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Müllabfuhr-Simulator 2011
M1 Tank Platoon
M21 - Mission 21
M25 Racer
Mace Griffin - Bounty Hunter
Machiavelli the Prince
Machine Hell
Machine Hunter
The Machines
MAD - Global Thermonuclear Warfare
MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction
Mad Blox
Mad Dog 2 - The Lost Gold
Mad Dog McCree
Mad Mac
Mad Mac 2
Mad News
Mad Paradox
Mad Riders
Mad Tracks
Mad TV
Mad TV 2
Madagascar 2
Madden NFL 08
Madden NFL 2000
Madden NFL 2001
Madden NFL 2002
Madden NFL 2004
Madden NFL 2005
Madden NFL 2007
Madden NFL 97
Madden NFL 98
Madden NFL 99
Made Man
Madness Interactive
Mafia 2
Mafia 3
Mafia Contract Killer - Antikiller
Mage Bros
Mage Knight - Apocalypse
Magic & Mayhem - The Art of Magic
Magic - Die Zusammenkunft
Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers
Magic Ball 2
Magic Balls
Magic Beads
Magic Boy
The Magic Candle
Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet 2 - The Netherworlds
Magic Carpet plus
Magic Empire
Magic Games Collection
Magic Life
Magic Lines
Magic of Endoria
Magic Pockets
Magic Snake 2
Magic the Gathering - Battlegrounds
Magic the Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012
Magic the Gathering - Shandalar
Magic Theatre
Mah Jongg
Mahjong Fortuna 2 Deluxe
MahJong Mania!
MahJong Suite 2004
MahJong Suite 2005
Mahjongg Empire
Mahjongg Master - Rätselhaftes Ägypten
MahJongg Master 4
Mail-Room Madness
Majesty - The Northern Expansion
Majesty 2
Major Stryker
Maldita Castilla
Mall of America Tycoon
Mall Tycoon
Mall Tycoon 2
Mall Tycoon 3
Malvinas 2032
Mana - Der Weg der schwarzen Macht
Manhunt 2
Manhunter - New York
Manhunter 2 - San Francisco
Maniac Mansion
Manic Karts
Manic Minefields
Manic Miner
Marathon 2 - Durandal
Marathon Manager
Marble delux
Marble Drop
Marble Theory
Marc Ecko's Getting Up - Contents Under Pressure
March of the Eagles
March! - Offworld Recon
Marine Heavy Gunner - Vietnam
Marine Sharpshooter
Marine Sharpshooter - Locked and Loaded
Marine Sharpshooter 2 - Jungle Warfare
Marine Sharpshooter 3
Marine Sharpshooter 4
Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge
The Mark
Mark of Chaos
Mark of Chaos - Battle March
Mark of the Ninja
Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death
Mars Maniacs
Mars to Earth
Mars War Logs
The Martian Chronicles
Martian Gothic - Unification
Martian Memorandum
Maruni Land - Of Heroes and Villains
Maruni Land Starring Maruni
Marvel - Ultimate Alliance
Marvel Trading Card Game
Mashed - Drive to Survive
Mashed - Fully Loaded
Mass Destruction
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3
Master Blaster 2
Master of Defense
Master of Dimensions
Master of Disaster - Chaoten, Quoten und Moneten
Master of Magic
Master of Orion
Master of Orion 2
Master of Orion 3
Master of the Skies - Red Ace
Master Rallye
Master Won Liu 3-D
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Matchbox Emergency Patrol
Matchbox Rescue Rigs
Math Rescue
The Matrix - Path of Neo
The Matrix Game
Matt Hayes' Fishing
Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow
Maus Trophy
Max Dirt Bike
Max Mole
Max Mole 2 - Daddy's Secret
Max Montezuma
Max Payne
Max Payne 2
Max Payne 3
Maximum Pool
Maximum Roadkill
Maximum Torque 3D
Maximus XV Abraham Strong - Space Mercenary
Mayday - Tag der Entscheidung
Maze Quest
Mean Streets
Meat Puppet
Mecha Spyder
MechCommander 2
Mecho Wars
Mechwarrior 2
Mechwarrior 2 - Ghost Bear's Legacy
Mechwarrior 2 - Mercenaries
Mechwarrior 3
Mechwarrior 3 - Pirate's Moon
Mechwarrior 4 - Black Knight
Mechwarrior 4 - Mercenaries
Mechwarrior 4 - Vengeance
Medal of Honor
Medal of Honor - Airborne
Medal of Honor - Allied Assault
Medal of Honor - Allied Assault Breakthrough
Medal of Honor - Pacific Assault
Medal of Honor - Warfighter
Medicopter 117
Medieval 2 - Total War: Kingdoms
Medieval - Total War
Medieval - Total War: Viking Invasion
Medieval 2 - Total War
Medieval Conquest
Medieval Lords
Medieval Slots
Meet the Robinsons
Mega Babies
Mega Dschump
Mega Lo Mania
Mega Man Legends
Mega Man X
Mega Man X3
Mega Man X4
Mega Man X5
Mega Man X7
Mega Man X8
Mega Mario
Mega Miner
Mega Pinball
Mega Race
MegaMaster Ball
MegaRace 2
MegaRace 3
MegaTraveller 1 - The Zhodani Conspiracy
MegaTraveller 2 - Quest for the Ancients
Meggiesoft Pinochle
Megrims Rache
Mein bester Freund - I Love Ponys
Mein Gartenparadies 2 - Das Feenland XXL
Meine kleine Kuchenbäckerei
Meine Tierarztpraxis
Meine Tierarztpraxis in Australien
Meine Tierklinik
Meistertrainer 4
Melker - Die Elchjagd
Melty Blood
The Memory 3D
Memory Game Gold 2000
Memory Loops
Men in Black
Men of Valor
Men of Vietnam
Men of War - Assault Squad
Mephisto Genius Pro
Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing
Mercedes-Benz World Racing
Mercenaries 2 - World in Flames
Merchant Prince 2
Merlin's Magic Break Out
Metal And Lace
Metal Fatigue
Metal Gear
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2 - Substance
Metal Gear Solid 5 - The Phantom Pain
Metal Knight
Metal Marines
Metal Storm
Metalheart - Replicants Rampage
Metaltech - Battledrome
Metaltech - EarthSiege
Metro - Last Light
Metro 2033
Metro Exodus
The Metronomicon
Mexican Motor Mafia
MIA - Mission in Asia
Miami Powerboat Racer
Miami Vice
Michael Jordan in Flight
Michael Schumacher Kart Racing
Micro Commandos
Micro Machines 2
Micro Machines V3
Micro Machines V4
Micro Track
Micro Tracks
Microsoft Baseball 2000
Microsoft International Football 2000
Microsoft Pinball
Middle East 67
Midnight Club 2
Midnight Nowhere
Midnight Outlaw - 6 Hours to Sun Up
Midnight Outlaw - Illegal Street Drag
Midnight Outlaw - Illegal Street Drag - Nitro Edition
Midnight Racing
Midnight Reversi
Midtown Madness
Midtown Madness 2
Midwinter 2 - Flames of Freedom
Mig-29 Fulcrum
MIG-29M Super Fulcrum
Might & Magic - Clash of Heroes
Might & Magic: Heroes 6 - Shades of Darkness
Might & Magic X - Legacy
Might and Magic 1 - Secret of the Inner Sanctum
Might and Magic 2 - Gates to Another World
Might and Magic 3 - Isles of Terra
Might and Magic 4 - Clouds of Xeen
Might and Magic 5 - Darkside of Xeen
Might and Magic 6 - The Mandate of Heaven
Might and Magic 7 - For Blood and Honor
Might and Magic 8 - Day of the Destroyer
Might and Magic 9
Mighty Dungeons
Mike Stewart's Pro Bodyboarding
Mille Bornes
Millennium Digger
Millennium Fighters
Millennium Invaders Invasion
Millennium Mann
A Mind Forever Voyaging
Mindlink Hacker 2003
Mine Bombers
Mine Shepherd
Mini Desktop Racing
Mini Doom
Mini Doom 2
Mini Golf Challenge 2
Mini Golf Masters
Mini Golf Skins
Mini World - Block Art
Minigolf Champion
Minigolf Madness
Minitris Q
Mirror's Edge
Miss Popularity
Missile Command
Missing in Action
Mission Asteroid
Mission Critical
Mission DDR
Mission Elevator
Mission Humanity
Mission Supernova
Mission: Impossible
MissionForce - CyberStorm
The Mist
Mister Blackjack
Misty Blue
Mittelerde - Mordors Schatten
Mob Enforcer
Mob Rule
Mobil 1 Rally
Mobile Forces
Modern Campaigns - Middle East 67
Modern Campaigns - North German Plain 85
Modern Gladiator
Mojo - Hanako
The Moment of Silence
Monday Night Combat
Monkey Boy
Monkey Boy 2
Monkey Brains
Monkey Business
The Monkey Eyes
Monkey Island
Monkey Island 2 - Le Chuck's Revenge
Monopoly - Fußball-WM-Edition
Monopoly 3
Monopoly Casino
Monopoly Casino - Vegas Edition
Monopoly Tycoon
Die Monster AG - Schreckens-Insel
Monster Bash
Monster Fair
Monster Hunter
Monster Jam
Monster Truck Challenge
Monster Truck Madness
Monster Truck Madness 2
Monster Trucks
Monster Trucks Nitro
Monster Trux Extreme - Offroad Edition
MonsterTron 2k3
Montezuma's Return
Monty Python - Ritter der Kokosnuss
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Monty Python's Reine Zeitverschwendung
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
Monuments of Mars
Moon Child
The Moon Project
Moon Tycoon
Moonbase Commander
Moorhuhn - Director's Cut
Moorhuhn - Juwel der Finsternis
Moorhuhn - Winter Edition
Moorhuhn 2
Moorhuhn 3
Moorhuhn Adventure - Der Fluch des Goldes
Moorhuhn Adventure - Der Schatz des Pharao
Moorhuhn Ancient
Moorhuhn Atlantis
Moorhuhn im Anflug
Moorhuhn Invasion
Moorhuhn Kart
Moorhuhn Kart 2
Moorhuhn Kart 3
Moorhuhn Kart Thunder
Moorhuhn Piraten
Moorhuhn Remake
Moorhuhn Schatzjäger
Moorhuhn Schatzjäger 2
Moorhuhn Schatzjäger 3
Moorhuhn Wanted
Moorhuhn X
MOPy Fish
Moraff's MoreJongg
Moral Minus
Mordor 2
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat - Komplete Edition
Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat 3
Mortal Kombat 4
Mortyr 2
Moto Extreme
Moto Racer
Moto Racer 2
Moto Racer 3
Moto Racer 3 - Gold Edition
Motocross Madness
Motocross Madness 2
Motocross Mania
MotoGP 2
MotoGP 3
Mount & Blade - Fire and Sword
Mount & Blade - Warband
Mount and Blade
Mountain Man
Mouse Trial
The Movies
Mpoint Energy Overfly
Mr. Bean
Mr. Blobby
Mr. Driller
Mr. Matt
Ms. Pac-Man - Quest for the Golden Maze
MTV Celebrity Deathmatch
MTV Sports - Skateboarding
MTX - Mototrax
Mu Online
Multi Maze Mountain 2
The Mummy
Mummy - Tomb of the Pharaoh
Mummy's Curse
MuncherMania 3D Worlds
Murdered - Soul Suspect
Muscle Car
Muscle Car 2 - American Spirit
Musical Slots
Mutant Storm
Mutant Zone
Mutation of J.B.
Muzzle Velocity
MVP Baseball
MVP Baseball 2003
MVP Baseball 2004
MX vs. ATV - Reflex
MX vs. ATV - Supercross
MX vs. ATV Unleashed
My Boyfriend
My Friend Koo
My Summer Car
Myst 3 - Exile
Myst 4 - Revelation
Myst 5
Mysterious Space
Mystery Island - Der Fluch der Azteken
Mystic House
Mystic Towers
Myth - Kreuzzug ins Ungewisse
Myth 2 - Soulblighter
Myth 3 - Die Zeit des Wolfs
Mythical Warriors
Mänick Mänschion

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