ZZT (The Dungeons of ZZT) (e)

Andere Lösungen

		   	The Dungeons of ZZT - Walkthrough


				  Scott Walker

v1.0	First draft, completed May 7, 1999
v1.1	Adjusted the width and spell checked, May 10, 1999

Feel free to distribute as long as it is unaltered. Please send comments/ 
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 	From the start, go east. 

  Dungeon Central

	Kill the monsters, grab the keys and open the doors. From here you can get 
	the keys in any order. They are located to the east, in the zapper, north, 
	and south. There are two keys in the north, and easy one and a hard one. 
	If want a challenge and do it the hard way, get the keys in this order: 
	East, Zapper, South, North. You can load up on ammo and health in the 
	south which you will need.

The Eastern Key

   	Go east again.

  Blue Room

	1.  Blow up the upper bomb. Go past where it was and down to move the 
	    block and arrow down one space.
	2.  Go back and blow up the bomb near the lower left corner. Follow the 
          passage down and push the block you just moved down.
	3.  Go up, blow up the bomb, and push the next block/arrow to the right.
	4.  Go back around past where the first bomb was and down. Push the block
	    you just moved.
	5.  Go up and around. Go east.

	If you are short on health, you can go to the room above this one for some 
	gems. From the left passage, DO NOT touch the alpha or you will die. From 
	the right passage, make an opening in the centipedes (be sure not to hit 
	the gems) then go up there and shoot right and left to kill them.

  Hit the Target

   	Grab the ammo. You'll need to hit the moving arrow target several
   	times. Each time you hit it, the white H at the bottom will move
	up, eventually opening a passage that goes south.  Don't miss the
	target, or spinning things will come out and attack you! 

	The easiest way to hit the target is to get right up next to the water.
	The target will go down one block, then up two. When it gets to the top
	it will return to the bottom.  Shoot when the target is one block below
	you. You will have to adjust the timing a bit depending on exactly where
	you are.

 	Go south and kill all the purple monsters. Go south again.

  The Light Blue Room

	1.  Open the blue door and take the first left passage. Push on the purple 
	    walls to move them.
	2.  Go past the spinner and around the bottom to the column of arrows. 
 	    Push them up three spaces.
	3.  Push the row of blocks and arrows right two spaces.
	4.  Go back around and take the down passage at the spinner. Push the 
 	    blocks down until you can't push anymore.
	5.  Go over and touch the bomb. Take cover to the bottom of the room. Wait 
	    until the pusher stops.
	6.  You can now push blocks and get the gems. Also, push the leftmost 
	    block on the top row up. You can now go back over to the purple walls.
	7.  Touch a the top purple wall to move them back. Go down to the guy.
	8.  Monsters will appear as soon as you talk to him. Do so and blast away.
	9.  Get the blue key and escape by going back up and around the to of the 
	    room. You'll end up on the bottom. Push the block out of the way and 
	    unlock the lower blue door.
	10. Go south.

  The Bomb Room

	All you have to do is touch some bombs to open up the passages, get the
	red keys, and open the red doors. The tricky part is the guns at the 
	bottom and the reflectors that bounce the bullets back. This makes moving 
	through the bottom part difficult. If you push a stack of four bombs 
	straight down in front of the reflectors, the first one will blow up, and 
	the other three will block the reflectors.

 	For the row of bombs by the doors, it can save time by hanging out in the 
	line of fire while they detonate. You can shoot here, so take care of any 
	bullets that can't dodge while waiting.

	Go west, grab the purple key and return to the start (n,e,e,e). Open the
	first purple door.

Zapper Key

	Go east. Complete the blue room (see above) if you haven't done so, then 
	enter the zapper.

  The Zapper

	1.  Get the key and open the red door.
	2.  You can't shoot, so wait for the centipedes to go by, then grab the 
	3.  IMMEDIATLY go down and right and try to get past the spinners. Don't 
	    worry about taking out the monsters. If the energizer runs out, you'll 
	    be hurting.
	4.  Go up and quickly get the next energizer. IMMEDIATLY run left through 
	    all the brown monsters. You must get through all of them.
	5.  Go down and push the block and arrow to the right. 
	6.  Go up and push the row of arrows all the way to the right. This will 
	    squish the red monsters.
	7.  Grab the gems and head down to the area with the purple key.
	8.  There are invisible walls here, so work around to the lower up/down 
	9.  Get the key and go to the left/right teleporter.
	10. Exit the zapper and open the next purple door at the start.

Southern Key

	Go south from Dungeon Central.

	You need to get a yellow key, go around the right side, open a door, and 
	return by the left side. It can become a real pain because the longer you 
	take to get around, the more monsters build up. Try to dig tunnels with 
	places where you can stop to kill monsters (especially important for the 
	tigers since they shoot back).  Also, after the first time around it is a 
	good idea to open the gem and ammo room in the upper left corner. Be sure 
	to save often too.

	When all the doors are open, go south twice.

  Deep Dark Dungeons

	First, you should get the gems from the small room on the left. Wait for 
	the gap in the centipede then go in and position yourself in the top row. 
	Now you can just shoot to the right as the centipede comes around.

	Enter the passage on the right. Get the three green gems. Follow the 
	passage around to the lower right corner collecting gems on your way. Go 
	east. Kill the red monsters as they come out of the spinner. Get the gems 
	and ammo and return west. Follow the passage around to the left side of 
	the blue room. Go west. Get the blue key and return to the middle of the 
	blue room. Open the blue door and go through the one-way. Go north then 

	Touch the heart and watch they guy. To go left, run after the nearest shot 
	passes you going up. SAVE FIRST! You'll need to be fast. Get the blue key. 
	For the return trip, just push a block one space at a time to destroy the 
	shots. Go south and open the blue door.

	Follow the passage north. Collect all the ammo and the blue key. Open the 
	blue door and go west.

  The Purple Key

	Follow the passage counterclockwise and beware of the reflectors. Let the 
	monsters come to you and fire conservatively. Collect all the red gems 
	except the top row. When one of the purple monsters moves away, grab that 
	gems and retreat. Blast the monsters when the come through the gap. 
	Continue around and get the purple key. Return to the east.

	Go south twice. Talk to the guy and he'll activate the elevator. Talk to 
	the other guy to get back. Go south again.

  Red Key

	Get the mega-ammo and talk to the lower guy. Beware! Once you do, the 
	upper guy will push you into the monsters, so start firing. Shoot in all 
	directions to start. Once a space is cleared, move over and shoot like 
	crazy downwards. Keep killing monsters until you can get the red key. Once 
	you do, go north twice.

	Collect the ammo if you haven't. Go to the outer ring and take the two 
	lower gems. Kill the centipede and push the block up one space. Get the 
	last ammo to unplug the room with the purple monsters. You'll probably 
	take damage. Kill them all. Push the block and open the red door. Go north 
	after taking the gems and killing the monsters.

	You can't shoot here, so time it when to go through the teleporter. Run to 
	the east! Collect the gems and go through the one-way. Open the next purple 

Northern Key

	Go north.

  The Kennel

	I haven't tried this, but it looks like you can just take the purple key
	and use it to unlock one of the purple doors at the start. This will save
	a bunch of effort, but you wont' get as many points.

	Get the purple key and unlock the purple door. Kill the centipedes and get
  	the white key. Unlock the white door and IMMEDIATLEY start shooting to 
	kill the purple monsters. Get the next key, unlock the door, and step to 
	the side. When it is safe, move in front of the door and start shooting. 
	When most of the tigers are gone, dash in and grab the blue key. This will 
	help to minimize the damage you take from them. Unlock the blue door and 
	go north.

  The Four Stages

	1.  Collect all the green gems. The best way to do this is to take the 
	    ammo, but leave two one the left and in the middle. This will create a 
          wall so the centipedes don't leak out as much. When one comes across 
	    the hole you have left, blast it. You may want to push the red block 
	    over to the right. They turn into tigers later and this will make it 
	    easier to kill them.
	2.  Open the door on the right and collect all the yellow gems. This is 
	    pretty easy since the purple monsters come right at you. Collect the 
	    ammo too.
	3.  Open the door on the left and collect all the blue gems. The brown 
	    monsters will come down in a column at you, making it easy to kill 
	    them. Collect the ammo too.
	4.  Open the top door. The block will turn into tigers. A wall will also 
	    form. Work your way around using the ammo as a shield. For the right 
          side of the wall, hang out at the corner and shoot up. This will take 
	    care of most of the tigers and give you a place to run.
	5.  Go north.

	Go north again to the Key Machine. Every time you get a key from it, come 
	back to the junction to open the doors.

  The Key Machine

	This nifty contraption will dispense keys. The trick is to learn the order 
	of numbers to press to maneuver the key so you can pick it out. Pressing 
	a number will activate a pusher above. 

 	Note: You can only screwup twice or you will run out of keys!

	1.  Push 3,5,6 for the first key. Push 6 when the key comes around the 
	    left side of the spinner.
	2.  Push 2,1,4,3,5,6 for the second key.
	3.  Repeat step 2 for the third and fourth keys.

	For the fourth door, open it and run to the left. Once you have some room, 
	shoot away. Go east.

	This isn't nearly as hard as it looks.

	1.  Go up the passage between the rows of arrows. You should be in the top 
	    group of arrows.
	2.  Push the two blocks at the top up one space.
	3.  Push the middle right row right two space.
	4.  Push the bottom right row right one space.
	5.  Push the bottom left row left one space.
	6.  Stuff should move and open up part of the main passage.
	7.  Go down the passage between the bottom arrow rows. You should be in 
	    the bottom group of arrows.
	8.  Push the two blocks at the bottom down one space.
	9.  Push the bottom right row right one space.
	10. Push the bottom left row left one space.
	11. Push the middle right row right two spaces.
	12. Push the middle left row left two spaces.
	13. Push the top right row right two spaces.
	14. Stuff should move and open up the main passage.
	15. Go south.

  Hard Room (Save before going in here!)

	This room sucks! DO NOT TRY IF YOU ARE LOW ON HEALTH OR AMMO! There are a 
	mess of tigers from the generator and reflectors. Enter the room on the 
	far right. This will let you shoot down. Once those tigers are gone, move 
	down and shoot left at the top. This will get rid of most of them. Now run 
	like hell and get the red keys and open the first two red doors. Repeat 
	with the next section. Go south and get the purple key.

	Now it's time to go back through that! The section you just went through 
	isn't so bad, but the upper section is. The monsters have had time to pool 
	up while you were down below. Move up past the first pair of doors and hug 
	the left wall. Shoot right to clear a path. When you get one, run. If this 
	is the last key, you don't need to worry about health that much.

	Return to the start and unlock the last door (n,w,s,s,e).


	After opening the last door, go down and touch the white wall. The guy 
	will move and the guns will start shooting. Wait until all the barriers 
	move away and go west. Collect all the ammo and go north.

  The Fritz

	This is pretty easy. You just need to collect all the gems then talk to 
	the guy. You can shoot the walls, so just take your time. Kill all the 
	monsters if you want more point. Go north.


	Get the 10,000 point bonus and talk to the guy. They will do a little 
	dance and open the gate for you. Go north to the ending screen.