hints,
     highlights and hotspots. Also, the overall plot and details on the
interactions between
     characters are left for the player to experience and interpret. Some
puzzles may have
     alternate solutions. Important information may be found in the Z
booklet that came with the
     game -- be sure to read it thoroughly! 

     The game is encountering some controversy among players as a result of
certain gruesome
     areas in the gameplay, particularly the guillotine in the Asylum.
Although that device is not a
     new idea (the Shivers game had one as well), its presentation may be
considered too graphic
     by some players. If desired, some of the clues in this walkthrough can
be used to bypass
     these areas of the game. 

     This walkthrough pertains to the DOS version of the game. 

     The game starting sequence is very quick -- just hit the space bar at
the Activision logo to go
     to the main menu, and then make a single mouse click to bring up the
restore-game menu.
     This design is very enjoyable in comparison with other contemporary games. 

     Continuity in the game is excellent -- if an object is placed or the
environment altered in
     some way (such as opening a door), virtually all subsequent screen
shots are updated with
     the change. 

     A couple of bad logic errors were found in the game. First, the icicle
from the Ice Age in the
     Water puzzle didn't melt if it was examined in the Bucolic
(Frobozzolithic) Age, but clearly
     the air would be warm enough. Second, the dead hand used to get past
the electrified
     keypad on Asylum Floor 21 shouldn't really work -- a dead hand will
conduct electricity
     quite well, as the hand animation showed before it was removed from the
window. Don't
     feel bad if you got stuck on that one! 

     You cannot save or restore a game if you are currently zoomed in on a
closeup. However,
     you can quit the game from any position. The save game overwrite
warning has a minor
     word wrap typo. 

     Be sure to dump unneeded inventory (musical instruments, for example)
before completing
     the corresponding metal puzzle, so that unnecessary inventory searching
is avoided in the
     future. Since the puzzles may be played in any order, inventory from
one location is never
     needed elsewhere. 

     Occasional problems were encountered with using the mouse to drag an
item in the game. 

     Faulty lip sync was noticed in several locations, particularly in the
endgame sequence with
     Lucien and Alexandria together. 

     Momentary sound dropouts were noticed on the Conservatory phonograph.
Shouldn't the
     "Introduction to the Orchestra" album be titled "Introduction to the

     The animal cannon in IronDune is clearly meant to be a dog, but in
Kaine's notes is referred
     to as a cat (or, maybe it's a cat that likes to eat bones). 

     In the first military tableau on the left in the IronDune library (Fort
Griffspotter), it's
     impossible to hear the narration over the waterfall sound. However, the
narration in all other
     tableaux is fine. 

     "Monastery" was misspelled on the Eastlands map in the Z booklet that
came with the game.
     In letters and notes, the Grey Mountains were sometimes spelled "Gray"
and "Sophia" was
     sometimes spelled "Sofia". 

     The Flood Control Dam (F.C.D.) is called #3 on the Eastlands map, but
shows up as #7 in
     the opening video sequence for the Conservatory. Also, there are
references to dam #678 in
     letters from Kaine (however, this may refer to a location away from the

     The Yoruk legend book has the five shield rubies in an X-shaped
pattern. However, the
     actual shield from the crypt has the rubies arranged in a cross pattern. 

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Activision, Inc. 
Aaron Nanto