Gamebuster-Codes für PlayStation (US-Versionen): Cheats für Air Combat

Gamebuster-Codes für PlayStation (US-Versionen): Cheats für Air Combat

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Air Combat
(Gamebuster-Codes für PlayStation (US-Versionen))

Auch bekannt als:
  • Ace Combat
  • エースコンバット

Genre: Action Flugsimulation

Erschienen: Juni 1995

Entwickler: Spiele dieses Entwicklers Namco

Verleger: Spiele dieses Verlegers Sony Computer Entertainment

Cover von Air Combat

4 Codes
Codes by ???
1Infinite Ammo800E EB0C 0040
2Infinite Guns300E EB10 0027
3Infinite Fuel800E EB00 8FFF
4Invincible ( Note )800E EA2C 00C8
Note : The value in this code is less than the total armour on some of the aeroplanes in the game. Thus, when the cash is calculated at the end of the mission, it can deduct some for having lost some armour. In order to get around this, put a higher value than 00C8, say 0190, into the code. This will also have the side effect of giving negative damage at the end of the mission for some lighter armoured planes, and hence give you a cash bonus.


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