TechnoMage (e)

Final version (22/7/01)

Submitted by Iain Noble ( and written by Ann Noble.

Technomage is a game where puzzles and errands gain as many experience points
as the usual hacking and slashing at enemies does.

This can lead to major frustration when a particular puzzle seems insoluble but
hopefully this walkthru will help at the tricky parts.

Each area contains a Quest Log which lists the errands or tasks that you have
to perform. These are ticked off when they have been completed and you are
automatically awarded experience points. It is VITAL that you talk to everyone
at least once, and search everywhere. There are very few shops in the game so
you must find items by defeating enemies, smashing crates, examining cupboards
etc. People will also give you items, tools, spells and weapons.



	Quest Log:
Visit your Uncle Rissen
Bring the missing books to the Library
Bring Danny a balloon
Find Larissa something to eat
Fetch Mr Saris a present for his fiancee
Fetch some shade fern for the teacher, Mr Salik
Find a way to free the wine trader
Buy a bottle of wine for the landlord
Fetch compass from cellar for your uncle
(These are not in any particular order. It depends when you speak to people).
Books (from Mrs Sengarn in the house next to your mother's house) ->shade fern
from the Librarian's study. Go back to see Mrs Sengarn -> rose for Mr Saris.
Sandwich from Mrs Encende (house next to your uncle's) -> balloon from Larissa
-> balloon to Danny.
Silver key (find it floating in the air above Mrs Sengarn's house) -> unlock
door in wineshop to free Bacchus. See landlord and go to buy bottle of wine.
Finally you can get into your uncle's house, then go to the village well for a
FMV and then back to your uncle's. He will give you a copper key for the
cellar. Collect the dagger, and the silver key from the smashable crate on top
of the pile of crates. Fight the rats and then the Mother rat. As you have very
few HP, the best technique is to jump over her and hit her from the back.
Collect the compass and take it back to Rissen.

	Quest log:
Meet your mother at the Dragon Fountain
Find something to distract the guard at the back door
Clear the rats from Mr Vesnegg's cellar

After talking to your mother, go to the house between the Inn and the Library.
Use the silver key from Mr Vesnegg to get into the cellar and defeat all the
rats. He will give you a sleeping draught which you take back to your mother at
the fountain. She will then talk to the guard and you can go up to the back
gate and escape.

	Quest log:
Find your father's house
Bring Ol'Raakes cat back to him
Try to get past Baras
Save Rumtok the miner
Gain access to your father's house
Solve the scrapyard riddle
Obtain a lump of zantium for the smith
Seal the burst steam pipes
Obtain explosives to destroy the rock wall

Jump up the old drilling tower to get the kitten -> take it back to Ol'Raakes
-> get castor oil -> put caster oil in open stew pot in the Steam Horse -> talk
to the chef and get a bowl of stew -> take the stew to Baras -> go into the
shed and get a sword -> hit the large sand bag to open the door and collect the
Find corks around the town and use them to block the steam escapes in the
pipes. The location of the corks is random so I cannot tell you where to find
them. You need 6 altogether so you may need to visit Lars' shop if you can't
find enough. There are 4 leaks in the main town and 2 in Steamer Park.

1st level - get to the lift in the SE corner
2nd level - going west and south brings you to Rumtok but you can't reach him
yet. There is a purple looking wall in the SE corner to use the dynamite on but
you need more dynamite.
3rd level - you can see the dynamite floating on one of the islands but it's
too far to jump.
4th level - just south of the lift are 2 Tipper Wagon Loading stations (with
the twinkling lights) which need repairing. In the south there is a wall to be
broken. West of the lift is an empty wagon.
Take the lift up to the 3rd level and jump to collect the dynamite. Go back to
the 4th level and then up to the 2nd level to blow up the purple wall near the
lift. Get to Rumtok and get the crowbar.
Push the empty wagon (using the points levers to change its direction) under
one of the moving boxes overhead and use the crowbar on the Tipper Wagon
station. Make sure you go to the correct place for the position of the wagon.
The wagon should be filled with ore. Push the full wagon to the south wall that
needs breaking and it will smash the wall. Push the wagon back north. There is
some dynamite floating above some crates to the west. So, turn the wagon west
and push it, jump onto the moving wagon and then quickly jump over the crates
to get the dynamite. Use the dynamite on the purple wall in the area where you
broke the wall with the wagon and get the zantium ore. Take the lift to ground
level and give the ore to the smith.

	Quest log:
Find out what's going on at the graveyard
Drive the evil spirits out of the crypt

Melvin's granny opens the door to the crypt and gives him a Fireball spell.
After the door is locked, find a copper key in the west of the room and use it
on the door to the south. Heal at the well if necessary; it recharges although
Push and pull the large candlestick from the corner onto the round floor switch
to keep the south door open.
In the SE corner of the fire channel maze is another floor switch which opens
the door to the steps. Don't walk or jump over the fire channels as you will
lose HP.
The switches in the next two rooms are connected to open the flame doors. The
floor switch in the west corner of the first room opens the right hand flame
door into the second room but it is on a timer so move quickly. Once in the
second room the floor switch on the east side opens the left door back into the
first room where you have to use the switch there and then back into the second
room where the doors to the third room are open. Again there is a timer ticking
so you may have to work out the fastest route to get through the doors before
they close.
Go west and smash two crates on the pile of crates (jump and hit) to make a
space to climb over.
In the next area, go into the small area with crates on three sides above the
sunken area in the floor. Smash the crate and then pull the brown crate that is
on your right into position to make a step below where you smashed the crate.
Up the steps and make a note of the arrangement of boxes in the centre as you
will need to duplicate it later. Collect the copper key and exit east, back to
the healing well area.
Open the door to the east. Move the crates into the same arrangement as you saw
earlier and go down the steps. Walk straight through the wall where there is a
star symbol and follow the passage to another star symbol. Smash all the crates
to release the floor switch which releases the door. Go down the steps. Push
the blue switches on the south wall until the 3 doors are all open.
Collect the Ankh Amulet from the centre of the shaft of light (Melvin will
equip it automatically), defeat the enemies and collect the silver key. Open
the door to the south. Defeat the 4 white ghosts and collect the golden key.
Open the door and then approach the north door which locked when you entered
the crypt. Granny thanks you - a job well done.
Exit the graveyard and collect the key from the Smith. Enter your father's
house and read the diary. When you leave, there will be a FMV and now you can
go into Steamer Park.

	Quest Log:
Complete all the engineer's tasks

You have to finish sealing the leaks, find the control wheel, oil the pump and
equalise the water levels in the tanks.
So find the last 2 steam leaks and seal them with the corks. Then go and play
Heaven and Hell with the children to gain access to the scrapyard. Defeat the
Scrapyard Monster and pick up the control wheel that appears near his body.
Attach it to the part of the pump just below where the engineer is standing.
Then go back into town to get the oil can from Fulo's house which is just N of
your father's house. You have to sneak into his bedroom, get the oil can and
get out of the house without him seeing you. Use the light switch on the wall
to get him out of bed and then move round the big block to keep out of sight.
Like any burglar your main problem is getting away with the loot.
Use the oil can on the back of the pump in Steamer Park and then use the
control wheel. Before you start on the water tanks go back into town and stock
up on supplies (particularly torches) because you won't have the chance after
the pump starts working.
The three water tanks have wheels on the top to regulate the water level. When
you arrive there, one tank (upper right) will be full. The first time I played
the game I just fiddled around with a little water here and a little water
there. But I think the technique is: fill the bottom single tank to the top,
then use the wheel on the upper left tank 3 times, then the wheel on the upper
right tank once. However you do it, when the levels are correct the pump will
start working automatically.
Then the FMV ends with Melvin landing heavily in the Hive.

	Quest Log:
Find your father somewhere in the Hive

Put your torch on again. (Note that the green tentacles that appear out of the
ground can't be destroyed). Go east to a floor switch that opens a barrier to
the west. Through that barrier and west to another floor switch which opens a
barrier to the south. (The other open barrier to the south just takes you round
in a circle). Then go west, south and along a zigzag path. Then the main path
goes west, north, west, south, zigzag and south to the exit.

Directly south of the entrance there is a FMV with a trapped person - could
this be your father? North-west to a sunken area where you have to move crates
onto a floor switch to open the 3-bar gate to the south. There are steps to
jump back up in the south of the area. Then there is an island where there are
6 crates covering a switch, that you need to move around.
Without a diagram this is tricky to explain but I will do my best. (Don't jump
off the crates, just step down otherwise you will fall off the island).
Align yourself so that the compass points North. Stand to the West of the
Northernmost crate. Push it East. Stand where that crate was and jump onto the
crate to the South of you. Step down into the space South of that crate and
push it North. There are now 2 crates at the North of the island. Jump onto the
crate to the West of you and step down on the West of it. Push it East. Then
face the crate directly South of the one you just moved and pull it. This
should uncover the switch and you will see the 4-bar gate open. Do not jump
onto the switch otherwise the gate will close again.
Follow the path through the gate. The main path is the second turning to the
north, then there is a zigzag bit, an open area and then it's east and east.
You will come to a 4-bar gate so go back to the L-shaped room to the south and
on the east side there is a path that goes up and leads to the switch.
Go west to meet Godon.
	Quest Log:
Investigate the past and leave the Hive for you must save Gothos from

Bomb the wall to the west of the south-west corner and follow the path to the

Clear all the upper area before you jump down into the cross-shaped sunken
area. The switch in the sunken area opens the barrier in the south-east.
Through there to a floor switch which opens the northern barrier which leads to
a switch which opens the barrier to the east. Then just edge round the 2 pits
to the south - there are some items in the centre but no switches. If you fall
into the second pit, there are steps at the north end. Exit.

Collect the war mace and equip it. There is a round floor switch that extends a
bridge to the first island (note that this is the only complete bridge - you
have jump off the end of all the others). The islands have round floor switches
that activate bridges so go west, south, east, south and then west across the
pillar to the injured man. Agree to help him and he will give you a silver key
and the Ice Claw spell. Unfortunately there is no switch on the island facing
the door. Go back to the main room and then jump onto the first 4 islands,
activating the switches on all four. The switch on the 4th island extends the
bridge to the silver key door.
Now, cross the bridge to the island north of you, then west, south. When you
cross east do NOT land on the switch. You should now be able to cross to the
In the next area, jump up into the passage to the south. Explore the whole area
and you will find that the 3 dark squares have switches inside them to raise
the barriers. Look for the lights that indicate the entrances. Go through the
exit in the centre.

I found this area impossible to describe. All I can tell you is that you need
to find 5 floor switches that open, in order, a 2-bar gate, a 2-bar gate, a
3-bar gate, a 4-bar gate and lastly a 2-bar gate. All the switches are sneakily
concealed but they have a light to show their position. At one point you have
to bomb a wall.

(Watch out for the blue archers).
Go south from the entrance and all the way round the outer area, collecting a
copper key, a blue module and a black module. Then activate the generator in
the centre. Open the copper key door, read the journal, pick up the red module
and use the teleporter pad. In the next room, pick up the silver key and then
go back and open the silver key door. Collect the steel key and use it to open
the door. Teleport from the steel key room, pick up the green module and use it
on the generator in this room.
Go back to the silver key room and teleport. Then use the second teleport pad
and pick up the golden key. Use the key and activate the switch at the top of
the room. This opens a door to the west.

Head north and cross the poisonous looking path, then go south. Activate the
switch in the west alcove and go south again. Go into the first room on the
east and activate the switch in the corner. Enter the next room and get the
Green Crystal.
Jump across the pillars to travel along the water channel and then make your
way right round the room to the switch in the corner. Exit west. Jump across
the pillars to reach the island with the bridge. Move the brown crate to the
wall, smash the crates and climb up. Jump down the other side and cross the 2
pillars. Jump down into the room, use the switch and move the crate to get back
onto the parapet. Jump onto the north bridge and exit.

Open the door to the north by moving the crates in the centre onto the same 3
symbols as are in front of the north door. Go into the room and use the switch.
Then move the crates onto the symbols for the south door and use the switch in
there. Cross the bridges.

(Watch out for nasty attacks from the walls).
Use the switch in the north-east room, then go west and north. There is a
switch in the room on the east of the corridor which opens a door in the south.
Use the centre of the 3 wall switches, go north, use the switch, go to the west
room, use a switch and go to the room in the south.
This room has pads on the floor which send you back to the door. So, turn left
inside the entrance, then right, right, left, left to get to the east room. Go
into the next room east and use the switch. When you get back to the exit of
the 1st east room, turn left, go straight, then right to get to the west room.

Fight the giant spider. I can give no help here as I belong to the wild
slashing school of fighting so do whatever works for you. There are useful
items behind the V shaped walls in the corners.
You are finally finished with the Hive.

	Quest log:
Talk to the fairies in the fairy meadow
Find the three seals and take them to Duna
Find Duna some silverweed
Find the two bee baskets for Corina
Find a bee sting and mantis silk for the fairy gold

Beehives -> bee sting + mantis silk -> fairy gold -> jester -> silverweed
Three seals + silverweed -> shrinking potion

There are five areas in the Fairy Forest which are all interconnected. Also
Tsa-Jelon which is the fairy village and for which you need the shrinking
The Clearing where you start and the nomad camp is; connected to the Fairy
Meadow and Stonehenge.
Stonehenge where Duna and Corina can be found; connected to the Clearing, the
Bridge and the Pool of Eternal Ice.
The Fairy Meadow which contains the garden maze; connected to the Clearing and
the entrance to the goblin fort.
The Bridge where the mantis nest is and Jakhul, the troll, sits on the bridge;
connected to Stonehenge, the Pool of Eternal Ice and the Inner Forest.
The Pool of Eternal Ice, where Irwen, the Mistress of Winter, can be found;
connected to Stonehenge and the Bridge.
Having disposed of the goblin welcoming party, explore the clearing and talk to
the fairy on the island. Then go into Stonehenge and talk to Duna. She will
give you the Radar tool which you should equip immediately and is very useful.
Then just explore all the areas and dispose of all the enemies.
(The lily pads on the way to the Fairy Meadow sink if you stand on them too
Item locations:
Beehives - one in the Pool of Eternal Ice;
the other in Stonehenge. Go to the SW corner of the area and search south. You
should see a light in front of a green curtain that you can walk through. Hey
Seals -
all 3 are hidden below depressions in the ground where Melvin says the ground
isn't safe to walk on and there is a light. You need to use a bomb to uncover
the seal and they don't show on radar until exposed.
One in the NE corner of the Clearing.
One in the south of the Bridge area.
One on a small island accessible from the garden maze, and where you find the
golden key.
Mantis silk -
defeat all the mantises around the nest, jump onto the red circle and press the
action button to pick it up.
Silver key -
in the part of the garden maze where it looks as though you need a copper key
but the gate is unlocked. Use the radar.
Steel key -
in the golden key maze.
Fairy gold -
take the bee sting and the mantis silk to the fairy on the little island in the
Clearing. To use it, stand in front of some golden lights, open the rucksack
and select it. The jester should appear. I don't know if it matters which
golden lights you use because I always used the ones on the big log just inside
the Fairy Meadow.
talk to the jester. You have to guess his name so look for the green letters
when he is talking to you. (Both times I played it was Dureos but it might
change). If you guess correctly, he will give you the silverweed.
Once you have everything rush back to Duna and she will give you the amazing
shrinking potion. To use it just stand on the crescent stone near the beehives
and press the action button. You will shrink and arrive in the village.

	Quest Log:
Visit Siniver
Find a tuning fork and a knife for Aruna
Get some fresh water for Merina
Win the beetle race and tell Siniver
Free Gwen
Tune the harp to soothe Jakhul

Explore and talk to people.
See Siniver and then visit Merina who will give you a bucket for the water.
Leave Tsa Jelon and go to the Pool of Eternal Ice. Stand on the crescent stone
there and then talk to Irwen. She will give you the water and a Flower of
Winter. Take the water to Merina and she will give you an oak branch.
Talk to Aruna and then go to the lower house in the east. Drop into the
basement and move the crate to get up to the knife.
Talk to Siniver again and then take part in the Beetle Race. The best way to
win is to get in front at the start of the race, go as fast as you can and cut
the corners. When you win you will be given the speed boots.
Siniver will give you a pass to get past the tree guardian to access the Fort
where Gwen is being held.
Bomb the front gate of the fort and then jump up the steps next to the gate to
get onto the parapet. Fight your way round till you get to Raga, the goblin
chief. Once you defeat him the force field over Gwen will disappear and the
fighting will stop.
Gwen gives you the tuning fork and the Vipers Vortex spell. Go back to Tsa
Jelon and give the knife and tuning fork to Aruna. Then go to the Bridge area
and press the action button in front of the harp. Now you can access the Inner

	Quest Log:
Help Sarina

After you have cleared the maze (you will be told when you have) head north to
see Dahlia, Mistress of Spring, who will give you a magic amulet and the Flower
of Spring.
Clear the goblin camps to the north-east and north. Make your way to the jetty
in the centre of the map. Jump onto the raft and then off at the next jetty.
Before you use the crescent stone, cross to the small island where the tree
guardian will give you a bow. Also notice the nasty green fog but don't go in.

	Quest Log:
Bring Horpach's magic wand back
Find a honeycomb for Lonicera
Catch Apydia's bees
Find the all the ingredients for the antidote potion
You'll need a royal smile
Beat Horpach in the duel of magic and tell Lonicera
Use the ray glass

Bees -> honey -> good luck potion -> magic wand + four flowers -> antidote.
Magic duel -> ray glass -> moonbeam -> royal smile.

Explore and talk to everyone.
To get to Amber, the Mistress of Summer, use the bow to shoot the bellflower on
the other side of the gap. To play the flutes, face the pointed ends; the tune
is green, red, red, green. Amber will give you the Flower of Summer.
You need to catch 5 bees for Apydia. They are the big purplish fliers; 4 of
them can be found over the various garden areas. To find the 5th, go to the Inn
and go up the steps on the outside; it will be flying around the roof. To
actually catch them, just jump up when the round shadow passes over you - they
follow a set flight pattern so the easiest way is not to chase them but stand
in one place and then jump.
Take the honey to Lonicera who will give you a good luck potion. Then play the
roulette game with Fiona in the Inn. Take the wand back to Horpach and ask him
about the antidote. Talk to Meriven in the hotel and get the Flower of Autumn,
then back to Horpach. While you're there, go up the stairs in his house and
find the gear wheel in one of the cabinets and look at the light organ.
Back to Lonicera who wants to take Horpach down a peg or two. So go back to him
and you will take part in a magic duel. You ace him and receive the Yellow
Crystal. Lonicera is so pleased that she gives you a ray glass so go down to
the moonflower.
Stand in front of it and select the ray glass in your rucksack. You will
collect the moonbeam automatically. Go to the palace, stand in front of the
princess and select the moonbeam. She will smile on the potion for you.
Before you leave, stock up with any items you need from Lonicera.
Leave Jelon and stand on the jetty facing the poisonous mist. Select the
antidote potion and use it. The mist will disappear and you will float off on a

Jump north along the pillars to an island, then north to another island. Walk
along the narrow neck of land and then jump south to the next island. Work your
way all round the island to the re-spawn point. Jump north to an island and
then south to the raft.

Jump off the raft at the jetty to the north while heading east. Use the lever
and get on the raft from the north jetty.
Face south and jump off at the next jetty while heading west. Use the lever and
get on the raft from the east jetty.
Face west and get off at the next jetty while heading north. The lever is on
the small island to the west. Catch the raft from the south jetty. Face north
and get off at the next jetty to the north while heading east.
Use the lever and get back on the raft. You have to shoot an arrow at the
target that has just appeared. This is awkward and you may have to shoot at it
after you've gone past.
Once you hit the target, you go to

The boss battle against a giant toad/frog. Watch out for his tongue attack and
the mini enemies that come off his back.
After the battle there is a FMV in the Clearing. The fairies give you chain
mail and then you set off with the Shach nomads to the Canyon.

	Quest Log:
Gain entry to the old mine
Find the stone hammer
Destroy the stone monsters
Find Cohoch-Ran's horn

Explore the area. You should see 4 portals, a red stone, a lever, a non-moving
platform and a bollard.  Go up the steps on the squarish area in the centre of
the map. Jump down on to the outcropping north and use the lever. The platform
will start moving. Jump onto it and then pick up the red eyestone. Use it on
the red portal.
In the cave go south and use the lever. Jump onto the platform and jump off on
the far west island. Use the lever and get on the platform to the central
island. Go north to another lever and back to the central island. Get onto the
new platform and then jump to the stationary platform and down to the exit.
As soon as you go up any steps there will be a vision of Talis. To get the
yellow eyestone out of the wall at the north use a bomb. Open the yellow portal
and pick up the lever. Use it on the switch where Melvin said he needed a lever
and then use the switch. Get on the platform and jump off at the re-spawn
point. Go south for a blue eyestone (use bomb) and then go west to Talis's
Talk to her and defeat all the scorpions. She will give you a green lens and a
green eyestone. Open the green portal and you will be back at the Shach Camp.
Open the blue portal, there will be a rockfall and Dagomar appears. He gives
you a grappling hook. The first bollard has a light over it. Exit north.
Dagomar reappears and gives you a blue eyestone, and a task. Open the blue
portal in the west and find a yellow eyestone on the floor of the cave. Use the
5 levers until the blocks form a square and then steps. Jump up and get the
Open the yellow portal and equip the hammer. As well as defeating enemies, you
have to smash 4 statues. I would suggest leaving the north one till last as it
involves jumping while an enemy throws rocks at you. When the statues have been
destroyed, the meteor storm spell appears in the centre of the cave and you
will be transported upwards.
Dagomar gives you a red lens. Use the steps near the re-spawn point, then a
bollard, another bollard (south), more steps, another bollard to get the green
eyestone. Jump south to a lever and use the platform. Then steps, bollard, jump
north, onto platform and collect a red eyestone.
Get to the lever island again and use the bollard to go south. Open the red
Go down the lower east path to a lever, use it and get on a platform at the
west side. Pull the west lever and then get onto platform from the upper east
side. Jump to the small island in the centre and use the lever. Take the
platform back and then use the platform from the south-east path. Exit south.
On the south wall of the main cave are 3 levers, use them to move the platforms
to a jumpable position.
Use the steps and jump down at the south, use the bollard, jump south-west and
open the green portal.
Explore the area and talk to the dragon skeleton. To the north-west is the mine
entrance. Before using the crate to get over the wall, collect the item (dragon
horn) floating almost directly north of the crate. Take the horn back to
Cohoch-Ran and receive the blue lens.
Move the crate so that you can get over the wall and then use the next crate
for the next wall. Place the lenses on their support (stand in front of the
light and press action). Notice that you can change which lens the light will
shine through. Face the mine opening and use the lever when the same colour as
the lens appears. (Try red and green first - watch your HP). When the seal
dissolves, enter the mine.
Talis gives you the stoneskin belt. The main lift isn't working. Use the
bollards to another lift which needs a lever.
Go through the east opening and jump into the air duct (watch out for holes in
the floor). Find 2 levers to open a door and go into the crane room. Use the 3
levers to move 2 boxes onto the raised blocks in the enclosure. One box is
already in the correct position. The east door opens. Take the north-west path
to a lever and then use the platform to get to the central island. Use the
lever there and take the platform to the south-west path. Jump into the hole
and collect the lever. Go back to the lift that needed a lever. Activate the
lift and go up in it. Jump across 2 platforms and go into the south opening.
Defeat all the enemies and go through the door to the drilling beetles. There
is a door south of the crystal wall leading to more air ducts. Examine the
desks in all 5 rooms for instructions. As far as I can see you only need the B2
- 1st beetle and the B2 - 2nd beetle levers; after each one you should have a
scene of the beetle moving. (Sorry I can't be more helpful - the first time I
played it those levers worked immediately but this time I had to fiddle around
for ages before it happened. It may be related to the length of time you spend
in the air ducts, or the number of times you fall into a hole, or the number of
fans that you walk through, or something else I haven't thought of !!!)
While in the air ducts collect the black module. Go through the smashed crystal
Head north towards the power station . Defeat all the enemies as it makes the
next stage easier. Use the platform to get to the central power station
(generator) and activate it. Go back and equip the speed boots. There are 3
pumps; north, south and by the control console but they are on a timer.
Activate the north pump, use the teleport pad, activate the south pump and then
race to the pump in the east. Then use the control console to activate the lift
and go down the path in the south-east.
Use the bollard to get the Blue Crystal and then jump across the platforms and
go down in the lift. Boss battle against a deranged machine. Jump onto the
speedo and go north. My strategy was to stay in the small area below the boss,
hit the gear wheels and dash north occasionally to attack the main boss with
the meteor storm spell. When you defeat him, the whole place starts to fall
apart. Talis leads you to safety and then there is a scene of the whole place

	Quest Log:
Save Talis
Help Bullyforth

The snow bridge collapses under Talis. Explore the area. North of the path you
will have to rescue Bullyforth who is trapped by monsters. There are steps on
the "island" north of his position and then you can use a bollard. He gives you
a copper key and Merlin's cape, and drops a hint about ghosts in the Tower.
Follow the path east.
Get the fire and water arrows, and collect the copper key which is floating
somewhere in the area. Use the key.
Find a copper key in the east conference room. Collect the belladonna from
Vulpeth's study. Use the copper key on the central east room. Use the crates to
jump onto the parapet, then use the bollard and go south and then west. Head
north to the crates and move the crate to the railing and jump over. Then jump
to the bookshelves, and on to the parapet of Dagomar's study. Jump down and
pull the lever (shown by the light). Collect the golden key from the hidden
room and use the lever there to open the door. Use the golden key. The pattern
on the floor indicates the torches around the walls that you have to light
using the fire arrows. X means on and O is off, so there are only 3 torches to
be lit. The gate will open and go can go down the passage.
Use the lever to switch the teleport pad on and approach the gate to talk to
the librarian. Then use the teleport and go down the stairs to the sacristy.

	Quest Log:
Find the librarian's spectacles
Conjure up the Council of the Wise Ones
Enter the laboratory
Free the dragon Ar-Khan

Collect the book on conjuring from the lectern (light over it). To gain access
to the crypt, push the 5 lecterns north and the gate will open.
Enter the only room that doesn't have a force field across the entrance and use
the lever. Repeat this action until you're in the north-west room. The lever
here opens the room to the south where the bollard is but it's on a timer so
equip your speed boots. Use the bollard and follow the passage. Turn the
teleporter on. You should be able to see a key floating over the path that runs
from the east side.
Equip speed boots again. Go into the east grave of the beloved departed and
pull the lever. Race into the centre grave, pull the lever, race into the west
grave. Make sure you boots are active and then pull the lever. Race over the
bridge, turn right, then left and left again and through the gate (you may want
to examine the route before you start running). Collect the silver key and open
the silver key door. Jump to the north-east island and pick up the black pearl.
Then jump north. In the east room, walk through the wall where the light is,
and then walk through the next wall. Collect the spectacles.
Return the spectacles to the librarian, and he gives you the Red Crystal. Find
the copper key and notice that the candlestick goes out when you open the door.
At the west end of the corridor between the private studies, light the torch
and enter Tiamar's study. Light the torch there and go into Aurelia's study. Go
up the steps and use the bollard. North there are steps down into Marok's
study. The torch there opens his door and the door into Eusenbia's study. Light
the candlestick on the table and go up the steps. Walk round the upper library
shelves to steps in the west. Go up the first spiral staircase and explore the
passage behind the balcony. Pick up the urn. Get onto the next balcony and take
the path to the north-west. Use the statue to open the door. The lightning bolt
spell is in the bookcase. Collect the steel key and open the door to the
laboratories. Go through the doorway.
Activate the teleporter and go through the gate. Pick up the copper key and use
it. Pick up the silver key and use that. Go up the steps and when you get to
the bay with the ash, select the urn from your rucksack to collect the ash.
(Try not to get killed by the fireballs). Go on to the gate and read the
inscription. Jump down and use the teleporter. Take the stairs to the sacristy.
After the scene with the Wise Ones (how wise can they be if they didn't spot
that Ramogad is Dagomar spelt backwards?) go back to the gate that you couldn't
get through before and it will be opened for you.
Before working on the beam levers, move the crate to the gate and jump over it
to defeat the enemies below, and collect the goodies from the balconies. Then
go up the steps and open the gate to get back.
The beams and levers is one of the game's b-i-g jokes. It is not possible to
switch all the beams off just by using the levers. So, use any one of the
levers twice to switch off the single beam. Then push the crate so that it is
against the flat part of that beam generator and will block the beam. Then use
the other 2 levers twice each to uncover the teleport pad. (Ho, ho, ho).
Jump onto the teleport and you will be on the roof to fight Yor-Khan. After the
battle, Ar-Khan is released and you fly to rescue Talis. And then on to the
Volcano area.

	Quest Log:
Find Talis
Find out where the old city is
Bring seven geodes to the guard

Explore the island that you're on and then get onto the platform and use the
bollard. Equip your speed boots and use the lever by the corner of the path to
start the platform. Race to jump on, and off at the other side. As you land
there is a scene back where you left the others.
To get to the upper level, jump up the 4 planks that are moving in and out of
the wall. Follow the path north and through the opening.
Use the bollard to go south and jump north-west until you come to a platform.
Don't cross it but jump north across the lava pads where the items are. Jump
onto the moving platform and get off at the skittles area. Here you have to
alter the angle of the paddles to guide the balls into the correct coloured
holes; red, blue, yellow. This starts platform moving across the lava. Go down
the lava flow east by the yellow hole. Jump across the platforms, collecting
the magic battle shield spell on the way and then jump up the lava flow to go
north. Talk to the guards to enter Shachtown.
	Quest Log:
Visit the Trade Master
Find yourself an iron ball
Repair the steam pipe
Find three voting coins for Mulorne
Dig around in the large oasis
Bring evidence to Cistorne
Find a crystal for Fredo
Win the iron ball game

Wander around town and make sure that you talk to the guy at the building site,
the gambler, the Trade Master, Ludor and Ruisorne. During your walk be sure to
pick up the bucket (on a table in a house in the north), the blue crystal (In
the Master Trader's quarters) and the shovel (in the building site).
After you get out of prison, dig up Ruisorne's voting coin from the large
oasis. Take the bucket to the stables and use the action button by the back leg
of the large grey beast; then you can use the sheet of metal to repair the
steam pipe.
Talk to Cistorne and then go and see Fredo. He will take the crystal to Listard
so that you can sneak into Listard's quarters and take the evidence from the
table. When you show this to Cistorne, he will give you his voting coin.
To get the iron ball, you have to trade. Get a book from Ludor, then talk to
Cularde, then Veydure and finally Vuesorne. Return to Ludor and you will get
the iron ball.
Play against the gambler and lose. After the woman leaves the house, go in and
smash the crate that hides the magnet. Then play again and when you win, you'll
get the third voting coin. Before going back to Mulorne, stock up on any
supplies you need as there ain't no coming back. You will receive the
experience amulet just before you descend in the lift.
Equip the speed boots before using the lever at the end of the passage. Race
through the door and get into the treasure chamber. Light the torch opposite
the door to get out of the chamber. Light the torches either side of the south
door to open it.
The east room has a pattern on the wall and the stone head in the west room
gives you a hint. Smash the crystal in the east room to see different colours
in the wall pattern. Change the colours of the floor pattern in the south room
so that they are the same as the new pattern on the wall.
In the north-west room, move crates on to the 3 switches at the west end of the
room so that a door opens. There is a library to the west. Go east to a
corridor with turning wheels. Save before you start as you do not come back to
the re-spawn point when you die. (If you're a wuss like me you save in between
each wheel).
Jump south, west, use the bollard, jump west, south to a corridor in the west.
The levers in this room rotate the wheels. Move the crate off the switch so
that you can alter the wheels individually.
Then it's the infamous 9 crate room. This is quite simple once you know what
you're aiming for. The idea is to get all the crates into 5 regular shapes
instead of the muddle that the white crates start in. After moving the brown
crates, facing west, on the left and right there should be two 6 crate
rectangles of 2x3 and in the centre between them three 2x2 squares. It's
probably easiest to draw a diagram for yourself to see what I mean. Once done a
platform to the south will start moving. Go back to the bollard and this time
go south to collect the White Crystal.
Follow the corridor to the moon chamber. Read the instructions. Go into the
central area and step on 7 symbols walking clockwise. At the full moon turn and
walk counter clockwise over 9 symbols. The pattern around the walls shows
exactly what you should be treading on. Jump east and then go south down the
yellow path to get into a boss battle against the lind wyrm. I found that fire
arrows and the magic shield spell worked quite well. Then jump onto the
platform and collect the earthquake spell.
Follow the path south. Jump to the east and hit the very large blue crystal to
get a piece of mana crystal. (If you really want the large combined potion, go
south and west). Head north and open the doors using the mana crystal at the
end of the passage, where the light is.
Welcome to the world map room - with not one but two puzzles.
Walk up the steps and you have to answer questions from Atlaran (he's not my
idea of a gameshow host).
There are 10 questions and he will ask you 6 of them randomly.

Are we immortal? No
Can we make use of technology? Yes
Are dragons our servants? No
Can one be happy without worldly possessions? Yes
Are we the rulers of Gothos? (Probably no)
Are we masters of magic? Yes
Do animals have feelings? Yes
Would you give your life for others? Yes
Do we tolerate people who think differently to us? Yes
Are we divine beings? (Probably no)

When you are granted access to the world map, you have to touch the pillars in
the correct order - you did make a note of all the runes, didn't you? No. Oh
The 2 pillars behind either side of the head are reset pillars so ignore them
unless you go wrong.
Walking clockwise from the head, touch the pillars in the following order

5th (looks like a question mark)
3rd (looks like a small y with an eyebrow)
12th (an upside down cross)
7th (T lying on its side)
1st (I)
8th (small circle with a >)
10th (<)
2nd (equals sign but with three lines)
4th (reversed S)
9th (very thin 7)
11th (slightly bent exclamation mark)
6th (two flourishes/ the only one remaining)

Pity my keyboard doesn't do runes but I hope that the above gets you through
it. After the map activates, walk onto it and collect the bag of stardust. Go
north into the daylight and talk to Ar-Khan. You will fly off and Melvin uses
the stardust to expose a tropical island. Helma Taros at last. Well not just

 	Quest Log:
Seek Talis (Save Talis)
Find the Clock of Eternity
Find the way to the main island
Find the defensive rampart
Go through the defensive rampart
Repair the Clock of Eternity

Go south through the shallow water. Examine the fish bones (with the light
above them), hit a fish, pick it up and place on the fish bones. Ride the
turtle south. The fish are in the centre of the island. Ride the turtle to the
east. Walk north-east and then east (north has a large combined potion). Fight
your way up the beach. Take the path east.
Stock up on berries from the tree with the light. Use the feeding station by
the gold sign and so read it (city) while the parrot is feeding. It will repeat
the word you say. Then go to the feeding station by the statue, place the
berries and the parrot will repeat the word to the statue.
Go through the door. The next golden sign is on the west path (country). Defeat
the large ape in the small clearing to the east to stop the berries being
stolen by the monkeys.
The next gate needs 3 words (you, can, fly). Two of the signs are in the large
clearing to the east. Go through the gate and at the re-spawn point turn east
to the healing well and a lever.
The lever turns off a blue defence barrier but if you are caught by any of the
red beams, the barrier will go up again. Equip speed boots.
Go south, then west to the end, then north and then west over 5 knives. Use the
levers either side of the passage to remove the red energy barriers.
Take the west path and jump over to the island, using the platforms in the same
order as the symbols on the pavement that you just walked over. Pick up the
black energy pearl.
Continue south along the path and then turn west to encounter Dagomar. Pursue
along along the path. Smash all the crates to get 6 keystones. Use them to
remove the barrier and go up the stairs. Smash the crates and get 4 keystones,
use them and go up the stairs.
Here you will only find a red keystone. Extinguish the torch to the left of the
stairs (water arrow), Jump onto the nearby statue, then onto the torch and then
up to the higher level where Talis is.
Activate the large machine with the energy pearl and the rain will put the
flames out. Talis gives you the gloves of dexterity and then you go into the
Go north and then west. Make your way round, using the stairs and jumping, to
the south-east corner and collect the golden key. On the way back you will have
to jump to the ledge at the side of the room as there is a step that you can't
get up.
Then it's time for the "lever run". You will have noticed 5 levers on the way
to the north-west room. The 6th lever is in the golden key room. You have to
hit them in order, starting with the one in the golden room, but they are all
on timers. As there are 2 in the room where the bollards are, it is not
possible to use the speed boots. I found that the chalk comes in very handing
for marking the route.
The order is golden room, ledge between the two gaps, after second gap,
north-west corner of the corridor, cul-de-sac, south-west corner of the
corridor. It may take some time to complete the run but then the gate will
Go into the room, pick up the silver key and use it. You can see another key in
the east room but you have to reach it from the west room. Although there is a
bollard, the gap at the end of the path is jumpable when coming back. Get
across the gap, hit the lever, get back across the gap and jump onto the
platform. There is a bollard at the east side of the room so use the grappling
hook while you're on the platform.
Go into the east room, use the lever, use the platform and collect the steel
In the steel key room, use the bollard to the south, then 3 bollards along the
north wall. Bollard onto the small L-shaped island in the centre of the room.
Use the crates to use the bollard, from the south wall, west of your position.
Go down the stairs, along the south ledge, and up the next stairs. Use the
bollard to the north, the steps and then jump. Use the bollard to the exit.
You now have 4 tests to endure before you can proceed. I have listed them in
the order that I found easiest.
Arena of Weapons:
The enemies are all fire elementals, one, then two, then three and finally
four. Water arrows work on them just fine.
Arena of Magic:
Just near the Mistress of Magic is a floating block with the copper key in a
cage. Facing the block, use the earthquake spell to smash the cage. Then use
the vortex spell to shift the key off the block. Pick up the key. Use the magic
shield spell, use the key and walk up the corridor. Turn off to your right and
go into the next room. Here you have to light the torches in a specific
pattern, that is, the 4 corners and 2 in the centre.
Arena of Tools:
Use the bollard north of you on the first level. Follow the path, use the
lever, get on the platform behind the lever, follow the path, use the lever,
get on to the platform behind the lever. At the next lever you have to get on
the platform quickly but don't use the speed boots as you have to use a bollard
while you're on the platform.
When you reach the large area, you will notice a pattern of 16 small broken
circles. You have to bomb them in pairs.
So bomb the 1st A and then the 2nd A; then the 1st B and then the 2nd B and so
Arena of Defence:
I found this a real killer in both senses of the word.
It consists of a poison area, swinging blades, rotating blades, a platform
(with a swinging blade over it), a magma maze and electric beams.
Heavy use of the Ring of Life is recommended (where you can stand unmolested)
plus saving between the really tricky parts. The stoneskin belt helps in the
magma area and there are ledges where you can recover; but nothing seemed to
protect against the electric beams. Good luck!
After you have passed all the tests, place the seals on their pillars and then
you can be transported to the final battle.
But first you have to fight a stone monster. Stay well back from him as he can
sweep you off the ledge. I used meteor storm (after equipping the magic amulet)
on him and hit the demons with the axe.
There are various strategies to defeating Dagomar. The one I used was axe,
meteor storm, Merlin's cape and radar with a judicious use of healing items.
You have to fight him 4 times. The first 3 times after you have done him enough
damage, and defeated all the ghosts, you can climb the spiral path and use a
Crystal on the machine. Then cross the small bridge to the next fight. Watch
out for the gap on the 3rd spiral path.
The 4th fight is slightly different. The ghosts will keep on coming even after
Dagomar has lost all his HP. At this point go up the spiral path to place the
red Crystal and then place the White Crystal on the gold block where you are
fighting. Survive a little longer and Dagomar will be drawn back into his
Is Melvin trapped? Will our hero make it out?
Watch and see...

	Dagger - cellar in Rissen's house
	Sword - Baras' shed in Steamertown
	War mace - Fredo area, the Hive
	Hammer - in cave in the Canyon
	Bow - from Tree Guardian just outside Jelon
	Fire bow
	Axe - from Fredo in Shachtown
	Fireball - from Melvin's granny outside the crypt, Steamertown
	Ice claw - from Fredo in the Hive
	Viper's vortex - from Gwen in the Fairy Forest
	Meteor storm - found in stone guardians cave in the Canyon
	Magic lightning - found in the Tower
	Magic battle shield - found in the Volcano area
	Earthquake - found in the Volcano dungeon

	Ankh amulet - Steamertown crypt
	Ring of life - Steamertown, just before the Hive
	Magic amulet - from Dahlia, in the Inner Forest
	Chain-mail - from fairies, after you defeat the boss
	Stoneskin belt - from Talis, in the Canyon
	Merlin's cape - from Bullyforth, in Snowworld
	Experience amulet - from the Trade Master, Shachtown
	Gloves of dexterity - from Talis before Ruins temple

	Bomb - from Godon in the Hive
	Radar - from Duna in the Fairy Forest
	Speed boots - prize for winning the beetle race
	Grappling hook - from Dagomar in the Canyon

This walkthru is set in Geneva, 12 point and consists of 25 pages.
Thanks to my husband for defeating the Mother Rat, getting the oil can, winning
the beetle race and doing the lever run.
Many thanks to all the people who posted messages at the Technomage web page,
without whom I could not have finished the game or written the walkthru.

For lots of background information on the game, the characters, the enemies and
the locations, visit the Technomage web site at

There is a bulletin board on the site where you can post questions and find
useful hints and tips on how to solve the more taxing puzzles in the game.