Pokémon - Gelbe Edition (e)

Andere Lösungen
Created by Jedah (
Latest release version 1.0
Date 19/5/99

1.0 Introduction
1.1 About this guide
1.2 Revision history

2.0 Changes from previous Pokemon Editions
2.1 Intro
2.2 Graphics
2.3 Starting Pokemon
2.4 Talking to Pikachu
2.5 Team Rocket
2.6 Anything different during the game
2.7 Missing Pokemon
2.8 Pokemon extra in this version *
2.9 Mystery Dungeon

3.0 Help this guide/Miscellaneous
3.1. how to help it
3.2 Where to download this guide
3.3 Legal bit
3.4 Disclaimer
3.5 Wishlist


1.1 About this guide

 This is my attempt to help anyone out if they own the yellow Pokemon cartridge. 
Currently it is only available in Japanese, so working things out is difficult, 
but I have tried my best to put as much info here as I can. I hope it is of some 
use to you. Hopefully you should be ready for it's release into English, and be 
able to catch 'em all. :)

1.2 Revision History

 1.0 - The first release!


2.1 Intro

 Instead of Jigglypuff/Nidoran and Snorlax/Gengar (is it?) battling, you get to 
see a darkened Pokemon running at you on all fours. As it gets closer, you 
realise it's PIKACHU! During this various clips are shown of him doing a flying 
kick, riding a surfboard, flying on balloons, and then it shows him close up, 
and his cheeks start to spark, and then he lets rip with a Giant thundershock! 
The title screen then comes on, which is Pikachu saying something in Japanese 
(speech bubble, no idea what it says). It has new music too, sounds similar to 
the casino in Celadon City. Much better intro.

2.2 Graphics

 EVERY Pokemon in the Pokedex has been redrawn. They ALL look a LOT better too. 
Some of them are shown at my website 
( and others may be 
available on request.

2.3 Starting Pokemon

 Instead of choosing between Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur at the 
beginning, Professor Oak stops you at the grass (you get to move one step 
further too. Ooooh :) ) and then captures a Pikachu! He brings it back to his 
lab and then lets you have it! As for Gary (your rival) if you look at the 
Pokeball on the desk, he shoves you out of the way and takes it. It's an Eevee! 
Then you fight. Later in the game, after battling Gary 3 times more, when you 
face him in the Silph Co. Building, his Eevee will have evolved into one of it's 
three other forms (Flareon in my case). Whether or not his choice of Pokemon 
change based on what Eevee he plans on getting is unknown. 

2.4 Talking to Pikachu

 Pikachu follows you around on the map! Unless he fainted. You can talk to him 
at any time, bringing up a picture of his face, showing if he is happy or sad. 
If happy, sprite on the main screen will jump up and down, REALLY fast if super 
happy! If really upset he will turn around and not look at you! When he sees 
Bill The Pokemaniac as a Pokemon, question marks appear over his head! And when 
you go to the Pokemon meeting in Vermillion City, love hearts appear when he 
sees the other Pokemon!

2.5 Team Rocket

 Yes, it's true, Team Rocket appear in the game! I'm talking Jessie and James 
here! Just as you are about to leave Mt. Moon they come running over and battle 
you! They fight with Ekans, Meowth and Koffing! After you beat them they 
dissappear, like Giovanni. You meet them three times more, in the Casino/Rocket 
base (just before Giovanni), Lavender Tower (you beat them to save Mr. Fuji, and 
they have Arbok and Weezing now! (But still just Meowth :) ) And finally the 
Silph co. Building, just before Giovanni). And yes, just like the cartoon, they 
are easily beaten!

2.6. Anything different during the game
 -Nurse Joy is at every Pokemon Centre, with her Chansey!
 -Chansey has been redrawn in it's pen at Fuschia City (sigh, you didn't really 
need to know that one).
 -Officer Jenny is in Vermillion City.
 -Did I mention Team Rocket? Yeah? Well, I'll do it again!
 -The hut at the bottom of Fuschia City, inside, there is a Pikachu walking 
 -The Thunderstone does NOT work on Pikachu!
 -Pikachu learns extra moves! I am not sure which level (I forgot) but a few 
levels after he gets Thunder, he learns a new barrier move! (Possibly Barrier or 
Light screen). Also, around level 20 he gets Barrier or Light screen! I don't 
know which way round they go or whether it is another field altogether, but 
they're my guesses!
 -Lt. Surge only has one Pokemon: Raichu! And it's bloody hard!
 -Some options on the computer system, but I have no idea what they are saying.
 -The people you trade with are generally asking for different things in this 
game. For example, I think the old man in the lab at Cinnabar Islands trades 
Rhydon for Golduck (I AM NOT CERTAIN THOUGH)

2.7 Missing Pokemon

 To ensure that Pokemon Yellow offers no distinct advantage over the previous 
versions/colours (yeah right, you can get Charmander, Bulbasaur AND Squirtle?? 
O--k, fair...), 11 Pokemon are unattainable again. Although I can't be certain 
at this time, here are my guesses as to which ones they are (note there are 20, 
so at least nine of these must be wrong, or perhaps not....):

Farfetch'd (Where you normally trade it in Vermillion, the guy is not there!)
Psyduck; usually available in Seafoam Islands and the Safari Zone. I have tried 
for hours but have never seen one.
Golduck (note that there is a man on Victory Road who fights you with one)
Dratini (Tried again for hours at the Safari Zone, never seen)
Dragonite (owned by Lance)
Dragonair (owned by Lance)
Weedle (None in Viridian Forest or anywhere else, but many "Bug Catchers" have 
Kakuna (again, many bug catchers have them)
Beedrill (Never seen)
Jynx (though Lorelei of the Elite Four has one)
Raichu: Using the Thunderstone on Pikachu does NOT WORK. He will not take it! 
And since there are No other Pikachus in the game besides your starting 
one...... ?? (Lt. Surge has one)
Ekans (No nest on map, unable to find. Jessie has one :) )
Meowth (No nest on map, unable to find. Team Rocket have one :) )
Koffing (No nest on map. Unable to find. James has one :) )

In a way, making you miss out on Dragonite (perhaps one of the hardest of all 
Pokemon) sort of makes up for the huge advantage of getting Blastoise, Charizard 
AND Venusaur without trading not to mention Gengar, Golem, Machamp and Alkazam!)

 If you have found any of these then please tell me which and where, and I will 

2.8 Extra Pokemon in this version

 I do not mean brand new Pokemon (see the upcoming Silver or Gold, and the 
cartoon for Togepi :) ), but I mean certain Pokemon you could only get one or 
the other of in the previous versions.

a) Scyther and Pinsir

 BOTH are in this version :) Both can be found in the same area in the Safari 

b) Charmander

 After Nugget Bridge, there is a man standing on a raised bit of land. If you 
talk to him (don't ask me what he's saying though) he'll ask you something. 
Choose the top answer and you get a Charmander!

c) Squirtle

 In Vermillion City, after the trip on the St. Anne, talk to officer Jenny and 
she'll ask you something. Choose the top again and you'll get a Squirtle!

d) Bulbasaur

 It stands to reason that you should be able to find a Bulbasaur.... but I 
haven't yet. Anyone?

e) The four "Tradies" (Gengar, Golem, Alkazam, Machamp)

 They are available within the game! Or.... so I have heard. Somewhere people 
trade you wither something for them, or something for their "previous form" 
(example, someone trades you a Graveler, and it then evolves to Golem because it 
has been traded). BUT, I haven't a clue who to trade with (it's all Kanji!!!) so 
more to come on that.

2.9 Mystery Dungeon

 The layout of the last dungeon is slightly different, with more water sections. 
Also, there are different Pokemon inside from previously. These are the ones I 
have run into: Ryhorn, Rhydon, Ditto, Gloom, Golbat, Chansey, Graveller, and, of 
course, Mewtwo.


3.1. How to help this guide

 If you know anything that is unclear in this guide, please email me with the 
information, and if it's kosher, I'll put it in and credit you! Specifically:

 -Where's Bulbasaur!
 -Which Pokemon on my missing list are actually obtainable?
 -Where do you get Gengar, Golem, Machamp and Alkazam?
 -Did I miss any new features?

 Email any suggestions for improvement or new sections, or answers, to

3.2 Where to download this guide

 Gamefaqs: A great place to get info on ALL games!
 Team Rocket's Blast Off: My own Team Rocket site!

 Want to add this FAQ to your site? Thanks! Email me first to check it's ok. 
Then I'll add you onto here! A link to my page would be nice too! :)

3.3 Legal bit

 This FAQ is copyright Jedah, aka Mr. Schofield, and taking any information and 
using it for profit without asking me/sending me a share of the profit will 
result in you getting hit with a big hammer, or, lawsuit. There's a simple thing 
called ASKING. I always reply to any email, provided it is in good taste.

3.4 Disclaimer

 Pokemon, Team Rocket, Pikachu and most of the other names used in this FAQ are 
trademark and copyright of Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures. I take no credit 
for this awesome, awesome game, nor would I even try to. 

3.5 Wishlist

 -To see Pokemon (any colour) finally released in my country!!! (England)
 -All those Pokemon doubters to shut the hell up and just play the game, rather 
than write it off because it looks childish.
 -Playstation owners to admit that, besides possibly FF7, NOTHING comes close to 
touching Pokemon!
 -As for every other system, heh, well, what have they got? (N64 does have 
Pokemon Stadium :) )
 -Pokemon Stadium to get a UK release! (Not likely, I'm glad I buy JAP/USA 
 -I want to see the unaired episodes of Pokemon! Like the 3-D one (the seizure 
one) and even the one where James has breasts! (Ewww)
 -I want a GENGAR! Nobody else in the country having Pokemon SUCKS!
 -And maybe the other two!
 -Someday I'd like to be bothered to earn enough cash to get the Porygon!
 -Bring Pokemon out on the N64! It'd be great! Battle in 3-D, Team Rocket making 
their poetry in actual speech.... wowee! And you could download your Pokemon 
through that Gameboy adaptor, and use 'em! Sweet!

 Got any wishes to add? Mail 'em me!