Two Worlds (e)



TIP: When starting a new game, in options be sure to turn on all auto 
aiming categories.

This walkthrough was written while playing the easy difficulty. In 
medium difficulty, some things are different. Some Bandit camps in 
easy difficulty are replaced by Groms in medium difficulty. Also, 
some npc's stand in different locations in the same area. Some auto-
aiming isn't always the same and when using a bow in medium
difficulty, you automatically take off any armor.

The game starts inside the Throglin Temple. Equipping a weapon will 
allow you to open the first gate. Then on your left kill the Groms and 
search their bodies. Pick up the torch and open the chest.

TIP: To get through the next gate, Savras Ram has the key. More on 
that later.

Before going back out the first gate, on the left is a chest. Exit the
temple and go up the stone steps to speak with Tago on all options.
East of there is a teleport station to use once you have an activation
stone. A short way down the main path is a tiny Dodo bird to kill on
your left and take its feather.

TIP: Be on the lookout for tiny Dodo birds walking around during
your travels. You need five Dodo feathers for a later quest.
Whenever your cursor shows something moving around, but you
can't see what it is, always kill it because it might be a Dodo bird.
Also be on the lookout for Saffron flowers. You need five of them
for another quest.

***When you are given a quest, most of the time a colored dot will
appear on the world map (F4) marking your destination. On the
world map, use Tab or the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
Sometimes you might have to hold left-click the cursor on the map
and drag it around.

Get in the habit of talking on all options to everyone you speak with.
If you don't, you may miss some very important information.

Continue due south on the path to a camp on the left. On your right,
on the side of the hill, is a Dodo bird. Kill the bandits or groms.
Search them and the chest.

Be on the lookout for Magnesite crystals. You only need 4, but it's
possible to find at least 12. The extra ones can be used to brew
lightning crystals to enhance some of your weapons. Continue south
to the village.


Just inside the north entrance, on the right in front of the house,
speak with Veran Korstill about a Moon Eye crystal and tell him
"Very well, I shall help you". A little to the east, speak with Nalax
Gonga sitting on a bench or standing where lots of npc's are moving
around. Tell him "I can do this". Somewhere in the rest area, or just
outside of it, speak with Artor Entaldur or Kelor Phick if you see

Just before the south exit, speak to the shady merchant on your left,
if he's there. Just out the south exit, speak with Lucius on everything.
Further south near the intersection of paths, speak with Gandohar
concerning the main quest.

CAUTION: Getting hit too much causes you to drop your weapon,
be sure to pick it up.

On the east path, near an active teleport on the left, speak with Ferid
Redismos to get a teleport activator. Go back north through town and
on north to Throglin Temple and activate the teleport. Use the
teleport (spacebar) and hold left click with the cursor and drag the
map or zoom with the Tab key to see the Komorin teleport and left
click on it.

A little east of Ferid is a small Grom outpost, southeast of there is a
large Grom Village. Inside the gate and on the right are two pieces of
Magnesite, torch, and Totem. Take everything. The Totem and
Magnesite are quest items. Go back out the NE gate and farther
northeast is a smaller camp with a couple of dead humans and
another piece of Magnesite. Farther NE is a teleport to activate.

Farther east, past an intersection and onto the smaller path to the left
of a Grom outpost. Continue east. Several Reapers attack as you near
the teleport that Ferid wants you to activate. Step inside and hit
Space bar. Drag the map and click the Komorin Village teleporter
and click on it.

Speak with Ferid again. He needs at least two pieces of Magnesite.
Talk to Ferid again, and give him the magnesite, and he gives you a
personal teleporter. Speak to Ferid a third time and he tells you
where you might find more Magnesite.

***Now for the key to the inner gate of Throglin Temple. From
where Ferid is, start east and follow the main road. When you come
to an intersection, head north from the teleport on the main road.
Ignore the house for now. Continue on the winding main road. When
you come to a minor intersection, activate the teleport just north on
the smaller path. Nearby you'll spot a camp. Go there and talk to
Savras Ram, who's often sitting or standing at a bench straight ahead
from where you enter. He will eventually give you the key.

Go back on the winding main road heading SW. Along the way is the
house on your right. Tell Basil Tylar "I will get you the rope ...".
finish the conversation, and he marks Gallows Hill on the map. The
target destination is west of the four-way forked intersection just
west of Tharbakin. First though, go down to the teleport and use it
for Throglin Temple.

Inside, when you approach the farthest gate, the key disappears and
you can open the gate. Be careful, four Dwarf ghosts eventually
appear and attack. On one side of the platform, jump on some barrels
and jump on the platform. Approach the vortex and stand in it for
some points.

On the back side of the platform are two chests you can open. Now
leave the temple. On the road going south from Komorin, past the
sharp bend in the road, is the horse breeder Vesit Delurna. Tell him
"I think I can help you". Nearby is an expensive merchant. Activate
the teleport just to the south. Continue south on the road to the
forked 4-way intersection along side of Tharbakin. Check the world
map (F4) to see it.

At the magic source, take the right-most path south uphill. As the
path swings NW, watch out for groms shaman on your right. You
soon come to an old mansion on your right. Go to the right of it and
on up the steep path to the gallows. Get the Taint, and over to the left
get the rope on the ground and a second piece of Taint. You need 19
Taints for a later quest. They're mostly in graveyards.

Back down the steep path to the old mansion, speak with Rake and
Jar. Jar mentions something about some dwarven ruins. You'll be
going through there much later. In the house, speak with Solon
Moraios on everything and listen to the long story for lots of

Return to the 4-way intersection near Tharbakin. Up on the right-
most path is a teleport station. Use it to return to the teleport at the
intersection east of the Komorin teleport.

Head north to Basil Tylar's house. Give him the rope. After "taking
your leave", talk again and tell him "Well, if the price is right (easter
egg?). Now he wants you to deliver some dolls to the bandit cave
just SE. The target is a white dot on the map. The easiest way there is
to go counter-clockwise around the south side of the huge boulder.
Go there and the dolls have a spell that kills the bandits. Loot the two
chests and the corpses.

Return to Tylar and ONLY say "Fare the well". Talk again and say "I
have decided to help you", then ONLY say "I bid you farewell".
There's actually no more rope. Just walk away down the road, out of
site of the house, till you get a quest message "Quest solved: more
rope". Return to the house and Tylar has been arrested. Tell the
guard "I have no inkling of what you mean...". Now go inside the
house and loot downstairs and upstairs.

Back out on the road, go south and use the teleport for south of the
sharp bend below Komorin. Walk back north to the sharp bend, then
head west towards the lake. Go left to where the land points out to
the teleport and you can safely walk to the teleport. The target is an
orange dot to the NW. Back on land, go NW around the edge of the
lake. Go west past some rocks and behind some bushes, is a cave of
bandits that Vesit Delurna spoke of. Kill the bandits. Search them
and the small chest in the back corner.

On around the lake to the west central part where the land points
back eastward, continue west and you'll find a small bandit camp
with a campfire. Just SSE of the camp, you'll find a piece of
Magnesite lying in the grass on the left side of a huge boulder.
Continue clockwise around the boulder till you can go SW uphill
onto a small path to the Thieves Cave. Talk to Ash Lorus on all and
you accept the quest.

Inside the cave, pick up the torch and fill up at the shrine if needed.
In this cave you'll find at least 5 Magnesite. Kill all skeletons you
see. In here, talk to the thief Tyco and accept the quest. Go back
through the cave hunting skeletons. After all are dead, you get a
quest point message. Talk to Tyco again. Outside, talk to Ash Lorus
again and give him the ring. At Covengor/Covenant just north,
activate the teleport station.

Continue through the village, on the main path, and take the first
small left path uphill to the west. Check the graveyard along the way
for a couple of taint. Back on the small path, continue west uphill to
Orm Varagor's hut shown on the map. You have to climb up the hill
to the house. Talk to Orm on everything and agree to the quest for
taint. After saying farewell, talk to him again to give a taint. Then
talk to him a third time just in case you do in fact have three extra

Just south, continue through another graveyard, get two taints,
continue uphill and west to a Grom camp. Get the Totem and 2
Magnesites. Also there's an Arch Mage Earth Staff you need to pick
up. It's a quest item, so be sure to keep it.

Go back to Orm Varagor and talk. Talk again and give him 3 more
taint if not already. Now he wants another 5. When you eventually
give those, he wants a final 10. Then he will disappear. After that,
you can loot the house.

Seems like all major Grom villages have a bit of Magnesite lying
around and a totem. Now go use the Covengor teleport to return to
Ferid Redismos at the Komorin teleport. Talk to Ferid and get two
more personal teleporters. You can only have 3 because he's now in
trouble. Any additional Magnesite can be used to brew lightning
enhancers for your weapons.

To use the special teleport stone, open inventory and drag a stone to
the character chest armor or simply double click it in inventory. Then
outside of inventory, the stone will show a normal teleport symbol
you can activate. To pick the stone back up, step away from it till the
hand icon appears.

Now teleport to near the horse breeder, south of the sharp bend in the
road, and talk to Vesit Delurna. Back north to the south gate of
Komorin and talk to Lucius.

Teleport to the Ancient Ruins, then walk back southwest to the main
road. Follow the main road due SE uphill to a main intersection.
Continue south uphill and follow the winding main road. Just as it
turns east, there's an unmarked uphill trail to the SW leading to the
Hilltop Teleport and Staghorn Tower. Back down to the main road,
continue due east uphill to another main intersectrion. Talk to Menno
Hagerard and he marks a Grom camp on your map. Continue due
east on the main road and it swings north past a bandit camp and the
Old Boar Cave.

On north up the road to a Grom camp and get the Totem. Check out
the chests. You should now have three Totems. Back out on the main
road, downhill to the east on a small road, is a Grom mining
operation and two Magnesites, look all over. Back up to the main
road, continue north to a teleporter. There's a graveyard, just east
downhill, with a couple of taint. Back north to the main road,
continue southeast to Brumhill.

To your right, activate the teleport station, you might need a quick
getaway. On the north side in town, get the Moon Eye Crystal in
front of a house. Go teleport to the Hilltop station, then walk NE to
the main intersection and talk to Menno Hagerard again.

Gandohar marked Goat's Cave on your map, and it shows up as a
green flashing dot "Active Quests Underground" to the west. Go
there and enter, talk to Reist Tungard. You agree to meet with him
later. Once he teleports out, check the chest to your right. Leave the
cave and talk to Gandohar at the campfire.

Gandohar marks a metaphysical node on the map. It shows on the
main map as an active node. Teleport to the Ancient Ruins, then
walk just NE and step into the small central circle of stones and Kira
appears. She says the next node is south of Thalmont. It shows on the
map as Western Thalmont Node. After talking to her, walk back just
SW, teleport southwest to Gandohar, outside of Goat's Cave, and
talk to him. Then go inside the cave and talk to Reist again.

Now go outside and talk to Gandohar a final time. Teleport back to
Komorin, go to the left house at the north gate, and talk to Veran
Korstill and say "I have bad news" to give the Moon Eye crystal.
Now talk to Nalax Gonga, just east in the rest area.

Go teleport to Tharbakin, get on the main south road and continue
south to the next intersection, at the old crossroads inn, and talk to
Stork on the side of the inn and tell him "I will do it". Continue
south to the next intersection at a shrine and follow the sign "Four
Stones" south uphill, then downhill to the next intersection. Straight
ahead and activate the Darrut Teleport. Back a few steps and
continue west on the small path.

Keep checking the map, F4, for the Western Thalmont Node and try
to stay on the small road. At a shrine, head north.

Once there, again step into a small circle of stones and talk to Kira.
She marks a southern node and it's somewhat southeast of Qudinar.
You'll be going there much later. Now back south a little to the path.
Not too far to the west, past a shrine, there's a teleport on your right.

Finally, head due east on the winding path to the main north/south
road. Keep checking the map, F4, for Master Ho. Along the way is a
small Grom camp and the Trapper's Hut just west of the camp.
Continue south on the main road to another graveyard with a couple
of taint. Once at Master Ho, watch out for the dragons in a nearby
corral. Listen and get all info from Master Ho.

After completing all talking with Master Ho and saying farewell, you
can safely pick the house door and loot the place. Now to continue
with all Side Quests along with the Main Quest.

On the main road, head all the way north to the teleport just before
the Darrut gate. Teleport to Tharbakin. Continue the narrow path
south and east outside the town wall and it leads to Eras Brakalet
standing near a secret entrance. Tell him "If you can pay... ".

Go back up along the narrow path to the teleport and enter
Tharbakin's main gate. Speak with the two merchants, then go
through the inner gate. Ahead a few steps and talk to Brogh Ardna
and tell him "Aye, if the pay is good". Go northeast past a well, to
the barrels at the wall, and go east to the secret passage and enter the
gate. Work your way through, opening two gates and continue
through the passage and talk to Eras Brakalet outside. Now go back
into town either through the secret passage or the main gate.

If you get caught stealing in town, you have the option of saying "I
don't want any trouble here" or paying 30 percent (9000). If you get
thrown out of town, you have to use the secret cave entrance.

On the north side of town are two rows of houses. Along the inner
row, Ged Sammra stands along the inner row. Tell him "If I see
Hagrast". Finish talking. Back west a few steps, then slightly NW
and talk to Rama Erendar in dark clothing. Ask him "Is this your
staff?" to give it to him (you found it at the orc camp west of

Leave town and go down the south road to the crossroads inn where
Stork is. Get on the main road leading east. Head east on the road,
down past a chest and some barrels, and it swings NE to an
intersection with groms. Continue NE, to just outside the compound,
and go up to the right to activate a teleport station.

Go back down to the intersection, go left (SE) and follow the road.
There's a small path to your right, behind some pointed stakes, that
leads to a cabin with some treasures. Continuing SE on the main
road a short distance, there's a mine on your left. Speak with Kirgen,
and enter the mine. There's dead knights and lots of skeletons.

Back out on the road continue east and it will end, but continues
some distance directly east. You will have to go slightly southeast to
get past the steep hillside, then northeast a bit before continuing east.
The road starts again at a grom camp. Once you're back on the road,
continue along NE uphill past a teleport station.

At the peak of the large northerly curve in the road, just north on a
small path is a grom camp with a Totem. On up the path is another
grom camp. Back down on the main road, continue along SE and
NE, you'll come to a smaller northerly curve in the road. Just east of
there is a grom camp.

Back on the road at the small peak, continue south to the end and
find Moals chopping wood. Talk to Moals. Go inside the house and
talk to Conn, accept the quest. Go back up the road to the small peak
in the road.

Head directly nor as much as possible. You might see a Saffron
flower (quest item). Continue north and you should eventually see a
bandit camp and the Dark Soul Dungeon. In there is the statue that
Conn wants. ENE from the dungeon entrance is a fence area. In the
clearing is Hagrast Wisp near a campfire. Get all the information
from him you can. Once you say goodby, just kill him for reputation
with the Karga Clan.

Now, from the cave entrance, head south and you might find a
Saffron flower if you missed it before. Return south to Conn's house
and give him the statue.

Go back along the main road to the teleport, and use it to get back to
the excavations. Through the gate and go towards a well box and talk
to Harban on everything for a quest. Continue around right and SW
towards the stockade. Talk to Sano who usually stands in front of his
house on the right. Me will mention Set Kistor and Brokk. Get all
information possible.

Go back north towards a tower and take a right down into the work
area and talk to Armin on the left. He's usually working or just
standing there. Learn all you can for a report to Stork. A short
distance from Armin, in a southerly direction, you'll find Brokk.
Talk on everything. You learn about some stolen documents and
accept the quest.

Go up out of the work area, turn right and go north to the next tower
where Set Kistor is standing. Get all information from him and tell
him "I will do it". You learn about a bandit at the Silver Plate Mine.

Return to Tharbakin and tell Ged Sammra, in the north section, about
his son's death. Exit town and return down the main south road to
the crossroads inn. Report to Stork. Then talk to Keshi Lano on all
(this is amusing; he says "I've heard you isn't afraid of difficult
tasks"). Activate a personal teleport and teleport to the Darrut Gate
teleport. Head east through the blockade and expect some fighting
before reaching the mine. Once at the Silver Plate Mine, give the
password and enter the mine.

Talk to Finch and tell him "No one has to die..." He gives you the
device. You learn about his contact in Four Stones (who is Scar).
After talking and you have the device, kill Finch for reputation, and
kill the remaining bandits, including the gate guard. Back down at
the teleport station, there's bandits over at the Darrut Gate area.
Teleport back to you personal teleport at the crossroads inn and pick
up the stone.

Report to Keshi to give him the device. Go teleport back to the
excavations. Get on the SE main road. At the end of the first section
of road, at a shrine, head SE, then SSW downhill to the peak in the
small path at a teleport station and a nearby bandit camp.

Continue southwest uphill on the path to the wolf den shown as an
orange dot on the map. When all wolves are dead, you get a skill
point message. Back downhill at the teleport station, if you go on
down the path to a shrine, you find Wild Hole Cave. Return to the
teleport station and use it back to the excavations. Talk to Harban
about the Den. Much later, you can report again to Set Kistor in the
excavations. Now teleport to Covenant/Covengor in the NW of the

In the NW part of town, by the main path, talk to the smuggler Dras
Beclem, and say "Aye, I will..." head south on the road from town
and you soon find the bandit Hatver Riseda. Don't fight, just say
"You are the one..." and you get 5 bottles of moonshine. Go back
north to town and talk to Dras again. Near the last building north in
town, talk to Rilis Welgar to buy 5 bottles.

Check inventory and make sure you have 10 bottles of moonshine.
Return to Tharbakin and talk to Brogh Ardna inside from the inner
gate. Now in the NW area of town, next to Rama Erendar, talk to
Daron Moreti in a white robe and agree to the quest for a dragon
scale. Finish the conversation.

Remember where you got the inner gate key for Throglin Temple? It
was actually near the Brotherhood outpost where you have to go to
get a dragon scale. If you activated the Rusty Ogre teleport, just
teleport there. Then head due east on the main road to an
intersection. Near there, talk to Tidar Shog and tell him "Mayhap I
could deal with him". Continue up to the Brotherhood Camp. At the
entrance, tell Orn Munhin "My business here will benefit

In the first camp, at the back gate, talk to Eskel Oldrot, tell him
"Aye, tis well...". go through the gate and talk to Ilon Kircer when
you find him. Continue up into the outpost, talk to Toten Lokan.
Head east to the last cubicle on the left, just before an old well, just
south of the cave, get a dragon scale. In the cave, find Ton Makiri
behind a gate. Talk to him two different times to give him a lock

When you exit the cave, skeletons inhabit the outpost. As you go
back down the path, there may be some Dodo birds. Back through
the gate, talk to Eskel again. Head back SW on the main road to the
Rusty Ogre Inn. Talk to Darat and say "Tis agreed". Finish talking.
Now that you have 1000 gold, just forget about both men. This way,
Tidar lives. Teleport to Tharbakin.

After going through the inner gate, go forward past some barrels to
the first street on your right. Just in the side street, Pol Getber stands
in front of a door on the right. Talk to him. Inside the house, talk to
Ion Furvo and say "I will do it". In the NW section of town, give the
dragon scale to Daron Moreti.

Teleport to the Darrut teleport and make the long trip south, past
Ho's place, to Cathalon and don't leave the main road. Just on the
first short path west to Four Stones, talk to Laza Larat and say "If
this will help..." to give her 5 gold and you get some herbs each time
you visit her. Much later, you'll get an assassination quest for Four
Stones from someone in Qudinar. Continue south towards Cathalon.
As the road starts swinging east to Cathalon, there are some ruins
just off road to your right (west).

In the ruins, first talk to Amber the young female mage on the right
and listen to everything she has to say. Finish talking and listen to all
in order to get reputation with the Society. Now talk to Sygius
Destrus, listening to everything to learn about the Flame and say "I
think I can help you". The new quest will be taken care of somewhat
later. On arriving at Cathalon's north gate, there's a small island to
the north in the river. On the island, in some ruins, is a permanent
potion. Go back up to the north gate and enter.

Your destination in town is the blue dot on the map, second door on
the right. If the door has a locked key symbol, don't bother it.
However, if you have 9000 spare gold, pick the lock. Guards will
demand 30,000, do offer 30 percent and they forget about your
crime. Inside, in the back hallway, give the package to Samon Veller.
After the talk ends, talk again to get a package.

Now go to the extreme south area in town where swordsmen and
bowmen are practicing. Just inside the practice area, talk to Raul
Dang, tell him "I will be happy...". finish talking. Raul says that Creo
makes camouflage clothing. This information is most valuable.

At the targets, talk to Nellor and he asks for Dodo Feathers. Say to
him "Your wife pushes you around..." finish talking then say
farewell. If you have 5 Dodo feathers, talk to him again and give
them to him. Then after farewell, talk again to get the arrows for
Rigwell. Say "I like you Nellor", then finish talking.

TIP: Learn to recognize the sound of a Dodo. It's a high pitched
squeaky sound. When you hear one, and you have your target cursor
turned on, look for the target cursor and shoot with a damage spell,
even though you might not see what you're shooting at. When you
shoot it, a Dodo makes a high pitched death squawk. Pick up the
item and check inventory to see what it is.

If you don't have 5 feathers yet, some can occasionally can be found
along roadways and in the grass.

Before leaving Cathalon, on the east side of town, in the small
practice area east of the large fountain, behind the swordsmen and
between the two sheds, speak with Creo the armorer on everything.
Nearby, talk to Othis who sometimes sits at the benches left of the
gate. Tell him "Ho, that is much gold indeed..."

Talk to Creo the armorer again, give the order and say "Aye, farewell
then..." talk again and get the armor. Go back and talk to Othis again.
Do not wear the Orc Armor. It is for fooling the orcs into thinking
you're one of them, much later to safely get into Hadeborg (two
quests there; finding three triggers and killing Kun Paik) and getting
an element stone in GorGammar.
Now if you've given the feathers to Nellor, and talked again to get
the arrows, go out the west gate and activate the teleport station
before heading for the Eastern Army Camp. It's just SW at the land
mass jutting out into the Gon River. Take the SW road and expect
some tough fighting. When the road heads directly west, continue
straight west across country to avoid the southern loop in the road.
You eventually resume the road west.

The road will turn sharply south. At the next small path to your left,
continue SE on down to the Eastern camp. Just inside the gate, talk
to Rek Crooket and tell him "I think I can do it". Go to your right
and talk to Rigwell. Finish talking. From where Rek Crooket stands,
just south at the tent with two flags stands Commander Landor Drak.
Give him the letter and finish talking.

To the right of the commander's tent, talk to Gravor and say "I do
not hold with traitors" and finish talking. Go back to the gate and
talk to Rek again. Just to the SE, at the green map marker, is Samel
Girkor in a small compound. Buy three bottles of whisky. Take them
back to Commander Drak.

Go out the gate to the teleport and use it back to Cathalon. In the
extreme south of town, at the practice area, report to Nellor at the

Now outside of Cathalon's west gate, teleport to Tharbakin, then
travel west through the four-way intersection onto the west path and
on past the Gallows Hill Manor. Take the first left onto a small path,
groms to the right and a teleport to the left, going down to Gorelin.
Talk to Met. After entering the gate, go straight to the rest area
surrounded by s stone barrier, talk to Estar Gren. Tell him "I want
the information...", then finish talking.

Go outside the gate and head south uphill on the winding road
through some ruins. Defeat some Groms on the road and continue to
the end. You'll get a message about finding the ancient ruins that Jar
spoke of and Gorelin's Cave is nearby. In there are skeletons, fire
skeletons, and a few chests. Exit the cave and return north to the
teleport station and teleport to Covengor.

Then continue due north on the main road to see a grom camp on the
left and an old house on the right you can loot. On the north side of
the house is a piece of magnesite. Continue the main road north a
little, take the next left onto the small path to the Karga Hidden Cave
(white dot on the map). Talk to Serpen, then go in the cave and get
"The Cure" lying on the ground.

Head southeast downhill to the Necromancer's Hut and give more
Taint (once you've given him the final 10, he vanishes. Then you can
loot his house). Return to the excavations by the quickest means.
Inside the gate, go forward to the tower on the left and talk to Set
Kistor. Go to the southeast end of the area and talk to Sano still in
front of his house.

At the stockade gate, talk to Ancel Kared to get in the stockade.
Straight ahead to the house and enter to talk with Ebrat Skelden. Go
teleport to Covengor and head all the way up the north main road to a
magic source and west to the Karga gate. Marcus talks and allows
you through the gate. Go in to the first house on the right. Talk to
Ethan to get the name of a contact in Gorelin and say "Why not?".
finish talking.

Barra Gall is standing nearby. Accept his quest. Go out the gate and
down to the nearby magic source. Head north to a shrine, then NE to
a shallow cave. You'll find the body of Isa. Once you stand on it, you
get the quest message. Form the cave, north and NW, then west to
the head of the canyon is a teleport. Return to Barra, in Karga, and
report. Nearby, speak to the robed mage Antrai. Talk a second time
to give him two healing potions.

Now go back out the gate, CLOSE IT, and SAVE so you can try one
clan, then restore and try the other clan.

1. You can either side with the Karga Clan.
2. Or you can side with the Skelden Clan.

1. Siding with the Karga Clan.

Before doing anything, you probably already have enough reputation
with the rebels that allows you to see Ultar Karga. He would want
you to get proof that Ebrat Skelden is counterfeiting money and the
proof is inside Sano Moons house. A printing plate lying between
two beds. But Ultar's son Cahal wants a more direct route by killing
Ebrat Skelden. At any rate, you eventually get access to the Karga
treasury where the Relic Frame is.

2. Siding with the Skelden Camp.

Outside the gate, make sure it's closed. Quickly kill the guard. Now
teleport to Covengor. Directly SW from the teleport, talk to Eryn
Calvo and say "Be silent, or she will suffer..." Eryn agrees.

Just north, near the wooden railing, tell Berud Redismos "I will take
the mission". He mentions Conn, whom you've already met.
Teleport to Gorelin and enter. Over on the left, talk to Zed Masara
and say "Give me the documents" to get them.

Now teleport to the station at the east section of the broken roadway
to the far east of the Excavations. Head SE cross country to Conn's
shack. Go inside and close the door. Kill Conn, rob him and loot the
house. Don't bother Moals. Return NW to the teleport and use it for
Covengor. Give Berud the news.

Now teleport to the Excavations, go down into the digs and give
Brokk the documents. In the southeast stockade, go tell Ebrat
Skelden the news. Now by the time you teleport to the Karga camp,
it will be deserted and you can go on up the hill and to the treasury
on the right to get the Relic Frame. Be sure to Loot some buildings in
all of Karga.

Now teleport to the Rusty Ogre Lodge to the far north. At the lodge,
speak with Holi and tell him "Do not fear..." to accept his quest.
Nearby, talk to Alfron Dekar and say "That is something..." to accept
his quest. Go NW up past the teleport station on the small path and
from a magic source back east uphill to the Dwarven mine. Get past
several dwarves outside, and enter the mine.

Kill dwarves until you kill the "Dwarf Leader" and get the skill
message. After you investigate the human bodies, the second task
completes. At the north end, in the left section is a Cyclop.

Back down at the Lodge, talk to Holi and Alfron. Now teleport to
Gorelin. Get on the main road heading SW uphill. At a shrine, you
can go north to Rovant where there's trainers (working correctly
since versions 1.3-1.7. follow the winding main road NW uphill and
to the west. Continue along till the road loops north, then swings
south. After quite a distance, past a deer, be on the lookout for a
small path to your left and another immediate left into a secluded

Speak to Old Barkin. If any of the towns people are running around
with their swords, there's a wild animal that has to be killed. After
speaking with Barkin, activate one of your personal teleports if you
have it. Get on the main road and continue south past a couple of
bandit camps. Take the first path to your right and head NW from a
bandit camp, past a shrine and on up north to the sacred grove at a
teleport station. Kill the giant and rob it.

Now walk out of the grove and explore the small paths to the west of
the grove. The shortest path, downhill to the SW, leads to Capuchin
Cave where there's lots of crystals and minerals, un-dead, and
skeletons. Return to the grove and teleport back to the deserted
village and fight a bunch of giants. After they're taken care of, loot
the town for a bunch of stuff.

Just outside the village, head east downhill on the small path that
swings SE. Part way down is a dungeon with Headless Tuloks and
Demons (their parts can be brewed for powerful potions), and some
chests. Go back uphill and get back on the main road heading south.
Continue on past the grove intersection.

Quite a way south to Four Oaks Cave, then keep check on the map to
make sure you stay on the main road heading SW and W. You
eventually arrive at Clovelly on the edge of the ocean.

The teleport is just out the south gate. On the north side of town, in
the area that juts to the west, speak with Etar and say "I shall try...".
go north along the shoreline to the green dot shown on the world
map at Stico Bay. Talk to Virgul. Go SE and activate the teleport
station, then go NE up the path to Stico Cave and talk to Greston, tell
him "I think I can help you" then finish talking. In the cave is a body
and a chest.

Go back down and give the compass to Virgul. Return to town and
talk with Etar at the flashing dot. A new solid green dot has appeared
just southeast. Go there and talk to Faoda the big woman. Just
southwest from her, Mayor Verno stands on the opposite side of the
well box. Tell him "Tis fine". Take the south road uphill towards the
mage's house, shown on the world map, F4, as a green spot to the
SW. About halfway there, a SE path leads to Clovelly Cave with lots
of Scapulari.

At Hesmar Bratya, tell him "Aye - I can do this". Outside the gate is
a teleport station. Back in Clovelly, go west from outside the south
gate to Broven shown as green marker on the world map. Speak with
him, then on the other side of the two houses, speak with Amerleen.
Teleport back south to Mage Hesmar Bratya and talk again.

Back to Broven and learn about his brother's death. Return to mage
Bratya and talk.

Return to town and go give Amerleen sad tidings. Go around the
houses and learn from Broven that Amerleen drowned in the sea.
Now go back around the houses and loot Amerleen's house.

Return to the mage one last time with the news. You can open one of
the chests near the mage, then run away down hill and the mage
returns to his house. Now open the other chest outside the youse and
run away again. Go back and pick the house door and run away. Now
go back and loot the two outside chests, then the house. The mage
won't mind.

Go back to the town well box and tell Mayor Verno the news. Go
west of the south gate and talk to Broven one last time. Now go in
his house and loot it. He doesn't care. Go back into town to the

Just east up the bank from the town shrine is Aias Moratos. Tell him
"I shall not interfere". Finish talking. Theron Hloos' house is the first
one just downhill to the north. Go in and tell him "A sad plight
indeed", "Why does Aias Moratos...", then "Mayhap you...".

Near the SE gate, Jemma stands in front of her house (green marker
on map). After talking on all to her, go back to Theron in first house
just north of the shrine, go in and talk on all.

Tomal Aikos is around on the north side of the house, tell him "Do
not play games...". Finish talking. Now go back to the shrine and exit
the east gate and take the first right off the main road. Talk to
Womak Engar and say "You took Theron's ring..." Womak and two
others attack.

Go back to Theron Hloos, the flashing green dot, and talk. Now go
talk to Jemma again by the east gate and tell her "Aye - and he
asked...", then finish talking. Inside the house, talk to Maya in the
last room.

Go to the green dot in the SW part of town and talk to Solon Murbar.
Now, if no one is in the houses, you can loot Theron's house and
Maya's house, where Jemma stands.

If you go west along the coastline, then follow it SW, there's a small
island just off shore. There you will find a Fox Heart permanent
potion for +1 Dexterity. Return to the shore and go NE up the
coastline and east to the teleport. Return to Cathalon, walk along the
outside wall over to the north gate and follow the main road west,
NW and it swings north. Along the way, at a magic source, head
west from the bandit camp onto the small path. Continue on and
enter Four Stones south gate.

Near the large well box in the north part of town, enter Annon
Moha's house/tower. Tell him "Aye...Fine...", then finish talking.
Also there, talk to Juna Evrist and say "What needs to be done...",
then finish talking. You don't have to do the quest any time soon.
The Earth Claw Tower has many Black Necromancers and zombies.
For right now, continue with the mirror quest. Go outside and
downhill southeast to the fenced in rest area.

Talk to Scar and say "They paid me..." He will attack first. Kill him.
Later, you'll collect the reward in Qudinar.

Talk to the hooded Esperon Hiatos. Finish talking. Go out the west
gate and west uphill to the teleport station and choose Cathalon. Go
to the green marker on the map at the fountain in the center of town.
When talking to Lokar Maios, choose last option "AYE... Lokar
Maios put a..." finish talking and say whatever you want. Now go
give the mirror to Annon Moha in the house/tower just NW.

Quite a bit later, when you go to Windbreak, the Annon there is dead
and his house has some pretty good loot.

Now for juna Evrist's quest. Go out the west gate, follow the main
road and head due west on the road quite a distance, go on past the
intersection and follow the winding road to a bandit comp, and
continue due NE and N on the winding path to Earth Claw Tower
shown as orange on the map. There's a teleport SW of the tower. If
you can make it to some steps p the tower, you can use a teleport pad
to the top of the tower to recover, then go back down to continue the

Once everything is dead, go out and teleport to Four Stones. In the
house/tower, speak with Juna Evrist. Finish talking.

Just out the west gate, go north to Mostrol Mirra's house. Go in and
tell him "Tis well..." now exit the house and head directly southwest
across country to Windbreak (ain between the two black spots
(windmills) NE of Windbreak). Check the map, F4. Stay on course
as much as possible and you soon see some windmills. Before going
on down the path to Windbreak, on you left is a teleport and a house.
The dead mage is the result of giving the mirror to the Annon in Four
Stones. Loot the dead mage and inside the house.

Several villagers are afraid of you, just ignore them. Your target in
Windbreak is a green spot on the map. Talk to Denor Pater wearing a
light-grey robe. He's sometimes in the house just SW of the well
box. Finish all talking. If the house is unlocked and no one is inside,
loot the house. Now teleport to Clovely where you two targets are
green spots. On the south end, talk to Grah. Near the north gate, talk
to Famah. Now return to Four Stones.

Just north, outside the west gate, in front of Mostrol's house, talk to
Grah Magna. To get reputation with the faction, go inside the house,
talk to the fake Mostrol, say "I do not believe you" and kill him. Loot
the house and the two dead mages just outside the door. Again speak
to Grah.

Now teleport to as near Qudinal as possible. Qudinar is an island
directly SW of the Eastern Camp. Go in Qudinar's north gate. Go
straight south and follow the curved street till it turns west. On your
left, go south through a narrow passage and activate the teleport
station. Back in the street, continue west past the fountain to Runval
standing at a door. Talk to him and enter the door. Talk to Zatagi.
Finish talking on all options to learn of a breech. After the talking
ends, talk again to show the package, then finish talking again.

To the left, in the back hallway, talk to Sling and say "An interesting
proposal", and talk about everything. After ending the conversation,
if you already killed Scar, talk to Sling again to report Scar's death.
Finish talking again. In the main room, talk to Aki Hosuno. He offers
30,000 gold to kill Talor Ravinard. Tell him "I will see what I can

Exit the house, turn right and go a little way past the first striped
hanging banner and left to a door and enter. Speak with Mefer. In the
second room, talk to Garrid Swan to give the package. After ending
the conversation, talk again to get the updated documents.

Exit and go out the south gate and cross the bridge just to the other
end. Head ESE across country to the southern node and stand in the
small circle of stone to talk to Kira. Just SW is a teleport. East from
the teleport is a cave.

Back west quite a way to the road and continue SW. At the last long
side road, at a small grom camp, head south to a graveyard. East of
the graveyard is Bloody Claw Cave. East of the cave is a teleport. Go
back to the graveyard and go west to the main road. On the west side
of the main road is a teleport on the hill. Go back to the main road
and continue due south a long way to a main intersection. This area
is hostile Trachidis land. Only fight if forced to, but hurry on by.
Head west on the main road, past a teleport, to Ashos.

At the gate, Yorun Togawa will speak to you. Talk on everything.
Just inside the gate, go through the first door on the right and talk to
Takashi Misuke, to deliver the package.

***If you ever get thrown out of Ashos for any reason, the gate will
be permanently closed to you. You can get back into town by
swimming to the south entrance of the canal and swimming north in
the canal where you'll eventually find steps out of the water.

***Also, there's two small islands north of Ashos. One island has a
rare potion and both islands are inhabited by golems. The area
behind Ashos has a teleport station and a couple of Stone Dragons
each with a stone crystal.

Go outside the main gate, cross the bridge, then head due south
where you'll see a tall building. On the hill above the building is a
path. Follow the path to the Water Claw Tower and go to the right,
around the outside wall, to a teleport. From the teleport, go down to
the shoreline and you'll see a large island. Take off all armor items
that says "you cannot swim in this armor", then swim to the island.
Quickly put your armor back on.

The island is inhabited by a few dragons that have powerful heart
stones. In the old fortress, there's an army of Steel Golems. You can
run to a platform and jump up the steps.

Throughout the ruins are several chests in cages or just arranged in a
large pile near the center of the ruins. On the south side of the ruins
is a teleport station. Once you've had enough of the island, teleport
to Cathalon.

Go left along the outside wall of Cathalon and enter the north gate. A
few steps ahead to the raised walkway, go in the first door on your
right. Speak with Fariel and tell him "Aye, Astronomer...". Finish

Go down to the SE part of town and enter the dungeon. Make sure
you equip a weapon with fire damage. The dungeon is inhabited by
Fire Skeletons. In the second area of the dungeon, a diamond is lying
near a torch. Nearby is a secret entrance in case you get thrown out
of town. Go back to Fariel near the north gate and give him the

Exit Fariel's house and turn right to the next door. Go in and talk to
Talor Ravinard, he also offers 30,000 gold. After saying farewell,
talk again and say "Someone may ask you the same question", then
kill him. When you start looting the house, 2 or 3 others will attack.
Finish looting the house. If Fariel came to fight, and he dies, go next
door and loot his house.

***Even though the guards didn't see you commit murder, they will
eventually stop you and demand 30,000 gold. Offer them 30 percent
(9,000) and all is well.

Return to Qudinar, go past the water fountain heading west through
town. Where Runval stands on the right, enter the door behind him
and tell Aki Hosuno that Talor Ravinard is dead. Now return to

Just south of the central fountain, at the benches and tables, Drox
Galor is standing in the middle of the benches. Tell him "Food
rots..." Finish talking. Just south, go in Orna Porrey's house and talk
to her. Exit the house and go just NE to the tent/stand and talk to
Saria Tolmok and say "I will ponder your problem", and you get a
package. Your target is just southwest at the blue map dot around the
corner of the building. Go in and give Clavius the package.

Exit and to back just NE to Saria at the tent/stand and say "I have
something for you". After the conversation, talk again. Return just
SW to Orna's house and get a food package from her. Go back to the
benches and tables and give the package to Drox Galor.

Head down to the training area at the south tip of town. If you
delivered the arrows, speak to Nellor at the targets. Near the entry to
the training area, talk to Raul Dang, if not already, and agree to get 3
catapult triggers. Outside the west gate, you have two routes of
getting to Hadeborg Castle:

The longest but safest route; go down the south road to the wagon.
When Trados Prophiter talks to you, call him a "Traitor" and kill
him. Continue south to the destroyed bridge. Remove any armors
that says you cannot swim in it. Then swim across. DON'T wear the
orc armor yet. Put your human armor back on. Lots of orcs here.

Before continuing on to Hadeborg, a side trip will make your final
journey to Oswaroh much easier. After putting your human armor
back on, fight your way or just hurry SE on the main road, passing by
Skull Hill teleport you should activate, and a nearby graveyard you
should check for 3 or 4 taints. Continue the main road SE to the
intersection. Then head NE and the road turns north.

Continue due north quite a way on the main road. Past a bandit camp
where the road turns sharply east, the next small path north there's a
teleport, and just north is the Dark Eye Cave with Grand Skeletons
and great treasures. To the east is Death Claw tower where you go
during the final part of this game. Teleport back to Skull Hill and go
SE to the main intersection and turn to your right. Where the road
continues south, there's the Fist Rock Teleport to the SW.

Continue the main road south. The next right at two signs, go
through some Orcs and WSW to a graveyard, then just SW to Seven
Rocks Dungeon. Back east to the main road and continue south.
When the road starts swinging SW through a burned out forest,
there's a swamp off to your right and you come to a small path
leading just NW to the Swamp Teleport. Go back SE to the main

Go NE to a side road that goes SE. Follow it to a minor intersection
and head ENE on the small path to the end. Head SE a little to find
"Old Abode". Speak to Asmohar and say "Aye, why not then..."
Finish talking. Head northeast and soon you see a couple of
scorpions. Get their stingers.

Return to Asmohar, give him the stinger, and get another quest. New
target is orange dot on the map to the NE. Go there and kill the
Octogrons. Go up the temple steps to see if you get the point
message. Return to Asmohar with the news and he wants you to meet
him at the glade, now showing as a green dot. Go there and get a
special device. Tell him "Aye, I am curious...", then finish talking.

There's a teleport just SE of Asmohar's Old Abode. The teleport is
up some stone steps at the intersection of pathways. Teleport to the
Swamp Teleport. Continue the main road SW, past Gorrut Cave on
your right, to another main road intersection that looks like a large Y.
Now put on the Orc Camouflage Armor.

Head SE to GorGamar, activating the Fire Claw Tower Teleport on
your left. Continue on down to GorGamar and the Orcs think you're
one of them. Go straight south to the main gate and the device kills
all orcs. Go through the gate door and straight ahead to get the Fire
Element Stone. Keep the Orc Camouflage on. It's still needed tor
Hadeborg. There's a teleport just east inside the main gate. Teleport
to the Dead Forest Teleport.

Notice the white dot on the map to the east. It's the White Dragons
nest where the Air Element Stone is. From the Dead Forest Teleport,
follow the small path easterly, to Ramgut Dungeon on the south side
of the path.

Farther east on the path you'll pass through some ruins. As soon as
you're through, SAVE! Now you can either go south to the mountain
and follow it east to a shrine, OR you can continue east on the path
and get thrown high in the air suffering a great amount of physical
damage. This is a trap in the burned out forest and there's one or two
more throughout the world map.

Restore, go south to the mountain and follow it to a shrine, then back
north to the path and continue east to an intersection. NNE is a
teleport, and NW from the intersection is Brisi Grotto. Continue east
on the winding path and get a possible message for finding the White
Dragon Nest when you get near to it. Take the Air Element Stone.

Go teleport to the Fire Claw teleport and go back NW to the large Y
intersection. Continue WNW to the next minor path leading south
and activate a personal teleport at the start of the minor path.
Continue the main road westerly to Giant's Head Cave. Continue to
the next right and safely walk north, through Orcs, and up to

In the rear area, next to a campfire at the teleport station, get the
three triggers just lying there. In the next section, locate and kill Kun
Paik. Quickly go use the teleport station and choose the Dead Forest
Teleport near Asmohar's old Abode. Now put your human armor
back on.

When you go to the glade (Ancient Temple), Asmohar is dead and a
Paladin talks to you, tell him "Nay, un-dead armies are not for me".
Asmohar has a Senior Necro Staff in his inventory. The staff is a
quest item so DON'T sell it.

Go teleport to the personal teleport you activated at the minor
intersection just NW of the large Y intersection. Go south and SW
through a narrow burned out area to the Enclave gate at the sharp
point in the road. Speak with Solvan.


Through the gate and to the first house on your left. Inside the front
fence, speak with Xavo Wellmek, sometimes walking around or in
the house. He asks you to end his brother's suffering. Your target is a
green dot on the map to the SW. Out the east gate, sharply around
right behind a large boulder, continue along the town wall, head SW
through a narrow burned out area.
Watch out for a couple of steel golams and more further on SW past
a shrine. Circle left around the hill, passing through some giant
wasps. Then uphill and back east through a small orc camp towards a

Blood Cave.

There are ice skeletons in the cave, best dealt with if you have a
bashing/fire or lightning weapon. In there is a couple of steel golems
and the mage you must kill. Once that's taken care of, get out quick.
Return to the Enclave and talk to Xavo.


Two houses to the right of Xavo stands Ito Tomaga. Speak with him
on all. Your new target is an orange dot on the map further south on
the road. Go out the gate and up south along the mountain road, kill
all reavers at the broken teleport station to get a point message. Just
NE on the opposite side of the path, activate the teleport station. SE
of there, past a large dead tree, is the Dark Bottom Cave with

Now return north to the Enclave and talk to Ito again. Finish all
talking. Now the Flame will appear in front of the house to your left.
Speak with the Flame and tell her she's mad and must die. She
attacks, so kill her. Now go teleport to Cathalon and go left along the
outside wall to the north gate. Head back west to the ruins, at the
flashing map spot, and speak with Sygius Destrus about the death of
the Flame.

Now return to Cathalon and enter the WEST gate. Go to the south
training area and give the triggers to Raul Dang.

On the east side of the north gate, NE from the fountain, Gil Braver
stands at an enclosed area with several people wandering around
behind him. Talk to Gil and tell him "I can see you are a good man",
to accept the quest. Finish talking. You'll complete the quest later.
Just to your right, enter the small building and talk to Garondel and
say "A dirty job-" to accept the quest. Finish talking. Go back across
to Fariel's house and kill the giant spider inside. Return back to
Garondel and talk to him.

Go to the west gate and face east. Directly east of the west gate lives
Brokat on the raised walkway. Talk to him, say "Gold is the color..."
to agree to the quest.

There's several saffron plants available, many of them in the
immediate area around Cathalon. Saffron plants are green medium
tall plants with small blue flowers. Here is a list of the ones easily

Out the west gate, one between the teleport and the stone ruin.
One in the pit northwest of the teleport, near the Magic Source.
One near a wagon on the south road just down from the teleport.
Three in the pit south of the west gate, under the shade of a tree.
One near the shrine in the same pit.
One on the outside of the wall near the south tip of Cathalon, in the
shade of a tall thin tree.

When you have four or more Saffron, go back into town to Brokat
directly east of the west gate and give him four Saffron.

Go back to the dungeon entrance. Just NNE from there, and around
left from the baskets, lives River Dras. Tell him "Aye... I will try",
then finish talking. Your green spot target on the map is just west at
the south end training area. There's a large flag hanging on the
house. Talk to Morio Dras and say "Trust me..." to agree.

Just left of the west gate, Thuya Leslo stands in front of her house.
She tells you that Morio talks loudly in his sleep. Tell her "Mayhap
your sister...". finish talking to learn that Morio talks in his sleep
about the inheritance. In the house, talk to Ayla Dros and she refuses
the flower. You can use the flower for another quest.

Return to Morio's house at the practice area to learn that his wife has
returned. Finish talking. Now go back to River Dras NNE of the
dungeon and get your reward.

Near the north gate, go to Rose Primsey's house east of the fountain
and only say "I only want to give you this flower". Finish talking and
listen to all. Go back just north and tell Gil Braver.

Now leave the town west gate and teleport to Windbreak. Mayor
Gordar stands somewhere about the rest area and well box,
sometimes he's in the house east of the well box. He wears a heavy
red cloak. Tell him "I will help you. Your target spot is shown on the
map, marking the windmill on the hill to the west. Kill the ogre, then
report back to the mayor. Talk again and say "I will do this" to get
another quest and agree.

The Graveyard of Windbreak is marked as a red skull on the map.
It's to the southeast. Go there and kill everything in the two sections
of the graveyard. You'll get a skill message. Take both Taints.
Return to Windbreak and talk to the Mayor. Talk again for one last
quest and agree.

Make your way down to the main road south of the graveyard. Then
go southwest on the main road to an intersection. Head west quite a
way to the Western Camp. To the north, on the small path past an
inn, activate the teleport. Back down to the main road, go open the
north gate of Western Camp but do not go in at this time. Continue
the main road west and it eventually turns sharply north, then NW to
King's Tomb.

The door is on the south side. Inside, your destination is the first east
turn to a large round room with several tough skeletons. Get the
crown and the Earth Element Stone. Now leave while you can.
Outside, go directly south till you can activate the teleport station
inside the stone structure. Return to Windbreak and talk to the

Just a little west in town, speak with Capt. Ran Hograd. Tell him "I
will do it..."  Teleport to Cathalon, then head back SW on the main
road. It eventually dips sharply to the south. There's a tree lying
across the road. Kill all the orcs and walk through the camp till you
get a couple of messages. Go teleport ack to Windbreak and talk to
Hograd for a new quest. Your target is an orange dot on the map,
north up the small road.

Clear out the Orc camp and walk through till you get a couple of
messages. On north to the small intersection, then due west on the
small road is a teleport. Return to Windbreak to Capt. Hograd and
talk. Talk again and say "Eye... Oh Aye...". talk again to make sure
he tells you of White Head's true location. Teleport SW to the
Barrows teleport and head east to the road. Your target is a white
spot on the map, White Head Hideout.

Un-equip your weapon and enter the cave. Talk to White Head and
say "I will take your message." Finish the conversation. Return to
Hograd with the message. Now return to White Head and report.
Explore the cave for an experience message, and to skeleton hunting
if you want.

Thargul Ruins are on a hill west and slightly north of Windbreak.
West of the ruins is a graveyard. To the SW of the graveyard is a
teleport and Thargul Cave. SE of the teleport, and beyond the cliffs,
you can find the bodies of Captain Hograd and White Head. Now
return to Windbreak.

Sigyor stands near the well box. Speak to him for a quest and finish
the conversation. The Woodcutter's camp is an orange marker on the
map, near the main road to the SE. Go there, and if you already killed
all in the camp, you still get the Experience message. Return to
Sigyor. After the brief talk ends, talk again and tell him "You paid
well" and get a new quest. Finish talking to make sure he mentions

Just NE, at the kitchen area, speak with Bodlo. You might already
have 7 wolf hearts. After you give Bodlo seven wolf hearts, he tells
you about a treasure near Qudinar.

Xyros is in the south center of camp, between two tents on the left of
the commander's tent. Tell him "Pay well..." Finish the rest of the
talking. The target is orange dot on the map to the north. Go there,
kill Ugly and check the two chests. Return to Xyros.

Now teleport to the Western Army Camp, go down past an inn and
into town, and speak with Evon Creos just south of the western exit.
Now go out the NW gate and up to the road, head NE, then up the
north road to the Leaning Elm Inn (big yellow dot on the map).
Arion Theries is standing out front. Talk to him about everything.
Aristo Radeias is in back of the Inn. Just go ahead and pay for the
armor. Go back around front and give the armor to Arion.

*** Note: on medium difficulty and game version 1.7, Aristo
Radeias might not be behind the Inn. In either case, go back down to
the camp, and talk to Evon creos just south of the western exit.

Captain Spirk is standing NE of the NW gate, at the tent by the wall.
Tell him "Aahh, I am a mercenary..." Finish talking. Go out the NW
gate, head around right along the outer wall, then SE down to the
river. Head NE along the river and you soon find a campfire. Talk to
Wilcor Fox and say "I believe your story - Go". You get his braid.
Finish talking. Go back to camp and report to Captain Spirk. Now go
teleport to Qudinar.

Your first target, outside of Qudinar, is the white dot shown on the
west shore on the map. Go out the north gate, jump over the left
wall, and go to the overturned boat and get the 50,000 gold. A small
nearby island has a Dwarven Ale good for a couple of permanent
vitality points. Go back toward the wall at the north gate. You need
to find the slightly lower spot and jump back over the wall.

Then go through the gate. Go straight forward and around right in the
curved street. At the fountain, go around right to Yan Radeios
standing in front of his door. Tell him "I shall deal with them", then
finish talking. Enter the door to the cellar.

Once you kill all the bandits, you gt a quest message and a point or
two. In the other end of the cellar are several Skeletons best dealt
with using a bludgeon weapon enhanced with fire or lightning. On
out the other end is a secret entrance, in case you get thrown out of
Qudinar. Go back to Yan for a reward.

Go east to the curved street and Argos Moraios stands at the entrance
to the teleport area. He will tell you to be on the lookout for
necromancers wearing dark clothing. They wander around. When
you get close to one, you get the quest message and then you can
return to Argos for a reward.

***First check around the teleport station. Then go back to where
Yan Radeios stands at his cellar door. Just beyone him is an area
with barrels and stone columns. If anyone is there, they could be a
necromancer, just speak with them on everything, then go back to
Argos Moraios, near the teleport entrance, and tell him. Other times,
a Necromancer could be outside the NE area of the town wall after
passing by the graveyard.

In the teleport area, three mages have the same name of Seloth
Brotun. Two are merchants and the third one asks for a summon
spell. Then he wants a Senior Necro Staff.

***In game versions before 1.7, Senior Necro Staffs are rare and turn
up occasionally, mostly on mages at the following towers:
WaterClaw, EarthClaw, FireClaw, StormClaw, and DeathClaw. If
you already have the staff from Asmohar's body at the Dark Forest
Glade, talk to the mage again to give it to him.
Whenever you take a Senior Necro Staff, drop a personal teleport
and get back to the teleport near Seloth Brotun in Qudinar. Give him
the staff, then walk out to the main street. Origen Ormaios will be
there and warn you to find the mage that's now a necromancer. Then,
the target will show on the map at the graveyard just out the north
gate and to the right.

Before going out the north gate, look on your right. The second door
from the gate is the barracks. It's unlocked and if there's no one
inside, you can safely loot the place for lots of items.

In the graveyard, tell the necromancer "I have come...", then kill him
and take his inventory. Go back to Origen Ormaios and tell him.

From the teleport area, go all the way west from the large fountain to
the end of the street, then south to the first door on your left, before
the barrels. Go in and speak with Takis Royo. Tell him "Give me
that necklace...". go out the north gate and around right into the
graveyard. Go straight to the grave towards the tree. The necklace
goes to the grave with a message. Kill the zombies. Return to Takis
with the information.

From Takis, go directly north to the third door on the left where the
street turns east. Inside, talk to Yan Tadeios and say "I could try...".
From the large fountain, make your way to the south section of town
towards the large statue. Go around left to Stelios Tarm in front of a
door to your left. Tell him "Tis a private matter...". Go straight east
to Nikias Chroes at the large tent by the far wall. Tell him "I could
wipe out...". Finish talking.

Your target is an orange dot directly south from the south gate. When
enough of the Orcs are dead, you get a 2 point quest message. Return
to Nikias at the east wall green map spot of the soldier's area and get
a Medal. Go back west to the blue dot Stelios Tarm and talk. Go
through the door and first speak with Panas Lumios and tell him
"There's a conspiracy", then give the poison to Urias Haios. Now
exit the house.

On the west side of the large statue, under a balcony speak with
Athos Keios on everything. Over the steps behind him, speak with
Stelios Lomaios wearing white clothing. Tell him "So why is the
Broock..." and "Why do you not join..." Back over the steps, only say
to Athos "Return the brooch...". He attacks, so kill him. Search him
for the Brooch and give it to Stelios.

In the north part of town, west from the large fountain, Runvall
stands at a door. Go inside and speak with Zatagi and talk on all to
learn about the breech in security, if you haven't done so already.

Now go teleport to the station just east of Ashos. Enter Ashos and
head just around left. Hajime Masaware is standing under a balcony
to your left. Speak and say "Verily, it sounds simple enough". You
won't be doing the quest till a little later. Right now, continue SW to
the last door on the right. Go in and talk to Hoko Sayuri. Tell her "I
shall try to find out.". You learn about a red dress. Finish all talking.

Your target is the green map spot to the far SW area of town. After
leaving Hoko's house, turn right and follow the wall around to the
canal. Cross the first bridge and continue west to the giant snake
statue. Turn left and go talk to the smithy Uchinao Sakamoto and say
"Aye, I thought as much..." Finish all talking.

Of course you're not actually going to kill his sister. Your new target
is a red dot on the map. Go back across the previous bridge to the
house and talk to Hidee Sakamoto. Tell her "Aye, I shall...". Finish
all talking.

Now the target spot is green. Back over the canal bridge and north to
the teleport. Just west of there is the door on the right. Go in and
speak with Masakore Murata and tell him "Aye... can be done...".
Return to Hidee Sakamoto's house, next to the east side of the
southern canal, and collect your reward.

Your next target is a green dot on the map, SE of Ashos or SSE of
the teleport to the east. Exit the main gate and go there. Talk to
Yaida Masae. Finish the conversation. Exit the yard, turn right and
go down through the arched stones. Kill all in the clear area to get a
point message.

Return north to the house and tell Yaida. She gives you the medicine.
While talking, you learn the Mayor is a werewolf. Return to Ashos
and go to the Mayor's house just west of the teleport station. Tell
him "Aye... and it was hard work". Go into the west bedroom and get
the red dress from the floor.

Return to the main gate area, and go south to Hoko's house and tell
her the sad tidings. The red dress automatically leaves your
inventory. Now go to Yorun, just out the main gate, and he tells of
the Mayor's death. Tell him "It is probable...", then finish the
conversation. Head east on the road to the teleport station and talk to
Hoko. Return to the Ashos gate and talk to Yorun. Now loot Hoko's
house and the Mayor's house.

In town at the teleport station, go east to the end of the street, then
north to the last door on the left. Speak with Kouji Hisakawa and say
"What do they contain". Finish talking. He wants his letters back.
Your new target is the green map spot in the SW corner of town, in
the left door just before the smithy. Speak with Kimura Ishii. Tell her
"I have come for Hisakawa's Letters".

Your new target spot is orange, just SE of Ashos. Go there and clear
out the building to get the point message, then loot the building.
Return to the SW part in Ashos to Ishii's house. Make sure the door
is closed, then talk to her. Now kill Kimura Ishii, search her and take
the letters. Loot the house, upstairs too. Return to Kouji, at the end of
the street NE of the teleport station, and talk.

To be certain you've talked to Hajime Masaware, go to the balcony
next to the main gate, and speak with Hajime about Dust Trade.
Head north, then west to the first door on the left and talk to Kenji
Sahashi. Now go to the first door east of the teleport station. Speak
with Takumi Kajiura to learn about Arai Kurihara. Finish talking.

From the teleport station, head straight south all the way to the very
last door on the right. Speak with Arai Kurihara. Return to the door,
just east of the teleport station, and speak again to Takumi Kajiura,
tell him "Aye,...". Get another quest from him.

Your new target spot in the map is blue at the entrance to the temple
just south of the teleport station and around right. Speak with Yuki
Masanori, say "Ah, why should I lie to you" to give him 500 gold.
Return to the door just east of the teleport and speak with Takumi
and tell him of the traitor.

Now return to Hajime, under the balcony near the east gate, and tell
about Takumi. After saying "Farewell", talk again to learn about
Kano Mizaguchi, shown as a green spot at the south central area on
the east side of the canal. Go in the door there and get a key and say
"I will look..." Exit and head north to the second west footbridge
over the canal to the temple entrance and go around the right side to
the "Back Entrance". Inside, kill any giant serpents you see. Once
you get sight of the relic stone, DON'T take it yet.

You see a message "Quest solved: Look in Temple". If you have a
personal teleport, activate it and teleport to the town teleport, then go
to Kano Mizaguchi near the canal in the south central part of town
and tell him about the temple.

Now go back into the temple. The stone is surrounded by water and
you will drown if you fall in while wearing armor. Be careful as you
go around the narrow walkways to get the Water Relic Stone. Once
you have it, leave the temple to see Ashos is now inhabited by Orcs.
Fight them as best you can and loot some houses. Once you've had
enough, teleport to the Skull Hill teleport, and go SE on the main
road to the major intersection.

Head east as much as possible across country. If you veer slightly
SE, you might see several minor dragons with a heart stone on each
of them. Head back north a short way and continue east across the
rocks and desert directly toward the Drak'Ar desert marker on the
world map (F4). You're likely to pass by Ari Aldamor's shack, don't
talk at this time, just continue east to Xanthos.

In this desert region, be on the lookout for large golden lumps of
sulphur (sulfur in the game spelling) crystals in villages, camps, and
ruins. 5 are needed for a minor side quest. In the southeast part of
Xanthos, Kimal stands near two palm trees and a well box. Tell her
"I will obtain your potion". Finish the conversation.

Activate the village teleport station to the NW and get the sulphur
lump on one side. Just NE from the teleport might be another lump
of sulphur. You target is a green dot on the map, on the hill to the
NE. Tell Pakmun "I have been roasted..." Scorpions are just down
hill in the ruins to the west. There's a sulphur crystal on the west side
of the ruins.
Back uphill, give Pakmun the scorpion part. There may be a sulphur
crystal behind Pakmun's tent. North of the hut is a teleport. Now go
a bit west to Kehar and speak with Prantax. He is usually in the
middle of the village and in the clearing where a campfire is. Learn
all you can from him. Now head back south to Xanthos and give
Kimal the potion.

Head west out of Xanthos to Aldamor's Hut. Tell him "I will search
for the eggs". He tells you to find the White Dragon's nest (you've
probably already been there). Talk on all, then say "Farewell". Don't
talk any more. There's a sulphur crystal behind Aldamor's hut. If you
don't have at least 5 sulphur crystals, there's 2 or 3 at the round SW
area of Dragon's Lair. Another is in the ruins on the hill north of the
altar. Also another at a Varn camp on the hill north of the altar.
Another is on the hill at a Varn camp NW rom the altar. (to cheat,
create ing_61).

***Seems as if the only use for 5 sulphur crystals is to see the Great
White Dragon by itself at the Dragon's Lair. Then once you talk to
Aldamor about finding the eggs in the dragon's nest, finish all
talking. He mentions a dragon fight to the SW, but it's actually to the
SE, just east of the dragon's lair. When you go to the spot on the map
(game version 1.6 shows it as "translateQ_132_QTD"), you see two
dragons and get the quest completion for the fight.

***However, if you stay away from the dragon's lair and do not use
the sulphur crystals, by the time you get to the fight area east of the
lair, the great white has already been defeated and the other two
dragons are just wandering around, and you get the quest completion
by walking through the area.

Head a good way to the SE towards the Dragon's Lair. North from
the central section of the lair is Karkat Dungeon. In the SW part of
the dungeon is an exit just south of the SW section of the lair.
Approach the altar from the east. The dragon should appear. Quickly
head back east and to north, then NW to "Aldamor's hut and tell him
about finding the nest of eggs in the mountains.

Aldamor will say the dragon fight takes place to the SW, but instead,
in version 1.6 of the game, there may actually be a white marker to
the east of the lair. If so, head ESE from Aldamor, to avoid the altar
area. Once at the site, there's a couple of dragons and you'll get a
message about solving the fight quest. Nearby on the other side of
the rocks is a teleport.

Leave and go to the lair where the white dragon is and it just dies or
is already dead. Get its dragon scale and quest points. If you return to
Aldamor's hut, he has vanished! Back in Xanthos, Thilatus stands
somewhere around the east gate at the sharp pointed stakes. Tell him
"Me thinks this maybe...". Your target is an orange dot to the SE.
When all Varns there are dead, walk through the camp till you get an
experience message. Return NW to Xanthos and talk to Thilatus

Now with the relic and all stones, teleport to Qudinar and go out the
north gate to Gandohar, still waiting near the intersection just north
of town. After you talk to him, a cut-scene plays. You awaken with a
couple of paladins talking to you.
Look up to see the huge pentagram in the sky. You must disable the
power at Death Claw Tower, that destroys the sky pentagram,
enabling you to get to Gandohar. So, teleport to the Death Claw
teleport. Then go down to the road and continue NE to the north side
of the tower. Run up steps and stand on the small pad to teleport to
the top of the tower. Kill the Pentagram Keeper. Get back to the
main road and continue up to Aswaroh.

Watch out for necromancers, steel golems, zombies, and a Hell Lord
along the road. About half way up the road, a small southeast path
leads to 3 huge Stone Dragons where you're likely to die trying to
destroy them. Their Earth Elemental Crystals can be cooked and used
for 50 physical protection. Also, there's many Steel Golems. At
Aswaroh, SAVE.

Head directly north towards the green dot. Fight through several
Death Knights. Continue north towards the green dot and talk to
Reist Tungard, then kill the giant beast he turns into.

Before going through the big gate, SAVE again so that you can play
both endings.

Go through the gate to the pentagram and talk to Gandohar. Tell him
"Mayhap is has changed", then kill him to see the good ending.

At the menu screen, restore the last save and try the other ending
(where you and Kira join forces with Gandohar). You have to fight
the Paladins this time.