Resident Evil 2 (Leon Mission B Walkthrough) (e)

Andere Lösungen
Started on 12/05/99 - For Leon's Mission B walkthrough

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- What's Mission B anyway ?

This is the set of replay missions for the 2 leading
characters of Resident Evil 2. These replay missions
give you an insight on what was going on while you
played your Mission A.

(E.g Claire is playing mission A and now in mission B,
you are going to find out about what Leon was doing.)

However, things do change in Mission B. You'll be in
shock to find that there are more tight corners filled
with more zombies, lickers and etc !! Arggghhh !!!!

Also, you will get to interact with new characters that
were not available for the Mission A. Leon will meet the
fat police chief in the Mission B, whereas Claire has met
the fatso in her Mission A.

You really need the best walkthrough to tell you to do the
dos and don'ts. Here it is, and hope it helps.

Also please make sure you have completed both Leon's and
Claire's Mission A for easier time to walkthrough the Mission
B. Your bear mininuim is to have cleared either character's Mission
A and known the map to all the places in the Police station and

If you have the original walkthrough for Mission A that I wrote, then
cross-refer them. It will really help out.

- What to expect for Mission B ?

Okay, there are some new things for you to play with.

1) More enemies. Are you jumping for joy or cursing ?

2) A new character named Tyrant stalks you in your journey. This guy is
likes to appear out of nowhere and hit you. What a man ...

3) Items are shifted around ! You might need to do a lot of exploration
but since you're reading this, you'll save time !

ROOM !!!

5) More interaction than Mission A. There are some changes in characters'
meeting place and some characters meeting others.

6) Tougher bosses. What more do you seriously need ?

7) Greater statisfaction. Only after you beat the whole damn thing !


-------------------------------Mission B for Leon------------------------------
Okay, the intro shows the story of Claire and Sherry, and later introduces Leon
into the story. His opening is still the same as his Mission A but where he
jumps out of the car is different. He ends up in the path to the back of the
Police station.

Location 1 - The streets of Raccoon City

Zombies everywhere. Just dodge and don't suffer and damage. Race till you can go
now further and open the gate on the right side.

Location 2 - Back car park of the Station

3 Zombies in this area, you will see one upon entering, go to the opposite direction
and find another 2. Go to the room far behind and search the table for the CABIN KEY.
Return to where the single zombie is and unlock the door nearby. Discard the key and

Location 3 - Cabin room (Previously where you found the Valve handle.)

Upon entering, turn to Leon's left and search the table. You should collect the ammo
and the ink ribbons. Leave the room, that's all there is.

Location 4 - Path to the stairs

Avoid any contact with zombies here. You are free to dodge them, you'll only need to come
to this spot once. Race past all the zombies, lure the female one near the stairs out and
get to the stairs.

Location 5 - Outside the level 2 of the Police station

You should see the movie of how the helicopter crashed into the building. Skip it, why
bother about it ? There after, just enter the door into the main building.

Location 6 - Inside the building, Level 2, Crow corridor.

You'll see a green herb near the door. Take it. Walk or run down the pathway until you see
a pack of Crows near a dead officer's body. Just stand and fire your gun. Shoot as many
times straight as you can, to kill all the crows that are just trying to fly. Some might
escape and peck you. You're okay if you never suffered any damage at this point.

You can also run. However, you must remember to unlock the door you see further down the
corridor ! Do search the officer's body twice for ammo refill. Just unlock the door you
see nearby and open the one further down the corridor.

Location 7 - Blazing corridor to the waiting room

Okay, you might hear the sounds of Lickers at this point. Damn right it is ! Just quickly
open the door on the opposite wall. (You must know this part by hard from Mission A) Don't
try to take on the Lickers for now. Enter, and throw all the unwanted items away.

You should get Ink ribbon, Diary, Small key, Ammo in the Waiting room itself. I didn't
save here when I reached here, but you should. Repack your equipment and exit through
the opposite door.

Location 8 - Outside corridor and 1st floor

You might remember that you fought zombies on this corridor before right ? Now it's empty
so just race to the center area and drop the ladder down. Climb down and go the computer

You should pick up more ink ribbon and a shotgun here. Climb back to the waiting room and
arm yourself with the Shotgun. Kill the Lickers residing here. 5 shots might just be enough
for both of them. Enter back into Location 6 and enter the door you unlocked.

Location 9 - Stairs to level 1, Police office

You climb down the stairs and collect the Herbs you'll might need. Enter the door and 
you will enter the level 1 backpath to the Police office. Search the dead body for ammo
upon entering. Enter the office door.

Location 10 - Police office

You enter the office and straight away you will find the Valve handle on the far Right
side of the room. Race there and pick up the item and whack zombies to gain access into
the small room with the safe.

As you remember, the safe's code is "2236" and you get the map and shotgun shells.
Search the table behind you for Ammo and a green herb (only if you search the seat area).
Leave this office and exit outside. You should arm yourself the Shotgun here.

Location 11 - Corridor with phones and vending machine

You will find plenty of zombies to kill here, but unlike how they were once positioned
in the past, this time they are surrounding you ! Fire at those that are coming closer
to you and in a large pack with the shotgun. Free a path and race to a save spot to wait
for them to get closer to kill them all.

If you run towards the direction of the vending machine, note another zombie lurking there,
as it's open easy to miss it. Kill them all and grab the green herb and exit back into
the main hall of level 1.

At the main hall, return upstairs to the waiting room. Carry the valve handle with you
and race back to where you found the burning wreck of the helicopter. Remember how to put
out the fire in Mission A ? Do it and search the helicopter for Shotgun shells.

As you want to go inside the building, a movie shows you another helicopter appearing,
dropping a drum with something inside ! It's Tyrant's first apperance and it's real bad !
Just enter as usual.

Upon entering, take one step and the rubble above you drops down. Carry on the path and
you will see Tyrant walking slowly towards you ! He has a slight gap that you can squeeze
through so race past him, (you might take a hit !) and squeeze past him ! Escape back to
the waiting room area quick !

For those who end up stuck, here's how you should deal with Tyrant :
* Keep away from him, as his blow can kill you fast.
* Plug him down with shotgun shells.
* Find a way to escape, he really isn't worth your time !
* Never get pushed back to the door leading to the helicopter wreck !!

Always search his body after he drops dead. He carries ammo with him.

Location 12 - The Red Jewel room

Okay, deal with the lickers you see in this corridor and go into the room near the
wreck helicopter. You open the door and enter the room full of items, recall that this
is where you place the red jewels previously in mission A.

Grab the shining item you see at the wall where the 3 statues are. It's the Blue key card !
there after turn around and something happens ! Don't forget there is shotgun shells to
pick up in here, refer to the Mission A guide for Leon as it's still the same spot.

Location 13 - Level 1 again

Return to level 1 and use the computer to unlock the doors. You can now access the level 1
double doors. Enter and a zombie should be ready to greet you. Plunk him down and grab
the report on the seat. Get rid of items you do not need and turn around, 2 more zombies to

The best thing is not to get killed here. The zombies, strangely inflict more damage than
before. Carry on the path as what you did in Mission A.

Location 14 - The corridors

The first thing is, if your partner in Mission A has placed the wires here to activate
the Shutters, it's still here. Search the dead body for ammo and walk further down for
a Green Herb.

Open the door and carry on the path as usual. Suddenly, the windows opposite the Police
operation room brust open and 2 zombies will slide in ! Kill them and enter the room
at once.

Location 15 - Police operation room

Go straight and grab the operation report at the desk near the chalkboard. Enter the back
room and light the fireplace. You'll receive the Red Jewel. Search the mess near the
fireplace for ammo. Leave.

Carry on as usual and arrive at the darkroom corridor. Grab the 2 herbs and then store
the Red Jewel and herbs into the box. Grab the ammo from the shelf opposite the table
and report from the table. Oh yeah, grab your small key as well.

Climb up to the second level and get the red jewel as what you did previously. Enter the
door after this.

Location 16 - STARS office corridor

This is one place where zombies abound. Take careful steps to get a better view of the
enemies. You should take down 2 zombies first, the other 3, 2 walking and one crawling will
follow by. Kill all of them and enter the STARS office.

Location 17 - STARS office

Upon entering the office, you should search the lockers for the MAGNUM !!! Don't waste it
now, keep it and grab Chris's diary from the desk. Leave and carry on to the next room.
The door that once requires a key to enter is just a normal door now.

Location 18 - Meeting up with characters

You will find a little girl here, named Sherry. She will run and Leon will give chase.
She will drop a key so pick it up and search the lockers nearby for ammo. As you walk out,
Claire comes in and talk to you. Walk towards the other corridor and open the desk with
the small key that you've found.

You will pick up the handgun parts here. Remember to only save it till your weapons are
without any bullets left, combine them and get a free reload.

Location 19 - Libary

As usual, slove the libary puzzle. You will get the first chess piece here, as well as a
Red Herb if you look closely near the double doors of the room. Open the double doors and
leave the room after sloving everything.

If you enter the room with you packs full, open the double doors and reac back to the
Waiting room to store the items. Once the doors are open, 2 zombies will be close by, so
shoot fast or whack them with a shotgun fire.

Race back to the Waiting room at this point.

Location 20 - Red Jewel room again

Grab the Red jewels and go into the Red Jewel room. You can access to another Chess piece
now, so return to the waiting room to dump the key item that you've found. Now, return
to the area where the Dark room savepoint was and enter the room with the key you've found.
Location 21 - The evidence room

Previously in Mission A, this is a room full of zombies coming at you. Strange enough,
there's none here. Just open the next door you find and enter.

Location 22 - Linking room

Okay, that's where the zombies are now. There are 2 that greet you when you enter, one is
near the Green Herb. Kill that one with a shotgun, grab the herb and carry on downwards.
You will find the room with the dead police officer inside. There is no cinema now, so
just mow him down and grab the item on the desk. On your way out, you'll bump into a
few zombies, they are also quite strange ... quite fast in speed ! Grab what is left in
the locker and also a small key nearby (It sprakles.)

Unlock the door to return to the main hall.

Location 23 - Getting to the basement

Now that you have the Heart key, return to any magic box and throw out all that you won't

Keep the following in check :
Handgun - UPGRADED, handgun bullets, Shotgun, Shotgun shells, 1 herb combined, Heart Key

Save and check everything. Now return to the police office room and access the back way.
It's that room where you have found the Safe. New zombies have appeared and they really
pack a wallop so be careful. Open the door you find and enter.

Okay once you enter, rip your shotgun ! The zombies are really close and they are getting
to you fast. Pick the herbs you find here, survived to the stairs leading to the basement
area of the station.

Location 24 - Basement area

Once you walk out into the main corridor, a few zombies will surround you. Rid them fast
and enter the power room, where you are required to slove the Power puzzle. You need 2
switch to be down and 3 to be up.

Pick up the Herb and Map from this room. About the zombies outside at the corridor, just
kill all except the one at the far end, past the Autopsy room. Carry on past the Power
supply room and into the carpark.

Location 25 - Other half of the basement

Meet Ada here, she will request that you help in removing the van aside. Enter the door
and get to the jail at the end of the corridor. Ignore the door you past for now.

Upon getting there, you'll find a film roll here. Ignore such objects unless you're
playing not for the time record. Enter the jail and visit the first open cell. Get a Blue
and Green Herb here, visit the other one for Ben, the person Ada is seeking.

After talking, grab the manhole opener from the shelf next to Ben's cell. Go to the room
you ignored, enter and get to the manhole. Use the opener here. As for the dogs in the
cells, don't bother about them, unless you're aiming for the Red herb near their cells.

Enter the manhole, with your shotgun equipped.

Location 26 - Sewers

Upon entering, a big furry friend appears to KILL you ! Shoot it down (Shotgun) with 2 
shots, remember not to stay to close to it. Further down, you'll need to kill another one.
Remember, only the force of a Shotgun shot will bring down a Giant Spider if it is on the

Climb the stairs and enter the room nearby. Don't save now, just get the Chess pieces you
have located so far. Enter the other room and run to the console and fit the pieces. If you
played the mission A for Leon, just do the same.

Exit and meet Ada. She will climb up the ventilation hole, and she'll bump into Sherry
here. This is the first time you will see storyline changes. Exit and ready your pistol.

Location 27 - The Box-bridge puzzle

Playing as Ada now, you have to navigate her to the room where you slove the Box puzzle.
Now, instead of dogs blocking you, Vomiting zombies surround you. Kill 3 and ignore the
4 one, lying on the ground.

Slove the Box-bridge puzzle and grab the Club key. Exit and visit the other building,
taking the lift down. Where you end up is where Sherry once started her mission to
pick up the Club Key for Claire in Mission A for Claire. Grab the shotgun shells here,
and return to Leon.

As Leon again, take the shotgun shells and key. You may need to save as the course of
journey will roughen up as you gained possession of the Club Key, as in Mission A as
well. I didn't, just to keep my saves to the bear minimium.

Location 28 - Weapons room

Okay, if you have my Mission A walkthrough, remember the room you were not supposed to
touch at the basement level ? In Mission B, these are important rooms to visit. Get back
to the Car-park first, but upon entering, walk slowly until you spot a pair of dogs !
Kill them and enter the corridor. Two zombies are blocking your way and they are fast moving
ones ! Enter the Autopsy room with your Shotgun armed.

The moment you enter, take a step and attract a Licker out. Shoot it and another one
will race towards you. Kill them and go to the cupboard and grab the Red Lab Card. Exit and
visit the room with the card reader. Use the card and enter the Weapons room.

Arm yourself with the 30 handgun bullets you find (2 boxes with 15 bullets each.) and a
Magnum reload. Search the lockers for the Side pack, as usual, NO TAKING OF THE SUBMACHINE
GUN as it reduces ranking.

After this, just return upstairs as usual.

Location 29 - Cogwheel room

Once you climb the stairs up from the basement, you'll be greeted by a hallway of zombies.
There are 2 nearby you, more approaching towards you. Frankly speaking, dispatch everything
you see with Shotgun fire, and if any bodies of the zombies break into 2 and crawl at you,
you might want to stamp it's head if you are in FINE condition.

After the overkill, visit the room near the stairs. Open it with the club key and enter.
You will get Magnum bullets and the Watchman's dairy. Search for shotgun shells from the
lockers. Exit.

Next return into the Police office. Avoid any remaining zombies here, and exit into the
corridor outside. Walk towards the Vending machines in the corridor and turn right into
another area with a door.

Unlike the past mission A, there is nothing inside here. Just walk and open the first
door visible to you (Make sure that you carry any leftover Shape keys with you at this
point.) Run to the cupboard and grab the plug. Leave.

As for the second door, enter here if you want more Handgun bullets. A licker is hanging
upside down from the roof, so watch yourself here.

The last door in this corridor, there should be a red herb for you. (if you visit this place
the first time or didn't take it during any other moment in Mission B) Enter the room and
your Club key will be discarded.

Like before in Mission A, light the furance with the Lighter first and then turn the
center statue switch on, the one next to it on the right and the other one at the left
of the center. The cogwheel will drop and from where you are (after activating the switch)
move down the platform. RAMM !!!! Tyrant drops by ! Escape to the place where the wheel
is and take it. Leave the room unscarred.

Now, get out of the place. As you are walking out, Tyrant will ram his way out and the
only way to escape him is to lean against the wall opposite where he rams out from. It's
tough but if you get trapped, the only way is let his hit you and run past him.

Return to the Waiting room for now. If you access the fire escape stairs from
the 1st floor to 2nd floor, remember there's a Licker there. Kill it as you have the upper
hand from coming up from the 1st floor.

Unload your stuff in the Waiting room and equip yourself with the following :-
Handgun Custom, Handgun Bullets, Shotgun, Shoutgun shells, Combine herb of 2 Greens

Then enter the Chief's office, near the wreckage of the helicopter.

Location 30 - Chief's office

For those who played Claire's Mission A will know where Sherry was found. So go to the
door near where you entered from and race through the corridor. At the end, enter the door
and find your way into another room, where Claire once found Sherry at. There is a diary
here and search the box at the end of this room for the Crank.

Exit back into the main hallway, and you should hear the music change. Equip yourself with
the shotgun and stand ready. Tyrant managed to stalk you here, beat him with shotgun shells
for his ammo, Magnum bullets !!

There are other moments that he isn't worth beating up for but this is the best of
all chances !! Knock him out and search his body for the Magnum bullets. You should
be able to finish him without any problems here. If he did hit you bad, the Herb that I
asked you to bring should aid you here.

By the way, don't plan on escaping here. If you bump into a corner and Tyrant is still
blocking you, you will be hit to your death as the big guy's blows will knock you down and
he will also block your escape !! Shoot him this time, he deserves a good fight here !

Now, return to the libary on level 2.

Location 31 - Clock tower

Upon entering the libary, just climb the stairs to the next floor and exit through the door
there, and visit the door to enter the clock tower room.

Use the Crank here, get the stairs to come down and climb up to fix the Cogwheel at the
winding device. Grab the last chess piece here and slide down to the basement again.
Once you get down, Ben will scream and he will be slashed to almost to death.

Race back and talk to him at the jail.

Location 32 - Sewers and beyond

Talk to Ben and get the letters from him. He dies and Ada runs off. Claire will contact you
and Leon finally says something new ! "Why won't anyone listen to me !"

Okay, go back to the place where the sewer's opening is and go down. Get to the room where
you can save and grab the following :

Handgun Custom, Bullets, Shotgun, Shotgun bullets, Magnum, Magnum bullets (Optional),
the remaining chess pieces you have, combined herb (Optional)

Save if you have to. I guess this is a good checkpoint to save since much have happened
so far. Get out and enter the other room with Magnum activated.

Upon entering, you might expect the beast like mutant to grow and attack like Mission A,
bad news, William decides to grab a pipe and fight you himself. His attack is to swipe the
pipe onto your face, making you keel over, and he will smash you to death afterwards !
Bear in mind, you can lose all your health here so be careful !!

Once you get to move, aim the Magnum and fire until you have no bullets. Don't bother to
wait for the music to change to signal you. William maybe defeated and the music fades off
but he still will make a last attempt to kill you ! Run from him until you see him walking
to the edge of the bridge and dives down.

Fact is, I've killed him with 7-8 magnum shots. During the 7 shot kill, he smashes the
pipe into my face and disappears down ! Damn it !!! My health !!!

Go to the other door behind William and fix the chess pieces onto the console board. Enter
the unlocked door and catch up with Ada. Travel down the sewers and go until you get to the
Sewer control room, where you can save and get reloads.

Don't forget that the locker near the table can be shift from right to left. You can visit
the bottom for Shotgun and Magnum reloads. The small box near the movable locker has
Handgun bullets. Grab the report from the table and go down the lift. Get the Valve handle
as well, you'll need it too.

Once downstairs, Ada will run after Annette (You'll know her from Mission A) Leon will get
shot while protecting Ada. Playing as Ada, chase Annette through sewers, climb the Fan
and race to the end to avoid the Cockroaches. Once after that, fight Annette after knowing
of what happened to the city and go to center bridge and into another room.

Climb the stairs down and the next scene zooms back to Leon.

As Leon, you should visit the lift at the other end of the corridor. It will lead you
to Claire's save point for important reloads and items !! Inside Claire's save point,
you will pick up 3 Green Herbs (!!!) & Handgun bullets. Open the door with a small key
that you found very early in the game, and grab the Shotgun shells after beating up the
Vomiting zombie in here. (Avoid him if you can.)

Return to where Ada went, see the dead body near the fan ladder ? Climb up the platform
nearby and search the other 2 dead bodies for a Small key and Wolf Medal. Race down the
Sewers and avoid any contact with Spiders here. Enter the gate into the next room and climb
up the platform to open the doors.

Location 33 - Alligator walkway

Use the Valve handle on the pipe you find near the dead end to get the bridge down. Cross
over and grab the things you see here and use the Valve handle on the pipe nearby to make
the bridge go up. After that, enter the door and open the gate at the end of the corridor.
This is where you once fought the Alligator and since it's dead in Scenario/Mission A, you
don't have to fight it again.

Open the gate and walk up to Ada. She will treat you wounds and climb up again. Go to the
left side from the center path and grab the other Medal and report here. Use the Valve
handle on the console near the Fan ladder and walk back to other side. (This method saves

Once on the other side, avoid all the zombies you see, open the gate into the other half
of the sewers. Avoid the spiders you see and use the 2 medals at the console near the
door behind the waterfalls. The water should stop and run to the door at once.

Location 34 - Sky Tram

Now, race to Sky Tram station. You should see nothing here, as Claire has ridden it away.
Go to the power console and program the tram back and board it fast.

Once inside the Tram, William's hand will break through the Tram roof ! Just use the hand
gun to shoot his hand, and once a cinema appears that you've reach the other side, William
vanishes !

Come out and light the flare gun (The Mortar near the Tram) with your lighter. Pick up
the key you see sparkling near the gun. It's the W-box key. Leave this area and enter the
door into a twisted pathway.

Kill everything in sight. The first junction you stop at, go to the left first to get the
Shotgun parts and the right side to enter another corridor. At the new corridor, go to the
right path for some Herbs and the left path to get to the Factory save point.

Location 35 - Factory

Ada will run to the controls and program something. You will have to grab the reloads
near her, then exit the room. Do not save at this point for now ! Where there was once
the tractor, is now a small lift. Go down and enter the door you find. 

Once inside, run up to the controls and grab the sparkling thing on the controls. You
can turn on the montior nearby. All I can say is that Tyrant is inside, you can either
see him via the monitor or on your way out.

Let him hit you as usual, then run off. He had nothing useful to trade with you at this
point. Return to the save room and use the keys next to Ada. It will activate the tractor
to return upstairs. SAVE YOUR GAME NOW and run to the tractor.

Bring the following : Shotgun - Custom, Shotgun shells, Magnum, Magnum bullets, Combined
herbs (Optional to bring 2 but must have 1)

Remember to hit the outside controls and let the computer make Leon and Ada enter the

Location 36 - Halfway down ...

Like before in Mission A for Leon, Ada will be badly injuried by William here. It's hand
will smash through the Tractor and slash Ada. She is knocked out and you will have to save
Arm yourself with the Magnum, and exit the tractor. Go all the way to the Tractor's front
to witness a new sub-boss form of William ! Okay, it's grown larger and meaner, stand and
rip the maximium of 2 shots at it ! RUN after firing, and stay at a safe distant, let it
walk out and rip one or two shots at it.

Fact is, this boss is so tough, that you might need to hit it once and run, hitting it
again and running again. I don't really have much advice, except that you must keep doing
the hit and run method so as to avoid getting trapped or hit.

William basically has 3 moves, one is a high jump, where it can chase you anywhere on the
screen, the second is a claw swipe and last of all, is the most powerful is the 4 hit
swipe, watch for this one as it's rises it's upper claws ! Avoid this 4 hit combo attack as
the damage is enough to send you to hell.

Defeating William isn't easy, you should use up close to 13-16 magnum bullets on this beast.
The signal that it's over is when it turns away and jumps back upstairs from the moving
tractor. Return to Ada and a brief cut scene will appear.

Location 37 - New area

The tractor motor has over heated, gotten stuck, so you have to exit and find a way out.
You get to the spot (outside the tractor) where you met William just now and enter the

Once in the new area, the tractor activates and moves ! It left you stranded here but
you can take a new way to the underground lab. Turn around and race down the long
corridor. Open the door and enter a hallway.

At this hallway, you will see a lift and a metal box nearby. Run straight pass the box
and find a storage box and green herb. Get your Handgun back and keep the herb. Race back
to box and push it onto the lift.

Make sure that you push the box nearest to the edge of the lift (beside the switch control
to go up and down) and go down. You might have to try this several times before perfecting
it, but this is actually the TOUGHEST puzzle of the whole game.

Once the lift touchdown, push the box all the way to the railing opposite your box. Push
there, and run behind the box to push it forward to the railing. Your aim is to make the
box get to the straight path on the top. Make adjustments and pause to plan your shifting,
once you get the trick, it's okay.

Don't worry if you're stuck, try again by exiting this place and re-entering. Once you
slove this puzzle, you are not going to have to do it again, so worry not. I know that you
worry of the timing of your game, but if you didn't get stuck at earlier in the police
station and sewers, you've saved enough time for this part onwards.

The path leading to the right side of the screen to a lift brings you to Location 38, you
must also go to the other side where a dead zombie's body is lying, grab the report and
further down to get the shotgun shells. Nearby is the typewriter, for you to save. Save
only if you've gone to Location 38 and the box puzzle.

Location 38 - Lift switch room

Once coming down, you will hear some licker's voice nearby. Ready your shotgun and walk
to the path where it links to the wider pathway. Stand a little outwards and fire a
shotgun fire with Leon facing the screen. A licker should be hit and should start to rush
over. Take another fire and shoot again, as another is coming at you as well. Oh yeah, it's
the Black Lickers, not the pink ones mind you !

Race past the dead bodies of the lickers and the end to switch on the lift power. Return

Location 39 - The underground lab

Slove the box puzzle if you haven't, and save. Run back to place where you dropped down
from (Location 37 opening paragraph), and go to the path you haven't touched on. The power
is activated and you enter the lift, press the buttons next to the lift door.

Once the doors open, equip your shotgun and blast the Naked zombies here to death. Remember
that these guys do damage so bad that you'll die within 2 hits ! You cannot access the
room where Claire left Sherry in. Just go into the lab as usual.

Location 40 - Inside the Lab

(For this part, I will not address the rooms one by one, I will just tell you the steps you
need to undertake.)

1) Slove the stupid power puzzle of the main fuse as usual. Remember not to take the first
aid spray in the cyro room. The fuse is on the tray and the main fuse is made by accessing
the machine opposite the tray.

2) Go back to the main junction and activate the power. Go to the other path and open the

3) Go to the right and open the door you see. One is locked and the other is not. Enter with
the shotgun ready. Once inside, kill all the zombies you see and grab the flamethrower from
the Lockers near the door. (Remember, it takes 2 spaces.) Grab the notes from the table and
the sofa seat. Importantly, take the Red key card !

4) Access the locked room via the airduct you find here. The plant that is obstructing you
is already killed. Enter and drop into the other room.

5) Once inside, rip open your shotgun once and wait for the lickers to rush at you, then
rip open the second fire. It might take 3 shots to kill, so be aware ! Inside here, get
the Shotgun reloads from the locker. (search twice) Unlock the door and leave.

6) Open the shutter switch in the other side of the hallway. Switch to the flamethrower and
spray at the plants. They are new versions of the old plant monster, deadier and even worst
enemy. They should die if you can spray one to death and burn the other fast.

** One more thing, these new plant guys can still damage you even if they died. Only though
burning damage, will these guys never bother you anymore. Other means (Shotgun .. etc), the
plant still hits you for some damage as you run past it's body !

7) Enter the door into the platform with stairs. Burn the plant here too, take the plants
and combine them for now. Climb down and switch to Shotgun.

8) Like Mission for Leon, the hallway is filled with Lickers. Kill all of them and grab
the Herbs you find. Race into the hallway to the monitor room.

9) At the monitor room, get the Herbs into the box, grab the W-box key from the box and
the Magnum. You should also get the lab's map near the monitors of the room. Exit via the
door near you, into the backpath.

10) At the backpath, go to the left and grab the red herb. Enter the room.

11) Once inside, use your W-box key on the locker with the blue glow on top. You will get
Magnum parts. Just finish using the current Magnum bullets you have, then combine the two.
Enter the door and kill those zombies that block you. Grab the power key and leave.

12) Return to the monitor room, unload all the things you don't need and get out. Remember
the surprise Licker that will drop down upon your return to the pathway into the Mission A
escape level ? Kill it and return upstairs to the Main Junction of the Lab. Remember that
the Shutter switch area has got Plants wandering, you can avoid them easily.

You are not coming back to these few areas anymore. Make sure you have gotten the herbs.

13) Now if you need Magnum shells, visit the room near the Cyroroom. Use your keycard here
and enter, kill the Plants you see here, grab the Magnum bullets from where you once found
the MO disk in Mission A of Claire or Leon.

14) Return to the lift and press the button to go upstairs. Get back to the place where
you slove the box puzzle, but a cut scene awaits you here. Annette shows up and tries to
kill you. Okay, Mr Tyrant shows up too, to scare Annette away but also to stop you. Avoid
him for now, get hit and run away.

15) Get into Location 37 and leave the unwanted items in the box. Go downstairs and climb
the box. (This is presuming you've slove the box puzzle earlier on.) Use the Power room
key and enter.

16) A tragic event will happen here. Leon will get cornered by Tyrant here, but Ada will
come and save him. Tyrant will fight Ada here, Ada will be beaten up badly, but Tyrant
drops into the burning pit below. Ada dies, leaving the Master room Key near her body.
Leon is very sadden here, mourn for her and search the floor for the key.

17) Exit the room and Claire contacts you about Sherry. This is where you arrive at
in Mission A and left Sherry. Return to that place fast, you don't have a chance to
save or search at that room.

18) Once you've gotten Sherry, inside the lift is a console. Use the Master key here and
get to the lower levels, a secret floor. Go there and race into the Train you find here.

Location 41 - Train station
(It's a race against time from this part own, so run fast.)

Once inside the Train, go to the backway, opposite the door that is currently visible.
(That door is the main controls room of the whole train.) It leads you into an empty
carriage room with a Typewriter and Storage box. Arm yourself with the Custom Magnum.

Save for the last time and take the following : -
Shotgun - Custom, Shotgun shells, Magnum - Custom, Magnum bullets, Herbs (x2)


Search the floor for a key as well. Take that and return to Sherry. Exit the train and
open the gates near you with the key you've found. Enter and cross the bridge, stopping
only on the other side to get the Red and Blue Power junction ports. Run until you find
a console to fix the 2 ports and soembody greets you for the last time !

It's Tyrant and he's mean, fast and just like himself in Resident Evil 1. Shoot him with
the C-magnum and run away ! His slashes do plently of damage, race to the other end and
fire another shot. Run and avoid him and if he slashes for no apprently reason, fire at
him. Do this for 3-5 shots and the following should happen :

You cue to victory is when a cut scene shows a woman in black say "Use this !" and drop
the Rocket Launcher. Race back to the consoles area and grab the Rocket Launcher. Aim
and fire at Tyrant, smashing him into bits. 

Heal yourself if you're wounded or in Danger condition, return to the train. Kill all
the Naked zombies here with your Shotgun or Magnum, there are 5 to rid off. Go to the
front wall, turn on the consoles to free the gates for the train. Get back inside and
go into the main controls room.

A cut scene should show Claire make it back to Leon and Sherry, skip it all & the announcer
will say that the train is due to destruct ! 

Race back to where the Storage box and typewriter carriage is and you'll face the last
mutation of William ! It fills up the carriage and it's getting closer to you ! Go to
the doors of the carriage, fire your Magnum until he melts.

After that, exit and return to the other carriage. You'll see the ending for your Mission B.


You'll be given a screen with a new scenario accessed, it is the EXTREME BATTLE MODE that
is made avaiable after you've beaten the Mission B.

A screen shows the Bard Vickers zombie. It tells you the secret about him. (Why bother ?)

You can create the new save for Claire's Mission A. Wonder what happens ? Any changes ?

Oh yeah, the illustrations of the game will be complete. 60 pictures will all be made
available after you beat the game !


I've made it to the end with a ranking of B, in 2:19 hours. I accidently carried the
Rocket Launcher I earned from Claire's Mission A, and also used the Unlimited ammo
code, so that's why I got B instead of A. I'm saying that it's one of the factors
mentioned, but not sure which.

I'm waiting to play Claire's Mission B & Extreme Battle mode after my exams. Then I will
add on to the FAQ on Claire's mission.

Plant : -
This new version, a red green colored plant is tougher as it can spit it's venom further
and attacks faster. The best way to beat it is to use flames to kill it. Shotgun works
well but the plant still attacks and damage even when it's dead. If you kill it with

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Please note that I must be given time to answer mail on FAQ. I have written other FAQs
and there are updates, questions and requests that I get all the time, so please be
patient on replies. Meanwhile, download other FAQs or keep trying until you get past
your problems.

Enjoy the game ! Good luck !