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Final Fantasy 10 (e)

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   F I N A L       F A N T A S Y       X
   | CREATOR: Spira                       |
   | MIRC NICK: spira                     |
   | AIM NICK: caffene pills              |
   | EMAIL:                   |
   | UPDATED: Saturday, July 3, 2002[4.9] |

I finished Final Fantasy X back in February so I pretty much am done with the
game but I will continue to update the FAQ a little bit. Also don't copy this
FAQ in anyway [EX: Do not copy and paste this entire FAQ then just re-word my
words to make it seem different, you all know who you are] I Now added a Dark
Aeons section, so now all of you people who mail me about them should read it

--version 4.9-- July 3, 2002
-Added a Character Basics Section  [Under Introduction]
-Added an Elemental Basics Section [Under Introduction]
-MAJOR UPDATES, fixed alot of stuff, alot of things messed up because i had
used TAB instead of spaces, sorry for inconviance
-MAJORLY fixed the Monster Arena, Dark Aeons Section it had serious problems
all fixed now :)
-Added a new survey, someone mailed me it after i updated >_<
-Corrected a Boss's AP #

--version 4.8-- July 1, 2002
-Added Dark Aeons Section [INTERNATIONAL VERSIONS]
-FINALLY finished the Monster Arena Section
-Updated beginning FFX ascii
-Reversed the order of versions
-Added 2 new surveys
-Added more Overdrive Modes

--version 4.7-- May 01, 2002
-long time since i updated sorry
-added someones survey
-added some strategies, FEEL FREE TO SEND ME MORE, every 4 i get i will update

--version 4.6-- March 02, 2002
-added Seymour Natus help
-added temples help [Aeons section under Anima, FAQS]
-fixed some ending stuff
-added Nemesis strategy
-added Omega Weapon info.

--version 4.5-- February 5, 2002
-rewrote Movie/Music Sphere Section
-added Status Effects Section
-added new suggestion for Semour Flux
-new OMEGA DUNGEON info! [must see]
-finally fixed Cactuar location

--version 4.4-- January 27, 2002
-added new Isaaru suggestion for fight
-added some Blitzball info
-added a Movie/Music Spheres Section
-added Bribe List section
-added suggestions for more boss battles
-updated Omega Ruins section
-updated more info and corrected spells
-added more info to monster arena

--version 4.3-- January 23, 2002
-added Survey section
-corrected my contact info
-corrected some Overdrives
-corrected some grammar mistakes
-added hosts of my FAQ
-added new battle strategy for Seymour Flux
-added suggestion for Yunalesca battle

--version 4.2-- January 21, 2002
-rewrote the Ultimate Weapons section due to a complaint
-added new contact
-updated info

--version 4.1-- January 18, 2002
-minor Edits
-added more Frequently Ask Questions
-added Blitzball Abilities list
-updated the magic list for Anima

--version 4.0-- January 17, 2002
-hope to have a little list of Mixed items for Rikku

--version 3.0-- January 16, 2002
-added items list
-updated Anima info
-updated Walkthrough
-added Omega Ruins
-updated the organization
-updated the Aeon info

--version 2.0-- January 14, 2002 --
-added monsters in each place for Monster Arena help
-added additional boss info

--version 1.0-- January 12, 2002 --
-finished all sections

      i. Tech Setup/Explanations
[8.]  AEONS
      i.    Lightning Dodger
      ii.   Butterfly Catcher
      iii.  Cactuar Hunter
      iv.   Chocobo Training
      v.    Blitzball
      vi.   Cloudy Mirror
      vii.  Celestial Mirror
      viii. Rusty Sword
      ix.   Monster Arena
            1. Monster List
            2. Prizes
      i.   Secret Map Coordinates
      ii.  Airship Passwords
      iii. Al Bhed Primer Locations
      iv.  Omega Ruins Guide
      v.   The Al Bhed
      vi.  Jecht Sphere Locations
[16.] MIX LIST
[20.] SURVEY


Hey everyone, this is my first FAQ [ if you can't tell ] ill try to keep the
Abbreviations and "computer slang" to a minimum k? =], anyways I decided to
make one because............. I want to make a good useful FAQ for once instead
of reading them. Want to help people, I have too much time on my hands.


This is for the english version as for right now I only see 1 complete FAQ and
its in a translated style so.... heres the American Version.

!!!!Also, on a side note, to make things easier to find the temple you want for
the cloister of trials, CTRL+F to bring up the find bar and put in "Cloister of
Trials - " without quotations of course, this will narrow it down more making
you find these temples faster plus I added the revisit to Zanarkand Ruins

|  STATUS  |              WHAT IT IS                       | 
| Strength |  The total power of your physical attacks     |
| Defense  |    Your resistance to physical attacks        |
|  Magic   | The total power of your magical attacks       |
|  Magic   |    Your resistance to magical attacks         |
| Defense  |                                               |
|          |   Decreases the time inbetween turns in       |
| Agility  | other words the faster you are the more times |
|          |     your characters turn will come up         |
|   Luck   | Determines the chance of your Critical Hit    |
|  Evade   | Chance of dodging or escaping an attack.      |
|          |      It gives you a freebie turn              |
| Accuracy | The chance of a physical attacks hitting them |

                 ELEMENTAL BASICS
           |   Fire  | Ice  [NOT WATER] |
           |   Ice   |      Fire        |
           |  Water  |     Thunder      |
           | Thunder |      Water       |
Now the chart above tells which elements do more damage
EXAMPLE: Lets say I use Fire on an Iced elemental monster, the damage will be
double the damage than if you did it on another monster. Lets say you used fire
on a fire monster, 1 of 2 things could happen......
1) The damage will be really small
2) The monster will Absorb the damage [changes damage into health]
Keep this in mind it might become a life and death situation...... not really.


Heres your introduction to the characters even though you meet everyone after
the first hour or so.

Thrown into the future of 1000 years by Sin and no way back, this young man
travels to seek a way back, he meets up with interesting new characters along
the way. He is a well known Blitzball player and he uses a sword to fight off
fiends, 1 of 3 characters to fight underwater. Becomes Yunas guardien.

-Manual Description: Tidus is a cheerful, rising blitzball star playing for the
Zanarkand Abes . He has long hated his father, who was a renowned player
himself before his untimely death. Tidus's quick moves allow him to attack even
the swiftest foes.

Wakka is a captain of a Blitzball team who hasn't won in forever. He is one of
many of Yunas' guardians. He uses a blitzball to fight. His aim is awesome for
airborn enemies and is also 2 of 3 characters fight underwater.

-Manual Description: Coach and captain of the local blitzball team, the Besaid
Aurochs. Wakka plans to retire from thje psort after this year's tournament, so
that he can devote himself fully to serving as Yuna's Guardian. His deadly
blitzball is especially useful for knocking down aerial enemies.

Lulu's attack is basically trash, but she makes up for it in her deadly black
magic power.Uses magic to attack and has a weakling little attack. She is a
great asset for everyone. Another Guardian. Yes as you figured it, her chest
hangs out.

-Manual Description: One of Yuna's guardians. She and Wakka think of Yuna as a
younger sister. Lulu's stoic and self-possessed nature makes her seem
insensitive at times. She speciallizes in the art of black magic, using various
dolls to help cast powerful spells.

Final Fantasy X is revolved around this girl, without this girl there would be
no story, she is the Summoner and basic healer of the group, armed with loads
of Guardiens. She can get new summons by visiting new temples. Look in the
Aeons section for more info.She also has a really bad attack hit, but heals
most of the time. Cute too.

-Manual Description: Daughter of High Summoner Braska. Honest and determined,
Yuna embarks on a pilgrimage to obtain the Final Aeon and defeat Sin. Yuna is
learning the mystical art of summoning aeons—powerful spirits of yore.

:::Kimahri Ronso:::
Kimahri is from a race called the Ronso, basically a big scarry wolf lookin
dude. He is made fun of by his coligues because his horn is broken and he is
shorter. He is fast and uses a lance to attack, ontop of that he can learn
magic spells from other people like Aqua Breath which are used in his
overdrive. [Yes, you guessed it.. Blue Magic] He is yet another Guardian.

-Manual Description: A powerful warrior of the Ronso tribe. Kimahri has watched
over Yuna from her youngeest days. He speaks little, but is deeply devoted to
Yuna and serves her loyally as a guardian. Kimahri can learn enemy skills with
his Lancet ability.

Auron is a big hitter and slow at that. He carries the sword abilities like
Steiner in FF8, so he is very useful. Use to be Jecht's guardian [Tidus's
father] he joins Yuna to search for some answers of his own WHILE being a
guardian of Yuna.

-Manual Description: The legendary guardian who, together with High Summoner
Braska, defeated Sin ten years ago. A man of few words, he guides Yuna and
Tidus on their mission to vanquishSin once more. He swings his gigantic sword
with such power that even the toughest fiends are cut asunder.

From the Al Bhed race. Which speak an entirely different language. She VERY
useful, even though her attack is something to question, her skills are great,
she can only use certain items and can steal/mug them from enemies. Her
overdrive allows you to mix 2 things together to make a more powerful item, or
a really good item such as a Trio of 9999 [lets everyone hit 9999] or an Ultra
Nul-all [Casts all the nul's on everyone + Focus's and Cheer's]. She can also
take apart machines while stealing from them.... instantly killing them,
usually those Al Bhed machines.

-Manual Description: A young Al Bhed girl. Her personality is upbear and
positive, and she is not afraid to speak her mind. She works hard to restore
her outcast people to their former glory. Rikku handles mechanical enemies with
ease, and can steal items from enemies, too.

Check the MIX FAQS at for all the different MIX abilities. It's

[3.]  Controls

[Out-of-Battle Controls]
Directional Pad - Move
Left Analog     - Move
Right Analog    - Nothing
X Button        - Accept, Talk
O Button        - Cancel, Go back
Triangle Button - Menu
Square Button   - Hire for Blitzball [After/During Luca]
R1/R2           - Nothing
L1/L2           - Nothing
Start           - Pause
Select          - Nothing

[Battle Controls]
Directional Pad - Move
Left Analog     - Move
Right Analog    - Lulu's Overdrive [Rotate the stick counter clockwise]
X Button        - Accept
O Button        - Cancel, Go back
Triangle Button - Nothing
Square Button   - Nothing
R1/R2           - Select Next Person/Nothing
L1/L2           - Select Previous Person/Nothing
Start           - Pause / Toggle: Vibration On/Off
Select          - Nothing

[Chocobo Controls]
Instructions are givin from the Chocobo guy. Most of the games are just the
Left and Right Analog/D-pad.

As most of you know throughout the Final Fantasy Series their have been status
effects which cause harm to your character and needs a certain treatment for
it, here is a chart to help you with the new and changing effects.

|  Ailment  |             Symptoms             |     Treatment      |
|  Berserk  | Strength increases but can't be  |  Esuna, Remedy     |
|           | controlled.                      |                    |
| Confusion | Uncontrollable and may attack    | Esuna, Remedy      |
|           | allies.                          | Physical Attack    |
|   Curse   | Overdrive bar freezes, disabled  | Dispel, Holy Water |
| Darkness  | Accuracy is extremely reduced    | Esuna, Eye Drops   |
|           | for physical attacks.            |      Remedy        |
|   Doom    | Number appears above ally, if it |  Ending the Battle |
|           | reaches 0 ally is KO'd.          |  Auto-life helps   |
|     KO    | Cannot participate in battle.    |    Life Spells     |
|           |                                  |   Phoenix Items    |
|  Petrify  | Cannot participate in battle.    |    Soft, Esuna     |
|           |                                  |      Remedy        |
|  Poison   |    Takes damage after turn.      |   Remedy, Esuna    |
|           |                                  |      Antidote      |
|  Silence  |      Spells are disabled         |   Esuna, Remedy    |
|           |                                  |    Echo Screen     |
|   Sleep   |   Cannot participate in battle   |   Esuna, Remedy    |
|           |                                  |  Physical Attack   |
|   Slow    |    Agility lowers, slow turns    |   Esuna, Remedy    |
|           |                                  |   Haste, Hastega   |
| Zombie    |  Takes damage from cure magic    | Holy Water, Remedy |

Theirs a complete list on what they do.

[5.]  The Sphere Board
No I will not draw out a little thing of the menu for you with the different
computer symbols, I have better things to do =P plus I think you are all smart
enough to know what it looks like.

The Sphere Board is quite unique to the Final Fantasy series, now how it works.
Forget about experience they have thrown that away, instead they replaced it
with AP or Ability Points. When you get enough AP you will get 1 Sphere Level.
To get AP you must battle monsters, which also leave Spheres, These spheres are
used to boost your characters stats. To access the Sphere Board, hit the
Triangle Button, and select Sphere Grid. A node is basically an empty sphere.
Use a sphere level after you get one, move a space and then use a sphere, thats
how easy it is. Also the sphere locks lets you permenantly destroy a node
labeled Lvl 1, Lvl 2, and so on.
~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~~-~-~-~-1 Sphere
Level = Move 1 node forward OR 4 nodes backward that you have been over.
Each sphere contributes to certain empty nodes which are:
Power Sphere          = HP, Attack, Defense
Speed Sphere          = Hit %, vade %, Agility
Mana Sphere           = MP, Magic Attack, Magic Defense
Ability Sphere        = White and Black Magic, Specials, Skills
Lvl. 1-4 Lock Spheres = Removes Level Sphere Grid Locks
Fortune Sphere        = Luck
Return Sphere         = Returns any sphere you have been to
Teleport Sphere       = Teleports you to anywhere anyone else has
Attribute Sphere      = Activates a Stat ability someone else has
Special Sphere        = Activates a Special ability someone else has
Skill Sphere          = Activates a Skill ability someone else has
W. Magic Sphere       = Activates a Wht Magic ability someone else has
B. Magic Sphere       = Activates a Blk Magic ability someone else has
Master Spehere        = Activates a Any ability someone else has
HP Sphere             = Turns node into an unactivated HP node
MP Sphere             = Turns node into an unactivated MP node
Strength Sphere       = Turns node into an unactivated Strength node
Defense Sphere        = Turns node into an unactivated Defense node
Magic Sphere          = Turns node into an unactivated Magic node
Magic Defense Sphere  = Turns node into an unactivated M. Defense node
Agility Sphere        = Turns node into an unactivated Agility node
Evasion Sphere        = Turns node into an unactivated Evasion node
Accuracy Sphere       = Turns node into an unactivated Accuracy node
Luck Sphere           = Turns node into an unactivated Luck node
Clear Sphere          = Empties node
Friend Sphere         = Teleports you to where another character is
Warp Sphere           = Takes you to ANY node

That is alot of spheres, huh? Well look out for these as most of them are
hidden all over Spira, in chests, monsters, shops.

Well I guess I have to write this since some people want to know about the game
in advance so.......

Final Fantasy X takes place in a city called Zanarkand where a very popular
Blitzball player, Tidus, will be playing a tournament against many other teams.
During the blitzball game, it is violently interrupted as a huge monster
emerged from the sea known as Sin. Sin throughout the story is said to be mans'
punishment to using 'machina' or more simply called machines. As Tidus is about
to land a Sphere Shot doing his stuff, he sees this monster as it starts to
hurl fireballs and destruction all around. Amongst the chaos he sees Auron, who
leads him out of the town, where you face monsters and a Sin Spawn which is
left by Sin. As Auron and Tidus destroy this Tidus leaps to save his life where
he is about to fall but Auron helps him and he is engulfed in a swirling cloud.

He wakes up in ruins 1000 years into the future, he goes to a temple looking
thing and is attacked by a big fish which of course is way too powerful but
after a couple of hits Tidus runs. He builds a fire and during the night he is
attacked, during the fight a woman, later called Rikku after you progress will
meet up with you helping you. She will capture you and take you aboard the Al
Bhed ship. You must get an old ship working which will be explained in the
walthrough. You encounter Sin again and this time wake up near an island known
as Besaid, where a group of people are playing Blitzball. Later he meets the
other character who are in the Besaid Temple.


 Blitzball is a game you will find all over Spira not to mention a
tournament you will be participating in later in the game. Alot of people play
this, to play tournaments or leagues by yourself you can just activate it on
the save sphere, just select "Play Blitzball".... now for the help.

Well Blitzball is very complicated and is better if you have the tutorial which
you will get before the big tournament in Luca with Wakka, after that you may
access it any time in the menu. But you wont need to know anything about
blitzball until that point because all the blitzball stuff will be played
automatically or by movies.

Okay for game starts there is 3 different types. League, Tournament, and
Exhibition League and tournament are the only things you can go into and get
EXP, Exhibition is for practice matches. Select any to play it really doesnt
matter, you will probably keep your same team until you run across good
players, I will give you a few players I have found to be good: Rin, Wedge,
Brother, Jasseu. Be careful, the people will require contracts to play and the
only way to renew them is to pay a few of GIL.

Now selecting characters comes in, you may choose 6 characters, 2 fowards, left
and right sides, 2 defenders left and right sides, a middle fielder who gets
the all at Blitzoff, and of Course the Goalie. Usually defenders should have
high speed, very good attack power [AT], and good passing power[PA]. This
prevents them from getting close enough to take a big shot at you. For the 2
Forwards try to get them a good shot [SH] and endurance [EN] to withstand most
attacks until you can take a  shot. I automatically put Tidus on the right
forward because usually alot of bad people guard there. For the middle fielder
pick a good passer [PA], VERY good endurance [EN] to get the ball off. Last but
not least the goalie, pick someone with lots of Catching [CA] power which will
block other attacks.

Confirm this section and goto the next, which is Tech selection. Only at LVL 3
you will gain ability to set a Tech, Tidus already comes wiith Sphere Shot, and
if you completed the little Jecht Shot thing on the ship you will have that.
Anyways Techs are basically special abilities which can allow you to shoot a
swirvy ball makign it harder for goalies to catch to tackling people and
knocking them out or poisoning them, thats all there is to it.

Confirm this section and now you get to set people to people like guards if you
will. This is how you get new TECHS, mark anyone you like who is a challenge,
or not just to learn the abilities which is quite handy. You are now ready to
play. Play some games and you will get the JIST of it. During the game you must
press TRIANGLE to control your characters, or to set the waypoint mode, which
is the thing we just did.

A message [after lvl 3] will appear if you put guard a person or follow them,
it will say tech copy and PRESS X up in the corner. Doing this will enable you
to learn it or, if you are too low of a level you will not, if you miss the
oppertuny you will miss the abilitys. Getting abilities is a must, this will be
the only way to survive later in the game. To activate tech copy you must pick
a guy to guard on the last screen of the blitball selection.

You can actually get his by status effects in this game which lower your stats
or do something greatly unappreciated. Wither effects a certain part of your
stats, Poison rapidly drops your hp, Sleep knocks out a guy until he wakes up,
these are some of the status effects. The only way to counter is to learn
Anti-Venom/2 and Anti-Wither/2 and so on.

I hope this gives you some understanding, I tried to give you an intro to it.

*NEW* - I added the Blitzball Tech List and what it is for you.
i. Tech Setup/Explanations
Heres a section on what the different abilities do and where they are on the
chart so if you ever get Tech Find for the League.

                       Page 1
| Jecht Shot     | Wither Shot   | Wither Pass 2  |
| Jecht Shot 2   | Wither Shot 2 | Wither Pass 3  |
| Sphere Shot    | Wither Shot 3 | Volley Shot    |
| Invisible Shot | Venom Pass    | Volley Shot 2  |
| Venom Shot     | Venom Pass 2  | Volley Shot 3  |
| Venom Shot 2   | Venom Pass 3  | Venom Tackle   |
| Venom Shot 3   | Nap Pass      | Venom Tackle 2 |
| Nap Shot       | Nap Pass 2    | Venom Tackle 3 |
| Nap Shot 2     | Nap Pass 3    | Nap Tackle     |
| Nap Shot 3     | Wither Pass   | Nap Tackle 2   |

                      Page 2
| Nap Tackle 3    | Anti-Venom 2  | Brawler        |
| Wither Tackle   | Anti-Nap      | Pile Venom     |
| Wither Tackle 2 | Anti-Nap 2    | Pile Wither    |
| Wither Tackle 3 | Anti-Wither   | Regen          |
| Drain Tackle    | Anti-Wither 2 | Good Morning!  |
| Drain Tackle 2  | Anti-Drain    | Hi-risk        |
| Drain Tackle 3  | Anti-Drain 2  | Golden Arm     |
| Tackle Slip     | Spin Ball     | Gamble         |
| Tackle Slip 2   | Grip Gloves   | Super Goalie   |
| Anti-Venom      | Elite Defense | Aurochs Spirit |

Cost: 120
Stats: SH+5
Success Rate: ?
Desc.: Removes 2 blocking opponents

Cost: 999
Stats: SH+10
Success Rate: ?
Desc:. Removes 3 blocking oppenents and ball is invisible

=alot of people have been asking where to get the Jecht Shot 2, it comes up
randomly in the tournament=

=also they have been asking, they have the Jecht Shot 2, at the tournament but
when they win they dont get it or they can't learn it. Well easy really, you
need all of Tidus's key abilities, thanks to alot of you who mailed me about

Cost: 90
Stats: SH+0 - 20
Success Rate: ?
Desc:. Randoms SH value, press X to stop

Cost: 220
Stats: SH+3
Sucess Rate: 60%
Desc.:  If the SH value is 1+ when the ball reaches the goal, it ignores both
the SH and CA values and decides on whether or not the shot succeeds

Cost: 20
Stats: SH+3
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.:  Poisons goal keeper if hit

Cost: 35
Stats: SH+5
Sucess Rate: 70%
Desc.:  Poisons goal keeper if hit

Cost: 100
Stats: SH+7
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.:  Poisons goal keeper if hit

Cost: 45
Stats: SH+4
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.:  Puts goal keeper to sleep if hit

- NAP SHOT 2 -
Cost: 80
Stats: SH+5
Sucess Rate: 70%
Desc.:  Puts goal keeper to sleep if hit

- NAP SHOT 3 -
Cost: 350
Stats: SH+7
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Puts goal keeper to sleep if hit

Cost: 30
Stats: SH+3
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.: Halves a Stat if hit

Cost: 180
Stats: SH+5
Sucess Rate: 70%
Desc.: Halves a Stat if hit

Cost: 390
Stats: SH+7
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Halves a Stat if hit

Cost: 40
Stats: PA+3
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.: Poisons if deflected

Cost: 120
Stats: PA+5
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Poisons if deflected

Cost: 350
Stats: PA+7
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Poisons if deflected

Cost: 10
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 50%
Desc.: Shoots a free ball, ignores all blockers except the Goal Keeper

Cost: 40
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 75%
Desc.: Shoots a free ball, ignores all blockers except the Goal Keeper

Cost: 250
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Shoots a free ball, ignores all blockers except the Goal Keeper

Cost: 30
Stats: AT+3
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.: Poisons oppenent on contact

Cost: 70
Stats: AT+5
Sucess Rate: 70%
Desc.: Poisons oppenent on contact

Cost: 160
Stats: AT+7
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Poisons oppenent on contact

Cost: 40
Stats: AT+3
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.: Puts oppenent to sleep on contact

Cost: 90
Stats: AT+5
Sucess Rate: 70%
Desc.: Puts oppenent to sleep on contact

Cost: 180
Stats: AT+7
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Puts oppenent to sleep on contact

Cost: 8
Stats: AT+3
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.: Halves an opponents stats

Cost: 80
Stats: AT+5
Sucess Rate: 70%
Desc.: Halves an opponents stats

Cost: 250
Stats: AT+7
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Halves an opponents stats

Cost: -
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.: Steals 30 HP

Cost: -
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 70%
Desc.: Steals 150 HP

Cost: -
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Steals 500 HP

Cost: 40
Stats: -
Disoriented Rate: 20%
Sucess Rate: 40%
Desc.: Dodges oppenent's tackle

Cost: 170
Stats: -
Disoriented Rate: 40%
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Dodges oppenent's tackle

Cost: 5
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 50%
Desc.: Shields from poison

Cost: 50
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Shields from poison

Cost: 40
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 50%
Desc.: Shields from being put to sleep

- ANTI-NAP 2 -
Cost: 210
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Shields from being put to sleep

Cost: 30
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 50%
Desc.: Shields from stats being halved

Cost: 200
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Shields from stats being halved

Cost: 30
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 50%
Desc.: Shields from your HP being drained

Cost: 50
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 100%
Desc.: Shields from your HP being drained

Cost: 30
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: -
Desc.: When you shoot it, the ball swirves, decreasing the goal keepers chance
of catching it

Cost: 30
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: -
Desc.: Increases chance of goal keepers catching instead of a deflection/helps
being immune to status effect shots

Cost: 5
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: -
Desc.: Can intercept the ball from farther away

Cost: 10
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 60%
Desc.: Increases range at which you can join an encounter

Cost: 30
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: -
Desc.: Allows you to stack poison effects [A.K.A, the more times you poison
them the faster the poison effects work]

Cost: 70
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: -
Desc.: Allows you to stack wither effects  [A.K.A, the more times you poison
them the faster the wither effects work]

- REGEN  -
Cost: 50
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: -
Desc.: Increases the rate at which you get HP when you do not have the ball

Cost: 180
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 50%
Desc.: Increases stats when waken from a sleep attack. [depends on the attack
use against you/stats becomes 99]

- HI-RISK  -
Cost: 300
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: -
Desc.: All stats but HP and SPEED are halved but player recieves more EXP.

Cost: 30
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: -
Desc.: Reduces the rate of decrease from PA or SH

Cost: 300
Stats: -
Sucess Rate: 50%
Desc.: When waken from a sleep attack, stats but HP and SPEED are randomed

Cost: 30 + SH
Stats: CA+0 - 10
Sucess Rate: 60%
Desc.: Adds a random number onto CA

Cost: 600
Stats: SH+?
Success Rate: -
Desc.: Adds the SH from each original Auroch team member in the water onto

[8.]  AEONS
Heres some brief info about the Aeons. First of all Aeons are like the monsters
of the past Final Fantasy's if you haven't played them, they are based on
Mythilogical creatures. They use to be called Guadian Forces, Espers, Summons
in the past games. When they switched to FF9 they kept the Aeon name, I guess
they liked the Aeon bit. Anyways in FFX Aeons are creatures which you can
control like any regular character. The difference is, Aeons are immune to all
status effects but CURSE. They can heal themselves through they're type: E.G.
Ifrit is Fire so if you cast Fire on himself he will heal. That is the best way
not to spend lots of items to make him learn cure spells. Also they have 2
other commands which you should learn:

SHIELD: Takes a significant amount of damage down but Overdrive charges slow.

BOOST: Takes more damage and "boosts" your Overdrive up quite a bit
These are very valuable in keeping them alive. That and the healing technique.

The only way to revive them is to defeat some monsters in a certain times in
battle OR to touch a save sphere.


NAME: Valefor
TEMPLE: Besaid Temple
UNIQUE ATTACK EFFECT: Short recovery time, delay's enemy's attack
OVERDRIVE2: Energy Blast
OVERDRIVE EFFECT: Deals Damage to All Enemies
OVERDRIVE2 EFFECT: Deals Major Damage to All Enemies
ACCESSED BY: Praying at Besaid Temple
EXCEDES 9999 DAMAGE BY: Getting Yuna's Ultimate Weapon [Nirvana]
|   MAGIC      |
|Fire:     4 MP|
|Blizzard: 4 MP|
|Thunder:  4 MP|
|Water:    4 MP|
To get Valefor's second Overdrive, talk to the little girl with a dog, she will
be near the temple or in the item shop. Talk to her then talk to her dog a and
you will get an item to use on Valefor which will make him learn Energy Blast!


NAME: Ifrit
TEMPLE: Kilika Temple
UNIQUE ATTACK EFFECT: Long recovery time, does regular damage to enemies with
Protect on them.
OVERDRIVE EFFECT: Deals Major Fire Damage to All Enemies
ACCESSED BY: Praying at Kilika Temple
EXCEDES 9999 DAMAGE BY: Getting Wakka's Ultimate Weapon [World Champion]
|     MAGIC      |
|Fire:       4 MP|
|Null-Frost: 2 MP|
|Null-Blaze: 2 MP|


NAME: Ixion
TEMPLE: Djose Temple
UNIQUE ATTACK EFFECT: Eliminates Protect, Shell, Reflect, Haste, Regen, and all
the Nul-spells
OVERDRIVE: Thor Hammer
OVERDRIVE EFFECT: Deals Major Thunder Damage to All Enemies
ACCESSED BY: Praying at Djose Temple
EXCEDES 9999 DAMAGE BY: Getting Kimahri's Ultimate Weapon [Spirit Lance]
|     MAGIC      |
|Thunder:    4 MP|
|Thundara:   8 MP|
|Null-Shock: 2 MP|
|Null-Tide:  2 MP|


NAME: Shiva
TEMPLE: Macalania Temple
UNIQUE ATTACK: Heavenly Strike
UNIQUE ATTACK EFFECT: Delays targets turn, inflicts status ailment Threaten
OVERDRIVE: Diamond Dust
OVERDRIVE EFFECT: Deals Major Ice Damage to All Enemies
ACCESSED BY: Praying at Macalania Temple
EXCEDES 9999 DAMAGE BY: Getting Lulu's Ultimate Weapon [Onion Knight]
|     MAGIC      |
|Blizzard:   4 MP|
|Blizzara:   8 MP|
|Null-Frost: 2 MP|
|Null-Blaze: 2 MP|


NAME: Bahamut
TEMPLE: Bevelle Temple
UNIQUE ATTACK EFFECT: Damage to all Enemies
OVERDRIVE EFFECT: Deals Major Non-Elemental Damage to All Enemies
ACCESSED BY: Praying at Bevelle Temple
EXCEDES 9999 DAMAGE BY: Already Excedes 9999 Damage
|     MAGIC     |
|Fire:      4 MP|
|Blizzard:  4 MP|
|Thunder:   4 MP|
|Water:     4 MP|
|Fira:      8 MP|
|Blizzara:  8 MP|
|Thundara:  8 MP|
|Watera:    8 MP|
|Firaga:   16 MP|
|Blizzaga: 16 MP|
|Thundaga: 16 MP|
|Wateraga: 16 MP|


NOTE: Yojimbo is not a controlled character. Will deal damage based on the
amount of Gil you give him, if you give him 0 gil he will leave, I guess thats
his dismiss :)

NAME: Yojimbo
TEMPLE: Cave of the Stolen Fayth
UNIQUE ATTACK: Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, Zanmato
UNIQUE ATTACK EFFECT: Yojimbo will use the attack of strength equal to what you
offer him in Gil at the beginning
OVERDRIVE: Not Selectable, I never confirmed but paying him 100,000 gil will do
OVERDRIVE EFFECT: Possible decapitation
EXCEDES 9999 DAMAGE BY: Getting Auron's Ultimate Weapon [Masamune]
ACCESSED BY: Go to the Cavern of the Stolyn Fayth, fight through the cave and
Defeat Yojimbo in battle at the end. Talk to Yojimbo again after the battle to
ask him to help you. When he asks you a question, answer "To defeat the most
powerful of enemies", to recieve his lowest asking price. When he first gives
you a price, offer him half + 1, so 250,000 gil, ask 125,001. At his next offer
raise your bid by 1 gil and by the time he proposes 205,000 gil, he'll accept
anything around 200,000 gil

NOTE: If at ANY time you offer TRIPLE his asking price. He'll join you, AND
give you 2 Teleport Spheres


NAME: Anima
TEMPLE: Baaj Temple / Coordinates: X: 11,16 / Y: 57,63
UNIQUE ATTACK EFFECT: High chance of death, high recovery time
OVERDRIVE EFFECT: Major damage to all enemies
ACCESSED BY: Goto Baaj Temple and defeat Geosgaeno [the big fish from the
beginning]. He uses death attacks and stone attacks use Stoneproof and
Deathproof. Go underwater to the temple entrance and go in. In the 6 temples of
the game they each give Destruction Spheres. Each destruction sphere leads to a
treasure for anima to be accessable by.




############## Cloister of Trials - Zanarkand/Visit #2##############
Zanarkand is the one you need. Go back into the temple you will meet Yuna's
Rival, after the little talk go back in and step on all 3 white squares in the
first room and all the white squares in the big one, if you mess it up all the
white squares in both rooms will reset. This opens up a Destruction sphere grab
it and put it into the right side of the panel in the big room. A treasure will
open up and you will get the Magistral Rod. Go back to the Baaj Temple and go
back to the room they will now open up a door for you to make him accessable.
You will also learn a little more about Seymour.

=thanks to: for making me realize I had to group this

=thanks to:
=I was just letting you know that to get Anima, You DO NOT have to go back to
Bevelle, because well, one, you can't, and two, it isn't necsessary to get the
hidden tresure, because the destruction sphere was already used to complete the
 main puzzle.=

EXCEDES 9999 DAMAGE BY: Already excedes 9999 damage

 ---------------              ---------------------
|     MAGIC     |            |       SKILLS        |
|Fire:      4 MP|            |Dark Attack:     5 MP|
|Blizzard:  4 MP|            |Dark Buster:    10 MP|
|Thunder:   4 MP|            |Silence Attack:  5 MP|
|Water:     4 MP|            |Silence Buster: 10 MP|
|Fira:      8 MP|            |Sleep Attack:    5 MP|
|Blizzara:  8 MP|            |Sleep Buster:   10 MP|
|Thundara:  8 MP|            |Zombie Attack:  10 MP|
|Watera:    8 MP|             ---------------------
|Firaga:   16 MP|
|Blizzaga: 16 MP|
|Thundaga: 16 MP|
|Wateraga: 16 MP|
|Death:    20 MP|
|Bio:      10 MP|


NAME: Three Magus Sisters [Cindy, Mindy, Sandy]
TEMPLE: Remiem Temple
UNIQUE ATTACK: Camisade, Razzia, Passado
OVERDRIVE: Delta Attack
OVERDRIVE EFFECT: MASS Major Non-Elemental damage to all enemies
ACCESSED BY: First you need to capture all the monsters of the Calm lands and
Mt. Gagazet and all the other Aeons including Yojimbo and Anima. Goto the
Monster Arena and open the chest to get a Blossom Crown, take the crown to
Remiem Temple. Fight and beat Belgiminewith the Aeons again. She will give you
a Flower Scepter. Use both at the door in the back to get the Magus Sisters.
Their are special commands to them and here they are:

Do what you will = The Sister Chooses Randomly
Fight! = Reg. attack
Go! Go! = Randomed Magic or unique attack
One More Time = Repeat Last Action
Defense = Cast protective or support magic
Help Eachother = Cast cure magic on eachother
Dismiss = Go Away

ALL CREDIT TO: Mogg 13-42 ( for letting me use her
info for this section so other sites that my FAQ is on will share her info :),
THANKS >_< Also, all of the strategies, info on the monsters, are hers. ENJOY

Dark Aeons are new to the International game, if you in America you wont see
them because other countries hate the US, so oh well. These guys have VERY VERY
powerful attacks that can easily kill you in an instant.
NOTE1: Like your Aeons they are also immune to status effects except Curse and
is also immune to Breaks.
NOTE2: Just before they get Overdrive it should be noted that each time you
should cast AUTO-LIFE on all your characters. Ribbon DOES NOT prevent KO /
Death, but Deathproof DOES.
thx to the millions of u who mailed me about it =OP -
NOTE5: INSTANT KILL = 99,999 Damage
BOSS: Dark Valefor
HP:      800,000
AP:      15,000 (overkill)
Items:   Dark Matter x2
Equip:   Double Header / Genji Shield
Steal:   X-Potion x4
Attacks:   Energy Ray   - deals 10,000+ damage on all characters
           Energy Blast - deals 22,000+ damage on all characters
Elemental Immunities: None, but half damage on all Elements
Recommended Armor Abilities:  Break HP Limit, Auto Pheonix
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, 1 MP Cost

Location: You'll find him at the entrance of Besaid Village. A summoner will
block your path and summon Dark Valefor.

 I recommend that you have an Accuracy of at least 80, if not
repeatedly cast Aim on yourself. Cast Hastega immediately at the beginning of
the battle. Set your Overdrive Mode to Stoic (this is your best choice) Start
attacking after that, use Tidus' Blitz Ace Overdrive and Wakka's Attack Reels.
He'll die soon enough.

Dark Valefor uses Energy Ray first then immediately follows with Energy Blast
once his overdrive gauge is full. Save yourself with Auto-Life.

BOSS: Dark Ifrit
HP:      1,400,000
AP:      20,000 (normal) 30,000 (overkill)
Items:   Dark Matter x2
Equip:   Arcane Ring / Soul of Mog
Steal:   Mega Pheonix x2
Attacks: Meteorstrike - 21,000+ damage on 1 target.
         Hellfire     - 60,000+ damage! against all targets.
Elemental Immunities: Absorbs Fire, Immune against Lightning & Water,
                      Half damage against Ice
Recommended Armor Abilities:  Break HP Limit, Auto Pheonix, Fire Eater
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, Counterattack, 1 MP

Location: Entrance to Al Bhed Home, a man will ask you to help him find his
daughter. You must choose yes and he'll ask you to look by the cliff. You'll
see Dark Ifrit there.

  It is recommended that all members of your battle party has
Auto-Life and Hastega with them. This will be easy if you have the Fire Eater
ability. Now, cast Hastega on yourself, then Auto-Life on all your party
members. His physical attacks are pretty powerful so you should also have
Protect, but even so you'll still die if your HP isn't high enough. If you have
the Fire Eater ability, Meteorstrike won't hurt you but heal you instead.
Recast Auto Life if necessary and continue attacking. Once his overdrive gauge
is full, summon an aeon to block.

BOSS: Dark Ixion
HP:      1,200,000
AP:      20,000 (normal) 30,000 (overkill)
Items:   Dark Matter x4
Equip:   Ochre Bangle / Ochre Bracer
Steal:   Stamina Tablet x2
1st Battle: Thundaja - 4000+ damage on 1 character
            Aerospark - 20,000+ 1 character
            Physical Attacks - causes Sleep
2nd Battle: Aerospark - Instant kill (99,999 damage) on 1 character.
            Thor's Hammer - 35,000+ damage on all characters
            Physical Attacks - causes Sleep & Full Break
Elemental Immunities: Absorbs Lightning, Immune against Ice & Fire,
                      Half damage against Water.
Recommended Armor Abilities:  Sleepproof, Auto-Pheonix, Break HP Limit,
                              Lightning Eater
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, Counterattack, Magic
                              Booster, 1 MP Cost

Location: Talk to the soldier under the lightning rod tower, north of the
agency. Once you do,  he'll run off and call a summoner who will then summon
Dark Ixion.

  Your very first move should be Hastega then Auto-Life on all your
party members. Lightning Eater will protect you from Thundaja, but not from
Aerospark. Remember that there is no way you can prevent Full Break. Now, with
that in mind start attacking. Doublecast Ultima as much as you can.If you have
your overdrives available, don't use it just yet, save it for later. His
overdrive will only be Aerospark.

When you fight him for the second time, cast Hastega on yourself then Auto-Life
on all your party members. Unleash your overdrives and keep Double-casting
Ultima. Once he does Aerospark, one of your characters will diefor sure, but
with Auto-Life you shouldn't worry. When his overdrive gauge is full it is
important that you immediately summon an aeon to block if your HP isn't high

BOSS: Dark Shiva
HP:      1,100,000
AP:      20,000 (normal) 30,000 (overkill)
Items:   Dark Matter x2
Equip:   Rod of Ice / Excalibur
Steal:   Mana Tablet x4
Attacks: Physical Attacks - 4000+ damage to a character.
         Heavenly Strike - causes KO / death
         Diamond Dust - 30,000+ damage on all characters.
Elemental Immunities: Absorbs Ice, Immune against Water & Lightning,
                      Half damage against Fire
Recommended Armor Abilities:  Break HP Limit, Auto Pheonix, Deathproof
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, Double Overdrive,
                              1 MP Cost, Counterattack / Magic Booster

Location: Macalania Temple Entrance. A Guado Guard will block your path and
summon Dark Shiva.

 It is required for your party to have high defense, otherwise she
will simply kick you and you're dead. Cast Hastega first, Aim, then Auto-Life
on your entire party, start attacking with Quick Hit after that. Her Heavenly
Strike causes Death, but with Deathproof you'll be fine. Recast Auto-Life if
necessary. Once her overdrive gauge is full, summon an aeon immediately to save

Once she's dead, an infinite supply of Guado Guadians will emerge from the
temple, so never bother to think about killing all of them. Just run.

BOSS: Dark Bahamut
HP:      4,000,000
AP:      30,000 (normal) 40,000 (overkill)
Items:   Dark Matter
Equip:   Super Goalie
Steal:   Twin Stars x2
Attacks: Physical Attacks - 12,000-13,000 damage on 1 character.
         Impulse - 6,000+ damage in addition to Slow, Full Break &
                   Petrify on all characters.
         Mega Flare - Massive damage to all characters, that is if
                      You're not inflicted with Full Break, which never
Elemental Immunites: Half damage against all Elements including Holy
Recommended Armor Abilities:  Ribbon, Auto-Pheonix, Break HP Limit.
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, Magic Booster, Double
                              Overdrive, 1 MP Cost

Location: Zanarkand Dome. (the place where you fought Yunalesca) Dark Bahamut
will be waiting there.

 This battle is long and hard. First cast Hastega then Auto-Life on
your party, Protect will help too. Start attacking with Quick Hit after that.
Make sure your party ALWAYS has Auto-Life, meaning when a character dies and is
revived, recast Auto-Life immediately. Be very prepared because once his
overdrive gauge is full, he'll use Impulse then immediately follow with Mega
Flare, so make sure your HP is high enough to survive from Impulse to preserve
your Auto-Life, because you'll definitely die from Mega Flare.

BOSS: Dark Yojimbo
HP:       1,600,000
AP:       8,000 (normal) 10,000 (overkill)
Items:    Dark Matter x7, Master Sphere x1
Equip:    Nemesis Rod / Ashura / Vendetta / Genji Bracer
Steal:    Stamina Tonic x2
Elemental Immunities: Regular Damage against Elements including Holy
Attacks: Daigoro - 6,000+ damage with Petrify on 1 character
         Kozuka -  12,000+ damage with Full Break and Curse on 1
         Wakizashi - 22,000+ damage on all characters
         Zanmoto - instant death on all characters
Recommended Armor Abilities:  Ribbon, Auto Pheonix, Break HP Limit
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive,
                              Magic Booster, 1 MP Cost

Location: Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, step on the teleport panel to get to the
back of the cave then try to go back out. A summoner will block your path and
call Dark Yojimbo.

 You have to fight him 5 times by going after the summoner towards
the entrance of the cave. Set your overdrive mode to Stoic. Now, cast Hastega
then Auto-Life on your first turn as usual. Start attacking with Quick Hit and
keep Doublecasting Ultima. Once his overdrive gauge is full, summon an aeon to
block Zanmoto because if you don't you'll die and reviving won't be possible
even with Auto-Life. Use your Overdrives as much as possible.

There will be a save sphere here, but saving will be useless since if youreload
you'll have to start over again. So just use it to recover your HP and MP.

BOSS: Dark Anima
HP:      8,000,000
AP:      30,000 (normal) 40,000 (overkill)
Items:   Dark Matter x2
Equip:   Sanctuary
Steal:   Three Stars x2
Attacks: Physical Attacks - 10,000+ damage with Petrify and Curse on 1
         Mega-Graviton - MASSIVE damage (46,000+ at 99,999) with Sleep,
                         Blind, Doom, Silence, Curse on all characters.
         Pain - Instant death on 1 character
         Oblivion - Instant death + Osmose on all characters.
Elemental Immunuties: Absorbs all elements, Immune to Ultima and Drain
Recommended Armor Abilities:  Ribbon, Auto-Pheonix, Break HP Limit,
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive,
                              Counterattack, 1 MP Cost, Magic Booster

Location: Mt. Gagazet Gate. Go to Gagazet Mountain Cave and repeat the 1st
Trial of Gagazet (Wakka's ball challenge). Once you're done, Anima will be
waiting at the gate of Mt. Gagazet.

 This fight is extremely long and quite hard too. Cast Hastega then
Auto-Life on your party and start attacking with Quick Hit. Again, make sure
all your party members ALWAYS has Auto-Life. Just summon an Aeon once his
overdrive gauge is full to block his DEADLY attack. Also, remember that his
Pain will kill a character even with Deathproof, your aeons are not immune to
this as well. Rely on Auto-Life to revive you from Mega-Graviton.

BOSS: Dark Magus Sisters
HP:      ?
AP:      30,000 (normal) 40,000 (overkill)
Items:   Dark Matter x4, Master Sphere x1
Equip:   Excalibur x3
Steal:   Mindy - Teleport Sphere
         Sandy - Friend Sphere
         Cindy - Return Sphere
Attacks: Mindy - Calamity - Casts Poison, Blind, Curse, Silence, Full
                            Break on 1 character
                 Passado - inflicts Death on 1 character
         Sandy - Physical Attacks - 12,000+ damage with Petrify on 1
                 Razzia - Instant death on 1 character (99,999 dmg)
         Cindy - Camisade - Instant death on 1 character (99,999 dmg)
                            plus Osmose
         All of them - Delta Attack - Instant Game Over
Elemental Immunities: Regular damage against Elements including Holy
Recommended Armor Abilities: Ribbon, Auto-Pheonix, Deathproof, Break HP
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, Magic Booster, 1 MP
                              Cost, Triple Overdrive

Location: From the North End of Mi'ihen Highroad, go north to Mushroom Rock.
You'll see 2 summoners there, approach them.

 You can run from them and beat them one by one. But lets assume
you got caught by all 3.

The most important thing to remember here is that they start with a full
overdrive gauge. First cast Hastega then Auto-Life on your party. After that
summon an aeon at overdrive immediately, preferably Anima and have him do
Oblivion and at the same time save you from Delta Attack. Now, pummel Mindy
with your character overdrives (Blitz Ace and a perfect 2-Hit Attack Reels) to
get rid of her quickly and prevent further Delta Attacks. Once one of them is
gone, the two left will do Mega-Graviton when their overdrive gauges are full.
Make sure all your party members ALWAYS have Auto-Life, since its hard to
predict what they will do next.

If it so happened that you got tired of killing each one of them manually, just
grand summon Yojimbo and pay him lots of gil (I paid him 1.7 million) and hope
that he'll do Zanmoto to kill one of them instantly.

BOSS: Penance
HP:      BODY - ?
         ARMS - 600,000 each
AP:      90,000 (normal) 100,000 (overkill)
Items:   Dark Matter x3, Master Sphere x3
Equip:   Eternity
Steal:   Elixir x6
Attacks: Body - Obliteration - 22,000+ damage plus Slow on all
         Right Arm - Calamity - Casts Poison, Blind, Silence, Curse,
                                Full Break on 1 character
                   - Mighty Guard - casts Shell, Protect + Regen
                   - Physical Attack - 33,000+ damage on 1 character
         Left Arm  - Tetra-Graviton - MASSIVE damage on all characters
                    (74,000+ at 99,999) with Status Ailments
                   - Physical Attack - 33,000+ damage on 1 character
Elemental Immunities: ?
Recommended Armor Abilities: Ribbon, Auto-Pheonix, Break HP Limit,
Recommended Weapon Abilities: Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive,
                              One MP Cost, Magic Booster, Counterattack

Location: Select from airship destination list once all Dark Aeons are dead.

 He's extremely tough! First cast Hastega then Auto-Life on all
your party members. Now, your primary concern is to get rid of the left arm
quickly since it carries the biggest threat. (Tetra-Graviton) Once its gone,
Double cast Ultima repeatedly. Summon your aeons at overdrive, especially Anima
and Magus Sisters. The right arm will cast Mighty Guard on all the parts after
a few turns so be ready to use Dispel or Purifying Salt to remove it. But
remember that the arms regenerate so you'll have to kill it again.

Another alternative in defeating Penance is to grand summon Yojimbo and pay him
lots of gil again then hope for Zanmato. This occurs randomly and the worst
thing is, he does Wakizashi the moment he appears, thus he dies even before you
get to pay him for Zanmoto.

I will not tell you descriptions of movies, just when they happen and other
spoilers ill do my best not to do.

!!!!Also, on a side note, to make things easier to find the temple you want for
the cloister of trials, CTRL+F to bring up the find bar and put in "Cloister of
Trials - " without quotations of course, this will narrow it down more making
you find these temples faster plus I added the revisit to Zanarkand Ruins

--NOTE: Use the Minimap, if you get lost the red arrow shows the way
--NOTE: All Save Spheres are marked with a white square on the minimap
--NOTE: All doors are marked with a greens square
--NOTE: Aeons can only be healed/revived at Save Spheres

LOCATION: Zanarkand
ITEMS: Longsword
MONSTERS: Sinscale

When you can move talk to everyone, and they all ask for his auto-graph after a
couple minutes of getting through them, you start your Blitzball tournament
with a good movie with hardcore music. Once you regain control, run and you
will meet up with Auron, follow him, talk to some people if you like. Keep
going, and you will be attacked, Auron will give you a weapon.

These battles are pretty straight forward. Just keep attacking the front
monsters to bust through ignore the back ones for now. Just keep going and you
will soon run up to a boss.

BOSS: Sinspawn Ammes
HP: 2400
MP: 400
AP: 0
GIL: 0
STEAL: Nothing
ITEMS: Nothing

Pretty easy, just use Aurons Overdrive and you will most likely kill the
surrounding little monsters, you shouldnt heal because a save point is coming
up and all the save points will heal all your characters [and soon Aeons]. Kill
him and move on.

Continue and save your game, and just keep fighting the bunch of little
monsters. Keep going until you see a machine to the right knock it a few times
and it will blow off the bridge.

Now you end up underwater sort of and they will give you instructions [use O to
dive] Tidus finds himself in what seems to be water. Press and hold O to dive,
and look for a little kid dude that has the grim reaper type suit.

ITEMS: 200 gil, Potion, Hi-Potion
KEY ITEMS: Flint, Withered Bouquet
MONSTERS: Sahagin, Piranha

When you wake up in the water, there should be a path that leads up to some
ruins to the east where there is an Al Bhed message [NOTE: You cannot read the
message right now, later on you can get magazines which will translate letters
to english], search around there for 200 gil. Follow the red arrow and go to
where the Save Sphere is, save and go left and grab the treasure chest for a

Walk across the bridge and it will break, and then you get attacked. Kill those
2 and the big fishy comes!

BOSS: Geosgaeno
HP: damage around 80 - 100 & will auto-escape
MP: 128
AP: 0
GIL: 0
STEAL: Nothing
ITEMS: Nothing

This battle may seem hard at first [I thought so] just take out the 2 other
monsters and just keep slaying the big fishy until you get from 80 - 100 hp and
Tidus will run. Tidus will swim like hes never swam before.

Now you are in ruins, head up the stairs, check out the middle and it will say
its really cold in here so time to find some heat! Save, and head the the
bottom left door and take the Flint which will start the fire, next head to the
top door and grab the Boquet of flowers, now head to the middle and start the
fire. When your fire goes out you will be attacked.

BOSS: Klikk
HP: 1500
MP: 5
AP: 5
GIL: 50
STEAL: Grenade
ITEMS: 2 Ability Sphere

A fair fight, keep attacking it and heal when necessary until a girl bursts
through the door and joins the fight. She is ???? for right now. Now steal and
throw them at him & keep attacking with Tidus, until he dies.

LOCATION: Al Bhed Ship
ITEMS: 3 Potion
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. I(1)
MONSTERS: Sahagin, Piranha

When you gain control you will be on a ship, they speak a language you cannot
translate right now, but we will change that. Talk to the guy on the left for 3
Potions, on the right side of the ship grab the Al Bhed Primer Vol. I(1). and
we are ready to go. Talk to the girl in the suit. She teaches you how to use
the Sphere Grid. She then tells you they are below a ship and Tidus goes in,
just follow the red arrow and using O to dive. You will encounter random
enemies, try to level up a little bit.

Once you get in check out the save sphere and save, then goto the computer
panel and press X to open it, you will be attacked throught just steal some
grenades and go through them, go up to her and you will be attacked yet again
by a big 'ol squid.

BOSS: Tros
HP: 2200
MP: 10
AP: 8
GIL: 100
STEAL: Grenade
ITEMS: 2 Power Sphere

Have Tidus attack, have Rikku use Grenades, if you run out just steal them from
Tros. Eventually he will swim to the opposite side and then you get an extra
command called "Stand by" where you wait and gain HP, just rest and he will
attack you from behind just recover and go back to what you were doing and
eventually he might swim back again this time you get a Pincer Attack where you
double team him from each side. Continue bombarding him until he falls.

Return to the ship with the red arrow on the mini-map again or just follow the
chick. When you get back to the ship an event will occur. When you wake up you
will find yourself at Besaid Island.

LOCATION: Besaid Island
ITEMS: 4 Antidote, 5 Phoenix Down, 2 Potion, 2 Hi-Potion, 800 gil, Ether,
Remedy, Brotherhood, Rod of Wisdom, Seeker's Ring
KEY ITEMS: Moon Crest, Al Bhed Primer Vol. II(2)
MONSTERS: Piranha, Dingo, Condor, Water Flan, Faruda

After you show off, talk to Wakka [the blitzball captain] and follow him into
town. When he knocks you off dive and you will find some good items after that,
make your way to the town fighting off fiends and fishies. When you get to the
road you will meet up with some people.

Continue on the road and fight the baddies
out the Crusader's Lodge and tells you to explore.

Talk to Wakka, and he will tell you to goto the Temple so.. go outside , on the
first tent there is a Phoenix Down... so grab it.

Head to the temple and talk to everyone then go back out and goto Wakka's tent
again and take a nap ..... ZZZzzzZZzZzz ...... after that go into the temple
and talk to everyone, Tidus of course embarrasses himself and barges in.

 ######### Cloister of Trials - Besaid Temple #########
Okay now they will give you a tutorial on the Cloister of Trials if you skipped
it I will briefly explain. Basically in each temple there is a Cloister of
Trials which houses puzzles and a Destruction Sphere. Each Destruction Sphere
is in all the temples. Get all of them and it will reward you later on.
Examine the Glyph on the wall and watch it open the door, Go down the stairs
and view the glyph with the sphere under it. Grab the glowing Glyph Sphere from
the holder & go down the stairs. Put it in the door and then take the sphere
back out. Keep going till you see a holder on the left, put it in to reveal a
sphere. Don't take it just yet and go down the hall, examine the words to
reveal a glyph. Touch the glyph and go into the hidden area. Take the Besaid
Sphere and put it into a pedestal and a new glyph should appear. Examine the
glyph again and a hidden area comes up. Take the sphere and push the Pedestal
into the next room but not all the way and insert the Besaid Sphere. Now go get
the Destruction Sphere, return to the area where the Besaid Sphere was with all
those lines and put it in. An area opens up with a treasure, take it to recieve
a Rod of Wisdom. Now push the pedestal in until it locks.

Alot of work eh? Well these are important, these are where you will get your
aeons or summons.

Next go into the door and you meet up with alot of new characters. Name the
Aeon whatever. Then just talk to everyone until you appear back into the temple
main lobby place. Then return into the town.

Watch the next event. You will learn how to use Aeons soon, just use them like
a regular person, accept to return to your regular party press RIGHT where the
main screen is and goto Dismiss. Heal them at Spheres.

Go talk to Yuna and then Wakka. Once you wake up goto the lodge and check the
front for Al Bhed Primer Vol. II(2). Buy some potions so you have atleast 10+.

Go outside and talk to Wakka, he will give you a cool lookin sword with like
water in it. It is called the Brotherhood. Equip it if you havent and you will
get Yuna [Summoner] and Lulu [Black Magic user] added to your party.

Just follow the path and tutorials for battling will come up. Keep following
the path. When you reach the top go over and talk to the praying Wakka [right],
he will explain about the prayer.

Keep walking and one of Yuna's Guardians will like go crazy on you.

BATTLE: Kimahri
HP: 750
MP: 10
AP: 3
GIL: 100
STEAL: Nothing
ITEMS: 2 Ability Sphere

Attack with normal hits till you run low then just heal with a potion don't use
alot of potions though. Take some damage, unleash your Overdrive whenever it
fills and you will be fine.

Yay! New party member Kimahri added to the growing list and you will get
tutorials and stuff. Go till you reach the boat. Talk to everyone and they will
all give you items. Get on and lets head out.

ITEMS: 6 Potion, Remedy
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. III(3)
MONSTERS: Sinscale

Speak to Wakka, and head downstairs and look for O'aka he is a very good
merchant indeed if you know how to use him, if you invest alot he will sell
things cheaper than shops and possibly rare items... if you give him a tiny bit
he will sell high. Pick whichever you can. Go into the room where everyone is
[left of O'aka] in their is the Al Bhed Primer Vol. III(3) Return to the top of
the ship

After resting or just exploring the ship go to where tthe Blitzball team is
Talk to the Blitzball team, and check everything out. After you’re done taking
a break, make sure you have lots of Potions and Pheonix Downs.
great. It is in the Power Room. After that, head on deck and talk to Yuna.

Sin will appear again [He seems to like you huh?] . Get ready for a fight too.
After the crew harpoons Sin,
your taken into battle.

BOSS: Sin/Sinscales
HP: Sin: 2000/Sinscales: 200
MP: Sin: 100/
GIL(TOTAL): 100 + 22 for every sinscale
AP: Sin: 10/Sinscales: 2
STEAL: Nothing
ITEMS: Mana Sphere

Argh, Sin is at it again, If you want lots of AP just sit there and keep
killing Sinscales for 2 ap a piece, if Tidus has learned Cheer, use it. Try to
get everyone to hit atleast 1 time in the battle, Break out Tidus, Wakka, Lulu.
Now have Tidus focus in on the Sinscales and have Lulu and Wakka concentrate on
Sin, now if anyone gets low on health switch with Lulu and bring Yuna in and
have her cast Cure. Or if you like summon Valefor, which would be easier, just
use Thunder on everything since your in the water and it conducts electricity
and when its overdrive fills use energy blast. It should be pretty straight

After that I hope you packed the Potions and whatnot. After the harpoon breaks
off Wakka goes in after Tidus and they find themselves in yet ANOTHER battle.
Accept only with Tidus and Wakka since those are the only 2 right now to fight

BOSS: Sinspawn Echuilles
HP: 2000
MP: 20
AP: 12
GIL: 115
STEAL: Nothing
WEAKNESS: Darkness Attacks
ITEMS: 2 Ability Sphere
Okay with only 2 characters this might be hard, but its up to you. First use
Cheer, if you dont have it, potions will come in handy, but I recommend you
learn it soon. Use Wakka's Darkness Attack to blind it so you dont have to heal
much. This is only temporary since itso only 3 turns where it will take place.
Normal attacks are good. Ignore the Pirahna. Yes we know they are cheap losers
but hey what can you do. Just ignore them and heal with those potions you
SHOULD of bought :). Heal whenever.

ITEMS: 3 Potion, Ether, Elixer, 2 Mana Sphere, Remedy, NulBlaze Shield, Scout,
Hi-potion, Luck Sphere, Red Armlet
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV(4)
MONSTERS: Ragora, Dinonix, Yellow Element, Killer Bee

After you regain control, just follow the characters to the left and watch as
Yuna "sends" the departed spirits. Lulu will explain to you more about this.

Grab the Al Bhed Primer Vol. IV(4) in the bar. Now goto the east part of
Kilika, Wakka will be supervising some people working. Now head west again
until you get to Kilika Forest and you will get into a tutorial battle again.
They will talk about Kimahri's Lancet ability which lets him learn other
characters moves like Blue Magic, start off by using it on the plants to get
Seed Cannon. Now its time to fight Lord Ochu! I recommend fighting this monster
as it gives alot of AP which you NEED.

BOSS: Lord Ochu
HP: 4649
MP: 39
AP: 40
GIL: 420
STEAL: Nothing
ITEMS: MP Sphere/Hp Sphere

This battle is pretty simple, use fire magic, Haste everyone that can use
magic, [e.g. Lulu, Yuna] Summon Valefor if you like, Use Wakka to silence lord
ochu with Silence Attack for 3 turns. When he gets down to like 2000 hp he will
start to use earth quake, if that happens summon Valefor and just use his magic
and OverDrive and Sonic Wings, then thats done. Easy 40 AP.

After that talk to one of the guys and they will give you an Elixer. Go east
and get the treasure which contains 2 Mana Spheres. Continue North, on till you
race to the top and save first or you will regret it.

BOSS: Sinspawn Geneaux
HP: Body: 3000 / Tentacles: 450
HP: 4649
MP: 30
AP: 53
GIL: 300
STEAL: Nothing
ITEMS: 2 Power sphere

Okay, this one is sort of easy, first take out the tentacles with physical
attacks, they absorb magic, as they do most of the damage for now. After those
are gone just aim the body with Fire magic, Physical Attacks,  summon Valefor
if you like. Use Yuna to heal if you get a chance. Kimahri is good to way to
pierce through its armor. Beat it and take your prize of 53 AP. Save and go up.

You see the Luca Goers [Blitzball Team] , Wakka's rival, and you get into a
dispute. Go into the temple. After you can move again try to go out and another
summoner will come in and shove you into the Cloiser of Trials to try to get
Yuna in trouble.

Jeez another Cloister of Trials.... more work for me, a new Aeon for you :)

######### Cloister of Trials - Kilika Temple #########
Take the Kilika Sphere from the pedestal on the left and place it into the
door. This will burn down the door. Grab that sphere again to extinguish the
fire and go through the door. Put the Kilika Sphere into the spot on the
Northern wall, A new glyph should appear. Now take the Kilika Sphere and put it
into the slot on the side. Touch the glyph to open the wall. Now take the Glyph
Sphere and set it on one of the holders. Go into the new room and step on the
shiny square in the next room to make the pedestal appear in that room. Now
take the Kilika Sphere to the right of that room and place it into the
pedestal. Now go into the other room and grab the Glyph sphere and insert it
where the Kilika Sphere was, now push the pedestal onto the shiny thing and it
will sink into the ground. Go down the stairs and take the Kilika Sphere from
below and place it into the slot next to the exit. Now go into the secret area
you just uncovered before and grab the Destruction Sphere and take it down
stairs and use it in the new slot below the ledge. Go in and grab the Red
Armlet. Now take the sphere next to the burning door and walk through.

Now you are in the summoning area, just talk to Wakka and other people and try
to leave and she will come out, now you got Ifrit and are ready to unleash
Hellfire. Return to Kilika... if you are bored level a couple sphere levels up.

Go back to where your old ship was and leave.

KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. V(5)

Go see your old friend O'aka and lend him some more cash. Leave some for
yourself, dont go too broke. Go into the control room and grab the Al Bhed
Primer Vol. V(5) which is laying in the middle of the floor. Go up and goto the
front of the boat to hear the Luca Goers talking to Yuna. Then goto the top
part of the boat, and listen to what Lulu and Wakka are arguin about. Go up
around 3 to 4 times until they stop chatting.

Save and go inspect the Blitzball. Time to learn the Jecht Shot mark I he was
talking about [you cannot get the 3rd one only mark I and II, his father was
the only one able to do it] this will teach you the first one. In blitzball it
takes out 2 Defenders and +5 to stats. the 2nd one takes out 3 defenders, +5 to
stats, makes ball invisible in shot so its harder to hit. Read the tutorial,
wherever the words appear use that direction on the analog and hit x, if it
appears in the middle just press X, complete it to gain it.

ITEMS: 2 Hi-Potion, Tidal Spear, 1600 gil, 2 Phoenix Downs, Magic Sphere HP
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI(6), Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII(7)
MONSTERS: Sahagin Chief, Worker, Vouivre, Garuda

When you gain control head to the right and save then head to the right again
to meet the "Meisters" they are like World Leaders. Now you are about to play
blitzball, yay!

After the last event you will be taken to the locker room in preperation for
the big Tournament. During this time Yuna claims to have saw Auron somewhere,
first leave, and go down the stairs and goto where the other Blitzball players
are. Near one of the plays is the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VI(6), and a treasure
chest in the back with 2 Hi-potions, also search the decks around the town as
most people will give you items for free...leave the blitzball stadium and find
Yuna, go into the Sphere Theater talk to everyone. Then go to the red arrow,
until you get to a place where there is a long strip and a guy on the right.
Goto the right if you want to buy armor and take the stairs on the right , keep
going up till you get 1000 gil. Go into the pub until Kimahri gets into a fight
then Yuna is missing.

Dang Al Bhed are kidnapping your summoner! Follow the red arrow once again to
Dock 1, to 3, all the way to 4, you have little machina trying to attack you
use Thunder to blast em away. Keep going until you get into a fight with
multiple machina without a break.... destroy them all. Watch Wakka on the
tournament display.... after that event. You will get on the Al bhed ship. Dun
dun....... Boss

BOSS: Oblitzerator
HP: 6000
MP: 10
AP: 36
GIL: 580
STEAL: Nothing
WEAKNESS: Thunder/Halves all other magic
ITEMS: Elixer

The easiest thing to do is.... cast Haste if you have it on everyone [Lulu]
first, first have Tidus try to work with the controls by pressing LEFT and he
suggests to give the thing a boost of power. Use Lulu's Thunder on it until it
starts running by itself, until then just have Kimahri and Tidus plung away
attacking. Once it starts running by itself have Tidus mess with the controls
by using the trigger command and then it rips it off for like 5000 damage which
greatly damages it, it also keeps it from attacking so..... you have it easy
until you destroy it.

-The Tournament-
When you return to the locker room, Watch the event with Wakka, before talking
to him when hes laying down, save at the Save Sphere. Review the blitzball
tutorial if needed by talkin to one of the guys. Talk to Wakka and you are
ready to go. This is a tough battle, if you have the Jecht Shot use it. If not
it will be hard. Win or lose it doesn't effect the game any so take it off your
chest. After that Luca will be swarming with fiends for some reason. You meet
up with Auron which is a heavy hitter right now!

After the game, Wakka gives you a thumbs up for trying so hard. All of a
sudden, you’re attacked! Get up and fight! These guys are no problem, of
course, so use your Dark Attack and Normal Attack. When they all annihilated,
you finally see Auron who will join you. Still use Wakka, Tidus, and use Auron
now since he has a big hit which effects armored things.

After 2 or 3 fights Meister Seymour will summon his Aeon which is very
powerful, you will learn the name of this Aeon soon. The aeon seems to be
killing all the monsters, hurray Meister Seymour comes out the new hero in
Luca. Before leaving go get the Al Bhed Primer Vol. VII(7) at the Sphere

Follow the Red Arrow on the mini-map go up and Auron will explain some VERY
interesting news, make sure you pay attention, he will then join Yuna as her

LOCATION: Mi'ihen Road
ITEMS: 9 Hi Potion, Hunters Spear, 6 Antidote, 2 Lvl. 1 Key Sphere, Red Ring,
4000 gil, Ice Brand, 3 Remedy, 2 Ether, 3 Soft, 3 Eye Drops, 4 Mega-Potion,
Thunder Blade, Scout, Fortune Sphere, 2 Phoenix Down, Tough Bangle, X-Potion,
10 Potion, Serene Armlet, Serene Bracer
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. VIII(8), IX(9), and X(10)
MONSTERS: Funguar, Raldo, Bomb, Mi'hen Fange, White Element, Floating Eye, Dual
Horn, Vouivre, Thunder flan, Ipiria, Red Element, Lamashtu, Raptor, Gandarewa,

NOTE: Some monsters are hard in this area, for instance Dual Horns which are a
pain in this part of the game, you can either use Wakka's Dark Attack or [I
haven't seen in any other faq or explanation] Summon Valefor they only use
physical attacks and so they cannot hit him since he is a flyer. Others are
easy just use their counterpart magic IE. Bombs destroyed by Blizzard because
they are Fire

As you see the Save Sphere, Go up to it and PRESS X, it will upgrade your Save
Sphere to a Lvl 2. , that means you can play Blitzball just activating the Save
Sphere Option! Also to hire people press the SQUARE button next to them.
Anyways.... talk to EVERYONE you see on this road they give tons of good items,
there are lots of treasures too, if you see a curve to the right or left, in
the minimap, check it out for most likely there is a treasure there, sure to
talk to every single person that you see.

Just Continue down the road talking to everyone till you get to the Chocobo
Knights, then soon you will meet Belgimine, this chick will battle you with
Aeons, so make sure Yuna level is up and the overdrive. If you win you will
reciever an Echo Ring, Lose you get a Seeker's Ring. Win or Lose continue down
the road.

Continue the road for along ways, behind a Chocobo Knight is a Remedy, and when
you come up to a Blitzball dont kick it, talk to the kid first and he will
reward you with 3 Softs for finding it, then kick it. Keep going till a Chocobo
type carrier car comes by, talk to one of the guys there and he will hand over
an Ether. Keep going until you get the last treasure which is 3 Eye Drops. Next
screen you will see a stop area, you will decide to stop soo.. go inside and
freshen up, a boss battle is coming around in a few mintues, so be well
equipped and leveled up. Anyways before heading out, talk to one of the people
in the store and he will give you a LVL 1 KEY SPHERE which will come in handy.
SAVE!!!! [IMPORTANT] and you will meet Rin [who is a semi-good blitzball
player, you can't put him on your team until you get the temporary
airship/permenant airship] he is an Al Bhed and has a big franchise of rest
areas around Spira he will also give you your Al Bhed Primer Vol. VIII(8).

Leave and the Chocobo's are being terrorized by a fat thingy. Boss battle.

BOSS: Chocobo Eater
HP: 10,000
MP: 5
AP: 135
GIL: 970
STEAL: Potion
ITEMS: 2 Lvl. 1 Key Sphere


This dude is hard. First off get Tidus, Wakka, Auron in your party. Auron
should Power Break it. Have Tidus use Cheer and Wakka use Dark Attack. Switch
Auron off for Lulu. Have Lulu cast Fira [if not use Fire, I suggest getting
Fira, Watera, Thundera, and Blizzara after]. Have Tidus cast Haste on Lulu.
Switch off Wakka for Auron, until Chocobo Eaters Blind wears off, then switch
him back in to do Dark Attack again. Also when its on its back summon an Aeon
with full OverDrive to do more damage. Dismiss it before Chocobo Eater kills
it. Repeat until defeated.

If you lose [Get pushed all the way back and fall off the cliff, just hit the
RESET button] you will regret it because you have to hike along ways, if you
win your in luck, Rin lets you rent a Chocobo for free for now! So head back to
the rest stop. Save and talk to the lady and you get to ride one.

KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE Al Bhed Primer Vol. IX(9)

If you want some extra items and the MARS SIGIL [used in part to powerup the
Ultimate Weapons] do this.... find the Chocobo Feather and press X on it while
on the Chocobo, here you will get a Scout and a Thunder Plains, continue and
talk to Lucil, a member of the Chocobo Knights, go South of O'aka to get the
Mars Sigil. Anyways return to the gates of Mushroom Rock, talk to everyone to
learn more about what they are doing.

Donations are a waist of cash but if you want to go ahead. 1st choice you get a
Scout, Second you an Ice Lance, and if you spent your life leveling up and/or
you have gameshark, you can get a Moon Ring for Yuna.

When you can't access Maester Seymour will come and grant you access. Go
through the event and talk to everyone, get the items and head out. Follow the
Red Arrow. Save and continue, this trail is harsh and tiring because you run
into alot of enemies that are anoying :). There is also weird lookin ground,
press X to go up to the next area. Once you reach an object at the end with a
Save Sphere. Save and Level Up for a bit and save when you get low on HP/MP or
if your Aeons have died. After Head up.

Continue pass the forbidden machina and save at the Save Sphere on the next
screen. You decide his fate. If you choose him to fight sin he will die and his
companion will live, choose to fight Sin and he will die and his friend will

Talk to them about there plans. Before talking to the guy go Save and talk to
the guy all the way to the right. Tell him your ready. The plan goes wrong [of
course] and it attacks you

BOSS: Sinspawn Gui
HP: HEAD: 4,000 / BODY: 12,000 / ARMS: 800
MP: 30
AP: only until second battle
GIL: 0
STEAL: Potion

This guy is not that hard. Summon Aeons and overdrive it to kill arms and maybe
the head. If not use Wakka to take out the head and Auron and Tidus to take out
the head. It will use Venom once in a while cure with Esuna, I recommend Ifrit
for part of this as he is immune to status effects and his overdrive is good if
you leveled up Yuna. It regenerates it arms and its arms protect its body so
thats your #1 target, #2 is the head, #3 is the body. He should die soon. Time

Watch the next event that is sadening, and that Sinspawn Gui STILL isn't dead!

BOSS: Sinspawn Gui
HP: HEAD: 1,000 / BODY: 6,000 / ARMS: 800
MP: 30
AP: 1,514
GIL: 1,000
STEAL: Potion

Seymour joins your party just cast his spells and its dead, really easy.

You get 6 LVL 1 KEY SPHERES, Inspect everyone but the guy who who was at the
gate, hes in the top left.

LOCATION: Djose Highroad
ITEMS: Soft Ring, Variable Steel, 3 Hi Potion, 4000 gil, Remedy, 2 Ether,
Mega-Potion, 2 Phoenix Down, 3 Bright Bangle, 4 Ability Sphere, 10 Potion,
Switch Hitter, Magic Sphere, Halberd
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XI(11)
MONSTERS: Bite Bug, Funguar, Basilisk, Garm, Bunyip, Ganderewa

Talk to all the people to recieve a gift of some sort. Theirs a chest with a
Pheonix Down, and there is a spiky rock, search behind it for an Al Bhed Primer
Vol. XI(11). Fight those big Cobra looking things with arms [Basalisks] to
stock up on Ability Spheres. Summon Ifrit. Also Kimahri can learn Stone Breath
using Lancet from these guys. When you go north on the east side their is a
small crevace type place with a chest get it for a Bright Bangle. Keep going.
Go RIGHT to the next screen until you see a bridge with alot of people.

Continue and save at the Save Sphere infront of the temple. Behind the Inn is a
chest with 4 Ability Spheres, to the west of the entrance there is 4,000 gil.

You are interduced to a new summoner, Isaaru, anyways after that. Head to the
left and pick up an Ether and goto the right and pick up the Remedy, then go up
the middle and time for a trial that took me forever to figure out, then how to
get the Destruction Sphere. Anyways here we go....

######### The Cloister of Trials - Djose Temple #########
Take both spheres from the side walls and insert them both into the door. Head
through the door, Take a sphere next to the door and put it into the either
slot on the far right side. Take the other and insert that into the other hole
on the right side. Now the pedestal on the ceiling should light up. Push the
pedestal in the middle of the room to the right, right under where that
pedestal is to charge the sphere and make it super shiny. Take the charged up
sphere and place it to the right of the door. This should open it. Step on the
floor glyph thats shining to the left.

Take the 2 spheres from the right of the room and put them on both sides of the
pedestal. Push the pedestal into the lightning pit and hop across. Push the
Pedestal so it goes inward and light on the eyeball of the bird thing lights

Go back and step on the shiny floor glyph to the left again and take the 2
spheres from it and put them all the way back to where you took the first 2
spheres to open the door. Put both of them in each slot. So the whole thing
should be lit up accept the head. Take the charged sphere and place it to the
left of the door. The door should seal but it creates a floor lift to the top

Once up their push all 5 of the pedestals inward [2 are hidden on the very
right and left], a door to stairs should open up, STOP RIGHT THERE. Ride to the
lower level again. Goto where the shiny floor glyph that resets the pedestal
is, dont step on it but a new glyph should appear infront of it. Press X up to
the glyph and Touch It, It should lead you to a Destruction Sphere. Now take
that sphere and ride to the top. Put it into the pedestal and grab the
treasure. And then go up the stairs.

Talk to everyone multiple times, then attempt to leave. Then that other
summoner that pushed you down the Cloister of Trials is there. You recieve a
new aeon Ixion, thunder based.

In the morning wake up and grab the Switch Hitter from the treasure chest. Go
outside the inn and go inside the temple. Keep going and slap Yuna awake (hehe
just kidding), she wakes up and rushes to get ready... well time to head out.

Talk to all the people walking out to recieve items, go north to start the
Moonflow Path, yay.

LOCATION: The Moonflow
ITEMS: 6 Lvl. 1 Key Sphere, X-Potion, Magic Defense Sphere, 2 Phoenix down,
5000 gil, Ether, Mega-Potion, 4 Antidote, 2 Dragon Scales
KEY ITEMS: Summoner's Soul, Al Bhed Primer Vol. XII(12)
MONSTERS: Ochu, Garm, Bite Bug, Bunyip, Snow Flan, Gandarewa, Funguar
NOTE: You fight lots of Ochu's here so bust out Ifrit.

Go north and talk to Shelinda, after talking to her go behind her to pick up 3
Lvl 1 Key Spheres, go straight again and watch some Ronso try to hurt Kimahri's
feelings (hang in there Kimahri!). Grab the X-potion and move keep moving and
there is some more Lvl. 1 Key Spheres in some cracks in the side, just grab
them.  Keep going and talk to people and then you meet up with Belinda again.

She wants to battle ya, so be prepared. Try to get in battle with OVERDRIVE as
usual. Summon someone like Ifrit for Ixion, use Valefor if that fails of
course. Win and get Summoner's Soul, which allows you to teach Abilities to
your Aeons through items. If you win you get two Dragon Scales, if you lose she
will not give you them so..... move on.

Keep moving till you see trees and you can move inbetween some of them to get a
Magic Defense Sphere. Move on to get the SHOOPUFS! They are swimming elephant
thingies. Grab the 2 Phoenix Down and buy some stuff from O'aka since the shop
here likes to raise it high. Anyways go north west of Auron, grab the chest
inside the house for 5000 gp. Save and talk to the dude that looks like T for a
head and body hes blue, can't miss him. While you are on the shoopuf you get
attack... -plays battle music-

BOSS: Extractor
HP: 4,000
MP: 10
AP: 660
GIL: 2,400
STEAL: Nothing
ITEMS: Mega Pheonix

This is easy, just attack it with all you have, haste if necessary. Use potions
if you fall in the yellow. Try to get the Lightningstrike ability for either of
there weapons or have Wakka use Element Reels and try to get all the yellow
circles [lightning] to power it up. Hit it with the Blitzball if it gets ready
to do depth charges. He should be done in soon.

Talk to O'aka. Take the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XII(12), buy some supplies from him
as you may need them later on.... supplies or not save and go west. There is
also another good Blitzball player I have found called Miyu Guado.

As you contine west.... WHO'S THAT IN THE SUIT?! Its that person from the start
of the game. After the next event. They give a tutorial on how to steal and use
the Mix OVERDRIVE. Use will enable her to use the stuff she has stolen or won.

Follow the path. On the left there should be a Mega-Potion and on the right 3

LOCATION: Guadosalam
ITEMS: 2 Hi-Potion, 8 Lightning Marble
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII(13)

As soon as you enter an event will occur and you will beable to customize
weapons (take items and mod them into an ability to add to a weapon/armor). If
you like you can add Darkproof or Poisonproof if you have enough items, to
prevent you from future poisons or whatever. First goto the top left house left
of Seymours Place and the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIII(13) is. Next goto the INN,
Save or Buying items  from the shop and whatever you need [O'aka carries
cheaper things than the guado shop].

Goto the middle top of Guadosalam, that is Seymours place. Go in and climb the
stairs and on the top there are 2 Hi-Potions. Talk to everyone and see what
they have to say. After these next events get out of the house and goto the top
where there is a guy guarding it. Continue on the path and stick to the left
where there is a hidden chest with 8 Lightning Marbles. Continue onto the path
and you will goto a place where spirits feed off your thoughts to make an
image. This is the farplane. Talk to Wakka, Lulu, then Yuna. After this event
your Brotherhood will be upgraded.

Continue back and Yuna will be inside that house you were earlier. Talk to Lulu
and then Rikku. After that goto the shop and Kimahri will come out. Talk to
Lulu yet again. After Yuna is done trying to find Maester Seymour, leave
through the left exit. Now you are onto the Thunder Plains.

LOCATION: Thunder Plains
ITEMS: 2 Phoenix Down, 2 Hi-Potion, 7000 gil, Water Ball, Yellow Shieldn,
X-Potion, Ether, Remedy
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV(14)
MONSTERS: Aerouge, Qactuar, Larva, Iron Giant, Melusine, Kusariqqu, Gold
Element, Buer

When you enter take a left and grab the 2 Pheonix Downs out of the treasure
chest. Okay, well this is pretty straight forward, when you see a flash of
lightning press X fast and you will dodge it, prizes are given to consecutive
dodges/hits, check the minigames/sidequests chapter. Save at the save sphere,
and keep going. If you see a Qactuar Stone glow press Square up to it. This
will let you get into random battles with Qactuar that give a fair amount of
AP, but have a very high evade. My suggestion is use Wakka to use AIM on
everyone a couple of times. Then unleash, watch out for its 1,000 needles

Keep walking and they will decide to go into a Rest Stop. Take a rest, save or
whatever. Talk to Rikku, and Rin will come in, choose the going good option to
get the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV(14). There is also a book on the counter that
talks about Qactuar Stones.

Goto where Yuna went, and go into the room, I wonder whats shes up to. When you
get outside search for a Yellow Shield. Get back the the path and take a right.
Keep going and eventually Yuna has something to tell you guys, look around for
an Ether behind a building. After you regain control keep going and their
should be a Save Sphere up above. This is where you level up, the Iron Giants
give a GENEROUS amount of AP, good for leveling up. Try to have the Firaga,
Waterga, etc. learned very soon. And have Tidus going for Hastega, and whatever
you want on other characters. Gain like 10+ sphere levels if you like, but it
will help soon, move on. Look out for more treasures as they are along the

LOCATION: Macalania
ITEMS: Sleepy Cait Sith, 7400 gil, 3 Phoenix Down, MP Sphere, 3 Remedy,
Mega-Potion, Shell Targe, Ether, 2 Hi-Potion, 2 X-potion, Luck Sphere, Lvl. 1 &
2 Key Spheres.
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XV(15), and XVI(16), Jecht Sphere
MONSTERS: Chimera, Murussu, Wasp, Blue Element, Xiphos, Snow Wolf, Ice Flan,
Mafdet, Evil Eye

If you leveled up you will be fine, if not these battles may be hard. Chimera
will use Megiddo Flame [sound familiar huh? yup, Omega Weapon used this in
Final Fantasy 8, but this one doesnt do 9998 damage. Anyways head up the log
and follow the path to the left to find a Sleepy Cait Sith. Be sure to get all
the treasures in this area as there is a significant amount. Look for them.
Continue and you will meet a creature who will tell you about the Butterfly
Catcher game. You can accept or just pass this over for now. IF you accept,
Goto the Butterfly Catcher section in the Minigames/Sidequests section.

Contine till you see... O'aka! Talk to him and tell him his prices are too high
and he will give you some discounts. Across from him is a hidden Al Bhed Primer
Vol. XV(15).

Make sure no one has any Lightningstrikes or Waterstrikes or anything on their
weapons, as this next fight might HEAL the monster. Continue until Auron cuts
through the brush and you come to a cool area. But not for long....

BOSS: Spherimorph
HP: 12,000
MP: 100
AP: 3,420
GIL: 4,000
STEAL: Ether
WEAKNESS: Element Changes
ITEMS: Lvl. 2 Key Sphere

I had an Overdrive on my Aeons, This is how I did it, keep attacking and it
will cast a spell on you, if its Thunder that means he absorbs Thunder. So
memorize his patterns and when he gets to firing Blizzard or Water.... BUST OUT
Ifrit fast for Blizzard and use his Overdrive or Ixion for water, if you
leveled up their Overdrive should do 9999. Keep doing this and it will die. Or
have Lulu cast some spells on it, it will change its element each time, just
phyiscal attack it to get its spell type and do the opposite. It should die

After that it will leave behind a Jecht Sphere which will tell you about
Jecht's [Tidus's father] time on Spira and how he was stranded. The Jecht
Sphere will also give Auron a new Overdrive called "Shooting Star" this will
kick some enemies out of battle, or a decent amount of damage.

Continue on, looking for treasures, until you come to a rest stop. There will
be the Al Bhed Primer XVI(16) next to Clasko, the Chocobo Knight guy. Talk to
him and he will ask your opinion on if he should change his carrier. I chose
him to be a breeder. Be sure to save in the INN. Yuna will go off with a Guado,
and will be attacked...

BOSS: Crawler
HP: Crawler: 16,000 / Negator: 1000
MP: Crawler: 1 / Negator: 1
AP: 4950
GIL: 7,300
STEAL: Lunar Curtain from Crawler, Hi-Potion from Negator
ITEMS: Elixer

Yay another boss. First attack the floating thing [use WAKKA] that is the
Negator. Which disables you from using magic or Summons. Attak it, and it will
start to countdown which unleashes Mana Beam. This does lots of damage but it
WILL do lots of damage. Heal up and bring in Yuna and Lulu if they are not
already in. Cast thunder spells and unleash Ixion, bust it out and use boost.
Then unleash Thor Hammer, if Mana Beam gets to it, Shield to block some of the
damage. This battle is sort of hard. Just don't attack it after you have been
severly hurt. Use items too they are very useful.

After the battle its time to go cruzin on the machina snow bicycle things. When
you get to the temple take a right and grab the Mega-Potion. Lets go in the
door. Go across the bridge and an Al Bhed will bribe you 400 gil not to harm

Have you noticed that that last couple of Temples had to do with the element of
the Aeon? Well, hmmm its ice all round so guess who? YUP Shiva.

Anyways get in and talk to the people to recieve some items, Tromell will give
you a Shell Targe. Save. Continue up the middle to try to go into the Cloister
of Trials. But you will be forced down and to the right to see the sphere of
what really happened to Seymours father. Before leaving check in the chest in
the back for some Remedies and one of the people for 2 Hi-Potions. Go back out
and before going, collect the 2 X-Potions and 5000 gil in the first room then
goto the top left and look for someone who will give you an Elixer and an
Ether. Their is also a chest in the back that has 3 Phoenix Downs! You NEED
save again and head into the Cloister of Trials. You will find Seymour there.
Where Yuna uncovers her plot.

BOSS: Seymour
HP: SEYMOUR: 6,000 / GUADO: 2000 / ANIMA: 18,000
MP: SEYMOUR: 100/ GUARDO: 10 / ANIMA: 50
AP: 6,220
GIL: 8000+
STEAL: Seymour: Turbo Ether / Guado: Hi-Potion / Anima: Silence Grenade
ITEMS: Ability Sphere, Black Magic Sphere

This battle is not that hard if you leveled up alot in the Thunder Plains.
First take out the 2 Guado as they will heal Seymour and cast spells on him for
AID, if your having trouble steal there Hi-Potions w/ Rikku to keep them from
healing themselves. Tidus and Yuna can use the TALK trigger command to raise
the stats of the character. Switch out Rikku if you used her and bring in a
heavy hitter. So you should now have Yuna, Tidus, Auron or Kimahri out, whoever
is stronger [usually its Auron]. Anyways have Tidus cast Haste or Hastega on
everyone. Have Tidus and Auron pound Seymour for all you have. Seymour uses
Blizzard, Thunder, Water, and Fire so have Yuna HEAL and use the Nul-Frost,
Nul-Shock, Nul-Tide, and Nul-Blaze which will cancel all of his spells if you
use them in that order. When you hurt him enough he will call forth Anima.

Anima is easier than I thought he would be, summon ???? which is Shiva. Just
sit there using Heavenly Strike until it uses Pain. When it hits heal yourself
with Blizzard or Blizzara. Once your Overdrive fills up unleash that bad boy
which should do 9999. Keep up the same thing with the Blizzara healing and you
should of been able to get the second one off which does 9999 also and if you
did both thats over 18,000+ HP already which is how much Anima has.

Seymour comes out again. Now he uses spells consecutively, just null some magic
and heal and just attack him. He will fall soon just keep it up like the first

Once you kill him the Guado burst through and takes Seymour.

######### The Cloister of Trials - Macalania #########
Begin by takeing a left and going down the steps and goto the middle pillar and
grab the Glyph Sphere. Put this one into the pedestal. Push the Pedestal to the
right and it runs into the ice. Now push it forward and it flys down another
ramp. Go down and take that sphere out and put it in the very left-most slot on
the wall. Go up the ramp and take the Macalania Sphere from the new wall that
came up. Go down to the pedestal and put it in, now push the pedestal to the
right. A part of the bridge should of appeared. Now once again go back up and
grab the sphere on the very right.  Go down the ramp and put it in the left
pillar. Take the sphere next to the ramp going down and put it in the middle
pillar. Go up the ramp to where you first started and step on the shining floor
glyph to return the pedestal to the top. Once that is accomplished take the
sphere and push it down the ramp.

Go down the ramp to where the pedestal was ORIGINALLY and step on the shining
floor glyph to the left. Take the Macalania Sphere in your hand and put it into
the far right slot making the ice re-appear. Take the sphere from the middle
pillar again and put it into the slot by the ramp to make the ramp re-appear.
Take the Destruction Sphere from the Pedestal and go down the ramp and put it
into the slot left of the doorway. go down the tiny ramp and open the chest.
Take it and lets get out of here. Go back up the ramp and push it to the right
so it hits the ice again, take the sphere on the very right and put it into the
pedestal. Push the pedestal north again and it will go back to the basement.
Push it right to make the bridge re-appear. Now go up the ramp and grab the
sphere by the ramp to make it dissapear. Place that into the middle pillar and
go up the main ramp and leave.

Well after that go out and the Guado will be very VERY mad and are with
Seymour. They will destroy the sphere of Seymours father that told them Seymour
was evil, your only proof now gone. Well time to run, just escape and follow
the path to where you came. If the guado catch up they will force you into a
battle. Just keep moving and take the right path, at the end their is a Lvl 1
Key Sphere. Jump across to the left and continue until you get to the save
sphere. Touch the Save Sphere to Heal and then Save.

BOSS: Wendigo
HP: WENDIGO: 18,000 / GUADO: 1,200
MP: WENDIGO: 32 / GUADO: 330
AP: 3,160
GIL: 3000
STEAL: Hi-Potions [from both]
ITEMS: Power Sphere

This is easy! Just take out the 2 Guado by either stealing the Hi-Potions from
them or use an Aeon to take them out. If they cast Berserk on Wendigo, either
use Threaten for Auron or you will probably get thrashed bad. Fira and Firaga
work wonders. Dark Buster/Dark Attack and Power Breaks are musts. Wakka' Sleep
Attack also works.

Save at the save sphere and talk to everyone. There is a Lvl. 2 Key Sphere 
hidden behind Kimahri. Someone revisits you and the toxin gets to close and you
black out.

LOCATION: Sanubia Desert
ITEMS: 4 Remedy, 24 Al Bhed Potion, 2 Either, 16 Hi-Potion, 4 X-Potion, 5
Mega-Potion, 10,000 gil, Lvl. 2 Key Sphere, Elixer, 2 Teleport Spheres, 3
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVII(17), and XVIII(18), Mercury Crest
MONSTERS: Zu, Sand Worm, Cactuar, Sand Wolf, Alcyone, Mushussu, Mech Guard,
Mech Gunner, Sandragora

You wake up in an Oasis in the middle of the desert! I want to know how you can
go from freezing temperatures and under ice to an Oasis in the middle of a
desert island. First things first, swim to the lower left to grab 4 Remedies.
And Save at the save sphere.

Go north and you will be attacked by a Zu monster, This isn't a boss battle or
hard. Just keep attacking until Auron and Lulu join in. Take it out using Power
Break, Mental Break, and Bio works WONDERS in this part. Sandworms will attack
you later, just bio them and blind them. The BIO will do 4,200 damage everyturn
[or around their].

Go straight up and you will find Wakka underneith a tent. Talk to him and you
get him in your party. Open the chest to find 8 Al Bhed Potions. These are the
best up to now! Only Rikku can use them but, they cure everyone for 1000 HP
each and eliminates Poison, Petrification, Silence! Don't use them though, as
you will need them soon for a boss.

Take a path to the right to find Kimahri just going up a desert dune and then
slides back down and repeats. Just talk to him and follow the path North to
find Rikku. Get some Ethers from the chest and some more Al Bhed Potions from
the first aid kit. Now if you encounter Machina Rikku can take it apart by
using steal WHILE gaining grenade items.

The new Cactuars are around here, they will do 10,000 needles instead of 1,000
so watch out these ones are powerful. Keep going until you see a sign... head
southwest to find a chest with 4 Hi-Potions, continue until you reach a fork.
Grab the Al Bhed First Aid kit for another 8 Al Bhed Potions and goto the left,
even though the enemies are stronger there are better items so continue looking
for them, they are near structures. Look around for a big semi-circle that has
windows in it for A Bhed Primer Vol. XVII(17). Go north until you hit a marker
sign. Look around their for an Al Bhed Primer Vol. XVIII(18)! Continue to the
red arrow and if you see the whirlwind in the put and a Cactuar Stone, check
the minigames/sidequests section "Cactuar Hunter" for info on it. Also around
their are 3 Mega-Potions and 2 X-Potions. Move east until you come across a
chest sinking. Just chase it for a battle. Defeat these monsters with fire
spells, cure the confusion with a physical attack. Grab the chest for 3
Mega-Elixers, continue north for another one which has Teleport Spheres. Now
just follow the red arrow until you get to the Al Bhed Home , which is pretty
banged up.

LOCATION: Al Bhed Home
ITEMS: 2 Hi-Potion, Friend Sphere, 10 Al Bhed Potion, Special Sphere, Skill
Sphere, 10,000 gil
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIX(19), XX(20), XXI(21)
MONSTERS: Guado, Bomb, Dual Horn, Chimera

Search a dead body for 2 Hi-Potions, and goto the save sphere and look around
it for Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIX(19). Save and go inside. When you get hunched in
the middle just attack the Guado until you kill it, then kill the monster it
summoned. Just follow the party top right. As you move along you get attacked
again by Dual Horns and Guado. Go down the stairs, return to the south corridor
and go left. The Al Bhed Primer Vol. XX(20) is on the bed and the 2 chests
require you to translate Al Bhed.

If you collected ALL of the Primers like ive showed you, you should have no
problem. If not do this. So pick Sorro which translates to Sorry, pick Fait
which translates to Wait, pick Pardon which translates to Pardon. Grab the
Friend Sphere from the chest and take off.

Exit the room and go down the stairs. Their is a chest with 4 Al Bhed Potions
along the left, their is another chest around with 6 more. Go through the
eastern corridor and take the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXI(21). Enter the door to
get some more questions goto the chest above the Compilation Sphere. You need
to do math for this:

1st Digit: Add Both numbers.
2nd digit: Subtract the 2nd number from the 1st number
3rd Digit: Multiply the 1st number by the 2nd number
4th Digit: Add both numbers

Doing this will get you a Special Sphere. Move to the other chest that requires
you to do some anaswering. Here's the answers to save you time.

1st: 3rd Answer
2nd: 4th Answer
3rd: 2nd Answer
4th: 1st Answer

Continue through the city looking for chests. There is a Lvl. 4 Key Sphere
under some stairs, and a Lvl 2. Key Sphere on the far right before you enter
the Summoners Sanctum. After the next event you will find Yuna not there, and
more info on what they are doing. After this a monster busts through. Just
leave and get the chest in the Sanctum for 10,000 gil. And then head to the
airship dock. Basically the attack on the town was to get Yuna.

LOCATION: The Airship
MONSTERS: Evil Eye, Dual Horn, Bomb

Now you get to watch a really cool movie! Like on the commercial. Anyways when
you regain control I suggest hiring Brother [The Guy piloting the ship, north
of where you are] onto your Blitzball team, he is really good. Rin is also on
the ship too, hire him also. This will be the only time you can hire them for a
while. Anyways just wonder around and talk to people until you get attacked.
Head to the left of the control room until you get to the Save Sphere and some
steps. Save and continue up the stairs. You will see a monster called Evrae.
Time to boss battle. Talk to Rin buy some items and armor and go infront and
ride up.

BOSS: Evrae
HP: 32,000
MP: 500
AP: 5,400
GIL: 2,600
STEAL: Water Gem
WEAKNESS: Fire / Halves all other magic
ITEM: Black Magis Sphere

Cast Slow on Evrae and then Hastega on yourself if you don't have that just
cast Haste on everyone. When you are up close just nail him with everything you
have, use OVERDRIVES. If he petrifies or poisons you or attacks you good, have
Tidus or Rikku pull back. Then pull out Rikku and use Al Bhed Potions using her
USE command, this is why you need them, Very handy. If you pull back long
enough the ship will unload missles doing 200 - 400 damage with each hit. It
will use Poison Breath sometimes which poisons everyone, Counter with 1 or 2 Al
Bhed Potions. This is sort of easy battle, just continue with it.

Watch the next cool event like on the commercial.

ITEMS: HP Sphere, Knight Lance, Black Magic Sphere, Mega-Potion, Elixer, White
Magic Sphere, Skill Sphere, 2 Lucid Ring, Avenger, Rematch
KEY ITEMS: Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXII(22), Jecht Sphere
MONSTERS: Warrior Monk, YKT-63, YAT-99, Cave Iguion, Sahagin, Swamp Mafdet, Bat
Eye, Aqua Flan, Maze Larva, Phiegyas, Octopus

As you come in just keep going forward. Nail the robots, and the flamethrower
guys first or you will regret it. Just use Thunderaga on the bots to kill them
soon. Just keep plowing through defeated... use Al Bhed Potions when you are
low on health. And just keep going. When you get to the end you will be
surrounded. After that event you will be surrounded and Rikku will use a flash
grenade which will blind everyone long enough to make an escape.

Go up to the panel and press X and an escelator type thing will take you down.
Follow the short path to the temple and look around for the Al Bhed Primer Vol.
XXII(12) its in the middle of the path. A temple made out of machina? well that
just destroyed Wakka. Anyways SAVE and head into the temple.

######### The Cloister Of Trials - Bevelle Temple #########
When you first enter push the pedestal forward and it will turn into a
platform, taking you down. Hit X so you go forward. On the first turn when the
arrow points right hit X and you will take a right. Now it takes you all the
way to the bottom. Take the sphere from the holder and place it into the
pedestal. Push the pedestal onto the path from where you came. It will turn
into the elevator thingy. When you go straight up take a right and take the
next right [second right from where you first started]. Take a Bevelle Sphere
and place it into the holder. Push it back into the path and goto the end and
fall off. When you start from the previous place this time take the left and
take the sphere and insert it into the pedestal. Push it onto the path and ride
to the end and fall off. From the starting place take a right ride to the next
floor and take a left and ride it to the end and take the right. Take a Bevelle
Sphere and insert it into the holder, this will open a path to a Destruction
Sphere, but we can't get it just yet. Push the pedestal back into the path and
you will fall off. When you start you will be on the second level, stay on that
level DO NOT go up to the first level. NOW from the new start take the second
left and take the Glyph Sphere at the end and insert it into the Pedestal. Push
the pedestal back onto the path and take a right at the very end again. This
time take a Glyph Sphere and put it into the Glyph which will give you access
to the Destruction Sphere. Take it and put it on the pedestal. Fall off and
when you start from the new beginning again, take the second right and insert
the Destruction Sphere there. Push the pedestal back onto the path and ride to
the very end again. Take the Bevelle Sphere and insert it into the pedestal. 
Push it back in and you will fall off again. From the new start take the first
right [not where you got the VERY FIRST sphere]. When you get onto the little
land thing. Push the pedestal over the side and onto the new path. Ride it and
you should switch. It will take you up to a new place. Go up and open the
treasure and step on the shining glyph to put the pedestal up there. If you
followed this guide you should have 2 Bevelle Spheres, which is good if not, I
feel sorry for you. Anyways take 1 sphere and insert it into the holder. Push
it to the left and ride the short ride to the end and grab the treasure. Ride
back over and take a right.

Talk to the people and you and Kimahri will bust out Yuna. After this you will
have recieved Bahamut! Which is very very awesome. 10,000+ for his Overdrive.
After the next event you will be held for a trial.

Each person is sentenced to a maze. Where their is a boss at the end of each
one. Oh joy.

First you control Yuna, and you have to find other party members. When you
first start out go east, and follow the path, here you will meet Kimahri. This
is a great time to check out Bahamut and all he has to offer. To the left of
the room is a treasure chest with a Mega-Potion in it. Go north after that and
follow the path to find Auron. Save at the sphere. From where you found Auron.
go west and you will find Lulu in a short corner. Behind her carries a White
Magic Sphere. Go south from where you found Lulu and you will be taken to a
chest with an Elixer in it. Their is also a glyph on the wall, touch it to
activate it. Now you have to backtrack ALL the way back, what a pain huh? Go
north and take the first right, there you will find a Black Magic Sphere on the
right side of the room. Step on the floor glyph [if you activated the glyph on
the wall where the Elixer was] and it will move. Go back to where the
T-intersection where the locked door was and step on the glyph when it points
to the locked room. A Skill Sphere and Lucid Ring will be waiting for you
there. Get out of the room and goto where Auron was. Save and go down the
corridor to the north. This is where you will have to battle Isaaru, he has 3

BOSS: Ifrit[Grothia] / Valefor[Pterya] / Bahamut[Spathi]
HP: Ifrit: 8,000 / Valefor: 12,000 / Bahamut: 20,000
MP: Ifrit: 600 / Valefor: 1000 / Bahamut: 1,500
AP: 6,000
GIL: 0
STEAL: Nothing
WEAKNESS: Ifrit: Ice
ITEMS: Nothing

Summon Shiva for Ifrit, wait until Shiva Ifrit attacks you and boost. If you
boost alot you will beat him to his Overdrive. Heal yourself with
Blizzara/Blizzard. When you are low on health. You will always get to Overdrive
before Ifrit if you started from scratch, anyways if your overdrive is done,
unleash it which it will do 9999 instantly killing him. 1 down 2 to go.

When he sommones Valefor you summon Bahamut. This isn't hard, just use Impulse
or Boost and get attacked. Your Mega Flare will annihilate him. If it doesn't
kill him, you need to level up, if he survives just use some attacks or
Impulses to finish it off. 2 down 1 to go

Summon anyone you like, I chose Ixion. When you battle it it will start to
count. That is when it releases Mega Flare. To do this you should have your
Aeon at full Overdrive or just build it up, using its special attack and
Attack. When you get it you should beable to pull off an Overdrive. If Bahamut
will beat you to it [overdrive gauge is below him], use Shield the time before.
You will more than likely survive. Just cure yourself with Thundera, Blizzara,
Fira or whatever. He will fall after a little after 2 Overdrives. Not that

=suggestion by:
This battle can be tough or very easy, it depends on your strategy. Just one
hint before i start, Shiva is not the aeon to start with to fight Ifrit because
even if Shiva gets off an overdrive, Ifrit still won't die. but when he uses
Hellfire, Shiva is toast(literally). Anyways, start off with Bahamut and use
his overdrive, this may not kill Ifrit first try. But at least Ifrits overdrive
won't kill Bahamut, do this Bahamut overdrive twice and Ifrit is toast., you
should also be able to kill Valefor (second battle against Isaaru) with
Bahamut, if not bring in Ifrit and use his overdrive. Finally Isaaru will
summon Bahamut. Simple, this is the time to bring in Shiva. Just use her
overdrive, and when Bahamut is about to use Mega Flare just have Shiva use
shield. Do this a few times and Bahumat is gone. Very easy fight, but you need
good strategy.

After Isaaru is gone, you will be switched to Tidus, Wakka, Rikku. When you
start out you can goto the right to purchase some items from a blue looking
chest. Fight off people until you get to the next Save Sphere. Save and move
forward. And you will fight someone familiar looking.

BOSS: Evrae Altana
HP: 16,384
MP: 200
AP: 5,800
GIL: 3,000
STEAL: Water Gem
WEAKNESS: Curative Magic
ITEMS: Black Magic Sphere

This battle is SOOO hard.... Give him 2 Phoenix Downs and do the happy dance

After you defeat it. Swim onward to find some chests containing the Avenger and
the Rematch [If you used the trigger commands to shut the gate and didn't use
the easiest way then you missed out].

When everyone is joined up again. You will run into Seymour again, Oh great.
Kimahri will defend. When you regain control O'aka is around so buy some items
if you are low on them. Run down the path battling some easy enemies and
whatnot. Get Overdrives built up for Aeons and Normal people. Save at the end
and get ready to face Seymour.

BOSS: Seymour Natus/Mortibody
HP: SN: 36,000 / Mortibody: 4,000
MP: 200
AP: 6,300
GIL: 3,500
STEAL: 2 Tetra Elemental
ITEMS: 2 Lvl. 2 Key Sphere

I found this battle extremely easy. When you start out bust out EVERYTHING.
Overdrives, Aeons Overdrives [You must have the overdrives or Seymour Natus
will just cast Banish and instantly kill the Aeon]. Nul-Magic works good since
he uses Mult-magic. He also uses Flare. It may take out a character if you have
a low HP. He also uses an attack that petrifies you, if that happens have Rikku
use an Al Bhed Potion. Dont use any magic during this battle except to heal or
guard. Cast Reflect on Seymour, if his HP gets low the Mortibody will Cure him
if you have Reflect on him the Mortibody will cure you . Continue with physical
attacks and when he attacks just clean up with cures.

Now you end up in Macalania Woods. Save and head south and find Kimahri, from
him take a left to find Yuna. A nice event will take place and you will come
back and goto sleep.

In the morning check around the campsite to find a Lucid Ring. Goto the
crossroads and head WEST to find yet another Jecht Sphere. Go back to the
crossroads and head EAST to the Calm lands!

LOCATION: The Calm Lands
ITEMS: 15,000 Gil, 60 Farplane Wind, 2 Lvl. 2 Key Spheres, 30 Power Sphere,
Mega-Elixer, 2 Mega-Potion, Fortune Sphere, Flexible Arm, MP Sphere, 2 X-Potion
KEY ITEMS: Aeon's Soul, Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII(23), XXIV(24) and XXV(25),
Rusty Sword, Cloudy Mirror
MONSTERS: Nebiros, Skoll, Shred, Flame Flan, Mech Scouter, Ogre, Coueurl,
Chimera Brain [located in grass], Malboro, Anacondaur, Magic Urn, Nidhogg, Dark
Element, Ghost, Defender, Valaha, Epaaj, Imp, Mech Hunter, Thorn, Yowie

When you come in, talk to the old guy, Maechan, for more information on the
Calm Lands. Follow the path to the left until the Rin's Travel Agency comes
flying in, buy some stuff if you want, there is a shop later up. Continue north
to the white square, there is a save point in the shop, enter the shop and an
event will occur about Lulu's old guardians. Go left and the Al Bhed will give
you a message from Cid. Blitzball has now been activated again, so play it and
have some fun. Anyways save.

Head southwest from the Shop to find Belgemine again. Go in to battle her for
the Aeon's Soul. This is relatively easy, Bahamut or Ifrit should be more than
enough to take her down. You win and you get an Aeon's Soul and 30 Power
Spheres, the Aeon's Soul lets you use spheres to upgrade its statistics.

Head Northwest until you see the Chocobo Catcher guy. Talk to him to beable to
train a CHOCOBO! Check our Chocobo Training guide in the Minigames/Sidequests.
Get on your new chocobo and go west of the chocobo catcher and get the Al Bhed
Primer Vol. XXIII(23). Head South East and get the treasures in the corner.
Continue North from there and go into the green square on the map [on the right
not northeast] and this is the Monster Arena. Check the Minigames/Sidequests
for more information. He wants you to capture all the different species of
monster in the Calm Lands, that isn't too hard. Buy the capture weapon from him
and set out to find them. Most of them are just random across, but it took me
an hour to figure out where are those darn Chimera Brain, they are in a grassy
area just a little north of the ramp of where you came in. Capture them and you
will be rewarded an easy 60 Farplane Winds. Okay to get the Cloudy Mirror check
the Minigames/Sidequests section for more information.

Anyways to get to Remiem temple goto where you first came in and goto where the
Chocobo Feather is, press X up to it and you will jump across. Head through the
path until you see the HUGE Remiem Temple. Head left of the entrance to find
the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XIV(24). To race goto the right side, win to get a
Cloudy Mirror. Go all the way back to the Calm Lands. [Dont bother going into
the temple for now, its useless, read about the Aeon on Magus Sisters in the
Aeons section]. Head to the Northeast exit of the Calm Lands and save at the
save sphere. Go forward and Guado will be their. They will Release a big 'ol
machina called Defender X. Well the nice Calmness of the Calm Lands has faded.
Boss battle

BOSS: Defender X
HP: 65,000
MP: 1
AP: 6,660
GIL: 3,500
STEAL: 4 Lunar Curtain
WEAKNESS: Armor Break
ITEMS: Lvl. 2 Key Sphere

=strategy/suggestion by:
I found it really simple that all you have to do is have Tidus use his Provoke
skill, this will make the boss only attack Tidus with the attack that HALVES
the characters current HP, thus he will never kill Tidus.

This guy is plenty hard. First take out Auron and do some Armor and Mental
Breaks. Have Tidus use Hastega on everyone or just Haste individually on
everyone. After the Mental and Armor breaks have Auron switch out for Lulu, who
should do Waterga and Thundaga. Yuna should be casting protect on everyone to
help stop the pain of Defender X's attacks. Have Tidus Cheer everyone. Bring
out Wakka also for Dark Buster. If you bring out an Aeon make sure it can
withstand about 2 of Defender X's attacks by then it will have enough Overdrive
power to unleash an Overdrive. After that it's a goner.

After that battle go under the bridge. On the next screen take a right and
follow it until you see a Sword thing in the ground, Press X to recieve the
Rusty Sword. The rusty sword is used for Aurons ultimate weapon. On the left is
the Cave of Stolen Fayth where Lulu's summoner died. In their is Yojimbo, if
you manage to get to him, great... but you have to battle him and pay him to
join you. Some good items are in the cave, check it out. Save before entering
though. Go back to where you defeated the Defender X and head up the middle
over the bridge. You are now in Mt. Gagazet

LOCATION: Mount Gagazet
ITEMS: 20,000 gil, Mega-Potion, Defending Bracer, HP Sphere, Lvl. 4 Key Sphere,
Lvl. 1 Key Sphere, Fortune Sphere, Return Sphere, Recovery Ring
KEY ITEMS: Braska's Sphere, Saturn Crest
MONSTERS: Grat, Bashura, Grenade, Imp, Bandersnatch, Nidhogg, Mech Leader, Mech
Defender, Mandragora, Dark Flan, Behemoth, Maelspike, Achelous, Splasher,
Grendel, Ahriman

When you first enter you will be hounded by the Ronso. Talk to the people and
save your game. Talk to the guy by the Red Arrow on the minimap to see what
happened to Kimahri's horn. Continue up and Biran and Yenke attack. Make sure
you have the best weapon for Kimahri and have the Regen Armlet which will make
you invincible.

BOSS: Biran/Yenke
HP: Varies
MP: 200 each
AP: 9,000
GIL: 3,000
STEAL: Lvl. 3 Key Sphere
LANCET: Fire Breath, Mighty Guard, Doom, Stone Breath, Self-Destruct, White
Wind, Thrust Kick, Aqua Breath

First off this is what I did. I scanned them and I Found out he can Lancet TONS
OF ABILITIES from them! Doom included. Keep Lanceting both of them until they
have nothing left to give. Heal up if needed. Just use physical attacks when
they are spread out or else one will Guard the other and your attack will be
really small. If you kill one, the other will use . Use Lancet to gain it [I
forgot to do so myself]. Kill the other and the other one will use Haste
itself. Uuse Mighty Guard when they use it, same for White Wind. This battle
should be a breeze.

After the battle return to save. Now you can't play Blitzball anymore. Continue
and on the right is a chest with 10,000 Gil. After that go left to find some
Mega-Potions. There are graves of summoners where Lulu tells you where they
have died. They are all over. When you go along the path keep to the TOP or
RIGHT of your character. You will find a crevace where a Braska Sphere is.
Auron will learn another Overdrive. Their is also a Defending Bracer which is
up on a ledge. Where their is a T-intersection. Continue towards the red arrow
and you will eventually meet Wantz.

O'aka's brother has decided to take up his brothers profession of being a
merchant. He will give you a story about what happened to O'aka. After that buy
some stuff if you want to and continue on. Look on the minimap for a half donut
turn on the side. Down this little path is an HP Sphere and a Lvl4 Key Sphere.
Continue on to where the Red Arrow is and until you see the Save Sphere. SAVE!
and get EVERYONES [including Aeons] Overdrives built up and get ready for the
battle of your life.

BOSS: Seymour Flux / Mortiorchis
HP: SF: 80,000 / MO: 4,000
HP: 512
AP: 10,000
GIL: 6,000
STEAL: Elixer
ITEMS: Lvl. 4 Key Sphere

=submitted by: RRAGANS@CFL.RR.COM=
On seymour flux, if you have Rikku on overdrive, you can mix Dream Powder and a
Fire Gem to make Abaddon Flame, which casts poison and deals some nice amount
of damage on Seymour and Mortiorchis. Every turn Seymour will lose 1500 hp.

This guy is one bad dude. He will use an Attack that will Zombie your character
and then cast Full-Life on it. He will use Cross Cleaver which does about 2,500
damage [use PROTECT to cut it in half]. He will also use his deadly Total
Annihilation [thanks to for pointing this out to me,
he told me that SHELL, not protect, will reduce the damage by a ton!] Use a
Mega-Potion to heal them after each Blow, if one dies use a Pheonix Down, if 2
die, use a Mega Phoenix. He is also vulnerable to Silence Buster or Silence
attack. Use all character Overdrives then use all the Aeons' Overdrives' you
have and he should be dead by that time. If not just use Physical Attacks.

Anyways head out and follow the path. Look to the left of the pillars and a
treasure chest should be sticking out. Grab the Saturn Crest. The next event is
confusing and weird. When you regain control head onto the boat and into the
door. Just keep listening/reading and when you wake up. Contine until you get
to a cave. Their are lots of new enemies here. If you didnt learn White
Wind/Mighty Guard from Biran or Yenke. Do so now, Behemoth holds the Mighty
Guard and Dark Flan carries White Wind. Capture all the new monsters you see.

There are HARD enemies up here. Level up, they give good AP, Behemoths around
6000+ for each character, Dark Flan 4000+. Go up through the Cave of Gagazet
and save at the Save Sphere and take a left. Go through and you will go into
water. From now on you can only use Wakka, Tidus, Rikku in the water. Continue
north until you see a ball with shields spinning around it. Get the time right
and hit it and a treasure chest will appear and you will recieve a Lvl 1 Key

Go back to where the Save sphere place was. Save and go up the steps to the
left. You will be split up. Continue until you reach water again. Continue
until you read a place with 3 colored lights floating around. Of course by now
you figured out the color is the color of the character on the Sphere Grid.

Orangish is Wakka
Green is Rikku
Blue is Tidus

Finish this and recieve a Fortune Sphere and return to the room with the Save
Sphere. Save and head right from the stairs onto the new path. Go in the water
and find a cliff where their are 2 chests. 1 has a Return Sphere and the other
has a Recovery Ring. Return once again to the main room and Save at the Save
Sphere. Go on the left path again until you see an area where boulders have
filled in a hole around the corner which leads to a treasure chest. Grab the
Star Armguard go back to the main room again and save. Go up the stairs and
take a left on the new passage. Continue until an event occurs. Save again and
build up the overdrives..continue up the path to the top to face a boss!

BOSS: Sanctuary Keeper
HP: 40,000
MP: 256
AP: 16,500
GIL: 6,500
STEAL: Turbo Ether
ITEMS: Return Sphere

When you start off just setup the basic Haste/Hastega and Protect, and Slow it.
Unleash all your Overdrives before he attacks or he will cause CURSE causing
you to be disabled from Overdrives. If they do get affected just use a Holy
Water, if you dont have one. Kill the character and revive it then do it.
Before you Summon Aeons cast Reflect on the Sancuary Keeper or you will never
win, after you use your Overdrive he will unleash alot of attacks and ending
with Mana Beam followed by a Curaga. Can you believe Curse affects Aeons too?
Anyways if you did the Reflect like i told you to they should still be
standing, like Bahamut and then be cured for 9999 hp. If Yuna's Overdrive is
full. Dismiss and then launch them again.

After this an event will occur, Yuna dropped a sphere with her goodbyes. After
that continue on the path until another scene occurs.

KEY ITEMS: The Zanarkand Ruins
ITEMS: Fortune Sphere, Spiritual Targe, 10,000 gil, Friend Sphere, Lvl. 3 Key
Sphere, Luck Sphere
KEY ITEMS: Sun Crest
MONSTERS: Mangragora, Dark Flan, Behemoth, Bashura, Ahriman, Grendel, Defender
Z, YKT-11, YAT-97, Fallen Monk

Your almost done with the game! What a shame :(. When you guys get ready to go
again save to the left. Continue on the Path, it's rather easy. Follow the path
until you reach the dome. If you encounter undead enemies E.G. Fallen Monk use
a Pheonix Down/Life to instantly kill it. Fair enemies just use the regular
Armor Breaks and Hastes. Look out for a Fortune Sphere and a Spiritual Targe.
Level up on this path their are enemies that are easy that give as much as
11,100 AP a battle!!!

Continue on follow the path and keep your eye out for a chest with 10,000 gil
in it. When you see the ghost of Seymour go east for a Friend Sphere. Continue
north and you will see memories of Braska, until you find the Temple. Look
around in the debris for a Luck Sphere. Yay. Save and continue in.

######### The Cloister of Trials - Zanarkand #########
This temple is as easy as they come. Accept for the boss coming up. First Go in
and step on the green dot and it will become a square. Next go up to the panel
that just lit up and examine it. It will show lighted areas, you have to
memorize them. You can can examine the panel as much as you want if you are not
sure. Pick the correct ones and it will light up, pick a bad one and it will
reset. Pick them all correct and a door and pedestals will pop open. Push in a
pedestal go and solve the puzzle in the big room just like we did in the small
room. Push all of them in and solve each one except the 2 middle ones. Go in
the big room and take the red Kilika Sphere and insert it in the red pedestal
and it moves inwards. Take the blue sphere and insert it into the right one and
it moves inwards. Save at the new save sphere. Go out and get all the
Overdrives for everyone including the Aeons and steal lots of Holy Waters as
you will be needing them for the boss after this one very much. Go to the new
room and get ready!

BOSS: Spectral Keeper
HP: 52,000
MP: 500
AP: 12,000
GIL: 7,000
STEAL: Ether, Turbo Ether
ITEMS: Lvl. 4 Key Sphere

This is easy if you leveled up. If not it might be a problem. Anyways begin
with Wakka, Tidus, Auron. Have Tidus cast Hastega and Auron and Wakka use both
their Overdrives. When thats done use Tidus's Overdrive and switch Wakka for
Yuna. Bust out Bahamut, Ifrit, and all the other Aeons you want and use their
Overdrive. I only got to use Bahamut and Ifrit before it died. The monster will
use a Glyph Mine which blows up your Aeon instantly which sucks.

Save at the Save Sphere. Get out of the temple and goto the dome grab Holy
Water, Level up a bit, Get the Overdrives filled. Go save again and continue go
down the entrance. You will get into about 2 events before you fight this so
just listen to what they have to say.

BOSS: Yunalesca
FORM1 HP: 24,000 / FORM2 HP: 48,000 / FORM 3: 60,000
MP: 400 throughout the whole thing
AP: 14,000
GIL: 9,000
STEAL: Mega-Potion, Farplane Wind
ITEMS: Lvl. 3 Key Sphere

FORM1: Just use regular attacks, she will just Blind if you do so, counter
attack with Eye Drops/Esuna/Remedy. Use Wakka, Tidus and Auron. Knock her out
down until she transforms.

FORM2: She will now start to cast Hell Biter, which Zombies your characters and
does a decent amount of damage. Counter with Holy Waters and use everyones
Overdrives but not Yuna's. She should die after a couple of hits. Heal when
necessary but dont heal while in Zombie status or you will kill yourself. She
should die shortly after that.

=Someone has informed me that if you are Zombied when Yunalesca changes to
form3 [and will cast Mega Death] the Mega Death will not affect them, I FORGOT

FORM3: This is the hardest one. She casts Mega Death right off the bat and she
casts Hell Biter [zombies all characters + damage] alot and will Absorbs your
HP. Osmoses all your MP. Start off by summoning Bahamut. Use his Mega Flare and
it should take off a significant amount. Dont get all excited if he lives
because he will no longer beable to use his overdrive because Yunalesca will
cast Curse on him. Just use Impulse or Attack until Bahamut dies. Pull out all
other Aeons and use them till the end. This will knock off alot of her HP. Use
regular attacks and she should die. HARD battle but you can pull it off.

Look around the battle area for the Sun Crest [top left]. Go south and walk out
and talk to Auron he will explain some things to you. Now save and get out of
the dome place until Cid comes with the Airship.

NOW is the time to level up and get the Ultimate Weapons [located in the
Ultimate Weapons section]. Get the other Aeons and whatnot. Go up to the cabin
cockpit and talk to Cid after speaking with others. Give him coordinates
located in the Secret section or places you've already been to. Also theirs an
Input option which you can get the location for Rikku's ultimate weapons stuff.

LOCATION: The Final Battle
ITEMS: Phantom Ring, Special Sphere, Elixer, Wizard Lance, Lvl. 3 Key Sphere,
Four-on-ONe, Defending Bracer, 20,000 HP, HP Sphere, Defense Sphere, Laevatein,
Lvl. 4 Key Sphere
MONSTERS: Adamantoise, Ahriman, Behemoth King, Exoray, Gemini, Barbators,
Demonolith, Great Malboro, Wraith, Land Worm

Head to Bevelle. Goto the high bridge and run into the guards. After a long
event, a new option appears in your Airship called Sin. Goto it if you have
completed everything else their is to complete. Head to the top and get ready.

BOSS: Left Fin / Right Fin
HP: 65,000 each
MP: 999 each
AP: 17,000 each *correction* thx:
GIL: 20,000
STEAL: Mega Potion, Supreme Gem from left Fin / X-Potion, Shining Gem from
right fin
ITEMS: Lvl. 3 Key Spheres

Start out with Tidus using Hastega. Have Yuna use Shell, Lulu double cast an
Ultima/Flare. Bust out your black magic spells and attacks. Continue
administering Items, Cure Spells, and Damage. Auron and Wakka are also good.
Have Auron use Armor Break. Move the ship in to attack it with the close
rangers. And back out when you are in fatal health.

Get in a couple hits before Sin attacks, as his attacks are alot stronger close
range. Use the same stuff for both fins.

You are forced to fight the sin core.

BOSS: Sin Core / Sinspawn Genais
HP: Sin Core: 36,000 / Genais: 20,000
MP: Sin Core: 999 / Genais: 200
AP: Sin Core: 18,000 / Genais: 1,800
GIL: 20,000
STEAL: Sin: Stamina Spring / Genais: Star Curtain, Shining Gem
WEAKNESS: Sin: None / Genais: Fire
ITEMS: MP Sphere

First take out the Sinspawn or it will absorb the attacks for Sin. Use Hastega
on youself then use Slow and Silence, Reflect if necessary ON the enemy to
prevent it from healing itself. Kill off the Sinspawn and advance. Now take out
Auron and use Armor Break. Have him use physical attacks and have Lulu use
Doublecast using Flare or Ultima. Copycat it if possible. If not use Holy or
Just continue this, healing with Items mostly. Refrain from using lots of
Healing Magic which reduces your MP use, as you will need it after this battle.
Kill it off fast and you will fight the head.

Sin's Head has the most HP you will ever see in the game, besides the Monster
Arena super enemies. After the long scene head to the top of the ship again.

BOSS: Sins Head
HP: 140,000
MP: 999
AP: 20,000
GIL: 12,000
STEAL: Ether, Supreme Gem
ITEMS: Lvl. 3 Key Sphere

This guy now has an Overdrive which will pretty much destroy you. Giga-Graviton
will end your game, pure and simple it will. Use Armor Break, Hastega, have
Kimahri use Mighty Guard or if you dont need help use Nova. Have Lulu use
Doublecast > Flare/Ultima on it as usual. Yuna should be using Holy. Rikku
Stealing or using Spare Change as money you will not need at the end of the
game. When Sin pulls you further using everyone else's Overdrives. Then bring
in Yuna and use your Aeons to do their Overdrives. Hopefully this will finish
it off. If not Hastega and use everything else you have. Resort to Double
Casting Ultima/Flare again and using Mega-Potions. Use elixers if you run low
on HP and MP for Lulu. Physical Attacks should knock him off.

After you defeat Sin you will fly into Sin's shell, yay. After you defeat Sin
you can still return to the outer world. Use the mini-map to locate, using the
red arrow.

NOTE: Random battles are like Mini-bosses, items are on the path you can find

When you reach seymour's place equip elemental protecting/absorbing armor. Also
get the Overdrives up again.

BOSS: Seymour Omnis
HP: 80,000
MP: 999
AP: 24,000
GIL: 12,000
STEAL: Shining Gem, Supreme Gem
ITEMS: Lvl 3. Key Sphere

First off for a note the wheels behind him will determine the elemental
properties. Scan him to see his weakness and use the opposite remember.
Blizzard >< Fire , Thunder >< Water as most of you would think Water >< Fire.
Unload Overdrives on him including Aeons.  He will banish them always. He also
uses Dispel on you which eleminates your good spells. And then casts Ultima.
This guy is fairly easy.

After you defeat him, goto the save point and save. Go past and search the wall
for a glyph. A message appears telling you to kill 10 fiends to open the door.
You need to kill 30 fiends to open all the door and then you can pick up a Lvl.
4 Sphere.

When you reach a square platform and a symbol in it, go up and grab the chest
for Wakka's Four-on-One. Across from it is the Defending Bracer. Go up some
more and their is a ramp down to yet another chest with 20,000 gil. Step on the
platform next to it to access an HP Sphere and a Defense Sphere! Go all the way
back to the ground. Go north east and look  for an alcove with a building.
Tidus will slide down WHEEEE grab the Laevatein. Run around the walls pressing
X and climb out the hole. Go up the ramp and you find a save sphere which is
the last one you will see.

As you go north the tower crashes. Move towards it.  Watch out for those
icicles flying around, if you are hit you will be forced into a battle. Stand
in one spot until the camera switches angles, and if a white light starts to
glow under Tidus's feet run towards where the camera is to see the area.
Crystals will form and if you run up to them and touch them before they
dissapear. You will get an item! If you get 10 you will go on to fight the
final enemies

BOSS: Braska's Final Aeon [Jecht!] / Pagoda
HP: 1st Form: 60,000 / 2nd Form: 120,000 / Pagoda: 7,000
AP: ????
STEAL: Turbo Ether

Start off by using Doublecast and using Flare to knock out the Pagoda, and
using Hastega. The trick is how much Hp you knock it off with, it will revive
itself with that much. Use Lulu to Double Cast Ultima and have Yuna use Holy.
Tidus can talk to the Final Aeon, when you talk to it it will reduce its
Overdrive. Its best to use this when its almost full because you only can use
it a couple times. When you take 60,000 hp of it killing its 1st form cast
Protect on everyone and Auto-Life which is a must have. Use all the overdrives
you have including Aeons, Characters. Use all the items you can get out as you
wont need them if you beat the game.

Then after that. You fight this guy.
BOSS: Yu Yevon
HP: 99,999
STEAL: ????
Weakness: None

You will basically fight your own Aeons and then you will face him. Defeat the
Aeons and lets move on to the real guy. Dont use physical attacks or he will
heal himself. Reflect will work. Just a basic boss battle, take out the Aeons
and Overdrives. Dead in no time.


End of Game. Hope you enjoyed it. Watch the ending.

Ultimate weapons require 2 things. A Sigil and a Crest this guide will help you
find them.

HOW TO ACTIVATE THE ULTIMATE WEAPONS: To power them up return to the area where
your Cloudy Mirror was upgraded to a Celestial Mirror, now it will ask you for
the Celestial Weapons, these are the Ultimate Weapons. Present it twice once
for the sigil and once for the crest.

i. Tidus - Caladbolg
Weapon Location: Top left corner of the Calm Lands, hidden behind the cliff.
Their is a path leading to a square on the cliff. You must use the Celestial
Mirror to be able to obtain it.

Sun Crest location: Zanarkand Temple top left corner their is a chest after
beating Yunalesca

Sun Sigil location: When you get the airship return to the Calm Lands. Head
south to meet the Chocobo Lady. Play catcher chocobo and get a score or 0:0.0
this is hard, yet not impossible as I thought :)

Abilities Given:
Break Damage Limit - Triple Overdrive - Evade & Counter - Magic Counter

Special Effects: Does more damage when Tidus' HP is full, no effect on Aeons.

Yuna - Nirvana

Weapon Location: In the chest at the monster Arena in the Calm Lands. The chest
will appear after collecting all of the Calm Land monsters. You need the
Celestial Mirror to open the chest.

Moon Crest Location: Besaid Island beach, go east and swim into the water take
a left and their is a little cove at the end is the chest with it.

Moon Sigil Location: Defeat all of your Aeons, including Anima, Yojimbo, Three
Magus Sisters against Belgemine. When you send her to the Farplane you will
recieve it.

Break Damage Limit - Triple Overdrive - Double AP - One MP Cost

Special Effects: Does more damage when Yuna's MP is full, and allows Valefor
to exceed 9,999 damage.

Wakka - World Champion

Weapon Location: When you get the airship return to Luca, the bartender in Luca
Cafe will give this to you if you've won at least 5 Blitzball games. You need
the Celestial Mirror to get this.

Jupiter Crest location: Luca Stadium, in a locker in the Besaid Aurochs locker
room. You cannot get this on your first visit to Luca.

Jupiter Sigil location: After winning all four of Wakka's Overdrives, it will
appear randomly in the League.

Break Damage Limit - Triple Overdrive - Double AP - Evade & Counter

Special Effects: Does more damage when Wakka's HP is full, and allows Ifrit
to exceed 9,999 damage.

Lulu - Onion Knight
Weapon Location: In a chest at Baaj Temple, hidden in a corner on the opposite
side of the pool from the doorway to Anima's temple. Dive and hit X you will
eventually hit it. You need the Celestial Mirror to obtain it

Venus Crest location: In the treasure chest in the Farplanes, in the second
time around

Venus Sigil location: Dodge the lightning in the Thunder Plains *200*
consecutive times. Do not Save or enter a building or it will reset. The
treasure chest is infront of Rin's Travel Agency. Check the Lightning Dodger
section for more details.

Break Damage Limit - Triple Overdrive - Magic Booster - One MP Cost

Special Effects: Does more damage when Lulu's MP is full, and allows Shiva to
exceed 9,999 damage.

Kimahri - Spirit Lance
Weapon Location: At Thunder Plains, play by pressing [square] at any 3
Qactuar stones, then return to the south part of the plain and follow the
Cactuar ghost to a wrecked tower. It's on the right side of the screen,
equidistant from the north and south boundries of the plain. Pray there.
Although you can find the chest during your first visit to Thunder Plains, you
cannot open it until you have the Celestial Mirror.

Saturn Crest location: After defeating Seymour Flux [one on Mt. Gagazet] it is
on the left inbetween pillars.

Saturn Sigil location: Macalania Forest butterfly-catching game. See the
Butterfly Catching Section for more details.

Break Damage Limit - Triple Overdrive - Double AP - Evade & Counter

Special Effects: Does more damage when Kimahri's HP is full, and allows Ixion
to exceed 9,999 damage.

Auron - Masamune
Weapon Location: First get the Rusty Sword, Check the Rusty Sword Section.
After you obtain it return to Mi'ihen road. Go past the gates and continue
until you get the fork in the road of to go left and north, in the beginning of
the game you went left right? so go north until you see a path that leads to
another left. Go in and ride the platform to the top. He will stick the sword
into the ground and on the wall is a square. Their is the Masamune.

Mars Crest location: In a chest in the old part of Mi'ihen Highroad. To get
there, go north on Mi'ihen Highroad until you reach the entrance of Mushroom
Rock Road, then hang a U-turn and go south.

Mars Sigil location: Unlock 10 of each area. Must collect each monster in the
area until he makes a stronger monster. He will give this to you after he makes
10 super monsters.

Break Damage Limit - Triple Overdrive - First Strike -Counterattack

Special Effects: Does more damage when Auron's HP is low, and allows
Yojimbo to exceed 9,999 damage.

Rikku - God Hand
Weapon Location: When you get the Airship, goto the Input section under List
and enter "GODHAND" this will open up a new section, goto it and follow the
path to a corner. You need the Celestial Mirror to open it.

Mercury Crest location: The area right before Al Bhed Home with the sandstorm,
its in an alcove to the top right area.

Mercury Sigil location: Sanubia Desert, in a treasure chest in the area
protected by a sandstorm. To kill the sandstorm see the "Cactuar Hunter"

Break Damage Limit - Triple Overdrive - Double AP - Gillionaire

Special Effects: Does more damage when Rikku's HP is full, no effect on Aeons.


Overdrives are your Limit Breaks or your unique skill that you do after a
certain mode your set to here are the modes
Stoic     - Gauge increases at you recieve damage
Warrior   - Gauge increases as you deal damage to enemies
Comrade   - Gauge increases when enemies attack your allies
Healing   - Gauge increases when you heal an ally
Slayer    - Gauge increases when you defeat an enemy
Victor    - Gauge increases when you win a battle
Tactician - Gauge increases when a status effect is successful
Ally      - Gauge increases on your turn
Daredevil - Gauge increases when character fights in the critical state
Hero      - Gauge increases when fighting tough enemies
Solo      - Gauge increases when you fight alone
Dancer    - Guage increases when you evade an attack
Avenger   - Guage increases when an ally is KO'd
Sufferer  - Guage increases when effected with a Status Effect
Coward    - Guage increases when you run away from enemies

Name: Tidus
Overdrive Name: Sword Skill
Sword Skill Skills: Spiral Cut, Slice & Dice, Energy Run, Blitz Ace
Spiral Cut  |  One enemy   |  Learned
Slice & Dice|  All Enemies |  Perform 10 Spiral Cuts
Energy Rain |  All Enemies |  Perform 20 Slice & Dice's
Blitz Ace   |  One Enemy   |  Perform 50 Energy Rain's
*thanks to for pointing out Blitz Ace hits only 1 enemy*

EXTRA DAMAGE: Press X when the moving line gets in the middle.


Name: Wakka
Overdrive Name: Slots
Slots Skills: Element Reels, Attack Reels, Status Reels, Aurochs Reels
Element Reel|  All Enemies |  Adds elemental to attack
Attack Reel |  All Enemies |  Adds extra damage to attack
Status Reel |  All Enemies |  Adds status effect to attack
Aurochs Reel|  All Enemies |  Adds Non-Elemental symbol to reel

TO LEARN WAKKA'S OVERDRIVES you need to win Blitzball tournaments and leagues.
This will then give you it.

EXTRA DAMAGE: Get all of the same type of symbol in a row or 2/3


Name: Lulu
Overdrive: Fury
TO DO: Rotate the right analog stick counter clockwise. The more times you spin
around the stronger she gets.


Name: Yuna
Overdrive: Grand Summon
Effect: Summons an Aeon with a full Overdrive, if that Aeon's Overdrive is
full, after using the Aeon's overdrive, it will still have another Overdrive


Name: Kimahri
Overdrive: Ronso Rage
Ronso Rage Abilities: Jump, Fire Breath, Seed Cannon, Self-Destruct, Thrust
Kick, Stone Breath, Aqua Breath, Doom, White Wind, Bad Breath, Mighty Guard,

Jump         |  One Enemy   |  Damage
Fire Breath  |  All Enemies |  Fire Damage
Seed Cannon  |  One Enemy   |  Damage
Self-Destruct|  One Enemy   |  Kamikaze
Thrust Kick  |  One Enemy   |  Kicks Enemy Out
Stone Breath |  All Enemies |  Stone status effect
Aqua Breath  |  All Enemies |  Water damage
Doom         |  All Enemies |  Gradual Death
White Wind   |  Whole Party |  Heals Party 1/2 of Kimahri's HP
Bad Breath   |  All Enemies |  Effects with all Status Effects
Mighty Guard |  Whole Party |  Casts Protect, Shell, All Null-Magic
Nova         |  All Enemies |  Ultimate Damage

To gain more abilities use the Lancet skill on certain enemies.


Name: Auron
Overdrive: Bushido
Bushido Skills: Tooth Dragon, Shooting Star, Banishing Blade, Tornado

OVERDRIVE       |    TARGET    |  EFFECT                 |Jecht Spheres
Tooth Dragon    |  All Enemies |  Damage                 | Learned
Shooting Star   |  One Enemy   |  May insta-kill an enemy| One
Banishing Blade |  One Enemy   |  Damage                 | Three
Tornado         |  All Enemies |  Ultimate Damage        | Ten
To get new abilities you need to collect a certain amount of Jecht Spheres.
Check below in the Secrets/Misc. Section for the locations.


Name: Rikku
Overdrive: Mix
Mix Skills: Tons

To do this mix 2 items together and an effect will happen. Check
for a list of these Mix's.

i. Lightning Dodger

This Mini-game seems pointless and is just there for annoyance, but in reality
you can get some nice prizes including the sigil you need for an ultimate
weapon. To work it you need to be of course in the Thunder Plains, and Hit X at
the flash of light

5 times   = 2 X-potions
10 times  = 2 Mega Potions
20 times  = 2 MP spheres
50 times  = 3 Strength Spheres
150 times = 4 Megaelixers
200 times = 1 Venus Sigil

5 times   = 2 X-potions
10 times  = 2 Mega Potions

=strategy/tips by:
First of all get near the save point past the travel agency towards Macalania
woods not the one at the beginning coming from Guadosalam.  I'll explain later,
anyways once you get there SAVE THE GAME ON AN EMPTY SLOT, and just face
towards the save point not too close though be more towards the center of the
path and when the bolt strikes and you jump back go right back to that magic
spot just so you don't go all over the place. HERES A TIP make sure to have a
piece of equipment with the NO ENCOUNTERS ABILITY.  Here's another tip, Make
sure that the bolts are striking about every five seconds or so this is very
important if you want to get this thing done within about 20 minutes or so with
my help.  I almost forgot if you don't know how to dodge the bolts all you have
to do is press the X button when the screen flashes, not before you have to do
it right after the screen flashes I mean right after or you'll be sorry.  But
the important thing though it is to not have anyone in the room to distract
you, and most importantly DON'T BLINK WHEN THE SCREENS ABOUT TO FLASH, because
you will miss it and boom all your work you put in is gone, and I don't mean
keep your eyes wide open for twenty minutes OK NOW READ CAREFULLY.

The key is to blink a few times to relax your eyes, then focus on the screen
very carefully and try real hard not to blink when the screen is about to flash
because if you have been reading this FAQ you should know that the bolts strike
every 5 seconds or sometimes less, so don't blink too many times because if you
do you will blink, and miss the flash, get struck and have to start all over. 
Now start practicing to get you're timing down and a good feel for what you're
doing.  So start DODGING BOLTS and if you learn quickly this should be easy
enough I know because I did it and now THE ONION KNIGHT is powered up and it is
AWESOME!! AND VERY WORTH THE TIME so don't get discouraged and not do it
because it's hard, because it will be worth every second of your time when
you're fighting all the fiends and bosses on your way towards SIN.  Back to the
faq, now that you're well informed LISTEN UP, this is where it gets tricky
start dodging and at the same time keep track in your head how many bolts you
have dodged, what worked for me is right after you dodge twenty bolts pause the
game, I mean when you're still in the air from jumping back pause the game that
way you have time to move back into POSITION and get ready for the next flash. 
WAIT before you resume though put a tally mark on a piece of paper just to keep
track so you don't try to count to 200 and get confused.  Continue doing this
until you get to 200 bolts.  One more thing after every forty bolts save the
game on an EMPTY SLOT wait take this time to relax and let go of any tension
you may have.  Saving and pausing the game DID NOT have any effect on the games
ability to keep track of how many bolts you've dodged. I don't know if you save
it and then restart it, if it will work because when I beat it I never got
struck and dodged all 200 in a row, but feel free to try. What I suggest is to
just reset the game and do it all over.  Just reload the original game not the
sacrificial empty slot and go at it again. I know it may hurt but just do it. 
Or you can try and RESTART, DODGE, SAVE, GET STRUCK if you get struck, RESTART
and if it works that's good and if it doesn't OH WELL.  You should have

ii. Butterfly Catcher

Basically if you touch a butterfly you are given a curtain amount of time to
catch butterflys. This may seem really pointless also, but you can get the
Saturn Sigil. To get them heres how it works.

NOTE: You can do this in 2 areas Central and Nothern Malaconia Woods, Have to
do it in BOTH

Capturing ALL the Blue Butterflies = 1 Saturn Sigil

iii. Cactuar Hunter
*thanks to who made me realize i needed to update this

To do this you have to be on that island where the AL BHED town was. There are
different cactuars in which you play RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT, if you touch them
you battle, when they turn around stop or they will run. All of the cactuars
are in Sanubia Desert, I will give what PART of Sanubia desert [cardinal
directon] then where it is at. Each time you win you should get a sphere of
some sort.

1. Near the OASIS - Right of the Save Sphere
2. East - North of the tent with the Save Sphere, take a left once to the top
3. West - 20% off sign west of the cactuar rock, have to read the sign
4. Central -  Near the ruins to the west, 2 cactuars are running around
5. East - Near the Save Sphere under the tent
6. Central - Trapped in a treasure chest in the far west
7. Central - Inside one of the sand whirlpools
8. Oasis - [This one ticked me off] First if you use a save sphere to return to
the ship then return to Bikanel Island, exit the first screen then come back,
THEN he will be their and will go on the airship, return to the Airship and
goto the deck [place where you had to go to fight Evrae] and he is outside.
9. Cactuar stone - last one automatically appears behind you

After this you should of gotten all the spheres from the cactuar. Then
after you have gotten all of the spheres put them in the stone next to
each cactuar you have fought, once that is done the whirlwind should die down,
now you should see a village and in 1 chest will be a SATURN SIGIL! and 
depending on how many shperes you won from the cactuars in redlight greenlight,
(if you lose three times, you get a Sphere del Perdedor) and for for each:

2   Named Spheres = Potion
3-5 Named Spheres = Elixer
6-7 Named Spheres = Megalixer
8-9 Named Spheres = Friend sphere

iv. Chocobo Training

Look to the top left of the Calm Lands, for a Chocobo rider person she will
give you some advice on to ride a chocobo and gives you like obstical courses.
Lets get started.

 Chocobo is out of control, you have to use left and right to
set it straight and guide it to the end between the chocobo and the chocobo
rider. If you finish in under 12.8 seconds you can ride the chocobo in the calm
lands whenever you like. Cross in time and get a prize.

 After you complete Wobbly Chocobo you can do dodger chocobo
where blitzballs fly at you and you have to dodge them and you get stunned when
you get hit. Cross in time and get a prize

 Same as Dodger Chocobo except the blitzballs fly over
head and they split into 5 or so blitzballs while a bird comes flying at you.
Personally this I took like forever to get, then after hours of cussing and
fustration I got it. You can do it =]

 You race the trainer chocobo dude from the entrance to the
exit of the Calm Lands, when you get hit with the bird it adds 3 seconds to
your time, if you hit a balloon you get 3 seconds deducted. If you win this
race you get the Caladbolg which is Tidus's ultimate weapon. Rerace in the
Catcher Chocobo and if you finish in 0:0.0 seconds you get the Sun Sigil for

v. Blitzball

Check the BLITZBALL section for info on this, also, you will get certain items
in the league and tournament depending on what place you come in.

vi. Cloudy Mirror

When you get to Remiem Temple, You need to get a Chocobo to get to Remiem
Temple, when you get one goto the entrance of the Calm Lands and examine the
Chocobo Feather then go in the crevace it is right around the corner. Anyways
when you get infront of Remiem Temple take a left and look at the sphere on the
ground. Now goto the other side and press X on the Chocobo, and race. If you
beat the other Chocobo, you will win the Cloudy mirror. The cloudy mirror needs
to be upgraded to the Celestial Mirror to be any good. Which will open some

vii. Celestial Mirror

First you need to goto the Macalania Woods - South, You will see a boy and his
mother, goto the far right path. Next screen you will go right then go north on
the next screen. Talk to the man on the very right, which is the boy and
mothers husband, so being nice tell him where they are. When you get there the
kid should be missing. Then go left onto the shining path thingy. Then when you
come to a fork take a left. The kid is here and when you talk to him he will
lead you to an area where you can upgrade the Cloudy Mirror to the Celestial
Mirror. This enables you to open some chests and get certain sigils and stuff.

viii. Rusty Sword

Goto the exit of the Calm Lands [North East], and goto the area where you
fought Defender X, go over the bridge and go under the second. Just follow the
path take the right path, the sword is in the ground, take the left and that is
the cave of stolen fayth that is where Yojimbo lays [Aeon]. If you manage to
not die on your way to him and defeat him, you can hire him to be on your team.
Check the Aeons Section for more details. Anyways back on track... I bet your
all asking whats the point of this rusty sword..... well you can get Aurons
ultimate weapon with it. [Check the Ultimate Weapon Section on getting his
Ultimate Weapon]

ix. Monster Arena
When you get to the Calm Lands you can go see the Monster Arena guy, he has
accidentally let all the monsters loose all over Spira and wants you to capture
1 of each for him because he simply can't anymore.
But some of his weapons with CATCHER equipped on it and set out, when you get 1
of each monster

Capture all the monsters from 10 different places for the Mars Sigil
Also when you capture all the monsters from an area, the monster arena guy will
give you rare items and when you capture 10 of each in the area. I added a list
of the monsters needed if you need to know which you are missing.

1. Monster List
 ------------     ---------------     -------------
|   Besaid   |   |    Mi'ihen    |   |  Djose Road |
|------------|   |---------------|   |-------------|
|  Dingo     |   | Mi'ihen Fang  |   |    Garm     |
|  Condor    |   |    Ipiria     |   |   Simurgh   |
| Water Flan |   | Floating Eye  |   |   Bite Bug  |
 ------------    | White Element |   |  Snow Flan  |
                 |     Raldo     |   |    Bunyip   |
                 |    Vouivre    |   |   Basilisk  |
                 |     Bomb      |   |     Ochu    |
                 |   Dual Horn   |    -------------

 --------------     ---------------     --------------
|  Macalania   |   |  Calm Lands   |   | Mt.  Gagazet |
|--------------|   |---------------|   |--------------|
|  Snow Wolf   |   |    Skoll      |   | Bandersnatch |
|    Iguion    |   |   Nebirios    |   |   Ahriman    |
|     Wasp     |   |  Flame Flan   |   |  Dark Flan   |
|   Evil Eye   |   |     Shred     |   |   Grenade    |
|   Ice Flan   |   |  Anacoundaur  |   |    Grat      |
| Blue Element |   |     Ogre      |   |   Grendel    |
|   Mulfshoe   |   |    Coeurl     |   |   Bashura    |
|    Mafdet    |   | Chimera Brain |   |  Mandragora  |
|    Xiphos    |   |    Malboro    |   |   Behemoth   |
|    Chimera   |    ---------------    |   Splasher   |
 --------------                        |   Achelous   |

 -----------------       ----------------       ----------------
|  Omega Dungeon  |     |     Kilika     |     | Thunder Plains |
|-----------------|     |----------------|     |----------------|
|    Maelspike    |     |    Dinonix     |     |    Melusine    |
|      Zaurus     |     |   Killer Bee   |     |    Aerouge     |
|  Floating Death |     | Yellow Element |     |      Buer      |
|  Black Element  |     |     Ragora     |     |  Gold Element  |
|      Halma      |      ----------------      |   Kusariqqu    |
|    Puroboros    |                            |     Larva      |
|     Spirit      |    --------------------    |   Iron Giant   |
|     Machea      |   | Mushroom Rock Road |   |     Qactuar    |
|  Master Coeurl  |   |--------------------|    ----------------
| Master Tonberry |   |      Raptor        |
|     Varuna      |   |     Gandarewa      |    ----------------
 -----------------    |    Thunder Flan    |   | Bikanel Island |
                      |    Red Element     |   |----------------|
 --------------       |     Lamashtu       |   |    Sand Wolf   |
| Sunken  Cave |      |      Funguar       |   |     Alcyone    |
|--------------|      |      Garuda        |   |    Mushussu    |
|    Yowie     |       --------------------    |       Zu       |
|     Imp      |                               |    Sand Worm   |
| Dark Element |      ---------------          |     Cactuar    |
|   Nidhogg    |     |  Inside  Sin  |          ----------------
|    Thorn     |     |---------------|
|    Valaha    |     |     Exoray    |
|    Epaaj     |     |     Wraith    |
|    Ghost     |     |     Gemini    |
|   Tonberry   |     |   Demonlith   |
 --------------      | Great Malboro |
                     |    Barbatos   |
                     |  Adamantoise  |

    Dark Flan  - only found in Gagazet Cave
    Grendel    - only found in Gagazet Cave
    Mandragora - only found in Gagazet Cave
    Behemoth   - only found in Gagazet Cave
    Splasher   - only found in Gagazet Cave, in the water
    Achelous   - only found in Gagazet Cave, in the water
To get the Conquests below you must do certain things
AREA CONQUEST: You must capture all of the monsters in an area [above]

SPECIES CONQUEST: You must capture 10 of a certain amount of monsters
of a certain type like. Dragons, Bugs, etc.

ORIGINAL: Apear as you capture 10 of each monster from certain areas.
 ----------------   ------------------   ----------------
| Area  Conquest | | Species Conquest | |    Original    |
|----------------| |------------------| |----------------|
|   Stratavis    | |      Fenrir      | |   Earth Eater  |
| Malboro Menace | |   Onitholestes   | | Greater Sphere |
|     Kottos     | |      Pteryx      | |   Catastrophe  |
|  Coeurlregina  | |      Hornet      | |     Th'uban    |
|   Jormungand   | |      Vidatu      | |     Neslug     |
|  Cactuar King  | |      One Eye     | | Ultima Buster  |
|     Espada     | |    Jumbo Flan    | |     Shinryu    |
|   Abyss Worm   | |  Nega Elemental  | |     Nemesis    |
|  Chimerageist  | |      Tanket      |  ----------------
|  Don Tonberry  | |      Fafnit      |
|   Catoblepas   | |   Sleep Sprout   |
|     Abadon     | |     Bomb King    |
|     Vorban     | |    Juggernaut    |
 ----------------  |     Iron Clad    |

2. Prizes

After you catch certain monsters or whichever for every quest the old man will
give you prizes for catching his monsters!

AREA CONQUEST: You must capture all of the monsters in an area [above]
|       AREA         |    QUANTITYx PRIZE   |
|   Besaid Island    | 99x Stamina Tonic    |
|       Kilika       | 99x Poison Fang      |
|  Mi'ihen Highroad  | 99x Soul Spring      |
| Mushroom Rock Road | 99x Candle of Life   |
|   Djose Highroad   | 99x Petrify Grenade  |
|   Thunder Plains   | 99x Chocobo Wing     |
|     Macalania      | 60x Shining Gem      |
|   Bikanel Island   | 99x Shadow Gem       |
|     Calm Lands     | 60x Farplane Wind    |
|    Sunken Cave     | 40x Silver Hourglass |
|    Mt. Gagazet     | Blossom Crown        |
|     Inside Sin     | 99x Lunar Curtain    |
|    Omega Ruins     | 60x Designer Wallet  |

SPECIES CONQUEST: You must capture 10 of a certain amount of monsters of a
certain type like. Dragons, Bugs, etc.
|    Birds    | 99x Mega Pheonix    |
|   Lizards   | 99x Stamina Spring  |
|   Wolves    | 99x Chocobo Feather |
|    Imps     | 99x Mana Spring     |
|    Bombs    | 60x Turbo Ether     |
|   Elements  | 99x Star Curtain    |
|    Flans    | 60x Twin Stars      |
|    Moles    | 99x Gold Hourglass  |
|     Bees    | 60x Mana Tonic      |
|   Dragons   | 99x Purifying Salt  |
|  Mushrooms  | 99x Healing Spring  |
|  Eyeballs   | 60x Stamina Tablet  |
|    Horns    | 99x Light Curtain   |
| Iron Giants | 60x Mana Tablet     |

ORIGINAL CONQUEST: Apear as you capture 10 of each monster from certain areas.
|  Earth Eater   | 60x Three Stars      |
| Greater Sphere | 60x Supreme Gem      |
|  Catastrophe   | 99x Door to Tomorrow |
|    Th'uban     | 99x Gambler's Spirit |
|    Neslug      | 99x Winning Formula  |
| Ultima Buster  | 99x Dark Matter      |
|    Shinryu     | 30x Megalixir        |
|    Nemesis     | 10x Mster Sphere     |

And the only real challenge in FFX is this guy right here (and if you have the
International Version the Dark Aeons are good to fight too)

BOSS: Nemesis
HP: 10,000,000 HP
LANCET: Nova [if you missed it from Omega Weapon heres your only time to get it
back again]

Well after you beat him you have nothing left to do in the game, the game is
just gonna sit their unless you want to play again. But anyways the best thing
to do is to max out some of your abilities using spheres gained using Species
Conquest [AGILITY and STRENGTH ARE MUSTS] and learn Quick Hit with all ur
strongest guys. First off cast HASTEGA or haste on whoever, then use Auto-Life
with auto-life ur invincible. Use Quick attack with everyone if u have
Auto-Life on everyone. Don't use Overdrives unless u like a nice powerful
Ultima to snack on. He uses things like Etheral Cannon, Phsysical attacks,
Armageddon [99,999 to all no matter what], Ultra Spark. These are all very hard
to live through. Ultra Spark does about 30,000+ even with Defense and Magic
Defense maxed out plus adds poison. Etheral is easy to live by, so is physical
attack. With Def maxed and Protect up it only does 7000 damage or so. Quick
attack is ur best bet. Thats all folks.

This section is for the secrets and the stuff I couldn't categorize

i. Secret Map Locations
1. Omega Ruins    - [X: 67-75 / Y: 33-38]
2. Sanubia Temple - [X: 12-16 / Y: 41-45]
3. Besaid Falls   - [X: 29-32 / Y: 73-76]
4. Baaj Temple    - [X: 11-16 / Y: 57-63]
5. Mi'hin Ruins   - [X: 33-36 / Y: 55-60]
6. Battle Site    - [X: 39-43 / Y: 56-60]

2, 3, 5, 6 Contain really valuable items, even a Double AP ability weapon for
Tidus, a Dragoon lance for Kimahri, a Phantom Bangle, and a Sonar for Rikku.

ii. Airship Passwords
1. GODHAND - Location of Rikku's Ultimate Weapon
2. VICTORIOUS - Location of Armor for Rikku that nullifies 3 elem's
3. MURASAME - Location of Auron's Murasame weapon that has a 1 MP Cost Ability

iii. Al Bhed Primer Locations
1. Al Bhed Salvage Ship
2. Besaid Village - Crusaders Lodge
3. S.S. L'iki - Engine Room
4. Kilika - Tavern
5. S.S. Winno - Control Room
6. Luca Stadium - Basement B
7. Luca Theater
8. Mi'ihen Road - Travel Agency inn
9. Mi'ihen Highroad - Newroad, North
10. Mushroom Rock Road
11. Djose Highroad
12. Moonflow - North Wharf
13. Guadosalam - Left of Seymours place
14. Thunder Plains - Travel Agency Inn
15. Macalania Woods - Lake road
16. Lake Macalania - Travel Agency
17. Sanubia Desert - Central
18. Sanubia Desert - Central
19. Al Bhed Home
20. Al Bhed Home - Living Quarters
21. Al Bhed Home - Main Corridor
22. Infront of Bevelle Temple
23. The Calm Lands - Northwest
24. Remiem Temple - Left side, near a chocobo
25. The Calm Lands - Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
26. Omega Ruins

iv. Omega Ruins
=submitted by:
Hi, I was playing around with the Omega Ruins treasure chests (over and over, I
might add) and found something I have not seen in ANY other FAQ to date. True
there is no obvious order to opening chests or the content being the same in
that chest one Save to the next, it all totally random...EXCEPT that the actual
sum total of the individual items remains the same, In other words the actual
items list is constant, just placed in different chests. The KICKER is...IF you
open ALL the chests without a fight...the contents of the LAST chest is Warp
Sphere x99 !!!!!

Here's the list of items to be found in the Omega Ruins Chests. This is the
actual order I received them last time I did it starting with the small room on
the right as you enter the Ruins and continuing clockwise on the map ending up
at the four chests.

Lv.4 Sphere x1
Defending Bracer
Lv.3 Sphere x2
Defending Armlet
Friend Sphere
Lv.4 Sphere x1
Phantom Ring
Cactuar Wizard
War Monger
Teleport Sphere x2
Warp Sphere x99

I recommend getting Yuna's Ultimate Weapon and Tidus's Ultimate Weapon before
coming here. For more info on Ultimate Weapons check the Ultimate Weapons
section. Use the coordinates in this section I gave you and go in there. You
will have a tiny event that tells you the history of Omega Ruins. This area is
just crawling with hard enemies. Here the minimap isn't worth anything until
you go over everythingbecause things appear as you go over it. When you see a
hallway go right until you come to a treasure chest area. Grab the treasures.
Pick the wrong one and you will be attacked and the treasures dissapear. Go
back to where the save sphere is and go left get the chests their. Return to
the save sphere and save then go left and right go left and follow the path to
the glyph on the wall. Go north from their to a room that has 4 treasure
chests, get the treasures. The Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXVI. Go northwest from this
room into a corridor, follow it to another glyph. Activate the glyph. Goto the
central area and a bridge leading to a chest will be their. Grab the Teleport
Sphere and move on.

Continue to the room with 4 chests and go northeast their is a pad. Above
Ultima Weapon is their. Step on the elevator and go straight you will now

BOSS: Ultima Weapon
HP: 70,000
MP: 1
AP: 40,000
GIL: 20,000
STEAL: 10 Door's to Tomorrow
ITEMS: 3 Lvl. 3 Key Sphere
BRIBE: 140,000 for 99 Pendulum

An easy way to beat him is just to use Bribe and bribe him for 140,000 GIL to
get 99 Pendulum. If you choose to fight him have Tidus use Hastega have Yuna
use Valefor's Energy Blast and Ultima Weapon should be gone for close to 3/4 of
his life. Finish it off with your Main Characters or just other Aeons. If you
don't want to use that method. Hastega, Shell, and Protect are the way to go.
Regen will work if you have that. Use everyones Overdrives and he should be
dead. If not follow up using Aeons Overdrives and hes a gonner. Easier than

=suggestion by: MistaK=
For ultima weapon all i'd really suggest is that you get armor that equips
against status ailments (stoneproof, confuseproof, auto-med) and try to inflict
silence and darkness on him since he's not completely immune to them.. you can
steal from him to gain 10 doors to tomorrow, which will let you add the
Overdrive to AP ability to a weapon


Save after that at the save sphere and continue. Along this path are Enemies in
each circle. Defeat them on the way. Also their is a Friend sphere around here
on the left. Go back to the entrance when you on  past the entrance and when
you are nearing the end. Heal your guys completely and save. Move into the
circle at the end.

BOSS: Omega Weapon
HP: 99,999
MP: 1
AP: 50,000
GIL: 30,000
STEAL: 30 Gambler's Spirit
WEAKNESS: Nothing / Cuts Elemental Magic in Half
ITEMS: 3 Lvl. 4 Key Spheres

He is slow so use Hastega. Use Overdrives and Aeons overdrives. Use Esuna, and
if you want Protect/Shell/Regen/Auto-Life if you want security. This fight is
way easier than in the past final fantasy's im sort of disappointed but what
can I say, hes not the strongest in the game.

=suggestion by: MistaK=
well omega's immune to pretty much every status ailment, so its probably best
to strengthen your own defense with hastega and shell and maybe skills like
focus, he uses mostly magic attacks so shell helps alot and magic works better
than physically attacking cause his defense is a lot higher than his magic

Throughout Final Fantasy X, their is a language known as Al Bhed, you will find
people talking and signs all over the world with it and the only way to
decipher it is to collect the primers but if you have lots of time you can
learn it yourself or just write down the letters and whenever they come out
just write them out.
    A = E                    A = Y
    B = P                    B = P
    C = S                    C = L
    D = T                    D = T
    E = I                    E = A
    F = W                    F = V
    G = K                    G = K
    H = N                    H = R
    I = U                    I = E
    J = V                    J = Z
    K = G                    K = G
    L = C                    L = M
    M = L                    M = S
    N = R                    N = H
    O = Y                    O = U
    P = B                    P = B
    Q = W                    Q = X
    R = H                    R = N
    S = M                    S = C
    T = D                    T = D
    U = O                    U = I
    V = F                    V = J
    W = X                    W = F
    X = Q                    X = Q
    Y = A                    Y = O
    Z = V                    Z = W

vi. Jecht Sphere Locations
1. After defeating Spherimorph
2. Besaid Village, right of the temple
3. On the ship S.S. L'iki
4. Luca Stadium, Basement A
5. Mi'ihen Highroad
6. Mushroom Rock Road
7. South Shoopuf Wharf
8. Thunder Plains
9. Macalania Woods, southern part
10. Gagazet Mountain

NOTE: Spheres are in the Sphere Grid Section

1. Potion - Restores 200 HP to 1 character
2. Hi-Potion - Restores 1,000 HP to 1 character
3. X-Potion - Fully Restores HP of 1 character
4. Mega-Potion - Restores 2,000 hp of each party member
5. Ether - Restores 100 MP of 1 character
6. Turbo Ether - Restores 500 MP of 1 character
7. Pheonix Down - Revives 1 character from KO
8. Mega Pheonix - Revives entire party from KO
9. Elixer - Fully restores HP and MP of 1 character
10. Megalixer - Fully Restores HP and MP for party
11. Antidote - Cures Poison
12. Soft - Cures Petrification
13. Eye Drops - Cures Darkness
14. Echo Screen - Cures Silence
15. Holy Water - Cutres Zombie and Curse
16. Remedy - Cures all Status Abnormalities
17. Power Distiller - Makes 1 Enemy drop Power Spheres
18. Magic Distiller - Makes 1 Enemy drop Mana Spheres
19. Speed Distiller - Makes 1 Enemy drop Speed Spheres
20. Ability Distiller - Makes 1 Enemy drop Ability Spheres
21. Al Bhed Poton - Heals party of 1000 HP and cures Psn,Silence, Stone
22. Healing Water - Fully restores HP of party
23. Tetra Elemental - Fully restores HP and casts NulAll on party.
24. Antarctic Wind - Deals ice damage to an enemy
25. Arctic Wind - Deals ice damage to an enemy
26. Ice Gem - Deals ice damage to all enemies
27. Bomb Fragment - Deals fire damage to an enemy
28. Bomb Core - Deals fire damage to an enemy
29. Fire gem - Deals fire damage to all enemies
30. Electro Marble - Deals lightning damage to an enemy
31. Lightning Marble - Deals lightning damage to an enemy
32. Lightning Gem - Deals lightning damage to all enemies
33. Fish Scale - Deals water damage to 1 enemy
34. Dragon Scale - Deals water damage to 1 enemy
35. Water Gem - Deals water damage to all enemies
36. Grenade - Damages all enemies
37. Frag Grenade - Damages all enemies and inflicts Armor Break
38. Sleeping Powder - Inflicts damage and Sleep on all enemies
39. Dream Powder - Inflicts damage and Sleep on all enemies
40. Silence Grenade - Inflicts damage and silence on all enemies
41. Smoke - Inflicts damage and darkness on all enemies
42. Shadow Gem - Reduces HP of all enemies by 1/2
43. Shining Gem - Damages an enemy
44. Blessed Gem - Damages an enemy
45. Supreme Gem - All Enemies
46. Poison Fang - Inflicts damage and poison on an enemy.
47. Silver Hourglass - Delays next turn of all enemies
48. Gold Hourglass - Damages all enemies and delays their next turn
49. Candle of Life - Casts Doom on an enemy
50. Petryify Grenade - Pretrifies all enemies
51. Farplane Shadow - Inflicts death on 1 enemy
52. Farplane Wind - Inflicts death on all enemies
53. Designer Wallet - Customizing use
54. Dark Matter - Deals major damage to all enemies
55. Chocobo Feather - Casts Haste on 1 character
56. Lunar Curtain - Casts Shell on one character
57. Light Curtain - Casts Protect on one character
58. Star Curtain - Casts Reflect on one character
59. Healing Spring - Casts Regen on one character
60. Mana Spring - Absorbs MP from an enemy
61. Stamina Spring - Absorbs HP from an enemy
62. Soul Spring - Absorbs MP & HP from an enemy
63. Purifying Salt - Damage an enemy and dispells its magic effects
64. Stamina Tablet - Doubles max HP of one character
65. Mana Tonic - Doubles max HP of party
66. Three Stars - Reduces Party's MP cost to 0
67. Map - Used to use the world map
68. Rename Card - Rename an Aeon
69. Musk - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
70. Hypello Potion - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
71. Shining Thorn - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
72. Pendulum - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
73. Amulet - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
74. Door to Tomorrow - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
75. Wings to Discovery - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
76. Gambler's Spirit - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
77. Underdog's Secret - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul
78. Winning Formula - Used in Mixing/Customizing/Aeon Soul

[16.] MIX LIST
For mixing in FFX, that is Rikku's overdrive, she will be able to combine 2
items to form a different effect from them, which is cool and very useful. To
save loading time, and my time. I will give a link which will be more detailed
from CB yet again! With TONS of combinations that you could think of. Big
thanks to her again =]

Potion + Elixer = Megalixir
Potion + Megalixir = Super Elixir
Bomb Core + Dark Matter = Trio of 9999
Chocobo Wing/Feather + Healing Water = Ultra Nul-All
Chocobo Wing + Pendulum/Amulet = Hyper Mighty G
Fire Gem + Dark Matter = Super Nova
Grenade + Power Sphere = Flash Flood

Bribe in Final Fantasy X is where you pay your enemies to leave and in return
they give you rare items and all sorts of stuff. Sometimes they won't leave
when you pay them, which is not fair hehe and they may not give you the items
number that is listed below which still isn't fair. Oh well, you can only get
most of these items by bribing or by Monster Arena. CB made a Bribe list
[surprised?] well here is her list to save up more loading time.


Lvl. 3 Key Sphere x40 for 900,000 gil from Demonolith
Lvl. 4 Key Sphere x2 for 196,000 gil from Chimera Brain
Skill Sphere x2 for 360,000 gil from Zu
White Magic Sphere x2 for 256,000 gil from Dark Flan
Black Magic Sphere x2 for 152,000 gil from Black Element
Mega Phoenix x2 for 8,600 gil from the Alcyone
Special Sphere x6 for 1,088,000 gil from Adamantoise
Chocobo Wing x60 for 360,000 gil from Machea
Wings to Discovery x4 for 540,000 gil from Malboro
Pendulum x99 for 1,400,000 from Ultima Weapon [1 TIME ONLY]
Remedy x80 for 92,980 gil from Lord Ochu
Remedy x8 for 15,600 gil from Ragora
Supreme Gem x20 for 260,000 from Halma
Stamina Tablet x50 for 188,000 from Ogre
Mega Elixir x20 for 1,120,000 gil from Varuna
Return Sphere x3 for 36,000 gil from Dark Element

For those of you who have seemed to get everything in the game and loved it.
Here is something you may not know, in Luca their is a Luca Theater go into the
back and their are 2 little jester looking guys. Talk to one of them and one
lets you purchase Movie Spheres and the other lets you purchase Music Spheres.
Each lets you purchase a movie you have seen, so you can view them whenever you
like, same goes with the music spheres except with music.

To purchase these spheres goto Luca and goto the Luca Theater [in the back]
talk to the 2 guys, and to watch them talk to the people behind them and say
yes or whatever. Go up to the panel and watch em!

Movie Spheres:
# of movie spheres x 5,000 gil

Music Spheres:
# of music spheres x 2,000 gil

These are very neat to watch and to show your friends what you have done to
brag to them =]


Q: Can you get past the limation of 9999 HP and 999 for MP?
A: YES! IF you manage to get 30x Wings to Discovery [bribe them from Malboros]
and customize it into your armor for a Break HP Limit added to it.  And for 999
MP Break...Yes, 30x Three Stars will do this. If you get Monsters Arena
monsters [forgot which Area] he will give you 60x Three Stars, i recommend use
for Lulu, and Yuna as they are your main magic users.

Q: Can I get the Jecht Shot again if I forgot it on the S.S. Winno?
A: Yes, Sadley not till the end of the game when you get the Airship. Return to
Kilika and take the ship to Luca their you will be given the chance again. Read
the tutorial and good luck

Q: Where can I get all the Hidden Aeons?
A: Check the Aeons Section

Q: If I miss any temples' Destruction Spheres' can I return to get them?
A: Sadley, all of them but Bevelle. The rest are accessable.
=thanks to:
I was just letting you know that to get Anima, You DO NOT have to go back to
Bevelle, because well, one, you can't, and two, it isn't necsessary to get the
hidden tresure, because the destruction sphere was already used to complete the
main puzzle.=




Q: I go back to the temple but guards chase me out, how can I get in?
A: When you get the airship goto Highbridge, after the events , they will be

Q: What does Trio of 9999 do?
A: It makes your entire party hit for 9999, to get it goto the Mix Section
search for it there.

Q: Can you tell me the ending story?
A: Ummm, No you have to learn it yourself =]

Q: If you have Break Max Damage on your weapon does it effect magic?
A: Yes, It does

Q: In the Blitzball tutorial it says something like Techcopy why does it never
show up?

A: This too puzzled me, the fact is you must watch a certain person to learn
it. Or mark them with a person.
Q: Your directions suck, why?
A: First off, I wrote em how I saw them, secondly why don't you figure it out?
If your lost read and if you see anything that I describe that looks like
it..... hmm thats probably it.

Q: I got the ultimate weapons and the sigils and crests but It still says NO AP
option on it. What am I doing wrong?
A: Once you get to them, goto where the Cloudy Mirror was upgraded to a
Celestial Mirror. Talk to the big thing and it will ask you to present the
"Celestial Weapons" those are the ultimate weapons. Present them twice, once
for the crest and once for the sigil.

Q: If I missed Belgemine to get the Summoner's Soul is their anyway to get it?
A: =thanks to: &
If you miss the summoners soul just go to the temple where you get the Magus
Sisters and fight Belgemine and she will give it to you. You also get the
Aeon's Soul if you missed it also.

Q: Wheres your walkthrough of the Zanarkand Visit #2? Well its up in the Aeons
section under Anima where i thought it would make more sense to put..... but
people are blind so ill post it here also:

############## Cloister of Trials - Zanarkand/Visit #2##############
Zanarkand is the one you need. Go back into the temple you will meet Yuna's
Rival, after the little talk go back in and step on all 3 white squares in the
first room and all the white squares in the big one, if you mess it up all the
white squares in both rooms will reset. This opens up a Destruction sphere grab
it and put it into the right side of the panel in the big room. A treasure will
open up and you will get the Magistral Rod. Go back to the Baaj Temple and go
back to the room they will now open up a door for you to make him accessable.
You will also learn a little more about Seymour.

Q: What level do I need to be to beable to learn Jecht Shot 2
A: Any level as long as you have Tidus's key abilities

Q: Those damn Dark Aeons are in the front of the temples and I cant beat them.
A: Okay im tired of this question lately, first of all if they are their I
doubt theirs gonna be a secret to get past them LOL or else, whats the point of
being their, second of all you cant beat them? SOLUTION is get better, get the
Ultimate Weapons the Break HP limit, Auto-life, with Auto-life it makes
virtually anything beatable

[20.] SURVEY
l I got bored and I have loved all the emails you all have sent me
complimenting. I liked this game alot and I want to know what YOU think. I will
choose the first 5 people who email me answering ALL of these questions. You
email will be posted next to what you have said. I will also put my opinions
below first. The people will be added next version.
1. What did you like about Final Fantasy X

spira: I liked the music, the voice acting, the battle system, ability to go
over max damage, and enemies more stronger than the final boss [MONSTER ARENA]
so I don't beat it and lock her back up into the case. Everything. The game was just awesome. I liked the music,
the gameplay, the graphics, the charecters, the enemies, and the sphere grid.  I liked the characters mostly because they were a
little more active and not so boring as other games (although no character will
ever be better than Aeris!), and the voice acting because a lot of the voices
are the same as the voices from Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. I liked really many things, from the storyline to the
spheregrid system,musics,aeons and their possibility to boost 'em, and so on.. The storyline is cool of course, and I like the fact that
it is filled with multiple plot twists. The game doesn't linger in one area or
theme, which I thought was also good, it keeps the interest high. I like the
way the vocals are completely immersed into the game, and the graphics make it
seem almost real.

2. What did you think they could of improved on?

spira: Well, I wish their was a world map to go on instead of inputing
coordinates. I also wanted some sidequests like FF7 where their was alot to do.
I wanted chocobos to be more of use [E.G. FF7 was used to get certain materia,
FF8 - used to get some cards and items, FF9-needed for ultimate weapon] all
chocobo's really did was help you across the calm lands and get you the sun
sigil for tidus. It would of been a great help if it was in the desert. Difficulty. The game was a little too easy, compared to the
other FF games. They could have improved on the complexity of the story
a little straight foward and not as good as FFVII's. A sure thing is that the game was easy, no doubt on that..the
classic world map was a better i think, and there were not so many vehicles to
be used manually, anyway a GREAT game! Well, I think Tidus needs some work, he seems like too
much of a wuss at times. I think they should have found some middle ground
between him, and his practical opposite, Squall, of Final Fantasy VIII.

Give you more choices, and make the choices already present carry
weight. It seems like whenever you could choose something, both the
choices came to the exact same conclusion.

Lastly, have Tidus go after Rikku or Lulu instead of Yuna. Yuna looks
like a boy, and her help everyone and always be gentle passive attitude
started to piss me off after a while.

3. What are your 3 favorite characters in FFX?

spira: personally Tidus, Jecht, Yuna Tidus, Auron, and Yuna, I absolutely hated Wakka. Lulu, Auron, and Rikku. Wakka just reminded me of Zell
on Speed. Auron, Tidus, Wakka and Yuna. Well, Tidus even though he seems like a pussy at times,
Rikku, and Wakka, despite the fact that he is closed-minded about anything
outside of Yevon's teachings.

4. What did you think of the ending?

spira: Was okay, not as good as expected Great, I don't want to spoil it so I'll stop there. Could have been better. It was as beautiful as unexpected, it surprised me but it not
in a bad sense.. another great job of Squaresoft. Honestly, I'm not there yet, but I think the storyline
deserves a very good ending.

5. Did you think the puzzles could of been better?

spira: yes, this game was easy to figure out where to go, first of all the
mini-map let you know where everything was, even though thats a help, its sort
of boring to know where you are going, because you miss important items when
just going straight to it. second of all ff7, ff8, ff9 had secret places to go
and required certain things to be done earlier and the only thing tricky on ffx
was the cloister of trials. Yes, all of them except maybe the Macalani Cloister of
Trials were way too obvious and easy. There wasn't near as much challenge in
FFX as in the other FF games. Some were good puzzles but mostly they could have been
harder. Yes, nothing more to say about that, already said the game is
easy. Yeah, they should have been harder, and there should have
been more of them. Also, bonus puzzles would have been good, as well as more
hidden areas in the current puzzles.

6. What do you think about Seymour

spira: He was cool at first but I gave him what was coming to him. He's given WAY too much credit. He was a pittiful sick of
crap with a really dimented mind, that's it. Sephiroth far surpassed him in
every aspect. Seymour was a really annoying pest that really was a
great bad guy....better than Kuja. A boring dude, really i wanted to kill him since the first time
i saw him ehe.. The first time I saw him I knew I was going to hate him.
He dresses like a homo, and the fact that he practically forced Yuna to marry
him was just sad. But I suppose you aren't supposed to like him, he's the bad
guy. He could have had a very good personality for a villian, but they didn't
develop him enough.

7. Who was the cutest LOOKING girl in FFX?

spira: hmm, i would say Yuna or Lulu ;] Yuna or Rikku, they both looked good. Lulu definately. Yuna looked better with her hair up
than down. 7.5. It had its good points and it was better than VIII
and IX but it was too easy of a story to comprehend. Yuna.. i don't remember how many times i dreamt of her ?!? I would say Rikku, cause I'm a sucker for blondes, I like
those short shorts she wears, and I didn't think Yuna was hot at all. It
disappointed me when Tidus went after Yuna, cause Rikku would have been really
easy to get. (example- comfort her in the Thunder Plains, or when Home is being
attacked and destroyed) Lulu was cute too I guess, but she looked a little too
much like a goth for me. I thought it was funny the way they tried to make her
boobs bounce as many times as possible during battle. (Especially her little
victory dance)

8. If you could rate FFX on a scale from 1 - 10, what would it be, and why

spira: 8, i mean it was good but alot of stuff i felt was missing, can't put my
finger on it, but it was less invigorating then when i was playing the other
final fantasy's.  8 - It was very, very good, but it could have been better.
The main thing was the challenge. The story line and all was great, it was just
too damn easy. 7.5. It had its good points and it was better than VIII
and IX but it was too easy of a story to comprehend. 9, if it would harder it would be a 10 ;-) I would say a 9, because while it was great, the PS2
platform gives it potential to be greater. I didn't think it was unbearably
easy, because I tried to follow the storyline and neglect fighting to make it
harder, due to the fact that Final Fantasy VIII was extremely easy for me,
because I fought so much instead of moving on with the storyline.
( Squall was at level 100 by the end of the first disc. Sad, huh?)

9. What would you say if the Final Fantasy series was ended after FFXII

spira: I would be sad. Each of the games have there own unique quality. Even
though it will stop I doubt it would be soon, as PS2 has just hit
the market and they are still trying to max PS2's full potentential [EXAMPLE:
Remember how FF7 was sort of choppy in the graphics when it was the first PS
game out, then they went all the way to 9 which you see has improved
considerably in graphics, i feel PS2 will be the same way]. Final Fantasy has
been Squaresofts best series and most beneficial in profits. But I guess it
will be awhile before we see a FINAL Final Fantasy. I would cry, then I would try to find a replacement, though
I know now that there is nothing that even comes close to and equal to the FF
series. I would be very very very disappointed but Square has
made one RPG that surpasses all and that is Xenogears. Suicide?, well that could be an idea ehe, no seriously i don't
think they'll do something like that i perfectly agree with what Spira says
about exploit the full power of ps2, as it was done with ps1 and FF9.. if Final
Fantasy series will stop, something will drastically change in the world of
videogaming and RPGs, at least for me. I would be mad, I really enjoy the games, more than any
other RPG out there. I think that Squaresoft is started to try new things with
their games, (I loved the sphere grid concept, as well as the turn concept, and
the fact that weapons didn't really have rigid stats) I would be disappointed
if they discontinued the series so soon in the future, they are capable of
making much more.

10. Do you like my FAQ? Anything that needs to be added after V. 4.8

spira: I like it, its nice and simple :) and ill update whenever I get some
stuff to put up,  your faq was great. It helped with a few things that I
was just too lazy to do, like finding the Jecht spheres and the Al Bhed books. Yes, I really don't like to actually find all the hidden
stuff by my self so it really helped. Your FAQ is well done, a great job, i'm still wonderng how much
time you spent on that.. probably some day i'll do one too, for the next FF
maybe.. i haven't found nothing wrong reading it :) Yeah, your FAQ was good, I just think you should ask
people to send any questions that are unclear in your walkthrough, and any
worthy questions should be added. One thing you might want to look into is
affection levels, someone posted a walkthrough of affection levels on, if those are real, it would be nice to know what big
actions lead to what events. (I know figuring this out would take a
while, but you seem to like the game enough to do it)

IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER, I would like to thank:

-CB for *HER* info on Ultimate Weapons/Mixing/Bribe list info
-Mogg 13-42 for *HER* DARK AEONS SECTION
-Acclaim99 for lots of valuable info
-hero-001 for lots of help on this, thanks
-Playonline for valuable help
-Mystik for his Omega and Ultima Weapon help for giving me valuable info on Bevelle Temple for thoughts for Seymour Natus help for submiting his survey & overdrive help for his Cactuar Hunter correction for his Seymour Flux help
-RRAGANS@CFL.RR.COM for his Seymour Flux help for his Omega Dungeon explanation!! for his strategy on the Lightning Dodger for his survey submission strategy on his Guado help for his Defender X strategy & for telling me that you can get the
Summoner's Soul and Aeon's Soul by going to Remiem Temple for his Blitz Ace correction
-AlucardEscobar for his brief origin explanation on the God Hand and Masamune
-All the people in #ffx on Dalnet on IRC
-Everyone on Questria
-Squaresoft and Sony!

These People should have my FAQ on their site, their sites are very good, I
recommend going to them.
-forgot the rest sorry :)

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