ZZT (The City of ZZT) (e)

Andere Lösungen

		   	      The City of ZZT - Walkthrough


				       Scott Walker

v0.0	First draft written as the game was played.  May 1999

Feel free to distribute as long as it is unaltered. Please send comments/suggestions


	You can go to the pawnshop anytime you like for ammo, health, and advice. You
	don't really need the advice since you are reading this.

	Go east and pick up the ammo. Go south.


	Shoot all the red and blue monsters. This is easiest if you stay in one place
	and let the monsters come to you. Get the yellow key. Use it to unlock a 
	yellow door and get the new key and gems. Repeat on all the rooms. Enter the
	hideout when you are done.

  Dr. Bob's Hideout

	1.  Go the the center yellow room. Kill the red monsters and push the button.
	2.  Go around to the bottom purple room. Kill the centipedes and push the
	3.  Enter the green room to the right. Get the ammo and yellow key.
	4.  Open the lower yellow door. Go up and get the second yellow key.
	5.  Go back to the center yellow room and push the button.
	6.  Open the second yellow door. Get the gems and push the button.
	7.  Go the the center blue room. Kill the monsters and push the button.
	8.  Go to the top yellow room and get the gems.
	9.  Go to the lower red room. Kill the monsters and push the button.
	10. Go to the white room and get the ammo and gems.
	11. Go to Dr. Bob and get the red key. Talk to him. He'll tell you there
	    is a secret path in the park to the immediate left of XYZZY.
	12. Push the buttons in the blue and red rooms. Exit the hideout.

	Go north, west, west, and enter the jail.


	Go south. There is a secret passage between the X and O. Go in and get a
	1000 point bonus and some gems. Go north.

	To get into maximum security, you must blast in. Moving one of the
	horizontal arrows in the bottom corner causes a bomb to travel right.
	Put a vertical arrow in the way to keep the bomb from becomming trapped.
	Once it is stopped, use the blue blocks to move the bomb over to the
	maximum security walls. Blast sightly above center the whole way. Repeat
	three more times. There are six bombs, so you can screw up twice. Go east
	then north.

  The Headache Room

	1.  At the first T, take the right teleporter. Follow to the next T and take
	    the lower teleporter. Take the white key.
	2.  Go back (take right teleporter) and take the top teleporter at the first T. 
	    Take the left teleporter at the next T. Follow and open the first white door.
	3.  Go back to the first T and take the right teleporter. Take the left one
	    at the next T. Follow and get the white key. 
	4.  Return to the first T (take the right teleporter). Take the left teleporter 
	    at the next T. Follow and open the second white door.
	5.  Return to the T at the top of the room. Take the right teleporter and follow
	    to the next T. Take the bottom teleporter. Follow and get the white key.
	6.  Return to the T at the top of the room (take the right teleporter). Take
	    the left teleporter and follow to open the third white door.
	7.  Return to the T at the top of the room. Take the right teleporter and follow
	    to the next T. Take the left teleporter and get the white key.
	8.  Return to the T at the top of the room. Take the left teleporter and follow.
	9.  Open the last white door and head east.

  Maximum Security!

	Move the arrow and talk to the guy. He's the ZZT Bandit and gives you a green key.
	Take the key and go east.

	Open the green door. You now may open the other doors with the other green keys.
	The people don't say much, but you can get some gems. Go south and open the green
	door. Take the green key and exit. Go north.

  The Park

	Just try to run through the lions. Trying to kill them all is hard and waste of
	ammo. Go to the bum and give him 10 gems. Then shoot him. Then give him 20 gems
	for the City Hall Pass. Go west.

	Go over to the left of the XYZZY collecting gems and ammo along the way. There
	is a secret passage to on the left. Go west.

  The ZZT Bandit's Hideout

	Open the doors with the red and green keys you have. Run past the beams and load
	up on gems. Get the ticket too. You'll need it at the station. Go east, east, and
	south to exit the park.  Go east.

  The Atrium

	You need to collect the keys one by one and open the doors. Collect the gems too.
	You should open the doors by going down the middle and using the last key to go
	down. This way you won't get stuck. Remember to keep a sharp eye out for the 
	bullets since the are bouncing around. They also travel in lines over the water.
	Take the scroll for 1000 points and go east.

  The Rat Race
	Get the first yellow key down by the red monsters. Pick up the ammo and gems too.
	Open the first yellow door and kill the tigers. Get the yellow key and open the
	next door.  Kill all the purple monsters and get the yellow key. You may get the
	blue gems, but you'll probably take some damage from the brown monsters. Take
	the left gem and you can shoot a bunch of the brown monsters. Open the next door
	and kill the centipedes. Touch one of the bombs and get out of the way. It will
	destroy the green gems, but leave the key. Take it and open the next door. Kill
	the brown monsters. Go way over to the left and go up the column with the key.
	This will protect you from the shots. Once you have the key, RUN! You can shoot
	up to destroy any shots which might get you. Open the next door. Blow up the
	centipedes with the bomb and shoot the lower one. Get the torches. Exit the room
	and return to start (e,e,e).

City Hall

  Processing Dept

	You need three keys to proceed, and only the robot can get them to you. First,
	bump the !! button to activate the robot. The period switches the robot to
	shooting mode and the arros button switches it to move mode. Using the arrow
	buttons, move the robot down to the lower right corner. Shoot away the top and
	bottom rows of walls. Go underneath the blocks and push the columns with keys
	up near the top. Now you just need to move the keys over to the left and push
	them through the spinners with the robot. Open all three doors and go east.

  Storage Room

	Pick up some ammo and gems then go west and north.

  Dark Room

	Light a torch. An invisible wall keeps back most of the monsters above, but
	start shooting to the right when you get a chance. After finishing those monsters,
	go left and kill the ones one the left. Now only the ones trapped by the wall
	remain. You'll take some damage, but shoot down immediatly after rounding the wall.
	Then go to the bottom row and immediatly fire to the right. Get the key, kill the
	last monsters and return to the lobby. Go to the washroom.

  Executive Washroom

	Flush the toilet if you like and go through the cyan door. Get the gems and the
	key. Return to the lobby and go to the elevator.


	This is a nifty item, but a tedious one. The elevator travels right to left and
	only stops at floors while going to the left. Right to left, the floors are:

	1 - 
	2 - 
	3 - To Lobby
	4 - To Spa
	5 - To Mayor's Office

	You'll need to get a cyan key from floors 1-4 to open the four doors on floor 5.
	Get each key, go to floor 5, open the door, then return to the elevator to get
	another key.

  1st Floor - Maintainence Room

	It's dark, so light a torch. As you move to the right monsters will appear.
	Try to run by as much as possible. Try not to spend too much time killing them
	or you will waste torches. Go through the oneway and get the gems, then go
	through the other one. Run up past the tigers and get the cyan key. Return to
	the elevator.

  2nd Floor - Mini Rooms

	You need to get all the gems to pass the guy. Kill the monsters outside the rooms
	first and get some ammo. Now get a gems and kill the monsters in the mini room.
	Don't worry if you shoot the gem on the other side. Try not to open a room with
	a purple monster on the other side of the gem. They will rush out and damage you.
	Get the key and return to the elevator.

  4th Floor - Spa

	Shoot the top blue guy on the right. This will open the first arrow row. Opening
	the others is really easy. After the row moves away, you can now shoot the 
	blocking walls directly. Go south and get the cyan key. Return to the elevator.  

  5th Floor - Mayor's Office

	Open the first door. You'll need to get all the gems and push each block up
	or down to release the arrow columns. Moving through the shots is pretty easy,
	just step two spaces at a time and take it slow. Open the remaining doors and
	get the gems. Talk to the mayor three times and bribe him the 100 gems the 
	third time. He'll give you and ID card.  Get out of city hall and head west
	twice to the train station.

Train Station

	Talk to the ticket agent and take the purple key. Talk to the conductor and
	board the train. Talk to the passenger and enjoy the short train ride. Go 
	west when the train stops.

  The Pub

	Enter the pub and end your quest. Get the scroll for 10,000 points and talk
	to the guy to end the game and get your final score. Short wasn't it!