Resident Evil 2 (e)

Andere Lösungen
This is an easy to follow information guide regarding everything in
Resident Evil 2
This FAQ is Copyright 1999 by Mastermind and is to be recopied and
distributed only if credit is given to my sources and me.
I will not speculate at all, information will be brief an to the point.
This FAQ last revised 2/13/99.
All information is while playing Leon on Scenario 1 and Claire on
Scenario 2, however, most of the information is the same for the

_Hangun_-you start off with this gun in all scenarios except Tofu's.  It
is good against zombies, dogs, and simple enemies.  It can be used
against lickers, but I do not recommend it, as the licker will almost
definitely hit you and will take around 10 shots.  The custom handgun 
has an automatic function, making zombies easy to dispatch, Claire
cannot get the custom handgun.  Can hold 13 or 18 bullets, depending on
the character in use.  
_Colt S.A.A._-you can get this by accessing Claire's other outfit in the
special key locker.  It kicks hard so I don't recommend it.  Actually
just a different kind of handgun, may be slightly stronger than the 9mm.
Knife-you start off with this in every scenario.  It sucks, don't use it
unless you absolutely have to or if you're just screwing around and you
want to try fighting a lone zombie.  If you're going to use it, swing
upward, at the head.
_Shotgun_-Only Leon and Hunk can use this.  It is found on the guy in
the gunshop or in the S.T.A.R.S. office locker.  It is strong and should
be used against lickers, plants, spiders, and Tyrant.  It is also useful
against hordes of zombies and can usually take out 3 at a time.  Be
careful, sometimes when you blast a zombie with this his torso falls off
and requires one more bullet.  The custom shotgun holds 2 more shells
and is stronger than the magnum at close range, however, it kick twice
as hard.  The shotgun holds 5 shells at a time.
_Bow Gun_-Only Claire can get this and she finds it in the same places
Leon found the shotgun.  The gun is a bad shotgun.  It shoots out 3
arrows at a time and only does significant damage at close range.  Use
it against zombie hordes and lickers, however I recommend the Grenade
Launcher instead.  The Bow Gun holds 18 arrows at a time, which is
actually only 6 shots.
_Grenade Launcher_-Claire's main weapon that only she can use.  It is
useful against all enemies except dogs and smaller enemies that take 1
bullet.  It holds 3 types of rounds:  grenade, acid, and flame.  Acid
are strongest and should be reserved for Tyrant, William Birkin, and
lickers (personally, I kill lickers with grenade rounds, but I have no
justification).  Flame rounds are useful against plants and work just
fine against Tyrant and William Birkin.  Grenade rounds spread into 3
shots and are useful against zombie hordes and spiders (Note:  the
grenade rounds don't travel far, don't use them unless the enemy is
reasonably close by).
_Magnum_-Only used by Leon and Hunk and found in the watchman's bunk.  A
very powerful weapon.  It should only be used against William Birkin,
his son, and Tyrant's combat form.  It blows a zombie's head apart in 1
shot, which is cool but is a waste of very precious ammo.  The custom
magnum is stronger  and looks much cooler.  The magnum holds 8 bullets
at a time.
_Spark Shot_-Claire finds this in the factory corridors before you reach
the moving platform where you fight William Birkin.  It's cool, but has
no real importance except maybe against the moth.  Each shot decreases
its ammo by 5%.  Takes 2 item spaces.
_Flamethrower_-Leon finds this in the lab where the plant is sticking
out of the wall.  I only use it against the moth, which you don't really
need to fight.  Takes 2 item spaces.
_Submachine Gun_-Unless you do the endgame code (discussed later), this
is found either in the weapon storage room in the police basement or in
the dreaded shutter room in the lab.  It is useful against William's
son, but I don't recommend getting it with any character.  It lowers
rank and takes 2 item spaces, but kills zombies quickly.  Your choice.
_Gatling Gun_-Accessed only through an endgame code.An infinite
automatic weapon that shoots so fast that no enemy can stand the
attack.  Once you get this there is no need to collect anymore weapons
or ammo.  The Gatling Gun lowers rank and takes 2 item spaces.
_Rocket Launcher_-Accessed through an endgame code or when Ada gives it
to you during the fight with Tyrant at the end of Scenario 2.  It takes
a little longer than normal to raise the gun, but it kills absolutely
all enemies in 1 shot (except for William Birkin's final form at the end
of Scenario 2).  The infinite Rocket Launcher lowers rank.  The Rocket
Launcher takes 2 item spaces.

_Ink Ribbon_-Put these in typewriters to save your game.
_Lighter_-Claire finds this in the safe room behind the diamond door,
while Leon always has it.  It lights the fireplace behind the operation
room, it lights kerosene lamps in the underground warehouse, it lights
the furnace in the club room on the 2nd floor, it lights the plant
coming out of the wall in the lab, and it lights the flare gun after the
sky tram.
_Lockpick_-Only Claire has this (it is her reusable item).  It opens all
simple locks.
_Small Key_-Leon finds some of these scattered around.  They open things
Claire would use the lockpick on.
_Crank_- Leon finds this in the file room.  It is used to lower the
staircase in the clock tower. 
_G. Cogwheel_-This is found in the club room on the 2nd floor.  It is
put into the clock gears.  You push the switch after using it to open up
the iron plate to your right.
_Unicorn Medal_-In Scenario 1 it is found in the S.T.A.R.S. office on
the 3rd desk from the left, under Chris' diary.  In Scenario 2 it is on
the 2nd floor balcony in the RPD emblem.  
_Handgun Parts_-Found in the drawer next to the entrance to the library
via the spade door.  Combines with the handgun to make the custom
_Shotgun Parts_-Found where Claire finds the Spark Shot.  Combines with
the shotgun to make the custom shotgun.
_Magnum Parts_-Found in the lab weapons locker.  Combines with the
magnum to make the custom magnum.
_Cord_-Found on the interrogation room table.  You use to close the
hallway window shutters.  Don't use it on the windows in the hallway
where you killed the licker from the ceiling, zombies break in anyway. 
If you close the shutters in the heart door hallway, the zombies can't
get in.
_Precinct Keys_-The spade key is found by putting the unicorn medal itno
the statue in the hall.  The heart key is found in the room where the
cop you talk to in the beginning turns into a zombie.  The diamond key
is found in the room that is accessable after you extinguish the fire. 
The club key is found in the room where you manipulate the boxes so that
you can cross a pool of sewage water.  Note:  the locations for the
diamond and heart keys are for Scenario 1, in Scenario 2 the locations
may or may not change for these 2 keys.
_Valve Handle_-In Scenario 1 it is in the burnt out power room with the
typewriter.  In Scenario 2 it is in the police office next to the room
with the safe.  It is used to extinguish the fire, change the speed of
the fan in the sewers, and to manipulate the rising walkway in the
_Chess Plugs_-Leon finds the bishop plug by solving the library puzzle. 
He gets the rook plug in the interrogation room.  He acquires the king
plug by putting the 2 red jewels into the 2 women statuettes in the room
with the glass ceiling (next to the helicopter that protrudes through
the wall).  The knight plug is behind the iron plate in the clock
tower.  You put these into their places next to a door in the room where
you fight William's son.
_Hell Stones_-Claire finds the eagle stone, the serpent stone, and the 2
halves of the jaguar stone in the same places Leon finds the chess
plugs.  You put the 3 whole stones into their places behind the painting
near the chief's desk.
_Cabin Key_-Found in the beginning of Scenario 2 in the little security
guard room.  Used to open the old power room.
_C4 & Detonator_-Claire finds the C4 in the file room.  The detonator is
on the desk in the diamond room where you kill the zombie of the black
cop.  Combine and put them next to the protruding helicopter.  It will
open a doorway to the chief's office.
_Weapon Box Key_-You see this when you light the flare gun.  It opens
the weapons locker in the lab revealing either the magnum parts or 2
sets of grenade rounds.
_Control Panel Key_-In Scenario 1 it is inside the far room in the
platform vehicle to the lab.  In Scenario 2 it is in the room entered
through the door on the wall beside the vehicle.
_Platform Key_-Found at the far end of the train.  Opens the door
leading to the rest of the train area.
_Master Key_-Annette drops this at the end of Scenario 2.  It takes you
to the secret exit accessed from the elevator in the lab.
_Main Fuse & Fuse Case_-Found in the white room in the lab.  You put the
fuse case into the machine with the arm.  This gives you the main fuse
which you put into the generator in the center of the lab complex.
_First Aid Spray_-Restores you to full health.  Lowers rank.
_Herbs_-A green herb can boost you to the next level of health.  A blue
herb kills poison, but restores no health.  A mixture of 2 green or 1
green and 1 red herb can boost you 2 levels of health.  A blue mixed
with a green works like 2 greens and kills poison as well.  3 greens
boost you to fine condition but may not bring you to perfect health,
depending on how hurt you are.  A red by itself does nothing.  A mixture
of one of each color brings you to fine, kills poison, and makes you
temporarily invincible.
_Manhole Opener_-Found next to Ben's cell.  Opens the manhole in the dog
_G-Virus_-You acquire this near the end of Scenario 1, but as far as I
can tell, it does nothing but replace your reusable item (i.e., lighter,
_Power Room Key_-Opens the power room in Scenario 2.  Found in the
vaccine lab.
_Blue Card Key_-Opens hall doors.  In Scenario 1 the dying cop gives it
to you in the room past the double doors in the hall.  In Scenario 2, it
is in the room with the glass ceiling.
_Red Card Key_-Found in the autopsy room in the basement.  Used to
access the weapons storage after power is on.
_Lab Card Key_-Found in William Birkin's lab at the bottom of the lab
complex.  Opens the moth room and the vaccine lab.
_M.O. Disk_-Found in the vaccine lab in the 1st Scenario.  It opens the
gate at the bottom floor of the lab complex that leads to the final
battle with William.  
_Joint Plugs_-Found at the end of Scenario 2.  They are inside a
security chamber located through the platform key door and past the
staircase.  You put them into a machine to start the power running
through the train.  The machine is through the door directly opposite
the security chamber.

_Zombie_-Basic enemy and embodiement of the T-Virus.  When blood comes
out of the torso after they fall down, they're dead.  The naked zombies
at the end of the game are tougher.
_Dog_-A zombie dog.  They can be easily avoided by shooting them once
with the pistol and running past them, they take a while to get up.
_Licker_-The crawling thing with claws and a razor tongue, possibly an
animal mutated by the G-Virus.  They make clicking and growling sounds
when closeby.  Multiple forms of attack and can kill you quickly.  The
super lickers at the end are darker and much tougher.
_Plant_-They are found only in the lab.  They spew acid and will really
mess you up if you get too close.  Their poison makes them deadly.
_Spider_-Big and slow.  Found in the sewers, they attack like plants but
move more.  You can just avoid most spiders in the game because you're
much faster.
_Alligator_-Found in the hallway after you manipulate the rising
platform in the sewers.  Refer to the "Tricks" section for the only
reasonable way to kill him.
_Son of William_-The adult offspring of the G-Virus.  You fight him in
the room where you put in the chess plugs.  He is best killed with the
magnum, but the shotgun is fine if you're worried about ammo.  He is so
slow that as long as you keep shaking off the little things he spits
out, you should never lose to him.
_Moth_-Found in the lab room where you input your "Guest" registration. 
Best killed with flamethrower, but is unnecessary to fight unless you
want to access the fingerprint lab room.
_William Birkin_-Human embodiement of the G-Virus.  His 1st form is in
the passageway beneath the torture room.  He is slow, but watch out, he
can really mess you up.  If he gets a good hit on you, you'll fall down
and if you don't get up fast enough he'll hit you again which usually
kills you.  His 2nd form is the one you fight on the descending
platform.  Easy enough to kill but don't let him get near you, his 4-hit
combo should almost always kill you.  His third form is the one in the
lab room where he comes out of the ceiling.  After shooting him a few
times he turns into combat mode and is faster.  If he grabs you with his
chest claws and throws you around, use a tri-color herb or you'll be
killed soon enough.  His final form is the monstrous thing at the end of
Scenario 2.  This is his coolest looking, but easiest form.  Just stay
close but not too close to his face and keep blasting him with your
strongest weapon.
_Tyrant_-Tyrant is never actually called Tyrant during the game.  You
only fight Tyrant in Secnario 2 and in the 2 secret missions; he has 2
forms.  The 1st is the BIG guy in the overcoat that you fight over and
over again in.  Dispatch him with shotgun, magnum, or grenades to the
face.  When he falls down, search his body for ammo.  The 2nd form is
combat Tyrant.  He moves like lightning and kills you quickly if you
don't keep moving and blasting.  After you hit him a few times, Ada
drops you a Rocket Launcher.  Grab it, run a little away from him and
shoot him, done.
_Simple Enemies_-These are the creatures that only require 1 bullet to
kill.  They include crows, hornets, and any tiny mutant you see crawling
around on the floor.

_Safe Combination_-2236
_Statue Puzzle_-The statue on the second floor of the police department
that holds a red jewel in his hand is forced to drop the jewel when you
manuever the movable statues next to him so that they are facing him and
are on the different colored squares of the floor.
_Library Puzzle_-First, climb the stairs and run over the section of the
floor where the rail is missing.  After you fall through notice the
picture on the wall and press the red button near the bookcase to
activate power.  Move the two far left bookcases to the right.  The
picture will open, revealing the bishop plug or the serpent stone. 
_Furnace Puzzle_-First, light the big furnace.  Then turn on 12, 13,
then 11.
_Power Puzzle_-The sequence to turn on the power to the weapon storage
room in the basement is up, up, down, down, up.  Another sequence works,
but makes no difference.
_Sherry/Ada's Quest Puzzle_-When you enter the room with the water fill
selector, climb down to the area with the boxes and push them so that
they are horizontally next to each other against the wall opposite the
one where you climbed down.  Go up and turn on the water fill selector
and you have formed a bridge.
_Way to the Power Room_ -In Scenario 2 there is an area with a lift, an
item box, and a black box in the lab.  Push the black box onto the lift,
descend and push it to the place with 2 boxes stacked on top of each
other.  You can now climb onto them and reach the power room.

_Rankings_-To get an A ranking, you must win in under 3 hours.  For a B,
3-5 hours.  For a C, 5-7 hours.  There is also D, 7-9 hours, and E,
9-years.  I do not think there is an F.  The following items will lower
your rank:  first aid spray; submachine gun; gatling gun; infinite
rocket launcher.  For an A, I believe you can only save 6 times.
_Endgame Codes_-If you beat Scenario 1 with an A or B in under 2 hours
and 30 minutes, you earn the infinite rocket launcher.  If you beat
Scenario 2 with an A or B in under 2 hours and 30 minutes, you earn
infinite rocket launcher and infinite submachine gun.  If you beat
Scenario 2 in under 2 hours and 30 minutes with an A or B and without
saving, you earn all of the above and the infinite gatling gun.  Normal
mode only.
_Special Key_-Run to the police station without picking up anything. 
Grab some bullets and return to the area near the stairs you climb to
get to the police station.  Kill the Brad Vickers zombie and search his
body.  You get the special key, which opens the locker in the darkroom
and provides new outfits and the Colt S.A.A. handgun for Claire.  Leon's
new outfits enable him to shoot faster.  I don't recommend doing this
because you miss a shotgun/bow gun and 60 bullets, plus Brad Vickers is
quite tough.  Normal mode only.
_Alligator Kill_-There is a large gas canister in the tunnel where you
fight the alligator.  Once he comes at you, run to the canister and
press X, it will fall over.  Now move back a few steps and wait for the
alligator.  He'll pickup the canister in his mouth.  Shoot him and it
will explode, killing him.  
_Scenario Affectors_-Certain things you do in Scenario 1 will affect
Scenario 2.  Leave both the side pack and the submachine gun for the
next character.  They are not necessary for either game, and I never use
the submachine gun anyway, but Scenario 2 is harder and it is strategic
to leave them.  If you kill the alligator with the technique above, then
the second character will not have to fight him.  If you turn on the
B.O.W. gas in Scenario 1, it will already have completed spraying in
Scenario 2 and a second spraying will be unnecessary.  If you enter your
fingerprint into the computer in the moth lab room with both characters
(Scenario 1 & Scenario 2) then you can access the closed shutter in
Scenario 2.  I seriously do not recommend going into this room.  It has
3 or 4 super lickers and all you get is a submachine gun.
_Film D (from GameSages)_-Check the far left hand desk in the S.T.A.R.S.
office 50 times.  It will open, revealing film D.
_Free Refills_-When you put the handgun, shotgun, and magnum parts onto
their respective weapons, the ammo is immediately filled.  This way you
can shoot zombies with your magnum to empty the gun before the refill.
_General Hints_-Use controller type C for autoaiming, it helps a lot. 
When entering your User Name on the lab computer, you should always
enter Guest.  When you kill Tyrant in his overcoat you can search his
body for different kinds of ammo.  The dead guy opposite the heart door
has bullets on him.  In either of the sewer control rooms you can push
the locker away revealing a hidden weapons warehouse.  Light fire to the
plant sticking its tentacles out of the lab room wall, it reveals a
passageway to a room with some ammo and 2 plants.  When you get the
control panel key in Scenario 2, check the monitor.  You can run past
the crows every time without being hurt or wasting ammo on them.  Read
every little scrap of paper and film you find if you haven't read or
seen it already.  They provide useful hints and you miss the whole story
if you don't.  Enter the library as little as possible.  After 2 or 3
entries, zombies pour through the hall windows.
_Secret Missions_-To access Hunk's mission, beat Scenario 1 & Scenario 2
in a row with two A rankings.  To access Tofu's mission, beat 6
scenarios in a row (possibly with all A's) with Hunk's mission already
saved on the memory card.

_Leon Kennedy_-New addition to the S.T.A.R.S. team who arrives for his
first day on the job only to find Raccoon City swarming with zombies and
other things.  He feels the need to truly serve and protect.
_Claire Redfield_-Chris Redfield's (from Resident Evil) sister.  She is
searching for him in Raccoon City.  Claire is a caring person.
_Ada Wong_-A spy from an agency searching for the G-Virus.  She became
intimate with a man associated with Umbrella's labs in order to learn
more of the virus.  She is human, but unaware that other people exist.
_William Birkin_-Brilliant scientist working for Umbrella.  He developed
the T-Virus and the G-Virus.  Although he created the monstrous weapons,
he did not intend for anything to happen, he just wanted the satifaction
of creating the ultimate bio-weapon.  
_Annette Birkin_-William's wife.  She works for Umbrella too, but we
don't learn of anything she actually does.  She is obsessed with William
and his G-Virus and is paranoid about everyone trying to steal it from
_Sherry Birkin_-William and Annette's daughter.  She is independent and
hasn't had much attention from her parents.  Although she is a good
person, she is rather dim-witted, considering that she has been holding
the G-Virus all along without knowing it.
_Ben Bertolucci_-Reporter who is investigating the viral outbreaks in
hope of a breaking story.  He bothers you before William impregnates
him.  Gives Leon incriminating evidence about the chief.
_Chief Brian Irons_-The chief of the Raccoon City Police Dept.  He is
kinda strange and prone to violence, but actually cares about the town. 
He's been covering up for William the whole time.
_Hunk_-One of the members of Umbrella's strike force sent to retrieve
the G-Virus samples from William.  Aside from Tofu, he is the only team
member left.
_Tofu_-The toughest guy ever.  He is the last and most secret member of
Umbrella's strike force.  He doesn't use guns because they're for
sissies.  He can take ridiculous amounts of damage before being hurt the
least bit, however, he is armed only with a knife.  Oh, and he is
actually a large cube of tofu with hands.
_Agent T-00_- Also known as Tyrant.  Tyrant is a weapon sent by Umbrella
to obtain the G-Virus and to cleanse Raccoon City of survivors in order
to prevent any witness testimony in the meantime.  He is most likely
made of a hard metal and is eight feet tall.  In combat mode, he is
lighter and has razors for fingers that are over a foot long each.

I give credit to Mark Kim, Jim Irwin, and GameSages.  I read all their
FAQ's even though I'd beaten the game on my own.  They are true Resident
Evil experts.  GameSages gets credit for not only being the best code
outlet on the Internet, but for giving me the Film D trick.    

by Mastermind