Gamebuster-Codes für PlayStation (PAL-Versionen): Cheats für Tomb Raider 3 (UK)

Gamebuster-Codes für PlayStation (PAL-Versionen): Cheats für Tomb Raider 3 (UK)

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Tomb Raider 3
(Gamebuster-Codes für PlayStation (PAL-Versionen))

Auch bekannt als:
  • Tomb Raider 3 - Adventures of Lara Croft

Genre: Action-Adventure

Erschienen: November 1998

Entwickler: Spiele dieses Entwicklers Core Design

Verleger: Spiele dieses Verlegers Eidos Interactive

Cover von Tomb Raider 3

0 Codes
Code 1 by zardoz
Codes 2 - 10 & 23 - 32 by Lajos Szalay
Joker, Code 11 by GuNdj
Codes 12 & 13 by acid burn
Codes 14 - 16 & 33 - 51 by t.a.l.
Codes 17 - 22 by David C
Codes 52 & 53 by Jim Donoghue
Codes 54 - 83 by BAD OMEN
These codes are for XPloder / XPlorer only !
RJC7009 B0B0 ????
1Sudden Death enemies7421 587E 22B5
8421 587C 3284
2Moon jump all levels742C 4B29 562F
3421 2E1E 58E8
742C 4B29 563F
3421 2E1E 58EE
3Rapid fire8421 8D4B E75F
8421 8EAA E8FC
8421 8F83 E915
4Have all special items842C 8967 E733
5No freeze mode (Antarctica)842C 5698 446A
6Lara's faster842C 54B4 4459
7All secrets / levels842F 9816 F891
8Level modifier8009 89EC 00??
9Have all levels when loading a saved game7423 2680 5A5F
8423 2680 527D
7423 2682 5248
8423 2682 767E
10Flares burn eternally842C 7585 3359
11Flying code (Note 6)742C 4B5B 3C82
342C 75BB 23D1
742C 4B5B 3381
342C 75BB 23D0
742C 75BB DCBE
3421 376F 71AB
742C 75BB DCBE
3421 3632 60E6
12Slom motion mode (Note 7)842C 858B F31F
13Hyper mode (Note 7)842C 858B F310
14Have all weapons & infinite ammo842F 980A 0853
15Spider Lara842C 759D 2310
Infinite :
16Oxygen842C 7595 2412
17Desert eagle ammo842C F4D4 A5A7
18UZI ammo842C 741D 1DCF
19Rockets842C 74C4 275E
20Grenades842C 74C0 275A
21MP5 ammo842C 74FC 3786
22Flares842C 89F9 F782
23Sprint842C 74F4 2480
24Savegame crystals842C 89F3 F754
25Large medipacks842C 89FF F758
26Small medipacks842C 89FD F75A
27Ammo (on pickup)8421 CDCF A79B
8421 BBCB E579
8421 AB57 D51D
8421 6656 2068
Survive :
28Spike pit8423 FD7F 89FB
29Deep fall8424 5917 2F9F
30Rolling stones8423 FF87 BB81
31Lava pit8423 DDB3 A9D7
Infinite health :
32All levels8421 311B 583C
8421 3119 6FE3
8421 3107 6B95
8421 3105 CDB7
33Training level843E 8670 4B9F
34Jungle8438 26D6 D96D
35Temple Ruins8438 BA22 3D2D
36The River Ganges8438 3296 D509
37Caves of Kaliya8432 BF4F 4892
South Pacific Islands
38Coastal Village8438 601A 176F
39Crash Site8438 CF05 7208
40Madubu Gorge8438 A329 5608
41Temple of Puna843D D4E4 71A1
42Nevada Desert8438 692D 087E
43High Security Compound8438 FD5D 7C22
44Area 518438 F84E 7F1B
45Thames Wharf843B 1612 A9D5
46Aldwych8438 6D31 1C7E
47Luds Gate843B 296B CEF4
48City843C 2F65 CEC8
49Antarctica8438 9EB2 31F1
50RX-Tech Mines8438 C341 7640
51Lost City Of Tinos8438 8CCE 433F
52Meteorit Cavern843F 521E E185
53All Hollows843C 6062 138F
Lara's home
54Door under stairs stays open843E 984C 2B44
55Trophy room door stays open once unlocked from inside943E A8CA B5F8
843E A8CA B5F8
56Spinning Lara (Note 3)742C 4B5B 7981
843E 866C 3884
57Leaping Lara (Note 4)742C 4B5B 3B81
843E 8666 389C
Fun codes
58Ghostie (Note 1)742C 4B5B 7981
843E F422 962A
742C 4B5B 2991
843E F422 69C4
59Quad Spin
(Press L1)
742C 4B5B 3D81
843E F43C 79BA
60Stolen Quad (Note 2)843E 7C06 0E86
61Found Quad (Note 2)843E 7C06 0E96
62Box Quad (Note 2)843E 7C06 0E80
Jump modifiers
(Note 5)
63Jungle742C 4B5B 3181
8438 26D2 DA7F
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 26D4 254A
64The Temple Ruins742C 4B5B 3181
8438 BA5E 4E5F
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 BA20 C10A
65The River Ganges742C 4B5B 3181
8438 3292 D623
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 3294 292E
66Caves of Kaliya742C 4B5B 3181
8432 BF43 4B8A
742C 4B5B 3B81
8432 BF4D B451
South Pacific Islands
67Coastal Village742C 4B5B 3181
8438 6016 147D
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 6018 EB44
68Crash Site742C 4B5B 3181
8438 CF09 7124
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 CF07 8E2F
69Madubu Gorge742C 4B5B 3181
8438 A32D 5524
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 A32B AA2F
70Temple of Puna742C 4B5B 3181
843D D4E0 72BB
742C 4B5B 3B81
843D D4E6 8D86
71Nevada Desert742C 4B5B 3181
8438 6911 1B8E
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 692F F475
72High Security Compound742C 4B5B 3181
8438 FDA1 8F5A
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 FD5F 8001
73Area 51742C 4B5B 3181
8438 F84A 7C11
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 F84C 83D8
74Thames Wharf742C 4B5B 3181
843B 1616 AAC7
742C 4B5B 3B81
843B 1610 5592
75Aldwych742C 4B5B 3181
8438 6D35 1F6E
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 6D33 E075
76Lud's Gate742C 4B5B 3181
843B 296F CDE8
742C 4B5B 3B81
843B 2969 32F3
77City742C 4B5B 3181
843C 2F61 CDE4
742C 4B5B 3B81
843C 2F67 32EF
78Antarctica742C 4B5B 3181
8438 9EAE 22CB
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 9EB0 CDF6
79RX-Tech Mines742C 4B5B 3181
8438 C345 755C
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 C343 8A67
80Lost City of Tinnos742C 4B5B 3181
8438 8CCA 402D
742C 4B5B 3B81
8438 8CCC BF34
81Meteorite Cavern742C 4B5B 3181
843F 521A E297
742C 4B5B 3B81
843F 521C 1DA2
82All Hallows742C 4B5B 3181
843C 6066 109D
742C 4B5B 3B81
843C 6060 EFA4
83Lara's home742C 4B5B 3181
843E 867C 488D
742C 4B5B 3B81
843E 8672 B754
Note 1 : While driving quad press Triangle to dismount and X to get back on.
Note 2 : You can enter these in the "Game Break" menu.
Note 3 : Holding down X will send Lara into a spinning frenzy.
Note 4 : Holding down R2 will turn Lara into leaping looney Lara !The only good
thing about this code is Lara is able to change direction. When you press Circle
she may still attempt to roll when R2 is released; if so hit X and she should stop.
Lara is also able to walk underwater : just get over to the pool and jump in, swim
down to the bottom and hit R2 for a little leap not to exit the pool,if done right
she shall fall to the bottom and be able to walk and jump, everything but draw weapons.
If you do manage to become part of the ground,just hit Circle till she is free.
Note 5 : Press R1 for long jump, press R2 for high jump. Use only the codes for the
appropriate level. For manoeuvring Lara use the left analog stick.
Note 6 : Enter some water, press L1 & L2 to activate, swim up and you will fly. Press R1 & R2
to deactivate the code. Don't activate the code outside of the water; game will freeze then !
Note 7 : Use only one of the codes.


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