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Subject: RE2 - Claire scenario 2 speed guide here! (LONG)
From: (Jim Irwin)
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 08:17:21 GMT

Resident Evil 2 - Claire scenario 2 Rank A/speed guide

This guide is intended for people who have played Claire's second scenario
and have a general idea of where everything is but can't finish it fast
enough to earn an A Ranking.  It is NOT intended as a walkthrough; attempts
to use it as such will probably result in confusion and/or frustration :)
I'll try to be as brief as possible, listing only the items you must have
in your inventory and where to go.

General rules:

1.	Don't pick up First Aid Sprays.  You shouldn't use them, so picking them
	up is a waste of an inventory slot.

2.	You have a 6 saves to use, which is a lot.  Plan before starting where
	you're going to save.  I'll include my recommendations in the guide.
	IF YOU WANT THE INFINITE GATLING GUN, you have to beat this scenario
	without saving at all.

3.	Ink ribbons can be found at every typewriter, so never pick them up
	or carry them around until you're going to use them (and then promptly
	stick the extra one in a magic box).

4.	You'll notice I don't mention picking up many herbs.  This is because
	I have no idea what else you'll have in your inventory and thus how much
	room you have left.  Pick up herbs at your own discretion, just make
	sure you read from magic box to magic box to figure out how much space
	you're going to need for essential items.

5.	To skip CGI animations (except the end) press start once it's started;
	you can also skip the announcer at the beginning.

6.	Kill Lickers and Tyrant-103 with Acid rounds.  Kill plants with Flame
	Rounds.  Kill zombies with Grenade rounds.  Also, in case you didn't know
	the Grenade Launcher can hold unlimited ammo of the same you
	should never have more than 2 types of grenade rounds in your inventory.


Dodge the zombies, move to the next screen and grab the Cabin key from the shed,
then open the cabin door.  Inside grab some gun ammo and head around the
next screen up to the police station roof.  Skip the CGI and head down
the crow hallway, grabbing the ammo from the dead guy, then out the grey door
and down the stairs to the first floor.

Grab the bullets off the dead guy next to you, then into the larger room and
grab the Valve handle.  Kill whatever zombies you need and stop by the
safe (2236) to get acid rounds.  Grab the bullets on the desk behind you
and head back up the way you came.  Up the stairs, douse the heli and grab
the acid rounds from the cockpit, then skip the Tyrant-103 CGI and head
back into the 2nd floor.

Run past tall, dark and gruesome (you'll have to take a hit) and head to the
door at the end of the hall.  Wind around to the crashed heli, go in the room
and grab the Blue Card Key.  The Lickers who would be in the hallway here
disappear for some odd reason after you put out the flames *ponder*  On the
way out run past the Licker that drops (unless you WANT to kill him with
the handgun) and head to the balcony.  On the way out, stop at the magic
box and dump the Valve handle and Knife.
Inventory:Handgun, Bullets, Blue Card Key, Acid Rounds

Kill all the zombies on the balcony, grab the Unicorn Medal all the way around
and then head back and go down the ladder.  Unlock the doors with the keycard
and put the Unicorn medal into place to get the Spade key.

SAVE #1 - If you feel like it, and are not going for the Gatling gun

Don't forget to grab the Grenade Launcher on your way out the west door.
Kill whatever zombies you need in the not-so-safe room and drop all your
herbs in the magic box so that you have 3 free inventory slots.
Inventory:Handgun, Bullets, Grenade Launcher, Acid or Grenade Rounds, Spade
Key, 3 free inventory slots

Out the back door and down the hall, grab the bullets from the dead guy
and get the Lighter from the file room (discard Spade Key).  Back out and
continute to the next hall where 2 zombies break through the boards.  Run
past them to the briefing room to get the red jewel from the back along with
some bullets.  On the way out of the briefing room you'll have to knock
the zombie on your right down to continue to the next hallway.

Up the stairs, solve the statue puzzle and get the 2nd red jewel, then to
the STARS office to meet Leon.  After his speech get the Diamond Key
from Chris's desk and leave the Bowgun.  I hate the Bowgun, at least in
the 2nd scenario.  It sucks.  Head out and back down the stairs, ignoring
the zombie chasing Sherry and the FAX machine.  Stop by the darkroom magic
box to drop off the Lighter and red jewels, grab the bullets from the locker,
and head to the weapons room through the diamond key door.
Inventory:Handgun, Bullets, Grenade Launcher, Acid or Grenade rounds, Diamond
Key, 2 free inventory slots

In the weapons room grab the C-4 explosive and head through to the west office.
Kill what zombies you must to grab the detonator before combining the detonator
and explosive grabbing the bullest from the locker, and heading out to the
main entrance hall.  Head up the ladder to the 2nd floor east door, and
trade the Diamond Key for the 2 red jewels at the magic box.
Inventory:Handgun, Bullets, Grenade Launcher, Acid or Grenade Rounds, Red
Jewel, Red Jewel, Explosive/detonator

Out the back door, and around to the heli, arm the Grenade Launcher with Acid
rounds if you haven't yet, and kill the Licker in the storage room.  Plop
in the 2 red jewels to get the 1st part of the Jaguar stone, and head back out
to set the explosive.  Boom!  Head down the newly opened hallway to meet
the seriously deranged Police Chief, and eventually Sherry as