Diablo 2 (Mini-Guide) (e)

Andere Lösungen
The Unofficial Diablo2 Guide
Author: Jason
Date Created: 30 June 2000
Date Modified: 8 July 2000
*Don't email me anything unless it's absolutely necessary.

1. Introduction
2. Character Status
3. Quests
4. Equipment Modifiers
5. Special Equipment
6. Gems
7. Credits

1. Introduction

This is a great game! A must have for all RPG players. If you don't do RPG, you 
may want to try it anyway. It's graphics, sound and almost everything is all 
very well done.
Apparently, I don't have all the information on the equipment modifiers and the 
set items. If you have any of those that I missed, kindly send them to me. I'll 
give you credits for it.

2. Character Status

Strength    : 20
Dexterity   : 25
Vitality    : 20
Energy      : 15
Stamina     : 84
Life        : 50
Mana        : 15
Skill-1     : Javelin and Spear
Skill-2     : Passive and Magic
Skill-3     : Bow and Crossbow

Strength    : 15
Dexterity   : 25
Vitality    : 15
Energy      : 25
Stamina     : 79
Life        : 45
Mana        : 25
Skill-1     : Summoning
Skill-2     : Poison and Bone
Skill-3     : Curses

Strength    : 30
Dexterity   : 20
Vitality    : 25
Energy      : 10
Stamina     : 91
Life        : 55
Mana        : 10
Skill-1     : Warcries
Skill-2     : Combat Masteries
Skill-3     : Combat Skills

*Strategy: Skill up this guy a weapon of your choice (Combat Masteries), then 
train him up all the way to level 20. You would easily be a force not to be 
reckoned with by then... There is more, after completing your choice of weapon 
mastery, continue to increase your skills in Increased Stamina, Increased Speed, 
Iron Skin and Natural Resistance.

Strength    : 10
Dexterity   : 25
Vitality    : 10
Energy      : 35
Stamina     : 74
Life        : 40
Mana        : 35
Skill-1     : Cold
Skill-2     : Lightning
Skill-3     : Fire

Strength    : 25
Dexterity   : 20
Vitality    : 25
Energy      : 15
Stamina     : 89
Life        : 55
Mana        : 15
Skill-1     : Defensive Aura
Skill-2     : Offensive Aura
Skill-3     : Combat Skills

*Strategy: Skill up using Prayer (Defensive Aura) and keep to this. After that, 
when you received a book (Forgot the name) that forces you to learn a new skill, 
learn Might (Offensive Aura). Basically, you should use Might and switch back to 
Prayer whenever you are damaged. You should switch skills using the your 
function keys to change them easily. Works best if you increased both Prayer and 
Might to its maximum level. Remember that you have to increase your Energy so 
that you won't run out of Mana easily. Use Healing/Rejuvenation (Potion) when 
the monsters are dealing more damage than your Prayer can handle.

3. Quests

Act 1

Rogue Encampment
Akara : Heals and replenishes Mana
        Sells Wands, Staves and Scepters
        Sells Scrolls and Tomes
        Sells Potions
Charsi: Repair Items
        Sells Weapons and Armor
Cain  : Identify Items
Gheed : Gamble
        Sells Weapons and Armor
        Sells Keys
Kashya: Hire Mercenary (Max Level 10)
Warriv: Basically does nothing until the end of Act 1.
        He is the guy who sends you to Lut Gholein (Act 2)

*You can't get Cain until you rescued him in Tristram.
*Can't hire from Kashya untill you kill Blood Raven in the Burial Grounds.

Quest 1: Den of Evil
01. At the start of the game, talk to Warriv.
02. Next, talk to Akara. She'll give you the first quest, Den of Evil.
03. Exit the town and to the wilderness, you'll enter Blood Moor.
04. You may come across Flavie, but do not go pass her! The Den of Evil is 
within the boundaries of Blood Moor.
05. Enter the Den of Evil and kill anything that moves (excluding yourself).
06. There is a unique monster found in the Den of Evil.
07. When you killed a certain amount of monster, the quest book option would 
appear, showing the remaining number of monsters left.
08. Just kill everything and return to Akara for the reward, +1 Skill Point.

*Always kills the Shamans first, as they can revive their minions.

Quest 2: Sisters' Burial Ground
1. Talk to Kashya. She'll ask you to kill Blood Raven.
2. Explore the Cold Plains, found on the other side of the map blocked by 
3. There is a Fallen Camp in this map and it's filled with Fallens, Fallen-
Shamans and a unique Fallen Shaman, Bishibosh. Kill Bishibosh first, as it can 
revive the Shamans.
4. You'll get two exits and a cave on the Cold Plains. Explore the cave first. 
5. Proceed on to the Burial Grounds. Start off by walking round the exterior of 
the map, killing off all monsters you found on the way. Hopefully, this may be 
enough for you to gain another extra level. By the way, when you level up, all 
your Life and Mana replenishes to maximum.
5. Make your way to the center of the graveyard, where Blood Raven awaits your 
6. Ignore all the other monsters. Attack Blood Raven first as she can slowly 
summon for more undeads.
7. After Blood Raven is killed, holy lightning would emit from her body killing 
off the remaining undeads. Non-undeads are not affected, you'll still have to 
deal with them personally.
8. Return to the Rogue Encampment and talk to Kashya. She'll give you a free 
Rogue Archer and you'll have the option to hire them from now onwards.
9. There are two new areas for you to explore (Crypt and Mausoleum). Both are 
single level dungeons, and contain a gold chest guarded by a unique monster.

*You can only have one mercenary at any time.
*Mercenary can gain experience for your characters.
*Maximum level for Rogue Archer is level 10.

Quest 3: The Search for Cain
01. Talk with Akara. She'll ask you to find Cain who is in Tristram.
02. To reach Cain, you'll need to find the Cairn Stones and obtain a Scroll of 
Inifuss from the Tree of Inifuss.
03. The Cairn Stones are found in the Stony Field, but you can't do anything 
with it yet.
04. To get to the Dark Wood, you have to enter the Underground Passage. The 
Underground Passage consists of two levels, the way to the Dark Wood is on the 
first level, but the second level contains a gold chest guarded by a unique.
05. When you reached the Dark Wood, find the Tree of Inifuss. Search it to get 
the Scroll of Inifuss.
06. Return to Akara with the bark and she'll decipher the runes for you.
07. Head for the Cairn Stones (Stony Field) and touch the Cairn Stones according 
to the sequence.
08. A red portal taking you to Tristram would appear.
09. Upon entering Tristram, you should walk around the map, slowing killing off 
the monsters.
10. The monsters are quite easy, except for Griswold and a couple of uniques 
which are harder to kill.
11. Try to find Wirt's body. His body contains many treasures and when you 
collected the whole lot, you can even take along his leg with you!
12. Release Cain. If you walked around the map as I suggested, there might not 
be any monsters left in the Town Center when you are releasing Cain.
13. Return to the Rogue Encampment. Cain will now identify items for you, free!
14. Remember Wirt's leg? You can't sell it yet, but it has a high durability and 
also fast attack speed. Can try swinging it at the monsters for fun.
15. Actually, I have no idea what use the leg is for. If you do find out any 
future usage, please email me.

Quest 4: The Forgotten Tower
01. First, you'll to find and read the Mouldy Tome, I found it in the Stony 
Field, but it can be anywhere given the randomness of the game.
02. The quest appears after you read the Mouldy Tome.
03. Get into the Forgotten Tower located within the Black Marsh and kill the 
04. There is a cave found in the Black Marsh, which contains a gold chest. You 
may want to explore this cave before heading into the Forgotten Tower.
05. The Countess is found on the sixth level of the Forgotten Tower. It is fire 
enchanted so having equipment with Fire-Resist may be easier.
06. Open the chest that's found in the room the Countess is in for lots of money 
and some items.

Quest 5: Tools of the Trade
01. Talk with Charsi. She'll ask you to find the Horadric Malus from the 
Maonastery Barracks and return it to her.
02. Head towards the Tamoe Highland from the Black Marsh.
03. There is a Pit, which you can explore in the Tamoe Highland.
04. Enter the Monastery Gate.
05. From the Gate, you can access to the Outer Cloister.
06. And from the Outer Cloister, you can reach the Monastery Barracks.
07. The Horadric Malus is found within the Monastery Barracks and is guarded by 
a Smith (Unique Monster) which is really strong.
08. When you finally defeated the Smith, get the Horadric Malus and bring it 
back to Charsi.
09. She'll give you an option to imbue an item that is non-jewelry, non-
socketed, non-magical and non-throwing item into a magical one.
10. Better cross your fingers and pray for a good item, as the item given is 
completely random.

Quest 6: Sisters to the Slaughter
01. Once you completed the previous quest, talk to Cain.
02. He'll give you the final quest, and that's to kill Andariel.
03. First, enter the Jail level 1 through the Outer Cloister.
04. From the Jail level 3, you can go to the Inner Cloister.
05. Then, from the Inner Cloister you go to the Cathedral.
06. And finally, from the Inner Cloister, you can access your final destination, 
the Catacombs. (Finally, that's over with!)
07. Andariel lies within the fourth level of theCatacombs and she has a weakness 
to fire.
08. After killing Andariel, return to the Rogue Encampment and talk to Warriv. 
He'll bring you to the next town, Lut Gholein.

*Warriv would also be at Lut Gholein and can bring you back to the Rogue 
Encampment if neccessary.
*Cain would also join you, and identify items for free in Lut Gholein.
*Updates coming soon!

4. Equipment Modifiers

Attack Rate and Damage
Bronze      : 19 Attack Rating
Iron        : 39 Attack Rating
Steel       : 59 Attack Rating
Silver      : 79 Attack Rating
Gold        : 89 Attack Rating
Platinum    : 119 Attack Rating

Craftsmanship : 1 Max Damage
Quality       : 2 Max Damage
Maiming       : 3 Max Damage
Slaying       : 6 Max Damage
Gore          : 9 Max Damage
Carnage       : 13 Max Damage

Worth       : 1 Min Damage
Measure     : 2 Min Damage
Excellence  : 3 Min Damage
Performance : 4 Min Damage

Brutal      : Enhanced Damage
Deadly      : Enhanced Damage
Jagged      : Enhanced Damage
Vicious     : Enhanced Damage
Sharp       : Enhanced Damage / 19 Attack Rating
Fine        : Enhanced Damage / 39 Attack Rating
Warrior     : Enhanced Damage / 46 Attack Rating

Attack Speed
Readiness   : Slightly Increased Attack Speed
Alacrity    : Attack Speed Increased
Swiftness   : Attack Speed Increased

Strong      : Enhanced Defense
Sturdy      : Enhanced Defense

Life-Stealing and Mana-Stealing
Leech       : 6% Life
Locust      : 10% Life
Bat         : 8% Mana
Vampire     : 10% Mana

Glimmering  : 1 Light Radius
Glowing     : 2 Light Radius
Light       : 2 Light Radius
Radiance    : 3 Light Radius
Sun         : 5 Light Radius

Gold and Magic Items
Fortuitous  : 14% Better Chance to find Magic Items
Chance      : 19% Better Chance to find Magic Items
Greed       : 55% More Gold
Wealth      : 89% More Gold

Life and Mana
Jackal      : 4 Life
Wolf        : 18 Life
Tiger       : 22 Life
Lizard      : 4 Mana
Energy      : 6 Mana
Mind        : 8 Mana
Snake       : 10 Mana
Serpent     : 18 Mana
Drake       : 22 Mana

Spell Casting
Apprentice  : Fast Cast Rate
Magus       : Fastest Cast Rate

Hit Recovery
Balance     : Fast Hit Recovery
Stability   : Fastest Hit Recovery

Crimson     : 9% Fire Resist
Burgundy    : 16% Fire Resist
Garnet      : 25% Fire Resist
Flame       : 1-4 Fire Damage
Fire        : 2-8 Fire Damage

Azure       : 9% Cold Resistance
Lapis       : 16% Cold Resistance
Cobalt      : 25% Cold Resistance
Frost       : 1-3 Cold Damage
Glacier     : 4-8 Cold Damage
Thawing     : Halves Freeze Duration

Ocher       : 9% Lightning Resist
Tangerine   : 16% Lightning Resist
Coral       : 25% Lightning Resist
Shock       : 1-8 Lightning Damage
Lightning   : 1-16 Lightning Damage

Beryl       : 9% Poison Resistance
Jade        : 16% Poison Resistance
Blight      : 2-7 Poison Damage for 3 seconds
Venom       : 4-14 Poison Damage for 3 seconds
Remedy      : Poison Length Reduced by 25%

Accuracy    : 9 Dexterity
Bear        : Knockback
Blocking    : 10% Chance To Block
Deflecting  : Increased Chance of Blocking
Devious     : -1 To Magic Damage
Dexterity   : 1 Dexterity
Ease        : Requirement 20%
Giant       : 14 Strength
Haste       : Faster Run/Walk
Health      : Damage Reduced By 1
Howling     : Causes Monster To Flee
Might       : 5 Strength
Pacing      : Fast Run/Walk
Puncturing  : Reduces Monster Defense 10-20 Per Hit
Regeneration: Replenish Life +3
Rugged      : 9 Maximum Stamina
Strength    : 1 Strength
Thorns      : Attacker Takes 3 Damage
Triumphant  : 1 Mana After Each Kill
Vileness    : Prevents Monster Heal
Vulpine     : 10% Damage Taken Goes To Mana
Warding     : Magic Damage Reduced By 1

5. Special Equipment

Arctic Gears
Furs (Quilted Armor)
Defense     : 50
Durability  : 40
Required    : Strength  12
Enhanced Defense
All Resistance +10%

Arctic Binding (Not Found)
Arctic Horn (Not Found)
Arctic Mitts (Not Found)

Infernal Tools
Infernal Cranium (Cap)
Defense     : 4
Durability  : 24
Required    : Level - 5
20% Damage taken goes to Mana
All Resistance +10%

Infernal Buckle (Not Found)
Infernal Torch (Not Found)

Hsaru's Defense
Iron Fist (Buckler)
Defense     : 4
Durability  : 24
Blocking    : 25%
Required    : Strength - 12
Damage Reduces by 2
+10 Strength

Iron Heel (Not Found)
Iron Stay (Not Found)

Death's Disguise
Death's Guard (Sash)
Defense     : 22
Durability  : 24
Required    : Level - 6
Cannot be Frozen
+20 Defense

Death's Hand (Leather Glove)
Defense     : 3
Durability  : 24
Poison Length Reduced by 75%
Poison Resist 50%

Death's Touch (Not Found)

*I don't have the any of the items in full sets. If anyone got the full sets, 
kindly email me and tell what'll happen if I equipped the full set. I give you 
the credits, as usual.

6. Gems

Weapon : Adds to Attack Rating
Shield : Adds to Shield's Defense Rating
Helm   : Adds to Strength

Weapon : Adds to Damage Vs Undead
Shield : Adds to All Resistance
Helm   : Adds to Attack Rating

Weapon : Adds Poison Damage to Attack
Shield : Adds Resistance to Poison
Helm   : Adds to Dexterity

Weapon : Adds Cold Damage to Attack
Shield : Adds Resistance to Cold
Helm   : Adds to Maximum Mana

Weapon : Adds Mana and Life Steal to Attack
Shield : Adds Attacker takes Damage
Helm   : Adds Mana and Life Regeneration

Weapon : Adds Lightning Damage to Attack
Shield : Adds Resistance to Lightning
Helm   : Adds Chance of getting Magic Item

*I think I missed a few. Got them in the past, but couldn't find them when 
making this guide. Kindly email them to me if you found out.

7. Credits

All Readers : For reading my guide. This shows my work doesn't go unnoticed.
Blizzard    : For such a great game!
Robin       : For helping out in the development of the guide.
Myself      : Finally, for making this guide possible.

This document Copyright 2000 J&R Corporation